I Am A Starseed. What Now?

8 Feb 2019

If you have read the documents on “Is My Child A Starseed?” and “What Is A Starseed – Am I One?” and possibly you identify as a starseed. Well you may be asking yourself, so what now? Where do I go from here? What do I need to do? How does this help me in my day to day life?

I cannot promise to answer these questions as each is individual to the person. What I am going to do in this document is talk about some of the signs that show you are awakening to your mission.

What does it mean to awaken?

Before I can go onto discussing signs of awakening, it is probably a good idea if I explain what I mean by ‘awaken’ in terms of being a star seed. When starseeds are born into physical bodies, part of the process of coming in here is the forgetting who they are and where they come from on a conscious level. They are asleep to their true selves.

In some respects it is like waking from being asleep. Because the real you, the soul who came here to this planet to do this work – to help others, has been asleep to your real identity. Even though you always had this feeling, this inner knowing that this is not your home, that this body you are currently inhabiting is not you, you may not have understood why you feel this way.

So when I talk about waking up or to awaken, it is that you recognize and acknowledge your true identity – even if you do not have full conscious memory of life off this planet, just snippets (and honestly, I personally feel that is harder – cause it makes one so much more homesick at times). You recognize, and your heart and mind work together to acknowledge that this is who you are. That in actual fact you are here on this planet, that you came here specifically with a job to do.

That is what I mean by awaken. So I say to you reading this. That is what I mean by awaken. So I say to you reading this. Starseed it is time to wake up! – or you would not be drawn to read this.

Signs of awakening.

Please be aware, that some of these signs are physical as well as spiritual. With some of these physical signs, there may be an under laying physical illness, so having assumed you have been to a doc, had a check up and all is well, then take them as a part of awakening.

  • You may feel disorientated and un-grounded at times…. At the moment this may be particularly bad for you as the earth’s energies currently are in a state of almost constant flux, so most sensitive people are having these issues at this point in time. But for an awakening starseed this can feel particularly intense – even to the point of physical dizziness at times. Earth energies aside, the reason for this is that you are opening up to new energies – Star energies, which are quite different to earth ones – a much higher vibrational rate. For some people these energies can feel quite overwhelming and may cause the above feelings as well as perhaps some accompanying nausea – and lack of appetite. For some these feelings can induce a feeling of fear as they don’t understand what is happening. It can feel very scary – especially if you are not aware of what is happening.
  • You may experience a marked increase in your sensory sensitivity. These new energies that are currently flooding your body affect your chakras, particularly your third eye in order to alter your perception. When this happens you can have an increased sensitivity to light, temperature, and especially sound. You may also suffer from headaches for a short period of time and prefer to stay out of bright light.
  • Other physical symptoms can also be present. You might get muscle cramps- as these new energies flood your entire body right down to the cell structure, the energy given off can lead to some having muscle cramps. You might get flu-like symptoms, such as aching muscles, fatigue to the point of having to sleep, headache, weird aches and pains, ringing in the ears, – as well as the symptoms mentioned in both previous points. Some of these can feel quite severe and are not relieved by regular analgesics such as paracetamol.
  • You may feel specific physical vibrating/tingling in your hands, feet, and sometimes lower legs.. this is solely a result of the new energies as they move through and around your body.
  • Sleep is an issue for you. You may sleep far more deeply than normal – and /or have really upsetting dreams which is out of the norm for you. (Note, that along with the earth’s fluctuating energies at this point in time – many non-starseeds are also experiencing these dream issues. It is all energy based). You may wake regularly around 3 am or thereabouts. This can be incredibly frustrating for some. But it is around this time period that the new energies surging through your body will peak for the day. Understand this, that this will not last – your body at some stage will adapt to these new energies.
  • Anxiety may be an issue for you at this point in time. This is because you may not understand what is happening with you and it does cause stress on a physical and emotional level. But understand that this is perfectly normal to initially feel this way – almost all of us go through this when we awaken. It will settle and you are not losing your mind.
  • Mood swings are also a byproduct of what is happening on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Some find these the hardest to deal with as it affects not merely you, but those close to you on a level. This for some, may make them feel as though they are losing control, losing their mind – especially when they cannot understand why this is happening. Be patient with yourself and understand that it is a physiological chemical reaction to the energies, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Along with the physical symptoms, you may be feeling an opening spiritually, a greater connectedness to the planets energies – an expanding sense of new beginnings, new opportunities. You will feel an intensification of what your souls purpose of being here is, you may even understand precisely what your role, what your mission is. Don’t worry if you don’t have it all – this is merely the opening for you and will come with time and patience on your part.
  • You may see flashes of your life before you volunteered for this mission. You will remember where you come from, if not visually – you will feel the emotional connection. You may feel a particular draw to one planet if so, it is likely that is your origin, your home planet. This unfortunately is a bit of a double-edged sword, because along with the remembering and the knowledge of your work can come intense bouts of emotional homesickness. At times, this can be very overwhelming for some of us. Again, be patient with yourself. This is perfectly normal. But being the warrior and brave soul you are (or you would not have come here to begin with), you will soon learn to put those feelings aside to focus on your mission.
  • You will feel a desire to connect with your star family and with the team you are assigned to work with at some stage. This is absolutely normal, and in truth, they will likely have been following you your entire life here on this planet. Possibly you may start having open communication with your star people. This could come in a number of forms.
  • Your innate spiritual abilities will suddenly open in ways you never anticipated – even if in this life you had tried to bury them or disregard them. They will become very strong and more prominent in your life.
  • Your bullshit tolerance suddenly goes off the chart and you find yourself clearing out old thoughts, memories emotions and people from your life that do not resonate with the higher energy levels you now have in your body. For many starseeds, this can mean the breakup of relationships that have been teetering for some time anyway – Many starseeds find themselves when they activate, no longer in relationships that will take a large percentage of their time and energy that they need for their work – and as they came in here to do a mission, that comes above all else for them. Don’t feel badly if this happens to you. Some of us are totally focused and do not wish distractions of any sort around us. But, everyone works differently and you may have a partner who, even if they do not understand, they are totally supportive and give you the space you need. This however, is very rare. For some, family members may find these changes in you difficult to deal with. They may see a marked difference in how you interact with people. This does not mean that you treat them badly, on the contrary – you are respectful and as loving as you can be, because now you work from your heart. You just don’t tolerate deception in any form and can see right through it, even if others are not aware you know they are lying.

I am sure there are more that I can’t currently think of, as they come to mind I will add them to this list. But the major thing I want to impress on you all going through activation/awakening, is be kind to yourself. Be as gentle and as patient with yourself as you are with those in need. Your physical body is going through a huge adjustment. Your emotions and your spiritual awareness are going through a huge adjustment. This takes some time. Honestly, the slower it is, the easier it is to cope with the adjustments – however; I am feeling that most awakenings from here on in are going to be short, sharp and for some difficult to work through.

But know this – we starseeds all go through this process. We all volunteered to come here and help in this process (even though some of us frequently wonder why we did!?! especially when the dense energies here start to weigh us down a little bit. The difference for you all, is that you don’t have to awaken by yourself as I did not knowing or fully understanding what was happening with me. It was scary, difficult, and a life altering time for me. Hopefully it won’t be so scary or difficult for you. Knowing what is happening is more than half the key to dealing with it.

Kia Kaha (be strong) fellow starseeds, we have got this and the end of this journey, this mission is coming. Hang in there.