Simon  Brown has a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the UK National Council for Hypnotherapy. He is certified in Past Life Regression Therapy with the Past Life Awakening Institute and is a member of International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

He has a fascination with the idea that consciousness is not a product of the physical brain but exists apart from it and the brain acts as some kind of receiver of consciousness perhaps like a radio is the receiver of a radio signal.

Simon starting reading books on the paranormal before he was in high school. He’s always loved about ghosts, UFOs, mediumship and any other subject that was supernatural. His interest then moved to evidence of the afterlife. When he read Dr Raymond Moody’s book ‘Life After Life’ he became more focussed on the evidence side of the subject matter.

He took part in his first past life regression in nineteen-eighty-seven at the College of Psychic Studies in London. This had a profound effect on him and really started him on his life’s work in Past Life Regression Therapy. Simon’s had his own paranormal experiences including psychic flashes, UFO sightings and a number of strange events not easily explained. He’s also a podcaster and has produced well over 100 podcast episodes.

When not working he has many interests, including playing bass guitar for over thirty-five years and writing science fiction stories.

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