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All Episodes – Season 1

Episode 1: Shadowpeople

Picture this: You are sitting in your lounge, perhaps watching TV, or enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, […]

Episode 7: Skinwalkers

Skin Walkers –  That name for people such as myself who live in the Southern hemisphere, may not mean much. We […]

Episode 9: The Taniwha

Humankind as a rule, loves mystery. We love things that are unexplained – unknown to us, perhaps unseen, but by […]

Episode 10: The Moehau Man

When I started researching NZ cryptids, my plan was to produce only one episode. I honestly was unaware of […]

Episode 19: A Forest Encounter

Throughout history, humankind has been aware of the existence of other beings in other dimensions, that can move through […]

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