How to Energetically Protect & Shield Yourself


19 Jul 2017

What is energetic protection.

At its simplest, a directed and focused intent is all that’s needed to have some energetic barriers or shields put up or created on your behalf.

There are also many ‘standard’ approaches, practices and procedures in the form of exercises, ‘intent recipes’ as well as invocations that all in different ways end up with people energetically protected and shielded from entities, negative influences and anything else.

These basically work in one of two ways:

  • They allow means for YOU using your own focused intent to do this for yourself – or
  • They connect you to beings in spirit who will do this for you.

The most common methods are

  • Visualising yourself in a ‘light bubble’, egg shell, or sphere of whatever colour you are given (first colour that immediately pops into your mind when you think about it.
  • Visualising or invoking a security type grid around you and making it several layers thick
  • Asking your guides to place a protective barrier around you, of whatever they deem the most suitable for you.

That is really all there is to it. It is NOT a big deal. To think it is to do it!

Know you are protected and you are. If you think you are not, you never will be. Understand?