Bonnie Rampy currently lives in Texas, USA. In her thirties, she had a series of debilitating strokes, that wiped out the speech centre in her brain causing her to have to learn to speak all over again. Also causing many physical side effects that she still suffers from to this day. Her story is quite inspirational.

Following these strokes and as she was just starting her recovery process, Bonnie was at home one evening when she was strongly prompted to go outside and look at the stars, which she did. Whilst she was outside she saw the first of almost nightly visits from UFO’s flying across the night skies. Many of which she has been able to photograph. Bonnie is quite open about her experiences both with her strokes and with the regular visits from her crafts in the night skies.

Because of her experiences, she started her own Facebook group in which she regularly shares the images that she continues to capture.