Episode 73: End Of Year Round-Up

Hello everyone, this is just a wee bonus episode for you all. I was sitting thinking, it’s been such a tumultuous year that perhaps it might be an idea, to have a look back at some of our episodes from this year, not from our current season though, so this is a last minute idea and my gift to you all. An end of year round-up.

I’ve had some really wonderful guests and great conversations, I’ve been moved to tears with some stories, and been incredibly touched by people’s willingness to share personal events with us all, and their bravery in doing so.  So, whilst I am talking about them, I want to thank every single person who has been kind enough to participate in my podcast. Way too many to begin to mention by name over the past year. They’ve taken us to outer space with UFO encounters and they’ve grounded us with earth spirit, and the fairy folk. We’ve visited night terrors and spirit sexual assault, to near death experiences. We’ve been out in the woods looking for Bigfoot, and other cryptozoological beings. We’ve looked at mysteries like Spontaneous Human Combustion.  All these places have been because of my wonderful and much appreciated guests.

Then covid struck. And the word was forever changed. But now more than ever, people have needed a distraction from everyday life and the pandemic raging around the world. They are searching for an understanding that life continues on after this one…. It’s been a year of absolute ups and downs and all through this our podcast has continued to provide a source of distraction, entertainment, and yes, perhaps education for some.

I personally know, that I’ve learned so much over the past year from my guests. Some have touched my heart so deeply that they will always have a part in there and I have cried along with them, fortunately because this podcast is audio only you don’t get to see me bawling like a baby, with my ugly crying face, whilst trying to remain as professional as I can. I am not ashamed to say, I have cried along with many of my guests. Some I have so wanted to reach through the screen, if that were possibly, and give them the biggest comforting hug.  I have had the conversations with some of the funniest guests, that have had me laughing so hard at their humour that I’ve really had to edit hard most of that laughter out. Most of all they, all of them, have blessed me with memories I will keep for ever. New friendships formed, even if only briefly and a greater appreciation for the generosity and endurance of the human spirit

With that, are you ready to walk with me into this part of the shadowlands and have a look back at where we’ve been, and perhaps a wee hint of where we’re going in 2021?  Then let’s begin.

Instead of going through the episodes one by one, I’m going to group subjects. Let’s start with some of the many scarier stories and experiences:

Tyler’s Return

Tyler’s Return from season 4, episode fifty. This was initially a very scary story, kindly shared with us by Deb. In this clip she’s talking about an experience that happened in the shower.

I happened to be in the shower and I had soap in my hair. And, I was just bawling my eyes out. Uncontrollably, having a complete nervous breakdown, wondering how I’m going to pick up the pieces of my shattered life and move on?

So I had soap in my hair. I’m trying to wash it out of my hair and all of a sudden, I hear this creepy giggle for a few seconds and I almost jumped out of the shower, a foot high. I mean, I almost had a heart attack and died. ‘Cause, I knew I was at home alone. I did not expect to hear any noises coming from anywhere in my vicinity. And, after I scrubbed the soap out of my hair as fast as I possibly could, I looked down and there was this toy in the bathtub. That I knew, made the noise. It belonged to my daughter and she had gotten it in a McDonalds happy meal. And, it happened to be a little Nemo fish. And if you touched its little fin, it would make that same giggling noise. But, this toy was a tub toy, because, it had stopped working, like years prior to this event. There were no batteries in it. The thing that made it giggle was broken. It hadn’t worked in years. That’s why it was a tub toy.

So, I picked this thing up. Knowing that, that sound came from this little toy. And, I’m pushing it. Pushing the fin, shaking it, nothing’s happening! So I quickly got out of the shower and found a screwdriver and completely dismantled this entire toy. Looking for reasons why it would have made this creepy sounding giggle. I mean, this giggle went on for seconds. It was just the creepiest thing ever. There was no reason or explanation as to why this thing should be giggling at me like that.


From season five, episode sixty-five, called Besoul, an interview with Dean an undertaker and Karina his wife, they are talking about experiences he has had living in two different funeral homes.

Dean: I lived in two different funeral homes, at two different times in my working career. And, the first one that I lived at had a lot of movement, stuff around. Yeah. Well all the work happened downstairs and I lived upstairs. Really old building. And oh yeah, you put things away, and you go back downstairs two hours, and they’d be out of the counter. It’d be moved, they moved from one spot to the next.

They’d be moved from one room to the other and you just got – you just came to accept it, and just sort of rolled with it and thought well, weird? But never saw anything happen. It’s always happened when you’d come back. The other one I never saw anything. It was all just a matter of feeling, and my bedroom was right at the top of the big staircase that went rolling down to the work area of the funeral home. And I’m an open door sleeper. And I just, I just couldn’t sleep with the door open there. I was like something’s going on? So, I closed the door. And, then I’m like, this isn’t working for me! So I just had a big meeting with everybody that was there, and I don’t really know who was there. But just said, hey it stops here! Whatever is happening, you guys can have the downstairs. That’s cool. But the upstairs, I live here, you guys gotta get out. You’re gone! You know, I’ve got to sleep here, so it’s over, it stops. And nothing after, after that, but….

I didn’t know what to do. So that’s just what I don’t know. I felt like if I just fobbed up to it, either it’s gonna come after me, or it’s gonna go away. One of the two, and so I just yeah, got out of bed turned the light on, and I said I’ve had enough! This is done! It’s over! I know you’re there and it’s just I know you’re watching me. You’re not doing anything, you’re just watching me. It was just like trying to sleep while being watched. And like, and then they were gone!

Karina: There was that room – that you felt? That one bedroom. Remember that one bedroom?

Dean: I do yeah. That really big one….

Karina: That you couldn’t just go in. It was like – and no one ever stayed there.

Dean: No. I had one room that never put anything in it. I just walked by it. I just didn’t like the room. It was just I don’t know? It’s just – it wasn’t any temperature difference. There was no noises, no nothing. It’s just an eerie feeling about that room. And I just left that room. I never put anything, I never stored anything in that room. I never walked in there. I never let anybody sleep in there. I was like, the room just didn’t exist. I don’t know what?

So how did it how do you mean it felt eerie? Did it feel like uncomfortable? Unsafe?

Dean: No, it just made me feel nervous.


Dean: And I’ve learned that if – yeah! I’ve learned over the years now, that if I’ve got a gut feeling, I go with it. Yeah, it was just one of those things like [inaudible]. And it just popped into my mind. Or you know, that your tummy just sort of feels nervous-y and it’s like Nah! I got nothing. I got nothing in there. Got no reason to go. Not going to go there. Not going!

The Ouija Board – Is It Really Just A Game?

From season four, episode fifty-two, The Ouija Board – Is It Really Just A Game?  Comes this cautionary experience from my friend Nick:

My name is Nick and I live in Michigan, which is in the United States. I wanted to give my experiences with the Ouija board. I’ve had quite a few, I don’t mess with it any more. Probably the earliest I started playing with the Ouija board, probably in my late teens, early twenties. It was right when I met my girl, well my wife now. We went over to a friend’s house and would go play with it over there. One of the main – I guess, big events that I knew it’s not anything to mess around with is one time, you know, we were playing with it and we didn’t have the planchette, we couldn’t find it. So, we had the candle lit, that was next to the board and on the top. It was a glass candle, so it had like that rubber ring around it and we took that off to use that as the planchette.

And within a few minutes of using that, all of a sudden we looked down and there was blood forming on the other side of the ring. And you know, it wasn’t there [before]. We’d seen it with our own eyes appearing! And then from one corner of the room to around the whole room it went completely black! And like, the candle was lit and the flame shot up. It was just a normal flame and then it was probably a good maybe two feet tall! You know, it was huge and it wasn’t even…. The flame was off the wick. And so that was weird. But, the one thing is, like the whole room was blacked out and there was no reflection of light anywhere. Like the light from the candle was just in that spot where the candle was. And then after that….

How did that make you feel Nick?

Well, at the time I was…. Well at the time I kind of…. I wasn’t afraid, but it was more so like interesting. ‘Cause, I’d never seen that happen before out of all the other times that we’d used it. And what happened too is, we’d had this one spirit who’d every time we used it, he would come up. And he, you know, he torments us and we knew at that second who was coming when the room blacked out like that.  And he started talking to us through the board and then our friend, she was sitting on the bed and it was just me and my well, girlfriend at the time – now my wife. We were using the board and all of a sudden, she started choking and she was like, she couldn’t breathe. And we looked over and on her throat there was finger prints, and it was to the point where her face was turning blue! And so finally we were, ok stop it! Leave her alone! And then finally, you know, whatever it was let go of her and she could breath again. And then from after that, you know, we stopped playing with the board.

Actually, after that we were walking home and my girlfriend ended up getting possessed by whatever was following us from that night. And I knew she was possessed, because, we were walking and all of a sudden she just completely stopped! And she let go of my hand and she put her head down and I was like…. You know…. I looked at my friends and they asked like, what is she doing? Like, so I asked “Hey, what are you doing? Are you ok? What’s wrong?”  And she didn’t answer so I asked a few more times and she didn’t answer. And then finally, I grabbed her arm and then I was like what’s wrong? And she lifted up her head and her eyes were completely red! Like blood, crimson red! No pupil nothing. Just complete, really red. And her voice…. Her voice was like…. I wanna say like three voices in one! As they say it, you know? And it wasn’t her voice, it was a dark, like heavy raspy voice and she said; “Don’t fucking touch me!” And then she threw my arm down and put her head down.

And then I was like…. I looked at my friends again and I’m like “Did you see that?” And they go like…. They didn’t know what to say either. And so then, I tried again. And I was like, you ok? All of a sudden she looked up and her eyes were normal and she was like, “Where are we?”, you know.” Like what are we doing?” It’s like, “We’re walking home.” And she’s like, “Why are we here?” She’s like, “Last I knew, we were in the, in her room playing with the board!”

The Incubus & Succubus

This next clip is from season five, episode sixty, called The Incubus & Succubus which covered the topic of spirit sexual encounters. Bit of a controversial topic and not one that is talked about often in mainstream media, except to poke fun at the people sharing their encounters. Fair warning, this following clip may contain triggers for some of you, and is from Business Boss girl, who for obvious reasons didn’t want to use her real name.

I was dead awake. You guys, like I was awake. I had my eyes open. I was on my phone and, you know, I was just awake. So it wasn’t like I was dreaming, or like I could have been asleep thinking and everything after that, like, um…. So I was awake. Keep that in mind throughout the whole story that I was awake, I was not asleep or anything like that.

Yeah. So I was laying down like, like facing up. So I was like, okay, this looks creepy, but I was like this, right. [displays laying flat on back with arms outstretched] I mean, if he was right here on my arm and he fell asleep, so then. This might be like weird and gross, but it’s what happens. I’m going to tell you guys how it happened. It kind of just happened so fast. Like I just feel like it happened so fast, but, um, I was just laying down, and all of a sudden, like I was awake again. I just have to keep saying that because I feel like it’s so important. Like I was awake you guys. So, yeah. And all of a sudden I felt something like – Oh my God, I feel like, Ugh. I feel like throwing up now. Okay.

I don’t know if I should be talking about this, it’s kind of weird? Maybe, because like, I’m so close to where it happened. Um, I fell something like kind of crawling up on me, and it was like heavy. The thing is I, though when it happened, I didn’t feel scared. I wasn’t really like scared or anything. I was just. Like I felt something crawling, crawling up on me. The moment that I felt it crawl up on me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t do anything, but my eyes were open so I could see everything. So I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk, but I could see everything. And everything looked the same. Like I could see my room, it was daylight. I could see everything. I could see my nephew, like through the corner of my eye. So basically I could see everything, but this is where it got creepy. Um, as hell I literally saw it was like a black shadow, but it was in the shape of a mans –  I could see it was a man figure, but it was all black. So you couldn’t see like actual features or anything.

It was just all black. You hear noises? It’s just my dog. So yeah, I saw the black figure and that was when I was like, what is going on? But I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t move. But I wasn’t scared. It was kind of like, I felt that, um, how do you say it in [speaks Spanish phrase], but in my mind, I was still like, what, what the hell is this? Like, what’s going on for? I was just there laying down and I felt this thing come up on me, but I couldn’t do anything about it. So it was coming up. Like I saw it going towards me. So like, it was crawling up from my feet all the way up, but I saw it coming towards me. So then, after that this was going to be kind of like nasty and you guys might –  I don’t know what you guys are going to think or whatever, but I’m telling you how it is.

So I felt something there. Um, so yeah, I felt like, let’s say this is my body, right? This is my body. This is my head. It’s there, my feet. And this is Gina –  Gina. So this is the thing, right? This is the black demon I felt too like coming up here and he stopped right here and I felt it. I felt stuff. So then he was moving up and it happened, like, I don’t know how to explain this you guys, like, it’s kind of embarrassing, but I literally, I felt everything like it was happening. And now that I’m thinking about it kind of want to cry, but like, yeah, it happened. And, um, okay. It went on for like –  I would say just if you probably like a minute or two minutes or something, it wasn’t like extremely long, but it happened and, and, um –  yeah, this is kind of awkward talking about. So, so after that, when that happened, it stopped. Like I said, it was like, it just felt at leave and it’s okay. I felt it leave and I was free again. And I was in shock. I couldn’t like I could move now I could talk, but I was in shock. I was in a state of shock, so I couldn’t get myself to do any of that.

So I was literally just there, like what the hell happened? Like, you know, like what just happened. So I. I was there for like minutes, just like that, because keep in mind that I had my nephew, right next to me. So I was like, was I dreaming what was going on? But I knew that I wasn’t dreaming. I knew that it was all real.

I Met A Ghost At Gettysburg

Of course not all encounters with the paranormal are scary or terrifying. My guest, author and civil war historian and reinactor, and very funny man, Don Allison in season five, episode fifty-nine: I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: shared this encounter when he was restoring his old, historic home:

We had to get the electricity to the house turned off, it was very old wiring. It had been water damaged and we didn’t want to risk a fire, so we got no power in the house. We used everything either by batteries or had a generator that we would run outside. And, we had radios, battery powered radios, a CD player – because we were doing a lot of work with saws and sawdust, kicking up dust – I had found a CD player radio at a garage sale. Well this thing would shut off or turn on on it’s own, it would change radio stations. And, I thought it was defective. I threw it away and bought a brand new one. And this one would come on, turn on and off by itself, change radio stations by itself. I thought what in the world is going on here?

The most amazing one is my wife Diane and I were working outside – working on bricks, tuck-pointing bricks – and the radio kept going from music we were listening to, to a Bowling League State University men’s basketball game, and it didn’t matter what station we put it on, within 30 seconds it was back on the basketball game. It was kind of insulting because Bowling Green is the arch rival to the University of Toledo, where I attended. Which kind of adds some humour to it. But we gave up trying to change it, I bet we changed it a dozen times and it went back. Finally, when the game was over we put it back on our original station and then had no more problems. It’s like, we were just scratching our heads at this!

Another time I was working, and it was after dark, and I had a saw set up in the living room. I was cutting floorboards to replace the upstairs bedroom floor, and I had the radio going. Everything was plugged into a generator, the radio was actually plugged in, in this case. And every time a loud rock song – this was a classic rock station – every time a loud rock song would come on the radio would turn off. After it happened three times – this is the first time I ever did this – I spoke out loud out of frustration. I said “look, leave the radio alone, I like this music. Don’t turn it off, don’t make me stop what I’m doing to turn it back on. Leave the radio alone”. So I go back to work and, I don’t know, two or three songs later Elton John’s song Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) came on – the radio didn’t turn off, the generator outside turned off. Left me in the dark, and I just stood there and I laughed. I went outside, the generator was flipped off. It didn’t run out of gas, and no issue it fired right back up and nothing bothered me for the rest of that night.

A Glitch In The Matrix – Experiences

We started this year in season four, episode one of our podcast, with a follow-on episode from the immensely popular episode from season one – A glitch in the matrix – a holographic reality, with an episode entitled A glitch in the matrix-experiences, where people were kind enough to share their personal experiences with glitches. My favourite experience from that episode was this one from David.

Hi there, my name is David and I have a story that’s stayed with me for quite a while. I was out in the street, it was winter. You know? One of those winters where the snow was kind of crunchy. So you can hear it. You can hear your steps as you go along. And, it was a busy night. You know, it was late enough that some drunk people were coming out of the bars, so it was crowded, it felt loud. And I was going to a convenience store to buy myself some snacks. And, I came upon one. It was…. It was, you know, one of those regular convenience stores with window glass panes. This one had a neon sign alternating between different colours. 

So I went inside and nothing really struck, struck me as weird really. It was just another normal night, going to a convenience store. And as I went along, trying to decide what to eat – what, you know, picqued my appetite. It kind of dawned on me that something was off.  You know how the electrical high pitched noise, that permeates the environment, in modern life?  In every time you have fridges, or I dunno, the lights? Ah electrical equipment you know? You can hear it, even if it’s low volume? Well, I cannot hear it here. It was kind of disconcerting in a way, you kind of get used to that noise. And the air, it felt – still. Like thick. Like I had to move my hands to get it out of the way, so I could get through. So I just kept on going you know? I just figured it was, you know, maybe I was tired or something? As I kept on going, you know, I just looked around. Browsed around and didn’t touch anything.

I noticed that it was something more. It was soundless! I couldn’t even hear the streets and usually at this time you know, you can hear the life outside. Well you know, I just made my way to the counter, to the cash register and I took a lighter off the lighter rack. And everything changed. You know as soon as I touched the lighter. I would almost say immediately after I touched it, all the sounds it just came rushing back.

You know, I could hear the cars outside. I could hear people talking and steps. I could hear that electrical humming, high- pitched, I was talking about. It was back. It almost felt good, like familiarity. But, it just came so suddenly. And the employee that was behind the counter, he was not facing me, he was facing the wall. He kind of just whirled around all of a sudden. He was talking on his phone. I mean, he was talking to the hand but he kind of had his phone, so it must have been on speaker phone. And behind him there was a TV that was blasting this loud TV program.

You know – all of these noises I would have noticed them, you know, if they were there before. And they were not there.  It was as though I kind of just…. I dunno, like one of those video game bugs where you do a specific set – a sequence of actions that trigger something, you know, that’s not supposed to be triggered. I kind of felt that way because, I touched the lighter and just everything went back to normal.

Finally, I was just bewildered, you know, to do anything about it. Or, think anything about it. The employee just took the lighter and gave me like the price and I gave him some change. And, then I went outside and I kind of realized I couldn’t even hear my steps inside, as I was outside crunching my feet in the snow and felt weird. And that silence time, I couldn’t see the light [neon light] inside. It was alternating in colours and I couldn’t see that inside, you know? I could almost swear that it was only one colour, you know?

Yeah, it’s like your out of it and you don’t know what to think about it. If you’re going crazy, or if it’s really just the world and you were like in another world. Or, in a different space.  I kind of felt good about it in a way, because, I had this experience and I didn’t get hurt. And I didn’t…. Nobody got hurt. It was not like traumatizing to me. It was just – interesting. And interesting experiences like that you can share them and it’s…. It just makes part of that human experience that is so mysterious, even today.   

Spontaneous Human Combustion

I find this next subject very fascinating and a wee bit scary, simply because it is unexplained.  From season four, episode forty-six, Spontaneous Human Combustion. Fair warning, this clip does contain some graphic descriptions:

On the 2nd of July 1951 in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Mary Hardy Reeser was visited by her son, Dr. Richard Reeser, in the evening in her apartment. Mary told her son that she had taken 2 seconal tablets, a mild sedative commonly used to calm patients before surgery and was possibly planning to take 2 more before bed.

Later that night, Mary fell asleep in her chair. The next morning, Mary’s landlady reported smelling smoke at around 5 am, but it wasn’t until 8 am, when the landlady was on her way to deliver a telegram to Mary that she noted smelling smoke again. She discovered soot in the hallway, which led to Mary Reeser’s apartment, and when she went to open the door, the handle was too hot to touch.

She then asked some neighbours to help her get into the apartment, where she found the cremated remains of Mary Reeser, whose skull had reportedly shrunken to the size of a cup. Parts of her spine also remained, but most disturbingly, was her foot, completely untouched, still in her black satin slipper.

According to cremation experts, Mary’s body would have had to have burnt at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or 148.889 degrees Celsius, for 3 – 4 hours. But, apart from the chair Mary sat in, the surrounding area of the apartment was relatively unaffected by the fire.

Near the site of the fire, the wall was un-scorched and showing no signs of cracked paint, and the upper walls were blackened by soot and smoke, but the lower half was not. The apartments light switches were scorched and melting, but the plug outlets below was unaffected, and a stack of newspaper nearby wasn’t touched.

Also, none of Mary neighbours heard the fire that night, despite firemen coming on the scene describing the heat as so intense they ‘couldn’t stand it’, but also found no signs of smouldering.

Chief detective Cass Burgess described the case as ‘perplexing’, and Dr. Wilton Krogman, professor of physical anthropology was

amazed and baffled” and “could not conceive of such a complete cremation without more burning of the apartment itself.’”

He also stated that in his 30+ fire investigations, he had never seen a skull shrink like Mary’s had, as most skulls usually swell or explode.  He said

“…. The head is not left complete in ordinary burning cases. Certainly it does not shrivel or symmetrically reduce to a smaller size. In the presence of heat sufficient to destroy soft tissues, the skull would literally explode in many pieces. I have never known any exceptions to this rule.”

Investigators sent samples of the chair, rug, debris and smoke to an FBI laboratory for chemical analysis but found no traces of combustibles. They did however find melted fat in the rug. There have been many speculations as to the cause of the fire. A local mattress company pointed out that the regular chair stuffing would not cause such a fire, and the material would only smoulder for an extended period of time. Lightning and electrical failure was also ruled out on the scene; however, Mary was reportedly seen smoking a cigarette in that chair the night before.

According to the FBI and police, the fire was most likely started by Mary falling asleep whilst smoking a cigarette, which possibly lead to her lighting her night gown on fire. The FBI have said that ‘once the body became ignited, almost complete destruction occurred from its own fatty tissues.

Riding The Witch

Riding the Witch  from season four, episode fifty-three is a very old name for sleep paralysis. A not uncommon, but very scary experience many people have. I myself have experienced it a couple of times in my life. This is Rhiannon’s experience.

My name is Rhiannon. I live in Auckland, in New Zealand. When I was about sixteen I had what I later learned was called sleep paralysis. At the time I had no idea what it was and quite frankly it was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever experienced. I would not wish it on anyone.  So around about the same time, I’d had a few different experiences around especially in my house, in my room. But also, at a friend’s place. So we would hear people walking in the hallway at night time. I have seen doors shaking with no reason to see a door shaking. There was nothing behind it, nothing like that. I’d also felt presences around me, you know, sort of someone over my shoulder. Turning around, there’s no one there!

And at the time I had insomnia quite badly as well. So I would be up until like three or four in the morning. But all of those things sort of combined to…. You know, I really didn’t want to go to sleep. So eventually I would, I suppose, pass out from exhaustion at around three or four in the morning.  And this one time I was – I must have dozed off and I woke up and I felt what could only be described as a giant boulder sitting on my chest. Or someone pushing their entire body weight down on my chest and I had no idea what was happening. I was convinced something was attacking me. I couldn’t explain anything and I desperately, desperately tried to scream but there was nothing. There was no noise. I couldn’t…. I could feel myself trying to scream. I know my mouth was open. But there was nothing there. I…. Even reliving the experience, I don’t know if I was even able to actually open my eyes.

I don’t remember seeing anything. It was an absolute…. I was paralysed. I could not move. There was…. My arms were – I couldn’t move my arms. I couldn’t move my legs. Nothing! And I have no idea how long I was like that? It could’ve been five minutes? But it could have been thirty seconds? It, it…. I don’t yeah, have any concept of time around that instance. All I remember was at one point leaping out of my bed, running into my parent’s room and obviously my parents had no idea what was going on. I was still having trouble getting my words out. Like my voice was still quite hoarse, maybe? Would be the right way to describe it? And yeah, I only learned in the past few years what sleep paralysis was and up until then, I still had no idea what it was. And I was terrified it would happen again. Luckily for me it hasn’t. But yeah, quite scary. I hope never to experience it again.     

The Black Eyed Kids

I wasn’t really sure where to put this subject as it comes under both the paranormal and unexplained so, I decided to group it with the unexplained.  The Black-eyed Kids from season four, episode fifty-one. A very scary subject and one people think is like a new modern myth. But, in actual fact has been spoken of in ancient time legends:

There is an ancient Iroquois Indian legend in the USA,  according to this legend, these kids could be a being called an “Otkon” In their belief system they talk about a good and a bad energy. The name for the positive energy was called Orenda, the negative energy Otkon. Otkon is actually a broad term for negative energy, beings, forces, and things that live in the world around us as well as trying to penetrate this world from the underworld, the skies, or other dimensions of reality.

The Otkon was considered by the Iroquois nation as an evil energy that could possess and destroy people, objects and animals. They felt that this energy could take on the form of a human and mate with a human woman, resulting in the birth of a child with pure black eyes and very chalky coloured skin. These Black-eyed Kids, generally never lived more than a day or two after birth as they were usually killed by tribal elders and burned to prevent resurrection.

It was said that children who found themselves lost or alone in the woods became an easy target for possession by an Otkon, that when they found their way back to the tribe that they came back ‘empty’, with black eyes replacing their normal ones. They were said to behave in peculiar manners, pacing around, repeating themselves frequently and generally causing havoc amongst the tribespeople, as their goal was to destroy the tribe and replace the members with Otkon – sounds like a familiar horror story whose name escapes me at the the moment about kids with shining eyes. They were also said to be mean and ferocious once possessed by the Otkon, often having a taste for human flesh. So with this native legend, you can see that stories of Black-eyed kids have been around for a very, very long time. Far before modern history when they came into general public knowledge.

This is John’s experience with Black-eyed kids.

I was in downtown Portland (Oregon) after a seminar series on software development.  I’d grabbed a bite of dinner about 10pm, and when I left it was about 11(ish). I’d gotten in my car, locked and belted up and just started the engine when someone tapped on my window. I was in an above-ground garage on the third floor, so I wasn’t too freaked (good lighting, still some people around). It was one of the guys from the conference, so I rolled down my window and asked him what was up. He wanted a ride around the block a few times, as he was freaked about who was standing outside his car.

I figured (so sue me) that it was some of Portland’s homeless, or some punker kids.  So, being a good Samaritan, I let him in and we took off. We drove by his car, and there were three kids around it, two boys and a girl. The girl was . . . weird.  Just freaky.  Y’know, clothes and hair and makeup — Goth-O-Matic. The two kids were . . . I dunno . . . just scary as shit. She was probably fourteen or fifteen, the oldest boy was probably fourteen(ish) and the youngest between ten and twelve.
She looked bored and was smoking a cigarette, the two boys were just leaning against the car. They looked way too intense for kids. Anyway, I started itching behind my eyes, like I needed to really look at them, so, like an ass, I slowed down. BIG mistake. The two boys sauntered over and the girl stayed against the car. The eldest was on Doug’s side (the guy from the seminar) and the youngest was on mine. I made sure the doors were locked (I love electronic locks) and asked why they were standing around his car.

The young one said “It’s scary out there all alone, and we just wanted a ride home.” The eldest one said “You promised you’d help us out” and Doug said “I don’t even know you.” By this time, I was really on edge — I felt caught between throwing up and jazzing — adrenaline does that to me. All of a sudden Doug said he was getting out of the car, and I told him not to.  As soon as he reached for the handle, the two kids . . . I don’t know how to say this right . . . they looked a lot older. Their faces were somewhat drawn, and their eyes were solid black.  Edge to edge — no pupil, no iris — nothing.  Just a liquid black pool.
I just about wet myself, slapped the car into reverse and burned rubber backing about sixty feet away. 

They started running after the car, so I spun around one of the support struts and we took off.  I kid you not — I was convinced that if they got a hold of the car, I was going to die — and not in anything approaching a pleasant fashion. Anyway, the oldest one was at the bottom of the garage when we came out, and almost made it to my side door. We’d gone down from the third floor doing thirty-ish, maybe thirty-five around the ramp.  He’d beaten us down the stairs and onto the sidewalk, and when I turned to look — nothing.  He was gone.

Doug just about passed out. All of a sudden, the feeling of menace left. We went back about ten minutes later, nobody was around his car. He got out, got in his car, and drove home. He’d said that he had met the young one earlier in the evening, and had said he’d take him home, had even given him a short ride in his car to the seminar and told him to wait.  Apparently, though, the older brother scared him, so he felt that all bets were off. I was behind him about forty-five feet when the feeling of *menace* hit again.  At that moment, Doug misjudged going across an intersection on a yellow light and his car was hit by a truck.  He was killed instantly. I gave a police report, and the whole time, felt really freaked out and very exposed. I got back to my car, got in, locked the door, and waited.

I saw the kids again, from about two blocks away. I’m not making it up. I’m not thinking they were “vampires” or something like that, but they weren’t as pale, they weren’t as skinny, and they felt a damn sight more menacing.  I left, quickly. My only concern now, though, is that this upcoming Wednesday I’m going back to the area for another seminar, and I won’t be leaving until 9:30. I’m freaked out people.

A Slip in Time

Lastly in this area, is time slips. An experience where people find themselves, albeit briefly, in a totally different time, and space from where they were seconds before hand. This experience is from season five, episode sixty-seven: A slip in time.

My mother Doris was born in 1922.  Both my parents were skeptics, although my father Ron was always curious about unexplained things.  Mum on the other hand, preferred to ignore things she couldn’t explain.  I’m telling you this as a way to explain that neither of them were the types to imagine things.

My mother’s ‘displacement’ experience happened as she was traveling on the top deck of a double-decker bus in London in around the 1950s, which is where all the experiences happened.  (We are Swedish, but lived in London).  As she was sitting there, she became aware of suddenly being out in the open, and she looked around to see that she was on the top deck of an 1800s horse-drawn double-decker omnibus.  She said she froze in shock.

The streets and everything around her had changed to what looked like early pre-Victorian times, and everyone was dressed in long dresses and frock coats.  She panicked and tried to speak the the other women sitting up there with her, but she said they didn’t answer her and she wasn’t sure if they could see her.  It only lasted a few minutes, and then she was back where she belonged.  She had never heard of anything like that, and in fact none of us had, until I decided to do a search on it the other night.  Mum was wide awake and alert, and definitely not given to flights of fancy.  She only told a couple of people, naturally Dad was one, and then me.

In Search of the Yowie

Again from season four, episode forty-nine: In Search of the Yowie, took us across the ditch to Australia and a very interesting conversation with a renowned Australian author and Yowie researcher Tony Healy. The yowie is the Aussie equivalent of the Bigfoot. Tony was kind enough to share the audio of some of his interviews with Yowie experiencers. Here is David’s experience:

Tony: Sounds like you had a bit of an experience in the Richmond Range eh?

David: Did you know that area reasonably well?

Tony: No I don’t actually. I know that we’ve had a lot of Yowie reports from Woodenbong, North of Richmond Range there. Yeah, Yeah.

David: Woodenbong, is not that far away. Now look Tony, I’ll tell you what happened. What happened was ah…. Not this immediate weekend, the weekend before. So what happened was I’ve got a property near Bonner and so we drove down to…. We drove down Casino and went up Bruckner highway and you go out of Casino about forty k’s going West. And you get up to the top of the Richmond range and you go into the National Park there, for about twenty k’s. And you get to a really nice cottage, which is up in a cleared area on the range. Kikuyu grass. Bloody off the grid cottage.  So we stayed there for a couple of nights. Saturday night and Sunday night.

And, it’s very isolated. It’s twenty k’s in from the bitumen road. There were two guys on motorbikes the entire time. Trail bikes that went past. They were the only people we saw in forty-eight hours. And it’s very…. It’s just in the middle of bloody nowhere. Fabulous views and all that stuff.

Anyway, on the bloody – on the bloody Sunday night there was quite a strange bloody noise. I’m sure you’ve heard…. I’m sure you’ve heard possums and koalas, with that very loud grunting sort of noise? And, I’m sure you’ve heard cattle? I’m a farmer and especially bloody cows, when you’ve separated calves from them, they’ll bellow all night.

Tony: Oh yeah.

David: Now it was nothing like that. It was nothing like that. It was just sort of a bloody moan. A moany sort of a noise. And it sort of spooked Sue and I a bit, because, you know, we thought that’s a bit strange. I wonder if someone’s there, you know? And (coughing) it went a couple of times. A couple of these quite loud, low moans.

Anyway, I got out with my bloody – I’ve got quite a powerful torch, you know. It lights up to about five hundred meters. And I went out onto the veranda of this place and just went right around, ‘cause, it’s in the middle of a bloody paddock. The nearest trees would be, oh shit, a hundred and…. At least a hundred and fifty meters away on one side and maybe hundreds of meters away on the other.

So and there was nothing, no stock there. There were no possums. There were no bloody…. There were no trees there, so no possums. No bloody koalas. None of the bloody normal things. And I thought, that’s bloody odd. Anyway, in the morning we left. And we left the place about eight o’clock.

So, it’s a forestry road. A well graded forestry road, but I was taking it bloody easily along there. Just came out of a patch of really deep, bloody primary rain forest, into that open bloody eucalypt stuff and then pow! Here was this…. You know, a fleeting figure. Running across the road!  And I thought, shit! What’s that?

I immediately said “Sue… hey, hey, hey! You see that?” And she said “What? What?” “Bloody someone running across the road!”

And anyway, we pulled up and it was all over in shit…. Aw a couple of…. From my perspective driving, I was watching pretty carefully. But then, I definitely saw this bloody figure move, running across the road and then, into some light – light eucalyptus forest. But, I distinctively thought, how strange is that? ‘Cause, I saw what I thought was an arm going up to brush a branch or something away.

Anyway, we pulled up and had a look around and of course didn’t see anything and couldn’t hear anything. I switched the car off and couldn’t hear anything. And that was about…. Oh, we reckon about twenty past eight, half past eight in the morning. Because, we left that bloody joint at eight. And it took us about forty minutes to get the twenty k’s. It’s a pretty average bloody track you know. Yeah, so that’s sort of what I’ve got to report.

Oh, and the bloody smell! The smell, the smell. Oh that’s right. The smell that bloody, on the night before, the Sunday night. When I was outside I could definitely smell something. It was definitely a smell, like a bad BO smell. Like someone hadn’t had a bloody shower for a few days. We ah…. Like there’s showers at this place. There’s no evidence of…. There’s no rats there. There’s no bloody possums to get at the garbage bins or anything. But, I did go in and said “Hey Sue. There’s a really bad [inaudible]”

There’s a feed line across the road from us on another property back in Bonner and I thought, it smells a bit like that.

Tony: Ah. That’s bad. Yeah.

David: So, yeah that’s all I’ve got to bloody report. You know?

Tony: Oh. That’s pretty interesting David.

David: Yeah. Well I, I’m a reasonably sensible guy. I’ve, I do a fair bit of shooting on my place here. We have feral dogs and cats and all that sort of stuff. I’ve got a lot of roos on my place. A lot of wallabies. It didn’t fit that bill; you know? Like if you see a bloody…. If you see a kangaroo, they’ve got a bloody big tail that bounces. Wallabies have got a very long tail that keeps straight. But, I didn’t see a tail. I definitely did not see a tail. So that’s…. And it wasn’t a bloody koala. It was too big for a koala. And, and yeah. Height wise, I reckon, as I said in that thing to Dean, I reckon it was about the height of like a child? Or like about…. Maybe about five foot tall.

I probably should have gone, ‘cause, I got a reference against it with a couple of the little trees there. Probably should have gone and measured that. But I didn’t. So, but that’s yeah…. Colour-wise, it was again a Brindley colour. Not bloody the colour of a kangaroo. Not, not, not, not the light – you get those Rufous wallabies up there. Those red-necked wallabies.  It wasn’t that. So yeah, yeah.

Tony: Right. Did you say, did you make a guess at the distance in front of the car? The range it was?

David: Oh, yeah. Look, I’m sitting in my office here. I reckon it would have been, probably about fifty meters, forty meters.

Tony: Oh that’s pretty close. Yeah that’s pretty close.

David: And, where I saw it, we were going down a side. This road road follows pretty much along the top of the range and as it goes around a few spurs there’s some quite, very, steep-sided things and we’d just come off one of those. I was seriously watching the road. And then, when I actually picked this up probably, probably the figure was going off the track. Going off the track. You know, I was watching the bloody side. I just bring my gaze up and holey shit! So, probably the middle of this track…. Fifteen meters, twenty meters you could see into the bush there.

Tony: So it was fairly upright was it?

David: Yeah, yeah. Again, not like a roo or a bloody wallaby at full speed. They’ve got their heads down; you know? And that’s, it was sort of the [inaudible] that, that sort of caught me too. Like it was quite wide, it was quite wide like an [inaudible] across the shoulders or the body. ‘Cause, kangaroos and wallabies and things, they’re pretty bloody small really and I thought shit! This is a bit; this is a bit wide. And I’m looking at it like it was going from my right, to my left. And, I’m looking at it from an angle, from an angle of about forty-five degrees and as I closed up to where it crossed the road the angle would have changed slightly. But I was probably looking at it, in all honesty, at an angle of forty – yeah, thirty to forty-five degrees.

Tony: Oh yeah, and so did you? …. I know it was fairly fleeting, but did you, you noticed a few details. Did you sort of register the shape of it’s head, or anything about it’s head or shoulders?

David: No! If I didn’t, I didn’t because I thought I saw what was an arm going up to bloody brush this branch away. I, and this road’s relatively bloody dangerous, you know? So I was, and I drive an XR6 Ute, so I was going pretty slowly. I was probably doing about twent, twenty-five k’s you know? That’s about the max you can do on this bloody road. And I saw it, but I yelled out to Sue “Look, look, look, look there mate!” And slammed…. I didn’t slam the breaks on, but I did pull up on the gravel, ready to bloody turn the engine off, but you couldn’t hear any crashing noises. You couldn’t hear any noise of something going through the bush, which you sometimes do with kangaroos,

Tony: Oh sure, you do.

David: cattle and stuff like that

Tony: So your first remark to your wife was that you thought it was a bloke that went across the road. So it was sort of human, roughly human shaped, I gather. Is that right?

David: Yeah, and I said; “Did you see that?” She went, “Well no, I missed it.” And I said; “Well, it just ran across the road!”, and I said; “I reckon it’s a bloody Yowie!” She said; “Oh bullshit!” I said; “Oh no, seriously! It wasn’t hopping blah, blah, blah” I said. “It wasn’t a koala, like that thing at black pinch,” blah, blah, blah. So that was the conversation, yeah.

Tony: Yeah. It ticks several boxes for the Yowie. The smell. The revolting smell and the weird moaning. We’ve heard that before. And then, there’s the man-like shape and running like buggery across the road. Oh did you notice, particularly the legs at all?

David: No. But, I definitely had an impression that it was, that there were legs. Like, not legs like a kangaroo, but more an upright. And, the other thing was the colour. It was like a brindle, a brindle sort of brown. And that was the thing that sort of shook me a bit. Being I was actually really terrified and I didn’t want it to come anywhere close to me.

Hunting Bigfoot

And this from season five, episode sixty-six Hunting Bigfoot, my guest Mike Familiant had this to say about their vocalization. Note, in this episode I repeated the vocalisations at the end of the clip Mike gave me, several times so you all could hear them better.

But yeah, we’ve also recorded vocalizations that I’ve sent off to like, an army linguist, and a military linguist. He’s, he’s like my go to guy for vocalizations. He’s a, does that for a living. He’s an expert., so he’s pretty good at it. And he’s reviewed the audio and it’s come back like this is not a person, because, of this, this and this.  And, this is no known animal because of this, this, and this. Like he’ll actually list it out and stuff like that, which is really cool. Because, of like pitch changes, or decibel changes and stuff like – he has this, like system. And a couple of them have come back like this is nothing that we know exists. So I think you know that’s where a lot of the evidence comes from as well, is like through audio recordings.

Quite interesting.

Yeah, yeah. Not a human. And you know no animal can make the –  no known animal, could make the vowel change like if you, if you hear in the audio it goes from A to to an like an O to an A. And animals can’t do that!


Probably one of my personal favourite interviews was this one with author and researcher Paul Anthony Wallis and our conversation about his book Escaping from Eden. Paul has taught theology and delivered training of ministers in the Anglican and Charismatic streams of belief for over forty years.

Initially I admit, I was a bit hesitant about this interview, because I was concerned it was going to be all about religion. How wrong I was. It was about passages in the bible certainly, but nothing like what I was actually dreading. I was really interested in how his study of Genesis lead him to the knowledge that humanity was a created species by Star People, something I have know my entire life, from my interaction with my Star People.  In season five, episode 64. In this clip Paul is explaining how when he was researching the Elohim in the bible how he had a red pill moment.

Well of course the stories change, but they don’t change in a random way. As soon as you make that change the Genesis stories shift and they line up in parallel with stories from the Sumerian, Babylonian Arcadian, and Assyrian texts. This was not known until the eighteen hundred’s, ’cause, we didn’t have a translation key on all the cuneiform tablets, that held the Mesopotamian stories. But, once we had that translation key, and a historic inscription, 1835 – discovered by Henry Rawlinson. Scholars pored over it and they read those tablets. And they thought, wait a minute! That sounds like the story of Adam and Eve! Wait a minute, that sounds like the Garden of Eden. That sounds like the fall. That sounds like the limiting of human life. There’s the flood. There’s the Tower of Babel. And, it became clear during the eighteen hundred’s, that the Genesis stories, and further into the Bible, they are summary forms of the ancient Mesopotamian stories – Which was a little bit of a controversy at the time. The idea that the Bible might be based on someone else’s book, didn’t go down very well in some quarters.

But even more significant than that, the Mesopotamian version. The original versions of all those familiar many stories, are not stories about God. They’re stories about our ancestors bumping up against a colonizing force from somewhere else. From the stars. Another species who turn up, and have a hands on involvement in our evolution as a species. And seeing those parallels, that was the red pill moment. I can never go back and read those Elohim stories as god’s stories, because, they are not. They are summaries of the stories of the sky people, and many of the early Christian leaders knew that. And argued for it, and they got voted out and excommunicated. But there it was, right in the roots of Christianity. And that was what I was beginning to unearth.

So it’s a red pill in the sense that I couldn’t go back and read it the old way again. But a whole new world really does open up, because, you realize there are narratives all around the world. Indigenous narratives. You go to Australian Aboriginal story. You go to Native American story. Go to Greece, India, West Africa, the Caribbean, Philippines, Norse. Go wherever you like. You’ll find indigenous narratives that echo these stories, and sometimes the Meso-American especially, in very surprising detail.

And so, for a long time I lived in a world where it was the Bible over and against the world. You know, the Bible saying this is what really happened. Forget what you hear anywhere else. And now, I’m in a world where all these narratives line up and they’re repeating each other, and confirming each other. Telling us something very interesting about who we are, where we came from. What our place is in the universe. And therefore, what our potential as a species on planet Earth.


And finally, from season five, episode 63.  Of all the episodes that tugged at my heart string this year, this particular episode Shine On with my guest David Ditchfield, a famous artist and classical composer, was the one that had me bawling like a baby. He’s such a gentle, loving soul. So genuine and open about sharing his near death experiences, following a well publicised and very horrific accident in England, which I will let him tell you about, that was the start of his near-death experience – although near-death is not really a correct term, because he actually died in the hospital, but was revived and returned with creative gifts of being able to paint the most beautiful pictures and compose symphonies. Abilities he never had prior to his experience.

Said my goodbyes to her and hugged her, and kissed her. And you know we just had a lovely few days together, so I was giving her a real warm hug, you know. And then the emergency buzzer started going. So she was going; quickly, you’re going to have to get off. I said yeah, and I’ll be fine don’t worry. But, as I did step back the bottom corner of my coat got caught. It’s what – well it got trapped it’s literally trapped in the in the automatic closing doors of the carriage. So I tugged really, really hard trying to release it and I thought the doors would actually sort of trigger and open but they didn’t. And I couldn’t get it free.

The engine started, you know, revving up, and oh my goodness you know, this is not good. So I turn around look for a guard on there was no guard at all on the platform. So I just yelled at the top of my voice for help. And nobody turned up. So I just started….  I looked at Anna. I looked in her eyes.  I could just see this fear in our eyes you know. And I just started hitting the side of the carriage hoping that maybe the guard would run through, but nobody turned up.

And the train started really rev up and I thought right about to leave now. And we looked at each other, and the fear in her eyes was just so intense that it just made me stop and think this is it. You know?  I’m going to die and I really figured at that point that, that was it. It was all – I couldn’t see myself getting free at all. And I thought I’m going to get pulled under. So, the train pulled at a real speed.

You know, you don’t realize just how fast trains actually leave the station until you’re literally on the outside of one of them, you know. And so I got dragged along and I lost my footing eventually. And then got pulled between the space of the platform engine and the, the actual train itself there and at great speed. I got sucked in and down I went.

And so it was just like literally being pulled into the into, into darkness and I was just violently thrown around and just completely it was like –  I was completely conscious throughout the whole ordeal. So it was very terrifying, and very painful, and very fast. And I’d lost all –  I got no control over the situation whatsoever. You know, I felt like it was me against this huge beast.

You know? This, this train. This big piece of metal, suddenly became like a massive monster. That was about to devour me. And then, I suddenly found myself lying in between the track as the train was still continuing on wards, and I just kept my head right down, because, I knew that it wasn’t over yet. But I thought, any part of the undercarriage of the train itself could just hit me over the back of the head, and it would all be over.

But clearly that didn’t happen. And the train eventually moved on, and it took forever. It was a long track and off it went. And sort of disappeared down the track and left me lying there in agony, agony and in absolute shock

That’s only a sample of the interesting experiences that people have shared over the past year, too many to include in a brief round-up. Again, I’d like to thank all of those guests who have kindly shared their time, experiences, and knowledge with us all, the acknowledged ones, and the ones who chose to be anonymous. I’m so grateful to you all.

To end this round up, I’m going to leave you all with some of the words I’ve said in two bonus episodes this first was from when the pandemic was just emerging in season four, episode forty-eight, I’ve Been thinking. And the second from season four, episode fifty-five The End Game – my most listened to episode ever since I first aired it back in June when this covid virus, was really taking hold of the world. These words are as relevant now as they were back then as this pandemic continues to rage around us.

The ripples of energy that this event has on the planet are immense and ongoing and will forever, alter the way we as humanity work together.  The way that we come together to support one another. Patience, understanding, compassion, and love, and listening hearts especially –  these are going to be needed in upcoming times please extend this awareness to those around you, in your greater community –  if you’re still able to be out and about in your country, wherever you are in this beautiful world of ours. Be aware that people may be acting in ways that are totally out of character for them, because, they don’t know how to – or are unable to express themselves in any other way. Times like this can bring out the very worst in some, and the very best in others.  How we react to any situation is always entirely our choice. We may not be able to control what is happening around us, but we do have the choice in how we react, or respond.

Now more than ever, we need to start working together with one heart, and compassion, and love for each other. Humanity as a whole has always been a very resilient species. We’ve been through tough times before, and we will also get through this. I really believe that we will come out of this pandemic with a greater closeness within communities, a greater sense of community, a greater appreciation for everything that we have, than before this. Even though this is a very scary and isolating time, there are wonderful things coming out of this and we must not get so caught up in the anxious, uncertainty of at all, that we cannot see the beautiful, and loving things that are coming out of this situation.

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by it all, turn off the TV!  Get off social media!  Go for a walk in nature, to a park, by a river, by the sea.  Ground yourself, do some gardening. Mow the lawn.  Do something physical. Go for a run, go for a walk if you can.  If you can’t, try and visualize yourself doing something, or being in some place that gives you peace and joy.

Look to see where you can help your neighbour, friends, strangers in the street.  Be kind and act from your heart. Speak from your heart, listen from your heart. You are all – every single one of you, powerful, spiritual beings. Powerful, spiritual beings, having a human experience. Powerful, beautiful, and far, far stronger than you realize you are. Don’t give into fear in the coming times. Prepare yourselves as much as you can seek knowledge, knowledge is power and knowledge removes fear.

Today’s bumper music was called The Cost of Fear from Jon Bjork.

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