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All Episodes – Season 5

Episode 61: The Soul Sisters

Hi everyone, thanks for listening. Most of you who have followed this podcast, know that I have a paranormal […]

Episode 62: The Entity

Thank you so much for joining me. It’s great to have you here. It’s taken me a long time to […]

Episode 63: Shine On

Hi everyone, welcome back. It’s so great to welcome you all. An especially big hi to all our new listeners. […]

Episode 65: BeSoul

Hi everyone, welcome back to our podcast, an especial welcome to all our new listeners. As world events continue to swirl […]

Episode 66: Hunting Bigfoot

Welcome back everyone to this episode of our Walking the Shadowlands podcast. Spring is here in New Zealand and we […]

Episode 67: A Slip In Time

Hi everyone, welcome back, for our new listeners, it’s great to have you with us. Many decades ago […]

Episode 70: Born Haunted

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the very last episode of season five of our podcast. I’ll be taking a four week […]

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