Episode 140: A Glitch in the Matrix – Experiences 2

Hello everyone. Welcome. If you’re a first-time listener, a special welcome to you. We’re glad to have you with us all. In this episode, we’re re-exploring a subject that most of my listeners find very captivating and thought-provoking. The very first episode that I did on this subject. In the first season of the Walking the Shadowlands podcast, remains, to this day – 12 seasons later, one of my most listened-to episodes.

It was called A Glitch in the Matrix: A Holographic Reality? I followed that up a few seasons later with A Glitch in the Matrix: Experiences, where people shared their personal glitches. If you haven’t listened to the first episode, then I suggest that either before, or after you listen to this one, that you do. Especially, if you don’t know much about this topic.

It’ll lay the groundwork for you to understand the experiences people in this episode have had. Today, we’re diving into a world where reality itself seems to take a back seat. We’re exploring the fascinating and sometimes downright eerie phenomenon known as glitches in the matrix. These are moments where time seems to stand still. The mundane turns extraordinary. And the impossible becomes a lived experience.

I have 18 incredible stories lined up for you. From people who have encountered these glitches firsthand. So, if you’ve ever experienced a sudden shift in your surroundings. A strange deja vu. Or a moment that defies all logic, you’re in for a treat. Before we do begin, just so you’re aware, I’m just going to play these experiences one after the other, with a small gap between them.

Some of these experiences are extra objects appearing. Some are definitely timeline or alternative reality glitches. Or alternative timeline glitches if you prefer? And some are time glitches, but whatever sort they are, they’re very interesting. As always, the question is, Are you ready to walk with me into this part of the Shadowlands and see what awaits us there?

Then let’s begin.

Extra Hairclip

I just had my first, glitch in the matrix experience, question mark? You know all those stories where people are like, looking at my Invisalign or something. And it hurt when my head was against the chair, so I took the clip out and I put it in my pocket.

So then I’m out of the orthodontist, and I’m walking to my car. And I pull my keys out of my pocket, but something crashes to the ground at the same time. And so I look down, and it’s the clip. The clip fell out of my pocket as I pulled my keys out, and landed on the ground in front of me. So, I pick the clip up, and I’m like, okay, whatever. And I put my hair back up really, really quick, and I get in my car, and I drive off to wherever, my work.

So now I’m parked outside my work, my hair is up, I turn my car off, and I put my keys in my pocket. But I feel something else in my pocket.

Clip was in my pocket, but it was in my hair at the same time. And I only have one of them. I’m sure someone that works at Dollar Tree is gonna tell me they like, came in a two pack or something . But then why did it fall out of my pocket, how did I put it in my hair? And then how did another one end up in my pocket? Is the question.

Blue-eyed Grandmother

If you’ve never experienced a glitch in the matrix, this is probably not for you, because you’re going to think that I’m crazy. So I’ve had multiple glitches throughout my life, especially now that I’ve gotten older, I can understand what’s happening.

But The very first one that I can remember that I was like, I crazy? Or are all of you crazy? So this is around 4th or 5th grade. Elementary school. My grandma would pick me up from school 2 to 3 times a week. We were very close. My grandma lived, like, rock throwing distance from my house.

So I would literally travel, up the creek through the woods to my grandmother’s house, that I would go. I would spend all my time with my grandma. So after school, she would pick me up and we would go to Wendy’s. That was our thing. We loved Wendy’s. My grandma has very prominent blue eyes. Like crystal clear.

It’s a very prominent feature about my grandma that she has very blue. Piercing crystal blue eyes. So this one day she picks me up. We go to Wendy’s. We’re sitting in the glass area. If you know Wendy’s back then? Then you know what I’m talking about. We’re sitting there eating our fries. And I look up at my grandma and my grandma has brown eyes.

They’re brown! And so naturally I was like, grandma, your eyes are brown. And she was like, yeah, Lauren, I have brown eyes. I was like, grandma, no, you don’t. You have very blue eyes. What do you mean you have blue eyes? And she was like, no, Lauren, I have brown eyes. So whatever. We eat, she takes me home and this is a whole thing.

I talked to my, my mom too. And I’m like, mom, grandma has brown eyes. And my mom was like, yeah, grandma has brown eyes. No, she doesn’t. She has blue eyes. What do you mean she has brown eyes? Like, everyone knows that grandma has blue eyes, and everybody was making me believe that I was crazy. The next time that I see my grandma, three days later, my grandma has blue eyes again.

So, of course, I’m like, Grandma, your eyes are blue. Why are your eyes blue? And she’s like, Yeah. Lauren, I have blue eyes. What do you mean? What do you mean? What do I mean? We just had this conversation three days ago, when you had brown eyes. And I told you that you had blue eyes. And you’re telling me that you have brown eyes, but I know that you have blue eyes. And now that you have blue eyes again, you’re telling me that you know you have blue eyes?

I’m not crazy. This was not a dream. I did not dream this. This happened. I was, this was reality. I mean, it was like Monday on, on Thursday. Okay. Now you have blue eyes again?

Like, I did not make this up. This is still with me to this day. I think about this to this day. My grandma had brown eyes that day that I went to Wendy’s with, her after school. I didn’t make that shit up. Like, that was reality. I didn’t miss a day. Like, this happened. I’ll never forget that.


High School Fatality

I remember this girl from my high school passing away in a car accident. She had driven into oncoming traffic, because she was texting. I remember very vividly as my sister, myself, and a bunch of our friends went to her funeral.

We lived in a very small town so this was talked about for weeks. Now fast forward 10 years later and I have told my now fiance the story, so many times, that she remembers the girl by name. Mainly to warn her against texting and driving. One day my fiance happens to be scrolling on my sister’s Facebook. And goes, isn’t that the girl that passed away?

When I went to check it out, it was in fact the same girl who had died 10 years earlier! Now living in my same old town. Married to an old friend of mine. They even had a kid together. And no one remembers the car accident.

Source: @tatiscreepystories

Pixilated Car Bumper

So like, in 2017, I was driving to downtown Dallas. I live in Dallas, Texas. So I was driving to downtown Dallas and I was on I 35. At the time I had a friend in my passenger seats. And you know, we were just talking, you know, listening to music, yada, yada, yada, whatever. Right? So I’m driving down I 35. And I’m behind a silver Toyota forerunner.

And this car had to be like, maybe, maybe two car lengths, maybe three car lengths in front of me. It was enough space to somebody… like I leave space in front, for people to get in front. So there’s enough space, like a car length between us type shit. Anyways, as we’re looking at the bumper. It literally like derezzes.

I’m gonna just explain it the best I can. Basically, just the bumper part of this car. Keep this in mind. I’m driving behind this 4Runner, right? This bumper, this whole black, this whole thing…. just the bottom half of the car, literally derezzed.

The whole bumper just goes. It like pixelates out. There was black behind this. And then it like repixelated back up. My ,passenger And i’m like, did you just and she’s like the bumper on that truck And that’s all we said was that’s all she was the bumper on that truck and I was like, yes bro, that’s the only time i’ve ever seen the matrix like Break in front of me.

I don’t fucking know. It was the craziest thing. Also I have people watch real bad And I had an experience where I watched a lady come out of the gas station twice and she had only went in once So at this story, I’m at a gas station, I’m at a Love’s in, uh, Midlothian. And my homegirl went inside to the gas station to go pay for like gas or something. Or get cash or something, right?

So I’m sitting in the car and I’m looking over at the lady next like this, right? I’m watching her pump her gas. Well, she like walks into the store and then she comes back and pumps her gas. And I remember watching her, cause I was like, wow, she reminds me of an older version of one of my friends. I’m watching the front of the store again. Same woman walks right back out and does the exact same like starts pumping gas I was like, yo, whoa, I’m not tripping.

I literally remember Perking up and going like yo, I just watched her. What the fuck?

Phone Notification

have an Android phone, which had a Google cards feature option. That could notify you like 15 minutes to home, if you were out. I thought this feature was annoying and useless. So I kept this feature off. After several months of no cards notifications. One night I’m at home and a card pops up saying 35 minutes to home. Pinning me at a random intersection on the other side of town,

let’s call it first street and story. I think that’s weird. I’m not even way over there. I don’t even know where that is. I’ve never been to that area. I go to my card setting to turn it back off, but it’s already turned off. Next night, exact same thing happens. 35 minutes to home from First Street and Story.

Still definitely not over there. Check cards feature. And the notifications are still turned off. So no idea why I’m getting a notification. Few days later, a friend and I are out running errands, and he misses his intended exit, so he takes the next one. Once on the streets, I ask, where are we? I’ve never been over here.

Suddenly, a car to our right tries to turn left and crashes into us. Messed up the wheel to be unable to turn, so he pulled forward to the curb to call a tow truck. We had our kids in the car, so I call my sister to pick us all up. When my sister asks me for the location, I look up at the street signs. First Street and Story. This happened a couple weeks ago. I’m still racking my brain. And it makes zero sense.

Source:chocol8wasted (reddit)

Ceramic Cats

So I bought this house September of 2021. It’s taken me a long time to organize it get it decorated the way that I want it.

I still don’t have kitchen chairs That’s not important. I’m just snitching on myself and getting distracted. So when I Organize the kitchen, I put some of my cookbooks above the microwave and then some I put in this china cabinet, okay? And then I went online to Amazon and I ordered these cute little ceramic cats.

They’re .Heavy and they’re gold. And that’s very important And I chose gold because had I chosen the other option, which was oiled bronze. Which is what I would have preferred. You wouldn’t be able to see it. They would have just blended in so I got gold. I don’t Go for gold. Ever. Like even my class ring everyone had these in gold.

I went silver. I chose silver. Silver tufted headboard. Silver frames here. Just driving that point home. Okay, the reason I chose gold is because you wouldn’t have been able to see it otherwise. And I loved that they were cats. I had never seen that before. Okay. I was like, this is adorable.

I must have. So then maybe like, I don’t know, whenever the semifinals were for college playoffs, okay? I built a bookshelf. And then when the game was over, I went upstairs to my attic and I pulled down boxes of books that have been in storage, since before I purchased this house. Okay, really since probably since 2019.

Okay. And I put some of them on a bookshelf in my other room. On another bookshelf. But the ones that matched the color scheme of the bookshelf I was doing, I kept. And then, as I’m pulling all of these books out, guess what I find?

Guess what I find in the box?

The exact same bookends. And when I looked at them on Amazon, I’d never seen them before. And this box has been in storage for like, three, four years now. Like, storage meaning like, in my attic or at my parents house. And I’ve, I’ve asked my mom. Cause I was like, maybe she just threw them in there.

No, she’d never seen them before. And she’s the only other person who would have ever messed with it. And I just, I can’t make heads or tails of it.

Source: @tonihughes2871

Nursing Shoes

One day I was living with my two best friends Caitlin and Courtney. Caitlin is a nurse And she always had these old beat up shoes that she wore to nursing every time But then she threw them out. And she got brand new shoes called hokas. They’re like very popular amongst nurses. And she religiously only wore these hokas when she would go nursing .And she would always keep them Right next to the door when she got home. Because obviously they’re disgusting. Because they were like nursing shoes So she didn’t want to like bring them in the house So they always sat next to the door, when she was home. And they were gone when she went to work. Because she wore them. So one day me and courtney were about to go on a walk and we look at the door And we see that caitlin’s hokas are sitting there. But we know she went to nursing today. She’s literally on a 12 hour nursing shift. So we’re thinking, we talked to each other.

We’re like, did she keep her old shoes? Like, why didn’t she wear her hokas today? I thought she threw those out. It’s so weird. And we both stared at the shoes and we’re just like, weird? Went on a walk later on when Caitlin came home, we asked, Hey, did you use your old shoes today? Because your hokas were sitting at the door.

And she was like, no, I threw those out. I wore my hokas. What are you guys talking about? And we were both like, what? Like your hokas were literally here, but they, they couldn’t have been because she was wearing them. But they were! And I still think about it a lot, to this day. And I have, we, none of us have any idea why that happened or how.

Missing Floors

Wondering if anyone else that lives in Chicago? Or has been in Chicago ever and has been to this building gets the same weird vibes from it? But the Marshall Fields Macy’s, know, the one that’s a Macy’s now on State Street, that used to be a Marshall Fields. The building itself is super old.

It’s pretty cool inside. You know, well, it’s just a neat building. But I never want to go back. It gives me weird vibes. And specifically, there was this thing that happened to me once, while I was there, that just gave me the weirdest vibes.

So we’ll set the scene. I go in, and I’m looking for specific. I think it was a top. And I ask, what floor is XYZ item on? They say, the fifth floor. So, I take a bunch of escalators up to the fifth floor. And I remember, cause I consciously had to look for the escalators going up to each respective floor.

I get there, I didn’t find what I need. Um, so I’m like, okay, time to take the escalators back down. And I walk, and I walk, and I walk on this floor. And I can’t find an escalator. Look, I can find up escalators, I can’t find any down escalators. Um, so I walk, and I walk, and I walk, and I walk. And I’m still not finding them. And I’m walking through all these departments that I had not walked through before.

But I don’t take any stairs up or down. I don’t take any escalators up or down, and this becomes important later. So it feels like I’ve been walking for, like, ever now. And I’m seeing weird parts of the store that didn’t remember walking through. Like, I walked through a bedding section. I walked through some toys. I walked through an empty, looks like it was, a chocolate shop, is the best way I can describe it.

Finally, I’m getting fed up. So I walk up to the nearest person in desperation, and I’m like, Do you know where the down escalator is? And he looks at me and he’s like, You’re in the basement. And he starts laughing. So I kind of thought, Okay, this guy’s messing with me or something, because he was, with one of his guy friends.

So I walked over to a person that’s clearly staff. I think they were janitorial staff. And they’re about to step into an elevator. And I’m like, What floor are we on? And they’re like, we’re in the basement. So somehow, I come into the Marshall Fields, Macy’s, I consciously remember searching for and taking a bunch of escalators to the fifth floor. And then with no memory of going down through stairs, escalator, elevator, anything, I end up in the basement. So first floor, fifth floor, basement! And it freaks me out so bad I’ve never wanted to go back since.

Missing Book

When I was seven or eight years old, I remember the details of this very clearly. A friend of mine, who lived a couple of streets over, we went to Target one day. Her mom took us to Target. We were shopping around. She picks out this book. It wasn’t a Goosebumps book, but it was like a knockoff similar to Goosebumps. That’s aging me. But, so it was kind of like a spooky book.

I remember it was a black book with red lettering. So we get home from Target and we decide that we are going to spend the night at my house now. So we pack up her stuff, she packs that book that we bought. Bring it over to my house. We get to my house, we whatever. Eat dinner. Hang out. Watch TV. We go to the bathroom to start unpacking her bag.

I pull the book out of her bag. And I say, let’s remember to read this tonight before we go to bed. It’ll be fun. We’ll read it, blah, blah, blah, whatever. We put the book back in her bag. And we go back to playing whatever. Okay, so bedtime rolls around. We go looking for the book in her bag. And so we’re like, what the heck happened to the…? book?

And we’re both like, okay, well, we knew that I pulled the book out in the bathroom, because we discussed it. We were going to read it around bedtime. So we go look in the bathroom. Can’t find it. Rip her bag apart. Can’t find it. Start looking all over the house. Cannot find the book. Like what the hell? So we’re like, eventually we stopped looking for it and I was just like, okay, it’ll turn up.

I’ll give it back to you when I find it, whatever. So we just kind of forget about the book. Next day, we’re bringing my friend home to her house. We’re walking her in her front door. What the F is sitting on her kitchen counter? The book! The book. There was not two books. There was one book that we both, I’m getting goosebumps now because I remember it to this day.

We both remember me pulling that book out in the bathroom of my house. It disappeared from my house, and it ended up on her kitchen counter. And when we asked her mom, what is that book doing here? She said, you guys left it here this whole time. It’s been sitting here since you left. Oh my god, goosebumps. Freakiest thing,

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Matrix Dream?

So I had a literal we’re in the matrix dream about two months ago. I’m a lucid dreamer. I literally always wake up in my dreams. I have been lucid dreaming since I was a kid. And after having this dream, I have not had a lucid dream in almost two months. So, I’ve just decided that I’m going to talk about it because I have no idea what to make of it.

Essentially I have lucid dreams all the time. I wake up at like the smallest mention of something that is not based in reality. This is frequent for me. It has been happening since I was a little kid. It leads to some very cool dreams, some very interesting stuff. But this one was actually scary.

So essentially I had a dream. It was just like all the other dreams. Like I was in my bedroom., I’m playing the piano. I think I’m 17. I’m at my parents house. It starts out, I’m doing something mundane and usual. And then I have this strong feeling. Like if I look out of my bedroom window, it’s not going to be the view of the forest, That was my parents backyard.

So I look out the window sure enough, there’s dream characters everywhere. There’s streets. It’s like a whole Circus outside and I’m like, oh, okay. I’m dreaming. But I didn’t want to say that out loud. And I was alone in my bedroom. So I was like, okay So there’s no dream characters here to kind of take me away.

No dream police So I sit down and i’m just gonna play the piano. I’m just gonna sing. I’m just gonna try to be creative in this space. Hopefully I don’t wake up and that’ll be fine I’ll just be lucid here. So i’m playing the piano and my fingers start doing that dream thing where you’re kind of getting sucked into stuff. My, the piano is being weird. And so I get a little bit freaked out and I go, I’m dreaming, stop, like, whatever.

So immediately, when I’m like, I’m dreaming, um, cut. I mean, immediately, the piano stops being weird. The room stops being weird. I look over to the door, there’s a woman standing there with a clipboard. So then. I’m in this room, this girl’s there. She’s got like a little pixie cut, she’s like, oh, .You gotta go. She’s got the clipboard. I’m like, okay, I know I gotta go, but can you just answer some questions for me?

So she comes over, I’m sitting on my bed. And as I’m asking her these questions about like, why I have to leave? And why I keep waking up in my dreams? I’m looking around. And all of a sudden, the walls start to be weird. If you’ve ever seen Community, and you know what the Dreamatorium is? It kind of starts like, glitching. It’s like, am I in some sort of weird, white room. That has like lines and it’s almost like a projected virtual reality. That’s what it looked like. So as this dream woman’s talking to me, suddenly everything turns into this very, like it’s a virtual reality space. And it’s almost like the, the VR dies. And this other woman is standing there and she’s, she gets real weird.

She’s like, oh my god. No, like I have to fix this. I’m, what? She’s like, you were supposed to wake up! And I was like, what do you mean? She’s like, you’re just like not supposed to be able to access this space, while you’re in a dream. You should not be here. And I don’t know how you got here. And we are going to be in a lot of trouble. And I was like, what do you mean by we?

So essentially she takes me out of this room. And we’re on some sort of like a spacecraft and there is, she takes me over to this screen. It’s like in the wall. And it’s showing past dreams that I’ve had. From this camera . And I’m seeing them. And I remember that I’ve had these dreams.

I’m like, how do you have access to this? She’s like, I actually have this whole file on you. We’ve been watching you. And essentially, we know that you can lucid dream. But you’re not supposed to be able to leave the dream. And come into what is here, reality. And I’m on literally, it’s like a spacecraft. But It was very weird. And essentially she keeps showing me the moments in dreams when I become. And she’s like, humans aren’t supposed to be able to do that. And we don’t know why you can do that. But this is you waking up in all your dreams. And there is this shift in the dream and I can see it from a third person point of view. Instead of my experience. But it’s all dreams that I remember having in the past.

And I’m like, I just want to explore, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. She’s just like, no, it goes beyond that. You shouldn’t be able to do this. She brings out this folder, and it’s numbered. I have a number, like, a case . And she’s just like, yeah, your number, whatever. And we’ve been watching you for a while. Because you can do this, and nobody else can. And we just want to know why. But essentially, we’re gonna have to stop it from happening.

So I’m not gonna lie, at this point, I start getting really freaked out. Because I’m lucid. I’m physically, in a body. I’m there. Everything feels very, very real. And I’m fully aware of who I am. I know that I’m back asleep on Earth. I’m in a dream. I know everything, but I also have all these memories of all of my dreams as well.

And so she takes me into this room. And it’s like a waiting room, and there’s all these people who are dreaming. And they’re like, catatonic. And they all have these handlers. But literally, they’re catatonic. Trying to look at them, get their attention. Nobody is responding. They’re all asleep. And something’s wrong with them, or wrong with their dreams. And they’re waiting to be kind of processed. And they’re, so they’re in this room.

So then these, like, military people come up to me. They’re not United States military. Literally, I don’t know how to explain it. They seemed human to me. But it felt, like, futuristic. Or alien or something? I don’t quite know. It was, like, this group of people. And they come and they escort me to a bridge of some sort. Not a full bridge, like, the bridge of a ship.

And this is where it gets really weird, but they start asking me about vaccines. Or, shots or something? They’re asking me about that, and I’m like, yeah. I’ve got all the shots on earth that I’m supposed to get. And they were just like no, something’s wrong with your DNA. You’re not supposed to be able to wake up here. We’re gonna have to give you this injection and then you’ll never be able to lucid dream again.

And I was like, excuse me? What? And this handler apologizing. She’s like. I’m really sorry that we have to do this, but we have to do it. You can’t be here. And so I’m just like, What are you talking about? They start talking about b12. I don’t know where that came from? They started talking about. Certain genes. And then they put these like dots on my veins I was like get off of me, but I can’t wake up.

I’m lucid, but I can’t wake up myself at all. So essentially I have this conversation with these higher ups. Like whoever are the captain or whatever. And they’re telling me that, they’re asking me questions. They’re asking me about my experience. I’m asking them about why I can’t be there?

They’re being like, well, that’s classified .. , Okay, you’re gonna have to take her back to the room, give her this injection. And she’s never gonna be able to lucid dream again. And I’m like, what?

So I get taken back to the room, right? With this woman. And I’m like, please don’t do this. I love lucid dreaming. I don’t want to not be able to lucid dream. And I asked her, I was like, what is the problem? She said something about I’m able to see beyond. And it’s dangerous.

So I I was like, please don’t do this. So then she goes, and she leans in, and she like, doesn’t give me the shot. She squirts it out. She’s just like, I’m actually a huge fan I’ve watched your videos. I’ve been following you .And I’ve asked to be assigned to this case because I have been watching you essentially like your whole life.

And I think this is like really amazing that you can do this. I’m going to help you out. And so essentially she told me to just try to pull my consciousness back. Try to be as unconscious, catatonic as I can be. I started crying. And she’s like, that’s fine, but you have to just wake yourself up.

So I just pulled my consciousness back. And I was sobbing .And I woke myself up. And then it was crazy. Because essentially, she was telling me if they find out I didn’t give you the shot, they’re gonna come looking for you. They don’t want you to be able to dream like this again.

Um, and then when I woke up, I literally had a 104 degree fever. I was not sick when I went to bed. And then I woke up with this 104 degree fever. And I was sick for four days with this horrible flu. That came out of nowhere, when I had that dream. And ever since then, I haven’t had another lucid dream at all. In fact, I’m having like weirdly normal dreams. Um, dreams about, you know, Stressful things going on in my life. Like dreams that would wake me up. And I have not had another lucid dream So I don’t know what to make of that Um, it really scared me. And to be fair I got so delirious with fever I told my fiance about this dream. And then I was like I am going to go back to sleep. And i’m Gonna make a deal with the people that if my fever breaks and because it wouldn’t break. I was taking medicine. My fever would not break for like three days.

I was like if my fever breaks Then they call it, I won’t lucid dream anymore. And I went to sleep and I do not remember having any sort of a dream about that. But I did wake up, my fever was broken and I have not had a lucid dream since. So I literally don’t know what that means. And if anything, it’s really hard to think about.

It was so real. And I can very vividly remember being there for the whole dream. And what everything looked . And how futuristic and alien it was. And it was actually really scary when I woke up. I was so paranoid that I wasn’t going to be able to remember it. Um, and I was so sick that it was like really hard to even write it down.

I, I don’t want to be like we are stuck in a matrix, or anything like that. Because maybe dreams are just weird things. But considering I’ve had psychic dreams, I have dreams about people’s deaths, like when they. I have like premonitions, and that’s really connected to the real world. I don’t know what to make of this dream. Um, and like I said, it’s been two months and I don’t think I’ve woken up in a dream since. So, that’s that.

The Funeral Cards

I, I don’t even know how to say this, but I experienced a glitch in the Matrix Funeral Edition. And honestly, this is probably one of the craziest, most unexplainable events in my entire life. I am losing sleep over it , I, I, I literally just can’t.

So two months ago, I make funeral arrangements to the family. They have a cremation and they order 50 prayer cards. 50 prayer cards. Now the cards they picked out were so unique, so rare, so beautiful. I’d never even seen them before. Don’t carry them. I had to order them custom made from a third party vendor. In which I did.

They mailed them to me. Now I held on to those prayer cards and the cremator remains for about two months. Until last week on Friday when the family called because they wanted to pick them up. So they come in, they pick them up. I’m like, Oh, when are you having your services? So they’re going to do something on Sunday, which is in two days.

I was like, Oh, that’s really nice. Where are you having it? They’re like, we haven’t decided yet. You know, Aunt Ida was really old. And she kind of outlived all of her friends. So we’ll figure it out. I’m like, great. You know, I hope it’s, it’s beautiful and so on and so forth. I didn’t go. Wasn’t invited. Didn’t keep in touch, .Whatever.

Now Monday rolls around. Okay. So that was Friday. Now we’re on Monday. And I get a message from a restaurant who had called. And they were asking why we mailed them prayer cards. I didn’t mail any restaurant prayer cards. Like, what is this about? I call them back. I’m like, why do you think I mailed you prayer cards?

She was like, because your ad is on them. You know, we put the funeral home ad on the prayer cards. I was like, no, I didn’t, I didn’t mail you anything. What is the return address on the envelope? She said there was none. I’m like, well, that’s weird. I don’t know.? So what is the name of the deceased? You know, she says Aunt Ida.

I was like, well, that’s weird. I was like, I gave the family those cards on Friday. I’m like, I don’t know. Maybe they mailed them to you. Like maybe I thought maybe they didn’t have their service on Sunday. I don’t really know. I just know I didn’t do it. So I was like, they’ll figure it out. Later that day. I get a phone call from the daughter of Aunt Ida.

She’s like, Melissa, why did you mail the restaurant prayer cards? I was like, I didn’t. It’s like, I talked to the restaurant explained the same thing I explained to you. She was like, how did you know we went to that restaurant? I was like, I didn’t.. I didn’t know you went there. I didn’t know anything. She said, yeah, we went there yesterday.

It was Sunday. And I said, did you have the prayer cards that I gave you? She said, yeah, 50 of them. She said that she handed some out. She even had a few extra. Okay. That’s weird. I said, you know, when you go to the restaurant and pick up those prayer cards that were mailed to like mail to you, can you give me a call?

Because I’m thinking the prayer cards have to be different. Maybe like a friend or something found out that was the restaurant ordered them. They came late. I don’t know, but there has to be a reasonable explanation. Well, she goes and she gets them and she calls me. And uh, the prayer cards, the custom prayer cards that I had ordered from the third party company, um, they were exactly the same, identical ad on it and everything.

I’m like, I, that doesn’t, that doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t make sense. I’m like, return address? She said no. But the, the post, you know, like when it goes to the post office, was a zip code that wasn’t near either of us. So I was like, or the company I ordered it from. Like totally different county. I was like, This is really weird.

So we were just like, wow, unexplainable. But I don’t let things go. I don’t let things go. So I called the company. Because now I’m thinking maybe there is a chance that like, I don’t know? Somebody in the office ordered it and like somehow magically knew the restaurant and mailed them. Like, that would be crazy.

But there’s gotta be some kind of reasonable explanation, that there is more than 50 identical prayer cards. Right? Well, here’s what happens. So yeah, you got 50 the last time. And there was never a reorder put in? No, no it’s not. Long pause. Okay. You know, can I just tell you something really quick? So if you follow me, you understand that only 50 prayer cards were ever ordered.

Custom prayer cards were ever ordered. Family picked them up on Friday. They had their celebration on Sunday, they handed some out. They had a few extra Monday morning rolls around, and there is 50 identical, identical prayer cards that show up to the restaurant that they only chose on Saturday night! She literally has more than 50 prayer cards in her possession!

And to be honest, they didn’t need an additional 50 prayer cards. Me and Ida’s daughter have literally exhausted any, any, even the wildest, craziest reason how this could happen. It just, it’s impossible.


Comfort From the Future

used to live with major depression. So when I was 16 years old, there was a time that I wanted to unalive myself. And I was having this intense anxiety attack, breakdown. And I cried for at least an hour. And then I laid down in bed and I couldn’t help myself. Like that anxiety attack like the, you know that feeling?

And as I laid down, I was thinking of ways of how I could unalive myself. Sorry, trigger warning. And then all of a sudden I felt like arms wrap around me in bed. And I felt this immense, warm, comforting feeling. And I immediately stopped crying. Like I was like, and I couldn’t just, and I felt like this immense amount of love.

And then I just fell asleep. Fast forward to the future. I’m about 27, 28 years old. And I was doing a self hypnotherapy. And I decided that I wanted to do something called re parenting. Where you go back in time and find points in your life where you need to become the parent that you wish you had. And I said, I’m gonna, I’m gonna go into a time, into a moment where I needed me.

And as I closed my eyes, I went into a meditation. And about 20 minutes in a vision came to me of me crying on the bed when I was 16. And I started crying when I was like 27, 28 in my meditation. And I looked at myself and I went to hug myself. And I said, you’re going to be okay. Your life is great. You’re going to have a kid.

Don’t do anything crazy. You don’t have to. It’s not your time. You’re going to be okay. And I was hugging . And I’m crying and crying in my meditation. And then when I came out of my meditation, I was like, I used to think that was an angel that like came and comforted me. And then when I was about 27, 28, I was like, wait a minute. What if it’s me that went back in time, to hug me? Still don’t know. But, glitch in the system. Glitch in the matrix.


Parallel Universe?

I have a question for those parallel universe people. I, twice in the last two years, last year in June, I had a situation where I was driving. And there was a car that was coming head on towards me. And I just stopped and took in a deep breath and just prepared for impact. Because There was nowhere for that car to go, and nowhere for me to go. So I literally thought that we were just gonna hit head on. And nothing happened, so I have a dash cam, and I was like, oh my gosh, I can’t wait to get home and see where the hell this car went. Because it, it was, it just felt like an inevitable head on collision.

So when I got home, I told my daughter, You know, this just happened, like, sheesh, I almost just died. And, um, I went to look at my dash cam video. And it showed the car coming head on towards me, and then it blacked out. I get videos from my drives all the time. I live in California. So, there’s lots of beautiful places where I. And I, um, make dash cam videos all the time to post on my social medias.

And for whatever reason, I had never seen my videos glitch like that. And that’s what happened. Long story short, my whole life just completely changed entirely. And so I don’t know, I don’t know what happened. Anyway. So yesterday I was driving on the highway and one of those construction trucks that carry rocks.

Uh, comes like from the far right lane. Crosses over three lanes into my lane. And then over to the HOV lane. And I, I had to like make a hard stop, almost a hard stop. And then kind of like swerve to miss him or to not get hit. And then I like turn around to give him the evil eye like, what are you doing?

But then the truck wasn’t there. So I’m like looking in my rear view mirror. Nothing, there’s no truck behind me in any of the lanes. There wasn’t that much traffic. Again, I went to look at my dash cam video and it said one hour drive. It was, it was like 58 minute drive. Um, it showed the time I left my house and the time that I arrived at my destination.

And then when I press play, it shows me already in Hollywood. Like it has no, no, It has no recording of me leaving the .House or being on the highway at all. So, I don’t know. What do you think?

Time Glitch

You guys, something really weird just happened to me. And I’m kind of freaked out. So, I was off work today at 2 pm. By the way, I work at Barnes Noble. Just for, you know, reference sake. Everybody knows Barnes Nobles are not small. They’re big. They’re big bookstores. So, I was shelving a book. And then a customer, sorry, a co worker walked past me and said, bye.

And I was like, oh, you’re leaving? And she was like, yeah. So, I looked at my clock. And I was like, oh, I’m leaving in. Oh, like two minutes because it was one-fifty-eight. And she was like, don’t you love when you like look down into your watch and you like see that you’re about to get off work? And I’m like, Oh, I totally love that.

And then I said, are you okay? And she was like, yeah. So I gave her a hug and then she left. So then I went to go clock out. But a customer stopped me and they were like, can you help me? So I was like, yeah, blah, blah, blah. What are you looking for? So then, I walked all the way to the back to the kids section.

From the front of the store to the back.. After talking to a customer after talking to my co worker and giving her a hug. So I go to like type in what the customer is looking for. Sorry you guys. I’m like really freaked out. I went to type in what the customer was looking for and I looked at my clock because I was like, oh I’m supposed to be off.

It was still one-fifty-eight. It was still one-fifty-eight and I remember thinking to myself, I said, self, that, that can’t be right. That that can’t be right. Because as long as it took you to say whatever it was to your coworker. Give her a hug, have some small chatter. Walk all the way like to the back, get stopped by a customer. Walk all the way to the kid’s department. Go on the computer and it’s still one-fifty-eight .

So I was so deeply unsettled ,I was like no. And I was like did my, did my watch stop? Did my watch stop? So then I looked on the computer terminal and it said one-fifty-eight too. So I remember saying out loud, I was like, this is weird. This is really weird So then I kept staring at my watch. And then a lady came over to me. She talked to me and I typed something else in. And then I looked at my watch again, and it’s finally said one-fifty-nine. You guys, my internal clock is pretty good.

I know more than one minute past for me to do all of that. There’s no way that it remained one-fifty-eight to one-fifty-eight. And then I sat there looking at my clock and it was still one-fifty-eight I don’t know what this means. I am deeply unsettled there’s no way y’all, there’s no way like, did time stop?

It takes me about a minute to walk from the front to the back ,in a meandering style. Let alone talk to a customer. Talk to a coworker. And look something up and walk. It was one-fifty-eight for like two to three minutes. That’s what I’m saying to you .

Anyways, um, cERN, the eclipse, I don’t know. I y’all, I am not okay. Cause that was weird. It was so weird that I looked at the computer terminal to see if maybe the I don’t know what I was trying to see. Y’all. That was weird. By the way, it’s a digital watch. It’s not analog. The computer terminal said the same thing. It said the same thing.

Source: @thelibrariene

Extra Sweatshirt

I was at my parents house and I had brought two suitcases full of clothes. I had all my clothes organized in my closet the way I like them. There’s an organizational system that only makes sense to me. It’s like, sorta color coded, but I didn’t have that many clothes there, so the color coding wasn’t like, obvious.

I’m folding laundry one night. I’m about to pack to go on this road trip across the country. And I fold this sweatshirt, and I’m like, Oh, that’s weird. Like, I thought I saw that in the closet. I almost wore it today. And then I was like, Oh, well, that must have been another day. I must have forgot. Whatever.

Until a few minutes later, when I went to put the folded clothes in the closet, and this sweatshirt was hanging in the closet. And so, I was like, I knew I saw it. And so, I’m holding this sweatshirt, in my hands. And this one’s in the closet, and my flabbers were gasted. I was like, what?! And I’m like, how is that possible?

I’m going through every scenario in my head. Like, I know for a fact I do not own two sweatshirts. I’ve only owned this one, I used to wear it in college all the time. If I owned two, I would have known. But also, this wasn’t like, my house, where, oh, I might have like, forgotten about a sweatshirt. Like, I only brought two suitcases full of clothes, I’d already been there for like two months. So if I had randomly had duplicated sweatshirts and somehow packed both of them, I would have known by that point.

So this was not my sweatshirt. And I was like, okay, maybe it’s my mom’s sweatshirt. Like, I know I bought this like 2012, 2013, which is like over 10 years ago. So I don’t know. I’m like, maybe my mom also bought one. If she did own this, why would she randomly pull it out of her closet and like stick it in my closet? And even in her house, like if i’ve left clothes around before she’ll pretty much just not touch it. Or If she would like put it on my bed or something. Like she never just like inserts it clothing into my closet.

Also, it was in the exact sweatshirt spot I would have put it. And so, like, the chances of her putting, even if all those other things happened. Like, the chances of her putting a sweatshirt in the exact spot, like, she just wouldn’t have done that. But, you know. I’m like, something’s happening here. So I went in her room and I’m like, do you recognize this sweatshirt?

And my mom’s like, yeah, you wore it the other day. And I’m like, do you also own this sweatshirt? Did we happen to buy duplicate ones? And she’s like, I don’t know, like maybe. And I’m like, okay, so you don’t know if you own this sweatshirt? And she’s like, no. And I’m like, you definitely didn’t put it in my closet, did you?

And she’s like, I haven’t gone in your room. No. So she didn’t put it in my closet. The only other person in my house was my brother, who never would touch my clothes. Definitely never, like, put my clothes away in my closet, especially in an organized spot. It was not him. And even if my mom, did buy the sweatshirt the same day as me, It would’ve been over 10 years ago. So she would’ve had to like, rummage through piles of clothes in her own closet and like, dig this out.

She would’ve remembered that. She wouldn’t be like, Oh, I don’t know if I own that sweatshirt. She would’ve obviously known. She dug it out and like, put it there on purpose. Oh, like, thinking it was mine. But she hadn’t been in my closet. She didn’t know if she owned the sweatshirt. We had no explanation for it.

And something weird, but this one’s mine, and it’s worn. Like it has pilling and signs of wear. Where this one’s brand new. This one doesn’t have any flaws on it. But this has to be a glitch in the matrix, there’s no other explanation, there’s no way this duplicate sweatshirt could’ve gotten in my closet otherwise.

Aussie Time Glitch

Okay, so, this is my Glitch in the Matrix story, my girlfriend and I still don’t really know what happened. We drive around a lot together. It’s sort of our thing. We drive places for work and stuff, for me. I often have to travel to do, art stuff. Sort of art painting and markets and things, so we get in the car and we travel a lot and this has never happened before.

And it’s never happened again. Only this one time. So we were in a place called West Gosford. Now West Gosford, is an experience. And it’s sort of very flat area at sea level. And then there’s a set of robots at this intersection. And then a very, very steep winding road up this quite steep mountainside.

To get up to the top of Mount Carrion. And it’s quite a sacred space, there’s a lot of history there. A lot of weird stuff happens around there energetically. So we were waiting at the traffic lights. I was sitting in the passenger seat just chilling, being annoying. And she was trying her best to drive. And I was just being a pest. Anyway, we pull off from these traffic lights, and we’re busy talking. And then suddenly, we were at the traffic lights at the top of the mountain!

Now, it’s not an easy strip of road, it’s really winding. You have to go quite fast. It’s two lanes. It’s not very wide. People just gun it up that hill, so it’s not really safe. You pass a waterfall. There’s a view of Gosford. Quite a nice drive, but also quite a stressful drive. So you can’t really daydream, or anything, on that strip of road.

You need to be quite observant. And I’m a driver as well, so I’m usually quite on alert on that road. Going, babe you’re a bit close to that side. Babe, watch out. Oh that guy’s eating your arse, whatever. But we both collectively have no recollection of anything, from those traffic lights at the bottom, accelerating. And then arriving at the robots slash, uh, traffic lights at the top of the mountain.

So there’s about five minutes of lost time. In the video, we, we had a recording of it, on the car dash cam. But weren’t recording sound. And the entire trip is there. She drove the whole trip. But we have absolutely no recollection of it. And both of us went, what the fuck? How did we end up here?

Like, how did we end up at the top? What happened? And felt weird for the rest of the day. So, yeah.

Source: @thestarviking

Phone Glitch

I cannot make sense, still, what happened this morning. With that said, I’ve never had anything happen to me, that would be considered like a glitch in the matrix. But this morning. Okay, so I’m out of town, staying at a hotel, cause I’m here for a work function. but our meeting’s starting at 10am. It’s 710 this morning.

My alarm goes off. I’m like, ah, I need a couple more minutes. I put my phone down. I roll back over. All of a sudden, I can feel my phone in my hand. Like, almost as if it was placed in my hand. You know? What the fuck? So I roll over. My phone is, in fact, in my hand. I know. I click the side of my phone. It says 1130.

Bitch, I jump out of bed so fast. So fast. And I look like one of those cartoon characters that are like, getting pinged like, Bing! Bing! Cause I have no idea what to do with myself. Immediately, Give the manager a call. And he’s like, Hi Woody, good morning. And I’m like, Good morning! I don’t know, why the tone?

I don’t know. Purely in panic. Clearly. He goes, Hey, you good? And I was like, Well, it’s 1130. And I’m not there. He goes, When do you know? You’re early as usual. Cause I always arrive early. This is 730 in the morning. I doubt this man has even left his house. He’s having breakfast with his family. And then he proceeds to tell me, like, the time of the day.

And day of the week. And I’m like, Uh uh. Like, I’m looking at my phone, my guy. It says 1130. What? There’s another person here for the same function. So I run to the window, and I look, and I see their car. And I’m like, well, there’s no way they’re late, too. Anyway, I hang up, I sit down, and I’m like, trying to clear up my thoughts.

Like, what? Mind you, while we’re on the phone, I take a screenshot. Cause I’m like, I’m looking at 1130. Take a screenshot. After I sit down, I can’t log back into my phone. It will not let me. So I turn it off. When I go to squeeze my phone to turn it back on, it falls on the floor, face down. I lean down to get my phone and pick it back up, and it’s on. Like, not turning on, whatever, it’s on. And it says, 7. 30. I log into my phone, immediately go to my pictures, no screenshot.

Like, is this a traumatic event? Absolutely not. Does it not make any fucking sense? Absolutely. And I, I don’t accept this. What happened? Does it mean anything?

Source: @whit2times

Different Mother

I never told this story to anyone. First of all, people might say I’m crazy and second of all, they might say that I made it up. Which, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t make this up. So here it goes. When I was 7 years old, I remember my mum had to go to hospital for an operation. It had something to do with under her armpit. And with her left breast.

I’m not really sure what it was, she still has the scars to this day. And I remember I had to stay with my grandma from my mom’s side for a couple of days, and then from my dad’s side grandma for a couple of days. And whenever my dad would come and visit and bring me like, change of clothes, I would beg him to come see mom. Who he told me, you know, it’s not a place for kids, she’s really sick now.

So, yeah. Um. So it was, uh, I was really upset for like a week because I didn’t see my mom and I was used to her. That time I was the only child. This was before my siblings were all born. And, Before my mom left the hospital, she always had a long slim face. She had long black hair and the main thing Which is important to this story.

She was taller than my dad. And I know this for a fact because I remember my auntie used to make, you know, funny comments about it. I remember when I was younger I used to compare my size to my, like, my mum and dad and my mum would say things like, well I’m taller than both of you. So I know for a fact that she was taller than my dad.

I think a week after she came back from hospital, I was at my grandma’s place. I remember it like it was yesterday. She came back and she brought me this chocolate phone. It was like a phone, but a chocolate phone. And when she came up to me, I looked at her and I said, And I was in shock. And I didn’t know what to say, or who to say it to, or if I’m crazy.

But, she did not look like my mom. She had a round face. She had short black hair. And, she was actually smaller than my dad. And, was in shock. Even now when I think about it I’m still in shock to be honest. And yeah, I was like really shy of her. Or like scared of her. You know? Like when a child meets someone for the first time?

That was literally how I was acting towards my mom, at seven years old. After only not seeing her for a week. And my dad and my grandma was like, come on, go to your mom, you know, you haven’t seen her in a long time, what’s wrong with you? And uh, yeah, I didn’t want to go up to her. And for the, after, few days after, I asked my mum, How come you, you are not taller anymore than Dad?

And she looked at me and she laughed, she said, Well, I was never tall, taller than your dad. And they started making fun of me. And they started saying like things, Oh, imagine if she would actually be taller than him. And this made me really angry, because I didn’t know what was going on. And there was also little changes in, uh, it wasn’t just visual, it was her personality as well.

Because when, before she went to the hospital, I remember my mom being really, um, really loving. Especially because I was the only child, so I was like, their baby. And after she came back, she was really cold towards me. She wasn’t the same. She didn’t just hug me throughout the day. Or kiss me. She would be really cold.

And, uh, yeah, it, it never changed after that, you know, nothing changed after that. It’s, I just got used to it. But I still think about it to this day, like, if I made it all up or if it really happened. So yeah, that’s my glitch in the Matrix.

Source: @itsjustadriana2

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