Paul Anthony Wallis was born in Buckinghamshire, England. He is a popular speaker, researcher and author of books on spirituality and mysticism. Today his work probes world mythology and ancestral narratives for their insight into human origins and human potential. His book ESCAPING FROM EDEN has been hailed by George Noory as “This generation’s ‘Chariots of the Gods!’” which to my mind, is a pretty impressive comparison. Paul hosts The Paul Wallis Channel on YouTube and co-hosts The 5th Kind TV  in partnership with GAIA TV

His books draw on diverse sources to explore the realm of spirituality and mysticism, probing the world mythology and ancestral narratives for their insights into human origins and the release of our potential for a better, more conscious human experience. Paul practices personal coaching with a few clients each year. He is a musician, a mystic, a healing practitioner in the Christian tradition, an enthusiastic chef and a barefoot walker. Paul is married with three children and lives in Australia.

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