Tracey Royce English-born but having grown up in New Zealand Tracey has had an interest in all things considered supernatural from age 10 and spent numerous hours of her childhood devouring every book she could lay her hands on regarding anything to do with these subjects.

In her teenage years, she began researching the occult and practising as a Hedgewitch which resulted in her joining a few different magickal orders over the decades to further her knowledge in this area.

From 1980 to 1995 she studied Psi Phenomena and Folklore while conducting numerous solo vigils and explorations of alleged haunted or supernatural locations throughout the UK before becoming part of a paranormal investigative group in New Zealand for a short time.  2010 saw her co-found The Quantum Foundation where she felt she could assist in the exploration of the paranormal further whilst lending her 40 years of active experience and knowledge within the field.

She holds qualifications in Business Management, Conference and Event Planning, Tourism, and Adult Education and has completed a course in Parapsychology with The University of Edinburgh in the UK.

Tracey likes to keep a healthy level of scepticism whilst investigating claims of the paranormal and her sole drive and focus as a researcher is to collect and collate data as opposed to producing evidential claims of the paranormal.