Episode 6: A Haunting In Australia

There are a number of movies whose titles begin with the words… “A Haunting in…” Some very old, some more recent. All of them absolutely sensationalized to cater to the tastes of the movie makers, and viewers who are after cheap thrills. But, in the back of the sensationalized movie versions, there are some real-life hauntings. Genuine experiences that people had that left them scared, traumatized and in some cases questioning their own sanity. Even people who have never experienced a haunting, or being tormented by some seen, or unseen entity – have heard, or known others speaking of, seeing, or experiencing spirit, ghosts, or these types of entities.

Whatever these things are that occur on the margins of the shadowlands, those experiencers wonder how to best fit them into the reality of their every day life. Even amongst close friends, the question; “Do you believe in ghosts?”, is almost certain to be met with responses ranging from total acceptance to mocking skepticism – or amongst those who operate from a religious frame of reference as, demons, or devils, or simply evil.

To see something once or twice, it would be a relatively simple thing to rationalize that away. But to have constant experiences, to have an entity tormenting you for months or years, slowly erodes away at your sense of peace, security, and even trust in your self. Who can you turn to for help? Who will believe you? What can you do to stop it and rid yourself of its constant presence?

This episode is all about one woman’s early experiences with such a situation, and then later with both her and her daughter’s. As you listen, I ask that you suspend judgment until her story is finished. This was a very real, and very raw time for Belinda, who was brave enough to share her story with us all for the very first time publicly.

This is Belinda’s – A Haunting in Australia!

A Haunting in Australia

Belinda: When I was in my early twenties I moved into a unit on the central coast, in New South Wales, in Australia. From the very first night I moved in there it felt very uneasy. I didn’t feel comfortable, like I was constantly watched, and I especially didn’t feel comfortable being in my bedroom. I felt like I needed an easy escape route kind of thing, so I slept on the lounge in the lounge room.

So the very first night, I remember laying on the lounge, and I woke. And there was a tall, long-haired, solid man with a flannelette jacket walked in my entrance door. And closely followed behind him was a shorter man with a bald head. My eyes felt all groggy, and I swore it was just a dream but I think… so I went back to sleep and woke again, and saw the same people, but they were in shadow form now. And I remember looking up and just seeing the short balder guy sitting on my TV in shadow form and he just went “shhhh” (Finger to mouth), like that at me.

Almost every night I was in this house, in this unit, I would have that feeling. I would have that feeling of… so, so if you were to close your eyes and hold your hand an inch or so above your skin and you can feel that there’s an energy force there? I would have that feeling. Like there was someone behind me. I would sleep with the covers over my head, tucked under my feet. I’d have the fan going 24/7 just to have background noise and block out something, and I would just hear – just have that feeling constantly.

I had multiple situations with these same beings all the time. And then it escalated one night where I actually had a very – yeah, a very scary encounter. I woke to tapping on the roof, or … ‘cause, I was on the bottom level of a multi-level apartment. I just assumed it was a couple upstairs having a dispute. I woke to hear (stomping her feet), on the floor, ceiling above my bed.  And it went again just (stomping her feet again). It went two or three times and then it stopped. And then, they went again! Then I heard running across the floor above me, and the door above me slamming and people running (Belinda, stomping feet) down the stairs. And then, the loudest bang! Which I thought was on my front door. But it could have been on my bedroom door. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

I freaked! I didn’t know what to do!  It was about three or four in the morning. I ended up ringing the police, and they attended, and no one answered the door upstairs. They weren’t sure if someone was in there. There was no sound of movement up there, and I later come to find out, that I think that – that place was actually unoccupied. So, I don’t know if what I – I don’t know if what I encountered was a replay of a domestic situation? But it was very, very frightening.

A few nights later I was laying in bed, again I saw…  And the door handle started to slowly creak up and down, just…. It wasn’t a round knob. It was kind of one of those side… kind of like a… I don’t know what you call it? A lengthways handle, and it was slowly creaking. Yeah –  up and down, and then it just slammed down and the door swung open. The door frame was empty for a second and then this, the tall shadow being with the long hair was there, and then he just lunged at my bed in a shadow-blanket form. I was so petrified – I’m even shaking a bit now just thinking about it. My whole body just shook. It was the middle of winter, and I was sweating and felt like I had a fever. It was, it was terrible.

 I remember telling one of my bosses about it and she believed, she believes in the spirit world. She said, “I don’t know who that is, but whoever it is, they do not want you in there. You need to get out right away!” That didn’t help at all! So, yeah within – I gave my notice pretty much straight away, and every morning I would wake up just in tears, like grateful that I made it through the night. It was really… I don’t know who it was… I have a feeling now, that it may have been to do with – there’s a men’s rehab facility next door, a woman’s refuge across the road from the hospital. I think it was to do with someone who had overdosed. And yeah, these two beings they just were nasty and really enjoyed terrifying me.

So I got out of that. God, that was when I was twenty-two or so, I’m now almost 37. But, it still gives me chills recalling that. I, they, they felt like dreams, but my eyes would be like really groggy and I didn’t know if I was actually waking up or if I was inside a dream. It was a really weird experience.

 Marianne: Yes.

Because every… the layout of every item in my house was exact. It was nothing abstract. You know when you have dreams? There’s normally some abstract form to your dream. It was exact. So yeah, I think I did just go into denial and tell myself, they’re just dreams. You’re just a bit crazy. You’re ok…

And that would be a very normal thing to do. That would be a very normal thing to do.

Yep, yep… Oh before I got scared out of the house, I started getting freaked out in my car to and from work, but I hadn’t heard anyone. Cause I do shift work, and no matter what shift I’m in… no matter what shift I’m working, at least one end of the journey is in pitch black. So I’m either going to work at 3am, or coming home at 10pm, and it’s an hour long journey. Yeah, I would just feel really uneasy. I just told myself, you’re just freaking out, cause it’s in the dark and you’ve had these experiences…

At this stage in Belinda’s life she had substance abuse issues, that she was very honest with me about, from the beginning of our conversation. For those who are unaware, there are lower level entities, low vibration spirit, that have had these issues in their lives and for whatever reason, they have not moved on, but hang around the earth plane. Some of these entities still crave the substances they had when they were living, and so they often hang around places where alcohol and drugs are freely available and where the people partaking of these substances are in a very vulnerable state, with low resistance to spirit attachment – due to the substances they are partaking of. So very often what they will do is find a vulnerable person, as they did with Belinda – and then they encourage that activity in the person they have attached themselves to. And through their living person they sort of vicariously enjoy their booze or drugs still. Encouraging that person to drink more, take more drugs etc.

In Belinda’s case, having entities around was likely not helped by the fact, that she was living next to a men’s rehab centre. So it is entirely likely that the entities that she encountered in the house – were possibly around due to the centre being next door, and if their free ride was being healed in that rehab centre, then they would want to find another that they could influence to continue drinking or taking drugs etc.

And so Belinda moved out of that particular house and things appeared to settle for her in terms of her seeing these entities and feeling them around her…. But were they really gone? Or merely biding their time? Meantime, Belinda had moved on with her life and had brought herself a home, had a child and things seemed to be ok… That is, until her beloved Father died…

So, the most frightening experience though, with spirit, was shortly after my dad passed away. He passed away in October, 2016. A few years prior to that I had started hearing, what I didn’t realise then, was spirit voice. I just thought I was having hallucinations, I really, yeah I, yeah I had no idea I was actually hearing spirit voice. But after Dad passed away it was quite soon, even before his funeral that I started seeing flashes of shadows, from the corners of my eyes, and I would actually hear his voice. But, it felt, it scared me.

It took me a while to cotton on, and realise that I shouldn’t be fearful of my Dad’s energy. So, I would just hear him making a few remarks. (sigh) I dunno, the night that really comes to me, is the night before his funeral. I was, I was just freaking out, it was like I think I was still in denial about his death. And knowing that his funeral was coming up was yeah, it was causing me a lot of anxiety. I said to myself, ok, I’ll write him a letter. You never got a chance to say these things, you can bury it with him and get some closure.

But then I kind of freaked out and said no, I don’t want to do that. I have to accept he’s gone. Ah so I thought, I’ll just get on my phone and distract myself! And then the internet when off! I’m like no, stop toying with me, I need to distract myself. I went on my laptop. The internet went off on that. I kept hearing him, just do it, just do it. You’ll regret it if you do not do it. You are going to regret it. 

So the second I sat down and started writing my letter out, I could hear his voice reading my letter out to me. And not long after I started writing my letter, I look over and my daughter’s on YouTube, so the internet had like, restored itself. But, the whole time I was hearing his voice. Something was feeling weird and I was not trusting myself. I’m thinking: A) You’re hallucinating… Or I don’t know – maybe… what if it’s not him? What if it’s someone mocking? What if this? What if that? Cause this went on for about an hour. I was crying, just hearing my Dad’s voice and writing my letter to him and going back and forth from believing it was him, to just thinking I was crazy and…

I heard his voice say:  You are not crazy, you are hearing me. I can prove it to you, by showing myself, but you will freak out!” And I’m like, no I won’t freak out, show me, show me. And I started seeing just glitches of a shadow, right in front of me. But, they would jump from spot to spot and I was ok, ok, you’re right I will freak out. Don’t show me. Don’t show me. Just after that, I heard this little chuckle saying “Heh, she thinks that’s her dad!” Yeah, yeah, and so that, that um – yeah that really upset me, and I was like… But I’m, I don’t know. I was scared, but I was in denial all at the same time. And I’m like, no your hearing that, your hearing that. You’re just freaking and creating something that’s not there. 

So, I carried on for about a month or two. I would keep hearing dad in certain situations. And I would start to… Over the first month or two, I would start to really be aware of presences watching me, always watching me. And it started to get really uncomfortable. I talked to my sister’s boyfriend at the time, and he actually put the idea in my head. He said: “Just be careful who you’re interacting with, that, it could be a lower vibrational entity, mimicking.”

And when he said that, it put chills through my whole body, and it started to make sense, ‘cause, I remember questioning… Well, the night before, before Dad’s funeral – that voice that mocked and said: “Ha ha, she thinks it’s her Dad!” And there were a few things I was trying to deny, ‘cause, I didn’t want to believe that it wasn’t Dad. But, it started to make sense, and I started to question. The night I started to question… yeah it all came to a head, and kind of became apparent that yeah there was a being that was imitating Dad, and had been toying with me, so…

I was laying in bed and the sound of a woman crying, and for some reason the first thing that came to my mind was, it must be my Mum. Dad’s around my Mum and he’s letting me hear her cry. The second I said that to myself, I heard my Dad. And the voice, it sounded different. It sounded more distant and echo-y than his voice had previously. And he said; “That’s not your mother. Do not listen to it!” And just the word it, him saying it – it freaked me out, my blood went boiling like I just got the cold and hot chills. I was sweating, I was like… And then I felt… I was closing, I closed my eyes and I said, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep. But I could feel, and kind of see in my minds eye this shadow, creeping up beside me, next to the bed.

I could feel… and like I could feel he was right in my face. I refused to open my eyes. But, I could hear snickering, like little chuckles and… and then, it just went dead quiet and I was waiting for something extreme to happen. Then I just heard it, clear as day. “I’m the devil. I’m the devil. It’s the devil!” And laughing. It freaked me out so much! My heart was pounding out of my chest!  Then I heard my Dad screaming: “STOP telling her you’re the devil! Get away from my daughter!” And yeah. Then I got REALLY freaked out… Like it, it kind of gave me a bit of comfort, ‘cause, I realised obviously it’s not the devil. It’s something that’s messing with me, being a real little jerk!

But yeah it was just freaky… I’d never… oh yeah! I’d never even taken into consideration that demonic beings, or inter-dimensional beings could be real. I just thought, oh it’s all just fantasy and… Yeah, a whole bunch of malarkey, and I’ve always believed in the after-world, but, I ‘ve never believed in these demonic – so called demonic beings.

Yeah so I was just freaking out. Laying in bed. My heart was racing a hundred miles and hour and then I just kept hearing him laughing and he kept repeating; “I’m the devil, ha ha! Aw you thought it was your Dad! Ha ha ha” and all this stuff, and yeah, I felt really sick. Then, I’m laying there and I just freaked out and in my head I just screamed! “Just FUCK OFF! Just get away! Just get the fuck OUT!” And as soon as I did that I felt the energy, just like intensify so much, and I just instantly thought I should not have said that! Oh oh, I really should not have said that. And I didn’t hear anything for a while, and then out of no where… I had my daughter laying in the bed next to me because I was a bit freaked out and we were going through grief. She was about 7 at the time.

Out of nowhere, I felt a hand pull the back of my hair and it was so… such a tight grip, and I’m freaked out, I couldn’t move at first, then I turned around. It was my daughter’s hand. She was fast asleep, and she’s grabbing my hair. And I went to umm. I went to grab her hand and it was all icy cold… It was a vice grip! I’m like, I don’t know how that happened, but I immediately just got the feeling. I touched all over her body… her face, her other arm. I checked under the blankets, everywhere. Her body was normal body temperature, except the hand that was grabbing my hair, and she was fast asleep.

So I pried her hand off my hair and then I just said… I said; “Don’t you EVER use my daughter again! Get the fuck out!” And then, I kind of… I dunno, yeah that kind of helped me to go to sleep. Because having to be defensive for my daughter, kind of made me brave up a little bit.


Yeah, she didn’t stir at all. I asked her in the morning, “oh how did you sleep last night?” She’s like “yeah fine.” I asked her; “Did you wake up at any time?” “No, no, no.”  She didn’t remember any of it. She was out cold, just fast asleep. And then yeah… once I, once it became apparent that I, that there was this mimicking being that had been mimicking my father – and they knew that I knew, it just got worse! It…just constantly I would get this image of a low lying being crawling on all fours, with a long tail, coming up towards my bed. And I’d hear little…I’d hear – like a clairaudient, it was always, always, a clairaudient voice. A like, in your head voice, [not an] oral voice and they’d just be whispering and mocking, and but a few nights after that… it, yeah the energy was really dark and I had this image of this four-legged being, just like with a tail, crawling up alongside my bed. And, as if someone was standing right next to me. I heard it through my ears, they just said: “Belinda!”, and it freaked me out. It was… I jumped up, and then I’m like oh what do I do? I shouldn’t, I…I can’t acknowledge that they’re here. But I’m like, but they know that you know they’re here! So I’m like – ok, I’m just going to get up and pretend I’m going to the toilet and I’m going to come back and go to bed. Everything will be fine.      

I got up and went to the bathroom. While I was in there, I heard something running through the house and knocking something over! It sounded like a full-grown man running through the house and like running into a bit of furniture or knocking over a little wooden crate or something like that. And I told myself, it’s just the animals, it’s just the animals are running through the house. Oh, I only had one at the time actually, my little Chihuahua. Like its just Jewel, she’s just running through the house, it’s fine. I came back to go to bed and my dog was fast asleep on the end of my bed.

And that’s when I said, no stuff this! I got my daughter up. I got my dog. I hi-tailed it to my Mum’s. That was about 11.20 at night. And then, I’m just sitting out the front of my Mum’s house going ok, what do I do? How do I go in and tell my mother I’ve just been scared out of my house by a ghost!?! Um… she’ll think I’m on drugs. So I sat in the car for about twenty minutes. My daughter was unaware of what was going on. Then I went inside and I told Mum, look, this is just what has happened. Yeah, the first thing she asked me was… cause I was talking to Mum about quitting cigarettes and going on Champix – which is a tablet that affects your neurology to stop you from smoking. But, if you’re predispositioned to mental illness it can create psychosis episodes, nightmares blah, blah, blah…

So the second I told Mum what happened she was like “Right… So have you started taking Champix then?” I said, I said; “No Mum. I haven’t even filled the script out.” She didn’t know what to think. She might have thought …’cause,  I had a history of alcohol and drugs when I was younger. So, I’m sure that the first thing – the first place her mind went to was she’s going through the grief of losing her father, she’s back on drugs. Which I wasn’t, I didn’t lapse, didn’t relapse.

Good for you!

But within two days some odd stuff started happening around Mum’s house. She still won’t tell me what happened when I was at work. But, all I know is she went from being a skeptic to….  One day I went to work for 10 hours, and I came back.  And she had salted the house, and I said… I came back in and said; “Why is there salt at the front door?” and she said; “oh um, I just after everything you said, I’m taking it on board and I just thought I would Google how to get rid of low-vibration energies.”

So she had salted, the doors, the windows, everything! She…I don’t know if something happened to her, or if she just started to believe me more or… But, for her to go that far, I think maybe something had happened to her and she was… yeah, she’d kind of been convinced. I’m not 100% sure this is real, but just in case, let’s do this!

Sounds like it to me. Yes, it certainly sounds like something may have happened to your Mum, that she experienced something to me as well. I’ve got to ask you a question Belinda. Do you feel that this being that was affecting you after your Father’s death, do you think it was…Were you in the same house? Oh no, you had moved out of that flat eh. Do you think that the beings from that flat followed you?

Yes! Yep, I definitely do. It was the same voice, the same feeling.  So for the first two or three days after I left Mum’s house I felt safe. I didn’t feel like I had the beings around me. But then I think… I went back in the middle of the day to retrieve some items and I think then they understood oh she’s not coming back, and they followed me. Cause, I’d start to get a sense of those same beings lurking at the window at night, as I was trying to sleep. I’d close my eyes and every time I’d close my eyes I’d – even for a split second, I’d see these demonic looking faces, and I could yeah,  feel them and hear them at the window, but… I don’t know, for some reason being at Mum’s I had a strength I didn’t have at home. And I was very protective of my Mum, I set the clear and firm boundary. When I walked in that house I said; “You are NOT to follow me in this house. You are NOT to disturb my mother. You stay OUT!” They seemed to adhere to that, and I don’t know if it was that and a combination of the salting of the perimeters, but they would lurk around the perimeter of the house, but did not enter.

Then it started to… Well that kind of limited the time that they could harass me. So um…so they started to make their presence known in the car on my way to and from work. I would just constantly hear this voice, this one voice. I’d feel like someone was lurking, just this far behind my neck the whole time, and I’d just constantly hear this voice; “GET READY! Are you ready?” And, it’s just like, like this threat, like they were just really mentally toying with me, like the ready… like, like indicating that they were going to do something really big. But it never happened, and it constantly had me on edge. Constantly had my heart racing. I was waiting to see a full-blown apparition. I was waiting for them to interfere with the car. I was waiting for something, but it was just…

They did that for months and months and months, just really, really enjoyed toying with me. Kicking the back of my seat while I’m driving. Tugging on my seat belt, so that it went taut and firm around my stomach. Just all these little things to mentally toy with me. Then this one day at work, I remember going for a smoke break at work. As soon as I stood out in my spot to have my smoke, these three crows landed on the fence in front of me. It was so eerie. And the crow in the middle had like white eyes… It was like a crow that had been blinded or something and it was picking at the dead carcass of another bird. It just felt like it was no coincidence it landed right in front of me. I don’t know… I don’t know, it really… It really put me in a tizzy that I… It was like something out of a Stephen King movie or something, and it just felt like I was being taunted by these birds picking at the flesh of this dead bird, and I felt like it was a message from them…that kind of thing… So yeah, that kind of freaked me out, and I could just hear them everywhere I went.

I’d try to go into a room to hide and I’d just hear this snickering voice just making idle threats to me and laughing and mocking me and… It really got me in a hyper state. I don’t know, it had just really got me in a hyper state and it felt really terrifying and I recall that I… When I saw that I recalled this flash vision thing I’d had about a month earlier. I was driving home, turning right at this roundabout. As I was driving, I saw my car flip and roll and I died. When I saw those crows, picking at the dead… the flesh of that dead bird, that vision played over in my head. I’m like, what is this? Why? What’s going on?  I don’t know – why did I see that vision? Was it a premonition? Was it a warning?

I went to message my sister, and out of nowhere my Dad’s picture came up on my phone. I’m like, what the hell? What is… Did Dad send me that message? Saying is that…? I don’t know, I somehow piece together, that vision is a warning that if I drove home that night, these beings were going to scare me so much that I was going to roll my car. So I refused to go home. I went to my boss and I must have sounded like I was an escaped mental patient or on drugs or something ‘cause, I was in such a state I wasn’t making sense I was trying to tell my boss I had these attachments, I… He was just looking at me, very concerned.

I said; “I know I sound crazy, I… Get the hospital to bring a team to come and give me a mental health assessment. Get the police to come and do a drugs screening”, I said; “ I know how it sounds. I know I look… You don’t understand how scared I am…” He’s like; “No, no, no. I believe you…” But yeah, obviously they just thought I was going through grief and losing the plot, I think. So I refused to go home that night. I called my sister and my Mum and I told them what happened, and I said; “I just can’t drive home. I have a really bad feeling if I drive home I’m going to roll my car, I’m going to die. I can’t drive home. Can you come pick me up?”

So they came and picked me up. I couldn’t, I couldn’t escape. I just kept going to different places at my work place trying to escape this voice. I captured two photos that were very, very clear captures of unearthly beings and I showed my boss. I went to show my boss actually and then this voice said: “You show him that  (unintelligible due to audio interference)…fucked him.” So I’m like I can’t… ok, ok, ok. I can’t do that to my boss, I can’t.  I didn’t show him the photos. I’m just sounding like a raving lunatic.

I’m waiting down the end of my workplace, to get picked up, and these two junkies approached me and started talking to me and I don’t know… Everything felt like a threat and like a message and like kind of said to me, the message was that, this is how we’re making you look. This is what everyone’s going to think. They’re not going to believe you that we’re here. Everyone’s going to think that you’re deranged and that you’re back on drugs and we’re going to convince them that you are.  Not long after I saw that, I looked down and there is a bag of methamphetamine right in front of me and it felt like they were trying to tempt me. They’re like, you’re weak, you’re going to go back to use that! Even though I hadn’t used that in years. And I just said: “NAH!” and I walked straight over it. I was like nah, I’m not, I’m not.

At that moment, I looked up into this unused office. It’s used during the day, but at night time it’s not… and there was this huge shadow figure with glowing red eyes. And, I thought I had gone bat-shit crazy.  I had heard people saying about stuff like that before, and I’m just like yeah, you’ve just watched too much Supernatural like, come back to the real world! But, I saw it! It would have been seven to eight foot tall, just black. No real distinguished features. It was just solid – like a shadow person. But, glowing red eyes. Like it was like a… Like the red glow you would see on an appliance that’s turned off and I’m like – what the hell!?! Then, not long after that my mother and my sister turned up to pick me up. Yeah it was… it was crazy. I’d never seen anything insane like that in my life.

So it went on for months and months and months. I eventually got onto a local paranormal investigation team. They came into do a few investigations in the house that I was in. And they did straight away – they picked up EVPs confirming suspicions that I’d had… They… I dunno, I’d hear… I remember doing one session with them, and there was a lady with me and she’s asking questions; “What are you? Why are you doing this? What is your problem? What’s going on?”  And I heard, clear as day my name being said, long and drawn out; “Belinda.”

I said:” You’re going to pick up a name… you’re going to pick up a voice, right there, ‘cause, I heard them saying my name!”  When they went back to review the EVP from that session, they didn’t hear my name being said, but after I say you’re going to pick up a voice right there, someone said my name, you hear a male saying: “Yeah. I said it!”  Yeah…

And there’s a few times when I was walking around, I’m; “I feel like someone’s touching me” and you hear voices confirming; “Yeah, it was me!”   There was a few different voices in there. There was one malicious male voice kept coming through. There was a female voice, but the malicious male voice, he was “yeah I did it.” The woman’s voice was quite funny, she goes it’s “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean too!”

But they were asking, why are you doing this to her? What is your gig? What problem to you have with Belinda? And you hear a Class A EVP, I wish I had a copy of it. You hear this male voice saying; “I fucking hate her!” And it gave me chills down my back and I’m like why? Why do you hate me? Like what’s? I dunno… Yeah so that went on for months and months. They tried to clear us, multiple times, through remote clearing. Yeah it, and they say; “Oh yeah, it’s all good. It’s taken care of.” Blah, blah, blah, blah blah…

I’m like; “NO it’s not, I’m telling you because I can hear the… hear the entity.”

“No, no, no we’ve definitely cleared your house.” And they would get mediums to come in and sage the house and they’re like: “They’ve gone, they’ve gone, your safe.”

And I’m like; “I’m not! I can still sense someone right above me. I don’t know if they’re out of the house, but I can still sense them, and I can literally hear him mocking you! Laughing saying – They think they’ve gotten rid of me… You can’t escape from me, I know where you’re going. Everywhere you go, I know where you are. ” And they wouldn’t listen to me, but they came back and did repeat recordings.

I remember one night we did a night time session. Everywhere I went, this being was off to the side… like I could feel them. They said; ”Ok…we want to do..” I couldn’t get it through to them that it wasn’t the house that was haunted now, it was me!

They said; “Ok, we’re gonna let… get you to leave the house. Can you just drive to my wife’s house?”

I’m like, shaking in my boots and it’s the middle of the night. These things taunt me in the car you… I said; “You’re not going to get any activity after I leave, because it’s gonna follow me.” They wouldn’t listen. Anyway, it followed me. Their house is heavily protected, so it was again, waiting and lurking at the windows.  I could feel… just to my right, I could feel… And I went to the bathroom, I could feel them lurking out that bathroom window. It was just tormenting and just constant – and as I actually left their house to go back, they told me the next day when they saw me. That his wife, who does see spirit with her eyes, saw this shadowy, four-legged thing on top of my car.

Then they kind of started to believe, oh yeah, she knows what she’s talking about. She is being haunted, it’s not just that. They did EVP sessions in the car and picked up the same voice. They came to… I ended up buying a new house, because there was no way I wanted to come back to that house – Which funnily enough, I now live at.  I’m back at the house now, ‘cause, I realised. It’s not the house, it was me.


Yeah, I ended up buying a new house and they kept telling me oh it’s alright your old house has been cleared. You’re fine, you’re fine! There’s nothing going to be at the new house. I’m like, you’re wrong!

I remember one time they did a clearing session at the house and they were like yep it’s all gone. It’s been confirmed, it’s definitely been taken care of… our guides have taken care of it… blah, blah, blah, blah… I just rolled my eyes and shook my head and said; “It’s not. I heard it. It’s very distant, it’s like it knew – it’s always one step ahead of you. It knew what you were going to do. So it took off to another realm or another… It extracted itself from this position. I can hear it; it sounds really distant.” But it said; “You think you can hide from me? You can’t! I know exactly where you’re going, and I’ll be waiting for you.”

So…. This was at the time the haunting was really intense, I was really scared…blah, blah, blah….I could feel him. I was sitting out the front on the veranda, and I could feel him, right in my face. I could feel him just staring at me. And, I was playing with my phone, I had a feeling I should take a photo… and then he actually mocked me and said “Take a photo… I dare you!” And I took the photo, and I opened it instantly, and I pretty much almost dropped my phone. It scared me. I saw his face – right there, instantly! I took multiple photos in succession actually, and that’s the only one that face appears in.  

When we moved into the new house, activity picked up really quickly. There were some resident spirits there, but there were those entities that followed us as well.


I was in that new house for all of half an hour, when the back door slammed and I heard a male voice yelling at me to get out!  My daughter and her cousins came around after school that day, to check out the new house, and within twenty minutes my daughter came running, screaming up the hall saying; “Mummy, there’s something in there following me!” I said; “What do you mean there’s something in there following you?” She said; “I can see this shadow with spiky hair! And it keeps following me up and down the halls.”

And I had seen out of the corner of my eye, in her bedroom mirror… I thought I kept seeing something in there. But I said to myself, no, you’ve got a lot of kids running around. Or, you’re just… you’re just on guard cause of past experiences… blah, blah, blah. I said; “Are you sure it’s not the kids running up and down the hall? Are you sure it’s not shadows of them?” She said: “No! All the kids were hiding in the wardrobe in the spare room and I saw it.” She said; “And then it stood in my doorway and said stop!” But she was very particular that it had spiky hair, or a spiky head. I don’t know, I don’t know what that was,

But yeah, that continued on for months – seven or eight months, we had these beings. I tried cleansing, I tried being cleared, I tried salt baths. I got… I recall one medium they got involved, an international medium they got involved, and she’s very – of a religious belief. She said; “Oh, it’s ok, it’s ok. Just say this prayer… say this prayer you’ll be fine.” I didn’t feel very confident with that, she said; “Trust me. I’ve been doing this for many years, I’ve had many clients that this has worked with… blah, blah, blah… Say the Lord’s prayer.” I started repeating that, but I’m not a religious person. So I didn’t have much faith. It was more like clinging onto a hope that this was going to be a magic pill.


I was at work and I started feeling burning on my chest. I’m like that is really…it was like a weird burn, like…kind of like if you get lemon juice in a cut or something. Like it was…

A stinging burn

The scratches that appeared on Belinda’s chest.

Yeah exactly. I looked down and I see this scratch on my chest. Pretty superficial, but it was a scratch. And I looked back later and there was another scratch and it’s gone into a cross shape and I’m like…what the? And there’s another scratch and it ended up going into a… almost like a weird, curved h. I just kept getting scratches and scratches on my chest. Very superficial, but fine scratches. I have photos of them somewhere which I can send you later if you want? I was freaking out wondering what the hell is this?

These paranormal investigators that were helping me out were too egotistical to listen, and very doom and gloom. He was always telling me oh yeah, the dark ones are coming, the dark ones are coming. They’re gonna win. It’s only a matter of…. It’s not a matter of us beating them, its just a matter of us fending them off for as long as we can. He had me convinced that yeah, yep you’ve been tagged now, you’ll be tagged, you’ll be tarnished for life. They’ll follow you for life…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He was very, he really made the situation worse, he… and I strongly believe now that had I not got these people involved, it wouldn’t have escalated to the point that it did. I think they were unknowingly working with dark beings themselves.

So how did you eventually get rid of this entity?

Well, they tried remote clearing multiple times, and I felt like it worked, momentarily. But unknown to me, these beings were also appearing to my daughter, at school. Hmmm, and so I was putting up my defences doing my psychic protection, saying you can’t come into this house, putting a protective dome up around the house… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… Having these people remotely clear them, then unknown to me coming and appearing to my daughter as her Pop, my Dad, in the bathroom mirror at school. And asking her to let them come back into the house… Yeah!

Oh….that’s not good.

Yeah, it took quite a few months to convince her that it wasn’t her Pop. I finally did get through to her. It upset her so much she…she’s like, she appeased me for a while. Like yeah Mum ok, I won’t let him back in… Then after stuff started getting really intense – an encounter with a hag lady, which I’ll tell you about in a second. She… and our animals started getting targeted. Then she really freaked out. I had to put the fear of god into her pretty much and say they are now targeting our animals.

One of our cats was slammed between two doors and had an injury to their leg. Our little chihuahua was constantly hiding. She’s normally like a little shadow and will follow me around everywhere. She was constantly hiding.  I went into our bedroom one time and she was just laying on her side, with her eyes bulging out the side of her head. Going huff huff huff (panting)…Something was freaking her out.

I had to… yeah use the fear of the dogs, the animals are going to get really injured or possibly die if you do not say these beings can’t come into the house anymore. Then she said; “Yes I know Mum. I told you I told them they couldn’t come into the house anymore, but I didn’t want to believe that it wasn’t Poppy, so I kept letting them back in.” Then yeah, after she realized the animals could very well get very badly hurt or die from this, then she put her foot down and started saying no and I taught her defences, how to block them out and about shielding and yeah, stuff like that. But the hag-lady, yeah so that was another interesting one… Sorry, I am jumping all over the place.

We were talking about how you got rid of them

Oh yeah… I researched and joined some psychic development groups, and I started detaching myself, physically, emotionally, and energetically from the investigators, and once I did that, I found this new found confidence and strength. And, I kind of took back my power. I kind of had a moment with myself when I was like… ok, you have gone through months of torment and it’s been terrifying. But honestly, what is the worst thing that has happened? Have you been harmed physically? You’ve got superficial scratches. They made all these threats about killing your patients and killing your pets, killing you. Did that happen? No! They’re obviously full of hot air. So… I just kind of – yeah, took back my own power. I just said; “Nah! You know what? I’m blocking you, you’re gone! End of story!”

And it was amazing how when I stopped listening to that idiot’s doom and gloom stories about how I was going to be targeted for life and took back my own power, it slowly diminished, until I felt safe again. If I did every feel a presence I was just like Nah, I’m putting on my helmet. I have these visual aids and one is like a, an impenetrable metal helmet. I see the spirits words as arrows and they just deflect off my helmet and I….and yeah, just simple stuff like that. And I was like, you don’t need all this ogita boogita, you just need your own power, and you just need to have confidence that you’re safe. This is primarily your realm. And yeah! So yeah! Yeah! It was a very empowering moment.

That’s so awesome! You know that’s always what I tell people Belinda. Spirit only EVER has as much power over you as you give it!

As you give it!

Awesome! You did everything right! Just awesome. That you finally realised that you had the power and intent is everything!

Yes! Yes, that is such an important thing. That’s what… everyone asks all these questions about different things and I’m like, I don’t think the crap… Like they have all these ritualistic things. You can do all these rituals til the cows come home. But intent is the absolute… yeah, yeah.

In my facebook group, Walking the Shadowlands, I always tell the members that intent is EVERYTHING. Intent is everything. You can spiritually cleanse you house until the cows come home, but if you don’t intend to clean it… If your intentions are not clear… If you think that it won’t work, then it never will!

That’s exactly it and that’s why people… I always get into discussions with people who are of a very religious background. And they’re; “oh you just need to pray, you just need to pray…” No! that works for you.  “But why does it work? It’s because of the Lord!”  It’s because of your faith and your intent…Just like people swear by – you sage it and it will get rid of it! That works for you, because that’s what your intent is

And prayer works for that person because that’s their intent, their faith, and their belief. I tried all sorts of techniques. I was guaranteed, burn frankincense and it will work. Burn sage, it will work. I got laughed at when I burned sage. I got growled at when I burned frankincense. Yeah, the only thing that ultimately worked was learning my own inner strength and power. I set my intent and fending for myself, yeah!

What a powerful learning to pass onto listeners, actually Belinda. That’s really awesome, cause it was pretty scary for you, and I’m sure there were times when you felt like you were losing your mind, for sure!

Definitely yes, and there were times especially, when I brought into beliefs that I was going to be target for life, it really scared me.

But out of all of that there has come a lot of positives. Look how strong you are today!

Oh definitely. And I… it’s so surreal looking back on it now…Yeah, that’s what I always tell people when I talk to new friends about my story, whenever… They’re like oh my god how did you get through that? It’s like, well actually, I’m really appreciative for it. It’s…It’s brought me to a new level of self-appreciation, self-understanding, self-awareness, strength. It’s… and not only that it forced me into a position where I brought another house… and so now I have an investment property. Like thank you evil bastards!

So inadvertently they helped you out! Well done you! Oh, this has been so interesting Belinda. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your pretty scary story with us all. I really appreciate it, and I am sure that your story will encourage and inspire others as well. Thank you so much

Thank you. Goodbye.


The original image Belinda took, that shows the face behind her.


The face framed and cropped


Brightness & contrast altered.


Exposure altered

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