Episode 138: The Malmstrom Incident With Robert Salas

Welcome to another episode of Walking the Shadowlands where we look deeply into the realms of the unknown with fascinating guests and extraordinary stories. Today, we are honoured to have with us Robert Salas, a distinguished former U.S. Air Force officer and a key figure in the investigation of UFO phenomena.

Robert’s journey began with seven years of active duty following his graduation from the Air Force Academy. Assigned as a missile launch officer, he held control over ten nuclear missiles, known as the Minuteman series, stationed at various launch facilities. His role was pivotal, his responsibilities immense. But yet, nothing could prepare him for the events that would unfold during his time in that role.

During his time in the military, Robert experienced encounters that defied all conventional explanation. As he fulfilled his duties deep within the underground confines of launch control facilities, he encountered phenomena that challenged his understanding of reality and left an indelible mark on his life.

But Robert’s journey doesn’t end there. Beyond his military service, he has bravely come forward to share his personal experiences with encounters that extend beyond our earthly bounds. His first-hand accounts of extra-terrestrial contact shed light on the complexities of our universe. and the mysteries that perhaps lay beyond our current comprehension.

The question as always is, are you willing to walk with Robert and I into this part of the shadowlands. To explore mysteries of the cosmos and perhaps uncover truths that may forever alter our understanding of what reality is? Then let’s begin.

Robert Salas

Robert Salas is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy. He served seven years on active duty. He worked as a weapons controller, flew target drones, commanded intercontinental ballistic missiles as a launch officer, and a worked as an Air Force missile propulsion engineer on the Titan III program. From 1971 to 1973 he worked as a safety and reliability engineer for Martin-Marietta Aerospace and Rockwell International on Space Shuttle design proposals. From 1974 until his retirement in 1995 he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. In 1994, he bravely began speaking out about his military encounters with the UFO that shut down these intercontinental Ballistic missiles, despite his non-disclosure agreement with the military that is still in force.  In 2022 he testified at the Brazilian Senate’s public hearing on UFOs, this was only one of the many times he has publicly spoken of his military, UFO encounter.

The Malmstrom Incident

Marianne: Welcome to my special guest Robert Salas. Maybe, you could start by sharing a brief overview of your background. And your role in the Air Force during the time of the UFO incident you experienced.

Robert: Yeah, I spent seven years active duty after graduating from the Air Force Academy.. And one of my assignments was as a missile launch officer. So in that capacity, I was On a two man crew, who would go out to what we call the launch control facility. We had control of 10 nuclear missiles. In this case they’re called a minute man one missile, at that time.

So I arrived at Malmstrom Air Force Base in 1966 and teamed with a man named Fred Mywald. Who later retired as a full colonel. At any rate the incident occurred on March 24th, 1967. And we were at what’s called Oscar Flight, it’s just simply O Flight or Oscar Flight. And we were about a hundred miles to the east of Great Falls, Montana. I don’t know if your guests know where Montana is, it’s right at the Canadian border, right?

Oh, right.

Right up north there in about the center of the country of the U. S. And at any rate, we were at a location called Oscar Flight. And the location is called a Launch Control Facility 60 feet underground. We had a hardened capsule. There were just two of us down underground. We had all the controls for the missiles there. They had no controls upstairs. We had a… a six man team of guards, security guards, and we were locked in for 24 hours.  Ready to launch missiles or just monitor the activities that were going on and of course this was during the Cold War era. We were already fighting in Vietnam so it was you know, a tense situation worldwide. Sometime in the evening, my commander was taking a rest break and I was in charge of the facility.

I get a call from my topside guard and he’s telling me that they’re seeing lights in the sky flying back and forth and making no noise, no engine noise. He says they’re going very fast, stopping in midair and reversing course, making 90 degree, 90 degree turns and very unusual. And wanted just to inform me of this. I didn’t know what to think of it. I hadn’t really thought about UFOs much even though there were reports in the newspapers about them in a local town of Great Falls. But I thanked him, hung up, and then five minutes later he;’s calling back. And this time he is very frightened. He’s clearly frightened. He’s screaming into the phone, shouting making no sense. And then I try to calm him down. And then he tells me that there’s an red orange light large. Object very bright, light pulsating and it’s hovering just above the front gate area of our facility.

He wanted me to tell him what to do next. He had the guards out there with their weapons drawn. I told him this time I took him very seriously. And, because it sounded like we were under some sort of a potential attack. I told them to make sure nothing enters the secure area, the fenced area, and and they hung up one of the guards was injured, not from the object, I can explain that later, but, And then I went to tell my commander about the phone calls. And all of a sudden the missiles started going, or disabled. They just went from a green status. Or a go status, to a no go status. And so while this object was up there all 10 of our nuclear missiles were disabled. Wow. We had also incursion lights. Or, possibility of something intruding, in where the missiles were actually located about a mile or so. And it kind of a ring around the central hub of the launch control facility.

The actual missiles were about a mile or two, or three away. We sent guards out there. The two of the sites were we got this incursion lights. And they saw UFOs again. So they reported them again. This is all confirmed by my commander later in a tape recording I have of him talking about this in 1996. At any rate, he makes the call to the command post at Malmstrom Air Force Base at Great Falls, about 100 miles away, and finishes the call reporting the incident.He turns to me and says, the same thing happened in another flight. And I thought it was that evening. But it turns out later I found out that it was eight days earlier. Within eight days, we lost 20 nuclear missiles.

By lost, I mean they were disabled. They were not damaged in any way. They were simply I can tell you what happened, basically this this object sent a signal, through 60 feet of earth and concrete and through these. Shielded cables that we had to each of the missiles separately, to upset the guidance system. We had an inertial guidance system, which required orienting the missile toward it toward the target properly, you know, and it just upset that guidance. So the missile couldn’t launch, otherwise it wouldn’t have a accurate way of getting to the target. So that happened within the span of eight days, we lost 20 of them to these UFOs.

That must have been absolutely terrify. How old were you when this happened?

How old? Mm-hmm. Well, let’s see. , I was about 27.

Yeah, that’s pretty young.


That orange light that you talked about, that sounds very similar to what was seen in the Rendlesham Forest incident.

Yes. Very, very similar.

And they also had nuclear weapons on their base, didn’t they?

Yes, they did.

Very interesting. When you talk about incursion lights, do you mean that the light actually went inside the missile chamber?

What I meant was we had a status board and each missile, our launch facility had a series of lights associated with it. Right. So the top showed top light showed a normally green or a go status of the missile. Right. But we also had a couple of indicator lights that would show if something or someone tried to intrude into the missile.

Ah, gotcha.

Launch facility area. That’s what I meant by incursion. Those are the indicators We got it to the sites and I had to send guards out there to check that out

Wow, that must have been pretty terrifying for you guys.

It was! Especially given it was the world situation because you wouldn’t have known what was going on

Did they? Did these UFOs that shut down the nuclear warheads, or the missiles, did they permanently disable them? Were you able to bring them back online afterwards?

Yes, we were able to bring them back online relatively quickly. And like I said there was no damage to any of the equipment, no, no damage at all really. They were back online within 24 hours.

Gosh, so what happened?  I imagine, I’m just picturing in my mind this scenario of you guys down in your bunker. You must have been completely stressed all of you, thinking what the heck’s going on? What do we do,? Scrambling to find, to source what was going on?


What happened once these missiles were shut down? Did you like notify the chain of command? Or what exactly happened from there?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I described. My commander called the command post to report the incident.

Right, sorry.

And he. He reported the entire thing and then we were relieved the next morning. I immediately went upstairs and talked to the security guard. And he repeated that this was a very bright, so bright he had a hard time looking into the object . But he could discern that there was some. A form elliptical shaped form inside the light. But other than that, he couldn’t describe it much because of the brightness of this the light that surrounded it. And this is also typical of other sightings. There seems to be at times a very bright light around the object,. Or it’s obscured by some ionized gas of some sort.

Yes, it does.

At any rate, we were ordered to report to our squadron commander’s office. And there they had us sign non disclosure statements, never to talk about this again. And and so we we complied with that until 1994.

Mm. Okay, first off, let’s go to the airman that was on the ground that actually saw it. I imagine he was pretty traumatized by the experience, by the sounds of it. And who wouldn’t be? Did he have any physical effects from his encounter?

Well, see, that’s the problem. Well… I know he was ordered not to talk to me .Even when I went back and I was his commanding officer. So I had to really brace him, I guess, and order him to discuss what he saw again. But then, the next morning after I had gone home. House in, in town. And I got a call the next morning from the guards and they wanted to speak with me about what they had seen. Because they were still shaken, obviously. And I had to tell ’em I couldn’t see them, I couldn’t talk to them. Because I, I was ordered never to talk to anyone. Not even anyone in the air force about it.

Wow. That’s really… and so here you have these traumatized people, yourself included. And you can’t discuss it with anybody. And of course, obviously, the Air Force didn’t provide you with any sort of counseling, or support to help you come to terms with it. They just left you?

No, that’s right. These, this was a traumatic incident, especially for them. Not so much for me. I didn’t really see the object. Remember I was underground, but they did very close. Close range, and I’m sure they were traumatized.

Oh, doubtless. Have you since then, and since you came public. And by the way, I would like to thank you for your bravery in doing that. Because I know that you took your vows to the military very seriously, and so it took some, steel balls, for want of a better word, to come out and actually be public about it.

Well, let me just explain a little more. In 1994 and again, that was I guess 27 years had passed. And I was in a bookstore and picked up a book called Above Top Secret by Timothy Goode. Right. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Timothy Goode.

Yes, yes, I have, and the book.

And I pick up that book, and I happen to turn to page 301 of that book. And that was the only page that I could have read that had this story. But it said, UFOs were shut down at a missile site in Great Falls, in Montana at Malmstrom Air Force Base in 1966 and 67. Well, I was elated. I thought that was my incident. And thought the Air Force might have declassified it. And so I asked the local MUFON chapter for an investigator Mutual UFO Network. And asked him to send a Freedom of Information Act request. In other words, requesting information about this particular incident where missiles were shut down during well, for unusual reason. I just said, don’t, don’t mention UFOs, just say that, you know, what happened on that date in this area. Air Force wrote back. And apparently the person that wrote back didn’t realize it was a UFO event. But they said that we had, they had documents and they were going to declassify them now that I requested them.

And so essentially they declassified the Echo flight incident. Now, Echo was not the flight that I was. But I didn’t realize it at the time. At the time I got these documents declassifying the echo incident. I thought that was my incident. And since it was declassified by the Air Force, I decided to go public and say, Yeah, I was there.. And UFOs were seen overhead during the incident.

So that’s why I went public, initially. And and it wasn’t until two years later after I started contacting more witnesses and more people. And trying to locate my commander. I didn’t even remember his name because again. 27 years. Right, right. A lot of water under the bridge, you know, you have children. You get married all kinds of things happen in your life.  And my commander at the time well, when I finally got a hold of him in 1996. He said you know, we weren’t at Echo Flight, we were at Oscar Flight. Which is a different location. And I said, Oh my goodness, I’ve been talking about this publicly. And we had been ordered or we’ve signed these non disclosure statements.

Oh my goodness. Oh dear.

I had, I decided on my own really, without asking permission from anyone.. I, I decided since these incidents were so similar. The Air Force declassified the one. I’m just going to keep speaking about this publicly. Since I’ve been speaking about it for two years already. I’ve given interviews on radio and television and newspaper reports and what have you. I decided I’d keep speaking about it, and so I did. And I told everybody, you know, I was, and I still tell people, including you, that Technically, I’m in violation of that non-disclosure agreement. Which is basically that I would not talk about this ever again. And I’m in violation of that agreement. But in the 30 or so years I’ve been speaking publicly about this, nobody in the U. S. government or the Air Force has come to me and said, stop talking about it. And so I haven’t I have no qualms about continuing to speak about it.

Wow, that’s really interesting. And yet, with other incidents, they shut the witnesses down. I’ve heard…

Well, they did initially, yeah. Yeah. And the Echo commander and the Zeppi commander, and I have their testimony. Let me suggest to your audience that you go to my website, www.SpiralGalaxy.org. That’s all one word. SpiralGalaxy.org, O R G. If you go to my website, you’ll see all the evidence. Basically most of the evidence I have supporting the facts of these two incidents. Including audio testimony from myself, my commander, the deputy commander at echo flight. And written correspondence from his commander all supporting the facts. That 20 missiles were disabled during UFO encounters, in 1967.

And I saw that on your website, and I was really impressed with that. That it’s all out there publicly for anybody to see. So listeners, if you didn’t catch Robert’s website address, don’t worry. If you visit this episode’s page on the podcast website www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. There will be links to Robert’s website there. So you can access that. And also any of the three books that Robert’s written.  I remember you came to my attention during the press club conferences, it’s what it’s called, the one there. The National…?

the National Press Club?

Yes, yes.

Yes, I’ve, I’ve given, well, which, which year?

Oh, that was the one with Stephen Greer.

Oh, that was, yeah, that was 2001. And then I’ve been on other press conferences. Many others, the latest one was in 2021 in October. And I’ve got that complete video. On my website of that press conference. That’s the latest one where I go over other incidents involving UFOs and nuclear weapons. That’s about a two hour video. So take time to go through it.

I’m going to have to sit and watch that when we finish this. I was so impressed with, okay, my mind’s going all over the place. I’ve got 101 questions in my mind, Robert. I was trying to formulate the right ones. During these incidents, I assume they happened really quickly. There was no form of communication from any of these UFOs? Or with you guys trying to communicate with these, whomever they were?

Well, I’ll tell you honestly after I hung up the phone. After that second call with my security guard, I turned over just to look at my status board. I had the feeling, and it could have been a communication, but I had the feeling they were going to do something with my missiles. It was just a feeling. Even though they had no controls upstairs. We had all the controls for the missiles downstairs. So that could have been a communication. Now, of course, I’ve had other. experiences, and I don’t know if you’ve read my book, either of my books.

I’m sorry, I haven’t had a chance to because Cece only contacted me about you like a few days ago. So I haven’t had a chance to read it, but I actually intend to. Usually before I interview people, I read their books so I can have an informed conversation.

Yeah, well, I have had A close encounter. An abduction experience, if you want to hear about that.

Love to hear about that, Robert, absolutely. And actually, that was going to be a question that I was coming into, so there you go.

Okay, this happened in 1985. And again, this is described in my book Unidentified UFO Phenomenon. But in 1985, I had not gone public yet. I was living in Manhattan Beach, California, in a particular house that I recall. And sometime in the evening, I had my wife and the two small children at the time, in the house. And sometime in the evening, I wake up and I see a blue light coming emanating from the living room. And I wake my wife up and I ask her if she sees the blue light. We don’t have any blue lights in our living room. And she says, yes, I said, well, I’m going to try to get up and investigate because there might be a burglar in the house.

And of course we had two small children. So, I attempt to get out of the bed and I can’t move. I’m paralyzed. Absolutely paralyzed. And I, I remember struggling, really struggling hard to get my mobility back. And I couldn’t. I turned to my wife for help and now she’s unconscious. My wife is unconscious even though we had this, situation. The next thing I recall there is a figure in the doorway of our bedroom. It’s a hooded figure. I and then I’m aware of other little people, we’ll call them. They seem like children to me, in the room. And then I’m lifted off the bed and kind-of guided towards the window of the bedroom.

The window had been locked. I remember locking it. I didn’t think they knew how to unlock it. They were, seemed like small children to me. Right. And they took me right through the window. I know that sounds ridiculous, but that’s what happened. They took me right through the window. Without opening it. And the next thing I know I’m on board to craft. Lying on a metal type bed. It wasn’t a bed. It was more like a table Examination table.


Examination table. Yeah. And I’m being shown a long needle. A long needle. And this being a, holds the needle right in front of my eyes. And it was holding it with two very long bony fingers. Very long bony fingers, they put it right in front of my eyes. And they communicate with me telepathically that they’re going to insert this in my groin area. And it’s not going to hurt. Well, they started the procedure and it hurt like hell. I mean, it was really very, very painful. It’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt. And I communicated that to them, obviously, somehow. I probably was screaming. But as I did, the pain went away instantly. So they completed the procedure, which was probably to remove sperm. And next thing, I’m, I’m sitting up on the table and two small beings on either side, kind of like an escort. They escort me over to the side of the ship. There’s kind of a molded bench. I’m sitting there for a little while and then, probably recovering. But then they take me over to another cubicle.

We’re floating all this time. We’re not walking. We’re floating. I’m taken over to another cubicle and another one of the beings- this time he’s got a white smock on, looks like a doctor’s smock. Or maybe it was just my imagination, but he turns me around and then he pokes two digits or fingers down my spine. Like this. Right down my spine. I don’t know why, but then he turns me back over to the other two. And we go through this curved tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel, there’s a white, bright light, poof, I’m back in my bed. My gosh. The next morning, of course, I didn’t remember any of that. Neither did my wife. We didn’t speak of it. I didn’t remember it. We didn’t speak of it.

And then in 2008, so that’s what, 23 years later, I’m at Carrick on Shannon, Ireland. I’m sitting at a UFO conference. My wife and I I was invited to speak there. And there was a abductee or experiencer giving her talk. And then she says, and then a little blue light filled my bedroom. And I remember my wife and I hadn’t talked about this at all. I turned to my wife and I said, Do you remember a blue light in our, living room many, many years ago? She said, yes. So that was confirmation.

Yeah. And, you remember so much detail from your experience, and obviously it came back to you later.

This was the result of four hypnotherapy regressions.

Ah. Got you!

And the first regression session I had was that very evening. And some of you might know…? I’m trying to remember her name. She’s Australian. Oh, I’ll think of it.

I think I know who you’re talking about. I’ve heard Suzy and the Australian lady who does the UFO research in Australia, talking about her. How they referred people to her. Yeah, but I don’t know her name, but I know who you mean. I’ve heard of her before.

I had a session with her that evening and started to re recover some of those memories, but then I had three more sessions after that to recall what I’ve told you. There’s probably more to recall, I I haven’t had any more sessions. There’s probably more things that I I’ve just forgotten.

Can I ask you a few questions about your experience, if that’s okay with you?


When you talked about the wall curving inside the ship, I actually recall seeing that numerous times myself. And the bright white light that seems to permeate everything, but it’s not hard on your eyes. It just brought back the memories for me. Thank you. In the middle of all of this, was there anything else that you observed about the areas that you were in at that particular time?

Well, all I can tell you is there seemed to be, cubicles where there were other, like little office areas. One of the cubicles, I was translucent or transparent. I don’t know if it was glass around it or what, but I could see like this being in a white smock inside the cubicle. The bench, like I said, was molded into the side of the craft. It seemed to me, other than that I don’t recall. Other than the fact that, after this occurred, actually two weeks. Approximately two weeks after, this occurred in 1985, I was out in my garden and stopped for some reason. Held my head up and thought, you know, I’ve been out in space, I’ve seen The blackness of space and the stars. So that’s why I say I think I probably was able to see out somehow . And see what space looked like without the atmosphere, the Earth’s .Atmosphere.

Interesting. To me, it feels to me, Robert from my own knowing of having been an experiencer my entire life. That more happened when those missiles were shut down than you’re aware of. And I suspect that, you have had some sort of ongoing experience with these beings.

Oh, yeah, I’m sure I’ve been visited many times here in my home. My wife has been visited . And in fact when I was growing up I know I had at least one sighting when I was about 10 years old.

There you go. That makes sense.

Walking with my father in the evening we saw a bright light that was not a star. It was in the sky and we see that. Yeah, and then my mother, before I was even born, and similar to, you probably read Suzy’s book.


And similar to her experience, but not similar, but something like that. My mother, when she was about 12 years old.. She was spending the night with some friends cousins, at her home, at their home. And And they were sleeping, all sleeping you know, on the floor in one of these rooms. And, and sometime in the evening they’re all startled when a very tall white woman you know, I’m Hispanic. And my, all my cousins were Hispanic dark skinned, a little darker skinned. And this white woman walks into the room and nobody knows who she is. This is in Chandler, Arizona. And at the time, that was 1921 or 20, 1920. And and the houses, of course, weren’t that close to each other. There was a lot of room between homes, not like it is now, but she walks into the room, tall white woman, and smiles at my mother, who was only 12. And then disappears. Or walks away or disappears, she said. Then the next evening, same situation, but they’re in this sleeping all in this room. And then my mother wakes up when a, what she calls a midget, was whispering in her ear in a language she didn’t understand. She understood both English and Spanish. But that’s what woke her up and she looks at this midget and screams. Everybody else wakes up. And they see this midget scurry off. Or run away. I think that was a, experience. You know, probably she was contacted there.

Yeah, I was wondering if actually, prior to the incident, that you had actually been an experiencer? Simply because it’s been my experience. And my knowing that these beings tend to follow families for generations.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think that’s true.

that makes absolute sense to me, that you would be an experiencer.


Go ahead.

I just want to add during my first regression with I think her name’s Mary. Is it Mary? Yeah, anyway that was that evening in 2008. One of the things I said to her was that these beings that had taken me in 1985 were the same group that had shut down my missiles.  And that was communicated to me during the incident.

That, yeah. That’s exactly what I felt. I felt that they were the same beings. Can you now, seeing the hooded figure, that’s not the first time I’ve heard of experiencers seeing a hooded figure. I actually interviewed a Canadian chap, oh gosh, I think it was in my second season, who had experiences with hooded figures.

Wait a minute, Mary Rodwell, she’s the Australian lady That’s it! Who gave me that first hypnotic regression. Yes, I’m sorry, I interrupted, go ahead.

No, no, that’s absolutely fine. I was just saying that I interviewed a chap, a Canadian chap, in my second season of the podcast and he had been experiencer his entire life. And he saw these hooded beings. Like you did. Tall, tall hooded beings. So you never saw that being, that particular being’s features, just his fingers?

Exactly. I never saw his face or its face. However, the other thing that came out during that first regression is that I had the feeling these were reptilian in nature.

Okay. There you go!

Especially, especially the large one that operated on me or did something to me with that needle. Right now, I’m going to shock you even more.

I was just thinking, you could try!

I can shock you. I don’t know if I can shock you.

Might shock my listeners.

Let’s go to 2018. I, when a friend of mine calls me and says, Bob, have you heard about the mummies of Nazca, Peru? Right. And I said, no. Well, you gotta go with me. I’m going to go to Peru to listen to some scientists explain what they’ve found about these so called mummies of Peru, that were discovered about 2015, I think? In the Nazca Plain. And so I said, No, I, I don’t know. You know, there’s been so many of these false you know, things about creatures. He said, Well, go to the website. There’s a website called the Alien Project. And and so I went to that website and… One of the discoveries was they had found detached hands, of creatures. Have you been to that website?

No, I haven’t, but I did follow for a while that they were doing these scientific tests, on these bodies.

Yeah. I go, I see these hands. And there are the little bony fingers that I saw during my…  Same thing I remember, long… now by long, I mean, you know, we have one, two, three segments to ,our fingers. He’s had five! Five segments like this, to their fingers. Very long fingers. Three fingers. They’re all tridactyls. And So I called my friend back and said when are you leaving? I’m going with you. Even without talking to my wife first, who controls the purse, the family purse. And so I had to talk her into it. We almost got divorced over that. Anyway she agreed. And so I fly off to Cusco, Peru and I’m glad I did. I was able to actually, talk to the people who had the objects in their position and they allowed me to go see these detached hands, dolls, and little bodies, tridactyls, reptilian. Had reptilian skin. And I was able to hold, the hand, one of the detached hands, which is about, you know, this long. And that was an experience, but I’m convinced that those were the kinds of creatures that I encountered during my abduction.

Right. So the smaller creatures that you saw, would they be what would pass as the typical gray that people talk about?

Yes. Right. Can I do something? I’m going to turn my computer around. Oh, let’s see. I don’t know if I can turn the camera, but anyway, I’ll turn it around. You see that?


Okay. This is a replica of. One of the, what I call mummies of Peru. You see that?

Yeah, yeah.

Very long, long arms. And you notice there’s a, a copper plate crossing the chest area, yeah.

Yes, I saw that.

That’s actually embedded, into the, the being the mummy and then in the hands themselves, there’s a circular. Metal plate. And we don’t know what the purpose of that is. It’s up for speculation. But for some reason they had these, and they have some on the joints to have some kind of metallic things on the joints, some of them but amazing stuff.

I have heard and I, I don’t know the reality of this. That some of the smaller gray species, of course there’s many species, are actually like robots. They were like drone workers.

Yes, organic, but still robotic in nature, yes. Yeah,

Yeah. And that would explain the metal. Bits in the body.

Yeah, right.

Because they don’t seem to have, they sort of seem to have a hive mind.

I’m sorry?

They seem to have a hive mind in that these smaller ones, they just follow orders. They don’t initiate stuff of their own accord, right?

Okay. Yeah, I’ve heard that. Yeah. In fact Whitley Strieber says the same kind of thing. I don’t know if you know Whitley Strieber.

Yes, I’ve heard Yeah.

He talks about encountering the beings. They reminded him of bees almost. Like they were just acting robotically as a group .And they had a kind of a one mind group.

Very interesting, isn’t it? How has knowing that you’ve been an experiencer left you feeling?

How, how what?

Sorry, how, how does knowing that you’re an experiencer, that you’ve been on ships, that you’ve had medical procedures done to you, how does that leave you feeling? In regards, especially in regards to your earlier experience in the airforce.

I I don’t ascribe any particular emotion to that. I’m, I’m not angry about it per se. I just like to know why? What they’re up to? And In fact, I’m thinking about writing another book as to their agenda. What are they up to and what is their purpose here with us?

Ah, that would be a very interesting book. Now, Suzy told me that your book, UAPs And the Nuclear Puzzle. Suzy told me that you’ve added an addendum to that recently. Is that correct?

I revised the last book called Unidentified UFO Phenomena. I revised that extensively, each, pretty much each chapter to bring it up to date. Right. Because that book was written in 2013. And the result of that effort is my new book UAP and the Nuclear Puzzle.

Right. Robert, in all this time that you’ve been speaking out publicly, have you had any backlash or negative experiences from let’s say, undisclosed alphabet agencies trying to stop you from speaking out?

Well, I haven’t had any negative experiences per se. However, starting in 1969 and going through 1971 the Cabal. I’ll just mention what I call, what I call the Cabal, it’s an international group. Secret, highly secretive group, Right. Has agents in many countries, that are maybe exchanging information about what they’ve uncovered from recovery of bodies and, and craft including, of course, the US government. They have tried to recruit me. From time to time. And that’s typical, I think, of what they do with, with witnesses. They try to reel them in a little bit. And get them to work for them, under very highly classified or secret circumstances. And I’ve resisted that every time. Because I knew what they were trying to do. Right. And so I could continue to speak out publicly about what I know. Because they can put a lot of pressure on people.

Yes. They do! It’s not, particularly on you but they will threaten those you love.

Yes. And they’ll use all sorts of techniques like threats. Threats of violence. And threats of, making you out to be insane. Or unstable .Or whatever. What have you. Yeah, I think that goes on. I think that’s part of the process of keeping these secrets by this cabal.

Exactly. A hundred percent agree. So can I have your take on these latest events happening, the disclosure to your Congress. With these people speaking to your Congress members?

Yes, that was fairly recent. Three ex military spoke directly to Congress in an open hearing. It was televised . And most Americans saw it. Or they were interested, they could see it. And there was some interesting things that came out of that, and that was historic, I think. Very historic. Historic and beneficial towards the effort of disclosure. Things that came out were, especially by Commander Fravor. A Navy commander who who was part of the incident called the Tic Tac Incident, you know? But he explained that what that object did that he encountered could not have been done by any aircraft that the U. S. has. Or any other country for that matter. Essentially, he confirmed that these objects are not from Earth. And the other thing that was confirmed by Grush David Grush. Was that we are in possession of crashed objects and beings. These are Sentient beings that were recovered from these crashes. Those two things right there are pretty astounding. Yes. And, and I think that made a, a good step forward in, trying to get the US government to Look into this further. And get some answers for the public.

Of course, we all know that the U. S. government is only a shadow government. It’s only puppets for the people who pull the strings behind the scenes. But it’s a very fact… actually, I was told back in the late 80s or early 90s. My star people told me that your government ,specifically,. Had been told that they had to release information about extraterrestrial life to humanity. Within a certain period or the choice would be taken out of their hands.

Oh, really?

Yes. And it’s…

Oh. Did they say which period they had to do this?

No, no, they didn’t. But they said to me that humanity had to reach a certain point where there are enough people, I use the term awake. But questioning reality, questioning the government, questioning what’s going on? Enough people had to be at a level of awakeness, before things could progress. And we reached that level about three and a half, four years ago now. And from that time, things have exponentially increased. The government instead of drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, has been turning on the faucet, and they’ve been using social manipulation, which they’re very good at. To indoctrinate humanity. It’s gone from ridiculing people who are witnesses. Belittling them making it appear like they’re crazy, especially in news coverage. To treating it seriously.

Yes, yes, I agree. And I think there I don’t know if you feel this, but there seems to be more and more sightings by individuals. And individuals wanting to come forward. More video, more photographs coming out that activity seems to be increasing.

Yeah, I agree. I agree. They’re making the presence more and more known. Which is one of the reasons why I feel your government is really pushing and allowing this hearing to go ahead.

Yes, and not only in the House of Representatives. But the U. S. Senate has now adopted an amendment to the National Defense Act that’s going to be approved later this year. To require agencies to produce whatever they have on the, this subject.

That’s going to be interesting.

Yeah, so we’ll see how that goes.

Do you feel, Robert, that basically they’ve given disclosure with this first hearing by Gursh, , stating what he stated. Even though he said a lot of it out of public hearing to them privately. And he has the dates. He has the places where these things are stored. And he’s passed all that information on. Not in the public hearing, but when he met with him privately. I tend to have this feeling that, well obviously they’re prepping the masses.

I think these beings are intelligent enough. Oh, yeah. Much more intelligent than we are. Oh, absolutely. To realize that our governments are not really the issue. Our governments, like you say either politically oriented towards what they think the public wants to hear. For example, right now, I think a lot of senators and congressmen in the United States are trying to avoid this subject as much as they can.

I don’t think E. T. has plans for showing up with our president, for example, at a news conference. I think what’s going to happen is that the public, the masses are going to keep growing as to the numbers that actually believe that we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings, civilizations, and they’re going to demand disclosure from the government, from their elected officials. It’s already happening in other parts of the world.

I just found out in Brazil, the Brazilian Senate is more interested. They’re asking questions now, some of the witnesses. And I think disclosure, or acknowledgement, full acknowledgement by governments will evolve eventually from that fact. And then sometime in the future, traditional Turkish culture, languages, Maybe the long term extraterrestrial let’s say ambassadors will have more contact. But that will come after the masses, the populace of the, our civilization has pretty well accepted that they’re out there.

Well, you know, that’s interesting because some years ago, when I first started this podcast. There had been a survey done amongst the American population, only the American population. And at that stage over 60% of people believed in extra terrestrial existence.So I have no doubt since that was done, the numbers increased quite a bit.

Yeah. And if, if our government will have open hearings, more open hearings, like the one they had recently with the House. If the Senate has more open hearings, but now with actual witnesses, like myself. Yeah. And others that start talking about the range of Incidents that have occurred,in fact. And the public hears that from credible witnesses. That that number is going to people that really believe in this the truth of this. Is going to rise exponentially. And the U. S. is the key. I, you know, I hate to. Put it that way, but because the U. S. has been kind of, in the lead on the secrecy angle of this worldwide, once the U. S. admits to these facts, then the rest of the world will follow. Other nations will follow.

Yeah, I agree. It’s the U. S. that’s been holding up the works. Other countries have been willing to come forward, but it’s being controlled by your government, I hate to say. Well, the powers behind your government. Is there any specific message? Or a lesson that you’d like to convey from your experiences and those that you’ve come in contact with since being so,. Open and transparent?

Well, I would like to say I’m inclined to the opinion that these beings, these extraterrestrial, Civilizations that are visiting. Are here to try to get us humans to evolve to a better state.. Where we are more in control of our destiny. Especially with respect to things like nuclear weapons. That could be used to completely destroy most living things on earth if we were to engage in nuclear war. That’s my main, I guess, subject, topic, subject area in this field. I’d like to see us evolve to the point where we’re back on the road to abolishing all nuclear weapons. But in order to do that, humanity must work together. All nations must work together to accomplish that. As we must work together to find solutions for global warming, which is also a way we might go extinct. So I think E. T. does not want to for the most part.

For the most part, yeah. It’s E. T. ‘s, the star people races, it’s like humans. There are benevolent ones and ones that want to assist us. There are ones that are neutral and just observe. And then there are malevolent ones who want to keep humanity as we currently are. Robert, before we go, would you like to let people know the names of your books and where they can contact you if they would like to reach out to you?

That. Yes actually… You can go to my website, spiral galaxy.org, and I’ve got a place there where you can order my books and I’ll sign them and send them to you. And I think there’s a, a way you can contact me. I think I’ve got an email on my website called kep Tyco, K e p t Y c h o, at spiral galaxy.org. You can write to me there.

Thank you so much for your time today. I’ve really enjoyed my conversation with you. And thank you so much for sharing and being so brave. And speaking out and organizing events where people could speak out. I appreciate all the work that you’re doing. And from my heart I thank you.

Thank you, Marianne, for inviting me. I surely enjoyed speaking with you. I’ve been very comfortable talking to you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

What an incredible journey we’ve been on today with Robert Salas! Robert, thank you so much for sharing your remarkable experiences and insights with us. Your stories have truly opened our minds to the mysteries of the universe and the profound impact they have on our lives.

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