How to Cleanse Energies From Your Home

30 May 2017.

Every house, every building, even empty sections devoid of buildings can collect energy rubbish… (think of it like an accumulation of dust in the house). This can occur in a house, because of negative thoughts, emotions, things that may have happened in the house, or any stress the household may have experienced – an example of this could be the death of a family member, or a tragic accident etc…

The energies of these events accumulate in the house. Look at spiritual cleansing of a house in the same way as cleaning dust from your house. You know for yourself that once you physically clean your house it always feels better and brighter and the energies feel different. Same with spiritual cleansing.

It is always a good idea to cleanse your home immediately after you experience any negative event, or when you feel sad, or fearful. Here are some times when it is good to clean the house on a spiritual level:

  • After having a spring clean or a house clean out where you removed a lot of clutter
  • After any argument in the house
  • Before you move your belongings into a new house (but obviously once you take possession of it)
  • After a partner or flatmate moves out
  • After divorce or a break-up
  • After a death or illness
  • When you bring a second hand item into your home – often these can bring energy and attachments into your home with them
  • When you want clean energies to start a new project
  • After you have been doing any sort of spirital work, be that using cards, readings, automatic writing or simply doing evp or similar.

Before you clean your house.

There is no point in spiritually cleaning your house without also a physical house cleansing.

  • Get rid of any junk or clutter from your house and section, especially the junk that accumulates under the bed.
  • Clean your house top to bottom. Ceiling, walls, floor and carpets.
  • Clean the outside of your property. Clean up the section if overgrown, mow the lawns, get rid of rubbish, stack wood etc.

What to use to cleanse your house.

There are a number of ways you can spiritually cleanse your house. What you need to understand, is that this is a ritual you will be performing. So it doesn’t really matter what method you choose to use. Ritual is a method that focuses your intent and your intent is really the key that will clean the house. But the ritual is important to help you focus. Where your focus goes – energy flows.

  • Water, is a very good cleanser – this can be sprinkled from a bowl, or placed in a spray bottle and squirted from that.
  • Water with salt added to it – mix a small amount of salt with the water and use as above.
  • Incense – Just plain $2.00 shop incense will do the trick. Incense is what I mostly use.
  • Sage or sweetgrass. These are traditional native american tools they use for cleansing.

These are pretty much everything you would need to cleanse a house and property. Any choice of these is fine.

How to cleanse your house

  1. Before you start to cleanse your house. Open all your windows, doors (including cupboard and wardrobe doors, drawers), any closed, enclosed space needs to be opened. This is to allow the energies to move freely around and out of the house.
  2. Gather whatever tools you are going to use. If you are using sage or a large amount of incense, then a container to catch the ash as it falls. (I generally only use 1 stick of incense, so that isn’t really an issue). You don’t need a feather to move the smoke to the corners of the room, your hands or breath do the job more than well enough.
  3. Decide where in the house you are going to begin. This is really only personal preference.
  4. Before you start, ensure that your energies are clean and that you have grounded yourself and have protection up. (see documents on grounding and protection).
  5. Once you have done that, take a deep breath in and verbally announce your intention. For example. “I intend to remove all negative, remaining energies in this house and this room, from this house. All negative energies will be removed, in its place will be only, clean, fresh, positive energies.”
  6. Take the water or incense and walk around each corner of the room – squirting water or blowing the smoke into the corners and ceiling. Make the smoke drift up the walls, into window mouldings, closests, cupboards and drawers. Imagine the smoke drawing up with it all the negative energies and moving out through the open doors and windows. This cleanses the area. Go throughout the whole house doing this and repeating your intent.
  7. When you have done this through the whole house, including a basement if you have one or attached garage. Attic space also if you have easy access and it is safe to access.
  8. Once the house is completed, then you do the same around the outside of your house, the same for the inside and outside of any sheds or outside buildings.
  9. Finally you walk the perimeter of your property, removing it off your property altogether.
  10. Then you cup your hands and waft the smoke over your body and face – the same with any other person who happens to be in the house with you at that time. Put out the remaining incense and throw it away or tip out any remaining water.

That is really all there is to it. Remember – to think it, is to do it.