Gary Heseltine was born in April 1960 in Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire in the UK. He served in the Royal Air Force Police (1983-1989) before spending an almost 24-year career in the British Transport Police (1989-2013).

Gary was a Home office-trained Detective Constable for 19 years working on all manner of enquiries including murder, manslaughter, and rape. He became an advanced police interviewer of witnesses and suspects and was involved in the London Bombings terrorist enquiry as a specialist interviewer of first responding police officers.

In January 2002 whilst still a serving police officer he launched an unofficial national database for police officers reporting UFO sightings in the UK.
Following the sudden death of UFO Magazine editor Graham Birdsall in September 2003 Gary launched his own online ezine called UFO which ran for 41 issues between 2004-2007. He then spent 12 months as the co-editor of UFO Data Magazine (2008), a subscription-based printed magazine.
In 2010 he was presented with the PRG Disclosure Award in Washington D.C. by Steve Bassett for his work with police officer UFO reports.
In 2012 he was given the Exopolitics Great Britain Award for his work with police officer UFO reports. Based on his police experience Gary has examined the best evidence from around the world and concluded, on a circumstantial evidence basis, that some UFO sightings are real, and act with intelligence, and are likely to be extraterrestrial or non-human in origin.
In 2013 he retired early from the police to create UFO Truth Magazine, a 96-page bi-monthly ezine created especially for those people who believe that some UFO incidents involve ET/non-human intelligence. The ezine features articles by many of the world’s leading researchers including Stanton Friedman (Can/US), AJ Gevaerd (Brazil), Roberto Pinotti (Italy), Grant Cameron (Can), Bill Chalker (Australia), Suzanne Hansen (New Zealand) and Tim Good (UK) to name but a few.
In April 2013 he spoke on behalf of police officers worldwide (who had experienced UFO sightings) at the Citizens Hearings at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.
On May 25 MAY 2021 it was announced that he is the Vice President of a new international organization called the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial  Research (ICER) which comprises scientists, academics, and leading UFO/UAP researchers from around the world.
In February 2023 after a five-year re-investigation of the Rendlesham Forest Incident (Britain’s most famous UFO event) his book ‘NON-HUMAN The Rendlesham Forest Incidents: 42 Years of Denial’ was published. Many researchers are calling it the definitive book on the case.
On a personal note – Gary is in a relationship with Jane and he has two adult daughters from previous relationships called Jamie and Kayley.
He also has two grandsons by each of his daughters called Lev and Oliver respectively.

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