Episode 142: A Bigfoot in My Backyard

Today’s episode is a little shorter than my normal ones, but if you are into cryptozoology and cryptids, particularly stories of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Moehau Man, the Yowie. Or any of the other hundreds of names that this creature goes by throughout the world, then be sure and stay for this week’s riveting episode.

Imagine this if you will. Our guests first encounter with this elusive cryptid begins when Mum is driving her, then young, son home. They live out on rural East Texas and there is little traffic and much untamed land still around them. Coming up the top of a hill, they spot this creature on the side of the road and are left both shocked and a little scared by their encounter. Fast forward some years later and they’ve moved into a new home. Still a very rural home. No need for curtains on windows our where they live. The closest house to theirs is a matter of miles away. When after a period where the mother is very uneasy and uncomfortable, feeling as though she is being watched all the time… things, small at first, begin to happen around their home… this soon escalates into physical sightings and interaction with one of these beings.

Now for those out there who have heard of the famous talk show radio host, the legendary Art Bell, may recall having heard these folks on his show. They were guests on his show for a couple of episodes over the years. And I actually recall hearing parts of one of my guest’s interviews with Mr Bell. So, I was absolutely thrilled when I found them and they agreed to come and share some of their experiences with us all. The question as always is, are you willing to walk into this part of the shadowlands with our guests and see what awaits us there? Then let’s begin.

My guests today are mother and son. Emily and Sierra Nesvedomi. Emily is an artist and musician of over 40 years.  She’s travelled the world and lived in Hawaii for some time before moving back to East Texas.  Now residing in Trinidad Colorado.

Sierra age 44, is also a world traveller. He attended the University of Hawaii in Hilo.  He has a great Interest in Import cars and history. Both currently live in Trinidad, Colorado.

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A Bigfoot in My Backyard

Marianne: Today I have some very special guests, Emily and Sierra Nesvedomi. first of all, before we even start, thank you, really, thank you for agreeing to talk with us about this. And I know it’s late there, and I really appreciate the fact that you were staying up to talk to me and my listeners, I really appreciate that.

Emily: Sure.

Sierra: I came to New Zealand in 2000, or no, no, 1998. So it’s been a while. Oh, really? . North and South Island. And learned a little bit about Australia too. But you know, learned a little bit about New Zealand. So it was really, really fantastic. It was great.

Now, maybe we could start at the very beginning, Emily. Could you tell us a little bit where you live. You don’t have to give any details. Just generally where you live. How long you were at this particular place before these experiences started for you.

Okay, well, basically it started when Sierra was a little boy, in first grade. And we weren’t aware of any paranormal or, you know, Bigfoot issues at that time. And I went to pick him up at school, and we were going home. And we turned off the main highway onto a dirt road that we traveled quite often, in the country.

Down in East Texas. In Rust County, north of Nacogdoches, the Highway 50. Anyway, we pulled off the road, and we topped the first hill. And Sierra was standing in the seat, and we saw this creature. And he jumped across the fence. It was a brand new fence. It was a tall fence, probably over five foot high.

And he leaped over it. And, ran across the road. Jumped over another fence. And by the time we got there, he had disappeared. And it must have scared me because we didn’t stop to look for footprints. But the strange thing about that one was he had on a shirt. He was tall and lanky. It was a Bigfoot. And he was brown-coloured.

And so, we just kept on going and we got home. And from then on little things started happening from time to time. It wasn’t a nightly thing because I wasn’t involved so much with it. We were just kind of, it was our first experiences with the Bigfoot. Then we started discussing it with neighbours and stuff. It just gradually got more and more involved. And then we went to Hawaii. And then when we came back from Hawaii ten years later, we moved to a town down the road about eight miles. And that’s when the one that lasted for ten years, and we, he visited us every night.

Okay, maybe we could backtrack a little bit. Can you tell us about this property that you lived on. Was it wooded? Was there heavy woods around your property?

On the property, the one we had for 10 years?


That one? Okay. It was surrounded by woods. And we lived in, we bought an old house. It was a wooden house, and yeah, it was surrounded. And it was country roads. It was a real rural area. And at that time, there weren’t any close neighbors. They were probably 200 yards away from us, the closest one.

So it was fairly isolated and easy for this creature to come and go?

Yeah, he did. He was there when we moved there. We moved back from Hawaii in 06 and we were there about six months.And I had been feeling funny all during the time we were there. And when we first moved there, I was scared a lot. And I didn’t know why. And I always felt like there was somebody watching me. And I thought, well who’s watching me? This is in the dark in the woods. People aren’t going to walk around without a light. They’ll fall down, you know. It’s really, really – nobody will traipse around out there.

And so the way the first encounter happened …I had rabbits. I was raising lion-head rabbits. And they were in the barn. And I was still in my Hawaiian mode, you might say. I was running around all night. It was so hot down there. And I wore short shorts, and I’d go up to the barn. And one night actually one morning I woke up and the rabbits were in chaos. There were several of them out of their cage. And I thought, well, that’s weird. And so that night, actually that afternoon, we went, Sierra went to town and he bought a million powered candle Spotlight so we could see because we didn’t have any good flashlights.

So we were sitting in the living room watching TV. And something hit the house! And it shook the house. And boom!! You know. So he grabs the can, he grabs the flashlight. And we go running out the back door. And we had a German Shepherd. And so Sierra said, well, I’m gonna go to the front to see about my truck. I said, okay. So I went in, it was dark. It was about 11 o’clock at night. And I was leaning up against my pickup looking towards the north. Just, you know, not doing anything, really. Not looking for anything. Because we shined the light. We didn’t see anything. But then suddenly. out of the grass and the -grass was oh probably three feet tall or so.

This creature just rises up, up, up, up, up in front of me! And just kept rising higher and higher. And I’m going, oh my god, that’s all I could say, you know. I was in shock! Because this was my first time to have a close encounter. With a Bigfoot and he was huge! And he was a white one, a red, I don’t know if he was snow white, but he was light -coloured because there was a full moon and he was, the moon was shining on him. And I could see him very plainly. And he was only about 10 or 15 feet away from me.

Well that’s not far. He just stood there and just looked at me. And I just stood there and looked at him. I was too scared to scream, or run, or holler. Or do anything. I was just saying, Oh my God! Oh my God! And a few seconds later, he just turned and sprinted away. And the horses in the neighbour’s field started running and yapping. And dogs was barking. And that was the beginning of the nightly affair. And I started feeding him the next night. I put out some bowls of food. And I put some vegetables. I put a meat casserole and I put some lemon pie and he took, he took the lemon pie.

Oh, that’s interesting. So, how old were you at this stage, Sierra?

Oh, it was about 15 years ago, so I was in my 30s, about 35, but it was about, like, from, they happened from 08 to 2016.

It’s quite a long time.

Continuously, different things, every Every night there was something going on every single day. He always bothered us and he always left his calling card at night. And he would leave a scat in my walkway, or in my driveway. Every single morning. I’d go out and there’d be a new scat. Pile of poop, in other words. Yeah, yeah. what made you decide to leave food out for them? Because I was curious, I guess. I don’t know? I saw him and I wanted to – I don’t know,? I’m an animal person in a lot of ways. And I’ve had coyotes and all kinds of wild animals, and right now I’ve got some raccoons. But back then I just had the Bigfoot and a German Shepherd.

And yeah, he would come every night. And it was just, we could always tell when he was close by. Because the German Shepherd would lay down by the front door, and just breathe real deep. And snort and just lay there. And I knew he was out there. And some nights he would chatter and make this kind of a bird sound to try to talk to me. And I never got up enough courage. I’d get right up to the door, ready to open it, because I knew he was there at the end of the porch. And I couldn’t do it. Even though I didn’t think he would hurt me. He could have hurt me. For ten years he could have hurt me. Yeah. But he didn’t. But I did put covers over all the windows. And even I had to put plywood on some of the windows.

Well, remember the pie trays? We’d leave the pie trays out, and then you could tell by the scratches that it wasn’t a raccoon. And it wasn’t a dog, or anything. It was human hands. Or not a human, but, you know,? People put fingernails, scratches. Remember that?

Yeah. There’d be, there was call marks on the air conditioner. By the windows there’d be big footprints every morning. You could see where he’d sit. Come and sit in grass at night. And there’d be a big round, flat, sometimes dead spot where he had sat on the grass. But, after – I came to realize… and I had studied him all those years. And finally I just gave up because I was, you know, pretty much bored with it. I mean, I knew he was out there. And I could, I used to save his scats. And do all kinds of interesting things involving the Bigfoot scene. And people wanted to buy the scats, and I knew they were his. Yeah. I could always tell, because I knew how they were. And they weren’t bad. They weren’t like he had diarrhea or anything, you know? There was a lady down there in East Texas, her name was Ketchum, Dr. Ketchum. And she was doing, or trying to develop a DNA test for the Bigfoot. And I don’t know how that’s going now, but anyway, that was his calling card.

So, did you leave food out every night?

Usually yeah. And did he? I knew that he was having a hard time you know. All animals have hard times. Yeah. It’s actually really lovely. And so did he ever bring you any little gifts in exchange, apart from his scat? I don’t remember much. If he did we never found him or seen him. There’s so much grass everywhere.He just liked to play tricks, you know.

He would move things that a human being couldn’t pick up and move. Like giant logs. And leave the doors. We didn’t lock our cars back there then because we lived in the country. There would be a door open. One night he took a Dr pepper out of the car. That’s what was curious. Somebody opened the door. For the four door sedan, and they opened the back door. Left the door open just enough. But there was a drink that was taken out of the, out of the six pack. And no one would have went and taken a drink. No one was around. It was kind of, kind of weird there. That was one experience with car related. so he’s obviously very intelligent.

Yeah. Very intelligent.

Yeah, he knew when there were people there besides us. And he knew when I was there alone. One night, I was laying in my bed, and my bed room was across from the living room, where there were windows in the living room. And I heard this, Tap, tap, tap with these claws on the glass windows. And I called Sierra. He was over at his friend’s house. I said, I think you better come home, you know, I mean, like I said, he could have hurt us and he didn’t. And he would be, he would scream, you know, in the woods. Every night at the same time.

And I was over at a friend’s house. He was about a mile away. And we would be out in the yard. And we would hear the screaming going on at my house. And he’d be like, I hear your friend. And I’m like, well, I guess I better go home, you know, and I’d get in the car and go back over to the house. Because the monsters would be screaming in the woods.

And it was like that every night out there.

Wow, and you did send me a recording, which is really awesome, and I will edit it into our conversation.

Yeah, those two yeah, I sent the, those are two main ones. There’s the hound dog barking, and then immediately after that, you hear the Bigfoot scream. It’s a short clip, and then there’s another one of a quacking.

He made all kinds of sounds. He would imitate animals and stuff. The one sound you got with the dog, that was a bloodhound. His name was Gunther. And that particular night, he kept barking and bloodhounds, they kind of like, ooh, you know, they have this, oh, barking thing. And so it was all night barking, ooh, ooh, running around the yard. And I’d go out and try to get him to come in. And I get close to him, he’d run off. All night. So about, you know, midnight, I guess it was about 11, 10, 30, 11, maybe around that time. But anyway, I went out on the front porch, I turned on the front porch light and I went out on, out on the steps there.

And Gunther was on the sidewalk in front of me and I said, Gunther what is wrong with you? What is it? And he took his old head and he flung his ears around. And he looked towards the west and there was a driveway over there about, I’d say, 50 feet from the house, 40 feet, something like that. And there the Bigfoot stood and he had a son with him. And the smaller one was, looked like maybe a teenager. He looked like he was maybe five. Six, five, five. And, and big fat, big foot was, oh gosh, he was really tall. He was like nine foot tall and three feet wide. And they just stood there still as could be.

And the light shined on them. And I looked at them. From the porch light, it was a reflection. And they were real still. They didn’t move, and I said, Okay, Gunther, you can come in the house now. Gunther, come in the house and lay down. But that’s when he was, that one of him barking, and then the Bigfoot making noise. It’s kind of a scary sound.

Okay for my listeners I’m going to edit this sound in here now. [Dog and Bigfoot screams].So that was the sound that you both captured. It was very interesting and it seems to go on for quite a while doesn’t it?

Yeah, it does. It was quite a scene there.

Yeah, and I can always, you know, post more recordings because I have a lot of different sounds, but it’s always the same kind of crazy little sounds. The screaming or the quacking.

Some questions. Do you feel, either of you feel? That perhaps this – did you give him a name? You gave him a name, didn’t you?


Biggie. Yeah. Do you think that he ever communicated with you like telepathically?

Yes, he did. He did. Actually the first night, no the second night, after the first encounter, he sent me a message. And it was It was really hard to explain and hard to even put into words. But he liked me. And he had a lot of feeling for me and I could just feel what he was feeling. That’s why I never really felt threatened, but he did have a… He did have sort of anger problems, but he didn’t get violent. He just screamed a lot and hollered in the dead of the night, you know. You could hear him maybe a hundred yards away, just screaming so loud, you know, you want to run in the house and hide.

And people down there, it’s so hot and humid, they have  air conditioners. And most everybody lives indoors, you know? Watching TV. So they’re not going to be out there looking and they don’t even want to talk about it down there.

I was just going to say, that was going to be my next question, like, obviously if you experienced it, your neighbours must have had some sort of experience as well.

Yeah, but they didn’t wanna talk about it.


This one neighbour moved in and they were, I guess about 50 yards from us and she was out one morning in the garden. And I went over and I tried to tell her about it and she said, you know, I came out this morning and something was growling at me. And I thought, well, that’s him . He grows and barks and yaps and screams. The only person that talked about it, like. a little bit is my old neighbours that were .In the next town down. That we lived in years ago and they still had the run ins with them.

They had a boat in their yard on trailer. And the boat got spun around one morning in the yard. And nobody would do that. And they were too, her dad was too disabled to be able to do anything like that. Things like that, screams in the, in the woods. There was a, she was watching a History Channel special. And it was something like that. And they had a Bigfoot on there and it screamed and when it screamed one outside her window in the woods screamed right through her bedroom window. She told me about that. It was a plastic window. You could hear right through it. Now that’s the Bigfoot that ran across the road that had a shirt on. That was a long ago. That was a brown one.

I wonder why it had a shirt?

I don’t know. I’ve heard other people talk about it and they’ve seen him wearing a shirt. It was a blue flannel shirt.He probably got it off of somebody’s line.

That’s exactly what I was thinking!

Yeah. They quit talking about it after, like, I moved back. She told me a couple things. She was going along the road and something hit her car. Hit the back end of her car while she was going down the road. And she stopped and seen, got out and looked and there was hair in a dent. But she didn’t mess with it. She went on home. But that was the last thing she ever told me about six miles away.

That big foot that ran across the road one day. Ah, I tried to go up to the church on the hill and tell our neighbours about it. And he said, oh, that wasn’t anything like that. That was just probably a field worker that lives down there in one of those deserted houses. Well, no, that’s not what it was. But in the next week, he came over to the house. And he said, Emily, I just found my dog and it was like pulled apart, like inhuman.

Like, you know, and Bigfoot does that. He hates dogs. And we’ve seen a pig one time that one of them pulled apart. And so, because I tried to tell him and he said, Oh, no, that couldn’t be. It happens where you like something, pick up an animal and pull it apart and then just leave it. And that happens down there. So that was that, but…

Yeah, that’s really scary, isn’t it?

That’s a different Bigfoot than the one that we had. That one down there seemed pretty ugly. Yeah, he was brown. One night, Sarah’s father came home about midnight. And the dogs had been barking all night, all night, all night. It was about two in the morning. I got up, got out of bed, went out the back door. And took about 10 steps into the corral. And I heard this blood curdling scream, yell, holler, Raaah, sound. And it scared me so bad, and I thought, well, should I go ahead and let the dogs out? Or go back in the house? And so I let the dogs out. They ran past me, ran in the house, and laid down. And I shut the back door. And that was my encounters with that one down there, that first time, back when Sierra was in the first grade.

Well, I have heard actually that some species or, I guess Bigfoots are just like humans. There’s aggressive ones. And there’s not aggressive ones.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve one of the friends of Dr Ketchum used to have a website. And she told me that there’s more out there than people realize. And that they’re all different. And they have bad ones, they have good ones, they have kind ones, they have all different types, you know, and they live all over the world.

Oh, absolutely. Like in New Zealand we have our own one. He goes by numerous names. Moehau Man is one of the names. That’s for the mountain range where they’re found. Australia, where I’m living now, has the Yowie. They’re all over the world, all over the world by different names. You know, there’s so much that We humans are unaware of, actually in our own reality. It’s amazing.

Yeah. Someone showed some films this, I guess about a month ago. In an isolated part of here in Colorado where we live. And it was I forget, where was it? It was something about Durango? There’s a railroad, and it’s a small tourist, small old 60 mile railroad route through the mountains. And somebody got a video of a Bigfoot walking around in the rocks out there from their little train. The very first run they made through the, I guess it was a Toltec and Cumbres. Yeah, there’s no way you could, get a car or walk or anything out there because it’s real isolated. And you could see him plain as day.

He was brown. He was walking on the side of the mountain in the dirt and he finally got to a bush and he stood behind it while the train went by. He looked like Chewbacca from Star Wars. His hair was all nice and clean. And he just kneels down in the, in the rocks. And it’s really kind of crazy. So.

Oh, I’d love to see that video.

I can find it. I’ll I’ll send it I’ll send it to you along with my stuff. Because that’s one of the most recent things we’ve had here in Colorado.

Oh, that would be great. I’ll just add it to the website. So, Sierra, did you ever have any experiences of your own with this Bigfoot?

I had strange experiences that were car related. Because like I’m into imports and I know the import scene down there in Australia and New Zealand is really cool so you can give a shout out to everybody down there. But I’ve always been into stuff since Hawaii and Weird stuff.

He would leave fingerprints on my Toyota and they weren’t my fingerprints. And then there was another, I also had other weird experiences that happened, you know, separately from moms. But the ones that stand out to me of the car was, there’s also one where some, it looked like someone had walked up to the edge of the The door trim by the window. And they scraped it with their fingernail, and he chipped the paint all the way down to the metal, and nobody would do that.

It’s like he walked up, did his fingernail. And then one time I was in the house, asleep in the back room, and uh, he put his face against the window and snorted like a horse. And I thought, oh my god, and I just covered up my, my, that scared me.. Because I knew it wasn’t a horse breathing next to my window.

Oh wow, so you didn’t, you didn’t look to see?

Oh god no, it scared the hell out of me. Then, then I was using the bathroom one time standing, you know, above the toilet and looking out the window. And he growled. As I was, you know, just, grrrrrr.

He didn’t like Sierra as much as he liked me.

It wasn’t, it wasn’t, yeah it wasn’t the fun, fun times.

Ohh. So, I wonder if he felt more threatened by you because you’re male.

I guess we always assumed that that was the case. Yeah, yeah. And whereas. But in time, he, he, he, you know, he didn’t do nothing to us. He just did his own thing . But the car thing, you know, I thought that found it kind of curious. He was always messing around with my cars out there. It’d be real scary though because you’d feel him out there like one in the morning. And like you’d be too afraid to do anything or work. I quit going out. We quit going out at night because it would be just too scary. Even less when the weather’s nice. Not 100 degrees, you know, at night and you can kind of do stuff. But I didn’t, I stayed inside. It was too scary.  Every night.

Yeah. Sometimes he’d just hit the house or throw stuff. One time there was a bottle on top of the house .And I accused my neighbors of throwing a bottle up there and then I apologized because I knew it was him that did it, you know.

Right. Right. Stupid stuff. And there’s, and weird stuff like that, you know, because it’s just weird stuff because he would think it would be somebody and it wasn’t a person. One night. Let’s see what happened. Oh, the, we had another dog and her name was puppy. And she, she would run away, she’d bark and run towards him and then run away. And so one night she was running in the front, and I told Sierra, I said, now when I open the door. Take that light and shine it across the road. Because there was big bales of hay big giant round bales of hay over there. And I said, I think Bigfoot’s over there. And cause she’d run and charge out to the gate that way and then turn around and run under the house. So I knew she was scared. So sure enough, we opened the door and Sierra picked up the light and he shined it across the street.  And there he was! And half of his head was looking above the big bale of hay. And his eyes reflected yellow. And he kind of just slowly went down, down, down. He was trying to always look in our front door because it was a glass door, it had a frame in it.

And I, yeah, I walked like, I opened the front door, walked straight out the sidewalk and turned the light on. It was hay bales. Farm hay bales stacked against the fence. And I just lit the light up, right there. And there it was, looking like this. And he just he just went down under the hay bales. And he had a gray face. He was real dingy like dirty white hair. And I thought oh my god did I just see that? Oh my god, head was wrinkled. And his eyes were yellow and he just soon as I turned the light on he was looking and just did that. And I was just like that just did not happen. I can, I can. It’s kind of scary.

Yeah, I can imagine you must have had like a, like the part, part of you is seeing what you’re seeing. But hard to accept it, because it’s outside of, of what we perceive as reality.

Exactly. Yeah. I feel sorry for him because he lived at the edge of our reality, you know, he would come out. He would come out at sunset. And he would go back in at sun up. In the morning. And one time a friend came over from Hawaii and we went hiking over towards the area where we knew this Bigfoot either lived or hung out. Every day we would hear him over there. So we went down around, went all around. And we found these Bigfoot prints and all. Then we were walking over in that same area, and there was this strange mound of, of, of dirt. And, and like a, pyramid, or triangle shape. And a big square. It looked perfect. And I thought, look at that! That’s a weird thing. And then I looked down, and I saw all these scats. And there must have been, 15 pounds of scats.

And I said, oh, I thought, Chris, we better get out of here. I think this is his bathroom. And they, and they go, it was a big berm there. And apparently they would go in this berm that was all built up with trees and dirt and real high. It was about 15 feet high. Oh no, it was real big. And they’d come out and I figured they’d go in, come and use the bathroom and go back in.

Right. Right, so they’re very, obviously very intelligent creatures. And, in all of this time you continue to leave food out for him?

Yeah, sometimes I didn’t have a lot. And I’d make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Or just whatever I had. Yeah. And we had fire ants down there. And I would, I would wrap the sandwich up in a baggie. And I would, I had a flower pot. I’d turn it upside down and put the sandwich in the baggie on top of the flowerpot. And then I would, I sometimes cover it with another flowerpot, try to keep the ants out. And he would come and eat that sandwich. Sometimes he would just eat, was it the peanut butter, or the jelly? He would either eat one of them. And leave the other.

He’d just eat one piece, one side, and leave the other side.

Oh, interesting.

And the baggie, tear the baggie perfect, like he’d slice it with his fingernail, ziplock bag, and pull the sandwich out.

You can see where … No animal can do it like that! And he’d stand there and eat it. He wouldn’t be like an animal. Because animals are coyote or wolf or whatever, fox would take it and run away. Right. They always steal their food and run away and then eat it. But he would stand, and people ask me, you should have got a picture. All those years, you should have got a picture. And I was hounded by that. But I didn’t walk around with a camera around my neck. Right, of course. And unless you’re a professional photographer and you have a camera around your neck 24 7, you’re going to miss that perfect shot. And, he’d get mad if I had a camera. The sounds, they were so far away in the woods, you could just videotape the countryside, but you’d hear the sounds.

Yeah, right.

They were just beyond the tree line. And so, and at night when they would come, it was so dark down there. You, you never could even, even with night vision on the camera. It was just, you never could see hardly anything. One night I sat there and looked out a crack in the back room. Where I had put some food. And I waited all night, and he never showed up. And it’s like they, I don’t know if they can read your thoughts, or if they’re just smart. But see, as far as lighting is concerned, he pulled a lightbulb out.


It was this hot, and it was a hot incandescent, you know, a hot one if you touched it. And he just popped it right out. And so you can see where somebody just grabbed it and just, poof! Threw it on the ground. You know, and, and busted it loose. And unplugged the computers, unplugged the lights. Unplugged the little tablets that I had going there just to be simply unplugged. So they weren’t recording no more. He .Was smart. Smart enough to do little things like that. Very intelligent.

Well, I, I would say, you know, going back to what you said, Emily, that, well, he is telepathic because he was able to project thoughts to you. So he certainly could pick up your intent.

I guess so, yeah. And fear too. That’s probably why he hung around so much. Because he knew we weren’t going to hurt him.

Yes, absolutely.

Yeah. And the, the fear. They would, that’s how you knew something was going on. It would be like 1. 30 in the morning. I don’t know why he projected that feeling of fear? Because he’d never tried to hurt us.

Well it’s, maybe, have you ever thought that perhaps he actually wasn’t so much projecting fear as it was his energies are so different to ours That we perceive it that way. So it’s so intense.

Yeah. That’s probably what it was. It was so intense.

You felt the energy. Yeah, I know what you’re saying.

Yeah, it was definitely that. You know, but definitely the intensity it’s like intense fear

Well, I could understand that. I, he’s this unknown. He could harm you if he wanted to But the fact that he chose not to and that you had this interaction, over this whole period of time. Tells me that he had some sort of affection for you. And you weren’t just a source of food. Or a source of curiosity. He actually exposed himself to you.

Yeah, exactly. He actually cared. That’s why I was sad, you know, to, to leave the place. I always, I always said, I sure wish I could see the Bigfoot riding down the road, in front of the house, on a tractor. But you know, that could never happen. You never know.

There has been a lot of talk about around Bigfoot sightings. There’s often UFO sightings and UFO experiences. Has this been your case?

From time and time again, that seems to be the case here. other sightings. There is some correlation to that. And I’ve had a story. A guy up here told me that he’s seen one go through a portal. And then there was UFOs around over the woods around the same time. And that’s just a simple story. These and that was up around Boulder up in the mountains. Gold country.

So the experiences ended because you moved?

Yeah, I’ve only seen up here. We went outside of town, outside of town up here where we live in Colorado. And I saw scat that sure looked like the stuff we saw down there. And I told Sierra, I said, lookie there. And there’s been talk in this town. There’s a lot of Bigfoot people. I’m not involved with it or know them. But, there’s this family that has all those cutouts of the Bigfoot in their yard. I mean, the male and the female and the kids that, so apparently.

I’ve heard stories here of, there’s a, there’s like a ridge you can go out and stand on this ridge and look down. And several hundred feet down on this green farmland. And it’s a real small farmland, here in this small city. And they say you can see a family of them walking around down there. But it’s private property. You have to go on the private property to get on the ledge to see them. So, it’s really wild stories around here.

Yeah, they’re here. I just don’t really care about getting involved again.

Well, yeah, of course.

Yeah, there were times when I was, it was depressing down there. I wanted to leave and, you know, I got tired of it. Because I knew he was by my window every night. And, I don’t know, it’s just strange.

Yeah, I guess in some respects, it feels to me like you felt like a bit of a prisoner in your home at night.

Kinda. Kinda, yeah. I didn’t … when we first moved there, we didn’t have any curtains or anything on our windows.. Because we were In the country. Yeah, and I hadn’t gotten it together. And I got a lot of headaches down there. I used to get migraines. I’d take a lot of hot baths. And apparently he had been watching me bathe. Because I put a curtain up on the window. And boy, he growled like a monster. Rawr!

You Know. That’s the same window that he growled at me at.

Yeah. The same stuff. The German Shepherd, she went, woof, woof. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

Oh, that’s funny. Mm hmm. It’s funny. A peeping Tom Bigfoot.

Exactly. You know, it’s weird. It’s like you’re just living life, you know, like anybody else. Go to the grocery store, grab groceries, come home. And then when you get out of the car Oh, you hear all these screams and monsters. You’re like, oh, let’s go in. You know, it’s a weird, kind of a weird mix of normal life and monsters. Apparently, they’ve been there in that area. Because I talked to this guy that had a store in a town down there about, I guess, what, 15, 10? 10 miles from us. And he said, yeah, my grandfather lived over there by . . And when I was a little boy, I used to go over there and I’d ride my bicycle down that cemetery road and it was a road. It was real sandy, you know, and he said, one day I was riding my bicycle. And I looked down and there was just Giant footprints on the side of the, in the sand, next thing you say, I turned my bike around and I got out of there, and I’m sure it was, you know, that’s why they call them Bigfoot.

Yeah, and they are pretty massive from what I’ve seen photos of.

Have you ever had an encounter?

No, I can’t say I have, but a close friend of mine has. And actually her story is recorded in one of my podcast episodes. I think it’s in the Moehau Man episode, in my first season. Her encounter along the Whanganui River.Yeah. So I’ll find the link for you and send it to you .So you can listen to her experience. But it tracked them along the riverbank It’s quite an isolated area. That’s how they are down there.

There’s a I had a friend. They lived up in Chesapeake Bay and they moved down there next, next to where it was. And one of them was following a creek and was throwing rocks at them. They were having to haul their canoe through the, it was low water in the river. I don’t know what they were doing up there. It was pretty treacherous. And then they would get so far down.. And then a rock would go in the water. A real big one, you know, and then they’d follow some more and throw rocks at them. And they’re like, well, we better get out of here. And then they went down there and the same type of things were happening on Natchez River down there. And even another one in Canola County. All through there. Yeah, I mean you see the maps of the Bigfoot sightings. And it’s just concentrated there.

So many trees, you know. There’s so much for them to eat down there. Because there’s wild persimmons and berries. And people have fruit trees and gardens and stuff, you know?

Yeah. So do you think, well, they’re vegetarian? Or do they eat meat? Cause…

They eat meat. They eat meat. And I think part of their main diet is coyotes. Oh, interesting. Because – yeah, at night and every night about sunset. Right after sunset. You’d hear the coyotes yapping, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip in the woods. And then, you’d hear a different sound that was kind of like a coyote. But it was, I think it was him mocking them. And then it sounded, it felt like he would kill one. Because instantly they’d stop! And it would be instant quiet. Right. And some of his scats would be full of hair.

Oh, interesting. Oh, that makes sense. So, what made you decide to go public with your experiences? How did that come about?

Well, we were on Art Bell’s show. Two or three times. I’m, I don’t know. But anyway. I loved Art Bell. And always listened. I’m a radio buff and I’ve always, I always listened to Art Bell. And then I listened to Coast to Coast. And I don’t know. Well, I got to be friends with him. After we had those encounters, you know, I thought, well, maybe people need to know the truth about some of our experiences. Because people that live in cities that don’t get to go out to the country are very much or live there don’t really know. And that’s why there’s so many people that doubt it because it’s more than they can imagine. And a lot of these people that are out there trying to find this stuff, you can tell they’ve never had an encounter with one. Because They just, it just doesn’t click right.

And the things they say, you know, and they, I don’t know, it’s just one of those deals. So, because we had 10 year experience with one, they contacted us. They found out about it through Art Bell, I think? And he told Sierra and I that we were some of his favourite guests. We were on twice with him. And that’s how I, I started it because I wanted to tell people our experience is not all bad. You know. There’s some people that just want to kill one. Yeah, that’s all. That’s all I want to do. That’s why I didn’t, I didn’t tell him my address or my name. When we were on Art Bell.

I love Art Bell. I thought he was the most amazing host. And I tried to emulate the way he would talk with his guests. Because, he just brought out so much out of his guests.

And it was easy to listen to. Because you didn’t get bored with it. And his guests are always right on. And so was he. And he didn’t, he didn’t have a bunch of people up there just running their mouth saying nothing.

Yeah. Look, thank you both so much. I really appreciate you sharing your story.

Well, I have a book and…

Oh, do you?

Yeah. But it’s not published yet. I’m trying to get it right now done. And when I get the money, I’m gonna have it hardcover made and have it put in print. But it’s about the 10 years of the nightly experience. It’s called Emily’s, let’s see, what is it? Bigfoot in Backyard. Alliance Bigfoot in Backyard, I think is the name of it. Something like that.

Oh, that’ll be, that’ll be cool. Have you approached publishers? Or are you going to self publish?

Well, I was going to self publish for now because the publishing companies, they wanted it badly, but they wanted also 4, 000.

Oh, what? To publish your book?

Oh, yeah. Do you know how I can get it published?

I’m sorry, I don’t. I wish I did. Otherwise, I’d help you out.

Well, if you find any way I can get it. The cheapest I’ve found for to publish a book in America here is 5 grand.

Well, if you ever get it done and if you like, I’ll do an audio recording of it for you. So you can have it as an audio book for people.

That’d be cool. That’d be cool. Cause I don’t have that set up. So that would be, that would be good.

I’d be happy to do that for you. Thank you very much for being with us today, Emily and Sierra it’s been a really, really interesting chat. Now, if people want to get in touch with you. And you want to hear from people, how can they contact you? Are you on social media?

We’ve got it. Well, we’ve got on Facebook. We’ve got the Bigfoot in Backyard Facebook. And it’s a public group and we’re both in it. And so if somebody wants to join the Bigfoot in Backyard Facebook group they can. And I can send you a link to that.

Oh, that’s all right. I actually have that link. And for my listeners…

That’s about all I’ve got really going. I haven’t made a website or nothing. I was going to eventually maybe about the stuff.

You know, probably a good idea when you get ready to publish, that you have a website that people can buy it from.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I see all those little things that I’ve never. Never done before. So yeah, it’s kind of, we’re just kind of getting into it.

Well, it’s a lot of work, but you know, when you publish your book, it pays to have that so people can see it and purchase it from the air from you. And they know you’re legit.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

So for my listeners, if you didn’t get the name of their Facebook group, don’t worry. There will be a link to it on this episodes page on the podcast website, www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. So if you go there, you can check out their Facebook group. You can also listen to the audio recordings that Emily and Sierra sent us. And you can contact them through the Facebook group. So once again, Emily and Sierra, thank you so very much for your time.

Enjoyed it.

Good on you to all your guests. We’ll keep in touch and you do the same.


I’d like to thank my guests, Emily and Sierra for taking the time to share their experiences with us all. We didn’t have as much time to chat as I normally do with my guests due to some pressing family issues on my part. So, I was unable to go too deeply into some of the areas of our conversation as I would have wanted to. Like for example to explore the connection between the UFO sightings and bigfoot activity – also other paranormal experiences that they had experienced over this time. I personally tend to feel there is a connection with all three areas. So, hopefully I will be able to chat again at some time with this lovely family and get a bit more information from them. It’s been a very interesting conversation, regardless and I cannot begin to imagine how they must have felt during the 10 years that they experienced this ongoing contact with these creatures. I have enjoyed their company and conversation very much and hopefully you have also.

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