Episode 98: Past Life Regression

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Reincarnation, transmigration of the soul, rebirth, metempsychosis, samsara, transamination, or past lives are now, for the most part mainstream, in all the media, and at the very least known of by most people’s worldwide. In order to understand reincarnation, it is necessary to have at least the understanding or some would say belief, that this body we currently inhabit is not who we are. That we all are spiritual beings having a human experience. That this body we use, is a bit like a car we drive that takes us from one place to another, to experience something, to work on something, or to learn something. That once that car is all worn out and, or no longer functional for our needs, then that vehicle is discarded. And we obtain another one, and another one. For most of us though, we don’t give that old car more than a passing thought. If indeed we remember it at all, because our current car has all of our focus and attention. It serves our current needs and purposes.

However, sometimes our past lives, for whatever reason bleed through into our present ones. Whether that is in the form of a very strong draw to a specific culture or time period. Whether that is due to flashbacks in the form of dreams, or waking visions. Or, whether that is in the form of extreme phobias that have no specific origin in this. When this happens it can impact our day to day lives here. Sometimes, as in the case of severe phobias, crippling us.

Today’s guest, works specifically in the area of helping people to come to terms with phobias and past-life memory bleed-throughs, in the form of past-life regression therapy. He uses hypnosis to help unblock and release these traumas. So, are you willing to walk with me into this part of the shadowlands and see what awaits us there? Then let’s begin.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Simon Garfield Brown has a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the UK National Council for Hypnotherapy. He is certified in Past Life Regression Therapy with the Past Life Awakening Institute and is a member of International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

He has a fascination with the idea that consciousness is not a product of the physical brain but exists apart from it and the brain acts as some kind of receiver of consciousness perhaps like a radio is the receiver of a radio signal.

Simon starting reading books on the paranormal before he was in high school. He’s always loved about ghosts, UFOs, mediumship and any other subject that was supernatural. His interest then moved to evidence of the afterlife. When he read Dr Raymond Moody’s book ‘Life After Life’ he became more focussed on the evidence side of the subject matter.

He took part in his first past life regression in nineteen-eighty-seven at the College of Psychic Studies in London. This had a profound effect on him and really started him on his life’s work in Past Life Regression Therapy. Simon’s had his own paranormal experiences including psychic flashes, UFO sightings and a number of strange events not easily explained. He’s also a podcaster and has produced well over 100 podcast episodes.

When not working he has many interests, including playing bass guitar for over thirty-five years and writing science fiction stories. My guest Simon Garfield Brown.

Past Life Regression

Marianne: Simon, thank you very much for joining us today. Since I came across you, I’ve been really interested in talking with you about the topics that you cover, about your work as a hypnotherapist. Perhaps you could tell my listeners what it is precisely that you do and how you got into your work?

Simon: Well, I just specialize in past life regression now, and I do a session. If somebody wants to just do exploration, which is what I wanted to do, then we do that. But, I do past life regression therapy. Which can be really effective. But I’ve always had an interest in paranormal, supernatural stuff. And that kind of led me through to going to the College of Psychic Studies in London, in the eighties. And that, wasn’t I was a student. What they had there was, they would teach mediumship and all sorts of things like clairvoyance and channelling and past life regression, I suppose.

And I went there regularly and I’d pay to see a medium, or a student medium. And one of the things I did was a past life regression. And it was really effective and really powerful. And so that kind of led me on later to study to be a clinical hypnotherapist myself. And it’s quite an extensive course that I did, over ten months. But going back to the eighties, when I did that past life regression, it was very interesting to suddenly find yourself almost in this different body and having this different viewpoint and also the emotions that come through. And in a way, you can almost feel the clothes that you’re wearing as well.

So it did stand out to me quite a lot. And also mediums would say to me because I’ve been visiting mediums for ages, I don’t have any talent in that direction myself. But, they say to me, later in your life, you’re going to become a healer. And I thought, no, I can’t see that happening. But you know, here I am. But did I become a hypnotherapist because they said that or did they genuinely see something a premonition of the future for me?

That’s a good question.

One of the things I love about the past life regression and other things that I cover in my podcast, is this kind of verification that you might get. People do go into past life progression and see past lives and are able to prove that those past lives are real, just like with near death experiences. People will see things while they’re having their experience. And they can later verify that, you know,  they saw this thing. And the doctors might say, yeah, but you are dead. You couldn’t have seen that. And they said, no. I travelled down the hospital corridor, and I saw this thing happening.

When I did this past life regression straight away. The first thing I saw was that I was a little girl, about six years old in a park in North London. And for some reason, I just knew it was eighteen-ninety-five, and I was playing on the grass and I could see my mother there and a man who is the father. And I knew that my little brother was in this pram that the woman was pushing and there was a dog running around. And it was a pretty weird park. It was on a really steep slope. And if you were a town planner and you were putting an area together, you wouldn’t look at this slope and think ah that’s where we’ll put the park. That’s a good place to have it. But it was a couple of years later, I went into this part of North London. I’d never been there before. And there was the park on this really steep slope. And it was almost exactly as I saw it. And all the houses around the park, in the area, were exactly those houses that I saw in this past life progression because part of it, I was outside the house and going through the front door. And so I could see what they were like. And that was some kind of powerful verification for me that this past life was, could be real. And another thing was the man that was my father. I just somehow knew that I know him in this life. And my best friend in this life was my father in my past life, that previous life.

And they do say, sorry to interrupt for our listeners who may be listening and are unaware. It’s very common for people to reincarnate with people they knew from past lives in various ways. Like in Simon’s case, his father is now his best friend. And yet, in life prior to that, his father might have been his brother.

Yeah, these connections and this leads through to work that was brought up started by Michael Newton. Where he would take people into the space between lives. And you would see there are groups of souls that work together life after life to help each other, if you have to learn some kind of a lesson. But with that past life, I saw that person that I think I was, I might have been, I’m still pretty sceptical of everything I look at. And you got to keep an open mind, but don’t throw everything analytical and logical out. Just accept everything.

But, I went on to see that life as a nurse in the First World War in France and looking after all these soldiers. And that was nineteen-eighty-seven. I did that past life regression and then I did another one. I’ve done others since then. But I did another one recently, just a couple of years ago, and I went back for that life again. But I was much older and I was living in London, and I was married. And I was with this man that was really quite domineering. And he had this kind of attitude, woman’s places in the home, you do the cooking and the cleaning.

And I remember it was so weird in this past life regression, that I got really angry. It was like he was treating me like I was just pathetic and useless and weak. And I was thinking about that time in France, those months. And all these soldiers coming in from the front line with maybe their legs missing and their arm blown off. And all this and the franticness. And the running around and looking after those soldiers. And this feeling of looking at this husband in this past life regression and thinking to myself, you don’t know me. You don’t know what I’m capable of. You don’t know how strong I am. You don’t know what I had to do in the war when we were looking after all those soldiers.

And it’s one of the things that comes up in past life regression is the emotion. And you might say people are just imagining it or fantasizing or something. But I don’t see that the emotion can be so powerful if you’re just making it up because we all Daydream about all sorts of things. But you don’t get that intensity. So, I see this when I take people through past life regressions.

Occasionally, people can get really tearful and the emotions can be really powerful. And in some ways, that’s where you can do the therapy, because there’s a great emotional release and energy release. And it’s like you’re connected to a past life that’s bringing through something that’s negative,  has a negative impact in this life. And you can have a cathartic release of this negative energy, and you can break that connection to the previous life.


Yeah. Go on.

Sorry. That actually brings me to a point that I was just writing down. With the way you found that you were treated as a woman in that life. Has that influenced the way you treat women in this life? Do you think?

I don’t think so. I think, my whole life I’ve been –  when I was smaller, I think something my mom said I was a very sensitive boy is what she said. And I don’t know if you would say it’s part of being empathic. Empathetic. I was never brought up to be this kind of tough guy male who would treat women badly. I don’t know. It’s just like my wife. I’ve known her since I was fifteen. We’ve been together for so many years, but still, today, every day, we are worried about each other and hoping that the other one is okay. And looking after each other. And I’ve been like that my whole life. And I’ve always, I suppose, treated people around me like that. And I don’t know if that makes me how I fell into being a hypnotherapist, that kind of help trying to help people. Because, I keep my prices low because I want to make it available to as many people as possible.

Yeah. I don’t think that did affect me. I’ve seen other past lives. They kind of open your mind to things that you wouldn’t have experienced. Because it’s like I was saying, in that past life where I saw myself as a nurse in the First World War. I remember there was a scene that I saw, where soldiers were coming into this huge tent, and it was lit with Gaslight lamps. And there could have been twenty beds either side, like camp beds and all these men that were hurt.

And I was rushing around trying to help them. And I was wearing this nurse’s uniform, and they were these long skirts to the ground. And I remember feeling this kind of it was like frustration and anger of why do we have to wear these long skirts? And, you know, as a man whose never dresses like that, that was some kind of insight that I’ve never had before. And it was interesting that what I felt was not just like I’m realizing it now. It was almost a feeling of I’ve had this frustration and anger for months or years. It was like an old thing that would come over me.

There was another time, another past life regression where I saw myself as a woman in Italy, about thirty years old, and it was her wedding. And she was wearing this wedding dress. And it was almost like I could feel it. And it was in the seventeenth century, and it was very tight around the torso and then flared around the legs. And it’s like if you tapped your knuckles against the torso, it made a hard knocking sound.

Wow. The corsets. Right.

And I could really feel that tightness. And that, how hard it was. Even though I was lying back in a comfy chair, as I was being taken through it. And so there’s some more insight there to these feelings that I’ve never had before. And I would never have thought of being the life I’ve had.

Right. I guess the point that I was trying to make is, is that because of how you were treated in that life where you saw yourself as the nurse. You came through into this life with those qualities of compassion, of empathy. You brought that with you, is what I’m saying. And it’s affected you your whole life and the way you treat not, you treat other people generally.

Yeah. And there’s a thought I’ve had because there’s been so many years that I’ve been reading these books, and I’ve been looking into these things. And I’ve produced now one hundred and sixty-nine podcast episodes. And each one is an hour long interview, and just about every guest has published a book, and I read the books to work out which questions I’m going to ask. So I’ve read that many books as well. And there’s this idea that maybe souls are being created constantly, that they weren’t all created at one point. And so you have young souls, and you have old souls and this idea that the younger souls, they’ve only lived one or two lives. And when you reincarnate through hundreds of lives, you’ll live life as male and female. In different parts of the world, different ethnicities and maybe gay or straight, all these different lives.

And because you experience being picked on and bullied for perhaps the colour of your skin, Or your sexuality when you incarnate in later life, it’s almost like that’s in the background. You know what it’s like to be treated that badly because of that thing. So, you won’t treat people like that when I see somebody who’s nasty and bully and is selfish and arrogant, I think that’s a young soul they don’t understand. They haven’t experienced it from the other side. They don’t know what it’s like to be treated like that. Anyway, it’s just a theory I have.

Yeah, that’s a really interesting theory. I’m not entirely sure that I agree with the young, soul / old soul thing. I’m not pointing at you specifically because people can use that to stigmatize others. You know what I mean? In the greater spiritual community, it’s often used to put people down. Aw, he’s just behaving like that because he’s a young soul or she’s uninvolved, so she needs to do more groin. I’m not saying that. In your case, I’m just saying that’s my perspective on it. But having said that, certainly we come into each life learning different lessons, and we don’t always recall.

Most of us don’t recall past lives. Sometimes we have spontaneous recollection. Before we had this interview, I told you about one, but there’s another one that I haven’t told you about. That actually involved another person. And this was a gentleman that I had been speaking with for some time. We met in the days when there were forums and I’m an artist. I sculpt and I paint and I do stuff like that. And I’ve met him in this art forum and we got very close over a period of time.

And then one day, I was,  I don’t know what I was doing. And all of a sudden, I had this clear as vision in my mind of him and I together in a past life. We were native peoples in a particular land. I won’t say which land, and we were due to have been married. And I saw him being killed. He was shot by an arrow right above his chest. And I knew, I just knew that he had a birthmark here where he was shot. So the next time I was there – and it really shook me, because, this just came out of the blue. Out of nowhere.

And so next time we spoke, I said to him, hey, Jay, do you have this? This is a really strange question, I know. But do you have a birthmark above your heart that’s kind of shaped like this? And about this far above your nipple? And he said, oh, my God, how did you know that? How did you know that? How could you have known that? I explained to him what I saw and what I had experienced and what I remembered. And yeah, long story short, we got married sometime later. And we talked about that quite often.

Yeah. And that’s a fascinating thing, because, Dr Ian Stevenson did a lot of research into children with past life memories. And I’ve got one of his books. It’s called ‘Where Reincarnation and Biology Interact’. And that’s the whole thing of that book. That’s all that book is about. All these children with these birthmarks and deformities. And it’s like that thing, that boy would remember a past life where he was murdered. And Stevenson was able to get hold of the autopsy report from the previous life and see that the wounds are exactly the same as the birthmarks.

And there’s a girl who remembers being a Japanese soldier that was captured by, in Burma and tied to a tree and executed. And she’s got these deformities on her arms that look just like rope marks from being tied up. And then, there’s a boy who remembers being an American bomber pilot flying over Burma and getting shot down. And if you see a picture of him now, this boy – I mean ethnically, he’s Burmese, but he has white skin and blonde hair and blue eyes. And that’s interesting how this stuff comes through from past lives.

Very interesting.

And there’s also experimental things. They call them experimental birthmarks, where in certain cultures, they’ll mark the body after somebody has died. And then when the baby is born nearby, they check the baby to see if they’ve got that mark on them.

Oh? That’s really interesting.

So they can see if this person is reincarnated. They do a mark on the back of the neck, just underneath the hairline and other places. It’s well documented. I mean, research for years.

And actually, I did an episode on Reincarnation in my very first season of the podcast. This is season eight that we’re in now, and I actually covered that chat. And I had some photos of his work on that episodes page of my podcast website, www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. So if you, listeners, if you want to go on there it’s just simply titled Reincarnation. You can actually find a link to this gentleman and his work. It’s really very interesting. There are photographs as Simon talked about showing the birthmarks of these children. And conforming marks on their, on the bodies of the people he was able to find and photograph of their wounds, and stuff like that. Very, very interesting.

Now in your research, Simon, in your experiences, have you come across many, from recent tragedies? Like, for example, nine-eleven? When I did the episode on Reincarnation, I actually only focused on children, because, that’s just kind of the way it worked out. But children, mostly children who were people who had died during the nine-eleven incident. And many of these children recall falling. Or, recall being trapped. Or, recall hearing a bomb going off.

Yeah, I talked to – I think it’s Carol Bowman, is the Lady I talked to about this. I’m, like, ninety percent sure. And she was contacted, because, she’s a great researcher. She’s got a couple of great books out on children with past life memories. And she was contacted by a family whose little boy kind of remembered being a firefighter in nine-eleven.

That’s right. Yes

And they think they tracked down the family and the firefighter. But she said they haven’t contacted the family, because, they didn’t want to cause any problems with grief. And if the family really does not like the idea of reincarnation, they didn’t want to cause any trouble. But, what the boy was saying was very there was a lot of detail there. There’s no way this boy could have known this stuff.

A lot of detail, yeah.

And that’s one of the things that’s so fascinating about this. And the work by Ian Stevenson is being continued by other people. And he was at the University of Virginia. They have a place there called the Division of Perceptual Studies. And it’s now Dr Jim Tucker, who is running that side of the research. But, they also research near death experiences there. And I just happened to be interviewing Jim Tucker tomorrow night for my podcast.

Oh, brilliant.

He’s got a book out, because, he’s written two books previously about children with past lives. And he’s gone into a lot of detail with the children. And it shows how much these kids remember. And how much of it is verified. So it’s not just a couple of small things. But, they put both his books into one big book now. So that’s how I’m able to get him on the podcast because he’s promoting his book. It’s a good way to get people on the podcast. And so it’s going to be fascinating to talk to him about it.

But, there’s some really good researchers out there who are looking into this. And it’s just amazing how it’s not kind of mainstream that not many people really know about it. And know just how much information these children bring through that’s verified that’s the thing isn’t it not just this little snippet.

That’s the thing isn’t it? It’s not just, it’s not just this little snippet you know? And very often kids spontaneously remember past lives for a period, and then as they get older, they no longer remember them. And it’s not just little snippets with these children that we’re talking about. It’s verifiable information. Like I had the one about the kid that was a fireman, as well on my show, because that was so impressive. And there was so much detail that he brought forth from the people he worked with. The nicknames where the station was, a new fire engine or something they had just got. All of these were absolutely verifiable information. It’s not just little things like a child saying, oh, you used to be my mummy. You know? It’s verifiable stuff. And very often it’s in families that people don’t even believe in this, or have never heard of it.

Yeah. It’s like the James Leininger case in America that Jim Tucker wrote about. He investigated that with Carol Bowman. And the boy went into so much detail about his life as a pilot in the Second World War. And he talked about the type of plane he flew. And his father, his parents were Christians, and the mother was much more accepting of the possibility of reincarnation. But, the father just was against it so much. And he wanted to prove it was nonsense. But, the more he investigated it, the more he was confused and frustrated. Because, the more he found that it was true.

Even to the point. They gave the boy a model of the actual aircraft that he said he flew. The boy said something like, oh, they’ve left the aerial off. There was an aerial that used to stick out the side of the aircraft. People were always walking into it. And later on, the father took the boy to the meeting of all these people. These veterans who were on the aircraft carry that he flew on. And he mentioned this aircraft and spontaneously, one of the guys said, oh, yeah. They had an aerial sticking out the side. We were always walking into it. And it’s a thing, with how could this four year old boy know about that? They weren’t even putting them aerials on the model aircraft. So, the boy couldn’t have learnt about it in this life by seeing that somewhere.

It’s absolutely fascinating, isn’t it? Yeah.

And I think they took him to a theatre show that was a kind of music and dance from the forties. And somebody came on stage dressed as the President. And the little boy is four years old going, oh, that man’s an idiot. You know, talking about the President. And it was strange how he had such a strong opinion of this character.

Right. Oh, that’s so interesting. Now the information that – I guess that’s why I focused on children more than adults. Because, children aren’t, for the most part –  it’s not stuff that they would have picked up elsewhere. Like this kid that was fighter pilot. There’s no way that he, as a four year old, that he could have known that.  Or, even understood what he was reading, if he read it somewhere, enough to be able to talk about it knowledgeably. And didn’t he also recall the names of some of the people he worked with?

Yeah. His name was James Houston in the previous life. When he was very small, he would draw pictures of aircraft, like fighter aircraft.  Because, he would fly a very small bomber, a one man aircraft. And he would always draw it crashing. And then, he’d sign it. James three. And his parents would say, Why are you signing it James three? And he said, Well, I’m the third James. And they didn’t quite know what that was. But then they found out in the previous life his name was James. They named him James in this life. And in the previous life, the father was called James. So in this life that made him the third James.

Very, very interesting.

But they,  he had so much interesting detail there where he said that he was flying. I think he said Mustangs was a fighter plane, but on the aircraft carrier, they didn’t have Mustangs. And they think he just making a mistake. But when they did a lot more research into this pilot’s life, they found that before he was stationed on an aircraft carrier, he was a test pilot for these certain type of Mustang fighter planes. There’s no way this little boy could have known that. And he said they had a problem with the Mustangs, that the tires would always blow up, when they were landing.

And after even more in depth research, he found out this was true. That’s why he was a test pilot on this type, this prototype of this Mustang. One of the problems they had was the tires will blow up when they came back down to land. So they eventually tracked down the ah, they call him previous personality. The last life. They tracked down the previous personality’s sister who’s an old woman. And she sat down and talked with the little boy. And she said afterwards that she said, I don’t really believe in reincarnation. I’m a Christian, but I just can’t deny there’s something here. Something of my brother has come through in this little boy. Because, he had information about the family that nobody would know about. About their abusive father and being a drunk, and leaving them. And she said, we never told anybody about that. We’re too embarrassed. We don’t tell people that’s what our family was like when we were small.

Wow, wow.  And that’s – must have actually, in a way, been very healing for that woman. To know that her brother still exists in some way or form. Even though there must have been a bit of a dissonance for her. Like dealing with her Christian belief and this young chap in front of her, giving her details. You know, that must have been difficult for her to reconcile on one hand, and yet encouraging. Not encouraging, very comforting on another hand.

Yeah. And I think that it’s like it’s comforting to all of us in a way, I suppose, because there is something that can be verified. It’s like you can look up the documents and the facts and figures and find that these things are true. And it’s not like some kind of religious faith that you believe in the afterlife. When actually there isn’t actually that kind of proof like you would get with these children, or with near death experiences. And with other things where with mediumship and deathbed visions and all these other things that come up, that’s sort of what my podcast is about, is trying to look at this evidence for the afterlife. So it’s not at all from a religious point of view. It’s all if there are facts and figures.

But what it’s done has really led me down a rabbit hole. Whereas when I started off, I’m just looking for these verifiable near death experiences and these children. And then, it leads you on to stuff. And it might have been when I started the podcast, I might hear about some spiritual thing.  Something a medium would say or something. And I think that’s just too far for me. That’s too crazy.

But now, after these years of studying and looking at and having my own experiences, you think this isn’t crazy.  But also, but in a way, it kind of clamps me down. Because, I’ve gone down this rabbit hole by myself and nobody in my family has. And none of my friends have. And so I think I can’t talk to people about this any more. They’ll think I’m mad. But I had a guest on the show, a medium called Claire Broad. Do you cover mediumship on your podcast?

Not generally. I don’t give mediums. Well, I am one myself, but I generally don’t have mediums as mediums on the show because there’s lots of shows out there that do that. So, I just really stick to experiences that people have had, generally.

Right. Well, this is one of my experiences. So, I was talking to her about she did a book with another woman about Angels and Angels communicating. And for me, that was a bit too far. This is crazy. This stuff with Angels. And the people who’ve had near death experiences would talk about seeing Angels. And I’d say to them, okay, well, what did they look like? Because if you say to me, Angels, I imagine huge wings and playing a harp and wearing a white robe.

But they said, no, they’re just like some kind of energetic being. They might just be an intense ball of light. Or, a kind of like a light being. A human shaped light. But they saw them as Angels. And so what they would do is they say that they might indicate to you that you’ve had a visit by an angel, because, they leave a feather. And I was thinking about this the day after I talked to this medium. And just at that exact point, I was thinking about that a white feather floated out of the sky in front of me.

Oh, wow. That’s really interesting.

And so I looked at that. And I thought, that’s just a coincidence. So a few weeks later, I interviewed the woman, the co-author that she wrote the book with. And I was saying, I had this experience where I was thinking about the angel, this white feather floated down and she kind of laughed. And I finished the interview. And I went downstairs. And there in the middle of my teenage daughter’s bedroom was a feather on the floor. And the carpet was completely clear. It wasn’t like a teenager’s bedroom that got junk everywhere. And the feather was it like this long. And I asked my daughter where it came from? And she was like, I don’t know. I found out later it was her feather. She’d had it for a while, but she hadn’t placed it right in the center of the room. So as soon as I come through the door, there is really obvious in front of me.

And so there was two things there about feathers. And they both just at that point where I’m talking about, or thinking about Angels leaving you a sign by leaving you a feather. So then this before COVID I go and see a medium. And she is friends with Claire Broad, the first medium that I talked to about Angels and feathers. And before I sat with her, she didn’t know who I was. She didn’t know anything about the podcast. I just gave my first name, and she did an hour of mediumship. And she was really good. She just came up with so much stuff that was correct. And afterwards I said, Well, I got your number from your friend Claire Broad, and I do this podcast, and I was talking about Angels.

And I was talking about these feathers. And she says, Well, look down. And I looked down and there was a white feather on the floor in between us. And I’d been sitting opposite her for an hour. And that white feather was not there during that hour because the carpet was really nice and hoovered completely clean. And I really was , you know stumped then. It’s one of those times where your brain comes to a full stop. And you just think, I just can’t explain where that feather came from. It’s like in physical mediumship, when something appears, they call it an apport don’t they?

An apport, yeah.

I was just thinking that that must be what happened. Maybe the feather was stuck to the bottom of my shoe when I walked in and it fell off at a certain point. But, it wasn’t that close to me. And so, you know when you have experiences, they can really mean a lot to you. And you explain them to someone else, and they can kind of be skeptical and talk it away. But, three times now, feathers have turned up when I’m talking about Angels leaving signs. Leaving feathers for me or for anybody when they want to make their presence known.

And it’s like one compounded on the other, which multiplied the feelings of the next one. And that’s just one of my kind of experiences that makes me really wonder about this stuff. And I try and keep an open mind. But there’s a saying I like, which is keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

And it’s good to keep an open mind. And it’s also good to question as well. Like I always say to people, you can listen to what I have to tell you. You can listen to it, but should always question, never just accept things at face value. Even from me. Even from anybody. You should always question it and see how it fits with you. How does it feel? How does it resonate in your soul? How does it make you feel when you think about it? Do you feel good? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel at ease?  You know? Like, it’s really important to question. But when things like that happen, it does make you question automatically, doesn’t it?  You question what your beliefs are? You question, how did this happen?

And you go through, most people go through – like you did, all the logical things. Did I bring it on my shoe? Did I? Before you can accept that this might not be actually a physical thing, even though there’s a feather physically here. People back in the olden times used to live by signs and synchronicities. That was how they lived more than people these days. Do we’ve lost a bit of our connection that we used to have with spirit, if you like, with the way that spirit, or the unseen realms let us know that they’re around.

Yeah, there’s all sorts of little signs. And I’ve talked to mediums about this and other people, and it’s almost frustrating in a way, if they are, spirits can do apports and they can leave signs, why are they so subtle? Why can’t they just be a bit more obvious about it all and leave us something that –  just write a lot of numbers on a bit of paper and leave it out for us somewhere.

But, you know, apports, like talking about the feather appearance, aren’t always subtle. I did a paranormal investigation with a team that I run, some time ago. And we were sitting in this hall, and all of a sudden there was this loud bang! And it was incredibly loud. And there were five of us in the room. We all looked around and said, what the heck was that ! It was so loud. And then we heard this bang. And then we heard this donk, donk, donk. We turned the lights on, and it was a little bit of dog food. A little bit of dried dog biscuit that had come out of nowhere, made this terrific noise. Louder than it should be for the size of it. And that’s the first time I’ve ever experienced an apport.  But, it certainly wasn’t subtle. It was, like, really loud in your face.

Did it scare you, or did you feel excited? Like, yes, I’ve actually seen something.

Excited, because, like in in all my years, I’ve never experienced an apport before. And I had heard, that they can be quite noisy. But, I’d never mentioned anything to my team.  Because, it’s not something that had ever come up, until this happened. So, it was, we were all very excited. But, that was a very active place. That’s another story. But yeah, they aren’t always subtle, but most of the time though, they are. And you have to be aware of that. I guess you have to be aware of yourself and your own feelings as well to sometimes recognize what’s going on.

Yeah. Because, there’s this idea that the energy that the people doing the investigation produce can have an effect, can’t it?

Oh absolutely

Like the physical mediumship. When you have one of those seances, they get everybody to sing a song and to be really upbeat and to bring in a positive energy. And I talked to there’s a lady that looks after a physical medium, called Stuart Alexander in the UK, and he’s getting I think he’s seventy-three or seventy-four now, and he’s really good. But, she is a kind of what you might call the gatekeeper. You don’t get into one of his seances unless she says. So you have a conversation with her about why you would like to sit with a physical medium. And if you’re really sceptical, because, they don’t mind you being sceptical. But, they don’t want you to try and sneak recording device sin, in order to suddenly jump up and interrupt it all. But I interviewed Leslie Kane. She wrote a book called Surviving Death. And Netflix based series on her book. And she’s in the series as well. And she’s been a guest a couple of times.

And she sat with Stuart Alexander at one of his Seances, and she saw some amazing stuff, and I’ve talked to him about it as well. Because, he was a guest on the podcast, and she talks about how she sat opposite him. And there was a table on the floor with a glass top, and there was a red light on under the table. Because, they keep it very dark in these physical seances. And he was sitting on a chair opposite her, with his cable ties around his arms, holding his arms to the chair, cable ties around his ankles, so he couldn’t have leant forward and done any kind of magic trick.

But they call it extra plasma. She says it came as a mist over the side of the table, and it was lit from underneath by this red light. And the mist coalesced and formed a human hand. And she heard a voice say something like, well, how aren’t you going to shake my hand? And she leant forward and she held it and shook hands with this hand. And she said it felt just like a human hand, just a little cold, maybe. And it just kind of fell apart back into the mist and disappeared back over the table. And it’s like, almost like it’s real magic, like Harry Potter is real and magic.

But there’s all these other things that happen in these physical seances, and they used to happen about a hundred years ago, a hundred and twenty years ago. And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would investigate. And there was a society for psychical research. And I thought that all kind of died out a hundred years ago. But, there are still physical mediums about doing these things. And these apports happen and these voices are heard and these trumpets. Do you know about what they call the trumpet floats around the room?

Yeah. Yeah, the only – I have a lot of issues with that, as a medium myself. Because, there are so many fakes out there that prey on vulnerable people. So, I have a – I’m always really sceptical, despite my knowing about stuff like that. Because, of the fakery and the trickery. And the people that have given genuine mediums a bad name. And that’s one of the reasons I don’t have mediums on my show. Because, I don’t know them. And I’m not going to promote anybody that I don’t know is genuine. You know what I mean? Because, there’s so much trickery out there that anybody can say anything. And I don’t. I’ve read all that stuff and I know that he and Houdini went around debunking most of these frauds, some they couldn’t, some they genuinely couldn’t, but they were very rare and far between.

Yeah. There was a medium who in the second world war, she would have voices in the room. And this young man came through and said that he was on a British warship that had been sunk. And I think she talked about it. And she was arrested.

That’s right.

The government had said, this is top secret. We do not release this information. You must be a German spy, and they prosecuted her in the end, using an act of Parliament. I think it was the seventeen-fifty-three witchcraft?

Witchcraft, yes that’s right, I remember .  .  .

That’s why she went to prison for a couple of years. And later she was in Scotland in the fifties doing a séance, and the police raided the séance. Because, she was a physical medium, and they talked about the energy you’ve got to have in the room. She died about a few months, maybe a year later. And there’s some people suggesting that it’s the police that damaged her when they raided. It caused such a bad energy. I don’t know about that? That’s just something I’ve heard, but that’s a suggestion. But it’s fascinating that she had that information about the warship sinking, and it was top secret. There’s no way she could have known that.

Top secret, yeah. I remember reading about that. And I remember thinking, poor woman, how awful. It’s really just another witch hunt, isn’t it? Because, I know for myself and my own personal life. I’ve had people come to me. Ah, I had a friend come to me because, she knew I was the medium and a friend of who – an I’m not sure if I’ll keep this in the show or not. A friend of whose had passed disappeared in very strange circumstances. And she said, can you please, please try and find out what’s happened to her?

Well, anyway, she came to me and she showed me what had happened to her. And I saw that she had been murdered. And I saw where her body was laying. the position it was laying in. And I noticed that like, she had one shoe on, one shoe off, the way her body was lying. And I noticed there was something in her mouth, but I couldn’t make out what was in her mouth. And so I contacted the friend and I said, Look, I’m really sorry, but I’m pretty sure that your friend has passed, and I wouldn’t say that to any other person. It was just because I knew this lady and I could always be wrong. I’m human, and so things have to filter through my own knowing. So I don’t like to get involved and stuff like this, because, I don’t want to cause pain to people.

And I said, look, she’s showing me where she is. I don’t know the area that you live in at all. But I’m shown that you go down this road and there’s lots of forest around, not native forest. It’s pine or something like that, that’s been planted. It’s man planted non-natural forest. We do logging here in New Zealand. It’s one of our major exports. So it’s one of those forests and you go out of this particular city and you’re heading towards this one. There’s this on this side. And then there’s a road to the left and you go down that road and she’s off on the right, just off the road behind a pile of gravel. I think I said gravel. And she said, Can you let the police know? And I said, look hon, the police aren’t going to listen to me. They’re not going to pay any attention to what I say. They’ll laugh at me. They’ll think I’m, you know, full of, you know, Ka Ka. And anyway, so I said, because, she was so distraught. I said, look, okay, I will. But I’m telling you now, this is how they’ll respond. And of course, that was how they responded. They just laughed at me and hung up the phone. Two days later, she was found exactly where I said she was. In the position. I saw her, and what was in her mouth, was her ear.

Eww. that’s amazing. Did the police come back to you and think you’re a suspect because?

No, no, they didn’t pay any attention to what I said. They just laughed at me and hung up the phone. I’m just another kook. I’m just an attention seeking. And so, I just don’t do that anymore, after that. That was the first and only time I’ve done that. I’ve had people ask me, but I just won’t.  Because, it’s distressing to me. Because, I tend to feel what the victim feels. Or, what the person feels, when I’m doing readings. I tend to feel –  Or, if somebody comes in that’s passed, I feel how they passed. If they passed with a stroke or get a headache or a pain on the side of the head, that they had their stroke on the side, stuff like that.

So, it’s just too stressful. And there’s always a possibility that I could be wrong. And it’s the human side of me that holds me back from doing this. Because, I don’t want to cause pain to people. That’s not what I’m about.  But you know, yeah, it can be very – I guess, where I was going  was this. The energy, you were talking about the energies. It takes a lot of energy for me to do stuff like that. Even just when I’m talking to people like this and spirit will come through, that takes a heck of a lot energy. And I’m sixty-five now. The older I get, the less my body bounces back. It can take me a couple of days to get over it. So, when you’re talking about physical mediums who can produce stuff like that, and I don’t generally say this, I’m a full-trance trans-figurational medium. Which means, that if I allowed spirit, they could alter my appearance and take on the appearance of another, of themselves. And that only ever happened to me once. And it was spontaneously, when I was doing a reading for this couple that was here with me. And the woman’s aunt just was there, in front of my face. And all I could see was blurry. And I thought, oh, my eyes have gone all blurry.

All of a sudden, she gasped and screamed. And burst out crying, oh, my God, did I say something wrong? And I didn’t know what had happened, because, actually I don’t allow spirit to do that. I don’t allow spirit to use my body. Because it’s just my control. I just won’t allow anybody to use my body, without my permission. And that was the first and only time that happened. And once it happened, I said no!

But, she said to me, when she calmed down and stopped crying. She said, I just saw my aunt, as clear as day. You weren’t there. Your face wasn’t there. It was her looking at me, talking to me. And the energy –  this is around about way of saying, that the energy that a person when they’re a physical medium exudes. It can be physically damaging to them, to have –  like, you should never touch somebody who is, in this process. Who’s doing something like that. Because, it interrupts energy. And it can cause disruption to the electrical system in their body. So, it can cause, you know, things like heart palpitations, or stuff like that. If you’ve got any issues, it can enhance that. Because, it interrupts the electrical signals in your body. And we’re all energy. We’re all electrical beings, pretty much. So that’s why it’s dangerous. That was really round-about way of saying that. Yeah, so it can be very damaging to mediums.

But, anyway, let’s get back to your work because we really did go off the beaten path here in your work as a clinical hypnotherapist. Is there something that’s consistently that you’ve seen with all the past life regressions that you’ve done?

I always take people into the past life, but we never know which life they’re going to see. And the idea is that it’d be your higher self, or your spirit guides that would choose the past life for you to see. What I suppose is interesting is that almost every time the people see a life that’s not really that interesting. Not that exciting.  Can be quite mundane, but at the same time, they get a lot of insight out of it. And it can be really helpful for their current life. So, it’s only been a couple of times somebody’s gone to something really traumatic. What I do is always, we go through the death of the past life, which is something we do very easily. And I think only maybe twice somebody’s had a traumatic death. Almost always, they say they’re just old and they’re in a bed and they just drift away.

And part of the hypnosis there is that I say to them, we’re going to do this, we’re going to go through this past life death with detachment and with peace and with just enough connection to understand what’s happening. So there’s no pain, there no physical pain, no emotional pain. And most of the time they say, I just drifted away and I feel sense of relief. And now, I’m quite glad to be away from that old body. And then, we go into this afterlife space where I would invite the spirit guide to come forward. And we can ask them some questions. And quite often they do come forward. And then we can ask all sorts of things like, Why have you incarnated in this life? And the spirit or guide will say, Well, you’re here to learn this lesson and say, Are you on the right path? And why did you show us that previous life? How is it connected to this life? So I’ve got maybe twenty, thirty questions that we can ask. And then also, I ask the client to give me questions. If they’ve got something specific, they’d like to ask the spirit guide before we start, I say, Let me write this down.

So I’ve got it ready to go, when get to that point. And it’s interesting how the spirit guides turn up. And they show themselves. Usually, they show themselves as a person, not somebody that the people would recognize. A couple of times I’ve had it that I had a woman whose son had died the year before. And she was in this past life where she was in the kitchen and she was cooking dinner for the family. And it’s a Victorian era. And she said how my brother just walked in the room and I said, the brother for the past life. She said, no, my current life brother who died. He’s just come in and he’s just come here. He’s just come to tell me that he’s okay. And there was another time we were in that afterlife space after we’ve gone through the past life death. And the woman said, My grandmother is here. She’s just come to say hello. And it’s the spontaneous imagery of these people coming in, and we never know if that’s going to happen. You can’t guarantee that would happen. It’d be great if you could offer that as a service. But also I’ve had a couple of people who’ve gone to peculiar past lives.

I was just going to ask you about that. Sorry to interrupt. In your work. Have you ever talking about –  go ahead? Maybe that will answer the question I have.

Well, this woman said she was in a desert and it was very rough. There were lots of rocks on the ground, but it was a desert. And one of the things we do straight away is to try and get them grounded into that life is to say, what are you wearing? If you look down, can you see what you’re wearing? And she said, Well, I’m naked. And then she was quiet for a while, and it was kind of like she was embarrassed to say. But she said, I don’t think I’ve got a human body. I’ve got too many knees. That my legs have got two sets of knees. And I tried to ask him more about that, but we couldn’t really find out any more about that life. And one thing about this, is hypnosis is the power of suggestion. So the questions I ask have to be really basic. I can’t suggest anything.

But there was another life. This woman said she was hiding in a cave and she was really scared. And she was saying, They’re coming to get me. But what she said was coming to get her, She said they’re like rats, but they’re human size, and they’re intelligent. And I’m hiding in this cave, and I’m not human. I don’t know what this body is. So that sounded like another weird past life on another planet. So this stuff could indicate there’s no way you could prove it. But, there are lives on other planets. And there was also a woman I interviewed. She’s got a book called The Dual Soul Connection.

Oh that’s Suzy

Yeah. She talks about having this previous life as a grey alien, one of the Greys that does the abductions. And how in this life she calls it The Dual Soul Connection because she’s got her Gray alien soul in this life as much as a human soul. But yes, but you can’t say a soul is a human soul. It’s just a soul. And it might incarnate on any planet as anything. So, those are interesting things that have cropped up and so you asked for consistencies, and I went completely the other direction.

That’s actually the question that I was going to ask you. But, something just told me to ‘shut up Marianne and let him talk, because, he’s going in the direction you were going to ask’. So, yeah, there you go. I was going to ask, have you ever come across cases during your work, where people have lived in other realities and other planets?

Yeah. I’ve had experiences myself where it was kind of like a water planet. It seems like I was something like a dolphin.

Oh, that’s Sirius. Sirius B. Yeah.

And the whole planet was just water. When I was asked about it, my response was that this is a place where souls come for rest. You incarnate here a as rest time, rest space before you go back to some awful planet, like the Earth.

Well, earth is a prison planet. It is a prison planet. It’s definitely a place of polarity here for sure. So in all your work, what is it that you’ve learned the most about what you’ve done, what sticks with you the most?

I’m not sure, because I’ve been interested in this for such a long time. And read so many books about it. It’s almost like what I come across when I’m doing past life regressions. I’m aware of it, and I know these things can crop up. And there’s sometimes some spontaneous things. I suppose, what I learned from it is that people can get such great healing from such mundane lives. And that we can break the connection between the lives. It’s like your subconscious is bringing through these connections. We can say during the hypnosis, talk to the subconscious and say, you know you’re doing such a great job, and you’re so good at this. But there’s this one thing that you’re bringing through that’s not helping. Do you mind not doing it? And the subconscious will say, yeah, that’s it. I’ll stop. And I’ve had it where I’ve said, okay, subconscious, do you agree to not bring this through anymore? And the clients go, yes. And then afterwards, after I’ve taken them out, the hypnosis, they say, I don’t know where that yes came from. I didn’t say that. It just kind of sprung up out of me. Like it really was their subconscious that was talking and agreeing to it. So it’s amazing when those things happen.

That’s very interesting. Do you find that – like, for me personally in my life, one thing I’ve learned with my past life recollections is that the past belongs in the past. Like a lot of people want to find out about past lives because they’re curious just because they want to know that they’ve had them. And I always say to people, Well, if you need to know about a past life, not just because you’re curious, but if it has an impact on your life now, then you’ll find out about it in one way or another. Whether it’s through dreams, whether it’s through spontaneous recollections, for example, phobias a lot of people, myself included, have phobias that they’ve brought, that are related to past lives. Have you come across that?

Yeah. People come to me and say they have this feeling, this phobia or this emotion. And they don’t know the source of it. And they might have felt like this their whole life. And that’s one of the things that people come to me, to kind of do an exploration. It’s not like they’re desperate for therapy, right. And it’s one of the things that I look for because I do a free consultation call before we do the session. And I’ll ask them, do you feel like you’ve been pushed to do this as though your spirit guides are behind you and they’re poking you in the back saying, Go and do this past life regression. And sometimes, they feel like that there’s some kind of inspiration, some kind of drive to do it. And so that you can see where maybe these things crop up.

 I did a session for a woman in Russia and her brother in law listened to my podcast and suggested to her that she talked to me because she’s had this feeling of guilt her whole life, and she can’t explain it. And we went through to these three past lives where there were circumstances –  like she saw a life where she was a doctor and she was called to this house. This woman had just given birth, and as a doctor, they knew that the baby would not survive. And they felt terribly guilty because I’m a doctor, I should be able to help here. And then there was another past life where she was an old woman in bed and she was dying. And there was a teenage girl sitting next to the bed, and she knew that the parents were gone. And this old woman was the only person to look after this teenage girl. So she knew when she died, she was on her deathbed, the girl would be orphaned. And so these things made them feel tremendously guilty in their past lives. And it was like this guilt was being brought through to this life, and she didn’t know the source of it. And after we finished the regression, she looked so confused and bewildered. And she said, I don’t know what just happened to me?

Because, she had no interest in reincarnation and past lives. And she’d just done it because her brother in law had suggested it might help. And so this connection to these lives, showing this guilt was amazing. And she said she felt lighter afterwards like something have been lifted off her shoulders. And that’s where some of the therapy can come into it. Usually, what I like to do, three hypnotic sessions and they get more intense as we go through. And that’s where we get into the release of all the energies and breaking the connections to the past lives.

Right. And do you – Does that also help you build the connection with your clients, so that they trust you? Like the first session may be the client might be a little bit uncomfortable, or uneasy, or not exactly sure what’s going on. So, it gives them a chance to relax into the process as well?

Yeah, but the three sessions are structured like that. So, the first one is kind of an introduction. We’re not really trying to be therapeutic. So, you learn what it’s like to be hypnotized and you learn what it’s like to view a past life. And it’s been set up that way. As it gets more intense as you go along, it’s kind of like you can handle it because you know where you are and what you’re doing. And also I do all the sessions on Zoom. So the clients are at home. They’re in their own space. They’re not in some strange room with some strange man. And I feel they can relax much more because they know if they wanted to, they could just cut the connection on Zoom and they’re in their own place.

And the thing about hypnosis is sometimes people afterwards say to me, I don’t think I was hypnotized, but to me it was obvious they were hypnotized. And I think what they were expecting hypnosis to be and what it actually is are two different things. You’re in complete control the whole time and you remember everything, but at the same time, I record every session, so I send an MP three out after the session. So the person gives them the opportunity to relax during the Hypnosis, and they don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll remember this or that because they’ll have the recording.

That’s really interesting. So I never thought about you being able to do that via Zoom. I always thought about hypnosis being an in-person thing. Of course you can. But it just never occurred to me that you could. And of course, with the world situation as it is, as we stand at the moment with covid. It’s the only way you can work.

Yeah. And because the podcast is worldwide, I’ve had clients. Most of my clients are from America, but occasionally it’s Australia and New Zealand. And I’ve had clients from Sweden and Norway and just everywhere, and it’s amazing how it works so well over Zoom. And I think it’s a kind of an energetic thing. I think mediumship works well over Zoom as well.

Yes. You’re right.

It’s not about the physical thing of being with somebody. It’s about the energy and the connection.

You’re absolutely correct on that. And there’s time, there’s no distance with energy. Energy is like –  I’ve had clients in America. I’ve had clients in England like yourself, and you don’t have to physically be with a person to be able to feel their energy and that connection. You’re absolutely correct on that. Have you ever had any clients that you could not hypnotize it for whatever reason? You couldn’t hypnotize?

Yeah, I can think of two, of all I’ve done. I’ve done a lot of sessions. And I think with one of them, it was a thing. They had never done it before, and they were very kind of anxious about it. But the thing was, they were coming to me for therapy to help them with their anxiety. So, it was a kind of self-perpetuating thing. So the first session, it didn’t work out. But the second session did. And it was just the thing where she was just getting used to it.

And the second time, the guy, he said, Look, I just can’t relax at the moment. I just can’t get into it. I was like, okay, fair enough. And if it’s like that, I reschedule the session with them. And I have this policy, if somebody cancels within twenty-four hours, then they forfeit the fee. But with situations like that, I say, okay, we’ll just rebook it, and I won’t charge them again. We’ll have another go in it.

Yeah. That’s fair call. People would come to you with all sorts of, you know, anxieties. And people with trust issues. Must be difficult for them to be able to relax and put themselves in the hands of somebody they don’t know because they don’t know what’s going to happen. So I could see that could make it difficult for people to relax. But only two. That’s out of all the people that you’ve seen, and you doubtless seeing hundreds. That’s not bad, really.

I think that just about all my clients listen to the podcast. And that’s how they know about me and what I do. So a lot of them say that they already know my voice, right. And there may be a trust thing there, because if they hear me talking so much over one hundred and sixty something episodes, it’s almost like you get an idea of what the person is like.

Absolutely. I agree with it. And there’s a familiarity there because you’re in the home with them on the podcast when they’re jogging or when they’re driving. So it definitely is kind of a familiarity. And you don’t feel like a stranger to them. Because, you’ve been a part of their lives while they’re doing whatever it is that they’re doing. So there’s a, yeah you’re right. So there’s a trust there. I actually hadn’t thought about that until just now, but yes, people do trust you. They get to know you. They get to know your personality. And listening to your podcast, would certainly – the way you talk to people. The way you interact with your guests would certainly give them an idea of your personality for a start. And it would let them know that they could trust you. So, I could see why it wouldn’t be hard to hypnotize somebody who’s got to know you like that, because as you say, that trust is there. Now what got you into podcasting? What led you to that path?

It’s because I was listening to a lot of podcasts. I used to have a day job. I used to have work in an office years ago, and I –  it was quite a long way away. It was sixty miles, so I would commute on the motorway. It would take an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. An hour and fifteen. So it’s two and a half hours every day, five days a week. And so I didn’t particularly like the radio. I didn’t like the DJs, I didn’t like the adverts, I didn’t like the music. So I started listening to podcasts, and I was searching out all these different ones that would talk about paranormal stuff and supernatural and UFOs. And after a while, I realized that some of them had guests that I was really interested in. But then sometimes I wasn’t interested in and I couldn’t find a podcast that did what I did. And I’m sure they’re out there. I just couldn’t find them. So I thought . . . And I’ve been a musician for forty years now, and just a moment. Here’s one of my things right here.

That’s a nice guitar.

I’ve got one here next to the desk. I’ve got one next to the bed. I’ve got one next to the TV downstairs. I’m always picking up and playing, and it’s been forty years. And over that time, I’ve done so much recording, whether it’s Studios or at home, and that’s quite a big undertaking to do a whole band and to get it all right. And I thought, Well, recording a voice is going to be a piece of cake. It’s just talking to a microphone. I’ve already got all the software. I already know how to do it. And so I thought I’ll make the podcast that I want to hear because I can’t find it. And it was like I set myself that task and I researched it all and put it together. But I don’t think I quite did it right, because you do seasons. And I’ve never done seasons just every single week. For one hundred and sixty-nine weeks. I released a one hour episode and did all the research and the recording and the editing. So recently I’ve taken a break, and so I’m just getting back to it now. After four or five weeks holiday.

Oh, my goodness, you would have needed it. Look. When I first started my podcast, I did it weekly as well. And I did it all myself. I edited it up and I transcribed each episode. Because, right from the start, for me, it’s important that deaf people could have access to the podcast, even if they can’t hear it. They can read it. Because, I operate on a shoestring. I can’t afford transcription. And the ones that are online that do it, you know, the computer ones? Even the best ones are maybe only eighty percent accurate. Less in my case, because, the Kiwi accent. They always can’t understand what I’m saying. So I end up rewriting it myself anyway because of all the errors in it.

So I found it really hard. Because for my episodes, like you read the book, which is a lot of work. A lot of hours, that’s research. And I’m the same, like for each episode –  Particularly for episodes where it’s a subject that I don’t know, I’ll do ten to thirty hours research on that episode alone. And then I write it up. And then I present it. But, it’s a lot of work. So kudos to you, because, I know how much work goes into this.

Doing the research is quite good because you’re reading a book about something you’re really interested in. So that’s quite good.

Yes, yes. I love it too. What do you have lined up? Are you going to continue to do them weekly? And are you going to take breaks every so often so you don’t burn yourself out?

Well, what I’m going to do is record them in chunks and do I’ve got five lined up that’s going to be recorded over the next seven days. And then, so that will be five weeks’ worth. So it’ll take me two weeks to do research and recording and editing. I’ve decided to do it that way. And just like the first guy I’m recording tomorrow night is job to Jim Tucker, the University of Virginia, as children’s past lives. And then I’m talking to a woman called Deborah Corbyl, and she was the subject of a book in the nineties that was quite successful called Intruders, which was about alien abduction.

But she says that her and her sister abducted many, many times throughout their lives and that things would happen around that as well. She had poltergeist activity in her house. Things would move around. So it’s a thing where it’s not just alien abduction. And the people who claim that being abducted by aliens, have the same after effects that people have had near death experience. So it’s like synchronicities, psychic events. They can’t wear wrist watches because they just won’t work all sorts of stuff like that. And then I’m talking to Linda Kramer. She’s a medium. I’ve already did an episode with her. She’s great. And I’m talking to a guy called Richard Martini, who’s in the States. And he’s in the movie business. And he’s had a couple of friends who are film stars. And they’ve come through a medium after they’ve died. It’s Bill Paxton and somebody else. And he’s done so much stuff, and he’s got so many books out and documentaries and things. And there’s somebody else, so many people. I’m just going to get it on the screen.

Oh, and Rob Gentile as well. He had a near death experience. And so I’ll be talking to him about his near death experience. They’re the first five episodes coming up for new my season, and I’m not sure if I will do seasons or I’ll see how it goes to five weeks and have almost, like, five weeks off before I do the next five or something like that.

Well even if you only talk two or three weeks, that’s a break for you, but it’s not really a break because you’re still sourcing guests. You’re still looking at people. So it’s still work behind the scenes. But it’s a little less work. Eh? I want to go back to the lady that you were just talking about, the one who said about the watches, the UFO abductee. Now, I’ve been an experiencer my entire life, and it’s something that I do talk about on the show. And I just want to verify what she says about watches is my nurses fob watch. I was a nurse for most of my working life. Honestly, Fob watches are so – that’s the nurses watches that dangle on a chain, that we – in the British health system and in New Zealand, in Australia, the nurses wear watches that hang from their chest, so it’s easy for taking pulses and stuff like that. My fob watches would last maybe two weeks, and then they would die.

And these weren’t digital ones. These were wind up ones. And if you didn’t have a fob watch, which is part of your uniform, you would be, you know, like in trouble. And it was – it cost me a small fortune in watches. Because, they would only last a couple of weeks. And I initially was buying really expensive, good quality ones, because, I wanted them to last. But, I actually never wore a watches until I went missing. So, I didn’t know that I would affect them like that. Yeah, so that’s by the by, something you could tell your lady when you’re talking to her that.

Yeah, it’s fascinating. I’ve also, I’ve interviewed a couple of nurses on the podcast, and it seems like nurses on the front line will see things that may be supernaturalrical, supernatural, supernatural. The doctors won’t see it so much, and the doctors seem to be much more materialist and don’t believe in all this nonsense. But, nurses will see things. I talked to a woman called Dr Penny Satori. And she got a PhD in studying near death experiences. But she was a nurse for seventeen years. And she said that her first night when she was a nurse, they said to her, we think such and such and this bed over here is going to die tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Because, she’s talking to her dead husband. He’s coming to visit her. And she thought, okay, I’m the new guy. They’re taking the Mickey at me. It’s a joke. It’s not really happening. But then she realized that this person was they were having a conversation with somebody that wasn’t there. And it’s that phenomenon of deathbed visions.

And there’s another woman that I’m hoping to interview soon. She’s got a book out called Ghosts of the NHS. And she talks about how occasionally in this one hospital, the patients would say to her, oh, I had that nurse visit me again last night. Why is she wearing that uniform from the nineteen-fifties? And she said all the nurses in the hospital knew about this ghostly nurse, and she was so comforting and so friendly. It was never like a scary apparition. It wasn’t like it was a transparent ghost. It was as though she was really there. She was an actual physical person that would visit. So, it’s always interesting how it’s the nurses that are aware of all this stuff, and it’s the doctors who think it’s all just nonsense.

Well, the nurses are hands on the doctors, generally, they’re not hands on except for they’re there to diagnose, and to give medication. They don’t do hands on, in New Zealand and the British health system. It was a bit different. When I was in the States, my husband, then, Jay. Had an operation and he had a nasogastric tube. And the doctors, actually, aspirated it. They’d come. And like, I’ve never seen an all my nursing career, never seen a doctor do something like that. That was a regular nursing care.

But, generally speaking, that it’s nurses that do the hands on stuff. So the nurses are here all the time. And I had an experience myself. I used to work permanent night shifts in this Roman Catholic hospital. It was run by the nuns in Auckland. And I was on the shift in the slice room is where you empty the bed pans and all the soiled linen goes and stuff like that. And because the machines that you clean the bed pans out with and we didn’t use disposable bed pans, the ones that were put in a sterilizer washed, put in a sterilizer. So you know, you had to clean the bed pans, particularly if the person had gone number two. So you had to clean the bed pans out before you put them in the sterilizer. Otherwise they came out a caked mess, and I was cleaning. It was about two or three in the morning. I was facing the sluice room. The door to the sluice room was on my left and it was shut. And I was really aware of the noise I was making.

Because, noise travels at night and it’s really hard not to make noise in a sluice room. It’s just impossible, but you try to minimize it as much as you can. And I was cleaning this and out of the corner of my eye, to my left, I saw this nun standing there. And I thought, oh.  Sometimes, because, they lived above the hospital and sometimes at night, if they couldn’t sleep, I’d come around and visit the staff and just make sure that we were okay. And I saw this nun standing there. And she had the long black robe on. And she had the white but around her face and under her chin. I don’t know what they’re called. And she was standing there with her hands like this, looking at me, not in prayer, just like at her chest level. Just holding them like that. And I thought she looked really upset. And I thought, Am I making too much and where she’s going to rip into me when I finished this. And I acknowledged her and I turned back to what I was doing. And then I finished and I turned around to face her. She wasn’t here, there was nobody here.

But I saw her very clearly. I could see the colour of her eyes, the waves of folds, of her robe. And her disapproving look at me. And honestly, it gave me such a fright. And then I thought about it and I thought, Well, I didn’t hear anybody come in the door against the swinging door. I didn’t hear the door shut, which quite possibly I could have missed over the sound of the sluice. But yeah, that was quite an interesting experience.

But, as far as patients go, yes. I’ve seen that so many times myself. And many nurses also kind of have this instinct. They have a way of knowing when a person is going to turn, or they’re going to pass. Like, for example, some nurses know that a person is going to die. One nurse that we had on our ward, she would know, because, their nose would go cold. And she’d know that they only had, like, half an hour or so to live. And that was the way she knew, before anybody else knew. It didn’t matter how well they were, how ill they were. If their nose was cold, that was her sign they were going to pass. And sure enough, they did. And just little things like that. Little instinctual things that nurses notice. That lady. What’s her name through the NHS? I’d love to talk to her. She sounds brilliant.

Yeah, I think. I’m going to just quickly check. I think her name is Glennis Amy Allen. And she’s working now. She’s retired as a nurse and she’s a medium.

Wow. That would be really interesting. I love to hear stories like that. Simon, it sounds like you’ve got some really interesting stuff coming up for your guest. How can people contact you?

The website is pastliveshypnosis.co.uk It’s kind of dual website. Part of it has got the podcast on it and all the episodes. And the other part of the website is all about the hypnosis and doing past life regression, either just to explore and see what happens. Or for therapy. And there’s a booking page there so people can just go in and book a time and date that suits them to do a free consultation call and it’s twenty minutes and we can just talk about what it is they want to do. And if they book that, I’ll send them intake form and they put loads of information in there so I can read that before we do the consultation call. And that saves a lot of time because we don’t have to go over all the basic, and what have you.

Yes. And I’m sure that helps people who are listening and who would be interested in actually having a session, whether it’s just to satisfy their own curiosity. Or, to find out what it’s like. Or, for help. Do you have many people who actually come to you just out of curiosity, or do they always come to you with a specific intent in mind?

I’d say it’s about fifty-fifty. There’s a lot of people who listen to the podcast and I think they’re really interested in this stuff because currently I charge ninety-nine dollars for a session. That’s us dollars. And I think that’s quite cheap compared to a lot of other people. And so we can come and just do an hour and we’ll just see what crops up. And sometimes it’s beneficial. Sometimes the spirit guides, if they choose a life for you, which would be really beneficial to view right now. So, something might come up that makes sense that can give you, insight into something that’s happening in your current life.

And other times we just see some interesting lives, and people do seem to get a lot out of it, even if they didn’t think they’d get that much out of it to begin with. I think the Spirit Guides I almost feel like when I’m doing the consultation call before the proper session, the spirit guides are listening on the call and I say to the client, as much as you’re telling me what you want to do, you’re telling the spirit guides what you want to do as well.

Very interesting. And so, are you on social media as well? Do you have Instagram?

Instagram is the Past Life Podcast with an underscore between each word and on Twitter. It’s at Simon G. Bown, and my surname is spelled B-O-W-N. So I’m on those two, and there’s a Facebook group. It’s a private group, and that’s the Past Lives Podcast, and I kept it a private group so that people could go on there. And if they had something personal to say about this, they could say it, and it wouldn’t go on their normal Facebook feed. Because, occasionally people do put things in there that I think they don’t want their family to hear about or their friends.

Oh, absolutely. I totally understand that. But people can join? And I presume you have a question that they have to answer before that?

Yeah. Just about Privacy and don’t swear and don’t be rude and all those kinds of things.

Yeah, absolutely. I totally get that. So, where do you see yourself going now? Do you have? Do you feel like you might branch out in some other direction with your work? Oh, here’s the question. Have you ever done a hypnosis session and during that session, you’ve had unusual phenomenon while you’re doing decision?

No, I haven’t. I wonder if that’s because I’m not a medium. I never had any of that kind of talent. So I don’t know if it’s just you could say that you can move the veil to one side or open up a channel in some way. I don’t think that I can do that. I have had psychic flashes where I’ve seen things, but it’s not like I’ve ever had any control over.

Right. What about another question? Kind of a follow on from that. But have you ever had clients that you’ve hypnotized that have had a spirit attachment to them?

Well, the guy that I did the training with for past life regression therapy. He does spirit attachment kind of therapy, and he teaches how to do it. But I haven’t had a client with that. But he does do a course in that. And I was thinking of doing it, because, maybe there has been somebody with it, but I don’t know how to recognize it.

I think it would be obvious, you’d know, like, often people. And spirit attachment isn’t as common as people think it is either. It’s not like there can be spirit around us in our energies, but it doesn’t mean they’re attached to us. It’s quite a different thing. But that, oh  I wonder if maybe that’s spirit’s way of – because, they just said to me, just a minute ago ask him that question. So maybe it’s a way of getting you to think, oh, yeah. Maybe I need to do this? Maybe I’m going to get some people who are in that situation? because when I talked to him about it.

Yeah, cause when I talked to him about it.  He was saying there’s three different ways that he works with it, and I found it interesting. He said one of these attachments is with ETs. And he said, it’s kind of like they’ve put a device on the person.


But it’s not a physical device that we would see. It might be what you might call the Astral plane, that there’s a device. And he goes into the hypnosis, and he asks the person, say, Can you bring this ET forward now? Can we communicate with them? And they’re very polite and say, Would you mind removing this device from this person? And the ET will say, okay, and then they’ll take it off. And it’s a weird idea to me that these ETs are in the Astral plane. They’re not physical, or they can choose to move between the Astral plane and our physical plane.

There are ETS that are interdimensional as well as extra-terrestrial. So, yeah.

Yeah. That’s what I’ve always thought. But I had a guest on she talked about how she woke up one night and there were four ETs at the bottom of her bed. And she got out of her bed and she was standing there and she didn’t really feel that fearful. And then she thought, I feel really odd. And she looked round at the bed and she could see her body still in the bed. She was having an out of body experience. And as soon as she realized that she snapped back into her body and woke up and looked up. And the ETs weren’t there. But she was saying it was absolutely real. There was no way it was a dream. And also, she gave her the idea, that these ETS were in the Astral plane. Where she was when she was out of her body. And so I had this kind of thing where she talked about it. And this guy who does spirit attachment therapy talking about it. And there’s a kind of confirmation there that idea that that happens.

And I once heard about a guy who had an out of body experience, and he went way up into space. And he came across this craft. And while he was having the out of body experience around all the humans on Earth, nobody could see him. But when he went on board the craft, these Greys looked round at him and were kind of like, hey, how did you get here? What do you think you’re doing? So, yeah, it’s just interesting. I think there’s people who think UFOs are just metal ships, maybe like Star Trek, and they travel through space. But, there’s a lot more going on there to do reincarnation and spiritual matters.

There is absolutely. I can absolutely one hundred percent verify what you just said. And I talk about it in various of my podcasts. I’ve talked about my knowing and my understanding and the thing that you say about ETS seeing the Astral body. They have technology where they can remove our spirits from our physical body without our permission, or without permission. So not all abduction scenarios are physical. Quite often they are like that lady said she was out of her body and she saw them at the foot of her bed. Then she realized she was out of her body. That’s not uncommon in the least. Yeah. Not uncommon at all.

Yeah, cause I have read about a couple of people talking about their abductions. And one of them was partially blind and they needed really powerful glasses. But when they were at the ETS, they didn’t have their glasses on. But their sight was just fine. And somebody else was saying that they have a limp because their leg was damaged. But when they were the ETS, they were walking normally.  And so there was that idea that actually they weren’t in their bodies. They were abducted some other way, which is really creepy, actually.

There’s something else. If I just tell you about this thing quickly. I did a past life regression and we went through the death of the past life, and they’re hitting. The therapist was saying to me, okay, just drift away. You’re going up high now you’re into the clouds, just drift away. Just tell me the first thing you see. And then, I was suddenly terrified and it was like somebody had flicked a switch. I went zero to one hundred percent. And she said afterwards, she could seem I was shaking and I felt like my muscles in my legs and my back and my arms had turned to jelly and it was all quivering. I was so scared.

And I was lying on this table. There were these Greys all around me, and they were doing something to me in this abduction experience. And then all these weird other things happened through this experience. And at the end of it, I found myself back in the flat I used to live in in West London, and then I got up the next morning went to work like nothing had happened. But it was weird, because I went to see her for a past life regression. There was no talk of trying to regress back to an abduction experience. Or looking for aliens at all. It was all about past lives, and this thing kind of spontaneously sprung up.

And I’ve had other people guest on the podcast who’ve had ET experiences, and I’ve asked them about it because for me, it’s almost like that wasn’t real. I don’t know where it came from, but I don’t believe it actually happened to me. But they’ve said, no, I’ve done so much research into this. I think it probably is something of a reality.

I think it probably did happen to you. Or else why would you spontaneously have that recollection? Most people who have abduction experiences don’t recall them at all. Some only have flashes of them. I would also venture to suspect that that’s not the only time in your life that that’s happened. I would suspect that it’s been an ongoing thing over your youth. And perhaps on a subconscious level, this helped push you into this area. Because, you wanted to know more. You wanted to find out about all the stuff.

Being on a spiritual path in a way. Because I have had a couple of close up UFO sightings and one of them, there was a craft just maybe fifty feet off the ground. It didn’t move an inch the whole time I saw it, and it was completely silent. And I knew enough about alien abduction to check the clock when I got home to see if there was missing time. But there wasn’t any missing time.

There isn’t always and you know why? Because, they can manipulate time. Time doesn’t exist outside of this reality. So even if you are taken onto a craft and you could be there for days, minutes could have passed here in the three already.

Yeah. It’s interesting because people need that experiences will talk about being away for such a long time, but actually, it was only a few seconds on Earth.

Yeah, exactly.

But I did talk to one guy researcher, and he said to me that they might have just been showing themselves to you. They say you’re not going to see a UFO unless they want you to see them. And they might have parked their UFO there. As he said it, they’re slapping you on the ass. They’re saying, hey, pay attention.

So, it’s validation for your experience that you had. So, yeah, I was quite certain that you have had I am quite certain that you’ve had more than that one experience. And seeing UFOs the times that you’ve seen them is a validation for me of that, Because, yeah he’s right. They don’t show themselves unless there’s a reason for it, like, as clear and as long as that. Ah yeah.

I’d love to see one again or many of them again, I just don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and find one at the end of the bed.

It’s the fear thing eh? But, very interesting. And how does this feel now, when you’re talking about this? Now, how does it make you feel?

Quite excited in a way, because, I’ve talked to people and I’ve listened to a lot of interviews. People where it’s almost like it starts out. It’s terrifying and they’re afraid of this. But, over the years and the decades of repeated abductions, it’s almost like they become friends and they look forward to it.

A bit of the Stockholm syndrome, you reckon? But it’s not always abductions. Sometimes. I’ve never been an abductee. I’ve been an experiencer in my entire life. There’s a difference. Abductees are people who are taken against their will, without their knowledge, generally. And they only, might have snippets of memories. But the experiences are usually quite terrifying and quite horrific and usually conducted by species that have little regard to, for humanity. So, it’s very terrifying. Experiencers on the other hand, well, initially, it may be a bit scary because it’s out of our paradigm of reality that we know about you soon realize that there’s nothing to fear and that you have a bond with these beings.

Yeah. I think there’s something spiritual to it, and it’s all kind of connected. I see the connections with the past life memories for children and near death experiences. And then things with ETs and synchronicities and things that crop up. And it’s almost like there’s a big jigsaw, and we’ve just got a few of the pieces and we’re just getting some idea of what they’re pictures.

Correct. Simon, that is so awesome. And I can see that I can see the path that it’s leading you down. It’s going to be a really interesting time for you coming up, and the fact that you’re open enough to talk about it, and to share that you actually had that ET experience. That’s pretty – and Kudos to you, because that’s hard to do. Especially when you’re a public figure. So, I want to acknowledge that. And I know that we’re in for some very interesting times coming up, and I actually believe that you might come across more and more of this aspect in your work.

Yeah. Be interesting to see what crops up. If people contact me who are potential guests and they have books, or they have experiences. So I’m always open to people contacting me.

No, no.  I meant in your hypnosis work. I meant with your clients. Yeah.

Be interesting to see what happens. Maybe spontaneous things cropping up like that happened with me? Yeah. Very interesting.

Oh, look, Simon, it’s been awesome talking with you. So I’m going to have a fair bit of editing to do to put this in a cohesive. So it flows because I’ve gone all over the place and that’s my fault. And I apologize for that. But you’re just so interesting. Thank you so much, Simon. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you. And I’m sure that my listeners will find this conversation as interesting as I have. So thank you very much for your time today over there in England. I appreciate it immensely.

That’s fine. It’s been really enjoyable. It’s been great talking to you.

I want to thank Simon, for his time and interesting conversation, that went to places I never anticipated.

This will be the last episode for this year, and for season 8 – a shorter season than normal. Twenty-twenty one, has been an interesting year, for sure. I’ll be taking a break until the twenty-fifth of January twenty-twenty two. The past couple of years have taught me that very few people tune in for episodes over this time of year – with most off on holidays at the beach (here in New Zealand anyway), or visiting family. So, I’ve decided to have a break – honestly, I need a rest. It’s a lot of work for me doing this podcast – pretty much a full-time job. I absolutely love it though, so I am not complaining. But, you all are not forgotten and you can always listen to past episodes that you may not have heard. I’ll post some suggestions up on social media during the break.

Coming up when we return, in Season 9 I already have four episodes lined up for you. I’ll give you previews of those, closer to the time. In the meantime, for those of you who celebrate this season, I wish you all seasons greetings. And everyone please be safe and aware on the roads, at the beach, where ever you travel over this holiday season. And I’ll see you all next season. Be safe everyone and have a great break.

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