Nate Michael is a debut author of a book called ‘Born Haunted: My Lifelong Encounters with the Paranormal’ His book has received award nomination from the following places: Best Indie Book Award, Dragonfly Book Awards, and Writer’s Digest Awards.

He was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana; where he met his wife and still lives today. He has a professional license in Medication Administration and currently works in the medical field. He’s an expert on paranormal phenomena, occult studies, and Wicca/Witchcraft. His life-long experiences with the strange and supernatural have brought him great knowledge which he seeks to share with all of his readers. When he isn’t writing or studying the paranormal and occult, he enjoys playing the guitar, gardening and spending time outdoors with his young daughter and wife.

Episode 70: Born Haunted          Website: Born Haunted