Rissa Miller is an editor, author, herbalist, seer, and storyteller. Her storytelling expertise stems from extensive research into the area of esoteric history, including ghosts, witchcraft, cryptids, and folklore. Rissa believes the most enduring stories teach us not only about humanity’s past but also give us a reason to reflect on our own present beliefs and realities. She often leads ghost tours and gives lively history talks.

It’s rare to find Rissa without tea. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, a mug of green tea is her constant companion. Tea is one part of her love of plants. She holds a deep reverence for plants and the answers they offered, whether as tasseographs in a teacup, smoke in the air, a healing salve for the skin, a plant on the windowsill, or nourishment for the body.

In addition to adoring tea and herbs, her love of plants is made complete by the fact she is a vegan of 28 years. She’s also a published author and poetess and has had several plays produced in the Mid-Atlantic

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