What’s Coming Up For Season 9?

Kia ora, hi everyone from my beautiful country of New Zealand. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for whatever this New Year will bring us! I’m so excited to be back with you all again and I wanted to share little teasers from the first three episodes of our new season, season nine, beginning on the 11th of January (10th if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere).

If this is your first time checking out the Walking the Shadowlands podcast, thanks heaps for that. I hope you enjoy what you are about to hear. If you are a returning listener, then it’s so lovely to have you back in 2022. We start our new season out on a spooky note. Checking in with my guest, Jenna, who worked as an undertaker. She shares some of her many paranormal experiences with us, this is how she decided that being an undertaker was the career for her.

“When I was thirteen, that’s when I decided I wanted to be a funeral director and embalmer. And I sort of told my mom it was actually shortly after my great auntie’s funeral. And I went to go and view her and I was like, you know what? I could do a better job than that, at thirteen. Cocky wee thing I was, but I said to my Mum, that’s what I want to do! I think that was – I think that would be really nice, because, I’ve always been quite about wanting to help people and things. So my mum took me to an open home, which was unusual. I don’t know if they do them anymore, but they had open homes when I was sixteen. They opened up all the funeral homes, so that people could go through and tour them. And I guess it just takes a of the mystery away.

And bless my mum. She took me through. We went in. I was having a good program, the mortuary asking like, sixty-thousand questions to the funeral directors and what not. And that just really cemented it for me. I was like, yeah, this is what I want to do! It’s fabulous.”

In this next clip, Jenna’s talking about one of her first clients.

“I had one, one night – you know, when I was trying to sleep. And I, I just couldn’t sleep. We had a little baby in at the time, and I just couldn’t sleep. I could hear a baby crying. All night! And I would tell myself, you know? You know, it’s not the baby. The baby is not crying. But that, it’s all I could hear. All I could hear. And then as soon as baby left our care, there was nothing! It was, you know, silent again.”

I suggest, that you might want to keep the lights on for this episode. The following episode is actually a very special one in several different ways. Firstly, it’s the hundredth episode of our podcast. Which honestly amazes me. Because, I thought, well, I’ll be lucky if I can get ten or twenty episodes done. So, this is a real milestone for our podcast, and for me personally. And not only that, it’s a red-pill episode. If, you’ve ever seen the Matrix movie, then you will know what that means. So, I’m not going to give much away about this one. I’ll just let these next two clips speak for themselves.

“And once it’s within your body, it actually controls your entire system. You don’t really have a thought of your own because this is actually controlling you. It can actually advance your IQ. You’re, it really clears your mind out. Reflexes are outstanding. It does so many different things for you. But, within this one, you’re not actually really yourself. You’re just being controlled. You’re a host for a parasite, is basically the best way to really describe this one.”

“So, Luca, he also had a couple of different, added bonuses. He had a type of a neuro chip that actually was implanted in the back of his brain, that can actually connect him to some of his gear. Because it’s kind of AI technology that they can actually kind of integrate together with.”

Finally, in the next episode I have a conversation with a very interesting chap, George from the Carolinas, who discusses Bigfoot, Myths & Legends from all over the US. He’s really into cryptozoology and has written 4 books on the topics. In this clip he’s discussing a personal experience he had as a child, which led him into this area of research and study.

“Well, I’ve always been kind of an odd child when I was young, and I guess the first supernatural thing that happened was, I was laying in my bed one night, asleep. And probably around two o’clock in the morning, or three o’clock in the morning. Something like that. I woke up because I felt something in the room. So I woke up and my great-grandmother was sitting on the end of my bed. I could see through her. So something wasn’t quite right there. And I didn’t get scared. It was just real calm, but I could smell her perfume, and she said she wanted to come by and tell me by that she was going home and that she loved me. The next morning we woke up and that day we found out she had passed away, like, that night.”

In this next clip, George is talking about the Cherokee their belief in little people, and some remains found.

“And the funny thing is I talk to some of the elders out there in Cherokee, because, I’m in Cherokee all the time. So, I was talking to the elders, and there’s a story that when they were doing some renovations out there, getting ready to put a new building up. When they went to dig the footings, they actually found tunnels and little bones.”

There, is just a wee taste for you of the first three episodes in season nine of the Walking the Shadowlands podcast beginning next Tuesday, or Monday – dependant on where in the world you are living. In any case, you can listen to our podcast from any free podcasting platform, like Apple. Anchor, Spotify, Tunein, iHeart Radio, etc. Just look for our Walking the Shadowlands logo.  If you have Alexa, simply say these for words: “Open Walking the Shadowlands” and Alexa will play our latest episode for you. And, I’ll see you there.