Episode 127: Unveiling the Unseen – Exploring Demonology with Dr Sidney Brewer

Kia ora. Hello everyone. It’s so good to be back with you all on the Walking the Shadow Lands podcast. Honestly, I’ve missed talking with amazing guests and the whole creation of our episodes. Creating the mini bonus episodes was a really gentle way for me to get back into the whole recording and editing process that I’ve missed so much. However, it wasn’t the meat of my podcast, but with this episode, we’re officially back. Prepare to delve into the mysterious realm of demonology as we sit down with my guest, a seasoned Demonologist with years of experience in uncovering the secrets of the supernatural, from debunking myths to sharing chilling real-life encounters.

We uncover the truth about demons and their classifications. And the methods used to investigate and combat their influence. Whether you’re a sceptic or a believer, this is an interesting conversation. So, are you ready to walk with me into this part of the Shadowlands and see what awaits us there? Let’s begin.

Dr. Sidney Michael Brewer

Dr. Sidney Michael Brewer was born in a small town on the eastern seaboard of the Crown Corp of Canada. He’s currently 41 years old. Sidney’s trained in many different theological philosophies. He obtained a PhD in Demonology. From 2018 to 2023 through American Institute of Metaphysics under Dr William Lester, ATL Georgia. He also trained in the Hemi-sync Gateway Project, C I A, training programs for operators from 2022 through to the present date.

He was recruited through levels of secret societies, the real enlightenment organization, the Illuminati, not what the public propaganda thinks is the case. Sidney also trained in financial worldwide systems via Sublet Corps to facilitate the financial handover and peaceful transition of power from the old elites to the new Earth 5D awakened via CQV Trust.

Executed for the protection and advancement of the Human Species Plan via the White Hat Program. He was selected to advance the Awakening Program in 2019. He’s also The founder of the Yezdin Institute, created in 2023 to provide real, unfiltered information to those seeking to exit the old matrix systems or the operating system you know today.

My guest, Dr Sidney Brewer.

Marianne: Thank you so much for agreeing to. Come and talk to me and my listeners today. I’ve been really looking forward to our conversation. And actually you will be my first episode back in the new season. So this is an exciting way to start off.

Dr Sidney Brewer: So glad to be here. Appreciate it. Thank you.

You have a PhD is it,  in demonology?

That’s correct. Yeah, I have a PhD in demonology.  It started out, it was a long, actually hard road. I went through the whole 3D matrix system itself. And, you know, we worked the 9 to 5s and I was just getting sick and tired of punching that grind out every day and every day. But I was also doing paranormal investigations at night. I was a general contractor by day and doing paranormal investigations by night. And then that kind of led into,  the theological side of things and the theological studies. So, you know, you go into the theology and then more specialty is, I was actually scheduled to go in to be an exorcist, is what the actual training was for. That was the actual start of the whole demonologist program. And then when I did that, the actual program and I wrote my dissertation,  it just led down a whole other rabbit hole, as you can imagine.

I can. You found yourself doing this job and you had a paranormal investigation group as well.

Yeah, that’s kind of how it all started. People were coming to me for advice  and, you know, I was doing my own –  As a general contractor, you know, people are calling you up for my house is having weird noises, our doors are slamming doors, opening and closing. This is happening. That is happening. And, you know, if you eliminate the improbable, whatever is left – you know what I mean? It’s just it’s crazy because we couldn’t find any problems with the homes, you know, electrical problems, plumbing problems. We tested everything for EMF’s. We were, you know, are the hinges okay? Is this happening? Is this happening?

And so, through default, we were actually recording most of the things we would set up cameras and then start the actual investigation process. And then that’s what led into, we’re starting to collect actual evidence about, you know, preternatural or supernatural phenomena happening in the home, right? That’s where it all started.

That’s really interesting. And that leads you into Demonology. Can you explain what Demonology is and what it entails?

So Demonology is the study of gods, devils, demons, and everything in between. So you have to have a fundamental… You know, it starts with theology and your specialty goes to demonology. It’s like becoming a general practitioner as a physician. And then getting a specialty, like ear, nose, throat doctor, you know what I mean?  A demonologist is just a specialist. So we’re the go-between. We’ re the last line of defence when medical science can’t explain what’s happening. And the church doesn’t want to admit there’s a spiritual involvement. And when psychologists and psychiatrists and the church have nobody else to turn to.

We end up being the middleman and interjecting into the actual case to find out, okay, is this an actual tangible case of something preter-supernatural? Or is this a case of actual mental illness itself? What is the actual dynamics? Try to find out all the details. And actually go through the investigation properly, so that all actual avenues are exhausted prior to us saying, yes, this is an actual realistic one hundred percent infestation or oppression case. Yeah.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Why didn’t you go into exorcisms as you initially planned to when you did your training? And what made you change your mind?

Because I found out what it actually was through the training. We have this common misconception, especially in Hollywood with what they present in the movies versus what it actually is. We did, we’re working under the precognitive thought that we were the ones bringing in divine power. That this was a whole introduction thing. That it was the intervention of divine power that was removing this entity from the actual subject, and that turned out to not be the case. It’s actually done through hypnotherapy.

Oh? Interesting!

Yeah, so it’s just power of suggestion. End of the day, the influences are there. It is a power of suggestion thought. So therefore, we started digging in more to why? Why would they use this and everything else that was happening with the client? What were the influential factors? What was going on in the world and everything else?

And truthfully, that’s what it comes down to. It’s the power of belief and convincing the actual patient that they are being helped by helping themselves. So getting them to actually agree that they are actually being helped. To ask for help and ask for that actual divine energy to come in and help them. And assist them to get their actual guidance team in place to make this happen. It’s them that initiates the actual response and expels the negative or an ion or negative vibration, whatever you want to call it? The demonic entity.  That’s how they actually get removed from the scenario. It’s actually done through the actual free will choice of the actual victim itself.

Very interesting. So it boils down to intent.

Yeah, intent. It’s all about intent.

What are some of the common misconceptions about demons and demonology that you’ve come across?

The biggest one I learned myself. The theology behind it is the – word everybody says, that’s demonic. I think that is the biggest misconception today. We get into this all the time!

I agree.

As soon as something negative happens in their life, they’re like, Oh, that’s demonic in nature. It’s just words. That’s just the way it is. And I know through the actual studies, I can tell you from the thousands of cases we’ve done, I can tell you that maybe one percent, if that, was actually proven to be something of a demonic nature. Most of them if not, I would say close to eighty percent are just either something between cloud chasing. Or, you know, somebody looking for attention. Or mental illness itself. Or, you know what I mean? Because Hollywood puts out a new movie, all of a sudden, Ed and Lorraine Warren are back in a film, which, you know. Praise them because they got me started in this industry, much love there. But at the same time someone watches an Exorcist movie and all of a sudden now that we have an explosion of cases around the world. You know what I mean?

Yeah, absolutely. And, and I have to say that it’s one of my… I have a Facebook group that has about seven and a half thousand people. It’s only a small group, but I started it, you know, as a way of giving to the community. And I answer spiritual questions and stuff like that. And when it… so often I hear people say, I have this demon or I have this, and it’s just an angry human spirit. It’s not a demon. And everything these days is classified as demonic because that’s the catchphrase, isn’t it?

That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. It’s an instant. It’s like, yeah, it’s the stereotypical thing to say. We just have to classify it with something, so that we can have an understanding of what it actually is. You know what I mean?

Right, and it’s very much in the human nature, humans like to label and classify things.

That’s right. That’s what we do.

In your experience. What are the different types of demons and how are they classified?

So, that would carry us over into the other conversation. Because they, they tie together, right? So, I mean, it’s easy, you know, from a theology point of view to be able to say, Hey, you know, well, a certain Son of God would be the, you know, the only true God. Andthis, that and everything else. But what people forget to realize is that it’s all just a training program. It’s all just to get one key to the puzzle. And we get into all of these different gods. But they’re not all demons. They’re just demonized by one specific religion. You know?

Absolutely. And I assume that you are aware that the word demon actually comes from Daimon. Which means teacher.

That’s right. Exactly. Yeah, absolutely. And it’s just, it’s so much taken out of context. We’ve seen it over and over and over again. A when it comes to actually… Every spirit, every ethereal being, every entity, every ET, it doesn’t matter where they’re coming from. They all bring something to the table. So they all actually have a purpose. Now that being said, some of them come in as a negative influence in your life just to guide that life path marker. That’s kind of what happens. It’s like if you’re getting off course, they’re going to throw some shit over here so that you go back the other way. You know what I mean?

That’s exactly how it gets interjected. I mean, everybody’s like, well, you know, hate this one, love this one, do this, do that. But at the end of the day,  we all came to the general conclusion that it’s just simply put, it’s just a balanced equation. And when you see it from a 5D perspective, looking down at the actual chessboard, now you have a comprehension of how the game is actually played. And why evil actually exists in the world today.

Yeah. And we’ll get into that next episode. How do you, as a Demonologist, differentiate between mental illness and actual possession?

It’s very difficult to do. It takes a lot of interjection. 1st, you still have to go with the general practitioners. So we would put a full team together. You still have a psychologist, a psychiatrist. You would have a general MD in the room with you. Then you would have the local, whatever their actual indoctrination was. So if their theological beliefs were say Christianity or Catholicism, in general, that actual representative of that religion would be there as well. Versus and everything else. We need to get the whole backstory versus where they came from, the whole nine. What the actual traumas were. If they had PTSD, like there is just an armload.

And people think, you know, you can just walk into a home and we can just, it’s like Hollywood, you know? You have it overnight! But it’s not. It takes months and months and months and months and months of investigations into the property, the home, the family tree, the traumas that were attached. Everything comes into play and into perspective. And then you have to go to the actual etheric side of things and start to look at it from that side. Okay, so what are the influences? What’s coming in? What was the – you know, the astrological charts at play? What was happening at this time? What was happening in the world at this time? What were the influences? There’s so many questions that need to be answered. But first and foremost, medical, actual mental illness is the first thing that must be eliminated prior to even considering it being an actual supernatural or preternatural event.

Right. And obviously that’s of tremendous importance because there are… But… But actually having said that, have you found in your experience that many people who are diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses, actually have attachments or  Influences?

One hundred and ten percent! I would agree with that assessment wholeheartedly. That’s actually one of the pet projects. I’m working on right now with a bunch of psychologists and psychiatrists. We know, given what we just went through. Especially with the awakening process and everything else, that’s part of the actual other topic that we would be talking about. But we know that people that came through the system early that have D. I. D. like dissociative personality disorder, multiple personality, bipolar, or split personality. Anything along those lines where it’s an actual personality disorder. All of those cases actually need to go back under review now at this point. Because we now know a lot more.

Right now than we did even three years ago. So the cases from, you know, ten, fifteen, twenty years ago, where none of this evidence was actually at play. All of those cases now should be under review again by the next team of people coming through. People that actually understand. Quantum mechanics, quantum physics. And how the actual theory field works. Because we know that these influences are actually at play. And we know that they may have possibly just went through the awakening and couldn’t handle it because there was nobody there to give them any guidance.

Right. Totally get that. That’s one of the reasons I started the podcast and started my group. Because when I came to the realization of my work, there was nobody around. And it was an absolutely horrific time. I thought I was going crazy, even though I’d had these experiences all my life. I still, the human me, had to process it. And it’s very hard. And when you think you’re by yourself, it’s even harder, because who do you talk to? So it’s really important that there are people like you out there who are helping those sort of people. How do you go about investigating and identifying demonic activity?

So, the actual, I can talk about the actual investigation side of it when it comes down to we actually have a checklist that we go through. I can’t really disclose some of the actual information on that checklist, on an actual podcast. Specifically because, you know, how it is? I mean, if people have access to information, they’re going to just supervent the actual system, right? Circumvent, sorry.

Yeah, absolutely.

So we know there’s actually tests for every specific actual etheric being, has an actual test that’s used to actually distinguish what it is. And once we know what that is, that’s how we actually get to the entity. That’s why the date. The time. The events going on in the home. This is why the investigations can take up to months and months and months to complete. Because we have to go through a S.C.A.T process. Systematic Causal Analysis Technique. Which means that we have to identify every possible weakness first. Eliminate everything else. And then get it down to a very small pool of possibilities. And then from there, we can usually identify within a reasonable amount of time, a couple of weeks, what the actual entity is, which we’re dealing with. Once we have the identity, It’s pretty easy to get rid of it, believe it or not.

Yes, absolutely. It’s not at all what is portrayed in the movies. Have you ever, in all the time that you were working in this area, encountered a situation where you were unable to explain the phenomena you witnessed or experienced?

The first one. The one that really shook me was the very first encounter I ever had as a child. I think I was no more than four years old. Was laying on a couch. In the old days, the living room would be on one side and the kitchen would be on the other, with just like a partition wall between them. You know what I mean?

And that couch would be on the other side of the partition wall so that you could do actually do like a full circle from the kitchen to the living room. Like that, right around the wall. I’m lying on the couch as a child, and you know, it’s the middle of the night. And my sister’s sleeping in the room. And she was snored pretty loud and everything. So I was just lying there, and I’m covered up, covered up in the blanket. And I’m just trying to be all comfortable. All of a sudden, I could hear this high pitched, like, wind sound coming through the house. And it’s not a sound that I’ve ever been familiar with or everything else. But I could tell you at four years old, I’ve never actually experienced the level of…

We just lost the sound Sydney. The sound just completely disappeared on your side.

That’s exactly what we’re talking about. That’s the interference, the influence. No, no, no, don’t talk about that. That’s what they’re, you know, don’t put that out there.  Yeah, so the first thing was, it was the first time I’ve ever actually experienced fear. Actual, true, raw, one hundred percent, I’m probably going to pee my pants, fear. Like, that was literally that first time you… the moment I heard the whirlwind and that’s, if you could picture the Tasmanian Devil? So that’s what it was. So this thing is about, you know, six and a half feet tall, seven feet tall. And it looked like a black tornado vortex. And this thing just… only thing you could see inside of the black tornado were just two beady red eyes. And this thing just came swirling through at my feet, through one side. And from the kitchen into the living room, right at the actual arm, like the foot of where my feet was on the couch.

And I looked at this thing. And it looked at me. And it just says like, nice to meet you. We’ll meet again soon. And that was it. It took off. And I had never been that scared in my life. And this is four years old. And I had never had comprehension of anything etheric at that point, or supernatural. I’d never had no experiences. That was the first encounter I had with the supernatural. And that was a marking. Which I found out later in life. It was just a marking moment. As in its marking its territory. Like I’ll see you again later. Don’t worry about it. You know, we’re, you and I will have a conversation in a few years-time.

Whoa, that was really scary. And I guess that set your path for you in a way?

It literally locked it in at that moment. Because my analytical mind, even though you’re still that young, is like, what was that? What just happened? There’s, you know, your parents would say, that’s your imagination getting the best of you. It’s this and that. I’m like, no, no, no. I know what I saw. Like, it’s there. It was real. It’s like, you can’t take that away from me. It was there. But did anyone else see it or hear it? No. So did it actually happen? Well, that’s the debate now, isn’t it?

You  know, I’ve had, I’ve spoken to a few people on this podcast who have experienced the black shadow with the red eyes. It’s always the red eyes… either they’re red or yellow or green. But it’s the red ones that seem to scare people the most.

We actually know why that is. Actually, we found out what that’s actually tied to. And the eye colour actually has to do with the chakra activation colours. That’s kind of what happens there with those entities.


So it’s kind of interesting and fascinating. Yeah, when you actually get into the actual study we know that when we’re in our peripheral, we have a higher spectrum of light that’s viewable in the peripheral than it is in your actual front, in your actual eyeline. So we know that Going through the awakening now things have changed. So normally people would say, oh, I seen something move out the corner of my eye. Well, that’s because you actually did. Because you actually have a higher light spectrum out of the corner of your eye. The moment you look at it, it’s gone. Because your light spectrum narrows. So it’s therefore it did disappear, but it’s actually still there.

That’s kind how that works. So the thing about the, the, chakras is what we found out. The eye colour directly ties to the actual chakra colours. So when people are seeing these shadow people or vortexes that are actually, you know, some are blacker than black, but it’s manifested energy. We know this. But the eye colour tells us what it’s manifesting for. So if we got like in the red, we know that that’s the lowest sacral chakra. The actual lowest form, that lowest density vibration. That’s why I was seeing it at such a young age. It was my introduction into the actual awakening process at that young age.

Oh, that’s really interesting. It never occurred to me to question why some had that. So that is very interesting to me. Can you share one exorcism case that you worked on? What the person was experiencing that brought them to your attention?

There was one case In particular, that hits very close to home. It was actually a very, it was a personal attack on me and my relationships and my family. When I got into this industry, my professor at the time told me, like, look, make sure this is the right choice for you. Because you know, once you go down this rabbit hole, there’s no going back. You stare at the abyss long enough, they come looking. That’s just how it was. And then we were warned that you can’t have any relationships. But I didn’t really buy into the script at the time. It’s, it’s, a seeing is believing. You need to see it for yourself. Like, is there actually something out there that can cause this type of actual negative impulse in someone’s life?

We know from the stories and the training that yes. Actual true cases do exist. Yes, these entities do exist. Yes, we know they are multidimensional. But we learned that through, you know, all the processes of elimination, they don’t come after you. They come after the thing you love. So when they want to attack you personally, it’s just like anything else. I mean, if you’re talking about cartels. Or any type of thing else, they go after your family and that’s how you’re held hostage. Like, that’s just how they work. It’s a lower vibrational system, but they know YOU may never break. But they know if I hold a gun to your kid’s head, you’re going to break anytime.

So this is what they do. So they go after your family. And they start making your family’s life miserable. Like your wife may lose her job. Or there might be influences put into their life to go for some kind of, you know, adulterous activity. Or they might get astray or things like that start to happen. And then your business might start to go down. Your bank account suddenly starts missing money. Or all of these little life stressors start to happen. And that’s part of that influence. And that’s how they keep picking you apart. So that you actually separate from your family. And now they win because they got what they wanted, that separation.

That’s quite insidious actually, isn’t it?

Very much so, very much so. I can honestly say one of the scariest ones I’ve ever worked with was Asmodeus. Had a run in with him. And I can tell you there’s nothing scarier. Because you have to look at going to these entities, like a serial killer. So if the FBI was tracking a serial killer, they would have to think like a serial killer. So you have to start thinking like a lower vibrational being. Which puts your head in a totally different state of consciousness. You know, you have to think, what would they go after? Why would they do this? Why would they do that?

So we created this experiment called the vulnerability experiment. Which means that, we know for a fact that these things always stick around when people are at their most vulnerable. Because they think, Hey, you can’t see them. And they have no problem exposing that. And then we found out, okay, so when are people most vulnerable? A when they’re sleeping. When they’re with being intimate with their partners. Or when they’re in the bathroom showering. And then that led to the opening of this actual experiment. Where I’m like, so if my camera has this IR technology. And we can use mirrors, which is an old technique of doing scrying. That reflective imaging. I’m like, so let’s put a mirror behind us. And we developed this experiment where we could use the phone and the mirrors behind us to try to trap the image. And I’m going to send you a picture of the actual image that we caught.

Oh, awesome.

It was the first time we actually caught a demon in real time, in real footage, that’s irrefutable. Looking over my shoulder. I had real time. And his name was George, by the way. I’m just throwing that that out there. People find that funny and hilarious. But it was the actual first time we had got full legitimate footage that was irrefutable. That this entity was there. And he exposed himself in full on form, leaning over my shoulder, in real time. And it was probably the scariest picture I’ve ever taken.

Original Image


Cropped & highlighted

Wow, that would be awesome. I’ll put it on this episode’s page on the podcast website, which is www.walkingtheshadowlands.com, so anybody can see it. Really looking forward to seeing that. That would have been really scary. Like, did you feel his presence? Or did you just…

Yes! It, it was intense. You could feel the, the hate and the trauma coming around. Like, the whole house was filled. You know, we had family around, and Everybody was at everybody’s throats and everything else. And I’m starting to wonder, I was like, okay, so is it just me bringing this home with me all the time? Like, is my work just following me? Or am I the catalyst for this? And we know that if you’re a demonologist or an exorcist… In that sense, it’s the loneliest job you can ever have. Because they don’t go after you. They go after the thing you love. That’s the difference. They don’t fight you one on one. They won’t come after you because you have no fear. They go after the thing that you love. That’s the big kicker. So you end up spending a lot of time alone. You know?

That’s very difficult. And it’s not something that you really want your loved ones to experience. But it’s part of the path for them, isn’t it? Please explain what are the stages of demonic oppression because we hear a lot about the terms oppression, I don’t know, influence. Can you explain the stages for us?

Okay, so you have the infestation, like the actual, it’s, there’s multiple more stages. You do have the influence stage first, and the oppression. And then the possession, and then you get into the stages of like perfect possession. Which is something people don’t normally hear about. That’s the big one. That’s the actual one that’s hidden from Hollywood. The version they don’t tell you. And it goes much, much deeper than that from, Information we will be releasing to the public coming up pretty soon. We show everybody how this all ties together with Perfect Possession. Because in this new age. In this new system. New matrix, this 5D experience, it actually ties very closely into Perfect Possession. And more people right now in this realm of existence are actually under Perfect Possession than you might think.

Actually, that was a question that was coming up. Can you explain a little bit about each of these levels like influence, what happens in the stage of influence? Etc.

So in the first stage of influence, so it’s like this. When your consciousness decides to take on a task. So what happens is we, in my case, You’re scripted into this reality where you say, like, look, I want to be an Exorcist. I want to be a Demonologist. Source consciousness itself then just says, well, in order for you to actually make that decision, we have to send you every other possibility first as a strategic plan, the systematic causal analysis technique. So that we can eliminate every process. So that you’ll never fail, but you will ultimately decide, yes, this is what I want to do.

And through that process, that’s where they… higher vibrational beings do not do that. They use teams of lower vibrational beings, your demonic entities, your infinite city of spirits. These ones that are actually processed for that information. This is what they want to do. So they’re built for that purpose. They come in there and then they start to influence your life, give you a trauma, introduce a trauma. So, you know, you might have a relationship issue. You might be having business issues. You might start into drugs or alcoholism and all of these other things. And that’s the actual influences. Hey, maybe you should go left instead of going right.

You know, that or, oh, if you take this job, you know, we could get you some extra money. But then you take the job and then all of a sudden you lose it. Like, that’s just how they work. So they bait you into these processes all the time to see if you’re going to bite. That’s the influence side of things. And they just basically dangle little influential factors around you making it, you know, the grass may be greener over here. Let’s go this way. And you follow it because that’s their natural behaviour. You’re like, you’re just trying to make your life better. So you’re thinking you’re making the right choice. But really, it’s just a bait on a hook. They just keep you going, right? So we moved then from the influence side to the actual infestation.

Now they follow you into your life because you’re following their directions. Meaning you’re giving up your free will. So you’re following what they’re telling you to do. They’re giving you the guidance and you’re following it. That’s acceptance in every shape and every form. So now when you open your door and you’ve accepted to follow their directive, that’s considered still an invitation. And now they have an infestation into the home. So when you’re bringing that trauma from the actual real world into the home, that’s where they actually set up roots. They’re like, okay, now this is ours. And this is our target. We own this actual entity. We own this human being. He’s our target. And now we’re here to stay.

So anything that happens in that home now belongs to them. That’s their opinion. So it’s like, okay, so this is my man. If you’re in a relationship with me, they’re going to make sure that you get out of that relationship. So they’re going to make your life absolutely miserable with the straight fact that if they can get you away from me, that’s more attention for them. And they want to have it that way. So that’s the actual infestation stage. They basically claim ownership over the person and create those influences and the bonds. And the person becomes reliant then. Because the relationship with the person they’re in, in the home, becomes so distorted. They turn to the entity for compassion. And this lying thing is sitting there coaxing them on like, I will be your friend. I will give you everything you need. All you need to do is just trust me, trust me, just get rid of them. And this just keeps playing over in the subconscious. And we are what we hear. Your subconscious dictates your reality. So if these things from the etheric fields are dictating your subconscious and creating this, you’re then thereby creating that reality. And it just keeps snowballing from there.

Then you get into the possessive stage, meaning the person actually gives up on the reality they’re in. And is willing to accept the act. They’re so beat down, so defeated, they give up on life. They’re like, I just can’t do this. They throw their hands up. They’re like, you know what, fuck it! You want to get with me? Here I am, come in, come take it over. I’m just done. I want out, and you can have it. And then bingo, bango, they’re in like hook! That’s normally where it ends, especially with the Hollywood versions.  So that’s when they want to cap it right there.

We’ll get on to perfect possession in a minute. Because I actually have a question about that. What happens with a person if they’re actually possessed, and is it as common as movies would have you believe it is?

It’s as common on the influence side. So most people actually make the right choices. And the entities themselves are under contract just to make you make a choice.  The possessions, the true possessions… so there’s no such thing as an entity actually entering the body. Except for what your next question is on the perfect possession side. Other than that, any demonic entity does not actually enter the body. It rides the back, or the shoulder, or the side. And they are just an attachment to the actual physical being itself, as an extension of the etheric fields that are around you, the energetic fields. So they operate, because they’re in a quantum. So they operate inside of your energetic fields. Not inside the actual vessel itself.

Totally understand that. Now let’s get on to the Perfect Possession. I once heard an Art Bell episode. And Art Bell was my hero as far as interviewers go. He was so good. He talked to a Father Malachi Martin. And he… and I recall the father talking about people he regarded as perfectly possessed. That is, people who are very happy to have the entity control them, their lives, and their interactions with others. Have you ever in your work come across any such people? And if so, how did you deal with them?

That conver… that actual question hits more close to home than you might think. I ended up being one of those people on that profile. And how? Well, you just see my lights kill here, when I said that!  So there’s that confirmation. That’s just the way it is. So here’s how it goes. If you don’t proceed with your life mission. And you go through, in the quantum field, you’ll go through your, basically your own un-a-living stage. You’re throwing your hands up, your life has gotten bad, and a possessive case is there. But there’s actually a higher mission for this actual physical body.

So this physical body represents an actual target goal, inside of the actual matrix system. Which means that nothing can actually happen to it. It must proceed forward with their mission at all costs. So if the lower vibrational beings have done their job and they can manage to break you enough, and you are checking out you want out. The higher dimensional beings step in and they do not need permission to take over. They can actually enter at any time and take the actual asset over. And they can stay as long as they want. And you won’t even know they’re there. And every decision you make in a perfect possession is actually perfectly guided. Meaning that you feel as if you are making the right choices, but all of a sudden during that perfect possession from a higher dimensional being or higher entities themselves.

It’s normally for the purposes of completing a mission. Meaning the mission is so valuable that they actually risked everything to come in and step in and get involved and do the scenario. It doesn’t apply to the lower vibrational like the regular little demons, familiars and all these other little entities that we have to deal with. It doesn’t apply to them. It has to be probably about the 12th to 14th dimensional space before they can actually pull that off. And that’s where they have to sit. They can’t do it other than that, because it takes permission. Until you get to that level comes sort of deal. I did go through this during the actual demonology stages of it, when I was actually going in and I was finishing up my PhD. I got so far down the rabbit hole. It just, I, I couldn’t figure out what was going on, so I ended up getting lost. Of course, when you start, when you play with these things all day long, they don’t forget.  So, they’re coming, and if they don’t get you, they go get seven more. If they can’t win, they get the next level guy up. And if they can’t do it, they bring the boss. And if the boss can’t do it, they bring the president. So, you know, it just keeps going, and going, and going, and going. Until finally they get you to a point, they’re going to break you because you gave up on the mission. You couldn’t complete it because of your actual lower vibrations as it was in the 3d system.

So they bring in this higher level entity. So in my case, I had multiple ones. First I had Michael and then I had Set. So what we know about Michael, he’s a cord cutter. And we know about Seth being, you know, chaos. But he’s also God’s executioner. And when I say that to people, it’s a little bit different because they think, Oh, you know, you’re going to go around killing people. It’s not like that. It’s God’s executioner of the grand plan. Meaning that these two entities stepped in to actually proceed forward and bring this actual mission forward. And bring the truth forward about how this whole operation works. And that what’s came into the actual awakening. So then that’s where all of my main downloads came from, from the etheric field. It’s like, Oh, we have all this information now. Everything makes sense. So when they get you on the right path and take over the actual asset when the job is done. And they know now you can continue on, they check out. But they stay very close by just in case you decide you’re going to do something stupid again, and they need to get you back on track. Right. That’s how that works.

They removed whatever was inside of you. Gotcha. And we’ll get into that in our next conversation a little bit. You talked briefly about your experience with Asmodeus. What happened with him and how did you get rid of him?

So at the time, my knowledge on that level of a game player was still very naive. It’s not as simple as what people think when you start thinking about the power level of these etheric beings.  There was a conversation had to me. We were driving home with my partner at the time. I was in the passenger seat. My, my ears just started ringing. So we’re in the right conversation. So I’m in the passenger seat and I got this download like right now. And I mean, this is just coming after a traumatic event, you know, we’re having an argument and coming into the beer. It’s just, it was not a good time. We were right in the midst of all this exorcism and demonology stuff, sort of pull into the driveway.

And then I said, I just turned to her and I looked and I said, are you suicidal? And this was the most breaking moment with everything happening with us. I looked at her, I said, like, are you suicidal? She goes, how the f… Did you know that? Like, how can you possibly know that? About what I’m going through and everything else inside my own head. So she admits it and everything else and then she starts talking about these influential factors that just hit her. She’s like, these thoughts are coming in, these processes. I’m getting these names. This, like, this name keeps popping up, this Asmosis something? She couldn’t pronounce the name. She’s like, I just keep getting this, like, I’m gonna die, they’re gonna, like, kill me and everything else.

And during that conversation, I get my second download of this Asmodeus. And it says, we’re taking her. But we’ll make you a deal right now. So we’re taking this actual character away from your life. She’s given up on herself. She is going to commit suicide. That’s going to happen. We already got her. But we’re going to allow you to save her. How does that sound? So you’re sitting there in the chair and from all of your training kicks in and you’re like, here we go. This is the moment they test you with everything in your system. They’re testing you to see if you’re going to make the choice to save one person over actually saving the actual soul of the entity that you are yourself. Would you give your soul up to save another person? That’s what they’re looking for. Right.

So the contract, he says to me, here’s the deal. You allow me to allow your physical body to contain five percent of what I am and we will let her live. That was the contract. At the time, I was under the influence. Going through a lot of different things, you know, we were into the psychedelics, and we were starting to do the DMT and the psilocybin. And I thought I had a full grasp. And I thought I was smart enough to out negotiate this entity. Meaning that, if you’re going to make a deal, and I consider myself a very logicalperson. Anybody that knows me, I have a plan for a plan for a plan for a plan, no failures around. I can figure it out, I can make myself get out of it.  And I looked at the condition she was in, and this is how they got me. It’s because I didn’t see it coming, but they knew this moment was happening. So they knew what the choice was going to be. And we were in a very traumatic experience, a very low vibration. I turned to her, and she’s just, tears are coming out of her eyes. And you can tell, like, she’s on her last legs. She’s going to actually make this happen.

This is not a good scenario to be in. And at that moment, like any other natural human reaction, given my training, I figured I have a better chance At fighting it than she does because she’s already there. She’s ready to give up.  So I made the deal. I said, I will do it. Let’s take it on. Let’s go. Like, I can handle you. So let’s do this. You want to take five percent? I’ll give you permission to have five percent, but you’re tortured on her ends today! As of right now. And with that, no word of a lie, the lady literally stops crying. She’s like, you know what, I just need to go lie down for a little bit and I’ll, I’ll feel better. I think I’ll be all right. And she gets out of the vehicle. Goes into the home and with that, everything started to brighten up. That ended everything right then and there. I was expecting the clouds to start shattering. Lightning to come down, this whole thing. Like holy shit, like They were targeting me because they know what I’m gonna do. They know what my life path is. They know the information I’m gonna be releasing. They know all these things. So they sent the big dog after me. That’s just how it is. They want to stop this information from coming out because it screws up their whole plan.  So I have to sit there. I sat there in the car for about an hour and had to decide, what do I do?

Because everything was quiet, everything completely quiet, all silence. You can literally hear a pin drop of almost a mile away. There was dead silence all the way around me. I’m like, Did I make the right choice? Did I just screw up somebody’s life path? Are they gonna do something now to put an influential factor in her path that just conveniently she gets in a car accident now tomorrow because they let her go today? You know, is that the actual transcript? And it turned out to be much, much worse than that. Life from there just cascaded downhill. It just turned into just this nightmare of a life and existence. And everything was introduced from the drugs and endless and losing the businesses and losing everything all the way through.

They just pulled my whole existence apart down into nothing. And it was left in that state. And it was at that moment that I could actually hear the conversations in the etheric field. Because when you’re connected to them, you can actually hear them talk about you in real time as you’re sitting there. Mostly, they would diagnose that as schizophrenia. And they would say, Oh, you know, you’re hearing things and everything else, but it’s not like that. It’s actually a little misconstrued about how they actually presented that. So it’s, when you’re hearing these things, you’re like, you can hear them having a conversation. How they’re actually going to mess up your life that day because they don’t think you can hear them.

So this is all playing out in real time and everything they would talk about would come out and come out and come out and come out. So I ended up contacting my professor. I’m like, look, I think I’m in a bit of trouble. I, I, this is what happened. This is the deal I made and everything else. He did give me a contact. I can’t mention the contact on here, but he did give me a contact of this person locally that can actually deal with these things from other practices, or other higher practices. This person gave me a little bit of advice. Turns out it was more of a money grab than anything else. I guess it’s kind of how that turned out.

Didn’t really work out too well for us. So at the end, I threw my hands up. I said, I just can’t do this anymore. I can’t do it without help and guidance. Because my whole principle at the time when your mind is that far gone and you’re into the drugs and you’re into this and you’re into that and you’re also getting influenced by these negative entities. And these are very powerful beings. They can make your reality shift in a second. They can make you think there’s a person standing in your room that’s not there. That you’re having a full conversation with something that’s not actually there. They can present images to you so you can walk into your bedroom and see your partner in bed with another person. And see it in real time.  Physically, and then go to pull the sheets off and there’s nobody fucking there. Like, it’s that level of actual misperception in the whole grand scheme. So I was basically guided then into the esoteric practices. I got recruited by different organizations about what was happening. And I started to find out that everything got connected. So we’re talking about, you know, the Illuminati stages. The CIA practices and all of these things. Now, you’re not so much a target, but you’re in a selection stage. They’re watching everything now for your behavioural actions, how you go forward. Because we know this now. I know this now. Especially seeing as I’ve been, made it through the training. Is that everything was a selection process and was there for that reason. But they had to isolate me in order to make this work. That’s how that happened.

So in order to deal with Mr. Asmodeus, we had to actually bring in these very high multi-dimensional beings to actually introduce this system, but that came with a contract as well.  So I was like, there’s no out of this. You can’t navigate this system on your own. Like either way, every side wants a contract in place. And we know this through soul contracts and everything else now. That, that’s actually how everything is done. You’re under contract for everything. So then it was Michael to cut all the cords with the family. Cut all the cords with my friends. Cut all the cords and I went into isolation for three years and training. And then I had Set coming in. And then Set was the actual part that stuck with me when it comes to chaos and executing God’s plan.

Which is how we created the Yezdin Institute for actually saving humanity through all of this crisis that’s going on right now. So that’s actually what the whole play was. Asmodeus got canned, taken out. And I’m pretty sure he’s probably sitting there today wondering like, yeah, I’m going to get another shot at some day, but that’s how it is. You know? He’s in the back corner doing push-ups, getting stronger and stronger and ready to come back. That’s just how they work, right?

Wow, so that really brings us into our next conversation later. So what advice would you give to someone who believes they might be dealing with a demonic presence. Or experiencing demonic activity apart from angry human spirits, the genuine thing?

So, the first thing I suggest is this, there’s the Hollywood version that everybody wants to talk about. You know, go talk to, you know, an Exorcist or a Demonologist or the Clergy. A, do your homework on what the source is and where that’s coming from. That’s my biggest suggestion is this. If you’re having mental illness and you’re suffering from mental trouble obviously check with your actual psychologist or psychiatrist first. Given the fact that if you find that they’re not helping you, there is another option, and that’s what the Yezdin Institute was for. We decided to put this together for people to give you the other avenue. We actually work with psychologists, psychiatrists, and the clergy. We bring the whole team together because it takes an actual village to figure out the problem.

It’s if any one of us separate and we say, Oh, well, we have the answer. You know, give somebody a pill or fix it with this or fix it with that. That’s not the right answer. We need to actually get to the root cause of the problem. We need to figure it all out. Let’s work as a team and let’s work as an actual combined unit. That’s actually how it should be done. And that’s why we are trying so hard right now to open up all of those old cases. As painful as that would be. You know, there are people that would say, you know what, well, maybe we shouldn’t, you know, open up that can, we should just let it go. Well, that’s all right for them to say. But is it all right for the people that are sitting in those institutions suffering right now?

Is it fair to them, you know? So my advice is this, if you’re suffering from any type of actual spiritual attack coming to you, give me a call. Shoot me an email, look me up, go to YezdinInstitute.com, and I can actually go through the actual program with you to see what actually happened? What are the cases? What are the dynamics involved in your case? How can we get past this? And if I don’t have the answer, somebody on my team will. You know, and so that’s how we actually work. We work as a community together.

That’s really awesome. I’ve got a couple for more questions before we go on to the next topic. So are there any specific precautions or rituals that individuals can adopt to protect themselves from potential demonic encounter?

The short answer to that is, if you stare into the abyss long enough, it’s going to stare back . If you’re going a, I have ran into this one. Don’t call it ghost hunting. Big red flag. I have to tell people that all the time I was like, if you’re a paranormal investigator that’s fine. If you’re calling it ghost hunting that’s a major no, no, on the other side. They are human. They are just transmuted energy. So therefore I don’t want to be hunted when I pass, sorry.

I totally agree with that. I used to have a paranormal investigation team. And I had very, very strict roles for my group. And a lot of people when they joined, when they saw the rules left. Because I’m very explicit, like, you treat these spirits like they’re humans. You treat them with respect, even the angry ones.


When you come across an angry one, you… anger’s only secondary to pain. So you acknowledge them.


Acknowledge their pain and say, I’m sorry that you are hurting so badly. And it usually dissipates the anger.

They normally just want the acknowledgement. So what people don’t realize is that they’re there for the rea, the, the fact that they’re there. They already know you’re coming. Now, if you’re coming with the intention of saying, I just want to get a rise out of something so I can film something and everything else. Well, be careful what you wish for. Because you just might get it. You know that’s how it goes. But it drives me absolutely insane when you watch all of the, you know, the paranormal investigation shows that are on TV.

And I’m not going to say all because that would be very stereotypical. I’m not going to target them all with the same brush, but, you know, we… the most of those shows are filmed for a rise. Or they’re staged. Or this and that, and they’re just, you know, they walk into a room and all of a sudden the pebble moves and that the person that’s actually a professional is supposed to be there to perform the investigation is running out the door screaming, ballering, you know. Oh my God, the rock moved, save me! You know. It drives me absolutely insane.

I’ve watched a few documentaries lately with demonologists, even as such. And that’s even a bigger Pet peeve because I am one. And when I see them getting on with the whole dramatic effect of waving crosses around. And be gone demon, in the name of… You know, it absolutely drives me insane. If you’re falling into that spectrum, that’s just good TV guys. It has nothing to do with the actual flow of energy. It has nothing to do with negative and positive energy, which is all these things actually are. Try not to buy into the Hollywood version. That’s my opinion on that.

Oh, I absolutely agree with you. And my paranormal investigation team and I actually were on a television show. We had just completed this investigation of a really, really haunted building in Waipukurau. Which is a town about forty minutes away from where I live. And it was a hotel that was built in the eighteen-hundreds and moved onto the site of Māori-European land battles.

Oh boy!

So it already had entities in it, and then they moved the hotel and sited it on this place. So it was a double whammy. And it was…

Yeah. that would have been interesting.

It was an awesome investigation. Actually, it was probably, I got a phone call about a month after we did this investigation. With a television show who were doing a series on Mark Twain. Actually, Mark Twain visited New Zealand .And did a tour of New Zealand when he was a famous author and he had a paranormal experience at this hotel. And so because we had done this investigation, they wanted us to come back and do an investigation with them. And that was really eye opening to me. To see what they do behind the scenes. So, you know, like I have first-hand knowledge of how they manipulate things…

Stages things.

Stages things. And you know, it was certainly an eye opening experience for me. But having said that, there’s no doubt that that place had a number of entities. Some we were able to help move on. Some didn’t want to move. Some are being held there by one particular entity. So yeah, that was really an interesting experience. One last question about this area. How do you maintain your own mental and emotional well-being, while working in such a challenging environment and dark field?

It’s the hardest possible question to answer. That’s actually probably the one I struggle with the most, truthfully. And I’m going to be completely honest with you. There are many times when even I sit down and try to decompress. You basically have to go somewhere and isolate yourself from the isolated investigation you just did. You have to decompress. You have to start getting back grounded. You have to, you know, get your diet back up and running. You have to get everything actually fixed inside of your body and bring yourself mentally around.

Most of us have a counterpart or the balancing equation. So somebody to bring us back to reality once that actually happens. They know what warning signs to watch for. What the flags are and everything else. And that if we actually get too far gone, then they try to drag us back to this reality. Since we went through a lot of training on the other side of things. The matrix side of things. When we did the actual training at the upper levels, they actually teach us how to actually control the consciousness itself. Because etheric beings actually teach you how to deal with other etheric beings.

It’s kind of interesting. So we were able to bring ourselves back. I can tell you, though, if you’re looking to get into a relationship, a partnership, have a family, have anything like that. I can tell you this is the wrong field to be into. If you’re thinking that you’re going to be in a loving relationship, have a home with a white picket fence, and be in this industry. It’s next to impossible. It’s not impossible, but highly improbable.

Right. As a final question on this subject, do you feel that there’s an increase in the need for demonologists and exorcisms these days? Or is it merely that people are talking more about this stuff than they used to? Or from kids experimenting with different forms of spirit communication etc? What do you feel?

It’s focused energy. That’s all it is. The moment Hollywood puts it out there and then we, all you see on, you know, platforms, social media platforms today is new age, golden age, new age, golden age, new age. And every time these hashtags are used, they’re feeding into that algorithm and that energy and everything else. And the more we talk about it, the more movies out there, you know, you throw a blockbuster movie up there, the exorcist or whatever. You’ve got millions of people going to go watch it. Now millions of people have just seen that on the screen. And now it’s embedded into the subconscious. And that’s what they keep thinking about.

Oh, they’ve gone home. They’re having a conversation about what they just watched. They’re having a conversation. Oh, remember back in the day when we’d be playing the Ouija board? ,Oh yeah, we should go get one. And it just escalates from there. And everybody, they tried to dress it up as, you know, Oh, it’s just something, it’s taboo and everything else. People really don’t know what they’re messing with. Because the moment you open the door, you’re going to wish you never did that. It’s just the way it is. And I can tell you from my experience. Going through what I went through in the time, I would have said, I never want to experience that again. Where I’m sitting now, I’m saying, stay away from it and let the experts do their jobs.

In the sense, demonologists, yes, are very much going to be going mainstream. New educational systems are being brought in. And these are bringing more recognized, actual metaphysical degrees than ever before. But the church, the old indoctrinations of the church side of it, they don’t want to getinvolved with it anymore. And actual general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, they still don’t want to admit that there’s actually something there. But with the introduction of quantum technology now and everything else, they have no choice too. So we’re still now in this little grey area with everything happening.

It’s like, okay, yeah, we know, but we’re never going to admit it. You know that, right? That’s like, okay, well, we’ll deal with it. Just send it our way. And that’s where we come in. With an introduction of a show like Evil. When they put evil up for the first time. I mean, they have a demonologist, a contractor, and a psychologist all on a team. And that’s actually how it should be done. Because they eliminate every possible scenario first. So you have all of your interviews. You’re going through a psychological profile. You’re going through the mental history, the family history and everything else. Then you’re going through the home to find out if there’s any environmental factors. And then you’re actually gonna deal with the actual client. And through the process of elimination, If you eliminate the impossible, whatever’s left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

That’s just how it works, right? And we can normally get to it because the moment you call somebody up… like even at my section, if I have a contact that contacts me, it escalates almost instantaneously. Because you’re already well known on the other side.  So it’s. Almost an instant transaction of power. They’re like, oh shit! It’s about to go down. Let’s get in there. You know, this is how it works. Right? So that client gets basically attacked tenfold of what they were if they never contacted us. That’s why you try to do in person. Other than a phone call or Internet or anything else, because we know that that’s still just in the quantum field.

Very interesting. Oh, just one more question that’s just come to mind, before we finish this conversation. Is spiritual attack the same as possession?

No. Spiritual attack itself is a guidance system used from the etheric side. When you’re under spiritual attack, you’re making the wrong choices to do something that’s not in your life path’s interest. That’s how that works. So it’s just a strict guidance system. So if you’re under spiritual attack, they know that there’s an entity, let’s just say a human spirit. That’s, you know, there with unfinished business. And we know what’s going on with them. The trauma is still there. That etheric energy is still there.

Everything is still happening there. So they’re basically going to use the asset that’s already in place. And they’re going to get that spirit under contract. And say, look, you’re going to go now and you’re going to create this influence on that person. When you finish your task, we’ll get you out of here. hat’s normally what they do. So they will already use the energy fields that are around us. To have either the residual or they’ll bring it back. Or they’ll tie it something together with consciousness. And they’ll use that conscious energy that’s actually intelligent and say are you? Do you want out of this system? Well, yes, because most of them are in this like little purgatory stage, where they have their unfinished business. So they’ll use that and they’ll say, well, I can get you out. If you want out, all you need to do is go over here and get that person to turn left when we need them to turn left. That’s it. And that’s how it works.

So these are the spiritual attacks. And if you don’t listen, and you that spirit cannot get that to happen, the attack level amps up. So at the next stop sign, you’re going to turn left or you’re going to have an accident. That’s just how it works. So these are the spiritual attacks. So that’s how the, they don’t step in with the possession until they know they have you specifically under contract.

Got you. Thank you for that. That’s really a good explanation. Sydney, thank you so much for coming on this episode today and sharing with us this really fascinating information about demonology and your work. I’m really looking forward to having you back on another episode to talk about another important subject, that’s really a follow on from all this work, all this grand work that you did as a demonologist. Would you like to share with my listeners before we go, how they can contact you if they  desire to?

So if they need to contact myself specifically, they can head over to yezdininstitute.com that’s our main site. If they don’t have internet access, they can use the phone lines. And other than that, mostly they can contact the local clergies that are around. Because most of them have access to us at those levels anyways. There’s an actual list between, you know, the list of exorcists and demonologists and people that are actually… they’ll never want to admit it. And they’ll get the client to leave and never say, ah we don’t know that, we don’t deal with it. But then they will pick up the phone, they’ll be like, hey, guess what? We got a client for you to talk to. So they don’t tell the client that you exist, but then you have to contact the client. That’s just how it works. They don’t want to have it. They want to have plausible deniability. So if you want to contact me directly and have a consultation. And I can explain things or anybody with the Yezdin Institute itself, you can actually just get us through yezdininstitute.com. Or call 236 905 DYI. And that’s how you will get me.

Awesome. Thank you so much for your time today, Sidney, and I’m really looking forward to our next conversation.

Absolutely. A hundred percent. Thanks for having me.

I’d like to thank you all for joining us today, and Dr Sidney Brewer for a most thought provoking episode on Demonology. Now, you may have noticed during this episode a difference in quality, at different parts. That is because we had a devil of a time recording our conversation. No pun intended, but appropriate, eh! You may recall how at one part I completely lost the sound from Sydney’s side of the conversation. Although parts of it did record, I simply couldn’t hear them. We had static issues and just a whole slew of other issues. And we had to completely shut Zoom down and restart it. Even then, the issues continued.

Now, one could postulate, that this was because of the subject we were talking about and that some etheric parties didn’t want this episode created. Certainly, I had to ask Sydney to come back and re-answer a large part of my questions because of an almost two-hour interview we only got perhaps fifteen minutes of usable sound from that part of our conversation. Even less from our second part. Which will be a whole different episode. Sydney was very gracious and took time out of his extremely busy schedule to re- record parts of our conversations. That’s the reason for the sound difference and some glitchy bits still remaining in the recording. Regardless, thank you for joining us on this riveting journey into the world of demonology with Dr Sydney Brewer.

I hope you all found this conversation as interesting as I most certainly did. And I’m very grateful to Sydney for his sense of humour about the whole re-recording thing. I know I certainly learned some interesting facts about how a demonologist works. And our understanding of the unseen has expanded, shedding light on the mysteries that often send shivers down our spines.

Remember, the unseen is closer than we think and exploring it with open minds can lead to remarkable insights. Stay curious and stay tuned for more captivating stories and Enigmatic Encounters on our Walking the Shadowlands podcast. Until next time, I’m your host Marianne bidding you farewell from the Shadowlands.

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