Episode 54: The Halfway House

When people hear about a house being haunted or of someone experiencing a haunted house. Most people react with fear or curiosity tinged with fear. Or, they don’t want anything to do with the subject, some because of religious beliefs, some because they fear it will follow them to their home. Or they dismiss it as not being possible, it doesn’t fit into their world viewpoint, their religious beliefs or whatever reason. It’s rare that you find someone who actually accepts that fact their home is haunted and isn’t scared by that – even though others around them may be.

My guest today is one such person.  A Danish born woman, living in the United States, who at the time these incidents started was a single parent with a six-month-old son.  She lived in this particular home for a period of six years. Kirsten came to my attention when I was on a Facebook group and she was sharing one of the experiences from her home with the group. I found the experience she shared to be really interesting and a tad funny – it involved her father who was a sceptic and she shares this experience later in the episode. So I contacted her and asked if she would be interested in sharing some of the experiences from her time in that house with you all.  To my delight she agreed and this episode is the result. So with that preamble, are you all willing to walk with me into this part of the shadowlands and see what awaits us there? Then let’s begin!

Before we do begin this week’s episode though a little house keeping. This is the last episode in this current season. I will be taking a 4 week break. But actually it won’t really be a break, because I am working really hard on getting new episodes lined up for you. New interviews with very interesting people, as soon as we start back. But for that two-episode duration, I will replay my current top two episodes. One is consistently the top episode, the other one, has recently shot up to join it and was from my very first season on air. Now onto today’s topic

This episode is a little different to most I have done. Don’t expect though to have these experiences all tied up neatly and ended off for you though – Kirsten and I talked a great deal off air, actually we talked for around two and a half hours in total, half of that was not recorded. She wanted to leave the episode like this as she is currently turning her experiences into a book trilogy. However, her experiences are interesting enough that I felt you all would be ok with that. Her story begins when she was searching for a home.

The Halfway House

Kirsten: I wanted to buy a house for my son and I. My son, he was about six months old and I had a little bit of money that was going to be released, that I could use to whatever…. And, at that time my Dad said, “Why don’t you buy a house?” And I said, oh that might be a good idea. So what I did was, I saw an ad because he was like ok what about this? what about that? And ah, when I saw this house there was just something about it that said, this is mine.

And I, I said to my Dad, because, my Dad was living nearby…. I found my house! He said, “We haven’t even been out looking yet!” I said I know. I’ve found my house. He said, “What do you mean, we’ve going to look at a couple.” I said no, we’re only going to look at one and he said,” No! we’re going to look at a couple.”

 I’m twenty years old and yes, twenty years old and he said we’re gonna look at least a couple. I said ok. He said, “You pick two and I’ll pick two.” And I said to him ok. So he picked two and he said, “Which one do you want to start with?” And I said, the one we’re gonna end with.  And he said, “No. We’re going to start with another one.” And then we went to the two homes that he had picked and when he walked in, he’s like…. He looked at me and he said, “This is not your home.” I said no, I know. I know which one it is. You know, he has not seen the ad at all. So eventually after looking at the two houses that he picked, he said, “Ok. I give up. I know you have only picked one house instead of two, like I asked you for.” And I said, yes I have. So we walked down the street and I said, now we’re gonna go ahead and turn around a corner and when we get in, it’s like a…. what can I say? You go into it and then there’s a circle with about fifteen houses or so in that circle.

Marianne: Oh a cul-de-sac!

 Yes. Like a cul-de-sac. And I said to him, which one is it? Before we walked into the cul-de-sac. I said to him, why don’t you pick my house? You’ve got so many to choose from. Why don’t you pick one of the houses there? He could pick any one of them. Any one of them there, he could pick. He walked first, just a few steps ahead. He walked into the cul-de-sac and looked around. There’s no ad. There’s no sign which house it is, and he turned around, he says; “I’ve found your home!” I said are you sure?

He said,” Yes, there’s this huge giant sign on the house that says your name. I don’t know how you did it, but that’s the feeling I get. You know it’s like in neon lights; it’s just standing there flashing” I start laughing at him – oh you feel so? He said, “That’s too big for you.” I said no, it’s not too big. I’m not going to be alone in it. He said “Who’s going to be in there?” My son. “No,” he says, “It’s too big for him too.” And I said no it’s perfect. So we met up with the realtor and we walked through the house and this house was the worst of the worst, you know? Basically the realtor…. It has a very, very odd smell, of puke, old beer. Food that was moulded and it was really dirty inside. Like, disgusting dirty! And we walk into the living room and over in the corner, there’s like a pile…. A pile of clothes. Old clothes and you can smell like that…. It’s like it’s never been washed and kind of like a really nasty smell.  And my Dad looks at me, ‘cause, he looked out into the back yard and says, “Oh my God!” you know? Because, the grass is about a meter high. You know, that’s about three feet so….  He’s like God I’m going to be busy. I said no, no. He said, “Yeah, because I’m know I’m going to be doing the backyard.”

So the relator walks over and he says, “Well, you know if you can look away from all the, the….” And then he goes over and kicks that and of course, all the dirty clothes are in the corner. He goes over to kick in the clothes and it moves! And he goes ohhh ahhh ! I start laughing and a man wakes up. Drunk like a skunk. And the realtor says, “Are you sure you want this house?” Yes! It’s mine! And, I turned to the man and I said are there more sleeping in this house. He’s like, “Who are you?” I said, I’m the new owner. He said, “Ok. I’m gonna go ahead and sleep on that. Good night.” So he basically just pulled all the clothes on top of him to cut off the sunlight and went back to sleep. I said to the realtor, and I said, “Next time you try to kick something, make sure there’s nothing underneath.”

Oh wow. You were pretty composed.

Oh yes. I thought it was so funny. But, later on I found out who the owner was, that was where the whole commotion began. So I brought the house. He was a pusher, a drug dealer. A part of the gang. A part of the beat-up gang, ah AK, I think it was AK45? Part of one of those – sub gangs. Ah I think the Banditos or so.

 We on the way home we talked about it and and he said are you sure? I said no, that’s my house, I said. Within two weeks I walked into my house and I knew it was going to be really, really bad. I basically went to the bank and said, oh I’ve got so many bedrooms, that I can just rent it out. So that’s basically how I got the loan on the house. It was because I had nine bedrooms in that house, so I can rent it out, you know?

 When Kel moved in, you know he moved in more or less the same day as my son and I did. He stayed downstairs and I, we stayed upstairs. And when everyone had left, helping out cleaning up right? So it was at least sanitizing to live there right? He has not moved out his stuff yet, so we really couldn’t move my things in at that point. Other than a few things that we could set up in a corner and so forth, so it was really a commotion. But Kel, he moved in downstairs and I started preparing the house for protection. And I do that with blue colour on the doorframe outside, and then I make a little prayer and put salt on the doorsteps. And I did that for all the entrances. We had three entrances. One downstairs and then two upstairs, and I did that.

Well, a couple of days later when Kel moved in, because, I didn’t hear anything. One of the things he came up and said, “Did you guys? Are you guys messing with me?” I didn’t know him prior to that, but we talked every afternoon. He came for a cup of coffee and just to get us settled in and so forth, so we didn’t feel all alone in the house. He said, “Did you, did you mess? Are you messing with me?”  And I said, what do you mean?  “Well, I hear the door going downstairs.” I said ok, and? “Well, the problem is the door is locked.” You know, I was like, ok whatever? It’s natural you know, you’ve got noises and so forth. So in the first part I just thought it was him hearing, you know, things. So, he disregarded it.

Well a couple of days later he came storming up the stairs, “I, I don’t know if I like to stay here!” It’s been about three weeks he’s living there. I said what are you meaning by that? “Something weird happened and you probably won’t believe me.”  And I said trust me, I’ve seen everything. Spill your beans, spill your beans.  Well he said, “In the evening when I’m sitting watching TV”, he had it on low, one of the things he would hear was his door go. It’s a glass door. So, you could hear the glass in the door and then you could hear it, like there was someone closing it. Well, he knew it was locked. The only one that has the key was me and him, because, we changed the key.

 So he thought in the beginning again, it was me messing with him, until he started hearing over on the wall (knocks on table). Basically someone was knocking on the wall, all the way down. So basically all the way down the hallway was someone knocking on the door…. On the wall. Why is there knock, knock, knock, knock, you know? He’s like who’s that? You know? And then eventually what happened was that the next part that happened, because he just disregarded like I told him – just disregard the noises. It’s just noises right?

 All of a sudden he started hearing the handle. And the handle is not a round one, but a long – yes exactly a regular handle, I call it. But, it’s the older one and plastic. So what you hear is that eeee (squeaking noise), you know, because it needed the WD40. We didn’t get that far, but you can hear that, you know, squeeking noise. And then it go flick be de bup bup! You know that flick noise like someone is letting go. And he hear it in the first two doors, that is next to the front door. His front door. It is like someone holding the handle down and then letting go, but, not opening the door. You know? Just that. And then he hears a knock over the walls.

And I’m going oh, you’re having fun, and he says, “What is it? What is it?” Well, I don’t want to scare you and he says “What is it?” No, no, no, no. I’m only going to tell you if you promise to stay. He said, “Well, If I know what I’m going to deal with, then I might.” Yes, a ghost. “I’m leaving!” So he said, “I’m scared now, I’m going to leave.” I said, no you promised me. And I said, second, they can’t do anything. They’re not harmful you know? If the only thing they do is knock on the wall, that’s it. So what?

And of course it continued, just that. And of course if we were down stairs, eventually when we got all cleaned up and the previous owner he could not get the pool table out of there, so he left it. I brought it from him. So when we walked down to play at the pool, what happens was, you could hear the door upstairs go. And you could hear the door downstairs go, because, you had the…. Mine was a big wooden door and downstairs was a glass door. But you could hear them, even though they were closed.

And what happens was I tell my Dad, because one evening we were sitting there, he was there too. Because, my Dad came by a lot, because, he was living close and he and my son was having a great relationship. One evening we were sitting talking, I think we were six, seven people, plus me. And then, of course, my father. And he walks in and said, “What are you talking about? Ghosts?” and he said, “I don’t believe in that!”  I just said, well you know what? I think it’s funny because you can actually hear them downstairs.

Whenever we’re up here, or when Kell was sitting in his living room. Because, he had two rooms. A bedroom and a living room together, and he could hear them playing ball. There was nothing and no one else there! You can just hear the…. How the cue hit the balls and the ball hit each other, you know? And the ball hit the pens. That was one of the things we thought was so funny. So, my Dad’s like, “No I don’t believe in that!”

I left it alone, because, I didn’t want to deal with it, you know? It’s like, I didn’t want to convince him. I stopped convincing people for a very long time and why? If he didn’t believe in it, he didn’t believe in it. That’s fine.  At this point I think my son is –  well, he’s not two years old yet when that happened. And what happens is one evening everyone is out. After Kell, I had two more renters coming in. They all was scared to death of these… Because, they all heard it.

You know, Kell when he moved in, he didn’t believe….  He didn’t believe there was something called ghosts. He got openly convinced, the other two did too. Eventually they did, because, they were like what is this noise? Why is someone…. One of the guys one evening could see how the handle on his door, ah moving downwards, when there was no one on site. He could really see how it’s moving and he could really hear it pressed, you know like tapping, with the fingernails on the door. He could hear that and I thought that was so funny.

But one evening, I thought ok, I’ve got to try to convince my Dad about this, you know? See how he really feels about it? One evening I called him. It was kind of like late and when I called him I said, are you coming over for a cup of coffee? And he said, “No. I already gone to bed!” I said, I need you to come over here for a cup of coffee. He said, “Is it that important?” and I said oh yes, it is! And so he said, “Ok. I’ll be on my way.”

So he came over. I sat in the sofa and he sat in the chair. The sofa is up towards the wall, it was towards the kitchen and he was sitting counter. So basically the chair was actually sitting…. So if we moved the chair maybe five centimeters, what to and that would be to the left, he could see straight down the hall way. But the door was closed and he one of the things he said…. “So what is it? Why was this so important you want me over here?” while we’re sitting drinking coffee. I said, just settle down. Just wait. And he said, “Wait for what? Is it Nick?” You know, my son, and I said no. No, no, no, no. It’s not. “Is he sleep walking?” I said no, no, no, no, it’s not that. And he took another sip of his coffee.

And, all of a sudden he could hear the cues and he call hear the balls, and he could hear the pens. And he goes very quiet. He looks at me and goes “Who’s downstairs playing pool? I thought everyone was at work?”  Because, they were doing evening work. And I said, no one.  “Don’t lie to me! Don’t lie to me young lady! You know perfectly well someone is down there. I can hear it!”  I said, oh you can?  I started laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing, ‘cause, I was like…. He was, “What are you laughing at Mia?”

I said, well go down and have a game of pool. He said, “Are you pulling me over here for a game of pool?”  I said, why not? You know, a cold beer and a game of pool, it doesn’t matter what time it is, it’s always good. And he said, “But yeah, I’m drinking coffee.” I said, yeah well you can bring the coffee down. “Nah, I’ll leave it up here, but I’ll go down and see who’s there.”

So he walks downstairs and turns on the light, you know of course to get downstairs, everything’s dark. And he walks in and there’s like a tiny hallway to the pool room. Everything is completely dark. So he turns on the light. And, I can hear it switch, ‘cause, it’s very….  You know you can hear it with the old switches, click, click, you know? And I could hear him turning it on and I could hear him turning it off. I could hear him coming up the wooden stairs again. And he comes into the living room and says, “But, there is no one down there?” I said are you sure? He said, “You messing with me? You guys are messing with me?” I said no, we’re not. What did you hear? “I hear someone playing pool and I can even hear the bottles, but I don’t see any beer bottles down there!”

He sat down again and within a short time they started playing pool again. He said, “Where are they? You know there was no one in the room.” I said did you check all the other rooms? He said, “No, I can’t do that, the guys live there.” I said, you know perfectly well you can come and go in their rooms as you please. You know you can go down and check. So he stormed down the stairs again to check. You know, he checked all the rooms. There was no one down there. So he comes up again and this time he’s clueless, but he’s also angry, because, he feels like someone is teasing him. You know, really, really teasing him and he doesn’t know what it is.

You’ve got to think like this. He has no clue what a ghost is and he doesn’t want to believe in it. You know? He doesn’t trust it; he doesn’t believe it’s true. So when he sat down again and he’s like, “What is this? What’s going on? Who is? Where are they hiding?” I said are they hiding anywhere? Did you see anyone? And I said no, there’s no one down there. “So what is this? I hear beer going. I can hear the beers. I can hear how they’re cheering. I can hear how they’re playing the pool. But when I come down there, there’s no one?”

I said, just wait. Just wait for a little bit. Just sip a little bit more coffee and you know, I’m sorry about the beer. But, you drink your coffee instead. “So what now?” Oh just wait, just wait. He says, “Is there anything next?” I said oh yeah and I started laughing, because, I knew what was coming. Within five minutes you could hear dishes out in the kitchen being cleaned up, like they were being taken out of the dishwasher. At this time, he was like, “Who’s out in your kitchen?” I said, no one. He said, “Oh no, no, no! I can hear it. I can hear they’re taking dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them up in the cabinet.”

The cabinet, the upper cabinet was up on the wall into the living room, where we were sitting. So, you could hear how the dishes was being put into a stack of dishes. And he’s like, “Who’s doing the dishes?” And I said no one, I don’t have any dirty dishes. He said, “Yeah, you do.” I said no I don’t, he says, “So who’s out there?”  Go out and look. He says, “No. Just tell me.” I said no, go out and look. It’s really important for me that you go out and look. So he does. He go out and look, and he comes back in and says, “There’s no one in there.” And he’s mad, he’s mad. I said did you look everywhere?  He said, “Yes. Even in the broom closet. But there’s only room for you and Nick.”

All the other guys that were living downstairs was living downstairs was too big for the broom closet, so he’s like, “Who else could it be?” Well, where are they hiding?  “Is it Nick?” He comes up with that one again.  I said no, did you check? “No,” he’s asleep, “I can’t understand it? “I said I’ll do you a favour. I’m going to open the door out to the hallway and you know perfectly well right now, that there’s no one in the kitchen. And he said, “Yes.”

I opened the door out to the hallway so he could see the whole hallway. I pulled his chair those five centimeters, one and a half inches and I said, now sit down here and see if anyone comes and goes into the kitchen. You wait. Within a short time, the noise comes up again. And you can hear people talking out there, and doing the dishes, and putting them up in the cabinet and he says: “No one walked into the kitchen! And I know there’s no one there! But who is this?” Oh, that’s my ghost. His facial expression was priceless! Because, that was the first time he realized what a ghost actually was and he says…. That was his first apparition, but not his last one.  So after a little while you could see him tasting on the word ghost. He says, “Well, at least they’re nice. They’re doing your dishes.” And later on, we finished the conversation, because, we talked about the noises that was in the house.

Then in the end whenever he heard something in the house forward, he said, “Did you remember to close and lock the door upstairs?” When we were going downstairs we could hear the door and someone walking up the hallway. I said yeah we did, and he said,” Oh, that’s just one of those!” And if we’re upstairs and you hear the door go downstairs, he would ask, “Are they not out working?” I said yeah. “Did you not lock the door?” I said yeah, it’s locked from inside. “Oh. It’s just one of those!” I said yes it is.

I believe, yeah, my son turned two at that time. And my father, he was over one evening, where he had to tuck him in and say goodnight. And after that he went in and just sat with a cup of coffee and then we talked out in the kitchen. You know, basically there was like four big windows. So what it was, that in the evening when you turned on the light you can see the reflection of the hallway in the window, and what happens was…. That I’d seen him before. It turned me around the first time. I did the same thing, when I saw it, when I saw this apparition. ‘Cause, I had got used to it, but I forgot my Dad did not.

And one evening we were standing talking and I see this little shadow running in the hallway, but it’s through the window, but it looks like black shadow – right? And, instead of just a figure right, and he said, “I just put him to sleep. I just tucked him in.”

And so he storms out in the hallway and he sees this little thing, little shadow running by. I knew who it was, but I didn’t know any name at that time. So, basically see this little shadow. My Dad runs after this little shadow, out in the hallway, towards the living room.  As soon as he gets into the living room, there’s no one there! So he walks in. He walks into my son’s bedroom and sees my son’s fast asleep. He becomes very confused and says, “Did you see Nick run by?” I said no I didn’t. “But, did you see something run by?” And I said, yes I did. “What is that?” I said, do you really want to know?  “Yes. Yes. Yes!” and he shook his head and he said yes,  then he nodded and said “Not really.” You know, because, he knew what it was.


Ah yes, I had so much fun with my Dad, so all of a sudden both of the lights out in the kitchen start flashing. And then what happens was that there was a light out in the street that…. Like a street light. Not the main street like, but a street light that belongs to the house. Right? It starts flashing and then it goes in and the hallway light out in the upper first part of the hallway starts flashing and he says, “And what is that? Ok just give me that cup of coffee. Just give me that cup of coffee.” Well, you know, what I said it is, we have a little boy moving in and he said, “ No way! Who is that?” I said why don’t you ask Nick in the morning? He said, “You know I don’t dare. Can he see him too?” I said oh yes, they sit and talk all the time.

A few weeks prior to this I heard my son, running backward and forward in the hallway, laughing and giggling and having a blast. I walk out there and I can see he’s being chased by someone. But he’s having a lot of fun! It’s like he’s running and playing with someone. And, I said to him, is anyone here? And he said, “Yeah. We’re having fun.” And that was basically it. He didn’t wanna share anything else with me and he was two years old at that time, and I’m like oh ok, fine. And I don’t want to scare him, and I don’t wanna see any fears about it, you know? As long as he has fun and that was basically it.

One day, and this is how I actually got to meet this little boy. One day he was sitting in his high chair, we were eating and he took his spoon and then he turned around and said, “Here you go! Here’s your food!” And he would turn the spoon like someone has opened their mouth and then he’d put the food on the floor, of course. I said what are you doing, “, He’s asking for food” I said, have you seen the mess you guys are making down there on the floor? And he turned to the little boy and said, “You’re supposed to eat your food!”  I said does your little boy have a name? And he says, “Yes. His name is Charlie. He used to be one of your children.” I go what!?! Try that again, what? “Oh yes, yes. He remembers you from when you were very…. You know that’s long, long time ago.” That was basically, he didn’t want any…. That was the entry on that one.

I started seeing Charlie, at least the first part was his shadow.  But then, he really started showing to me because I said to him. If you’re going to be in my house, I need to see you. I need to make sure that you’re ok and you’re ok around my boy, else you can’t stay and I have to, I gotta force you to leave! So he starts showing up. One of the things…. The way he showed up was whenever my son was sleeping, I was downstairs playing – I think it was Nintendo back then? You know, that was a long time ago.  And all off a sudden he would stand in the doorway, and that’s how I started seeing him.

Well, Kell could not see him in the beginning and basically what happens was that when I started seeing him, I said Charlie come on in. It’s ok, it’s ok to come in, and Kell says, “Well who’s here now?” I said oh, you don’t wanna know. He said, “Is he dangerous?” I said no, he’s a little boy. “A little boy?”  Kell says” Are you sure?” and I said yes, he’s very curious about what you are doing. He doesn’t know what it is, but he thinks it’s funny. So what happens was that eventually, there is some times where he was always there, when we were sitting down there. And of course, when Nick and I was out of town, all of a sudden Kell could start seeing him. And he would sit on the floor. And in the beginning he (Kell) was like very, very antsy, because it was new to him too. Just like my Dad, but he was scared. He was terrified about this.

Eventually you know, Charlie, he got so settle with Charlie. That Charlie was able to sit right next to him, on the floor, just watching what Kell was doing. And then, whenever I got home, the first time. Kell came over and said, “Do you know what? Do you know what?” I said what? “He came and sat on the floor last night while I was playing games.” Who? “Charlie!” you know.  So at that point it was like…. It was like he started having a conversation with Charlie, just telling him what he was doing. But he could never hear the response, he couldn’t hear what Charlie was saying. Just a facial (movement), and I thought that was really, really interesting. You know? That he was able to get that far with Charlie.

They had developed a bit of a relationship.

They were developing a relationship. Yes, absolutely. 

When you moved into this house, your obviously not scared of spirit, they don’t scare you, so you’ve obviously had experiences your entire life, I would say, and you approach them with a great sense of humour.  Yep. Medium, most likely.  Someone who sees spirits and has experiences with them is usually a medium. Especially, if you see them on a regular basis. Like you have.

I’ve been seeing all of this since I was two. There’s nothing to be scared of. I don’t see anything to be scared of. You know?

Right. So, did you know right away, when you moved into your house, that you had spirit in your home?

Not in the beginning, but I, when I look back on it, yes absolutely. But not when I walked in there. I didn’t know there was any, but I knew the house had picked me and not the other way around.

Now, that’s interesting.

Yes, it was. I knew that this was…. You know, like I said. This was every day.  We heard something. You know, knocking on the walls. Opening the doors. Closing the doors, you know. Everything. It was, it was always noisy in that house. 

Like I said, it was almost everyday. Charlie became a part of the house. You know? Basically part of the family. We were all of a sudden, two kids, a Mom. And then one day my son says, “Mom?” I said yeah. He said, “Is it ok if we get another child?” And I go, another child? Single Mom, that’s gonna take a while, you know.  He said, “No. No, no, no, no. Charlie is bringing his sister.” I go what!?! So I said yeah that’s fine, so long as she’s a sweet girl and everything.

So, all of a sudden, what happens is that one day when we were going up the stairs, you know, from downstairs. I had my son in my hand you know, ah, in my arm.  And I stopped mid-stairs and my son turns around and he says, “Oh that’s Sophie!”  I could see her, but she was between floors! I could see her, just like I could see other stuff, right. So, that was basically it and in the morning I felt like I had three kids running around in the hall upstairs. That was so crazy and of course, you know, the more people that came, the more we got to talk about it.

And I remember one time we had the door standing open out to the patio and we were sitting talking about this. And one of the guys he say,“ Have you ever considered inviting some medium in?” I said don’t you dare!  This is my upstairs, what you do downstairs, I don’t care. But this is mine.

 The patio door had been [open] all evening, because, it was a little bit warm at that time.  No wind or anything. Normally in the weekend we were about twelve – fifteen people in the evening. Yes, we were always…. Everyone was curious about this. So in the daily part we was probably about five to seven people, always someone there. But what happens was, that evening he said, “What are you going to do if someone is standing outside?” I said…. I turned around looked over to the door. Hey, if anyone’s outside and wants to come in, just open the door. And, I turned around again. And the door eeeeeeee (Squeeks), you know? They jumped! Oh my gosh! He said, “It’s time for me to go home!” I said, you asked!

I already knew someone had come in, because, I could feel it. And the guy that was sitting right next to me, he knew too. He looked at me, he could feel someone was there. He said, “Im not sure.” Because, they got a wee bit eerie about what has happened. I said ok, what do you want me to do? Tell them to close the door? He said, “No thanks, I’d rather not.”  I walked up and put it on just a crack [open] again and I said, are you sure?  And he said, “Now that we’ve seen they can open the door they can close it completely.” And the door closed. He said, “It’s time for me to go home now.” And the guy who was sitting next to me said, “I can’t see who is here. But, I can sense someone is here.” How can you sense it? “Because someone is overly protective towards you, and he’s asking me to move.” I said you’d better move. If he’s telling you to move, someone is here to protect me.

When I was over there last time, I don’t feel anything anymore over there, because, I haven’t been living there for a long time. It was very amazing the way that things were moving in this house and like I said, it’s every day. And of course, with my Dad too. My Dad in the end got used to all the activity in the house. He understood what was going on. He was more surprised than anything else, more than he wanted to know.    

But I want to save the good story, the really bad one, I want to share a little bit of it, but I don’t want to share the whole thing. I want it to be a teaser if that’s ok?

When’s your book coming out?

 Yeah, I actually got two. One of Kel’s friends…. One evening, one of the first winters…. Basically what happens was that one of the first renters that come in…. ‘cause everyone that come through this house of renters, was either alcoholic or drug abusers. But, they all turned good after a month or so, because, that was the option they had. Well, one of the guys that come into the house, one of Kel’s friends. He didn’t believe in this and what happened was one time when I was out of town…. I always had this sense of feeling whenever I came into the house something is off, right? Whenever I came back, I felt the house was cold. And the house was empty, empty of ghosts, you know? What keeps the house alive. The breathing, the emotions, in the house was gone! It was really, really, oddly cold.

 And, when I walked in, I was going to be fine, because I had my protection in the upper part, also because I had my son, you know. What scares me the most, was not what they had done, but what scares me the most was they didn’t consider what was in the house when they did it. So what happens was that his friend had brought over a Ouija board. And he said, “Well, I believe that she has a portal in this house.” ‘Cause, there was too much activity and too many people were able to jump in and out. And everything was too active in the house. And it was too good of a ghost that was in there. There was no bad ghost. At least not that I saw. You know, they were all protective. So for me, when I walked in there, all my good ghosts was gone!

And Kel came up to me and says he was going to leave. I said no, you can’t do that! He said, “Yes, I’m giving you my one-month notice.” I said no, you gonna tell me what you brought into my home. And he said,” Nothing.” I said don’t lie to me. He said to me, “How do you know?” I said don’t ask me that question either, he said ok. I said I’m gonna make some coffee and take a deep breath and tell me what’s going on. And he did. He basically said, his friend came over and they were four people, a Ouija board and he could feel that something was let go out of the house. And how he felt it, and this is where I kind of want to kind of like stop that part is, like one evening while I was gone. I think I was maybe visiting my Mom. We were at least out of the house at that time. I think we were out for three weeks or so.

One evening he was doing a sketch and he was sitting with one candle light, watching it. There was no air moving in the room. He was sitting in the second room. The windows were locked; the door was open. There was no windows on the outside, just the door to the, out to the hallway. And all of a sudden he saw the candle instead of standing, you know,  just a little bit moving backwards and forwards, all of a sudden it stopped moving. It stopped moving, and he going “Who’s here?” And he’s used to that. I told him bring them forward, if there’s someone there, you gotta ask. You’ve got to ask them who they are. You know, and you’ve got to say so yourself, else get out! And he said, “Who’s there?” No one answered, but he said, “I had this really, really bad feeling.”

And then he said, “All of a sudden, the lit part of the candle, it start turning. So the first part of it was…. And then it bent in a ninety degree. So it’s not the candle in itself, but the wick that was lit. It made basically half of the wick was turned at a ninety degree. Then, it turned ice cold!  Really, really, demeaning, evil. He could feel it in his core. You know? Ice cold. He could start seeing his breath. Right? Like he was ice, ice cold, could see his own breath. Then he said, “Whoever you are, get the hell out of my room!” 

But the door was standing up off the wall. So you can’t just slam the door. Basically you’ve got to hold onto that door. But, when he yelled that, someone slammed that door right shut. Bam! He got up, then he turned on the light and then he closed the door. And when he told me that the only thing I had as a response was, and you don’t think they don’t walk through a closed – locked door? “I don’t know. I hurried up and got under my covers and tried to go to sleep. I didn’t know what it was and I want to get out of here.”

Interesting, Right. So, perhaps in order to close off this episode for the listeners so they don’t feel like…. Because, people like to have some sort of closure to an episode. Yeah, so perhaps you could tell us how long you continued to live at that house? And did you ever find out who that male spirit was that you initially saw?

I, I actually figured out who that was, and I figured out who it was that was playing the pool and who was doing the dishes. I was able to track that back and of course like I said, a lot more happens in the house, including…

So how long did you stay in the house for and why did you ultimately leave?

We stayed in the house about six years, yeah, about six years until we moved over here permanently. And the reason why we moved back then, was basically, he was able to read and write whenever he was two. He was sitting on a computer when he was two and there was no schooling options back then that was able to sustain that, so that whenever he was six years old I ended up getting a therapist. I was so frustrated, because, I needed to give him more than I could give him where I was. And what happens was, as a six-year-old he started first grade. But I had to do it from home, because, he was too young to go into first grade over here. So we had a school therapist on him.  And that was basically one of the reasons we wanted to leave, ‘cause, I wanted to give him something better. I don’t know if I’d go down and tell a social worker we had ghosts running around in our house, I’d think she was going to think I was crazy, you know?

Yeah. No, I’d leave that out too. So that was the reason you left your home. And I guess it must have been a bit of a wrench for you to leave the place you loved? On a level, but on another level, when you’re doing something for your child it’s not a wrench at all is it?

Exactly. And I feel like I also kept this world open for him. And when he became a teenager he started closing down that world. And I hope that one day he’ll be able to open it again, be…. And, I’m surprised at how strong he is, but he’s not seeing the things he used to see.  

Thank you very much for your time today Kristen, you’ve shared some really, really interesting experiences I’ve really enjoyed talking to you and my listeners will have enjoyed this as well. So thank you for your time

Thank you, yes.

I want to thank my guest Kristen (pronounced Christine) for sharing her experiences with us. What I found most interesting about Kristen was the way that she approached this all, with a great sense of humour and without fear. As she said to me off air, and I’m paraphrasing her words here:

“It’s actually more worrying to consider someone breaking into my home, jumping my fence, than be concerned about ghosts”

I totally agree with that sentiment. And I loved her sense of humour and the wonderful relationship she and her Dad had. Delightful to listen to. Thank you so much Kristen.

I want to thank my guest Kristen (pronounced Christine) for sharing her experiences with us. What I found most interesting about Kristen was the way that she approached this all, with a great sense of humour and without fear. As she said to me off air, and I’m paraphrasing her words here: “It’s actually more worrying to consider someone breaking into my home, jumping my fence, than be concerned about ghosts” I totally agree with that sentiment. And I loved her sense of humour and the wonderful relationship she and her Dad had. Delightful to listen to. Thank you so much Kristen.

And thank you to all of you my listeners, especially those who have been with me from the beginning of this journey. It’s been over a year now, since I started this podcast off. Time has gone by so quickly, that I didn’t even notice that our one-year anniversary had well and truly come and gone. But, that’s not actually a bad thing. And here we are at the end of our fourth season. Who would have thought? Certainly, I didn’t when I started this journey.

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