Floyd Wills. My guest has had a lifetime’s interest in ancient mysteries, developed from watching programs such as ‘In Search Of…’ and reading books that ignited his passions as a young lad and caused him to seek these mysteries out. He then spent time exploring archaeological sites in Mexico and during his research and study came across accounts of giant skeletal finds in North America. Inspired by researchers such as Jim Vieira, he began his research on these giants searching through newspaper archives going back to the early 1900’s. Very quickly noticing a theme with all these discoveries involving authorities and the confiscation of the remains, which then quickly disappeared never to be seen again.

Floyd has a B.S. degree in human development and holds certifications in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic psychology. His investigations into sacred sites and out-of-place artifacts have led him across the globe. Floyd currently lives in Washington state.  I’d like to welcome my guest Floyd Wills.