What Is An Earth Sensitive? Am I One?

November 16th, 2022

This is a subject that comes up from time to time, and people often ask that question. It’s a little bit complex, but I’ll try to make it as simple as possible. And apologies it’s a far longer read than I anticipated it would be when I started it.

Firstly, I think we need to have a basic understanding of what energy is with regards to our physiological/biological bodies, which actually are energy transmitters and receivers. Your heart, your nervous system all work by means of energy input and a form of energetic current. In fact the heart’s very own rhythm can be electronically altered if it’s not functioning correctly, by means of an electrical circuit called a pacemaker. If our bodies energies are not functioning correctly then it can cause us, physical pain, illness, and death.

Our body’s energies can be dramatically affected by any number of the energy sources that constantly surround us all at all times. We are constantly bombarded with all sorts of energies, from man-made, such as those put out from high tension power cables, to those that are used to transport your cell phone calls, or your wireless network connection.

Scientific studies have shown that these energies, can and do have detrimental effects on the human body, with some people being far more sensitive to these electronic energies than others, causing them all sorts of physical issues. Some are affected so badly by man-made energy systems that they have to live completely off the grid and isolated from any source of non-naturally occurring energy – which is getting harder and harder with the microwave coverage these days. It is the same for some of us with naturally occurring energy sources.

In addition to those man-made energy outputs, the human body also puts its own energy out there that can and does affect us. You just need to think about all the fear that has been created over the past few years particularly and the way that fear has affected the whole of humanity. Those who control this reality are very aware that they can utilise this to affect changes they want to see amongst humans.

The Earth is a living entity and she puts out her own energies. And some of us are very sensitive to these energies released by her, particularly before physical earth changes, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the like.

So basically, an earth sensitive is a person whose physical body is especially attuned to the energies that surround us all at all times, particularly the ones put out by the Earth when she is stressed or moving, or wanting to move in some manner, be that an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or some other earth related event. Not only earth changes, but very many of us are also greatly affected by solar flares when they erupt from the sun.

Scientifically, before an earthquake occurs, the earth puts out energetic waves, that as they increase in size are picked up and captured by scientific instruments such as seismometers, hydrophones (in water), or accelerometers.

However, for us people who are earth sensitive, we pick up these energies put out from the earth, way before the instruments pick them up. Our physiological body, the receiver aspect, is able to feel or hear (or both), these energies – ULF (ultra-low frequencies), VLF (very-low frequencies), and ELF (extra-low frequency), signals put out by the earth, before any instrument can and it affects us in many different ways, on a physical and sometimes emotional level. Generally these effects on our bodies are not pleasant, and not something we really wish to experience, but it’s not something that we can stop from affecting us either, although we can learn ways to mitigate the effects.

How can I tell if I am an earth sensitive?

There are some ways that you can tell, but of course these are unique and individual to each person, and some may only get very slight effects, whereas for others, it can literally have them flat on their backs for a day or two before the event. The effects can be very incapacitating.

By the way, this is not all woo-woo theory. Many people have been the subject of study by credible scientists, on how this actually works. One woman in particular came to international attention with her prediction of the St Helens eruption in May 18, 1980, she was only out in her prediction by a mere 11 minutes. This brought her to the attention of the scientific community and multiple appearances on various TV shows. Her name is Charlotte King. I’ve included a link so you can read more about her if you wish to. It was through her that the term ‘Biological Earthquake Forecasting’ came about and became a subject of further study. If you do a google scholar search you can see that there are numerous scientific studies done on this, mostly with animals who are very sensitive to earth changes, but humans as well.

So what are some of the signs:

  • You are very in tune with your physical body and very sensitive to changes in it.
  • You are very connected with the planet on a physical level. An example of this on a personal level, is when I returned to New Zealand to live, after living for a number of years in the states, as soon as my feet touched the ground, I could feel the physical boundaries of the island -like where it met the sea. It was the weirdest sensation, whereas before, I had been living hours and hours away from the coast and sea. A good days drive. But here, I could feel it. It totally took me by surprise and I didn’t lose that sense of the physical boundaries of the North Island for a good week.
  • You are sensitive to weather and even season changes. Personally, I can always smell the change in season before it becomes noticeable physically. Often people who are earth sensitive in particular can suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in winter especially.Some get premonitions or feelings than an event is about to happen, in hours, or weeks from now. For example, I just knew that Mt Ruapehu was going to erupt just days before she first erupted again in 1995. And immediately before she did, I got severe upper right stomach pains, sharp and stabbing. Same with White Island before her last eruption. So some of us can also tell when we are about to face some weather event like a tornado etc, before it happens also.You can (but not all earth sensitive’s do), react to Solar Flares. Solar Flares are an intense burst of radiation that causes the sun to become brighter than normal and push out a mass coronal ejection from its body. The effects of solar flares on the earth and life here can be absolutely catastrophic if one is earth facing when released. It can affect the Earth’s magnetosphere and result in geomagnetic storms, which can make beautiful lights in the night skies. It can also damage satellites, power infrastructure and radio communications, if it directly hits the earth. Google ‘The Carrington effect’ if you want to know more about that.
  • You have an intuitive feel for the Earth, like you can tell how she is feeling (not always and not with everyone).
  • You very often prefer to be by water of some description, because of the cleansing healing properties water, running water especially, has on your body.
  • You are affected by physical changes on the planet – for example, if you hear of mass deforestation happening somewhere, it greatly distresses you. Stuff like that.

So those are some of the signs that you might be earth sensitive. Now, what are some of the symptoms you might experience prior to earth changes. As always, before you assume that you are earth sensitive, if you are having any of these physical symptoms, please, please make sure you get checked out by a doc first, because many of these can be symptoms of physical illness. Now, assuming you’ve been to a doc and gotten the all clear, here are some to watch out for, these are only a few. You need to be aware of your own body and what it is telling you.

Some potential symptoms of upcoming earth events.

( Please note you may only have one or two of the symptoms on this list and this isn’t comprehensive)


  1. Ringing in one or both ears. Now do not confuse this with tinnitus. It is not tinnitus. What you are hearing are the low frequency waves the earth puts out prior to some events, earthquakes in particular. This is the biggest symptom I get. I have gotten to the stage where I now know if my left ear is ringing that means a quake is going to hit in the southern hemisphere – right ear, northern hemisphere. If I concentrate, I can also generally pinpoint where on the planet and what size the quake will be. I personally don’t get times or dates, but there is largely a two week max window, for me, from the time I am aware of the ringing to the time the quake happens.
  2. These can range from mild, to absolutely incapacitating migraines. For me, this depends on the location of the coming event and size. The larger the quake the stronger the headache generally.
  3. Dizziness and/or Nausea. Often these occur (for me) immediately prior to a quake.
  4. A feeling of being unbalanced. Like suddenly the room has tilted.
  5. Sudden pain. It can be in any part of the body, but comes on suddenly. I get stomach pains – sharp, stabbing pains when volcanic events are happening in NZ. I honestly haven’t noticed that for overseas ones, just local. Unlike quakes.
  6. A feeling of extreme lethargy. It’s hard to get anything done, all you want to do is lay down. It often comes on instantly.
  7. Out of the blue, for no discernible reason.
  8. Disturbed sleep patterns.
  9. This is one that hits me the hardest of all symptoms I get. I never know where to put myself.
  10. Oversensitivity to loud noises or changes in temperature.
  11. Sudden and acute feeling of heat or cold in the body.
  12. Tingling of extremities.
  13. A need to withdraw from everything and everyone and be silent.
  14. A deep desire to suddenly connect with nature.

For me, of all the symptoms I get. The headaches are by far and away the worst of the lot. Because I cannot do anything but sleep them off. Medication doesn’t ease them, for me anyway, they may help you.

What do I do now?

  • Learn to listen to and trust what your body is telling you. Having given you all that information, if you are not familiar with what your body is telling you, then you need to really start listening. Being earth sensitive is not in the least uncommon, it’s simply that most have gotten so out of touch with what their bodies are telling them.
  • Learn to tell the difference/discern. What feelings belong to you and your body, what comes from the earth, and what belongs to other people. Ask yourself, is this my feeling? Is this from the earth?
  • Start keeping a journal. Of your body symptoms, date, time, weather conditions (sometimes it makes a difference to what your body tells you, initially anyway). Then look for local, regional, and international quakes or other earth events. Soon enough, if you are earth sensitive, then you will notice a correlation and pattern to what you experience and earth events.
  • Ground yourself, often and regularly! This is particularly important if you are earth sensitive, and also especially now as the earth energies are in such a state of almost constant fluctuation.
  • Make sure you drink enough water. Being an earth sensitive takes so much more energy than you may be aware of. So it’s especially important to have good hydration. Also, that hydrations helps receive accurate signals.
  • If you need it take vitamin supplements. But, if you are eating a healthy diet then this shouldn’t be necessary. Cut out processed foods as much as possible.

Hopefully, if you’ve managed to make your way through this wordy document, then it’s been of some use for you. I’ll make a downloadable version as well, so you can have a hard-copy.

If you are earth sensitive, then don’t stress about this at all. You cannot do anything to prevent this happening to you, but you can learn to mitigate the effects, with recognition and self-care. Do things that bring you joy. Make sure you get as much sleep as possible for you. Be creative. Have fun! You deserve it.

Much love.