Dr Sydney Brewer. Dr. Sidney Michael Brewer was born in a small town on the eastern seaboard of the Crown Corp of Canada. He’s currently 41 years old. Sidney’s trained in many different theological philosophies. He obtained a PhD in Demonology. From 2018 to 2023 through the American Institute of Metaphysics under Dr William Lester, ATL Georgia. He also trained in the Hemi-sync Gateway Project, C I A, training programs for operators from 2022 through to the present date.

He was recruited through levels of secret societies, the real enlightenment organization, the Illuminati, not what the public propaganda thinks is the case. Sidney also trained in financial worldwide systems via Sublet Corps to facilitate the financial handover and peaceful transition of power from the old elites to the new Earth 5D awakened via CQV Trust.

Executed for the protection and advancement of the Human Species Plan via the White Hat Program. He was selected to advance the Awakening Program in 2019. He’s also The founder of the Yezdin Institute, created in 2023 to provide real, unfiltered information to those seeking to exit the old matrix systems or the operating system you know today.

Episode 127: Unveiling the Unseen – Exploring Demonology with Dr Sydney Brewer.      Episode 132: The Great Awakening.

   Website: Yezdin Institute