Your Host – Marianne

Marianne has always been a creative person. Whether that is with traditional art, or the performing arts, doing voice-over work for radio promotions in the USA or advertisements for radio – it is something that has always been a part of her life. As an artist, she has worked in multiple media – from sculpting in clay to silver-smithing and creating artisan jewellery, to more traditional art. She has a great love of working with pastels and oils – but also dabbles in acrylics and watercolours. Her sculptures have found homes internationally. Marianne is a published illustrator and is also an author of a children’s story that she is currently working on illustrating.

She spent most of her early working career as a nurse, both in public and in private hospitals throughout New Zealand. Her last area of nursing (and her favourite), was Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular surgery. A work accident forced her retirement from a much-loved career, so she returned to university and retrained herself, completing a degree in Computer Graphic Design. She especially enjoys designing & creating websites, illustrations and label designs.

Spiritually, she has always had an absolute fascination for all things that go bump in the night, or haunt your dreams. For the unknown, the unexplained, and the paranormal. This started from a very young age when she had her first experiences with UFO’s, Star People, and Earth Spirit, which are ongoing to this day. Marianne is spiritually sensitive and has had many experiences with the unseen realms here on this planet. She is not shy about speaking out about her UFO & Star People encounters. So she considers herself very fortunate to be able to combine her love of doing voice work, with her experiences throughout her life in her podcast show Walking the Shadowlands.