How To Help Your Wee One

31 Jan 2019

An emerging pattern

Over the past few weeks a pattern seems to be emerging in the community with wee ones. Generally these children are around 3 years of age and they all are experiencing seeing spirit or other beings in their rooms, around their homes, in their lives.

For some this is creating much fear – and is not the same thing as ‘night terrors’ night terrors have a solely physiological cause. They also can begin at around this age, but are not accompanied by the child seeing spirit or other beings during the day particularly, as with most of these kiddies. Here is how you can handle night terrors.

As a mum myself (even though my babies are all grown and long flown the coop), I totally get a parent’s concern over their baby. And very often, if we don’t know, we can dismiss our child’s fears as imagination. So a reaction of “it is just imagination and will pass”, would be a perfectly normal one for most parents. Because, as we all know kids do have very vivid imaginations. If we are not spiritually in tune and aware, we absolutely can pass these experiences off as their imagination. Children can and do have very vivid imaginations, but most parents know their children well enough to know the difference.

What can I do to help my child?

There are a number of things that you can do to help your baby, and this not only applies to these specific wee ones, but also to all children of younger than the teen years, who may be experiencing similar in their lives. So this article is really only for the youngsters – although parts are definitely applicable to older kids.

  • Listen to your child! This cannot be emphasized enough. Very often we are so busy, we hear our children, but we don’t actually listen to them. Get down on their level, sit them on your lap. Look them in the eyes, listen to them, with your ears as well as your eyes. Observe their body language as they are telling you. This will also help you discern if it is mere imagination or not. Do it in their time, when the need arises – as much as you possibly can.
  • Acknowledge what they are saying. Don’t dismiss what they are telling you as a nightmare. This was very real to them and was a real experience, not a nightmare or a dream or imagination. In acknowledging what they are telling you, it validates the experience for them and allows them to trust themselves. Self trust is so important, and will help them immensely as they mature. Acknowledging, does not mean to question.
  • Don’t ask questionsunless it is very obvious they want to discuss what they have seen. Then do not ask leading questions eg: was that uncle, aunty, grandma you saw? Let them lead the discussion. If they do not want to talk about details, just let it go. Don’t mistake acknowledging with questioning, and don’t ask questions to satisfy your curiosity or needs. This is all about your baby and their needs, not yours.
  • Tell them that just because you may not see what they do, that it does not mean it does not exist, or did not happen. It is important for these wee ones to understand that you believe them.
  • Let them lead. By this I mean if they want to talk about it let them. If they don’t want to talk about it don’t push them to. And if they do want to talk then let them, just listen and don’t ask leading questions of them. (see previous points).

So those are some ways of emotionally supporting your baby… now here are some practical ways.

Practical things you can do to help your baby

Part of the issues for your baby is the feeling that they have of lack of control over the experiences or situations that may arise. That is scary for any of us at any age.

In this section I will give you some practical things you can do that will make a difference for your baby.

  • A night light. The very first thing you can do, if you haven’t already is get a night light for your baby’s room. Or leave the hall light on, some light source in their room is a big comfort.
  • Set boundaries with spirit on behalf of your child. Children at this age, for the most part are unable to set boundaries for themselves or are just learning to do so. So as a parent you absolutely have legal right to set boundaries with spirit on behalf of your child. For example – you could verbalise something like this: “ Do not disturb my child whilst they are in their bedroom, this is their safe place and they need their rest!” Be firm about this. Set boundaries and most will listen and respect them. Explain to them that they are scaring your child and to please stop that. If they must appear to you child, then to do so in a non-threatening or scary manner. Explain to your child at their level of understanding that they can tell them to go away, that they actually have the power to do this.
  • A practical thing to do is to make your child a “No More Monsters” spray. Get a plastic spray bottle from the $2 shop add water, a tablespoon or two of common salt and perhaps a couple of drops of lavender oil ( to make it smell nice, calm your baby, and it also has protective properties – but not necessary). Dissolve the salt in the water, and show your child how to squirt water – making sure they understand not to squirt it in their face. Then give it to your baby to use when they feel scared. Being able to squirt the water around the room, and this will give your baby a measure of control back, which will help them immensely. Have them say something like “Ghostie, ghostie go away (squirting bottle)…. Ghostie, ghostie you can not stay! ” Get them to say that with emphasis on the capitalized words. Salt and water combined are very good at removing unwanted spirit.
  • Protection. You can place a protective bubble around your child around your child’s room. Check out the group file on protection.
  • Crystals. There are some crystals that may help to have in your babies room or as a necklace for them. Labradorite, black obsidian – onyx or tourmaline will all help.

These are all things that you can do that will help your baby through this, until your baby is old enough to be able to do this for themselves. But these kiddies are made of very strong stuff and if you give them the tools they will soon enough learn to take care of themselves.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. I hope this helps you all a wee bit.