Setting Boundaries – A Tool That May Help

2 Aug 2019

Boundaries are an issue that come up time and time again in people’s readings. This is because most of us do have issues with personal boundaries to some degree or another.

For those whose personal boundaries for whatever reason, have been totally disregarded by others, it can be hard to set and keep them, or to even in some cases, recognise what should be boundaries.

This is just a simple little tool that will help you to do just that. It won’t fix things over night and will take practice saying no.. but it definitely helps and gives you more self-confidence.

Get a large piece of paper..

  • On it draw 3 circles.
  • In the pink circle write out all the things you are willing to accept in your life… these could be things like specific people, love, learning.. etc.. whatever is important to you and your personal values.
  • In the blue circle write out items that you are willing to accept into your life by invitation only.. things like friends staying at your place, constructive advice etc..
  • In the black circle.. this is the “outer darkness” ring.. these are things that are not welcome in your life ever

You can add new items as you think of them to the different circles. The physical act of creating this, automatically sets the boundaries in your mind and in your subconcious. So when any given situation arises you already have the boundary set for it.

So it becomes easier and easier over time for you to say no, and to protect those boundaries.

Eventually it becomes second nature and you don’t have to think twice about it.