Mike Familant a 31-year-old EMT, firefighter, graphic designer by day, is a bigfoot researcher, producer and lead investigator from North West New Jersey. He first got into bigfooting in 2011 on an expedition in North Florida, where he and a friend experienced rocks being thrown at them while sitting around a camp fire. Since then, he has made it his personal goal to find out exactly what is roaming the woods of America.

In 2016, after becoming frustrated with the lack of true research expedition shows on TV, he created his own show, called “In the Shadow of Big Red Eye .” The show is currently filming their 5th season.

In 2018, Mike also created a docuseries called “Squatchables ,” which was created for people who are just getting into bigfooting, sort of a “Bigfooting 101.” With a passion for bigfooting and a history in video editing, he decided to make the first REAL show about what expeditions are truly about. You’ll see RAW, UNCUT footage of what bigfooting actually is. If there is one thing I hope people gain from this show, is for families and friends to get off the couch and outside into nature to explore what this amazing world has to offer,” says Mike.

Episode 66: Hunting Bigfoot