Nancy Orlen Weber is the author of two books, The Life Of A Psychic Detective and All Nature Speaks, Conversations with Pets & Wildlife. She has appeared on numerous television shows and has her own YouTube channel.

Nancy resides with her husband in New Jersey and has five children and twelve grandchildren. She enjoys creating pen and ink drawings plus crocheting and donating winter scarves and hats, believing that the fabric of life is woven with love for all.

Nancy trained and worked as a nurse for some years, also working in a new, experimental unit, the Acute Psychiatric Unit of Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. Ultimately, she left nursing and by March of 1975, she had a full-time psychic, medium, and medical intuitive practice.

In 1979, she was approached by the police to help them in a rape/murder case. Because of her assistance, the case was solved and the guilty party confessed. From there she worked for many years with law enforcement These days Nancy is still actively involved in helping others find their spiritual paths. She feels her mission is the help everyone empower their own sacred spiritual gifts. She believes that if we help each other head, help each other uncover and empower our soul wisdom, it can help change our broken world for the better.

Episode 136: Unlocking Mysteries: Inside the Mind of a Psychic Detective

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