Major Lori Rehfeldt is a retired United States Army Major who in 1978 began her military career in the United States Air Force as an airman. Major Rehfeldt’s first orders out of technical school sent her to RAF Bentwaters where she was assigned to the 81st Security Police Squadron (SPS) as a law enforcement specialist.

In February 1980, during a midnight shift at 0300 hours then-Airman [sic] Major Rehfeldt and her partner Airman Keith Duffield witnessed a UFO that breached military air space flying approximately 25 feet off the RAF Woodbridge Runway. Major Rehfeldt has participated in the “Disclosure Project” with Stephen Greer, collaborated with Georgina Bruni on her book, You Can’t Tell the People, and was recently mentioned in Jim Penniston’s 2020 book The Rendlesham Enigma. In 2013, Major Rehfeldt created the Rendlesham Lone Ranger UFO site Facebook, a very popular hub for those interested in UFO activity on military bases. Major Rehfeldt has participated in several podcasts including, “The Unexplained with Howard Hughes”.