Episode 19: A Forest Encounter

Throughout history, humankind has been aware of the existence of other beings in other dimensions, that can move through our reality when, and where they chose to.  They live in dimensions, other than those our senses are aware of. These beings have been written about, since humans have had written text, and before then they were talked about in hushed tones – to be feared and respected.  But what happens, when the world of these Elemental beings, and the world of humans collide? What happens then? Is this a good experience for the human, or is it possibly not? And what would you do if you were in such a situation, where you came across such a being? How would you react? What would you do? And, how would this be experienced for you? It was not uncommon in the early history of humankind to have encounters with these beings. Almost always, they were feared, revered, respected, and given wide berth where possible. But, are people in these modern times still encountering these beings? Are we?

So, grab your cuppa, your warm blanket if you are in winter, as we are here in New Zealand. Or a cold drink if you live in the other hemisphere of our beautiful world…. Make yourself comfortable, and come with me as we walk into this part of the shadowlands, and see what awaits us there…

What Are Elementals?

Firstly, what are Elementals? And, what does the term mean? Elementals take their name because they are made up of the ‘ethers’, and are ‘ethereal’ beings, and so, they are invisible to most of humanity. But, there are some who see them clearly, and some who can see them when they chose to show themselves to humans.

The basic role of elementals and those from the elemental kingdoms is to look after nature in all it’s beauty. These beings like amongst plants, trees, and animals. They are said to be responsible for the wonderfully therapeutic effects felt, when we’re out in nature – taking a bush walk, as discussed in our last two episodes with Gary Cook on Music of the Plants…. Or, at the beach, at lakes, or rivers, nature reserves, or national parks….

They are said to possess supernatural powers and abilities, and as I have already stated are, for the most part invisible to humans. They are attached to pretty much every single natural thing on this planet. They are said to be responsible for earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms, and wildfires – at least, that is the lore that goes with them. These Earth Elementals are also said to be responsible for creating, sustaining, and renewing life on our plant.

These beings don’t like the lower and heavy vibrations of city life, and so they do tend to stay away, and are only found out in nature, in the country, where the vibrations and energy are much higher. For example, when we go to the country, for for a bush walk, or a walk along the sea shore – it generally feels really comforting, relaxing, uplifting, and for the most part – serene. That is where these beings spend their time, protecting, nurturing, and loving the earth.

A Brief History.

The Greeks called all otherworldly beings daemons. These Daemons included guardian spirits, helpful spirits, spirits of the four elements (earth, air, fire, water), and spirits of a place (spiritus loci). Muses and non-corporeal teachers such the “inner teacher” of Socrates were also considered daemons. It was Paracelsus who solidified the idea of pure elementals: the living forces behind the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. It’s interesting to note, that when Christianity was invented, the word Daemon, became the word Demon.

Paracelsus (1493-1541) was a physician, philosopher and an alchemist. He classified nature spirits according to the elements they were composed of. This is the system our own culture has adopted for classifying elementals. Here is a brief description of what these classifications are:

Earth Elementals

Earth Elementals are generally called Gnomes – which comes from the Greek term of genomus meaning earth dweller. They have power over rocks flowers, trees and minerals. They are traditionally guardians of hidden treasure. They prefer caves and deep forests. Some of the more familiar beings in the gnome classification include tree and forest sprites, satyrs, pans, dryads, elves, brownies and “little men of the woods” Also, included in here are New Zealand’s Patupaiarehe. The fairy folk of New Zealand. They can be helpful or harmful to humans. Eyewitnesses claim reports of little men 2-3 feet tall, usually bearded, dressed in caps. Reports of females are rare. Gnomes are said to be mischievous—even threatening—to humans. When they are heard to speak, their voices are reported as gruff sounding.

Water Elementals

These are called Undines. They are responsible for, and have power over all water, including streams, rivers, marshes, ponds, waterfalls, oceans and fountains. They are also associated with rain, mist and fog. Water sprites and mermaids come under this classification, as do the New Zealand Pona-Turi beings. They can appear as human beings, as well as small creatures. They’re very emotional, they love beauty, and actually – and surprisingly, are said to be fond of human beings. Humans who interact with water elementals can become obsessed with water. In the Indian and Tibetan cultures, they also have the Naga who are half human, and half serpent. These Indian beings are associated with prosperity, and hidden treasures.

It’s interesting to note here that many historical accounts of goddess’ appearances are associated with water, including the Virgin Mary in Europe and the U.S, Kwan Yin in Japan, Saraswati in India, Brigit in Ireland as well as many “White Ladies.” The bodies of water associated with these appearances are generally later declared, to have healing properties attached to them, because of the visitations.

Fire Elementals

These are called —Salamanders: They have power over flame and smoke. They don’t generally, directly communicate with humans. They can be placated with incense. According to Paracelsus, they appear as little balls of light, fireballs, or tongues of fire. In medieval literature they have been described as little lizard-like beings.

Air Elementals

These beings are called Sylphs: They have power over clouds, snow, gases, and winds. They prefer mountain tops. They also reside in the air around us. It is the sylphs that are supposedly the origin of the story of gossamer winged fairies. The elementals of air are also associated with muses, genius and inspiration. The inspired artists, poets and musicians are said to be blessed ­– or cursed, as the case may be, by the sylphs. Sylphs are said to be mirthful, changeable, and eccentric. They have been connected abduction experiences and episodes of missing time. They are also associated with joyful music, bell tones, and the sounds of happy parties.

Elementals, it is said, can cause a mental unbalance in some sensitive types of people. And in most indigenous cultures throughout the world, nature spirits are given ritual offerings to help maintain the balance needed between the communities that these cultures live in, and the environment.

So, that is a brief overview of Elementals, and how they have been categorized to our level of understanding. It is said that Elementals can haunt places, and areas – these however, generally take place in isolated mountain, desert, or forest settings as our guest experiences shows, from working in a very isolated New Zealand forest area. And each Elemental produces a different sort of haunting. There is a very well known, haunting of an Elemental in a famous Irish Castle, called Leap Castle. It has appeared on numerous – ghost hunting type shows over the years. I have placed a link on this episodes page on the podcast website, www.walkingtheshadowlands.com to a site where you can read up more about this haunting if you are interested.

My guest tonight is sharing her encounter with an elemental being. Please be aware, that this telling of her experience does contain some language that may not be suitable for youngsters to hear. She, has requested to be anonymous, but I have not altered her voice in anyway. She is a young Maori woman, so grew up already with a cultural understanding of unseen beings, and the spiritual realms, and a belief that whanau (or family), who are deceased can return and act as personal guides. Hers, she mentions in the recounting of her scary, and very interesting experiences that took place over a period of many, many months.

In New Zealand, one of our major exporters to other countries is New Zealand Forestry, our logging industry. It’s a major business here, and there are many private contractors, like my guest and her whanau, who work together in teams to harvest these trees. They most often work in extremely isolated, and sometimes hard to get at areas in the bush – felling both native, but mostly Pine trees for both export and local consumption. This time, their team was working with a private contract, with land owners who wanted trees felled from their land. Because of the isolation of these areas, they often camp on the land they are felling, in whatever accommodation is available for them to use, and do not leave the area, except for their days off. So with that bit of background information. Here is my guest to share her experience with us all.

A Forest Encounter

Guest: So I was working in Forestry with my Father, away from any towns or settlements in the area. There was just really a church, a community hall, a school. A few houses, that sort of thing was in the area. So it was just like – little settlements everywhere. But, no actual towns. We started off working on the outskirts, and I always felt like I was watched, and it never felt like it was intrusive – just watching. And, I just never really felt alone. But, after a few months, and stuff, I just kind of felt like, that there was something a little bit wrong here. ‘Cause, it was like, a little bit of a shadow was over the place. A little bit. And, it felt a bit damp, and cold, and just a bit dingy. So I didn’t really think too much of it. Just thought oh yeah, it’s winter time.  And, then we shifted jobs, to the other side of the area, about a year later. And, it felt the same there again. But, things started getting a little worse. Like feeling a bit worse.

After a few months had past, I could sort of feeling the energy changing for the bad. It was just – I don’t know? It just slowly, eventually over time, just felt like I was being more closely watched. And, it felt like that they were always there, and…. Yeah; it just…. It just had this weird, weird, weird feeling. And, I was talking to one of our workers at the time – one lunch time, and he said he felt like someone was always watching him when he’s alone. When he’s out in the bush cross-cutting, which is falling trees. And, he said that it makes him, makes him feel…. It makes him feel uncomfortable. I just said to him, just be careful when you’re out there, ‘cause, well bad things happen in the bush when you’re not thinking about what you’re doing! 

Well anyways, I had this um, really bad feeling about work one morning when I woke up. I just had this feeling of dread, and I dunno…. I dunno how to explain it. But, I just woke up, and just I felt like that  we all shouldn’t be there, at work today. And, I just really, really felt that way. And, I said to Dad – I, I just can we go…. Can we just not go to work? Do you have something needs fixing in town, and stuff today? ‘Cause, I just feel like we shouldn’t be at work. And, he just brushed me off – like oh, don’t be so stupid! You’re just trying to get out of working today. To be fair – yeah! That normally would be the case.

Well anyways, one day the worker – our worker was cross-cutting, and he’s very experienced at his job by the way. He’s been doing it for many years. Lot’s of experience doing, um, native trees as well. Which we handle quite a lot differently to pine trees do. So he was really, really experienced at what he did. And a tree done some weird stuff! On him when he was falling it. It totally spun right around on the stump, and fell over a bank. And the stump end flicked up as the weight of the top plunged over the edge, and spun around again, and hit him!

Marianne: Wow!

 And, he…. He turned off his chainsaw, and yelled out – ‘cause, I was down at the bottom of the hill. He yelled out, “I’m a bit sore!”

So I yelled back, “Are you ok?” And, he yells back “No!” So I knew straight away that something happened. So I climbed up the hill which is quite a good way. I was huffing, and puffing, by the time I got to the top! And, I found him on the ground, and he was looking very, very, very pale. I made him comfortable. Asked him what was wrong with him? Asked him if he could walk down? And, he just said no, no. He’s pretty much stuck there.

So, I climbed down the hill to go, and get some help.  And I went, and found Dad. I went to the neighbours and called the neighbours, and that. So we got a few people to come, and help us stretcher him down the hill.  Because, we knew that got to get him off the side of the hill or no one would be able to help him. And, he said that nah, he didn’t have any of the things that you should be moving someone – like tingly feet, and toes, and ….

Right! Of course!

Sore backs or anything like that. So, I thought we would be kind of fine with that. And, well anyways, after that the ambulance come, and took him off to hospital.  Got x-rays done, and he’d broken his hip-bone. And, that took him quite a long time to heal up. So, he was away from work. So, it was just Dad, and I, and the neighbour’s son working there. And, when he came we’d shifted jobs to a new location. And, we’d moved right into the middle of this particular area.

And, immediately when I got out of the truck I felt very unwelcome! Like I could feel like something was pushing me – like I had to walk through a wall. Hell, it’s really hard to explain. It just felt like a wall was in front of me. An invisible wall. And, I had to just basically push my way through it with my willpower, basically. Like, I’m here, and I need to do this job ‘cause, this is our family business, and I actually can’t just not be here!  And, yeah. It felt real uncomfortable!

So much so, that I asked my guide how he feels about it? ‘Cause, I talk to my spirit guide. Bit of a back story about him, is that I know he’s a Maori ancestor of mine. And, he goes back about seven or eight generations. So he’s – you know? He’s pretty old, and he is Maori, and so he knows a fair bit of stuff about a fair bit of the things…. And, he said when he was alive, and breathing…. That when he travelled this way, they would avoid the entire area altogether! There was a tapu over the place. Tapu, meaning a scarred place. Even if it took them days longer. It was still avoided. But, he also said…. But, that was the old ways, and those ways are lost now, so the power isn’t there anymore. So you should be alright! But as in saying that – still be respectful, and careful.

Well anyways, so we stayed at the farmer’s sons house. Which is also on site. And, the first night I had only four hours sleep. ‘Cause, it was that uncomfortable, I just felt I couldn’t sleep. And, I put it down to a new place. But, this continued for the whole time we worked in this area. I never, ever slept in that area. Some nights I would get four hours sleep – max! And, some nights I wouldn’t get any sleep at all. And, sometimes at this house I would hear a baby crying, and it felt so real that I would go and find it. After I had searched the entire house – every cupboard, and nook, and cranny! Everywhere! And, then it would just stop! But, it sounded so real. That there was this newborn crying in the house, and I couldn’t find it. Drove me crazy.

Oh that would be a tad freaky….

And, things started getting physical at this stage for myself. I got bitten by a white-tailed spider that required some heavy antibiotics. Got a really bad flu that lasted two months. And, then I got really, really hurt. I was sitting on a log, eating my lunch – chatting away to our worker. The same guy that got hurt at the previous job. And, this log popped out of the stack, and hit two logs in front of me, and then the second log crushed my legs. And, it hit me with such force, that it bounced back off me.

And, I’ve never, ever…. In all my years of working in Forestry, ever seen logs behave like that! Not hit two logs, you know? They’ll hit one, but not two – and not with that much force that they’d bounce off my legs. Well anyways, a few days later after that happened I looked in the mirror, and I could see these big, huge handprints bruised, underneath my arms – armpits, like someone had lifted me up as I was getting hit, underneath my armpits. So, I thought about it – and, just before I’d been crushed, I felt someone lift me up by my armpits! And, I was very, very lucky. Because, if this log had smashed my kneecaps, I would never ever walk again! So yeah, that was a pretty close call.

And, I still didn’t…. By this point, even though it was getting physical, I didn’t – it didn’t occur to me that there was something strange going on there. I just thought that – you know? Nah, things happen in Forestry. We just had a fair bit of bad luck! I’m just accident prone. I still didn’t think about it. It didn’t cross my mind that it was this place. I was off work for six months.  I went home, far away from that place. And, immediately, everything settled down! I had plenty of sleep. Plenty of rest. Everything was going back to normal again. And, I pretty much had to learn how to walk again, as well.

But…. So, I went back to work, probably way to soon …. But, I was ok, I could still still drive a digger, so long as someone helped me in and out of it. And, a few changes. We’d moved ten kilometres down the road, and shifted into a new – new job down there. And, the guy who had hurt himself, and witnessed my accident had left to start his own forestry business as well. And, so we moved into a old school house. And, it was a beautiful building. Pretty much the same was when it was a school. Just had a gas stove, and a kitchen sink. The gas stove rattled every time we walked past it, as the floor boards weren’t as solid as they once were. The oven was in the main room, and the sink was in the foyer part, where the children hung their bags, and coats.

In the surrounding area, only about fifteen meters away, was a beautifully kept church. With it’s own cemetery, an organ that worked. And, the only thing I could play on it, was ‘Mary had a little lamb’, but it sounded really creepy, and I liked it! I used to go and play in there all the time. It was pretty cool. And, the area was a survey town, that never took off after the depression. And, across the river was an old pa site, and a urupa, which just means a Maori cemetery.

My cousin started working for us at this job as well. And, he’s pretty sensitive to the spiritual world, and he also had feelings of being uncomfortable, and being watched. But, he really enjoyed the job, and our company. One night, him and I decided to go with the owners of the block that we were working for, for a walk across the river over to the old Maori cemetery, and the old urupa over there, and the pa site.

And, anyways we walked over there, and took the dog for a walk as well, and the dog just stopped in its tracks! And, just let out this heavy growl and it was terrified. It was on the end of it’s chain, and wasn’t good. The dog had obviously seen something that we couldn’t, and it didn’t like it at all! And, so I was just like – screw this shit! I’m out! Cousin came with me too, we left the owners over there. And yeah…. left them to it! Cause fuck that!

Anyway, so that happened, and we just worked a bit more, and then it was a few days…. A few days after that, I think…. One night after work me, and the cousin were sitting outside in the carport having a quiet beer. And, we were watching this huge rat, playing underneath the tree. It was huge! The size of a cat! It was enormous! Then we saw it change into a possum, and ran up the tree! We both looked at each other, and I said “Did you see that?” He said; “Yeah…. I think so!” Do you think we had too many beers?” I asked him. And, he said, “Nah! That definitely happened!” So yeah, we were both a bit freaked out about that, and I said to him “Oh screw that! I’m off to bed! Not sticking around for that!”

That, would be a normal reaction I would say!

Oh yeah…. Yep, I was just…. Yep, I still didn’t believe my eyes! I thought that I had too many beers to be honest! And, so I just went to bed. And, then at…. And, this is when things started to kind of ramp up quite a lot more! I started to see shadows running across the floor. Those shadows, sort of like how you see a rat in the corner of your eye? It was like …. It was like shadows, you couldn’t say that it was a rat! Or mice, or anything like that! It was just like a shadow, and it would run across the floor. And, I’d only catch it with the corner of my eye!

And, it would always run out from the corners, or underneath feeds or something …. It was – yeah! And, you sort of just question yourself. Like, oh my eyes are playing tricks on me. And, I was doing dishes at about – oh four o’clock in the evening, and putting on the dinner. And, the boys were still working up the hill, and behind me, right next to my ear – I heard what sounded like wallpaper ripping! I instantly felt so scared! Like if I turned around, I was going to be in so much danger! All I could tell myself, was don’t turn around! Don’t turn around! It lasted for what seemed like forever! It was …. Then it was back to peaceful. But yeah, that was pretty scary.

Well anyway, after that I didn’t say anything to anyone. Then a few days later, my cousin was using the toilet, and it’s outside. And, he came in heavily breathing. Pale as, looking terrified! And, I asked him, “What’s the matter with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost! “ He said he heard what sounded like paper rustling, or something like that behind his ear. And, it hurt…. It’s hard to explain, he said. And, I asked him. Did it sound like wallpaper ripping? And, he said “Yeah, it did!”

And, I said to him “I know exactly what you mean. I heard this exact same thing a few days ago!” And, I told him my experience. And, he said he felt exactly the same way. He said that he felt just absolutely terrified, and scared, and just like he shouldn’t turn around and look at what is behind him! And, as we were talking about this, outside, something took our attention. And, we both looked over towards the tree where we watched the rat turn into a possum, and a young man in his twenties was standing there! Very handsome, but absolutely terrible look he had on his face! He was giving us the most evil smile. And …. And he was quietly chuckling at us, as well.

And, that was pretty terrifying. Dunno where he come from? And, yeah…. I’ve never, ever seen anyone look at me in that way, ever!  And, by this point I was just that angry with what was going on, and everything. And, he thought it was funny –  that, I yelled at him, and I said …. Said to him – “You’ve had your fun! Now, back off!” And then, he just disappeared!

My cousin said “That’s it! I love this job! I love working here. But, I can’t do this anymore, with this…. This is out the gate scary! I’m handing in my notice for two weeks.” And, I said to him “I don’t blame you. I would be doing the same, if I could, but this is a family business, and we have to stay here, and see the job through. But, by all means man, if you feel like …. That you can’t handle it, go.”

And, anyways, so …. He had a weekend off after that happened.  So, he went home, and while he was at home this stove started rattling on, and off every night! Because the floor boards were being walked across, the floorboards, and would rattle. So someone was walking across the floorboards, and I couldn’t see who it was, ‘cause the stove was rattling on, and off every night. Started off at from about that point, and would happen like, throughout the night. And the shadows were still running across the floor, and the wallpaper ripping noise was happening more, and more often. And, you could hear the …. His footsteps, more and more often as well. And, this was happening while we were at the house. At the school house, and while we were on the job as well. So, it wasn’t just when we were – you know? Lying in quiet. It was while we were working as well. 

And, my cousin, he come home …. He come back, and he’d had a meeting with a friend, who was also a medium. This medium looked at a photo he took of the tree where the activity happened, and said delete it, and get the fuck out of there! And then told him, that this thing is the spawn of the devil, and get out! And, that was about all that this medium said, and said couldn’t help us at all! That’s it! It’s up to you. And, well any ways, for myself I’m not religious at all. And, I didn’t quite whole-heartedly believe this spawn of the dev …. Of the Satan, thing. But, I thought, oh I had better keep this information in the back of my mind. Just in case. ‘Cause, just because I don’t believe in it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real, so…. Just a little bit – yeah. Just be wary. Just thinking about it a little bit.

And, then the cousin, he ended up leaving. In the…. After his two weeks, and things settled a little bit after he left. It wasn’t so full on, but definitely still very active. Like, things weren’t happening all night long. Just only, you might get two hours of nothing! But, it was still pretty active. It did settle down a little bit.

And, well any ways, Dad started talking to me about something seems to be watching him at work as well. And, he always felt like he was never alone, and he always felt a little bit uncomfortable. And, I asked him how long this had been happening, and he said – he said, oh pretty much the first time he moved over to the first place where we were start working at. So, right from the beginning he had felt all these things. But, he never, ever said anything.

And, then a couple of days later – while finishing up the job, ‘cause, we were nearly finished by that point. And, doing the clean up, and he said he felt like he was pushed! And, fell down a small bank, and badly hurt his shoulder. And, these were existing injuries, but just hurt them a whole lot more! So, hurt his shoulder, and his knee. And, he didn’t feel like he needed to visit the doctor, but, and he…. And, he reckoned it would have healed on his own, but it really never did.

So, we finished up the job, and he left Forestry altogether ‘cause, of these injuries that never really healed up. And, went mining over in Aussie instead, and I found myself a nice inside job, and that’s pretty much how that happened. And, then after that I always felt I had unfinished business there though…. There was heaps of unanswered questions about what what happened there? What is there? And, why? ‘Cause, I just didn’t feel like that – those questions, never really got answered.

So, I talked to a few friends…. So, I talked to my friend who was living in the area at the time we were working over there. She was actually our neighbour. And, asked her how she felt about the area, ‘cause, she had moved out when I talked – spoke to her about this stuff. And, she said – [reading friends statement].

“There’s something out there for real! And, it’s an ugly feeling too. There’s always something not right with the land where you were working! All our house, if not the whole area…. If I am to be honest, we hardly visit there anymore. So much has happened to us when we were there! But, I chose to move on because, the energy was way off. It’s never followed us.  We have had a guy come out and help settle things down. He says, there is so much ugly, and a lot was to do with the river, and the bush way up back. A lot of things have happened to people out there – more than what is considered normal.”

I asked if she could go into detail, and she said “Well, I can give…. Give you a list!”

“The neighbour somehow rolled his quad into the gorge, and broke his leg badly. And had to get a rescue helicopter to come out, and lift him out of the gorge and take him to the hospital. He was down in the bottom of the gorge for eight hours! Stuck underneath his bike. Tractors breaks stop working, and then you look at them, and they are fine!”

We actually had this as well – with our skidder, our skidder’s breaks stopped working. So, we pulled it apart, and they were actually fine, there was nothing with them. A logging crew up the road had many near misses. She says one that she recalls:

“The skidder breaks stopped working – rolled down the hill and hit a logging truck! No one died, but one person was very badly hurt. Beehive guys had a truck roll off the bank, after the bank gave out on them. Hadn’t been raining either.”

And, she said

“Sooo many unexplained things have happened to many, many people down there.”

She said

“That certain places, certainly made her feel uneasy, and she wouldn’t go there!”

And, I asked her – “Was there any good out there?” ‘Cause, it just seemed like it was all bad. And, she said;

“Yeah! Yeah, there is good! It’s just complex. It hasn’t always all – it wasn’t all crap when we lived out there. But, it just felt like the energy was shifting, and a lot of unrest was more in the bush – I feel uneasy.”

She said that her friends, and her hubby were coming home one night from being in hospital at two am. She’d been falling asleep at the wheel, and she looked up and seen a Maori warrior, woke her just in time! She just about drove over the side of the saddle. He was in front of her running, until they got where – got to where they were safe, and he disappeared! But, she had a guy come out to her house too, as she had some shit happening, and it was coming from the river. ‘Cause, her son had an entity in his room that was removed. Before that, they hardly ever had any birdlife. After that, all the Fantails returned and they’re now keepers of her place. So that’s …. That there, is her feelings about the place, and so she moved out for pretty much the same reasons we did. ‘Cause, there was just something there, and didn’t know what it was, and how to deal with it. Was the reason why she moved out.

And, then one of the people who we worked for, I spoke to their son. And, he said he wouldn’t sleep there. Only visit for day trips, ‘cause, he always felt uneasy. He doesn’t know what it is, but definitely something ugly comes, and goes from there. So, and that’s him! What he said! And, then um, slash fourteen years, and I found your page. So, it was the perfect place to get answers. I posted my – only my experience, and what the medium had said to my cousin – and, long story short. It was not a demon, Satan, or spawn of Satan.

“It was an elemental spirit. And they are very powerful entities. But, they are not evil, nor are they Satanic, merely protectors of what they see as theirs!

It was nothing that I did wrong. Why had this happened? They were very angry, because they were disrespected! Disrespected from the start! So everyone else who come in, no matter their attitude would have been seen as unwelcome. The wallpaper ripping sound was the elementals coming through into this dimension. My guide who I talked to, was angry because I was being targeted. And, he could buffer me a wee bit, but could not stop them.

Elementals are very ancient things. And, in terms of authority, cannot be controlled by either living, or non-living humans. The whole area, about thirty kilometres in circumference is home to a group of Elemental beings who are not happy with what’s happening in their home forests and lands.

The advice was…. The advice given by you Marianne, was acknowledge them, their presence. And, apologise to them on the behalf of the workers. That might lessen the activity, so as long as the workers are respectful, and aware. But really, that’s in the hands of the ElementalsSo, I thought about this – I thought about it. And, it took me a few months. To ponder over, you know? My answers to my questions, and to learn more about what had happened to me. And to process things a little bit.

And, then I come up with a plan to put things at rest. I travelled to the place, and I felt them there pretty much immediately. As soon as I got there, they were right there. And, I said out loud, and confidently:

“I am sorry for what the past humans did to you, and your home. But, that is not me. I didn’t do any of these things to you, and I’m not…. And, I’m not that, or those people! I care about your home, and everything that lives here. I know you are only protecting what…. Your home, and rightly so.”

“Not everyone has good intentions. I am here to make peace for us all. I know you are…. You are very angry, and, I can feel it. And, you have been angry for a long, long time. You know what? I actually feel sorry for you. You must be exhausted, because anger is, is a very tiring thing. It’s up to you, if you want to take some of my advice, or not. But, how about a little peace? I brought you some gifts, and I would like to apologise for – for the wrong I may have done. “

And, at that point I heard – “You have done no wrong.” And, I felt the energy shift to a lighter tone. Then I said, here are your gifts. This is a cake I made for you. Some pretty rocks I have collected, and a handful of feathers I picked up. I hope you enjoy these things, ‘cause, I really don’t know what to give you. Then I heard; “Respect. Thank you”

The whole place looked better, brighter, warmer. And, it looked more beautiful than ever. But, um yeah, I love this area, but I don’t want to test the waters ever again. I would never work there again, but, I would definitely visit.

You know, that’s incredibly brave of you to go back there. Incredibly brave of you to do that.

 Yep. Yep…. It’s um…. Well, I just had to suck it up. Or else it would’ve –  I would’ve been playing in my mind, for the rest of my life, if I didn’t go back there and make peace. Because, so much things happened there, that yeah,  I just sucked it up, and went back. Just to make that peace. Not…. Well, it was just really for myself, but maybe, it may have helped others as well there too? I don’t know, to help. I dunno if it’s lessened the activity there, or not.  But, it definitely felt brighter, and happier while I was there, after I said my thing.

Yeah because they accepted you. I feel – I tend to feel that they’ll take it person by person….

Yeah, yeah. I think so too.  Yeah, so that’s the reason why I’m sharing this story. Because, if anyone ever finds themselves in this particular area, or anywhere else, where the same/similar situation’s happening for…. Well, this is good advice to give.

Then, the advice can go to something good, and helping somebody else out. Yeah, I think it’s just you know, if you have good intentions. And, you intend to be good, and look after things…. That’s pretty much like if you go, and visit someone in their home. If, you left that mess, or did that in their home – how would they feel? It’s the same with Elementals, that you’ve gotta think about how they would feel. And, if your intentions are good, then that will radiate off you. And, they’ll not be so harmful. Yeah, it’s just about – yeah, acknowledgement. Acknowledging that they are there, and that they are real.

Absolutely. Oh that’s so awesome, and have you spoken to your cousin since about this experience?

Um yes, I have – after you gave me the answers to my questions about that place. I screenshot-ed the whole entire conversation, and sent it to him. And, he said “You know what? She is one hundred percent accurate!” He said,”I didn’t exactly, fully believe that it was a – that it was Satan, or demons, or anything evil.” He said, “It just um it didn’t quite feel evil, but it felt like it was going to hurt us. But….” Then so, um, and he said, it’s basically what he said – “You know what? I’ve been questioning what had happened to us there, ever since we left. And, now that I’ve actually got answers, I feel more at peace now!”

Oh, wow!

‘Cause, he actually grew up over there in that particular area as well, and so…. ‘Cause his parents were farming over there. And, they were farming there for a couple of years, I think? And, so he had already had, like encounters with them. But, didn’t really know what they were, and they weren’t quite attacking him, like they attacked us then. Because, he was quite a lot younger. He just…. Just knew that they were there, but ‘cause, we were adults by that stage. Yeah, that was a bit full on!

And, so yeah. That answered a whole lot of questions for him. And, he was able to help a few other people that lived there too, that had moved out for the same reasons as us. Something there, and we couldn’t explain it, and always felt uncomfortable.

Oh wow! That’s awesome! That’s extra special actually. Extra special knowing that wow!

Yeah…. Yeah so – yeah so, it’s actually helped a few people. I screen-shotted your whole conversation and sent it to my friends as well. The one that told me, pretty much the whole history of why she moved out, and all that…. All the things that had happened to other people. And, she was like – “Wow! This…. Yep, that sounds like it’s on point!” And, so she shared it with the guy, the um priest that came out to help her with her house. She shared the conversation with him as well. So that he had that knowledge, to be able to help other people when he gets called out there.

Being religious, how did he take it?

He actually took it really well. Like, he’s not a full-on priest you know? Like preach, and stuff, but…. So, he took it really, really well. And, he just said – you know, I’ve got an open mind, and I’m open minded to everything, and this here actually sounds like, more on point. And, after my – a few months of sitting down and thinking about how I was going to tackle this situation…. And, thinking about how I was going to put things at rest for myself. I actually contacted him after that, and said to him – look I did this! And, everything felt really good after that. So, that should be really good advice that you could give to other people that are having problems.

That’s aw…. Oh that’s so awesome, and actually, that’s really good for me to know that. That the information I gave you has helped so many people!

It has, yeah…. It has definitely helped a hell of a lot of people! More than what I know. More than probably what you know, ‘cause, those are only the people that I know, that it got shared to. But, they would have shared it to everyone else as well, so….  So, it would have gone far, and wide, between both of us. About, yeah – how to help really.


Yeah…. ‘Cause, basically what’s happening there is a great big misunderstanding, between everybody. Is basically what’s going on, ‘cause – oh, other than those who’ve got bad intentions, of course! But those…. Most people have good intentions when they go there to do their work! You know, they’re there to farm, and to – you know, create produce, or lamb, or beef, or honey – whatever. And, so they’re there with good intentions, because, you know…. You’ve got to look after the land in order to get good products.


And, so it’s just a great big huge misunderstanding. Between everybody.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it started way back. Way, way, way back.

Well, my biggest thing is, with sharing my experiences with…. Well, with everything now that I’ve experienced, is because no one in my family has talked about these beings. And, ‘cause, like – a lot of what’s happened to me has been non…. Of the non-human kind.


And, no one wants to talk about them. And, so I had absolutely no information, oh I didn’t…. Like, I know absolutely nothing about what was going on, and why? And, why generic advice wasn’t working!  Because, it’s…. They’re not even human!

Yeah, yeah…. Of course!

No one will talk…. Will talk about them. I know that they know. And, I know that some of my family has had experiences, ‘cause, I’ve heard little bits and pieces. But, no one talks about them.

Yeah, it’s fear eh. Fear of unknown. Fear of the unknown. And, I guess it’s a bit like with the Navajo people not talking about the Skinwalkers, because they fear it will draw them to them.

Yeah, yeah. Which is probably true to a certain extent?  Like I know that since I’ve been talking about my experiences, and with my things – that I’ve definitely had more visitors in my home. Of the unseen kind. And, I know that I’ve had a bit more activity around the place. Of the unseen kind. But, nothing that’s been bad. And, I’ve been given a little more information about things too. Through dreams, or just telepathically. I dunno. It’s hard to explain. Like all these things that go on are usually pretty hard to explain, but you do your best….

Yeah. Exactly! And, because you’re opening yourself up, and being honest with yourself. It opens up your energies, and makes you more accessible for those of the Fairy realm, or Elemental realm who may want to contact you.

Yeah, yep.

So, that’s really awesome! Thank you so much. I’ve really, really enjoyed hearing your experiences and chatting with you.

In this episode we’ve talked about Elementals. Going over a little history, and the specific types of Elementals there are. And, we’ve heard my guests experience. So, this episode sort of rounds off the previous episodes on the Patupaiarehe, and my first conversation with Gary Cook, where he talked about his experiences with them, and shared others experiences as well. And, also the last two week’s episodes with Gary Cook, on ‘Music of the Plants”. They all sort of fall into the same category.

You may, or may not believe in the existence of these beings – but certainly the people who have had these experiences absolutely do! And, I personally have also had an experience with these beings when I lived in a little town called Waxhaw, in North Carolina, with my then husband, and my daughter. We, all three of us, experienced these wee folk in a shared experience, which is very personal to us, so I am not sharing the experience in here. But, it was three of us who witnessed what happened that night, and is a memory that I will treasure forever. My then husband, who has since deceased, was not actually into any of this sort of stuff, so this sort of shook his paradigms a wee bit. But to his credit, he was very open-minded about what we had experienced.T his was going to be the last episode for this series, but recently I received a very interesting email from a gentleman who visited New Zealand and who had an encounter with the Patupaiarehe, near Waitomo. When he was visiting there. He didn’t know about these beings, or of the Maori knowledge of them before his experience. I have his permission to share his story with you. I’ve had a few questions about this, so next week will be a short episode. Just presenting the gentleman’s experience. And, a very, very brief bit about myself. Don’t want to bore you all with too much information about me, I am merely your host after all.

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