Episode 132 : The Great Awakening

Kia ora. Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Walking the Shadowlands podcast. I’m your host Marianne and today we’re joined by a remarkable guest who will take us on a journey deep into the shadowlands, unravelling the threads that connect our reality to a realm that is unseen by most people.

We welcome back Dr Sidney Brewer who was our guest in the very first episode of this season. Dr Brewer is a true explorer of the ethereal realms and re-joins us this episode to share his profound insights and experiences that challenge the very fabric of our understanding. We most often perceive the world around us through the lens of what is visible, tangible and scientifically explainable. But, what if I told you that beyond our perceptions lays a tapestry woven by entities from higher dimensions of being? Dr Brewer’s journey takes us through the intricate dance between multidimensional beings and our own consciousness.

Imagine if you can, growing up with two diametrically contrasting belief systems in your family – Roman Catholicism from his father and Wiccan Spirituality from his mother. Dr Brewer did just that. But, what actually happens when he discovers that the entities we often perceive as being Gods and Demons are, in fact, part of a higher dimensional chess game? What if our actions, our fears, and even our belief systems are pieces on that very board?

Through his unique lens, Dr Brewer reveals how our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions send out signals that these higher beings respond to – like a cosmic dance of cause and effect. And it doesn’t stop there. From exorcisms to awakening, from indoctrinations to revelations, we explore the journey that led him to see through veils of illusion.

What role does fear play in our reality? How do our choices shape the grand narrative of existence itself? And as the tides of change bring in a new era, what does it mean for humanities evolution? Dr Brewer’s revelations challenge our perceptions and offer a fresh perspective on the choices that define us. So, be prepared to have your minds expanded and at the very least your paradigms shifted. As we walk into the shadowlands with Dr Sidney Brewer.

During our walk, we’ll transverse the landscapes of belief, the corridors of awakening, and the vast expanse of multidimensional realities. This episode is not for the faint of heart, but for those who seek to peer  beyond the surface of the shadowlands, to glimpse the hidden intricacies that shape our journey through the cosmos. This is Walking the Shadowlands, where the boundaries of what is perceived as reality blur and the shadowlands whisper their secrets. Without further ado, are you willing to walk with me into this part of the Shadowlands, into the realm of the Great Awakening, and see what awaits us there? Then let’s begin.

Dr Sidney Michael Brewer was born in a small town on the eastern seaboard of the Crown Corp of Canada. He’s currently 41 years old. Sidney’s trained in many different theological philosophies. He obtained a PhD in Demonology. From 2018 to 2023 through American Institute of Metaphysics under Dr William Lester, ATL Georgia. He also trained in the Hemi-sync Gateway Project, C I A, training programs for operators in 2022 through to the present date.

And he was recruited through levels of secret societies, the real enlightenment organization, Illuminati, not what the public propaganda thinks is the case. Sidney also trained in financial worldwide systems via Sublet Corps to facilitate the financial handover and peaceful transition of power from the old elites to the new Earth 5D awakened via CQV Trust.

Executed for the protection and advancement of the Human Species Plan via the White Hat Program. He was selected to advance the Awakening Program in 2019. He’s also The founder of the Yezdin Institute, created in 2023 to provide real, unfiltered information to those seeking to exit the old matrix systems or currently the operating system you know today.

My guest, Dr Sidney Brewer.

Marianne: I’d like to welcome back my special guest, Dr Sidney Brewer, who was with us in our first episode on Demonology. And in this episode, we’re going to talk about some stuff that may, you may be hearing for the first time. Or, has only ever been something that you may have heard and dismissed.  But it’s a very interesting and important topic. And so I’d like to welcome Dr Sidney back to us today.

Dr Sidney Brewer: Nice to be back. I appreciate the invite.

Thank you for coming back, Sidney. Now, in our last conversation, you mentioned that your work in the field of demonology led you into exploring other areas of spirituality. As opposed to religion and religious teachings. Can you please talk us through how this happened for you? And what made you specifically step off that path that you were on previously – or perhaps it’s more of a deviation?

Okay, so when we go through this, there has to be something more. When you get to this level, you get exposed to more and more and more information. The algorithms decide. At the top levels, etheric beings run everything. So, when you start putting out information and you’re starting to connect dots in your consciousness. When you’re having a thought that, wait a minute, this might be connected to that. That might be connected to this, it sends out a signal. And when that signal goes out, they respond. Because they know now that you’re catching on to how this program works.

So when you come from a religious background and you go through the exorcism side, because I did grow up Roman Catholic. My dad was Roman Catholic. My mom was Wiccan, that side of it. And I have both experiences. So when I came up in that Roman Catholic side, I was that big strong believer. We went to church all the time, you know, we went through all of the actual sacraments and everything else. And you’re trained into that indoctrination like, okay, so I’m going to go do the work of Jesus Christ. And I’m going to get rid of all these negative entities. And I’m going to be the saviour.  And I’m going to help all these people. And you’re just, you know, you’re all gung ho to do this… until, you learn how it works.

And when you see that the connections between multidimensional beings and the indoctrinations are simply put, as what we view as – you know, gods. Are literally just other multidimensional beings causing influences in this reality. And we are just the pawns of those influences. So they’re playing a game of chess at a higher level. And we are just a reaction of what  happens at their game of chess. That’s how this works. So when you make that connection, they take you. And then expose you to the real truth. And what is actually there. So then, you have no choice, but to walk away. Because if you kept going with what you were doing, you’re literally just creating a false practice.

And they show us how it works. What trigger words to use to be able to cast out entities, in all the exorcisms I did.  Knowing that the spirit, the entities we’re talking about weren’t actually there. And how they actually operate. We were able to just be like, create, suggest the thought in the client. And then automatically all possessions were finished. That’s just how it works. So we, at the top level, you get that information. And they allow it to happen because they know, you know. So they’re not going to screw with the process. When you come up through the program, you don’t have that information. And when you start these investigations and start doing the paranormal investigations and your ghost hunts, they actually keep this going.

And you’re under the impression that this entity is there. And I’m going to bring in this divine power. And we’re going to get rid of it  because that was how you were trained coming in. But it’s everything is left. You must accept information. And the more open you are to information, the more information will come. Because they’re testing how much consciousness evaluation you have.

Do you have 144, 000 frequency? Can you do all of these things? Can you accept that up here we have a decision to make for the greater good? It may cause a ripple effect. And in the reality you are in, it’s going to cause all of these chaos problems.  But a negative today will not be a negative tomorrow. It will turn out to be a positive. That’s how they look at it. So that’s our two rules. Now, when people are having these influential factors in their life, they basically escalate it a lot of the time they’re buying into it.

It’s like the doctor saying, Hey, you’re depressed. You’re going to go home and say to your friends, Oh, I’m depressed. You just literally locked it in with an affirmation. So now your quantum field is going to project an image of depression into your field all the time. So that’s the same actual concept with that reality. Those multi-dimensional beings, especially of the lower vibration, they’re just waiting to feed on that energy. So as soon as you feed into the fear, like, Oh my God, you know, I might be possessed or I’ve got these negative influences. It’s all demonic! The moment you start buying into that principle, now you have all of those attachments coming at you. And that’s where the cascading effect starts to happen.

Right. Very interesting. There are many listeners who are tuning into the podcast with whom this information may be absolutely new and it’s the first time that they’re hearing anything like this. Could you please explain, from the beginning. For those who have no current understanding of what’s happening, so that they can gain understanding. Or at the very least will cause them to question everything that they currently observe around them.

Okay. So my understanding of the question you’re asking is basically based around the Great Awakening experience, is that correct?

Yes, correct.

Okay. So it was created as a system. We needed to make that change. We knew that the actual old draconian empire was on the way out. Everything was scripted. So for anybody doesn’t know what that means. It means that every earth realm existence will always have an existence in play and there will always be main players guiding the system. So there’s always etheric beings. You may call them gods or devils or demons or angels. You can call them whatever you want. But they are just literally a multidimensional overwatch system that watches us, the same way we watch reality television. That’s just how it works. And they don’t care that you do bad or good things. That’s a big common misconception. The only question they have is, why did you do what you did? That’s it. That’s the only question. They don’t care that you did something bad. Because they know that the negative today will be a positive tomorrow. So, it’s not that you did something bad, it’s just it guided you into the next role or next position the next day so you can have a chance to try to do better.

The awakening experience was done. Simply put, the old negative influences from the old 1% that people that were already in place to keep humanity enslaved that had to end. And then when we came into 2019, they had to introduce the actual Plandemic system, specifically for that actual asset. And it was all about a transition period. So people viewed it as, you know, they’re trying to take over the world. They’re trying to shut it down. And sure enough, that was a plot from one side. Only one small group, of one side, of one organization, that actually tried to put that forward. The other etheric teams see the work that these guys did and they said, well, wait a minute!

If they’re going to do that, we can actually use what they’re doing to induce this effect. So up the chain, they said, no, no, no, no. Let them have their moment. Let them, let them do what they want to do and see what humanity does. Because remember, everything’s about free will. At the time they threatened everybody under a fear based matrix to get this done, or hence you won’t be able to work, you know, you’ll lose everything yada, yada, yada. So that was the actual fear based matrix. So that was their program.

The higher levels up in that again said, okay, so if they’re going to do that. We’re going to watch who’s actually going to make a free will choice to do that. They’re going to give up their morals in place of actual material possession. So, I’m going to keep my job. So, basically, you said money is worth more to me than my health. I’m going to go to work tomorrow. But people tried to actually justify it and say, well, you know what? I have kids to feed and I have this and that. Well, we know that now everything would have been provided through this actual experiment.

So there was never any actual real threat there. But it was viewed as a threat in the time because nobody knew the difference in this whole system. So that’s how, that’s how this game was played. So when they did this, we started going through the actual selection process. Now that’s where this whole little pandemic thing comes into play.

They know when the new age comes in, the golden age, the age of Aquarius. They knew at the entry point of this stage that we were taking over. They knew the old 1% was being eliminated. And everybody coming through the actual awakening going from 3d into 5d would replace the old 1%. So this is what this selection process from 2012 into 2024 was all about.

So, we’re talking about white hat directives and everything coming down from the top. The white hat directives are basically the etheric beings responsible for each continental zone. That’s how that works. And in the United States, you know, we have all of that happening. In Canada, same thing. But every little continent we have has a one white hat responsible for that territory. And then they decide through a selection process. What actual processes are we going to put into place? And now the 1% is the old system. They all want to do, like, CBDC systems, the 15 minute cities. So that’s just one version of the program. Then you have people like the creative societies and those, that’s another version of a program.

Then you have what we do with the Yezdin Institute. That’s another version. They came down with a directive and said this. You guys do this program. But you must have an option for all humanity to go to, depending on which choice they make. So, over the last couple of years, everybody’s been fed a bunch of propaganda on all of these social media profiles. And they just keep pumping it. And pumping it. And pumping it. And pumping it. And every time you talk about these propagandas, your cameras, your screens, and everything else is gauging your retinas, and checking your eyes, and checking your actual emotional response to the information you were given.  That generates another code that says this person responded to this event, in this way. Now whether you want to admit it or not, that’s the actual truth. So even though you won’t go public and say, you know what? I stopped for a few extra seconds and I was watching a girl shaking her butt on a social media profile, that algorithm already knows that you paused for that extra second and watched it.

That’s how that works. So now you’re put into another profile. And they’re going to decide then how this works. So now you’re going to start getting more information, more propaganda, more information regarded around that. And then lo and behold, you have all of this extra information that subconsciously you want it, but not consciously. It’s just going to keep feeding you. And now it’s fear based. So they’re going to watch everybody. They’re going to keep pumping this out.

There is a script in place for all of this to happen over the next few years. There are major catalyst events coming in. The selection process is already finished. So people thinking that they’re going to be left behind in this whole program, it’s impossible. It can’t happen. If you’ve heard about the awakening, you’re going through it. That’s just how it is. You’re actually making it to the next level. The only advice we have at this moment in time, and this is coming straight from the top – be a better human being today than you were yesterday. And you will make it through this program just fine. That’s it. Make better choices. And be better to humanity. And that was the directive we were given. And that’s why we set up everything the way we did. Because we had to close that gap. And they’re forcing everybody to make those choices. So, they’re threatening you with these 15 minute cities, the CBDCs and all that.

But we already have the answer. And we’re doing it at the Institute. It’s like we have this haven. We’re actually transitioning the system back. Because the old maritime system says… Well, you’re going to be here and be a slave. But we’re going to show you, that’s not the actual truth. And we can prove it to all of humanity. We literally have the whole script laid out. And we’re going to show you how it works.

Right. So fascinating. So can you explain what is meant by 3d reality and 5d reality?

So the biggest, biggest topic right now in the world, is 3d to 5d. Most people don’t know what that is. And another question they ask in there is, why is there no 4d? Why are we skipping 4d?

Hmm, good question!

This is the ultimate big question. So I’m going to answer all here in one shot. It’s pretty simple to actually explain. Third dimensional space is your lowest vibrational space. It means you’ve fractured your energy down so much that you were in physical form. You are more matter than energy. So you’re in the third dimensional space. You are more a matter, than energy. Now you have to learn to get out of here. You have to learn what you are, in order to elevate your consciousness and level up. And that’s where that comes from. So when you’re talking about people going through their life path numbers.

And their missions. Their lessons and their choices. As according, you go through the tree of life. And no matter what background you come from, every indoctrination all throughout this actual reality, has the exact same thing. The tree of life in the medical system is the actual medical symbol. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge, and Christianity and everybody else, they actually split it. But when you put it back together, that was into your actual Wiccan and Paganism. Where they have as above, so below. They just did it a little bit differently.

And then you get into the Kabbalistic practice, where they actually have the symbols. They tell you how the life paths actually work. And all the challenges you’ll face through it, in the esoteric practices. So in that system, we know that you have to make these choices to go through. Not everybody comes through and the propaganda that was put out is, you must awake as many people as possible right now. Everybody needs to wake up. And we need to riot. We need to take back the system. But that is the actual wrong answer. It’s brains over bullets. Use your head, people. It was never there. There’s never actually a real threat. The script will play out. It means that. The section of people that decided that energy is now a thing. It’s more important than matter, meaning you’re in 3d. You’re going to have your egotistical mindset. You’re going to be money hungry. You’re going to be locked into your business. You just want to keep stacking chips up in your pocket. And you want the fanciest cars, the nicest houses, the jets, the airplanes. And then you go to 5d and how do you get to that process is through this selection phase. They strip everything away.

Through the process of elimination, they give you possible scenarios. Oh, invest over here. Oh, invest in this Bitcoin. Or invest in this crypto. Or do this. Or get into the blockchains. Or every part of these things are just a script. To beta test you to see what you’re going to do when the chips are down. Are you in such a bad situation that you are willing to give up your morals, to save yourself in the physical sense? That’s how this whole selection process works. And as you start to actually go through the process, you realize I’m creating this reality. I am an energetic being. I am in an etheric being. An extension of God experiencing itself. Therefore, I don’t need all these things in my life! And they strip it away just to show you, you actually just survived with nothing. So you can survive with nothing. Now that you know that this is possible. Let us show you how you should go forward in the realities. So, as you go to the 4d to 5d.

5d is, you have a full comprehension now that this is an illusionary matrix. That the system you were in is actually false. It’s a technical prison planet is how they actually look at it. You’re kept enslaved. And they keep that vibrational low, right? And they want to keep that happening. They want to keep you enslaved. They want to keep you going. They feed off the energy. They feed off the vibration. And they make you think that money’s an illusion. That you’re just going to keep chasing until you’re 65. Nobody catches on to it. Because we’re ingrained to think, we have to get a job. We have to go to university. We have to do all these things. And now, we all know that it’s all bullshit.

So, as you go through the awakening process, you realize, wait a minute, no, no, no, no, you guys pulled the wool over my eyes. Like, I didn’t have to do that. And now all the information is coming out. And this whole pandemic stage. And this is why. So, they use one global catastrophe. One incident from all different sides. So, every player at the table is using the same traumatic event to induce the next event for humanity.  So, even though you have a negative impulse and you want to actually induce this for depopulation of humanity. The higher up says, well, I’m going to use that. Because I’m going to wake a bunch of people. And we are going to move them over into the 5d system. And now we have a higher vibrational group of people that were never awake before.

So now we’re creating this new earth system, and that’s what the 5d is. When you talk with the Georgia Guidestones, the 500 million depopulation that they want to get into, it wasn’t actually depopulating to 500 million. It was actually 500 million awakened souls. Is what the actual transcript was supposed to be. 500 million people were going through the awakening between 2012 and 2024. And on January of 2025, the next cycle process starts, for the next batch of people that are gonna come from the now 3d, back into the 5d. This [00:17:00] cycle will continue as the rainbow children finally stack up in numbers. That’s how that works.

Right. Can you…

So we don’t talk about the 4d because 4d is tied to your throat chakra. Which has to do with the metaverse, a deeper level of the matrix. So we’re talking about the Meta. The company Meta. And I will throw this out there because they know what they’re doing. And it is public information. They created a digital universe for everything to live in. You can come here. Live here. Work here. Play here, earn real, actual currency, to use in the real world. So this was the bait that was put out there. Now, we have Elon Musk versions of it, where they’re actually creating digital consciousness and putting the chips.

So what the selling feature on that is going to be over the next 6 years, is they’re going to say. Do you want to live forever? Do you actually want to be a God? Do you never want to die? And a lot of people are going to jump on that. Because nobody wants to die. This is the big fear part in the matrix. So he’s going to have an instant sales boom. Let’s say boom. Cause he’s going to upload your digital consciousness to the internet. And Mark Zuckerberg and Mr. Meta over here has already created the digital world for all that to exist. So when we talk about shows like UPLOAD and ALTERED CARBON, they literally gave you the footprint of what they’re doing.

That’s the poison apple principle.. That’s how that works. So we know if you’re in 5d, you know, that that’s all horse shit. You know, that you’re an eternal being. And that you can carry on in this existence. And you’re actually going to go through the med bed process, fix your DNA. Unlock all of your DNA strands and move forward. But the people in the 3d can get at the opportunity to go this way. Or they can buy into the other version, the deeper level of the next matrix .Where they actually get locked into another computer simulation program, for eternity. That’s kind of what their sales pitch is going to be. So that’s coming up.

Like, we’re, this is not science fiction. This is science fact. We have the actual documents. So they are actually beta testing these programs right now. This is actually happening in the world. So You know, it’s, it’s a little bit hard to grasp when they talk about realities and everything else. And like you said, for a lot of people, they’re hearing this for the first time. It can be very scary. And this isn’t meant to give you an induction of fear. It’s meant to show you how deep and… evil they can actually get when you have the wrong etheric team running a program.

Yeah, absolutely!

Because they are insidious. It’s just that level. And that’s your demonic entities that everybody keeps talking about .The lower vibrational beings. And they have a plan. And they will get a certain number of the population to buy into it. That’s just the way the script works. And then they must try to find a way out again. But that’s the actual difference between 3d, 4d to 5d. 4d is the actual metaverse. The Tesseract.

Right. Which brings me to the subject of the Mandela Effect. Which is a sign for people who remember things like I do. Of when the Monopoly guy wore a monocle. And Nelson Mandela died in prison. And these events have changed, or at least, that’s a sign. If you remember a Mandela effect, that’s pretty much a sign that you’ve transitioned from one reality to the next reality.

Correct. That is the actual. That is literally the guiding principle that we use when we’re doing a message. So when people talk about this, and through all of my clients even, all of the thousands of conversations I have, we use that as the starting point. Do you remember the Mandela effects? And when we explained it to them, you know, there was a cornucopia on the Fruit of the Loom logo. There was a hyphen in KitKat. There was a T in Sketchers. You know that Curious George had a tail. We know this. There was a tip, a black tip on Pikachu. We know this from our timeline. It worked like that. 2012. Everything changed. The Mayans actually had it right. It was the end of the world, but only as you know it. It was the beginning of a new system. 2012 and 2019 are the exact same years. Due to the switching over from Gregorian and Julian calendar systems. That’s how we actually made that transition. And that’s how they hid it in plain sight.

Yeah, interesting, isn’t it? And that’s what they do, they, those that… Trying to control this reality, they hide things in plain sight.


I guess an example of that are all the things that show up on the Simpsons show. That later are …

Matt Grohen.

Yeah, yeah. Very, very interesting. In a 5d reality, how would our perception of time and space differ from how we perceive it in 3d?

So it doesn’t actually. The common misconception between everybody thinks, one of the big propaganda things put out there – and I’m going to word this very carefully. One of the propaganda schemes that were put out, was that you’re going somewhere. You’re actually going to be taken and you’re going somewhere. You’re going to be ejected from this planet into another planet. That was the actual 5d script. That was propaganda that was put out there. 5d consciousness just means you can now see everything for what [00:22:00] it is. Know you’re making better choices. And go forward in the system knowing that the etheric fields and energy manipulation, is the actual truth, of how this works. And that you have to learn to level up.

It’s not until you actually start to progress to the 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensional space do you actually get ejected from this planetary system itself. That’s when you’re allowed to go past the seven known continents. That’s when you’re allowed to go to the summer passage. That’s when you’ll get access to the lands outside. You actually must have that kind of vibrational space. And I mean, they did hide that right in plain sight. If you look at the UN flag. They literally shown you the actual exit for the summer passage. Because that’s what that is when they show you the map from a bird’s eye view. And then they have that wreath going around it while there’s an opening at the top. If you actually look at the land masses that are tied to that and follow that path straight out, you will find the summer passage.

Interesting. What is the summer passage you talk…? I’ve never heard of that term before.

So that’s where the prison planet system comes in. So, the indoctrination that they give everybody is that the oceans are so vast, if you start to explore any more than what you are, you’re never coming back. That was the actual guiding principle that they gave everybody. They told them that if you head out on this ocean, you will never come back. You’ll never be seen again. And everybody’s afraid because they see these vast oceans. They’re like, well, how do I get there? How do I go all the way out to this area? And that’s how they managed to keep it. They’re like, no, because people see everything as a globe system itself. But ironically, the whole globe principle wasn’t even introduced until after Universal actually put it up on the TV for their movies, for the very first time.

And then they started spinning it. And then that’s how everybody started to buy into the globe principle. That’s actually what happened with actual modern society. So nobody was really given… Anything to it, because in Admiral Byrd’s day, it was a lot different. So when Admiral Byrd did his fourth expedition to Antarctica and started that. And this was in like the Encyclopaedia Britannica. What was it? I think it was 19 or 1954 or 1953? I’m not sure exactly which date? But he had like 10 pages on Antarctica. So if you have a copy of that edition, of that, it’s actually proof in the pudding about what this actual plane of existence is. And then when he came back, he disclosed that information in his fourth expedition. And then, that’s when in 1957, the Antarctic Treaty was signed. And then all these countries decided to show up there. Now, why did they all go out there when he got back? And he exposed everything for what it was. And we all know what happened to Admiral Byrd… so that’s kind of how that worked, right? So there’s the poles existence, the polarity poles. They’re talking about the North Pole, the South Pole. There’s actually a lot more to it. There is a firmament. That is how everything works. That’s what SpaceX was running into right now when they’re shooting their missiles up. And that’s why it looks like a blue hydrogen field following the actual missiles. Because, that’s what the firmament is actually consistent of. It’s actually a wall of actual hydrogen. That’s how that works.

Oh, interesting.

So, yeah, it’s pretty interesting.

Very interesting. I do recall one time, my Star People took me way out. And they showed me this universe and multi-universes as planes. Flat planes. And they showed me they were stacked on each other, like a pancake.

Correct. So it’s done that way for a reason. And the, what they did for drip feeding, that part of it, was give you the chakra points. So all of your chakra points in your body are tied to a planetary body . But they just misnamed it. All they did was say, Oh, your solar plexus. And plexus actually means system. So when you think about it, solar system, solar plexus. It’s the solar system. All you’re doing is introducing planetary energies. And learning to get past them. So your influences of Saturn, Uranus, Venus, and all of these planetary systems, the closer you get to the Sun. That’s how that works. So all the, every religious indoctrination has one specific version of all of these multidimensional things.

Planetary systems and everything else. But in the 3d side of things, they’re trained to look up and see an actual blue sky. And they’re trained to see that the sun. They think the sun is, you know, 93 million miles away. And we’re ripping through space. And we’re all spinning around and around and around and around and around, and… but why does nothing ever change? So, and they’re trying to, you know, there’s so many things you can get into here, like you’re going way down the rabbit hole. But long story short, end of the day, all you have to do is go through the awakening process. You will be given access to the information.

And we get you out of the actual Maritime system. Because, as long as you’re tied into the Maritime system. You’re actually locked into the Matrix. That’s how it works. This is why the Elites… when the Elites are saying they take a trip to space, or go into Mars. This is why they’re all allowed to leave, because they’re actually on the private side. They’re allowed to leave the seven known continents. That’s how that works. They’re under contract. There’s nothing stopping them. They can actually go anywhere they want. They have the ways, the means, and the protection. That’s how that works. But they’re not going to somewhere out in space as such, as they’re going horizontally 60, 000 kilometres in one direction. That’s how that works.

Can you explain, without going into too much detail, because it’s a whole different subject. About the laws, the admiralty laws, is that what you said? Maritime.

Yeah, so, yeah, Law of the Sea, Maritime Admiralty Law. And then the Law of the Land, the Civil Law. And that’s what we’re actually fighting right now. On a confidentiality level, I do have to say, like I will explain this to people. It was a system that was brought into place as a taxation system. And that’s how they decided to pay for things. So to break everybody’s little hearts here about their conspiracy theories, it is just a banking system itself. The stocks and bonds are all traded in that aspect. That’s what you are.

The moment your mom signed a birth certificate, that was your bill of lading to the doctor. And that created a stock. And that stock, that bond, is actually sitting there. And it’s traded. So here’s how it works,[00:28:00] when you, your mom signs that bond, it says, she basically just signed over your labour for 65 years. Because you can’t retire until you’re 65 years old. That’s what that is. And so basically it’s a war system

So they need the crown corporation of Canada – we’ll take that for example. Says I have this person here going for 65 years. I want to borrow 22 billion dollars from the world bank. Based on the labour that this one individual is going to give me. So, the World Bank looks at it and says, yeah, this person will work until they’re 65. They’ll generate this much taxes. Yeah, okay, we’ll give you the 22 billion dollars. And then it gets into a whole other rabbit hole from there, on how that’s actually created. The key to actually escaping the matrix is actually escaping maritime/admiralty law.

Right, and that is… All the laws that currently are used by the court system?

Yes, that’s right. And it ties in, that’s why the judge wears the black robe. And that’s why you have representation. They try to get you to use a lawyer to represent you because you’re playing [00:29:00] in a court. Which is like a basketball court. It just, or a tennis court. It goes back and forth. The ball just keeps going back and forth. And whoever has the best strike is gonna win. That’s just how it is. You know what I mean?

So whoever has the best shot, the best defence, or best everything. It’s all based around everything. Like the kid, it’s…. every conspiracy theory is based in fact. I don’t, it’s, there’s, it’s irrefutable. There’s nobody that can say anything. You know, 15, 20 years ago, if you talked about an alien, he would have been a tinfoil hat wearing, you know, SOB. And now you talk about aliens and it’s second nature. Every second person is talking about what’s about to happen with the aliens. The system is itself. So, and I mean, that’s even going down. We don’t have enough time or enough hours in the day to even attempt to go down this whole, all of these different systems. But when we got introduced to this, and this goes back to the actual demonology. When you have a perspective and an actual instinct. And you’re connecting dots. That system comes looking for you. Because they know you’re, you made sense of it.

Now you figured it out. So what do you want to do with that information? You can leave the system. Or you can stay in the system and try to help others out. And that’s the whole guiding principle. It was never meant to be nefarious. And at the top levels, it’s not. The decision they make up there might seem bad to the little man that’s down here. Because they’re the ones suffering for it. But they’re not looking at how this plays out over the next 50, 100, 200 years. And that’s where they come from. They’re looking at the grand scheme, like, okay, it’s going to take two generations to change all of humanity for the better. Okay, so we’re going to have to create a problem over here and make this happen. That’s actually how they look at the program.

Right. And I know that my Star People said to me, personally. They said, well look, we had the choice of slowly waking you over several lifetimes. We had that choice, or of waking you suddenly in the one lifetime. And we decided to go with a suddenly in one lifetime. So they do plan ahead quite… of course, there is no time as we perceive it…

That’s right. Here in this reality. Time doesn’t exist. The linear time doesn’t exist. Only here.

Yeah, only here. With the, this new area of spiritual awareness. You explored , it included other species of being. Some we would refer to as Star People or Extra-terrestrial beings. Have you had interaction with these beings? And what is the major learning, if so,  that you’ve gained from interaction with these beings?

It’s, it’s actually, that’s a very good question. It goes to from, this is the difference between a multi-dimensional being and multi-dimensional influence. So the characters that you’ve created through the indoctrination. So let’s just take characters like Michael, for example, as being this star character. You know, Michael the Archangel, we bring him in. We know this being actually exists. But people are under the misconception to think because we are in physical form, we’re only one. That we can only be here in one activity. Well, this entity is all over the same as everything else and has itself spread over multidimensional space. That’s how that works.

So he’s playing in every parallel universe all at the exact same time. And that’s how they operate. So it’s, when they’re playing, it’s like a master chess player playing 20 different tables at the same time. That’s what, so that’s how they actually show you how it works. Because they’re saying if a human can operate and play all of these different games at this level, at that . What can a high vibrational being do with all parallel universes? They’re showing you how it works. That’s all it is right? In the sense of how what I’ve met. My life path number dictates the Acturian Council. Which are responsible for planning and execution of the Great Plan. And that’s where Set comes back in again. So, God’s Executioner. So, you see how they drip fed me, out of the old indoctrination, into what actually is. So, we went from Set. Which we learned of, God of Chaos, but God’s Executioner, executing the plan. Thinking that we’re still worshiping a God. So you still go from that sense.

And then you get to meet the beings responsible for it. And they say, well, how was that for you? Because this is what we actually are. We are the planners of this actual universal system. In order for humanity to work out, we need to make sure that A, B, C, D, and E are followed by this actual deadline, on your timeline. And that’s how it works. And they, you’re like, well, okay. So like, is this my lineage? Is this what I am? They’re like, no, you’re the character that we placed in the game. That we’re responsible for. That’s how it works.

So you get to have these conversations. This where people are talking about, Oh, I got my downloads. I got my information. So every time you have those downloads, we used to look at it coming through, you know, angels are talking to me. Demons are talking to me. Then you go to 5d it’s, I’m getting downloads and I’m getting information from source and consciousness. And then it goes from there to the next level where you’re actually having an intimate conversation with a multidimensional being. And they’re telling you the plan .And they’re filling it to you. And then they just snap you back to the moment that you were a second ago, that’s kind of how it happens, right.

Yeah. It’s quite strange when that happens. Isn’t it? I mean, I know I’ve experienced that with my Star People. And it’s really quite an interesting experience. And they can download so much in a fraction of  a second.

Yeah, exactly. Think of the matrix, the movie, the matrix with Keanu Reeves. When he’s getting that information. And he’s learning how to do everything like, Oh, I know Kung Fu, you know? And now I know karate and I know… he learned all of these things like instantaneously. All these downloads. That is the literal truth of how this works. They send you a brain signal with information. And now you instantly know. So when you hear people in 5d say, I don’t know how I know, I just know. That’s what they’re talking about. They have the information, but they have no idea how they got it.

Just that knowing. You don’t know where you know, you just know that it’s true. So this is really, very interesting. And I guess that’s part of the reason why I started this podcast. Was to, at the very least, plant seeds in people’s minds. Because if you get people questioning, then. It leads to other questions. And it leads to them questioning. Which is a good thing. It’s always good to question. What’s the major learning that you’ve gained from your interaction with these beings to you personally?

Heart! Heart and love. That is the number one thing I learned. Coming from that background, I came out of, the torture, the trauma. I can honestly say. When people say that love wins out over all, that is the ultimate play. So at the highest levels, they’re loving beings. That actually just want to see the best, but they know that they have to induce trauma for you to learn from it. That’s how the game is played. So that was the biggest thing I learned. I was not a very nice person in my youth. I was not a pretty nice person. I was very 3d. I was money hungry, business hungry. I wanted the best of everything, you know. I excelled at every job I went into. Made it to all the top ladders, but you don’t get satisfied until you go through the hardships and you learn how to get yourself out of it.

And when you get to the top levels, they show you. They’re like, now, do you understand and respect the program that you just went through? And you literally have to sit back and just give them a clap. Because you’re like, well done! Well done. I don’t know how you put this together on such an actual scale.

Yeah, it’s pretty amazing when you think about it. I know one of the things my Star People said to me when I was having a face to face conversation with them. And it’s something that’s always stayed with me. And it really hit me on a soul level. And he said, ‘Marianne, when you do anything, you must do it from your heart. When you think, think from your heart. When you speak, speak from your heart. When you act, act from your heart.’ And it’s all about coming from that love space.

Yeah, everything, everything’s intention based and that’s what I was trying to tell you. So they don’t care that you made a choice to do something wrong because that’s a personal choice. Yeah. They just want to know why you did it. So if your intentions are pure, meaning that you are operating from the best possible heart space, with the information that you have at hand at the moment. So you can only go forward with what you know, and you’re basing your decisions on that. And you’re going forward with the betterment of humanity or any decision that benefits everything. So you’re taking everyone’s feelings, your empathetic abilities and everything into play. If you can operate from that headspace, you will make it through this program without a doubt. Because that’s what they’re looking for.They’re looking for you, they’re wondering why. Why did you make the decision? They just, they’re just curious. They want to know.

Yeah, very true. And one thing I can say. Like personally, I have never felt such unconditional love that permeates your whole, your whole being. As I have felt from my star people. You don’t get that feeling of love here in this consciousness.

You can’t get it anywhere else. I can speak to this wholeheartedly. I do have another story. For you for another time. And we can talk about it. But in the unconditional love sense, everyone that knows me now… I left my local area, about 7/8 years ago. And they knew that character from then. They knew how 3d I was, and everything else. Well, the terms now, 3d, right? So I left. I did all of this in the 7 to 8 year span and now I got back to my local hometown. And every person I meet now says, that’s not the same person. There’s no way that that individual was the person that left here. And I get this over and over and over. And they’re like, there’s something different. There’s something wrong. Like, he should never be this calm, this cool, this collected, with this amount of information. It doesn’t make sense to anybody here. Because they just have no comprehension of what we went through with the training and everything else. And getting to meet all these things for the first time.

Because when you get to see it for yourself, you realize, you can put all of the other garbage away. Because now you know what exists. Because you’ve just seen it and witnessed it for yourself. So now you have that feeling and they’re like, just here you go. Operate from a great, like you said, unconditional of heart space. And when those higher vibrational beings come around you. You will know they are around you. Because you will get this warm happiness, calming, feeling. Like the ultimate DMT release in the brain or dopamine or anything else. You’re just, you feel this wave of just happiness coming over you. And calmness that just cannot be in… filtered, for a better, lack of term. It’s a shield of light of shield, right? So, yeah, it’s pretty interesting.

It’s a fabulous feeling. How can people begin to raise their own awareness and level of understanding?

Stay off television. That’s the big lie. The signals and everything else that are coming out. Stop buying into the propaganda. That’s the big one. Raising your vibration is simple. It’s easily done. You must go through the trauma. So this is a big misconception. Everyone thinks that they’re just going to wake up and, you know, they’re just going to make that life moment change. I’m just going to be a better human being today, and I’m going to go out there and I’m going to change it. And they start, they think they can make such a drastic change so fast. That are going to make up certain programs. What happens is most people we found coming through the awakening, they start the whole thing. They think they can go from 3d to 5d, like on a rapid scale.

They cut everything away. They get rid of meats. They move into a vegetarian diet. They get rid of dairy. They start talking into, you know, the gurus and start doing the chakra activations. They start doing the meditations and they start going through all these processes. Problem is, you just triggered your mind for a breakdown. Because you just broke everything out of your system at one time that your body was used to. So now the parasites in your body actually start to fight back. Now they’re going to start to break you down. Because now you’re not going to feel good. You’re not going to feel healthy. And you know what? I got to go back to this whole set and it keeps pulling you back in there.

And that’s what people get because you actually need to do the process they showed you to do. And how they, ethereal beings, work this. They drip feed you little bits of information until you’re ready. That’s how it works, so you can build it up. You have to take the awakening the same way. You will go through it when the time is ready. Take very small steps. This week, cut something away. Maybe next week, cut something away. And take it very slow and very actually ,calculated. Start making very calculated decisions on what you actually wanna start moving away to. Eventually, everybody makes it through the program. We are in the new age, the golden age, G age of Aquarius. Everyone is going through this process. It is a selection stage. You are going through there. You don’t have to actually go to gurus and meditators. And spend thousands of dollars on programs and doing all that. That’s a big misconception. The only ground rule they have, is be a decent human being. And you will be granted access into the program. That’s how it works. That’s it. That’s the only rule.

That’s as basic as it is. I guess a follow up question is, what do you feel that we as a species, or personally can do, need to do, or can do to help humanity rise to the newer vibrational state of being?

So what needs to happen is simple. There needs to be the release of actual information on actual strategic play, to the right people. We are working on that right now. So, we know that there’s a very specific date that information will be released. And the reason is, information and knowledge are power. And once you empower the people with the right information… some people are still buying into the, you know, the presidencies and all of this. Until that order, comes from that office saying, this is what’s happening in the world. Nobody’s going to listen because until then it’s still considered a conspiracy theory.

So they’re only going to buy into it until they see it for themselves. Now, gradually, the influential factors in people’s lives that we were talking about. With the negative and positive entries, the angels and demons. They create the influences to wake up very specific individuals, very fast, because that individual has a very specific role to play in the next actual system. So there was a bunch of us awakened early. There was a bunch of us just starting to [00:43:00] come through. And lo and behold, we know the script says they need 500 million before the 2024 deadline. That’s actually what happens. And ironically, we’re only sitting at about 11 to 12 million right now. So when they’re saying like at the last second, there’s going to be this mass awakening, at the very last second. This is what they’re talking about. We’re only made it from 2019 till now, we’ve only hit, you know, 11 million people. Because there was only 10 million that came through on the actual CERN system, when we did that portal crossing. Right? So that’s what that goes into.

Can you explain a bit about the Cern system for those who may not be… understand or know?

Okay, so the propaganda is simple. They were doing it as the Hadron Collider. That whole program. The physicists, everybody in the 3d system is gonna tell you one thing. At the highest levels it’s a way to induce a new reality. So every 12 years… they do, do particle firings all the time. And then they’ll put it on the news. And they’ll say, well, the one they show you actually on the news at every given time was a project that was conducted most of the time about three months previous.

So they do it. And then they’re not going to tell you they’re doing it. And then they do it and then they tell it. Oh, it worked. It’s successful. No, we’re still here. Okay. Yeah. Oh, good. All right. Now tell the public we did it. That’s just how it works. Because they’re not going to tell you they’re going to do something because of the public found out what level this is at. There would be a rebellion. Because they don’t have all the actual information.

Now here’s the other side of that. They’re actually not doing the wrong thing. What they’re doing with the actual system is, they’re following the script. So every time they need to change a timeline, they activate this system. And that’s what actually creates the quantum timelines that we keep shifting to over and over and over.

At the highest level, you are in an experiment. And they keep playing it. And until you’re on the other side, you’re just not going to understand that. And people think that they want to rise up and they want to shut all these things down. And we [00:45:00] have a right to do this and everything else. But it’s when you go through the 5d side, you need to be up there. You need to have that comprehension and the understanding that this is coming out. And I will tell you, by 2024, the actual information on all of these systems will be released to the public. Because 2025 starts the new cycle of people coming out of the program. So they want to have it done. Let you make a choice. And then you decide, do you want to go through this? And then you start the selection phase for the next 12 years. That’s how that’s actually going to work. So they keep firing ce… This is every time they fire it up. They create a new actual system and we keep going through it all the time. Over and over and over and over. That’s how we ended up here.

A bit like Groundhog Day really.

It is. And that’s what they, this is what I’m saying with everybody thinking they’re going through it. Every day is just another chance to try again. So there’s entities in place responsible for maintaining the actual Holographic matrix. Which is what you are in. This system has to be maintained. And how do you maintain it? Unless you’re firing off mass amounts of energy all the time to keep the illusion going.I t’s just a simulation. Right. That’s just how it works.

Right. And that’s actually one of my most listened to episodes. And one that, it was my favourite to produce. I did over 30 hours research on it. It was, it was about matrix and the holographic reality. Do we live in a holographic reality?

Like the gateway project are we talking about? Is…

No. No, like, is this a matrix? Like are we… like I went into physical theorists and quantum theorists and, you know, all . All that sort of thing. So it very much ties in with what you’re saying. And that’s something I’ve always said to people. This is a prison planet. People that are here are not here through their choice, for the most part. Except for Starseeds who volunteered to come in and help awaken people. Most people are not here through choice. And it’s really important. For humanity to be aware. To be able to make decisions for themselves and not have their thoughts controlled all the time.

Absolutely. So that’s where they’re coming in with their separation with the 3D to 5D systems and this is what they’re talking about. So this is the introduction of the rainbow children coming through this, the no chromatic dead children. In that whole cycle when those rainbow Children were introduced. This is the end of it. So whoever’s going through the awakening right now, as the last remains of humanity starts to wake up, this will be the separation.

As we talk with the 3d to 5d. Those 5d’ers, the people in the 4d will be locked in the deeper level of the matrix. So if they don’t wake up, they go over here and they get locked in this simulation. And if they do wake up, they go over here. And they actually create the new Earth that everybody’s talking about. That’s actually the actual play of the choices you will have. Down the road within the next decade is [00:48:00] basically what they’re talking about right now. That’s, that’s the actual play. A lot happens. I mean, look where we were 100 years ago versus where we are now. And you put that into perspective of the quantum leaps we’ve made just in the last 5 years. So now, in 5 years-time, what are they going to release?



And in fact, what in the next couple of year-time are they going to release? Especially, with the scrambling that the current world governments are doing at the moment. It’s very interesting times we live in. Sidney, this has been an absolutely fascinating conversation. And I know for my listeners who are hearing this information for the first time. They’re going to either go Hmm, that resonates. Or, or what a pile of crap! Either way it’s going to make people think. And that’s the point of this all. I realized this is the second time we’ve tried to do this interview. The first time we had so many issues and this time it’s great. Oh, touch wood, it’s all recorded well. Is there anything before we, we close this conversation? Is there anything else that you might like to add that we haven’t covered?

Yeah, the only thing I would like to add from a personal perspective is this. Don’t buy into the propagandas. Let the system play out. Let it do what it’s going to do. And please, do not push your beliefs on other people. If we keep doing this, we’re no better than the system we just came out of. We are not here to wake people up. They are here to make a conscious choice, to come to you. And you be a safe landing harbour for them when they actually wake up.


That’s the only actual choice that we have. Please don’t go around beating people over the head with, you know, this awakening and consciousness. It’s not supposed to be like that. They will come to you. And they will go through their own process and phases. So just don’t beat people over the head with it. Because that makes us no better than them.

Perfect! I absolutely agree with that. Thank you so much Sidney again, for coming on and sharing your knowing with us all. I really appreciate your time and I realise that you’re an extremely busy man. So having you come back again, to fix what didn’t work the first time. I actually feel that this is how it was meant to be.


Because so much more has come out than did in the first interview, even though we had all those hiccups. So, yeah, thank you Sidney. I really appreciate it.

Absolutely. I definitely appreciate the invite. Thank you for having me. Anytime you want to have a conversation, I’m available all the time. I’ll always be available to everybody that needs the actual information. If you want the truth about what’s actually coming out, it is coming out, guys. You just have to give us some patience. That’s all. I appreciate you guys time and thanks for listening.

Awesome. And Sidney, once again, where can people contact you if they want to reach you?

Yeah, just, if you’re looking for any, any information on this and how, if you’re looking for our services itself, you just head over to yezdininstitute.com. That’s our website and where we talk about everything with our membership. We protect our people. We just, you can go over there and get a membership with us. Or book a free consultation. If you just want to have a conversation and try to learn more, we are open to that as well. You can go to yezdininstitute.com, the website. Or you can dial, 236 900 5D YI.

That’s brilliant. Thank you, Sidney once again, for being a guest on my show. I really appreciate it. It’s been a very interesting and enlightening conversation. Thank you.

Absolutely appreciate it. Thanks for having me.

And there you have it. Our journey through the shadowland’s hidden realities and profound awakenings with Dr Sidney Brewer comes to an end. From the depths of religious indoctrination to the heights of unveiling cosmic truths, we’ve walked through realms often unseen and questioned deeply ingrained belief systems. I hope at the very least that this conversation has stirred the flames of curiosity for you, as it has in me. Awakening the desire to question more of what we perceive to be our shared reality. But as we contemplate the role of these multi-dimensional beings, of this fear-based matrix, and indeed of the very choices that steer our course, may we remember that the path to understanding is a journey, not a destination.
Dr Brewer’s insights remind us that our thoughts, actions, and our intentions send ripples through the fabric of existence and intertwine with forces beyond our sight, hidden within the shadowlands. But yet, as we, humanity as a whole, and each of us as individuals stand on the precipice of a massive transformation, let’s take his advice to heart, the advice that he, himself was given – and the advice that actually my Star People, also gave to me, but in different words. Let’s be better human beings today than we were yesterday and let’s make choices that resonate with the greater good.
Our tapestry of this reality is both complex, very intricate and woven with threads of mystery and wonder. It’s up to us to unravel it’s secrets, to walk in its shadowlands. It’s up to us to challenge our own personal assumptions and to embrace the evolution of consciousness that lays before us. As we continue to walk our individual paths, let’s remember that we also are a part of a grander narrative that is connected to the cosmos itself.
Thank you so very much for joining Dr Brewer and I on this thought-provoking journey. Remember that the shadowlands hold both darkness and illumination, and it’s up to us to explore their depths with open minds and courageous hearts. Until next time, I’m your host Marianne bidding you farewell from the Shadowlands.

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