What Is A Starseed?   Am I One?

12 Feb 2019

I felt it was important to address this topic, as I had already done the document on starseed children and I know that some of you can relate to the points raised on there.

A Question

A member earlier this morning asked this question on the starseed Q&A pinned thread; “ I was just watching the Gaia video and read the link about starseed characteristics. My question is Are we all Starseeds? Most of what I read I’m thinking aren’t we all like this?”

These are actually very good questions.

This was my response; “ … technically since most of those inhabiting these created human bodies are not actually native to this planet – then technically yes. But most souls were placed here against their will and actually are prisoners on this planet and forced into the birth/death/rebirth closed cycle of this system.

The difference is, that the starseeds we refer to, are souls who volunteered to incarnate into bodies on this planet solely in order to help remove the current system and controllers, by systematically waking those souls forced into these bodies. This is done by raising the consciousness and vibrations of, and helping to heal, both the souls they come into contact with and Papatuanuku herself. These souls are the ‘ground crew’ and are (as in my case) often working consciously with team members off planet.

So this document is aimed at those souls who volunteered to come into this closed system, to help effect change from the inside out. So for this purpose I will use the term starseed.

Also to this point I would also add, that starseed volunteers know they have work to do, and important work, even if at this point in time they have no idea what that work is. Whereas those who are not here voluntarily don’t have that building urge that starseeds do. That innate knowing they have a mission to perform.

What is a starseed?

Here is my definition of a starseed.

A starseed is a being from another planet, star system, galaxy, or even another universe, who volunteers to be born into a human body and the cycle of birth and death (and forgetting ones origins), associated with this planet. They come here with a specific mission.

Their work is to assist both Papatuanuku (Earth Mother), and humanity to evolve into a new era and a higher vibrational state of being. This is to help prepare both to become part of the greater intergalactic community.

Also; this is to help humanity awaken from the oppression and oppressive thinking – both towards other humans and towards Papatuanuku that has been force fed humanity for eons, by those who would keep humans as a slave race, ignorant of their real selves and potential.

How can I tell if I am a starseed?

As with the points raised in the “Is My Child A Starseed? There are some identifying characteristics. These have been posted all over the internet, so you can see them with a simple google search – but for those of you who don’t want to go and look I will post some of them in here – enough to get you thinking (and feeling), anyway.

  • You have a You have a very strong sense of knowing that this planet is not your home.
  • You feel as though you do not fit in anywhere in this society and have always felt this way from childhood.
  • You have a fascination with the stars, solar systems and galaxies out in space and when possible, you spend time at night star gazing – but when you do, you often feel this deep sense of longing and homesickness.
  • You may be an avid science fiction follower of tv shows, books and movies – because you it makes you feel like there is some truth in them (to a degree) – this is not the same as fantasizing.
  • You are to one degree or another anti-establishment, and have always been this way from a child. You know that the current system of being on this planet is wrong.
  • You may have recurring dreams about aliens or spaceships or being on a ship. You likely have seen one or more UFO’s in the night sky during your periods of watching the skies.
  • Or you may be an experiencer – having fully conscious interaction with star people, and having full or partial recollections of the same. (Note, this is different to being abducted, where you are taken against your will.)
  • You have very strong spiritual gifts – most notably claircognizance – which is the ability to simply know things. You don’t know how you know, but you just do – and it is always correct. You also are extremely sensitive in other areas of spirituality, such as clairsentience – where you can feel what another persons is experiencing, physically and emotionally – this does not mean you feel it personally, but you are aware. People cannot bullshit you, because you always see through manipulation and lies.
  • You are a deeply sensitive person, and often can be quite emotional. Many, many starseeds have suffered deeply depressive episodes in their lives here – this is not due to any lack on their part – it is that their soul knows, that the pain and suffering here on this planet is not how it was on their home planet, and the denseness of the energies here can at times be very, very difficult to deal with – so many internalize what they feel into depression.
  • You may be an empath – as opposed to merely empathetic. Many starpeople are natural empaths, which makes being here so much harder on a level.
  • You have a strong sense of the need to protect Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) and are aware of the damage being done to her. You may be very ecologically and conservationally minded. Not only that, but you may be an active protester on these subjects and or working to actually do something about them.
  • You tend to think out of the box and find most technology not an issue for you at all.
  • You are very intelligent, but you are not interesting in traditional academia and ways of learning, in fact you avoid it as much as you can.
  • You mostly likely find it a real struggle to fit into society and the perceived norms of your society. So often tend to become loners preferring your own company where possible.
  • You know this body this identity you currently have is not you.
  • You may have a partial memory of life on another planet or galaxy or even universe.
  • You have always known that you have a work, or a mission to perform – you may not know what or where or how this is to be performed, but you know you have a mission. That it is important, you have known this since you were a child.
  • Most recently, you have this sense of urgency growing within in you…. and at times this can make you feel very restless – like you have this important something to do and it is almost time to do it. But you do not know what this something is, or where you need to be – mostly there is just the sense of urgency. This can make you feel along with restlessness, very unsettled – and like there is something you should know, should be doing – it is right on the tip of your tongue (so to speak), on the edge of your consciousness, but you can’t quite grab it.

So these are a few of the signs of being a starseed. Read the document on the children as well as there is much in there you may identify with. I will create a separate document on starseed awakening signs and symptoms. If you have any questions at all, then please do not hesitate to ask.