Michelle Belanger is an occult expert, presenter, singer, psychic, and author of more than thirty books on paranormal topics. Michelle has been featured on TV shows including A&E’s Paranormal State and the Travel Channel’s Portals to Hell as a psychic medium and occult expert. Michelle’s nonfiction research in books like “The Dictionary of Demons” and “The Psychic Vampire Codex” has been sourced in television shows, university courses, and publications around the world. A person of many talents, Michelle has performed with musical groups, including the dark metal band URN, and the Gothic duo Nox Arcana, and designed immersive live actions RPGs for companies such as Wizards of the Coast. In the 1990s, Michelle was the editor of Shadowdance, a magazine dedicated to dark fringe culture that has since been reborn as a podcast. Michelle has made appearances on CNN, A&E, Fox News, Reelz, and the History Channel.

Nowadays, Michelle teaches online classes and creates a variety of resources for personal psychic development. Explore Inspiration House, Michelle’s 150-year-old Airbnb with the coziest haunting you could hope to find, at inspiration36.com. To learn more about Michelle’s work, start by exploring MichelleBelanger.com where you’ll find books, music, online classes, and handcrafted incense. Follow Michelle (@sethanikeem) on social media, or join Michelle’s online community for more in-depth resources at Patreon.com/haunted. Michelle lives near Cleveland, Ohio with three cats, a few friendly spirits, and a library stuffed full of books.

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