Grounding – What is it? How to do it?

30 May 2017

Spiritual grounding is very important if you are developing your psychic senses, or working as an intuitive or medium. Actually even in day to day life this is important.

What is grounding?

Basically grounding is the balancing of both your physical and spiritual energies. When you are grounded, you feel more balanced, you feel like you are here, present in the physical and things don’t throw you as much.

If you are not grounded you may feel like this

  • Light headed
  • tired
  • disconnected
  • floaty – like you are floating
  • shaky
  • nervous and flighty

These sensations can happen when you have excess spiritual energy running through you body. This can be from doing spiritual work or being at places where spiritual energy has affected you.

Grounding, is sometimes referred to as earthing, can help you get rid of excess energy and sort of acts like an anchor connecting with the earth – this balances out your energy and helps you get back in touch with your physical body. The more grounded you are, the more spiritual you can be.

Here are some tips to help you ground yourself

  1. Eating. I always, always eat after I have finished consultations. This is very important, because i use a lot of energy when doing readings, physical as well as spiritual, my body needs to replace what it has used. Also eating reconnects you with your physical body
  2. Take your shoes off and walk outside. Let yourself feel the earth beneath your feet. Focus on how the earth feels. Or do some gardening. Let yourself feel the dirt in your hands.
  3. Have a salt bath. OR use a salt based body scrub in the shower
  4. Physical activity – Move your body.. wash dishes.. walk the dog.
  5. Visualisation – this one is particularly good BEFORE you start consultations. Sit comfortably upright in a chair, with your feed planted on the floor. Imagine your feet have roots (like a tree). Imagine these roots going deep into the earth, anchoring you and balancing you. Breath deeply and allow yourself to be balanced/
  6. Using crystals or stones. Blue or black kyanite is very good for this use. 🙂

Easy peasy… Here is the key and it is not a big deal. To think it is to do it.