Episode 5: Things That Go Bump In The Night!

Beyond, what is clearly seen or heard, there have lurked in the shadowlands – misty shapes seen out of the corners of one’s eyes – footsteps echoing in empty rooms or in corridors at night – Words spoken and heard when no one else was present – Unexplained touches, smells, sounds. Items that go missing, some never to return, or that are found days later in very unexplained places.

These are the experiences of spirit, ghosts, phantoms, specters, entities, wraiths…. So many names give to the souls of physical people who once lived like you and I, but have passed on from the realm of the physical to the realm of the shadowlands. Tonight’s episode is solely about experiences people have had with the spirit realm. Some are loving, some are scary. So sit back and enjoy them as you listen. . . Let’s begin.

The Nun

Here is one of my personal encounters I experienced during my nursing years.

Nun’s with the white head, neck, and shoulder covering

I was 24 or 25 at the time and worked for a private Catholic Hospital in Auckland, NZ, this particular hospital was over 100 years old . My shift of preference was the night shift, from 11pm to 7am as I didn’t have to deal with all the political crap that goes on in hospitals, and I could just do my work unhindered. This hospital was run by nuns of the mercy order, that originated in Ireland. These nuns kept a close eye out on how the wards were run and operated and it was not uncommon to see them in their habits checking on how things were going, anytime of the day or night. They were extremely strict, but did care about their patients. Originally the hospital had been a free hospital, but at some stage became private and catered to those who could afford to use their services – which actually, in New Zealand isn’t too much of an issue as we have a free public hospital system here – where i did my training and worked for most of my nursing career.

Anyway, on that ward that I was working on at that time, I was sole charge at night, with a supervisor who would pop in when i needed her to check on medications for patients, or to help if I needed it. So I rarely saw anyone during the night – apart, as I mentioned before the supervisor – or the odd nun who would pop in, rarely, to make sure everything was OK.

This one night – about 3 am, I was in the sluice room, emptying a bed pan one of the patients had just finished with. Now the sluice sink is only a few feet from the door and as I stand there facing the sink, the door is too my left hand side. Obviously, due to the noise that is made in sluice rooms, I always made sure that the door to the sluice room was firmly shut before I started to do any work in there, so as to cause the least disturbance to patients trying to sleep.

So, I was standing at the sink, rinsing the metal bedpan, before putting it into the sterilizer, when out of the corner of my eye I suddenly saw a tall nun standing in front of the sluice room door. She was tall, thin, wearing an old fashioned habit – you know? All black, to the floor. From head to toe in black except for the white bit around her face – I don’t know what the name of that is called.  But, the white bit that goes around the face and under the chin.

She was standing there wearing this old-fashioned habit, all black, apart from what I said – the white bit around her face. She had her hands clasped in front of her and I got a sense of slight disapproval from her. I thought, oh my goodness, what have I done wrong? She looked to be in her 40’s perhaps. All this from out of the corner of my eye, and in a few seconds.  My thought was, perhaps I was being a bit noisier than I thought I was,  and I thought I was in trouble, and she was about to let me have it…

I admit, I did jump because I didn’t hear her enter, but I put it down to concentrating on what I was doing. After all, I didn’t want to spill any of the contents of the bedpan on me. So a couple of seconds after I became aware of her, when I finished what I was doing , I turned to face her.

To my utter shock, there was no one standing there. The door was still firmly closed and no way could she have left the room without the door being opened. I admit, I stood there for a couple of minutes so that my heart-rate could slow down, and my breathing could return to normal. And, I didn’t feel the need to pee any longer!

I put it down to one of the old nuns who had passed, just checking up on the staff to make sure they were doing their job properly. I couldn’t actually ask any staff if they had seen anyone before in that area of the hospital, as it really wasn’t the sort of place where talking about ghosts was really accepted and I was only young and didn’t have the self confidence I have these days.

So that was one, of my nursing ghost stories.

Ange’s Nursing Experiences

I worked at a hospital where others commented that there was a ghost on the ward – in particular a doctor that worked there when that area used to be the operating theatres (why there would be just one, or how the story started as to who I don’t know!). Some nurses would refuse to work there as they had been touched on the shoulder or felt they were being stared at while getting changed after using the gym up there. I was convinced that it was just that it was darker and colder past the double doorson the way to the drug room due to the heating being turned off – until the day I too felt a hand on the shoulder and had the feeling of being watched…. There were also occasional shadows and noises I couldn’t explain.

I worked in an area where nurses sometimes jokingly said ‘it must be the ghost’ when things went missing. One night, I lost a drug chart – a very big deal! I hunted for it, looked through all the folders and all the drug charts of the other patients in the area, looking under the bench, in the cupboards, under the keyboard – everywhere. The nurse I was working with also did a thorough look to no avail. Eventually after a significant time, I called the doctor to chart a new one – which as you know is never ideal as there will be two when the original turns up, I paged the doctor, looked down and there was the chart – it was not possible for someone to have just popped it in that spot without either of us seeing them – the care-station had only one doorway in, and myself and my colleague never left the area… – my colleague and I just looked at each other, pretty sure we had a ghostie playing a practical joke on us that night. Then of course there are the occasional shadows out the corner of your eye.

I have never forgotten a lady who came back from a surgery and was crying inconsolably, I initially thought she was in pain, but then she smiled and said ‘no, well its sore, but thats not it’, once I managed to calm her down, she told me she had seen her son – a little boy that was ripped out of her arms and taken by the sea; and that she had spoken with him, and he had said he was ok and that he loved her, and it wasn’t here fault – I saw such a peace come over her.

As a student, I did my electives in the ED department – I remember a little 7 month old baby that we unsuccessfully tried very hard to resuscitate – once the baby was confirmed deceased and taken to be with their parents into another room, another patient was put in that bedspace (within half an hour) – an elderly lady with a heart arrhythmia – we gave her treatment to correct it (amiodarone) , and as I was alone with her, tidying up and waiting for the ward transfer she said “….I can hear a baby crying….” while she looked around her bedspace – which was a separate area in the department specifically for seriously ill patients – I double checked, there were definitely no babies in the entire ED department at the time.

Of course paranormal experiences aren’t always adults. Sometimes they can be children or even babies, or toddlers – such as in this story by another person who wishes to remain anonymous.

Where’s Mama?

Where to start. This apartment about a year ago, my 2 year old was asleep in his room. He has a gate in his doorway to prevent midnight wandering, we have another gate separating the kitchen and living room. I’m not sure what time it was, my husband was working overnight. And I was in bed, I had just turned the lights off. I heard someone lean on the gate separating the kitchen and living room, it’s a distinctive sound you learn to be aware of when you have a toddler. I just kept listening because I knew my son was in his room and still in a crib. Then I heard “mama” from the kitchen. Definitely a little boys voice, definitely not my sons voice.

It took a minute to register what I heard, then to sink in that it wasn’t my son. I was scared. I got up, as much as I didn’t want to and went into the kitchen, my sons room is off the kitchen. I wanted to make sure there was no way it was him. He was sound asleep in his crib, his humidifier was going and that is pretty loud and his door was closed. At that point I just went to bed. I left the kitchen light on though, texted my husband then went to sleep. That’s when I started keeping track of the things that go on here. You know the little things that happen all the time but you just chalk up to being tired and forgetful. Like missing keys or doors opening and closing. We have a lock on our closet in the living room it’s one of those hook & eye things  – or whatever you call them, there have been times when I’m in bed and I hear that door open.

Fast forward about a month or so. It was morning I was in the shower. My son was asleep with my husband in my room – another gate. I heard the bathroom door creak open and was expecting my husband to start peeing. All of a sudden I hear a child’s giggle. Again not my son.

About 5 years prior to this, before husband and son came along I was dating someone who had the spirit of a little boy in his home. He used to walk up and down the hallway. I never saw him but all his friends and family did. He never made noises until one night we were watching TV and we heard a giggle. He never made a sound until I came into the picture but he never showed himself to me, just to everyone else. It was the same giggle I heard in my bathroom 5 years later.

Whenever I visited my boyfriend I felt like that little boy was there. One night, my thumb got ice cold. I looked down and I literally felt something slip off my finger and it warmed back up. I believe he was holding my finger. I talked to my ex after I heard the giggle in my bathroom and he told me once we broke up he never saw the little boy again. I think he may have followed me.I think he is still here, he is not dangerous he is curious. He is attached to me, I think because I’m a mom now, and back then I was a mom figure to him. He shows up every now and then. I’m not sure if my son has ever seen him. I him him gabbing in his room every now and then. One day I will ask him. My husband also heard the whisper when my son and I were in FL this past June. He said it sounded like it said “Where’s mama?”

And then we have stories that are both sad and heart-warming, just like this story from Jasmine.

Jasmine’s sister

So I’m Jasmine and my experiences with paranormal began when I was quite young. So it happened when my sister passed away. My younger sister passed away in two thousand and one. She had a seizure in the bathtub. Between the time it took for my dad to answer the door and for me to get there, she had already passed. And so, I was sort of the first person on the scene and saw her. I was five years old when that happened.

After that I experienced a lot of unusual things that were happening, that related back to her behaviour when she was alive. We had a sliding door in our bathroom for instance, and we had to shove a wooden wedge in it so she couldn’t get into the bathroom. After she passed away, we took it out for convenience and I would hear her running up and down the hall way, opening and closing the door. That happened, basically every day. I experienced her as if she had actually never left.  I heard her laugh, or could feel her there, but I never seen her physically. Sorry, it’s a bit hard to… but yeah, it’s getting easier to talk about which is good. And I think, this feels really important to do.

So yeah, these experiences, they continued basically everyday. And because I was quite young, I didn’t really understand what I was experiencing, and because I never seen a physical form I just always heard or felt things, I couldn’t identify that with being her. So I was quite terrified of what that could have been. Or even the idea of a ghost.  You know as a child I always thought that was a scary thing, or a bad thing. And my family, my parents were still very young so probably a bit uncomfortable talking about it and probably quite in shock about some of the things that were happening as well.

Didn’t really speak openly about it with me, and it wasn’t until a close family friend – who I actually call an uncle spoke to me and had heard about… from my parents what I was experiencing and he spoke to me and told me that it… that I didn’t have to be scared, because it was my sister. Knowing that, sort of flicked a switch in my mind, where it went from being really fearful and actually quite scared of what was happening, to actually feeling quite relieved. And actually almost happy, cause in a way she hadn’t gone and um, you know, that was a nice feeling for me, that I could still experience her there.

Even though I didn’t completely understand what was happening, I was still quite happy that it was happening to me because, not all the members in my family experienced it the same way. Although there was one night in particular where we were all… All of us were in the lounge and her room was closed off for about a few months at least, after she passed away. Completely locked up the way it was the day she passed away. And we heard this banging noise.  And we all sort of looked at each other like… like, did you hear that? To sort of confirm what we were hearing and it carried on. And the noise was ding… ding… it was like something banging against a metal bar and we actually used to share that bedroom together and it was a metal bunk bed that sort of had a railing on the side. She didn’t cry much as a baby but she would bang her bottle on the side of it when she was ready to get let out of bed or if she wanted the attention she’d bang that until somebody would come into the room.

And so it continued, it continued like… just kept going it… that noise, and my Mum was actually starting to cry ‘cause it, she just didn’t really know how to cope with what was happening, and the close family friend, my uncle, he was actually there. He got, he just got up and he walked into the room and he opened the door and he said; “Ok, come on, you can get out now!” And then closed the door behind him, and after that there was no, there was no more banging noises. So for a family, for us as a family that was quite a big experience. That we’ve never actually talked about ever since, actually.

I continued to have those experiences right up until we left that house actually, and after that I never experienced it to that intensity I felt in that house which was actually the house that she passed away in as well. Of feeling like she was just there, you know? It’s so hard to explain what the feeling was like. But I guess in terms of feeling their wairua, their spirit that you know, you know when somebodies in the room with you or something like that. That was, that same feeling and I guess in life I didn’t have that same connection, but I felt connected to her through my sense of smell, so for me smell has always been one of the biggest things I have always picked up on. As soon as I go into a room that’s one of the first things I notice and it’s attached to everything I remember, and for her it was this very distinct smell of play dough – you know? Homemade play dough. Salty sort of smell to it, and she loved playing with the stuff.

She’d come home from pre-school reeking of it! Her clothes, her bag, her everything that she had, she always had that, really salty smell – and I actually do remember it, when she first passed away. As a child when we first went back to… sort of going back to normal, going back to pre-school and back to school. My brother and my sister were very close and they went to the same preschool and when we used to come home we’d walk into the house and it was still like she was still there, it was still like she’d still come ‘cause, we could smell that smell of the play dough.

Later on in life as I got older, I think as well do, we sort of start to push away a lot of those sort of things we were experiencing and I think as I got older I become less in touch with what I was experiencing, or with that connection with her. I didn’t pick up on things as easily, but those… that smell came back to me several times. Like, I’m twenty-three now, turning twenty-four soon and I’ve since had several times in my life where that smell has come back.

Usually before quite an important … um, like when something – a difficult situation’s about to come up usually in the family. Usually when I’ve had to step up and being a teenager you sort of get stuck in your own world and that’s all that matters, and there’s been a couple of times where I didn’t – where I needed to step up for my family and help them and she sort of came along, and that smell, I smelt it again and straight away having her picture in my mind, knowing that, that was her trying to tell me something. Then sure enough! Not even that long later, something quite big happens and then I realize oh right, that’s… that’s her coming back to let me know something. And ever since, I have had similar sort of things but it’s never been as strong as that connection is when I was a child.

And that haunting little tune was “Come Play With Me!” by Kevin McLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons, 2014. For more information, visit our website: www.walkingtheshadowlands.com

Sadly, not all paranormal experiences are happy, or comfortable. Some of them are pretty scary. Such as Vicki’s experience in Australia.

Don’s House

I’ve got a tale to tell you from when I was quite a young girl, I was eighteen. One of my friend’s, one my school friends mum, she lived in this house and she rented – oh board and lodgings, I suppose you would call it. Anyway, we had one young fellow there, named Don who – he left, he moved out. And there were six of us living in the house, and he started coming back. We would all hang out in the kitchen, you know and talk and stuff. Anyway, he started coming around a lot, and then he was really hesitant to go back to his home, and we were like – What’s going on? Anyway he… and his physical appearance started to change. I knew him very well. I grew up in a foster home with him. Anyway, so I really noticed a big difference in him.

Anyway, this particular night he came over and it was probably about eleven-thirty and we were saying – look, I’m going to bed, I’m tired – nick off! Go home! And he was like aw I don’t really want to go home. I said why, what’s wrong? And he said aw nothing, aw you’ll think I’m mad. We were going aw no, what’s happening?  Anyway, he told us this – like a tale I suppose.

He said that there were things going on in his room, and at first…. From the first night he moved in there, things were – he could hear noises, and he would go out of the room and he would come back and things would have been moved. Anyway, we sort of said – well you know, like what’s the big deal on that? And he said oh no, it’s getting worse now. To the point that he didn’t want to be there. He was frightened.

We were like oh cool! Let’s be ghost hunters and we’ll go around to his house. Anyway in Geelong where we were from, the house is sort of like an old, I dunno – a worker’s cottage, or something – very old. Over a hundred years old. And, it was across the roads from the wool sheds, so they – I dunno, it was like a big sheep industry. And yeah, so they stored all the bales and stuff, but this old… and it was sort of like a terrace house, I don’t know if you know what they are, but you walk in the front door – bedrooms either side, go down a big long passage and more rooms and then out the back to the left was the kitchen.

Anyway Don’s room was at the front of the house, and we went there. He told us that he could hear a baby cry. Like a little, tiny, newborn baby. And it was so strong, like this… so loud that he thought that there was a baby in the room. So he got to the point where he was actually opening his cupboard and looking, because it was so real. Like he said, it freaked him out.! He couldn’t find anything of course, so he thought oh maybe it’s somebody next door.

Anyway, what really, really spun him out was I think the last straw for him, he was in his room and had very voluptuous hair – It was the early 80’s, and he had his brush… And his brush, constantly brushing his hair. Anyway, he said he put the brush on his bedside table and it went flying off and then his wardrobe door come flying open and his shirts come flying out and he just went stuff that! I’m out!

Anyway, he ended up telling us all this, this night, and we were like holey hell! We’re going, we’re going! I wish we didn’t ‘cause, we went there and we were sitting in the lounge… oh sorry, not the lounge, the kitchen area.   And it was like as soon as you walk in the door, immediately to your right was a dining room table. Like an old table. And then opposite that was a big… like you know, the old wood stoves? Big, clunky, old stove.

Then there’s to the right is the back door. But, it’s one of those big… I always say it’s like a farmer’s door or a.. oh I don’t even know what the word for it is, but, it’s really big, solid, heavy planks. With sort of like a Z shape holding it together and a big brass lock and door handle. Anyway that door was open. We were all sitting around. There was Don, Eddy, Carol, Lyle, and myself, and one of Lyle’s friends. And we were literally sitting there and all talking about this stuff that was going on in Don’s room.

Anyway, it was literally…we were sitting there and it was like somebody had opened a freezer door, it went sooo cold. And our breath, like we were freezing and we were like oh, what’s going on? And then literally it felt like something was going like this, like rubbing their hand across our check and it went around the back of our head, and then it went to the next one and the next one. You could literally see as this, whatever it was, moved around us. You could see the look on people’s face… Like everyone sort of went (makes gulping sound). You know, oh my gawd!

When it got to Carol, she was sitting on Lyle’s lap at the table and it… she said something’s touching me, and Lyle’s like, what are you doing Carol? And she said I don’t know it was… she said it was like somebody standing behind her and pushing down on her shoulders. Pushing her into Lyle. And he was going, get off me! What are you doing?  It wasn’t her. It was whatever this thing was. Anyway, it turned around and it grabbed her throat. It…. And she was visibly going (making choaking sounds). Like it grabbed her and we were like oh my god. Anyway, next thing it, the back door slammed. That big bang! And the key came flying out and that was it! We were just like ahhhh (scared sounds). And we were running out of the house. We were high-tailing it down the passage, and we heard this almighty bashing, up in the… up in the ceiling.

It was like an attic you know? With you, pull the stairs or ladder down? Anyway, there was this huge ruckus. Massive banging up there and we were like oh my god. Eddie, who lived in the house with Don… he said, I’m going to go and have a look and we go NO don’t do that. Let’s just go. Anyway, he went up there, and he was up there for about – I don’t even know… thirty seconds?  And there was this almighty, blood-curdling scream from him and he comes flying out from this, from the attic – or whatever you call it. And he was…what is the word? Like he had a mental breakdown. Like he was… he was gone. He ended up in a psych ward. He, yeah… whatever it was, was not good.

And then Carol went and looked at the archives to see if anything had happened in that house. Apparently there was a guy – I didn’t see it myself, but apparently there was a guy in the thirties, or forties – I don’t know, I think maybe around depression time? And he killed his wife and newborn baby. He had threw the baby on the ground and dashed its head onto the stones. Like onto the… little, tiny baby.  And I think that’s what… I don’t know whether it was the house making him do it, like whatever… Or that was him in the house doing that to us?    I dunno, whatever… it was physical, and it moved things around like it was very violent. It was nasty. Ooh I get goose bumps, just thinking about it.

But it was um… poor old Eddie yeah… it was, I dunno what he saw up there, but it didn’t do him any good. And we never, ever went back. Don didn’t even go back to get his clothes or anything. He left, he just didn’t… He come back to the house with us. But yeah, that was probably, the most horrific thing. You don’t wanna ever have an experience…  Like I read about all these people who have these nice things that… yeah that wasn’t a very good one.

Like I say, it wasn’t a nice experience. It wasn’t… for a first time, and you sit there and you thing aw like, you know I’ve had other experiences, nothing like that though. They’ve been nice… I suppose. But this one was nasty, and it more seems like I think now… I was thinking the other night I was like… Holey hell, we were really silly, because he could have attached himself to us or… Like, it hurt Eddie – I don’t know what it did to him mentally… or… and it was almost like – and this is where… It was almost like it was being friendly and nice, and then yeah… and then it sort of escalated like that! Like snap your fingers… yeah, oh this is not nice…

And sometimes spirit pretend to be somebody else for their own nefarious purposes. Such as in Danielle’s families experience.

Danielle’s Mum

Growing up my sister and I have had some ‘encounters’ so to speak, as we have inherited our Dad’s gift. He often told us about his experiences so when it came to us experiencing our own paranormal activity goings on, it didn’t bother us much. However, around 5 years ago my sister, mum and I were sitting in the dining room of our mum’s house one evening, chatting and having a good laugh, as you do! When my sister and I suddenly noticed a presence had joined us. It was my mum’s brother who had passed many years ago, whom she loved dearly. And it was because of this love, that she let her guard down. His visit started off well, he flicked our hair, tapped our shoulders and was his usual playful self.

My mum, who doesn’t have any spiritual abilities, so to speak, wanted to feel her brother’s presence too so opened herself up completely and fully let all of her guards down. Bad idea, right? Instantly, our Uncle was gone and the mood changed. Something my sister and I felt extremely uncomfortable with. The room felt heavy and somewhat dark. There was a new presence. An unkind feeling filled the room. My sister and I felt queasy and heavy. I jumped out of my seat, threw the sliding doors open and very sternly told this entity to leave – That it wasn’t welcome. I built up the boundaries and surrounded us with light.

Suddenly it rained HARD. And I mean hard! Big, fat, hard drops of rain, so fast that it literally couldn’t rain any faster. But it lasted all of 20 seconds! And with that, the entity had gone and the room was clear. We’re not sure what it was that joined us that night. But whatever it was, was obviously something that preyed on my mum’s vulnerability. Thankfully we stepped in! And yes, I’ve since taught my mum how to set boundaries and to be careful who she lets in!!

Sometimes spirit visit us, because they want to warn us about something. Just like this experience from this family who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Man In the Top Hat

So, my parents house is an old late-1800s villa and they brought it in the early 80s in a desolate state with weeds growing in the walls and attic, holes in the floor and walls, leaky and in pretty bad shape (so much so my grandmother cried when she first saw it ?). Mum and dad did a lot of the work themselves with the help of friends and salvaged a lot of original details from an old villa down south that was being demolished.

Not long after they’d started doing it up my mum tried to light the fire in the living room when the match kept extinguishing itself and a heavy oak dining chair pulled itself out and spun around. A smartly dressed man wearing a top hat appeared and told her “this isn’t a threat, it’s a warning. Do NOT light that fire.” Of course she rings my dad, who is at work, in a state and tells him what happened so he rung his friend who was a chimney sweeper to get him to have a look to see what the problem might be. This guy comes around and he’s poking in the fireplace saying there’s not much wrong with it, just some loose bricks and dad goes “no, something is very wrong with it, go up higher” and he does and a heap of loose plaster, newspaper and wood fell down – if mum lit the fire the whole house would’ve gone up. The man with the top hat likes to mess with everyone too, he once told dad that “at this exact time, buy a lotto ticket with these exact numbers” so dad does and he’s sitting there eagerly watching the lotto on tv and wins $0, not even a free ticket and he hears laughter on the other side of the house.

Fast forward to when my brother and I come along! My brother could never sleep in his room without waking up and crying that a man was standing over him. I woke up one night and saw a wee boy wearing overalls and a cap standing in my doorway (thought maybe I was seeing things but my uncle saw him one night too). I used to see a tall, shadowy figure in our garden & at the end of the hallway and one night I got up to go to the toilet and when I turned the corner to go back to my bedroom I walked into a tall black figure. Immediately apologised to him and carried on down the hallway and it wasn’t until I was in bed that it dawned on me what had happened.

Another time, I was having a terrible dream where I was fully aware of being on a trolley with a thin sheet over me, being wheeled down a corridor and into a morgue when I felt a mighty shove on my chest and woke up gasping for air with a man standing over me. When I told mum she reckons I’d stopped breathing in my sleep and this man woke me up.

We also have a woman in a nightdress who likes to sit and stare out mum and dad’s bay window. She wanders up and down the hallway every now and then but has been seen by mum, dad and my brother now. Other than that we mostly have lots of banging and crashing in the kitchen, doors opening, people walking down the hallway, I’ve heard people talking in our conservatory and smelt my grandad’s aftershave in the spot where he used to sit while baby sitting my brother and I. I know he hangs around a lot – he’s one of my guides. We once had a man turn up to have a look at the house, saying he used to stay with his Aunty and Uncle who lived there. Turned out his Uncle used to wear a top hat – which was passed down to this man.

Mum and dad are currently redoing the house – big renos too; they’re basically swapping the kitchen and bathroom/toilet around so they can have a bit of flow into the living and dining room and the house feels uncomfortably empty. Although every now and then the shadow man will be standing over them in bed or at the end of the hallway. He’s definitely more authoritative than the other spirits and at the moment full of disapproval! But we all seem to have a mutual understanding, they were there first and we respect that but this is now mum and dad’s house and sometimes when they act up really bad they get threatened with a cleansing and things seem to settle back down again.

And then to end with, we have one more scary story for you.

The Toilet Poltergeist – Kerupu’s Story

Kia ora whanau.  jJust something I remember happening a few years back. Few years ago after a mates passing.  Unfortunately to suicide, which took a huge toll on me and my friends. A lot of them who still suffer to this day. We all lived in one house in Tamatea, Napier.  Which was the same house that our friend who passed, had lived at for a long time.  Most of us were in and out, but he was usually the main one there. We started noticing strange things happening.  Things falling over, strange noises.  Seeing someone walk down the hall way, then realizing you’re the only there at the time.  Checking and not finding anyone, is some examples. Well one day me and a few bros were just chilling. There was three mates in the lounge,  and I was in the kitchen putting the jug on,  and finishing my lunch, and talking to the boys –  as the kitchen looked into the lounge area.

I needed to go to the toilet.  And to get to the toilet, you could either go through the wash-house, or the bathroom.  I went through the wash-house. Done my thing.  As I go to get up and open the door, I realize someone was holding it close, and I couldn’t open it.  I thought; oh it’s the bros playing a prank.  So shouldered the door open, which lead me to the wash house.  But no one was there!  As soon as I notice it wasn’t them, I got a real nerve racking chill down my spine.  The toilet door slammed behind me! That freaked me out! I tried to run out, but the wash house door had also slammed, and felt like it was being held!

I started to panic.  To my right was a dryer stacked with washing basket full, that then came flying into me!  At this point I thought F. this!  Yanked the door open, and ran into the kitchen. I was shocked!  Pale as hell, and literally couldn’t speak. My friend looked at me and said the famous line; “Bro u algoods?  U look like you’ve just seen a ghost!”  I was still speechless muttering “Bro… bro… bro…” Nodding my head, pointing towards the wash house.   He seen the serious pale look in my face and immediately clicked.  Jumped up and said “Are u OK brother?” “Bro, I couldn’t get out!”  I said; “Something locked me in and threw the washing at me!”

He could see I was dead serious and started to worry.  He walked to the wash-house to investigate, I suppose.  And the exact same thing happened to him! The door slammed behind him. He tried to run out.  The other door felt like it was being held closed by someone strong, but nothing fell on him as most of it was already on the ground from happening to me.  He came out looking exactly like I did.  Pale, shocked, and scared as hell! He was speechless.  We left for the day and came back,  but I never stayed in that house alone from that point on.

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