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Walking the Shadowlands

Kia ora, welcome

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Walking the Shadowlands | Listen Notes

What some of our listeners have to say.

Great content, and informative!


The podcasts are really, really well done. And, the level of research gone into each one is outstanding


Very informative!  Five out of five-star rating from me.


Very interesting content.


Great content and topics.


Fantastic podcasts with really fascinating content and interviews. Absolutely top notch, best podcasts I’ve listened to on everything supernatural. Couldn’t recommend more


Yes! Great information and Marianne is wonderful and genuinely gifted!


I have just listened to one of Marianne’s podcasts about the Patupaiarehe people and oh my goodness I highly recommend listening to them if you have interest in the subjects. Really well done with real people’s experiences. Brilliantly done. Thank you very much Marianne.


What a great podcast! Love the stories from around Aotearoa! Especially the Patupaiarehe.


Great podcast! Super excited to get into more episodes with this podcast! The host has a very soothing voice to the point that I felt super relaxed while listening and immediately was engaged. Some of the episode topic are super interesting as well. I’m actually interested in the incubus and Succubus episode just because I haven’t heard very many people talk about this! I would definitely recommend this podcast!


Awesome paranormal podcast!!! Marianne does an excellent job of sharing a variety of paranormal & unexplained events, and does it in a way that is both informative & intriguing. Great listen!


Great Show! I’m really enjoying the podcast. Marianne is a great host, her accent is fantastic, there is a wide variety or topics, and the research is spot on.


Capitavting! The paranormal has always intrigued me. This show is an excellent listen!


Super Relaxing. The show is done so well! Interesting topics and guests. Everything is just so good!


Shadow People. Very informative! I will definitely check out the new shows.


The show is a top tier podcast on the paranormal. Great host and great content!

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