Episode 126: E Noho Rā

Hi everyone.  Thank you all so much for listening to the Walking the Shadowlands podcast, if you are a first-time listener, thank you for joining us for this episode. It’s been sometime since I last spoke with you all.

For those new listeners, I was taking a break due to ongoing health issues, by replaying, firstly my favourite UFO episodes and then the scariest episodes – at least the ones you all found to be the scariest, followed by episodes and guests that I enjoyed the most for one reason or another. Ending last week, with the episode that I spent over 30 hours researching and preparing for. And my favourite subject of all that I’ve done. Also, one that has consistently been in my top ten most listened to episodes since it first aired in the very first season of this podcast. A Glitch in the Matrix: A Holographic reality.

I was hoping that this time off would allow me to recover my energy and continue creating this podcast that I have absolutely loved researching and creating. But sadly, I have come to the realization, that actually, it’s time for me to hang up my mic and say goodbye to this baby of mine, that I have loved and nurtured through 10 seasons.

So, this episode is really just to let all of you, my wonderful listeners know that I am retiring from creating this podcast. And to give thanks to all of you for making our podcast what it has become. It’s been consistently in the top 10% of podcasts world- wide according to the website Listennotes, that ranks websites.

We’ve even made Apple’s favourite podcast list at some stage during our time on air. So, for a little kiwi show that focuses on shadowlands subjects over a wide genre of themes, we’ve done far better than I ever anticipated would be the case when I first started the podcast. Thinking then, that I would be doing really well if I managed to get 10 episodes done, let alone 10 seasons worth of shows.

So, whilst I am torn about closing this podcast down, I do take pride in what we together, have managed to achieve. And I have learned so very much during this time, technical editing stuff, finding guests, speaking with some truly amazing people. Some of whom have forever found a place in my heart and have impacted me in ways that are difficult for me to express. I am so grateful to them all.

Not to mention the social media learning curve. Ah, social media the bane of my work. In the latter part of the podcast, I discovered TikTok, and it has been my favourite social medial app for promoting our podcast. I’ve even found a few guests from the site.

And speaking of TikTok. I had been gathering people’s matrix experiences, to perhaps use in a future episode, but seeing as how last week I replayed A Glitch in the Matrix: A Holographic Reality? And also, seeing as how this will be the last time that I am adding an episode, I thought I would share these with you today. This is very bare-boned, with no transitions between the experiences. Also, if you wish you can actually see their videos on our YouTube channel, same name as our podcast. Walking the Shadowlands. Here, of course, I am only going to play the audio.

With that being said, are you willing to walk with me this one last time, into this part of the shadowlands and hear what these people have to share? Then let’s begin.

As I said a couple of minutes ago, these are bare-boned audio recordings taken from the videos these people posted on TikTok, with no transitional sounds between experiencers. To begin with, we start with two different experiences that occurred in a well-known US fast food place, Chick fil A. Enjoy.

Last night, I literally experienced a glitch in the Matrix. So kind of late, me and my girlfriend and our friend got really hungry, so we were like, all right, let’s go to Chick fil a. They closed at one. We got there at 1240, so we were like, Cool. And even as the guy was taking our order, we heard someone go up to two cars behind us and say, OK, you guys are the last car. We give the guy order, and then he gives me that little mobile card reader. I give him my credit card, pay for the food, and then we drive up to the window and they’re like, all right, what’s the name on the order? And I’m like, Veronica. And they go, there’s no Veronica in the system. And I said, well, we just gave that guy an order, like, I already paid. And they were like, the kitchen is closed. And then my girlfriend goes, yeah, but that guy back there took her order. And she goes, to point into the lot, there was no one there. And you want to know what else wasn’t there? The two cars behind us, they were just gone. The whole lot was empty. It was literally us in the car and then just the two people in Chick fil a being like, Get the fuck out of here. So, yeah, I hope the me and that other timeline enjoyed her Chick fil a.

So March 20, we went to Academy Sports to go stock up on some nine millimeter rounds, and we decided we wanted to go eat, my son and I. He wanted chickfila. I want a Chicken Express. And we ended up going to Chicken Express, and it was $20.11 right there. And when I got that notification from Chime saying it came through, it was Chickfila for $20.11. So they don’t know to this day on what happened with that, but, yeah, that’s my experience. So there’s a nine millimeter round right there, but, yeah, let me know.

So something creepy happened when I was 14 that never left my brain, which makes me believe that we live in a stimulation or like there’s a glitch in The Matrix or something. It’s always been unexplainable, but when I was 14, my parents went to a parent teacher conference for my siblings. So I was of age to stay home by myself. I’m sitting at the kitchen island eating, and I see headlights pull up in the driveway. And I’m like, cool. They’re home. They come in bickering. My mom hangs up her purse, takes off her boots, and then my stepdad goes, let’s finish this in the garage. So they go to the garage, and 45 minutes goes by and they still haven’t come out. So I’m like, where’d? They go, what happened? I go to the garage. It’s pitch black. There’s no car in it. There’s no car in the driveway. They’re just gone. I called my mom and I’m like, Where did you guys go? I thought I didn’t know that you guys were leaving again. She’s confused and she’s like, what are you talking about? We’re still at the parents teacher conference. We’re coming home now.It just ended. And then they come home and everything happens all over again, like it was a glitch in The Matrix. She takes off her boots, she hangs up her purse while they’re bickering about the exact same thing. So? Yeah. I don’t know. Explain that.

 I’ve got a story time. I’m absolutely addicted to glitch in the matrix, TikTok. I was watching one of these videos and it reminded me of something that happened to me and my husband about 25 years ago. So at the time, while his parents were alive, they had this little cottage which was in the middle of nowhere in a tiny little village in Kent. Now, it stood alone. It was sort of a 16th century cottage, so really old, tiny little cottage surrounded by a big field and forests and a single track road leading up to it. So the person that lived in there before they bought it was an old lady who died there. She used to get her waterproof well and there was no central heating, and I think she even used to bake her bread in the englement fireplace. So we decided to go there for a little weekend away together one time. And we got the train up because we didn’t have a car, and got a cab to the cottage. So we dumped our stuff and we decided to walk into the village to go to the pub, to have a nice meal and a few drinks.

So we did that, and that was really nice. By about 1130 were ready to go home and couldn’t get a cab back, so we walked. Now, when we walked down this road, there were no street lights. The nearest neighbor is about a kilometer away. And although there was a full moon moon where the canopy of the trees overhung the road, it was pitch black. And because it was in the country, there were always lots of little Russells and this and the other. So we were walking home and we were just checking over our shoulder the whole time, checking no one was following us. And we get to the cottage and something makes my husband stop. And he holds me back and he just peers around the hedge to have a look at the front of the cottage. And there he sees two children in old fashioned clothes wearing sort of a duffel coat and an old 70s puffer coat waving sparklers around. So he tells me this and then we both peep around again and there’s no one there. They’ve gone. It’s unlikely that it’s a local child, local children, because who would let their children out 11:00 at night play outside a spooky old cottage?

So we gathered our thoughts, rushed into the cottage, all the time going, Anyone there? Come out of here. So glad when nobody answered, got in and locked the door. When we sat down, he said to me, the weirdest thing is I felt like it was me and my brother when we were little. I felt like I was watching myself from a time gone by. But also because the cottage was so old and occasionally you would get sort of spooky feelings there. We also wondered if maybe they were like child ghosts that had sort of some connection to the cottage. Anyway, to this day, we have no idea what it was. He’s convinced it wasn’t some boozy hallucination. He saw these two figures and even now it just gives us chills to remember it.

Back in 2014, I had this weird vivid dream that I was swimming in an indoor pool in the middle of the night. I had this really distinct white tile and I was climbing up on this wood ladder thing and I was trying to be quiet. And I in the dream, I am Marjorie. In this reality, in my dream, I was some other woman and the situation was me. And the dream was meeting up with some other man and we were having an affair at the pool in the middle of the night and we were trying to be quiet. So I woke up the next day and I was like, well, that’s kind of weird. And just kind of went on about my business. Couple weeks later, I was on vacation with my actual husband, whom I have never cheated on nor would dream to cheat on. So, yeah, here we are in front of the Biltmore. We’re touring and looking at all the cool stuff and like the history and everything and all of a sudden, we walk into this room. I’m going to have to show you guys. I immediately start freaking out. This is the room right here.

I see my shrink myself. It’s not filled with water, but this is the indoor pool at the Biltmore estate. This was the pool from my drink. The exact pool. The weird white tile, the weird ladder that I climbed up. What? I freaked out. I got chills. I told my husband after we left her, I was like, I’ve been there before in my dream, and I’m freaking out right now. I don’t know how to explain this. So, yeah, I’m not someone who is raised with, like, a belief in reincarnation or anything like that. I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t know. But that’s my glitch. In the Matrix story, or one of them.

Elon Musk says that we’re almost definitely living in a simulation. Sometimes I hear that and I go, what a crazy conspiracy. And then I’m quickly reminded about the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me. And I’ve told this story before, I’m going to tell it again. I’m seeking absolutely any explanation that makes sense for the story that I have. Let me take a picture. I was a junior in high school. I’m currently a senior in college now.

That’s how long this story has haunted me. And me and my little brother were driving home from high school. We had sports after school, and my dad had just gotten, like, a new car. It’s a good used car. It’s new to us. In high school, I had a designated spot in our driveway where I parked my car, like, off to the side. My parents parked in the garage as they were home, and that way they could still get out, right? However, on this particular day, we pull in and my dad’s cars backed out of the garage. But as if it’s about to pull in, but the garage door is shut, right, and it’s blocking where I typically park. So I pull off to the side of the driveway, and as we get closer to me and my brother both go, oh, my God, my dad’s car was wrecked. Like, who wrecked Dad’s car? That’s a new car that he’s so upset right now. Don’t get me wrong. The car wasn’t total, but there was definitely damage. And I remember me and my brother going, oh, my God, I wonder if he hit the garage or something.

And we turn to the back seat of my car to grab our backpacks, and we walk around my car, and it’s not there. I’m not saying that the damage is not there. I’m saying there is no car in the driveway at all. I remember we charged my dad on my 360. He was at work. The car was never home to begin with. I was so freaked out that I went inside and I drew a picture of the car. And I made my little bit of point out where on the car that she saw the damage. And it was in the exact same place that I saw the rep on the car. I feel like when I tell the story, people are always like, and then what? I’m like, no, that was it. It’s just unexplained. I just live with that memory. But, yeah, absolutely no rational explanation for that, except maybe the world doesn’t work the way I think it does.

All right, story time. I am going to tell you about the time that I experienced my own glitch in The Matrix. I’ve only told not even a handful of people this because they think I’m pretty crazy. And I do want to give just a slight trigger warning. If you have any kind of religious trauma, this might be upsetting, so protect yourself. I was just a wee nugget in first grade, and I was going to a private Catholic school in Miami, Florida, and in every morning. And the way the school was set up was the hallways were outside. So you would climb up the stairs outside, walk through the hallways, and then go into your classroom. And to get to the bathroom, you’d have to walk out of your classroom and down the hallway. And then there was the bathroom located at the end of the hallway. It just so happened that the hallway that my classroom was located in just got a brand new bathroom. So I asked to use the bathroom, and it was the first time I had ever used the new bathroom. And I so vividly remember the interior. All the walls were like and almost like plastic inside, and it was the baby blue, and it was like, immediately off putting.

I don’t know why I do my thing. I’m washing my hands, and then I look up to grab the doorknob, and the door is gone. Where the door was supposed to be was now just another baby blue plasticy kind of wall. And all the walls started to feel like they were closing in on me. And it was just walls of blue. There was no door, just the toilet and the sink. I started crying, and I remember getting onto the toilet seat and putting my elbows on, like, the back on the tank. And I started praying, asking God to help me get out. And it felt like I was in there for hours. For hours. So I have my eyes closed, and then I look up, and the door is back. Door is back. So I go to reach for it, and I cannot get it unlocked. I keep turning the lock over and over, and I cannot get it unlocked. And then suddenly it starts wiggling on its own. I hear a voice on the other side of the door, and it’s my teacher, and she calms me down enough to help walk me through, unlocking the door for her I get the door open and they’re standing my teacher, and she is frantic and panicking because she says she’s been looking for me for 20 minutes.

And she said she had knocked on the door before and was pretty pissed at me because she thought I was just keeping quiet in there. We’re walking back down the hallway to the classroom and I’m crying, telling her something weird happened. I didn’t do anything bad. And there was another teacher standing in the hallway that said I must have done something bad and God was punishing me.

I’m not one to post on TikTok, but I am pretty sure what I experienced today was a glitch in The Matrix. And it was really disturbing and I have no way to explain it, but I feel like me venting about it somehow will make me feel better. So here we go. I’ll be one of those people that says part two tomorrow. Follow more I’m going to probably tell this. It’s going to be shitty and not a good storyteller, so let me just ramble for a second. So I pulled into my work parking lot after my lunch break. It’s a way away from the back door that we use to get into the building. And suddenly my coworker comes out of nowhere, walks in front of my car and makes a funny face at me. And I wave. But something about it was really off because he was in clothes that were slightly lighter than what I’ve seen him in before, like this morning, and his hair was a little more gray. He was getting into a gray car, which I thought was weird because he has a black car. And just like when we were holding the eye contact and the stare at that moment just felt like it went on for a century.

It just didn’t end. And it was so off in a way. Like it just seemed like a casual interaction, but it just felt so weird. And then I got out of my car. I could see from far away, like somebody at the back door area, like helping somebody in the package. And I was like, that can’t be him. I just saw him. But from far away I could get a gauge that it was him. And then I walk my way over. I get to the back door and it’s my co worker who I just saw on a completely different outfit and getting into a different colored car than what he has just saw him, like maybe 10-15 seconds before. And suddenly he’s here in a completely different outfit talking to me. Like he didn’t just see me or say hi to me or anything. He was talking to me like he was just seeing me for the first time today, like really talking to each other. And it was so eerie. And the second, like I got up to him at the door, just my stomach dropped. It just felt so weird, and I have no way to explain it. There’s no way he could have got to his car in a different outfit than what he was originally in, then come back to the spot he may have just came from and once again, a different outfit. He would have had to get past me. I would have seen him run over to the back door. There’s no way he could have done that without me seeing, considering I was going that way. But, yeah, I am really shaken about it. I have been completely off since that happened, like, a few hours ago, and I have no way to explain it, and I don’t want it to happen again because it was really weird. And I don’t want to see my co-worker for a bit because if I see him, like, tomorrow, I will probably, like, shit myself. But yeah, that’s what happened to me today, and I don’t get paid enough to deal with this.

Hi. So I don’t think I’ve actually talked on here using my voice, but I just saw a couple of talks about Glitches in The Matrix, and I want to talk about one that I experienced, and I literally have never been able to explain it. And, I mean, the guy was even confused about it when I brought it up to him. So when I was 15, I used to walk home from work a lot. I used to work at a restaurant, so I’d get out pretty late, like 1030, 11:00, and a lot of times my sister would already be asleep, but he couldn’t compete me up from work, so I’d walk home a lot. I was walking home, and of course the street lamps are on, and I look up and I see this guy. He was around our neighbourhood a lot, just in this general area a lot because my job is only 15 minutes walk away, so it really wasn’t that far. He underneath the street lamp. He has a white shirt on that has a hole here, and the hen’s kind of falling off, and he has light blue jeans. He’s holding a binder in his hand while he’s pushing his bike along next to him.

He’s not riding it because I think the wheels, like, messed up because it’s kind of, like, moving funny, and he’s pushing it along. And I see him, I make eye contact, and I smile because I smile at people. It’s service industry things. I go, Hi. And he goes, Hi. And we walk by, and then I look back down on my phone just to pick a news song, and I look up, and I’ve walked quite a couple of minutes, and I look up and there’s a street lamp. He’s there again. I’m walking, and I walked towards him, and I’m like, Funny catching you again tonight. And he went, huh? What are you talking about?

And I went, I mean, I just saw you down there. He’s like, no you didn’t. I just walked through here and I was like, oh. And he had the same hole here, the hem falling off, the same exact light blue jeans, only his binder in the same hand, pushing his bike, and his wheel was messed up. And I’m like, Are you messing with me? And he went, no, I literally haven’t seen you tonight. And I was like, okay. I just kept walking. It was the same exact guy. You cannot he is around my neighbourhood all the time. I know this man. I know him. I recognize him all the time because I would walk by him often when I would go to or from work. He was just around the local area. He had a binder full of drawings and he was so confused. He was like, what are you talking about? And to this day, I have not been able to explain it. And every time I see him, when I go back home and I see him, I just think of that situation. Yeah. So that was my Glitch in the matrix. I experienced.

Okay, so I was watching this YouTube video about Glitch in The Matrix, TikToks and remind me of something that happened like three years ago. And I only have a minute to explain because I have a Samsung and I can’t do three minute videos, but I’m going to try and explain this as fast as possible.

So basically three years ago, I had a voice lesson. It was a Saturday morning and my voice teacher is like 45 minutes away from me, so I have to wake up like at 07:00 a.m. Leave by eight in order to get there out in time. And I remember waking up as soon as my alarm went off at 07:00 a.m.. It went off at seven. I woke up, walked to my door, got the hair tie off my desk on the way out the door, and I walked down the hallway and I look into the kitchen as I’m about to go into the bathroom, and I look at the oven and it says 754. And then my parents are yelling at me for only getting up at 754 because I’m going to be late because it takes me forever to get ready. And now we have to leave in like five minutes. And then I’m trying to explain to them that I woke up at 07:00 a.m.. And I do not know what happened in that last hour because I know I did not fall back asleep. So where did I go? Was I abducted? Was this? A glitch in the Matrix? Did I go through a time loop? I don’t know. Someone help me.

So I think I experienced the glitch in the matrix today. I was sitting out in the living room with my youngest daughter and she was looking out the window like she usually does, and she starts saying, dad, dad, look. Dad, daddy. I’m like, it’s too early for your dad to be home. It’s only, like, 1130. Maybe she’s saying birdie and a misunderstanding. So I’m like Birdie and she’s no Daddy. Dad. So I look out the window, and yet there he is. He is walking towards what he does every single time he gets home. He walks towards the mailbox. He checks the mail, and then he comes inside. And he did that, but it was him. It was him. So I’m like, okay, that’s weird. Maybe he just got home or live, that’s kind of weird or whatever. So I make my oldest daughter. I’m talking to her, making her some lunch. And I’m like, it’s been a while. What’s he doing out there? So I look, and he’s not there. No car, no him. I message him, and he’s still at work.What’s going on?

I just experienced a glitch in The Matrix, and I’m convinced we’re living in a simulation and that this is not real. And I’m so freaked out right now, so I’m going to try and tell us the best I can. So I was just sleeping, and I was in a dream that I was talking to this man who I’ve never seen before, I’ve never even met. He was wearing a red coat and jeans, and he came up to me and said, you need to wake up. This person texted you, and it’s an emergency. And I immediately woke up, and I was sweating, and I was hyperventilating. And I looked at my phone, and the same exact person that he said was going to text me texted me 1 minute earlier, and I was like, this is not real. I need to get some air. So I turned around to open this window to get some fresh air, and the same guy that was in my dream, wearing the same exact outfit was walking past my house in the same red coat and jeans. Same man. Like, how is that real?

I’ve just experienced more than your personal glitch in The Matrix. I think. I haven’t worked in my profession since, I think, before Christmas. I’m actually retired now. But last night I dreamt I was actually back at work again. And when I woke up today, I’ve actually got a wage slip. I’ve got a wage slip, and I haven’t worked since December. I’m looking down because the wedge lock is right in front of me right here. That’s the day on it. And then you know what looks like as it comes through the porcelain on it. Tonight, I’m going to try and drink one in the lottery and maybe Clear not covered, so we can all get a bloody holiday as well.

So those were some of the TikTok glitch experiences that I had saved up for you all to listen to and enjoy.

Before I close off our podcast, I’d like to again thank you all for making Walking the Shadowlands what it has become. We’re certainly not the largest podcast out there, but that was never my intent. When I started this podcast, it was to entertain, and to educate those who wished to learn more about what lives in the Shadowlands of our perceived reality. And I feel that goal has been achieved to the best of my ability. I’d like to thank my wonderful patrons, who have supported in part the financial cost of creating and maintaining this podcast and the podcast website. www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. They helped me tremendously and I love and appreciate them all for their support.

I am not taking any of my episodes of the podcasting apps like apple, spotify, iheart radio etc, they will all remain up and free for you all to listen to as you wish. Also, you can hear the episodes, or read a full written transcript of each episode, from the podcast website www.walkingtheshadowlands.com I will not be taking the website down either, so all the seasons and episodes can be found on the website along with many links referred to in different episodes, all from that episodes page on the website. So, please feel free to visit the website and check out the 10 seasons and episodes there. Also, a reminder that you can see a video of all the experiencers in this episode talking about their experiences on our YouTube Channel. Walking the Shadowlands.

So, that’s it from me. I love and appreciate all of you who have faithfully followed my podcast and I wish you all health and happiness in whatever path you chose on your journey through life. E noho rā, good bye from me and thank you all so much for walking with me and allowing me the pleasure of being your guide into the shadowlands. It’s been an absolute privilege.