Episode 96: Dr Bruce Solheim & Anzar

Kia ora, hi everyone.  Welcome back. If this is your first time tuning into our podcast, thank you for joining us all. I hope you all had a great Halloween celebration, if you celebrate that holiday. I’m not going to talk much before we get into the conversation with my guest this episode. As always, are you willing to walk with me into this part of the shadowlands and see what awaits us there? Then let’s begin.

Dr Bruce Olav Solheim

Bruce Olav Solheim was born on nineteen-fifty-eight, in Seattle, Washington, to hard-working Norwegian immi­grant parents, Asbjørn and Olaug Solheim. Bruce was the first per­son in his family to go to college. He served for six years in the US Army as a jail guard and later as a hel­icopter pilot. He earned his PhD in history from Bowling Green State University in nineteen-ninety-three.

Bruce is currently a distinguished professor of history at Citrus College in Glendora, California. He also served as a Fulbright professor in two-thousand and three at the University of Tromsø in northern Norway. He teaches a paranormal personal history course at Citrus College. Dr Solheim is an associate member of the Parapsychological Association, and a member of CERO, and MUFON.

He founded the Veterans Program at Citrus College and co-founded, with Manuel Martinez and Ginger De Villa-Rose, the Boots to Books transition course — the first college course in the United States designed specifically, for recently returned veterans. He has published eight books, one comic book, and has written ten plays, two of which have been produced.

Bruce is married to Ginger, and has four wonderful children. He also has two precious grandsons. I’d like to welcome my guest today, Dr Bruce Olav Solheim

Dr Bruce Solheim & Anzar

Marianne: Welcome, Bruce, and thank you for joining us today.

Bruce: Well, thank you for inviting me, Marianne.

You’re a professor currently, are you?

Yeah, I teach. I’m a tenured professor, a distinguished professor. My colleague gave me that moniker several years ago, which I’m very proud of. So, I’ve been teaching here at Citrus College for twenty-three years and thirty years total teaching. But twenty-three years here in Southern California.

That’s a long time to be in the education field. And you’re still teaching, doesn’t stop does it?  Just teaching in different areas now. And I see that you used to be an aviator in the army and a former defence contractor as well.

Yeah, I have some government experience. I spent six years in the US Army. I was first a jail guard. I worked in West Germany when it was East and West Germany, during the Cold War. And then I went to flight school, became a warrant officer and flew helicopters. And I was with the Eighty-Second Airborne Division. So luckily, I was never in combat because I’m a very sensitive person. So I think I probably wouldn’t have done well in combat, at least not in the afterwards. I probably could have got through it at the time, but nobody knows. But it came close several times. We were loaded up on the transport aircraft, ready to go, God knows where they were going to send us? But that’s the way it was when I was with the Eighty-Second Airborne. It was a rapid deployment forces. And then I worked after the military. I worked for Boeing. For the military part of Boeing. I was on the B-one bomber project. The B-two bomber, I started briefly. And I’ve worked in defence contracting. And then, yeah, I’ve been teaching like I said, for thirty years, teaching history and political science, but mainly history now.

Wow. That’s an interesting combination. I guess there is a bit of a cross over there though, isn’t there?

Yeah. I’ve had a great time. I love teaching in the classroom.  Of course, the last year and a half, we’ve been teaching online, and that’ll continue probably through next year. It looks like we just had a big meeting today with our faculty union. And I think that’s what’s going to happen. Because of the Delta variant and all the precautions, and so forth. And it looks like we’re going to have mandatory vaccinations at the campus. And all kinds of things are going. I’m not sure how it is there where you’re at, but that’s what’s going on here. Very serious situation. But,  I’ve had a lot of different experiences. I’ve also worked as a carpenter, so I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, but the main thing that I’ve enjoyed is teaching and writing. So I’ve been doing that. I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. And, yeah . . .

And you’ve got a few books published, haven’t you?

Yeah. I’ve been lucky enough to publish twelve books. The last four have been well, in addition to my comic books, too.  I’ve published a couple of comic books.  Which are really one of the things I’m most proud of is actually publishing a comic book. It’s like a life-long dream to do that since I was a little kid. But the last four books have been paranormal books which have documented my paranormal experiences that I’ve had since I was about four years old.  Including ghosts and psychokinesis, and telekinesis, and angels, and demons, and aliens, and cryptids, and everything. All of the paranormal stuff. I’m like a lightning rod for it.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing recently.  And I teach a paranormal course. I haven’t taught it during when we’ve been online. Hopefully when we go back to campus, then I will teach my paranormal course again. It’s very, very enjoyable. I enjoy teaching history in my day job, but in the night classes, the paranormal class was great. Really cool people, and they all have one thing in common and that they all want a safe place to talk about their experiences because there’s so many people who are they just don’t want to hear it or they want to make fun of a person who’s had experiences. And really, that’s what kept me silent until two-thousand and sixteen. My whole life, I had all these paranormal experiences, couldn’t talk to anybody about it. Not in the military, not for Boeing and the defence contract world, not in academia, either because other academics or not, they’re going to laugh at you.

At least that’s what I thought. Actually, I was I was wrong about that. I’ve been accepted. At least if they’re talking about me, they’re doing it behind my back because I haven’t said anything to me in person.

Well, there’s always those aren’t there? But that’s really interesting that –  I want to go back to your paranormal class. And it’s interesting that you point out, that they want a place to talk about their experiences. And it’s been my observation that most people who have, like you and myself, have grown up or have had paranormal experiences, are more interested in finding out more, learning more.  What sort of things did you cover in that class?

Yeah. It’s interesting when I first designed the class. I had all these lectures planned out, and what I was going to do. We would do experiments. And it was all very like I would do a history class. A history of the paranormal. And then we talk about let’s talk about telekinesis. Let’s do some kind of experiment. And what I found out is that what the students want, and you always have to listen to what the students want. Because, otherwise you just up there talking, and people are tuned out. What they wanted was to be able to tell me and tell the class and to be accepted about what has happened to them. And then, so I had to quickly figure that out and say, okay, the beginning of the class, everybody’s going to share. And then whatever people talk about those topics, I’ll write them on the board.

And then, like if somebody had a ghost experience, then we’ll talk about apparitions that night. Or, we’ll talk about telekinesis, or we’ll talk about whatever that comes up. Angels, and demons, and cryptids. So then I’ll focus that night, kind of mini-lecture about those particular aspects of the paranormal. So it kind of like you said, organically came about. And the students loved it! I had, I taught it for almost two years, and I had students who took the class every single time. They just wanted to keep coming back. And they tell their friends. So, yeah, that’s what we do. And we bring in guest speakers, too. I’d have scientists come in. I had a member of the clergy come in. I had a magician come in, a professional working magician. Because, I, I always suspected that working magicians are not just doing stage magic. They might be doing some other stuff. And he said that, that’s true. Some of them are very gifted people who can do stuff. And some dabble in the dark arts, as well, as he said. Not my friend who does it, but other people do. Let’s see who else have I brought in? I brought in other psychics, and we’ve had seances.

We had a paranormal investigation on our campus, we’d go out and there was a haunted playground. It used to be a children’s center on campus, where the students would drop off their kids, so they could go to school. And then they’d have child development teachers, who are learning how to be teachers, to work with the kids. And then they shut it down. And it’s just like an, like an abandoned playground. So it’s very haunted. And the reason I found out is, because, the security guards on the campus and the custodians, the night custodians told me. Because, I like to talk to the people who especially the custodians. Nobody ever sees them during the day, not very often.

And these are really cool people. And they really enjoyed me interviewing them. And they told me all about the hauntings on the campus. And then, we did some of those investigations. So, we did a little bit of everything. And I really miss those students. And they’re from all walks of life.  From younger students, to older students. And different nationalities. And different ethnicities. And genders, and so forth. But, they all had that one thing in common. They wanted a safe place to tell us what happened to them. And to put it into some kind of meaning. To some kind of context. So, that’s what we worked on together. And I really I miss those students. Well, I miss all my students because I just do online now, but especially those paranormal students

That must have been a fun class.

It was!

That’s a class that I would have been interested in doing.

A lot of people have told me that. And I had sceptics take the class, too. I had some fellow faculty members that thought they could go in there and just say, oh, this is a bunch of whooee! This isn’t real! And by the end of the class, I’m not going to say they were true believers, but they were asking me interesting questions.  Like, are there such things as spirit animals? Because, I think my cat has come back. And I feel him in the room, and he died a year ago. And I said, yeah, of course, he was a hardcore sceptic when he came in. He was a math professor. So everything was science and maths.

Ah, so very left-brained. But, yeah.

But he’s a very cool guy. So, he was open enough to listen to everybody. And it changed, I think, his perception. You know, not that I was trying to tell him he was wrong, or you have to listen to me. We had thirty-five students in that class. And he listened to all of them, and they opened his mind a little bit more.

Well, that’s great isn’t it?

Yeah. I thought it was cool.

Speaking about animals. I actually had an experience like that. I was interviewing a guest on – a really lovely chap. I just absolutely enjoyed talking to him. And the episode is called Selling Dead People’s Things. Now behind him, he had this –  He was the second hand dealer,  the biggest second hand dealer in Chicago. And he wrote this really funny book about the business of selling second hand goods. And he had this beautiful art Deco screen behind him. And there was a gap in the screen where I could see the floor. You know? There was a gap.

And we were just nearing the end of the episode, and I saw this dog walk past wagging it’s tail. And I said to him, oh, you’ve got a dog! And he said, no. And I said, I just saw a dog go past. Clear as day! And I described it to him. And he said, oh that’s –  I can’t remember the name of the dog now, it was really cute name. I think it was his sister’s dog. So, she had named him a really cutesy name. But, he had died. The dog had died. And  but, I saw it clear as day! And I went back to the video afterwards to see if I could find it. And damn, it just had me talking. It didn’t have his screen on it, so I didn’t capture it. But, I cut that bit out and sent it to him so he could, you know, see for himself. But that was a very interesting experience to have while I was recording the interview.

Yeah. I love animals. We can’t have any animals here at the house. Because Ginger, my wife is allergic to animals with fur, any kind. I guess she would be okay with a reptile, but we don’t want a reptile. But, the only good part of it, because I love animals so much and they usually, we usually out-live our animals, our companions. And I just would be so torn up. I mean, I’m still sad about cats I’ve had. I’ve mainly had cats, but I love all animals. But, the only good thing about not having pets, is that I don’t have to go through that loss thing. So whenever I go see somebody or I see animals, I just enjoy other people’s animals. And when they post pictures, I always comment on them, Facebook or whatever. I’m enjoying them that way. But, I really feel connected to animals, especially cats. I think that’s who I’m really attached to.

Same! I’m a cat person. I’m absolutely a cat person. Old cat lady. I’ve only got one, but I’m an old cat lady. But yes, so that was your maths professor talking about his animal that just brought that to my mind. Was he comforted by that?

Yeah, he was. Once he realized that he wasn’t imagining it.  That this was a possibility, and other people have had very similar experiences. I think that he took some comfort in that. Not that he still didn’t grieve the loss of being in this world. But, he at least felt like the cat was still around.  And that made him feel better. And that’s the whole purpose of mediumship, or any of that stuff.  Is not so much about being one hundred percent accurate, but just being of service or comfort to somebody. And providing them sometimes with closure and things like that. And that’s really the most important thing that I’ve seen, in my experience.

Absolutely! Yeah, you’re quite right about that. Then let’s talk about some of them. Okay. So the spirit that you see are ones that have passed over, correct? Not earthbound spirits? Because, there’s a difference. Those that haven’t moved on, who have stayed around the Earth plane. They tend to just still have their Earth memories. And their Earth characteristics. And they don’t have the expanded view that those that have moved on do.

Yeah, they don’t.

At least, that’s been my experience anyway.

No, I think you’re right. And my friend Gene, who passed on and is in a very good place when people ask me and I never take money for anything people say, I’d like you to contact my Uncle Charlie. I said, Well, I will try. I don’t charge anything, but I can’t guarantee I can. He might not want to talk to me, but I’ll try for you. So I do it as like a favour for people. And I always ask Gene to help me because he’s very good at. I mean, I see his hand reaching out to people to bring them where they need to go, because there are Earthbound spirits, those that are stuck for whatever reason. And I think a lot of what you encounter out there is not necessarily malevolent, but can be very annoying. They can be energy drainers. You know,  they can grab on to you and just hang on, because, they so desperately want to be connected. And they’re not trying to do you harm, but they can drain energy from you. And that’s why you have to be protected. And like you said, question. And I think you need to have protection. If you’re going to open yourself up, you have to be protected. And you have to understand that there are risks that go with that.

Yes, you’re right. There is a point, though, some of these spirits, earthbound ones, not the ones that are moved on.. Some of them do know what they’re doing though. And some of them deliberately target people. And like I say to my members, if they were nasty, malicious, mean predators in life, then if they haven’t moved on, that’s exactly how they’re going to be in spirit. I’ve had members who have encountered such beings, including sexual predators. And they’ve been attacked by them. So there are those around who are like that. But they’re not that common, but they’re common enough to cause the issues to people. And so you do have to question who comes around you. You do have to check how they make you feel. And you’re right. They can’t hide their true intent for long.

Yeah. I think you’re right. They can trick you, using whatever weaknesses you might have. Or devices, or whatever. Not, in this book, but in the ‘Timeless Trinity’. I talked about a very negative experience I had, and it was in Chicago. And you mentioned Chicago earlier. What happened is I was on a show and some movie producer guy called me after the show, and he said, I think I’d like to test you for a documentary that I’m doing. And I said, okay, and he was like, an independent film producer. He wasn’t like a Hollywood guy, or something. And he said, I’d like to fly you out to Chicago, take you to some paranormal sites. And see what you can pick up on. And I’ll film you, and so forth. So, this was a couple of years – This was early January, two-thousand and nineteen. So a couple of years ago, and I said, okay, but only if Ginger can come with, because I wanted her to come with. Just in case the guy is real weirdo. I wanted to have a witness, because, you never know.

And he put us up in a hotel, and it was real. He was a film producer, and he had he took me to different places, most of, like a graveyard and an old haunted road. And I picked up on some stuff there, but it wasn’t anything dramatic. I wasn’t really impressing him, you know, like, oh, my gosh, this guy is really a good psychic. I was kind of rusty or slow picking up on stuff, but then he took me to the south side of Chicago, and I knew I needed to impress this guy, and I took it as a challenge. And my pride got in the way. And it is a cautionary tale for anybody. Whether you’re a psychic or not, you can set yourself up for disaster by letting your pride take over and hubris even. And I wanted to prove to this guy what a great psychic I am, or whatever. So it’s funny now, but it wasn’t funny at the time.

So we drove to the south side of Chicago, got out in this parking lot and there’s like this alley behind the building. And as soon as I got out of the car, I just put up my radar dish. I didn’t even bother to do any protection, or any preparation. I just went right straight into it. And I saw, like it was an old black and white movie, right in front of me in that alleyway. In my mind’s eye, I saw like it was the eighteen-nineties. You know, there were horses and buggies and people dressed in dark clothing. They were all moving, very hyper-kinetic, moving really fast. Except for this one man that was standing in front of me staring at me. And he had a bowler hat, this big curly moustache, really dark, kind of scary eyes and like a long coat. And he just sat there staring at me and he made me very nervous. And then it all disappeared. So then I said, I got to make a connection again. I lost the connection. So I wandered into the alley and I went up to a tree because I like to find old objects and touch them and see if I can pick up help amplify what has happened.

And the only clue this guy gave me, he said, this is a very dark place, that’s all. He didn’t tell me anything else about this site. I go up to the tree is about to touch the tree. And then I was tackled to the ground. There wasn’t anybody there, physically there. And I’m a big guy. I’m about six feet, three inches, about two-hundred and eighty pounds. I’m very big. And drove me into the ground. And I injured my leg. It was so forceful. And the worst part of it is, that I started to give up. It’s like I lost my will. It’s like I couldn’t get up, it was like, what’s wrong with me? And he had a microphone on me. He didn’t have the camera ready.

So he was listening to all this as I was describing it. And I was in pain and I felt like I can’t ­­– I lost my energy. I’ve lost my will. And then I started to see like people under the ground, like in a dungeon. There’s men, women and children. And they were all being tortured. And they were like grabbing at me, like pleading for help. And it was horrible. And finally I was able to break loose from this and stand up. Although I was injured, I was able to walk. And then, he came running to me and he said, I feel I feel odd. There’s something wrong here. And I said, yes, there’s something wrong. I had described what was going on. I said, you need to get me out of here. I need to get out of here. I don’t want to be here any more.

So we got into the car and we were driving away. And I said, what is this place? And he told me this was the site of the murder hotel, where Dr H.H. Holmes, who was America’s first mass murderer, had built this hotel for the Chicago World’s Fair in the eighteen-nineties, and he murdered up to three-hundred men, women, and children. Tortured them in the dungeons of this, this fake hotel, really is what it was. And so I would guess his earthbound, malevolent spirit was still there, and all those tortured souls were there. And because I didn’t protect myself, I was not only psychically attacked, I was physically. It manifested into a physical, driving me into this. Like I was going down into this dungeon. And so I always say it’s a cautionary tale. I told my students, my paranormal students when I got back, and I still had some kind of lingering energy on me from that.

And two of the ladies in my class, they were working psychics. So, they said, you have to go get a spiritual cleansing or something. Because, you’re making us sick. The energy that’s still attached to you. So, I knew a Peruvian shaman, and I went to her, and she did a cleansing. And it helped immediately, because I had just said I didn’t do any protection. I was letting my ego drive me. I was going to impress this guy somehow. And that’s how it got set up. And yeah. So that was a very, very negative experience and just goes to show you, how you have to question things and you have to, obviously. I don’t blame the producer because he wanted dramatic stories. The last thing in his mind was I was going to get hurt. But anyway, that is what happened. But I blame myself. Really. I know better, you know? But now, if he would have told me that, I probably would. I don’t know. I would have been cautious.

You would have gone in ready and prepared. And I’ve actually heard about that place. And didn’t he create it? He built it so there were traps in it? And mazes and people couldn’t escape? Nasty, nasty, nasty. 

Yeah. He was terrible. And I read a book. There was a good book about a good book. It’s a scary book. It’s called Devil in the White City. It’s about this, him. And apparently, while he was in prison, his face started to change, and become – And he described it, he was becoming to look like Satan, or looking like a devil. But he was obviously a very sinister and evil person. Or maybe there’s an evil entity that was driving him. Probably that was still attached to that area.

Yeah. I was just going to say, I was just going to say to you, it was the land! There was something on that land! That’s what I got.

Taken away from the Native Americans.

It was probably a sacred area

There’s a lot of negative energy in Chicago. In fact, he took me to other places, not as scary as that place.  But there was like a demonic tattoo parlour. I picked up on stuff right away. And it was extremely creepy. And I actually got some of the information right, that he knew about. That a man had been murdered there. And there was these Satanic bikers that hung out there. And when we were there filming, I went up to touch the iron – There’s, like two gargoyles on either side of the entrance. And I was like, touching the iron gate in front of the door. I was just kind of touching it. And it was dark. There wasn’t anybody inside the room behind it.  I could see in there. And all of a sudden this lady appeared. She was a young lady. She would have been a rather attractive lady, but she had so many tattoos all over her face and her arms and everything. And she had black hair with red and yellow to make it look like flames. And she suddenly appeared and said, what was I doing there? And I couldn’t lie. I said, Well, I’m a psychic and we’re filming. That’s what I said. I was so caught off, I was like, where did she come from? I didn’t even see anybody in there. All of a sudden she’s there. And then she goes, oh, that’s cool. But, you can’t come inside. And I said, no, I don’t want to come inside. She said, okay. And then she went and then disappeared. She was gone. That was that same trip. It was scary. But, it wasn’t as scary as the Murder hotel.

These really, really cool stories. So what other types of experiences have you had?

Yeah, other types of experiences. Let’s see. Well, I’ve had full-bodied apparitions. I went on a – if you’re talking about apparitions, that’s what you meant other than alien stuff. I went on a job interview before I got the job here. I went on a job interview in New London, New Hampshire, in the north-east of the United States, and a place called Kobe Sawyer College. And I got there kind of late in the afternoon, early evening. And the caretaker guy met me at the bus stop. I took a bus there from Boston, and he was going to take me to my hotel. And I said, okay. And then I saw this creepy old building, like, built in the late seventeen hundreds, early eighteen-hundreds with a Bell tower, on a little hill. And it was early in the spring. So there wasn’t any, any leaves yet. So there’s like, the scary looking tree in front of it. Right. And I said, Where’s the hotel? And he said, Well, you’re going to be staying at the old Academy building. And I said, that place. And he said, yeah, the whole thing looked like a Stephen King novel, from Stephen King. I  just already I knew it was going to be exciting.

So he took me there and I got my bag out and he walked me upstairs. Said, this is the room you’re going to be staying. A beautiful place, well preserved. The furniture, antique furniture. This really high bed. It’s just beautiful, well preserved. And I said, who else is staying here? And he said, Nobody. And okay, I’m the only one staying here. And he said, yeah, he said, I’ll come by in the morning to pick you up. I said, alright, so I got ready for bed. I would brush my teeth. And I got ready. And I was reading a book. And all of a sudden I started hearing like voices downstairs. I was on the second floor and people walking on the wooden old creaky wooden floor and like chairs shuffling around.

So I went downstairs and it stopped. And then I went back to bed and I, oh just my imagination, I guess. And then it started again. And then I got to the top of the stairs. And I said, I don’t know what his name was. Al or something. I said, Al, is that you? Who is down there? And once again it stopped. So that went on. Most of the evening I just kept I heard there were people, lots of people downstairs, chairs shuffling around, a sound of people.  So the next day I went to get a cup of coffee before the guy was going to pick me up. And there was a street sweeper there. And he was from New Hampshire. He had that New Hampshire accent, which I can’t do. It’s very unique accent. English, ah American–English accent. And he said, Why are you here? And I said, I’m here for a job interview. And he said, Where are you staying? And I said, in the old Academy building. And he goes, did they tell you it was haunted? And I said, no, they didn’t bother to tell me that.

But, I can tell you for sure it’s haunted because I heard all this stuff. And he said, oh, yeah, it’s one of the most haunted places in New England. And I said, oh, great. But I survived the night, so I thought I’d be ok. So, I did the job interview, whatever, it took too long. I missed the bus. So they said, Guess what? You’re gonna have to stay overnight one more night. I said, okay, once again, I was in this old building, right? The old Academy building. So it started the next night. Same pattern, the voices moving around of chairs. And then the sound of an old Victrola like those wind up old Victrola, this old, creepy music. And I thought, oh my gosh, how am I going to get any sleep? I just pulled the covers over my head. And then I said, okay, it started to, like the noise died down. Oh, okay. Maybe I’ll catch a break. So I dropped the covers and then in the corner of the room, there was this old woman, an apparition of a full bodied apparition, like a hologram. She’s semi-transparent, and she’s just standing there looking at me. She’s dressed like a Puritan woman. She’s got this all dark clothing with the bonnet and just looking at me very sternly.

She didn’t say anything, and she didn’t respond. When I said something, I said, I’m leaving in the morning, ma’am, I’m sorry. I don’t want to disturb you, or whatever. And she was there. And after a few minutes, then she went away, right. So the next morning, I made it through the night. I think I called now my ex-wife. But I called her and I said, all this stuff is happening. And she said, you need to get out of there. And I said, I can’t. There’s no place else to stay. What am I going to do? I’ve had other ghost experiences, so I think I can make it. Well, the next morning, I got up and I looked around upstairs, and there were portraits, like a portrait gallery. And I was drawn to this one portrait, and I walked to it.

And there she was. There was the Susan Colby, the founder of the College. At that time, was a women’s College. She didn’t like me there because it was a women’s College, and she didn’t want a man sleeping in that room. So that’s why I figured why she didn’t want me there. And then I didn’t know this place was haunted other than that street cleaner who told me when I got home, I did some research and found out that it is one of the most haunted places in New England. And lots of people, there have been faculty who get snowed in. And then they stay at the old Academy. But they’ve had similar experiences. So it’s been corroborated by other people. But it was a very pronounced clear, full bodied apparition. And there’s just no denying it. It’s not like you catch a glimpse of something. She was there and she’s connected. And there’s other evidence. There’s a portrait there and other people telling you and all the other noises. And I think it was the Victrola. Other than seeing her, it was the Victrola. That was really the most frightening sound, just so unexpected.

Yeah. That sounds like that’s residual.

Yes, I think, because she didn’t communicate with me. It was all just captured there in that in that building now. Since then, they’ve turned it into an office building for the city of New London, New Hampshire. And but, there’s been new reports that other things are happening there. They moved all the old furniture out, but there’s still some residual energy there so a little different. But still, that’s the latest thing I heard from there.

That’s really interesting. That must have been – yeah you must have – Well, I guess by that stage, you had used been used to being around spirits. So, it didn’t faze you as much as it might have. But, still scary enough, though. 

Yeah, it is. I mean, I knew that she wasn’t going to hurt me, and the sounds weren’t going to hurt me. But still, it’s discomforting. It’s hard to go to sleep. Because you have this thought that it’s so out of, even though I’ve had those experiences before. And, I forgot to say the street sweeper told me, after he told me it was haunted. He said, yeah, last week there was a lady in for an interview. They put her up there and she didn’t make it through the night! She came out of the thing in the middle of the night screaming, and the Sheriff had to come and they took her to another town and put her in a hotel. So, that was before my second night, and I thought, oh, great!  Yeah, but I made it. I lived through it and was able to write about it and talk about it. But, yeah. So that was Mrs. Colby. Susan Colby.

Wow, that’s really cool that you were able to name the woman. I had a kind of a similar experience. We was able to name the spirit, but this one was seen by three other people besides myself. I’ve talked about it on the podcast before. My husband, then he’s deceased now, but I had my husband in the car, my daughter in the back seat, and we were driving along a cemetery. I was trying to find my great grandmother’s grave in this cemetery in Hamilton, and it’s one of the – It was the original cemetery in Hamilton.

And it had this like, little road with this grave market, really big ones that you can hide behind on either side. We’re only doing ten km an hour, five miles an hour or something like that. It was very slow, and the car was behind us and all of a sudden, because these grave markers are right on the edge of the road. All of a sudden, this really tall woman, slender woman, really skinny. She looked like she was from the forties. You know, she had the wavy hair. She had a twin set on.

Do you know what a twin set is? It’s like a top and a cardigan that looked the same that match, okay? And she had pearls around her neck. She had a pleaded skirt, tights and those Irish brogue shoes. You know, the lace-up shoes that they used to wear in those days? Very practical shoes. She stepped out in front of the car. I slammed on the brakes! Not that we were going really fast. And I thought I’d hit her. And I sat there for a minute, because, she fell. She looked like she fell into the car. And I sat there for a minute in shock, and Jay and I looked at each other. And I said, oh, my God! I’ve hit her! I’ve hit her!

And the car behind us stopped and the person started. I got out and jumped around the front, expecting to see this woman lying there, and there was nobody there. Nobody there. And this guy came up behind us, and he said, it wasn’t your fault! I saw her. She just stepped right out in front of you. There was no way you could avoid her. And so we thought, oh, maybe, maybe in the time between gathering from my shock and getting out of the car, she had crawled away somewhere. So, I went to the right of the car because she stepped out. Because, she stepped out from my right side. So I went to the right, thinking, maybe she’d gone that way. And the grave stone immediately by the road had a picture of her on it.

Oh, wow. That’s really cool.

I can, could . . .

So you got confirmation, yeah. That’s really good when you can piece it together, tie it into. But that is a cool story. But that is a cool story. Yeah.

Yeah. So I totally understand how you felt when you we’re able to say, oh, my God. That’s this woman I saw that’s who it was.

I have another one. Actually, I like your opinion on it because I’ve told a couple of people, and I think I wrote about it, in maybe in the second, or maybe the first book. But, I had a girlfriend when I was in graduate school, and she had some issues, some mental problems. And she had tried to commit suicide. And she ended up in a mental hospital. And she checked herself in and so forth. And I went to visit her. And this was in Seattle. I was living in Seattle at the time, after graduate school, actually. I went to visit her, and I was trying to have a nice conversation with her. There were other patients there that were being quiet, playing checkers, or watching TV. But there was this one man who came in there, and his name was George. And he really –  his hair was all messed up. And he was kind of a thin, slender man with these big wire-rim glasses. And he was very loud and very just talking to everybody. And he was interrupting our conversation. And he was playing the piano and he was hyper-kinetic. He was everywhere. Right. So I kept talking to my girlfriend, and then she was able to get a pass so we could go down, go down the elevator onto the first floor and walk out into the garden.

 And so –  And there was only one way off that floor. It was the psych floor, and it was controlled. So you have to go through a guard. He had a special thing you put in the elevator so you could go down into the elevator. You have to go through the guard and you need to pass and a badge to go through there. We went down in the elevator, got out on the first floor. We’re walking towards the outside doors, towards the garden area and coming the other direction was this mental patient George. He was still in his hospital gown or whatever he was wearing up there. And he had – And there were two women on either side of him that I didn’t recognize.

And I asked my girlfriend. I said, Isn’t that George? She said, yeah, I said, Well, how do you get down here? She said, I don’t know. Maybe he has a twin. And I said, no I don’t, this is not television. That’s not the premise here. That is George. So I asked him, he’s walking by and he’s laughing and these girls are giggling. And I said, I said, George, how did you get down here? And he looked at me with these really wild eyes and he said, I flew. And then, he laughed and he walked on with these two girls. So we kept walking. And I said, how did George get down here? Seriously? And she said, Well, maybe you should report it?

And I said, no, people aren’t going to believe me. So I said, no, I’m not going to report it. So we walked down to the garden and had a conversation, brought her back up and he was there. So I’ve, I’ve told the story to a number of people and a couple of people, and there’s a couple of different options, I guess, that could have happened. I’d just be interested in what your take might be. Obviously, the guard did not let him, even if he did let him into that elevator, and only way out to go down there. How did you get ahead of us? Because he was still on the floor when we left. So I’d just be interested in what you think.

There’s a couple of things that come to mind, and actually you had that in the Anzar book.

Oh, yeah. Okay.

I remember as soon as you start talking about, I know there’s a couple of things that come to my mind. One is he bilocated, which, you know, often people who often people who have mental health issues actually are very spiritual. And that’s the reason why they, because, they can’t deal with – And they have abilities, and they just don’t know how to cope with them. So, a lot of them end up in psych hospitals. That’s my personal opinion.

I think you’re right. And he was really, really intelligent, too. He just was all over the place.

He was manic. Yeah. So, he could have bi-located.  Or, there could have been a glitch, a timeline glitch. But I tend to feel that they would have noticed him if he wasn’t in there.

Yeah. I think you’re right. I think that I lean towards bi-location, and that he had these abilities. And the other added wrinkle to this whole thing, that’s that whole thing. But, who are these two ladies that were with him?

That’s the question!

Yeah. That’s really interesting, because at first my girlfriend said, well, maybe they’re nurses. No, they weren’t wearing nurse clothes. They looked more like exotic dancers then, then the nurses. And so I’m wondering if he was able to manifest them with him. You know, maybe that’s what he wanted, to be with these two ladies.

I was just going to say, it could have been a projection of his desire. Oh, gosh. We could go into the rounds of speculation, here couldn’t we?

I know, but it was fascinating. It really wasn’t so. And just that it was witnessed by my girlfriend, too. And she wasn’t psychic, or anything. It just she was able to see it.

It could have been a projection of his desire. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, then it begs a question, what is reality? Is reality as we perceive it? Or are we living in a holographic reality?

Yeah. Exactly. Exactly, yeah.

So that takes us on a whole different, ah was that a glitch in the Matrix? Did you see something from a past event that he was projecting, you know? But, it wouldn’t have been. Unless, he saw you in that time? Who knows? It’s really . . .

I know. It’s a mind blower. It really isn’t. It’s really stuck with me. I mean, I was already you know, this was obviously a very terrible time in my relationship, with my girlfriend. I was so, I felt so bad that tried to commit suicide. So, she was emotionally traumatized. I was traumatized. But, you know, this really did happen. I know that it really did happen. And so, yeah, I tend towards the bilocation. And probably he manifested this from some past thing. Or, he just conjured them up with him, with his bilocation. But you’re right. If he was missing from the ward, they would have known it, because, he was such a presence. If it was silent, which it would be if he wasn’t there, from what I gathered and what my girlfriend told me that, yeah. That they would notice. The guard would notice. The nurses would notice.

Were these stairs there that he could have gone down? But even if he wouldn’t have gone as fast.

He couldn’t have gone that fast. And the stairs were guarded as well. And they were locked. There was a guy with the key, but obviously for fire, they couldn’t go in the emergency. You’d have to go down the stairs. But you couldn’t get down through the stairs either. There’s only one way on and off. And that was that guard at the elevator. And there’s no way he could have got down before us when he was on the floor. When we left, we got down and he was coming towards the elevators, the other direction from the other direction, as if he had been outside.

Yeah absolutely. I would file that under glitch in the matrix.

Isn’t it? Yeah. It’s something I often think about. It’s one of those things where you are – many things that you think about, that this reality. It’s an interface to the quantum reality. That we have this comfortable interface that we, every once in a while, you catch a glimpse, whether it’s a ghost, or an alien, or whatever it is. And you realize, oh, this is just a very comfortable little interface, like my computer keyboard. But the real stuff that goes on, like the toggling of voltages. We don’t see any of that. All we see is our nice little keyboard, and we don’t see the ghost in the machine.

Like I do computer coding, a little bit of coding. And you don’t see the code that makes this image that we’re looking at, at the moment.

Right. Right, yeah.

So, let’s start with your books then. Let’s start with your supernatural journey in literature. So, tell us first what made you start to write your memories?

Yeah. Well, like I said, since age four, I’ve had paranormal experiences, but they’ve always been very frequent, but random. I had no control over it just happened, and I didn’t understand why it happened. I tried to study parapsychology, but then life got in the way and I had to do all this work and take care of my family and so forth. So I always had it on the back burner that I was going to get to it one of these days. Yeah, but it really took losing a dear friend of mine childhood buddy. He was also had Norwegian parents. They were immigrants together. And we grew up together in Seattle with immigrant parents. And he passed away in two-thousand and sixteen. He had cancer and he was about my age. So he was much too young. And he came to me in a vision just like you and I are talking. I saw him a month after he died, and I was very pleased to see him because I was very heartbroken. After he passed, he was like one of these really uplifting people. He walks into a room and he just lights up the room and not because he’s like an overbearing person and loud. He was just such a loving person. He was an actor. So he was very good at personable.  

Anyway, he passed away. His name was Gene. His name is Gene. He’s still around as he reminds me all the time and in the spirit world. But he came to me in this vision and told me it was time to start telling my stories. And I was kind of reluctant. I said, well, hey, I could lose my job. People laugh at me. My colleagues will laugh at me. The college might get rid of me. I’ll lose my academic standing. And he said, don’t worry about it. It’s going to be okay. And he even gave me the name of what the book should be called. He said, It should be called Timeless because he said, we are all timeless. And he said, Where I am in the spirit world, there’s no future, there’s no past. It’s just the eternal now. And he said, It just all is together. And I said, okay. And I asked him what a lot of people would say, what’s it like to be dead?

I just was very blunt. And he laughed. And he said, you know what? I don’t feel like I’m dead. He said, Besides, I’m talking to you right. There you go. We’re talking to each other. I mean, it wasn’t like some of these ghosts. Things are like tape loops. You can’t communicate with him. But I could communicate with him clearly. And so we had a good laugh about that. And then he told me it was going to be okay. And every time I go on a spirit walk, what I call a spirit walk. I communicate with him and other spirit friends. So he’s with me all the time. Every time I’m interviewing, I always talk about Gene. And I feel like he’s on my shoulder, kind of wanting to be in the shot somehow, because he was an actor. He wants his screen time.

So then, I started assembling all my stories. And I’d written all this down, most of the things that had happened to me. And then I published my first timeless book. I think it was thirty-four. I think there was  thirty-four paranormal events in my life, all that happened to me, not other people. And that was the first book. And then that wasn’t enough I had to do a second book. So then I did Timeless Deja Vu, which is the second book. And I went a little bit further. The first book, I was kind of reserved. I didn’t talk about aliens, for instance. I figured I’m just going to dip my toe in the water a little bit. I didn’t want to plunge all the way in. That was my compromise. Gene said, go all the way in. I said, no, I’m going to test the water.

So the second book, I went a little bit further. The third book, Timeless Trinity. I started talking about alien events, you know, contact that I’ve had. And as I said, I let it all hang out. In the third book, Timeless Trinity, and I hadn’t really planned to write another book, but during this time I started the spirit Walks, these meditative spirit walks. And for me, I do meditation, but I do it while I’m walking because I can’t sit still and do the meditation. So during the spirit walks, I talked to Gene, I talked to my spirit guides. I talked to my relatives who passed on. And that’s when I decided that I was going to try to contact this person, this entity that I had had another vision with from nineteen-ninety-seven, and called the Progenitor. That’s all I knew. He was called the Progenitor. And so I asked Gene. I asked my spirit guides, can you connect me with the Progenitor? I’d really like to know more because and I suspected he was of alien origin. I kind of thought he was, but I didn’t want to go there yet, too far.

So what happened in ninety-seven was a vision, just like I had with Gene. And a conversation just like you and I are having. Although in the vision I had of the Progenitor, he was this kind of proto-human looking entity. And he was revolving in space, and while I was talking to him. And at that point he sounded very Zen like to me, like he was saying, the bargain for peace is war, the bargain for hate, is love. He’s talking like that. He’s talking about black holes and quasars, and how the one dimension is connected to the other through a black hole. And then it comes out as a quasar on the other side. And he was trying to explain all this stuff to me.

I wrote it all down and I even drew the picture of him, but I just kept it. That was happening in ninety-seven. In two-thousand and one, I decided I was going to try to approach a colleague with this information that I had, and to talk about the paranormal. And I found this Lady Professor, very nice lady. A friend of mine. She was an anthropologist. She studied ancient cultures and religion, and that like, okay, she’s a safe person to talk to. At least I thought. And I told her the story of the progenitor. I showed her the picture and she just looked at me and said, You’re a pretty Spacey, dude, aren’t you? I didn’t realize how spacey you were. Oh okay. I’m just gonna not say anything. I thought it wasn’t safe. So it wasn’t until two-thousand and sixteen that when I had that vision with Gene that I decided now was the time. So the fourth book, The Anzar the Progenitor, book, is that entity.

And I’ve had a much longer connection with him. Then just since nineteen-ninety-seven, he’s been around, I think, my whole life. I know in nineteen-sixty-four,  that’s when I based on conscious memories. As I started thinking about what had happened to me in nineteen-sixty-four, I realized that that was him. And then I did a hypnotic regression. If I did four of them, four different of these regressions. And that kind of filled in the blanks for me in these stories. But I found out that Ansar the Progenitor has been with me at least since nineteen-sixty-four, when I was six years old.

So, what happened in nineteen-sixty-four?

Well, to make a long story short, I was, we had these neighbours. We lived in Seattle on a Hill, and there was a nuclear site at the top of the Hill. It was a Nike missile site. They had Nike missile defence sites. And the house just above us. We had some neighbours and my parents. When they go places, I would go up there and they would babysit me. And the lady was okay. But the man was creepy. Even at six years old, I knew he was creepy, and I just somehow knew and he would do weird things. And kids from the neighbourhood would come there and he would give us little Dixie cups filled with what he said was cool aid. But I smelled it, didn’t smell right. It smelled like what my parents, they’d have brandy or something. It smelled like that. Now I know that it was alcohol. So he’d give kids alcohol. And then he would go high in the closet and in the dark closet. And it was not even hide and seek because we knew where he was. And he said, you have to come find me.

And I said, well, you’re in the closet. Yeah, but you come in there and then you go in the closet with him and it’s dark. You know, basically what he was up to. He was a molester, but I didn’t know it. I never went in the closet. I was too afraid. I didn’t drink the dixie cup. But I wanted to tell my parents that I didn’t want to go there anymore. So then that’s when this, Ansar the Progenitor showed up the first time, and I saw him like a hologram in my backyard, between that house and my house. And he appeared to me. And I said, I remember, you look like a monster. Because, he was an alien, looked very tall. And with the big slanted eyes. And I said, you look like a monster.

And he said, Well, I’m not the monster. That man in that house is a monster, and you need to stay away from him. So, he saved me from a very awful thing that would have happen. And I said, Well, should I tell my parents? And he said, I think you just tell your parents you don’t want to go there. And I know that they won’t make you go there any more. So that was true. And I said, Well, can I tell them about you? And they said, Well, that’s up to you. They may not believe that you’re talking to me, but if you want to, you can. But definitely I’m going to make sure you don’t have to go up there any more. So then, that was true. I didn’t. And he also showed me like a holographic image of a ship. And he said that someday you will fly.

Some day you will fly. And so I assumed I would, you know, like every kid in the sixties, I thought I was going to go to the moon, or something.  Be an astronaut. As it turned out, I did fly, but it was a helicopter. But, you know, I was still a pilot. So that’s pretty cool. And so that was my first experience. But it was so traumatic. The experience was so traumatic, because, here I saw this alien entity, who I thought was a monster at first. Turned out that he rescued me.  But, I didn’t understand the whole thing. So I was very traumatized. So for about two years after that, I couldn’t speak. I stammered, I stuttered so much I had to go to special speech training for two hours a day. They pulled me out of my regular class, and I’d go to speech training. And thank goodness they had a good speech therapist at my school. And after two years, I could start talking again. Because, I was very reluctant to talk because I could barely get a word out.

And I did some research in the book the Anzar book I just published. I did some research on speech pathology and one of the reasons for children suddenly developing that kind of speech impediment, is through trauma. So I was definitely traumatized. So that’s, like, physical evidence to go along with the conscious memories, and then the retrieved subconscious memories. So I’ve had a very long history with him. I’ve had other alien experiences, too. And then, all the paranormal experiences. But for the last three years, I’ve been contacting Anzar through my spirit walks. And including just yesterday, so when I took a spirit walk.

Right. What did he say to you out of interest yesterday?

Yeah, he reminded me as he does every single time. To keep love in my heart. And always operate from a position of love. So that sounds very easy, but it’s very hard to do because you hear it. I was in a faculty meeting today. And I heard people talking bad about other people. And I just thought, you know, that’s not a good way to approach it. You got to help people to understand, and you just got to educate them, or help them to understand. They still might not understand. But it’s best to have that love in your heart. And then, he reminded me of the situation here with the variant, the Delta variant. And how it’s going to be very, very bad and to be prepared for that and be ready for that.

And he’s been telling me lately, and especially yesterday reminded me that I’m a bridge. He says, you have to be the bridge now. He’s always told me that you have to be the light. And he says that all the time be the light. So that makes sense to me in a way that you have to help illuminate the darkness. It goes along with this idea of keeping love in your heart, to illuminate and to be the light in people’s lives. In your own life, your loved ones, your neighbours, your friends. But he said, you have to be the bridge. You have to do more. You can’t just illuminate now you have to make connections. So you got warring factions, or you have, like, a physical bridge. You got two remote outcroppings. You bring them together. And what’s interesting to me is since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated with bridges.

And I even wrote a play called The Bridge about the Golden Gate Bridge. And the problem with suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. And oddly enough, and I just thought about it now when I was growing up, we had these old Norwegian friends and my parents had that they came over with on the boat to the States. And there was this lady and her husband, a man, they never had children. She was a very nice older lady. And every time I came over or she came over to our house to visit my parents, she would say, let’s make the bridge. And she didn’t do it to anybody else. It was like her little thing to me. And she’d go like this with her hand. And then, I would come up and go like that. And we’d make a bridge. So it’s like been a theme my whole life. I didn’t realize the importance of it until later in my life.

So, those are a couple of the things he’s told me. He also told me that he kind of gives me – I’m not going to call them predictions, but they border on prophecies. But they’re more like preparations, because he often tells me predictions can be wrong. But preparations are never wrong. So he’s warned me that here in the United States that were bordering on a civil war. And, because we’re so divided and it’s other places in the world, too. But I know the United States the best, and we are so divided, more divided than I even remember us being in the nineteen-sixties, during the Vietnam War, and all that. We’re more divided now at a deeper level, even a religious level. I mean, it’s really spiritual level, very, very divided. And he tells me to be prepared for that. And that’s why he wants me to be the light, to be the bridge. He has made some predictions that like COVID he didn’t tell me there would be Covid-nineteen, he said a year before Covid became a thing, in the early last year.  A year before that, he told me that there’d be a series of calamities that would occur and to be prepared. And as it turned out, and he said, one of the calamities will cause the deaths of millions of people.

I didn’t know what that calamity would be, but I’ve done enough research about what they call retro causation, where if something really terrible happens, that it reverberates because time there’s no passage, it’s all together. Sensitive people can pick up on things. And he helps guide me with that. So if I get an intuition, I think something bad is going to happen. He says, well, be prepared. Because, there’s a possibility that could happen. And then when I say, Well, shouldn’t I tell a bunch of people? And he said, Well, be careful because predictions can be wrong. And if you’re wrong just by a little bit, people are going to think you’re crazy or something’s wrong with you when really you’re just trying to help.

And I’ve had people do that. I’ve said, you know, when I think it was in January of 2020, before there were even any cases of Covid-nineteen, I said, this is probably one of the calamities. This is one of the calamities. And I had people attack me on Facebook, and say that I’m exaggerating. So I’ve been very careful saying this. That’s why I always say it’s better to be prepared. And there’s too many variables to accurately predict exactly what’s going to happen. Because, there’s free will and there’s other things that, that enter into it. So anyway, those are a few of the things he’s also told me. So I don’t know how much you want me to say about what he said. But he’s talked about this report in the United States that came out, the end of June. On UAPs unidentified aerial phenomena, what used to be called UFOs. But now the government had to call it something else, because, they were too embarrassed to call them UFOs. So, same thing. But anyway, he told me that the report would be very disappointing. And it was. But, I can read between the lines. I used to work in the government. So, read between the lines. And there’s some interesting clues in there when you really read it.

But, he told me he said the problem – And if you look at it, you see it mentions threat, threats. I think probably eight times in their threats. And that’s the way our government looks at it. And I’m not surprised if other governments around the world look at it the same way. That they don’t look at it as an opportunity to advance as a civilization, as human beings, they see it as a threat. And just like the old movies, when the aliens came, we’d roll out the tanks and start shooting at them. Just ridiculous. That’s how we look at it. And Anzar has told me, and I want to get the quote right. He said “extra-terrestrial technology and wisdom are precious gifts for all, not a strategic advantage for the few”.

That’s actually a good quote. I do know that there are factions that those who control the governments behind the scenes, the governments really don’t control much. They’re just figureheads. They take their orders from elsewhere. Your government, is really trying to ramp up the fear factor to make people scared of star people, scared of beings who use other vehicles together. And not all the star people need to travel and ships. Many don’t. They can just travel by thought. But, what they’re doing is, they’re trying to create fear in people, and they’re using that as an excuse to weaponize, to create more weapons. And to control reality as we currently know it. That’s my understanding. It’s a bit deeper than that, but I don’t tend to go into a lot in my podcast, because, that’s not what my podcast is about.

But no,  I agree with you, that the easiest way to control people is through fear,

Is through fear.

Or anger, one of the two, or both. If you can manage it, then they can really control people. Alternate between anger and fear, you know?

Well, anger’s only ever a secondary emotion, isn’t it? And it only ever covers fear, hurt, or pain, of some description.

It is a secondary emotion. It comes hard on the heels of the fear. You don’t often distinguish them.

Yeah, exactly and . . .

I think you’re right. Well, I have a friend of mine who’s former FBI. So he still gets –  I guess once your FBI are always FBI, it’s kind of in the intelligence community. And he told me that they’re busy trying to figure out how they can strap a bomb to this technology. They want to learn how to weaponize it. So, that’s a fruitless effort. So if they can’t do that, they at least want, like you say, manipulate people through fear. And it’s so – as Anzar says, this is an opportunity to take a leap of consciousness. For all of us, to take a leap of consciousness and evolve. To altogether take this leap of consciousness. And there’s so many forces that want to stop that from happening, because if that happens, people are going to realize how powerful they are. And how special they are. And they won’t be able to be so easily controlled any more once you take the blinders off, you know?

Yeah, I can see that. I’m going to say something. When I first read your book, I was like really dubious, not because, I’ve had Star People encounters my entire until I heard your story just now about you being six. And are you probably mentioned it in the book, but I may have missed, or not read that correctly, but because you never question you never say, how do I know you’re telling me the truth? How can I trust you? How can I believe? And one thing that I always teach my people is you must question everything, even what I tell you. Question it. And how does it fit in your heart? How do you feel when you, when you listen to it? How does it sit with you? Does it make you feel comfortable? But now I understand why you don’t question him. Because, he, he gave you that trust from, as a child. So, you have trusted him because of the incident.

Yeah. And I’ve had a lot of experiences, including demonic experiences. So, I feel that by experience, I know what that’s like. Anything that’s malevolent – Even if they come across as being kind of nice. It doesn’t take long for the true colours to come through, sometimes immediately, and they just work on greed, or whatever vice a person might have, whatever. But with him, I’ve had a person ask me. They say, how do you know he’s not like a fallen angel, or demonic thing? And I said, well, why would a demon every single time I talk to them, tell me and remind me, to keep love in my heart. And always operate from a position of love. And actually have that help me in my life, where I have adopted that? And things go much better in my relationship, at home, at work, in the world, it’s just the way to go.  And the other thing. The other reason I know that ­–  Although I’ve asked Gene, because, I trust Gene too.  I know Gene and I asked Gene. I don’t know if I put it in the book, but I did ask Gene about Anzar, and he said, no, he’s here with me.

Yeah, I remember reading that.

So, I got confirmation from Gene too. And so –  But there are people who say any kind of contact with spirits is divination. And that they’re all demons, you know, trying to trick you. And none of my experiences with Gene, or with Anzar, or the others. My parents, who I’ve talked to also, in these meditative states.  None of them have told me to do bad things, or say bad things. Or, what I know in my heart to be bad. Or, do bad things. None of it. It’s been none of that. So that’s how I have confidence in –  the other thing. And I you’ve read the book.  So you,  in the introduction to the book, that the forward to the book. A friend of mine saw Anzar. So I have that confirmation, too, Because, there’s always in the paranormal experiences. There’s not every weird thing that happens is paranormal. And sometimes it’s just a weird thing that just happened. So I can’t look at it. You always look for confirmation.

So, I invited Anzar to come to a Cero meeting, the Close Encounter Resource organization that I belong to. All experiences here in Southern California. And I asked an Anzar to come. I said, I’d like to see who sees you. Does anybody see you? I’m just going. At the end of the meeting, I got up and said, did anybody see anything? And because it’s a Cero meeting, nobody thought it was like some guy just sitting next to me or something. They knew I was talking about some kind of entity. And this one lady named Lucinda –  Lucy, my friend Lucy. She said, yeah, who’s the big native looking dude behind you? And Anzar is very tall. One of his manifestations that he’s very tall and he’s proto-human looking. Native, meaning Native American. He has that kind of look. And I said, that’s Anzar. And she said, you’re kidding me? And I said, no, that’s an Anzar. And then, she pulled out her driver’s license. And she showed me that she lived on –  the street she lived on was Via dé Anzar. The way to Anzar.

That’s interesting isn’t it. Synchronicity

And then she, yeah, she was able to. And she’s a shaman, in the Native American tradition, Lucy is. And she talked to me quite a bit later because I said, I got to talk to you more about this. You’re the only other person that’s seen him other than me.  So we had some lengthy conversations, and we talked about this integration process that she warned me about.  Because when you do a lot of communication with the particular entity, you have to be very careful. And just like you said, how do you know that this is really who they say they are? And it’s actually helping you, or helping others.

And so I took that process very slow. And actually, what the integration process is, is not that I lose my, my autonomous being, who I am. It’s just that there’s like a quicker connection between the two of us. In the way Anzar says that he says, an aspect of you, is an aspect of me. That’s what he tells me. And he says that we are related. So that’s what I’ve taken from these experiences. And I, but you know,  even a person with all the paranormal experiences that I’ve had, every once in a while you have to stop and ask, is this real? You have to pinch yourself and stuff like that to make sure. I’m lucky in that Ginger is not a member of cero. She doesn’t do meditative walk. She’s just a very practical, very creative lady, you know, very nice. So, she’s very supportive of me. But she also grounds me. So I’m not in the ethereal world all the time. I have to come down to Earth, and I think that helps quite a bit. But she’s very supportive. And I know there’s some people who have had all these experiences and they’re not as lucky. They have maybe a spouse, or a friend, or a significant other, who isn’t as supportive. And won’t let you talk about it. And that type of thing which would be very stifling to a sensitive person, who is intuitive and has these experiences, and connections.

Right? Absolutely. So that really was like, niggling at me the whole time when I was reading your book. I was going, he never questions this guy. He never questions him. How does he know he is who he says he is? And, you know, like, I’m a medium myself, and I – So I don’t question that these things happen. Because, I know from my own experience, they do. Although I don’t talk about them a lot in this podcast. And I certainly don’t have mediums on my show, because, I’m not here to promote anyone who has a business. You understand what I’m saying? But it doesn’t mean that I don’t know that it’s not real, because, I do.

The other thing that I have to say that just triggered me a little bit, is the use of the term light all the time. Like, you have to be the light. And the reason why is because, in this reality, in this dimension, people are really terribly socially engineered. By those who control this reality. And the term light has been bandied about so much, that everybody automatically assumes that if something is light and bright, it’s positive, it’s good, it’s loving, it’s got your best interests at heart. And if something is dark, it’s automatically negative, nasty and malignant. And that’s not actually true. That’s not actually true. It’s what’s been hammered into people. In this reality. Light isn’t always good, and dark isn’t always bad.

Well, you can’t have one without the other. That’s for sure.

It’s just this reality. It’s definitely a duality for sure. That’s my knowing. You know what I mean?

I understand. Yeah, I do.

And the thing is like light has been, like it’s used in all the Hollywood movies. It’s propagandised. One of my pet peeves,  I’ve got to say this. Is when people say love and light, and, you know, they don’t mean it. It’s just a catch phrase, because, it makes them look like they’re spiritual. You know? Most don’t mean it. And so that triggered me. That was a trigger for me. I’m not saying that what you wrote wasn’t valid in general. That just triggered me, that’s all.

No, it’s a very valid and good point. I will add that the research that I did. Because, I mean, there’s two-hundred and eighty footnotes or end notes in that book. I did a lot of research. It’s four-hundred and three pages. I did some research about the light, and I don’t call myself a light worker. I say be the light because that’s what Gene says. That’s what Anzar says. But what I found out is that our DNA emits light, which is very interesting to me.  Because that may be a connection in how telepathy works, how telekinesis works, how this stuff that we – That our very internal structure, our very DNA emits light. So, it’s more than just light and dark. Like you said, it’s not just dark being evil. You can’t have one without the other. And what would we be if we never had the night time? We need the night time as well.

And growing up with Norwegian parents, I’ve been in Norway during the so called dark time. I think it’s a beautiful time of year. I mean it’s – The sun doesn’t come up for three month. And  I’ve lived there during that dark time. And the only negative thing because what happens is you get adjusted to it and then you start to adjust. The starlight is enough for you. The moonlight is enough, especially if there’s a blanket of snow. It’s perfect. It’s a blue kind of light. It’s very calming, in a way. And people use a lot of candles and stuff. So it’s very cosy. People in the wintertime, during the so called dark time, they visit each other much more. And they realize, they got to come together. And it’s a very – and then, of course, for the Christian people, there’s the Christmas time and so forth. So it’s a very kind of a magical time.

The only problem for me during that winter time, when I lived there during the winter, the two times. Is that it’s hard to get, you want to sleep all the time. I feel like a bear. I wanted hibernate, whereas I’ve been there during the summer, when the sun doesn’t go down. And then you have the opposite problem. You can’t sleep. Because, I’m like a Rooster, I see the light and I want to be up. So two o’clock in the morning, I’m out cutting the grass and making people upset, because, I just feel so energized. I, no, I have a very natural. I understand what you’re saying, and it’s not that simple. And malevolent entities can portray themselves, really, as anything. And you always hear about the stories. They appear as little girls, or something that seems so innocent. And it’s really not. But, I’ve had experience with malevolent entities, and it’s pretty clear what they are. No matter how they portray themselves. It’s pretty clear what they are, because, of what they do. And what they do, is more important than what they look like, or what they say. Or even what they say.

And isn’t that the same as living people as well?

Yes. In fact, I often say kind of jokingly, but only half-jokingly. That it’s easier to talk to the dead, then living people. They’re not hiding anything. For the most part, the people that have passed away, they just want somebody. They see you have the ability. They see what I call the radar dish over my head. And they go, oh I want to talk to somebody. All these other thousands of people are walking by. And then I see you. And you’re the one I need to talk to. And of course, I have to protect myself because I can’t talk to everybody. They’re all around us, all the time. So, you have to turn it off. I always say you got to learn to turn it off, before, you learn how to really turn it on. Because, turning it off is the most important thing. So you can rest. You can do other things, you can’t. . .

Absolutely! And it’s all about boundaries, I always tell . . .

Always setting boundaries. Yes, exactly.

I run a Facebook group. Well actually, that’s what this podcast started from, where I try and help people as much as I can, on a spiritual level. They come with questions, and nobody’s ever charged for it. It’s just a really good place. And I’ve got some wonderful people there. And so I always say to people, well, one never assume that something is what they portray themselves as being. Never assume, that that child you see in your house, and this comes up in the group all the time, is a child. In fact, just recently, I had a lady who had these children in her house, but they weren’t children.

And I said to, who have you ever questioned who they are? She said no, they’re just children. And I said, Why do you assume that their children, because they portray themselves to be children? And she was having issues in her home. And so I said, one, you must always question whoever comes around you. Whether you see them physically, or with your psychic eyes. Whether they appear in front of you in a physical form. Whether you just feel them, you should always, always, question. That’s why I was, as I was reading your book, I was going, he’s not questioning. He’s not questioning. This could be anybody feeding him anything. And there are so many impostors out there.  How, apart from your connection with Anzar, have you had, like, physical extra-terrestrial experiences?

Yeah, I’ve had. Let’s see, in nineteen-seventy-three. I would say it was a classic kind of abduction. But even that, I think, had a positive spin to it. What was happening in nineteen-seventy-three is it was Christmas Eve. And my aunt and uncle from Norway, from Oslo, were visiting. And that’s a whole other. She was a very fascinating person. But anyway, everybody was upstairs. I went down to my downstairs bedroom. This is in Seattle, and it was probably around midnight or so. My cat, who always slept with me, jumped off the bed, and he was a big, fat cat. So he jumps up and he woke me up. And when I looked in the doorway, there was my aunt. And I thought, what is my aunt doing in the doorway of my room? But then all of a sudden, it wasn’t my aunt. Her face kind of morphed into this. I would best describe it as like a reptilian looking face. And it wasn’t just her. There was, like these little entities around her. Next thing I knew, I was a classic abduction thing. I felt frozen, paralysed. And then I was levitating above the bed.

And the next thing you know, I’m rising up through all the floors of the house, through the ceiling, into the heavens. I end up in what I describe as a craft. You know, it’s around there’s, like this pillar in the middle. There’s like an exam table. And around this exam table, there’s the little Gray, the little alien guys. And there’s an insectoid doctor. He looks like a cross between a praying Mantis and a Jerusalem cricket. The way I described it, that’s what he looks like. And they had some kind of apparatus on my head, kind of like headphones, but they’re more obviously more sophisticated.

But something about it was uncomfortable for me. I must have telepathically because I wasn’t able to speak, telling the insectoid doctor that it hurt. So then he admonished the little Gray guys, and they took that apparatus off of my head. And at that point, I remember asking. And part of this is conscious memory, part of its retrieve memories, right combination. And I asked the doctor, I said, What’s going on here? And he said, Well, this is special processing. We’re doing special processing. And he said, you don’t need to know anything else. And at that point, he just kind of touched my forehead. And then next thing you knew, I was back in my bed and my cat came back. So that was in nineteen-seventy-three.

So that’s kind of a classic scenario, I guess if you will. I called him for years. I called him Dr Bug. That’s just all I called him. And I’ve talked to other people now who’ve met this insectoid doctor or somebody like him. And like Terry Lovelace, he’s well known in the UFO community here. He was a former attorney general, assistant attorney general of Vermont and also of American Samoa. And he was a prosecuting attorney and legal guy, an Air Force veteran as well. And he was abducted. He had an encounter with the insectoid doctor. But anyway, so that was nineteen-seventy-three. Nineteen-seventy-seven. It was a dual experience. I was on a road trip with my friend. I call him Ernie. And we were driving from Seattle through to Salt Lake City and then to Los Vegas and then to Los Angeles and then back up the coast. That was our road trip. We’re eighteen years old. We were just on this crazy road trip. So we got a late start. We got to Idaho, and it was getting dark and we had a near head on collision. So we realized, oh, my gosh, we got to pull over and get some sleep. Well, we didn’t have enough money for a hotel. We didn’t really plan too well for the trip, money wise. So we said, we don’t really want to spend a hotel. We’ll find a camp ground. So we drove off the road at this place called Black Pine Peak, which sounds kind of mysterious already Black Pine Peak in Idaho wilderness of Idaho.

So we pull off in this dirt road. We keep going. We never find the campground. Finally, there’s this clearing, and we just pull off to the side of the dirt road. And we’re too tired to put up a ten. It’s too dark. So we just put our sleeping bags over us as we recline the seats and try to fall asleep. Next thing you know, and this is conscious memories and retrieved. And also, I talk to Ernie about it, too. About what he remembers. So it’s a combination of those things.

I remember we were trying to sleep. And then at a certain point, we saw lights. But the lights were coming from odd directions. At first I thought there was another car that pulled up, but the lights were too high and they were pointing in odd directions. And then there was like there was people around the car. But the weird thing was this is conscious memory. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do anything about it. And I remember the weird smell and some weird sounds. So those are the things I consciously remember when I was going to write the story. And I did a hypnotic regression and found out the whole story. But after I did that, I called my friend Ernie. I hadn’t talked to him in a couple of years. But I said, Ernie, what do you remember about that trip? And about that camp where we stayed overnight. And he told me the same thing. The weird lights. It’s like there’s people outside and that he felt like he couldn’t move.

And during the regression, she had me, Yvonne Smith, a very famous hypnotic regressionists here in Southern California. She asked me, okay, you’re back in that car. What do you see? So I described, obviously there were non-human entities around there, and there was a craft out there. And that’s why the lights were in a weird –  coming from above rather than like a car. And then she said, Turn your head and tell me, what is your friend Ernie doing? So in, you know, my subconscious. I turned my head, you know. And I said, Ernie’s gone. I said, Ernie’s gone. And that’s when I realized that Ernie had been abducted. I wasn’t abducted. But he was. So when I talked to Ernie about this, after he corroborated all the conscious memories I had, I told him, you know what, Ernie? I think you were abducted.

 And oh my gosh. He was so mad at me when I told him that. He said, if you would have told me that from the beginning, instead of this kind of sneaky way that you started talking about it.  I would have refused to talk to you. I don’t want to talk about that. And I think it’s really terrible. And if you’re going to write this story because that’s not his real name. He said, you can’t use my name. And he was just really mad. And I said, I’m really sorry. I feel bad. So, he hung up. I kept trying to contact him, email him. And finally he emailed me back. And he said, the reason he said, I do remember something he said. And the reason you feel bad is because you let your best friend get abducted. That’s what he said in the email.

And then he said, I do remember feeling paralysed and that these alien entities told me this one is quite a squealer. You think he’d never seen a set of pincers before? Pincers, you know? So,  he said the reason you feel bad is because you let me be abducted. And I don’t want my name to be used. And then I thought, Well, we’re going to talk about it together. No, he said, that was it. He wouldn’t talk to me. I’ve tried. That’s a couple of years ago. He just hasn’t contacted me. He left in a very angry note. So I remember that I had written a poem, a couple of poems after this trip. This is kind of an eventful trip, not just that. And I found an old poem that I’d written. I keep all my writing in old notebooks, and I found it. And the name of the poem was I sold out to the aliens, and I read the poem. And at the end of the poem, I mentioned pincers and my blood ran cold. I go, oh, I don’t remember writing that.

But here it is from nineteen-seventy-seven, this poem I’d written on the sheet of paper. And so I included that in the book, that story. So not only did I have corroborating story, at least part of it, and, well, most of it from Ernie and myself and my hypnotic regression. But I also had this, this evidence, this documentary evidence in the form of a poem, but still mentioning what he had said. That was in nineteen-seventy-seven and then in nineteen-seventy-eight. This is before my Anzar or the progenitor thing in nineteen-ninety-seven.

But in nineteen-seventy-eight, it was a very low point in my life. I had broken up with my girlfriend. I had lost my job. I had a job in Alaska, but I screwed up, and I was sent home early. I got another job as a Carpenter, but I got fired. I had no money. I was living in my brother’s garage. My brother was really mad at me because I had no money, and I was mooching off of him. I felt really bad. My parents were mad at me because the guy that hired me in Alaska was my dad’s friend. And then he called my dad and got really mad at him. So I was just broken up into my girlfriend. So I was about to kill myself. I mean, that’s just what it was. I had a knife in my hand. I was ready all of a sudden, out of the floor and connecting to the ceiling. Was this, like a column of fire particles just shooting up like that. And I I was just stunned. I just didn’t know what is going on. And there’s, like this rumbling voice like that.

And I thought, wow, this is some kind of demonic thing or that’s what I thought, my conscious memories. I’m thinking about that. And I’m taken up into this beam, right. And I did a hypnotic regression with that, too. I really had quite a bit of the details already in my conscious memories. But what I thought was a column of fire was actually like a particle beam. And I was taken out of that garage. The ceiling disappeared to this old dirty garage, and I went up into the stars. I don’t remember being in a ship or anything. And I don’t know if I was gone for five minutes or half an hour or an hour or whatever.

Next thing you know, I’m on back on this dirty old mattress. The knife is on the side of the mattress. But I had absolutely no feeling of wanting to hurt myself. I said no. Why would I even think that? In fact, I put it out of my mind. I just didn’t. I’m going to make it. I’m going to be okay. So I look at that as an alien contact, but as an intervention that I was, I wasn’t supposed to do that. And I understood. So, yeah, that was in nineteen-seventy-eight. So those are some of the most pronounced experiences that I’ve had other than my last three years of communicating with Anzar.

Right, now that also makes it clearer to me while you’re having this Astral connection with Anzar. Yeah. Now I understand. I totally get it because I couldn’t marry the tube. Why, you know, like he was telling you that you must be love. You must –  like my favourite star person always said to me. And I think I told you this in our  pre–meeting the most profound words he said to me, that I’ve tried to live with. And that was Marianne, When you do anything, you must do it from your heart. When you speak, speak from your heart. When you act, act from your heart.

And it just there was such a correspondence with what ends up as to do and what most people told me that I was really having difficulty marrying the two. To be honest. And I’m always honest. But now I completely understand. After talking to you like this, I completely see why, like, our paths are different. We’ve taken one. I’ve never seen insectoid or aliens, star people, not consciously, anywhere. Certainly seen reptilians. I have seen greys, but I’ve never been abducted. I’ve been an experiencer. And my first experience with my first conscious memory of seeing beings was when I was three.

So I’ve had. But I’ve been on ships. I don’t know how many times I’ve been on ships, but I saw myself in like for one of bedrooms, a classroom situation where they were teaching me from my childhood up. They’ve been teaching me things and preparing me to do the work that we’re doing pretty much, which is which is educating people and getting people to question we’re both doing the same, but we’re coming from a different angle, which is really cool.

Well, no, I think so. I think that’s exactly what you’re doing. And that’s the mission that I’m on. And he tells me that a part of it is this leap of consciousness, not a leap of faith, but a leap of consciousness. And he calls it into an era of reconversion, which I needed to ask him more questions. I kind of understand what you mean reconversion, but can you explain it? And the way it’s explained to me is that ancient people had the connection to the stars, to the Earth, to the entities, to the spirits. In a very comfortable, natural way. We have come into this modern technological society. And except for some people that have experiences like yourself, like me, like some others, everybody else seems to have hidden that part of themselves. It’s pushed down from a very early age. If I didn’t have a psychic mom, I would have had those experiences beaten out of me because I was told, don’t talk about these things in school. Because, I talk about my invisible friends that were with me and all this stuff.

You’re in school now. You can’t talk about that childish stuff. So my mom taught me pretty early on that you only talk to certain people about it. You can’t talk to everybody about these things. And we would read each other’s minds with cards and do telepathy and stuff. So she was very, very good about that. So she helped me a lot. She wasn’t a practicing psychic. She was just a natural psychic. And her mom was a healer, an herbalist and a healer. And that remote village and that remote island in Northern Norway.  Because they didn’t have hospitals or doctors on that island. So they relied on folk medicine and stuff.

That sounds very much like the Appalachian people.

Yeah, they’re farm,  farmers and fishermen. So if it wasn’t for World War Two, I would be a farmer or a fisherman in Northern Norway, more than likely.  World War Two. The consequences of that got my parents to immigrate to the United States. I don’t know where I started with that, but that’s where I ended up.

No, that’s really cool. And I was going to say about your mom and your gran. Very often, star people follow families through generations for people like us to come in. So when we come in, then they can like, they follow the family genetics for a reason. It’s a very common thing. So it’s not surprising that you had encounters earlier in your life. And it’s not surprising that its ongoing now. And quite often, but not always. That comes through the female line in my family. It actually came through. Both my father had experiences and my mother did as well. And that’s not uncommon either.

You got the double whammy

The double whammy, yeah.

Yeah, my dad, he was very practical fisherman, carpenter.

I was just going to say, yeah.

He didn’t like my mom, and I reading cards and telepathy. He let us do it for a while for entertainment purposes. And then as soon as we got too many hits in a row, he get freaked out. And he said that didn’t put the cards away. My mom would wink at me, though, so I knew that we’re respecting dad’s boundaries, but we know what’s going on.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s really cool. And that makes a big difference. Having a support like that when you’re growing up, it makes a huge difference. My personal knowing from what my Star People have taught me aligns a lot, with what Anzar has been telling you, about the coming changes. And tumultuous times that are happening on this planet. However, I come with a bit of a different understanding to you about the behind the scenes stuff. I did – When covid was first released. I put out a podcast episode. Just a bonus episode, twenty minutes. And it’s called The End Game. And it’s my knowing about what’s going on, which comes from a totally different angle to yours. And I told people, I talk about the social manipulation that the current governments –  All the governments are doing. I  hate social manipulation, social engineering, sorry. Social engineering. Because, this reality is so controlled.

Oh, I know what I was  going to say before we finish, Bruce. Years ago, years ago when you’re talking about Anzar saying, you know, people are going to come to a different –  years ago nineteen-eighty-five, in fact. Last time I spoke with my Star People, they said to me, Marianne, currently – I said, What’s happening with the Earth changes?  And they said to me back in the eighties. Currently the earth is being held in position, so she doesn’t move before, so she doesn’t move. They did this. She has being held by like a baby, cradled in position. He said; there have to be a certain number of souls who are at a level of spiritual understanding before the Earth changes can begin in earnest. Because, people have to have the opportunity to grow and too. . .

Anyway, that point was reached about three years ago. I felt the energetic shift when it happened. I felt it physically felt it. And since then and in fact, as soon as I felt, I wrote a post in my group saying, this has just happened. This energy shift has just happened. Now watch from now on, this will happen and this will happen. And you’ll see a polarization of people. You’ll see more people standing up and speaking out about injustices. And then the me too movement came and then all this came and, and then the covid thing came. I put out this podcast saying, don’t buy into the fear.

I said, look, don’t buy into the fear because this is just is a means of controlling you. So you won’t question what’s going on. It’s that David Icke. Have you heard of David Icke?  It’s his problem, reaction, solution. Create a problem. And I have no doubt covid is genuine. How it got into the public situation, however is. . .  So they create the problem. People jump up and say, oh, my God. Save us. What are we going to do? Reaction. Oh, here’s the solution. Let’s take away your rights. Let’s take away your freedom. Let’s inject you. Let’s do this. Yeah, problem, reaction, solution.

And then people, going back to what you said at the beginning. And then people are doing things without questioning it without thinking about it, without thinking it through. They’re just reacting, gut reaction from fear.

Gut reaction from fear. And it’s deliberate. It’s deliberate. And so, I always say to people don’t fear. That’s what they want you to do. People who are scared are easy to control. People who are scared, it’s very easy for them to give up the rights. Because, they think that they’ll be protected. But they’ll never get those right back. Like here in New Zealand. When covid first came out and we had one case in New Zealand, in the community. We shut down for two weeks. During that period of time, the government rushed through a law saying that the police could enter our homes, without warrants. Draconian measures, being introduced to control the population. It’s kind of like a whole a whole another story. Sorry. I get carried away.

No, Anzar told me that in January of twenty-twenty, he said, he told me that covid originated in a lab in Wuhan. In a weapons lab, and that it was likely, he said, likely it was accidental. But, it was from a weapons lab. So it wasn’t, ah you know, whatever the wet market story. And when that was all going on, I had a Chinese exchange student from mainland China, but she was moving to the United States. I think she got married or something. And she was from that area, and she said, you know, that story is ridiculous.

Anzar told me this, and then I had a student tell me in my class. She just came up to me and said, you know, the story is not true. We don’t eat bats. And that didn’t come from a wet market. There’s a weapons lab right there, and I didn’t tell her that and told me that, too. But that was a lady that lived in that area, from China. And she told me that. And then the more dubious connections are even that. We might have known about the weaponization, and we might have even financed it. So, there’s some nasty connections that are not just from one source. There’s not just one Boogie man. There’s many.

Indeed, indeed. In fact, my instinctual knowing was that China was being the full guy, but actually, they weren’t entirely to blame.

Well, Anzar told me that it was likely an accident, but they did weaponize it. They did. I forgot what the terminology is something, something production for use or something. I forgot what they call that terminology, but they had made it. It was a hybrid from the original virus, and they had made it worse. I just call it weaponization.

It is weaponization, yeah.

But there’s some technical medical term yeah. So you know, it’s. I think the truth will eventually come out. But who knows what’s going to happen between now and then? And meanwhile, once you give up certain individual rights, it’s very, very difficult to get them back. And it’s been throughout history usually happens during war time. And that’s why they like to use war terminology. We’re at war with against the virus, because then they can Institute, like you said, draconian measures. And people don’t question it because they are so afraid. Oh, yes, it’s a war.

And there’s a two-step process to losing your freedom. The first step is loss of privacy. The second step is your actual physical freedom. You lose, but you first, you lose your privacy. We have a right to privacy, and we have a right to individual freedom. And it’s it seems to follow that pattern. And it’s very scary. It is like Anzar always tells me, cool. Try to remain cool and calm and logical and help people to understand. And as we go through this, he called it a series of calamities, the trials and tribulations that we’re going to have.

Yes. And as I said it in my end Game podcast, the bonus episode, I said, you know, it’s going to be a wild ride. We’re in for a ride, but we’re all in it together. So, you know, that’s the thing. There’s no one that’s not going to be affected in one way or another.

Yeah. One of my favourite. When I was growing up, my dad used to tell me the story of the Contiki, the Norwegian Explorer Thor Heyerdahl who got on a raft balsa wood raft along with some other guys of different nationalities. And they floated to Polynesia. And I think it was on those hundred miles and so many days I forgot. But his concept was that we’re all really living on a raft, and we need each other to survive. We can’t afford to be fighting, and arguing, and blaming each other. He said when we were on that raft, we put aside all of our differences, and we focused on one thing, and that was survival. And we got that raft and us to that remote island in Polynesia.

 And, I really believe that. In having studied American Wars and talked to thousands of veterans, combat veterans. That’s one thing they all say is that when you’re under fire, nothing else matters other than the person next to you. And you don’t care what colour his skin is, or what their religion is. They have your back. You are brothers or sisters, as the case may be, women in combat, too. And you put aside all your differences. And all of that goes away. And you have that focus on survival. And it could be that these trials, and tribulations, and calamities, bring us to a point where we can’t afford to be arguing and fighting. We need to all pull together at the same time to make it across the ocean and the raft, the shaky old raft.

Yeah, very possibly. But, you know, when I talked about coming civil war and I can see why the people who stand like you mentioned earlier and this is going to be controversial for my listeners. But you mentioned earlier about people, ah vaccinations being compulsory for people to be able to go to University. That’s taking away people’s rights. People have a right to choose.

We were just talking about that today, in my faculty meeting. And I came up with a very easy solution. I said, those that want to be to go along with that, and teach on campus, go ahead. Those that don’t for religious reasons, personal reasons, whatever. They don’t want to, they can teach online. We’ve already proven we can teach online successfully. So just remain home and teach online. And the students too. They probably make it mandatory for students, too. So if you don’t want to go get the mandatory or the vaccination, then stay home, take your online classes. And it’s a proven modality. So there’s an easy, elegant solution. Not elegant, but it’s an easy solution to avoid that. But it probably is not going to go down that easy.

No. And making it mandatory takes away a person’s freedom of choice, which is a control. And nobody has the right to tell another person what they can do or not do with your own body, whether your pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. It’s the same principle

And it comes back to the right of Privacy, too.

Yeah. Exactly!

And can your employer say I need to know if you’ve been vaccinated or not? Well, that’s a medical record. There are laws about protecting your medical information. But apparently, there’s some loophole that is developed in what we call the HIPAA law here. Where they can legally ask you, but you legally don’t have to tell them, but they can legally ask you. And then, of course, they can make up all kinds of repercussions. Should you not give them the confirmation? So it’s going to be a sticky wicket, sticky.

It’s a very slippery slope. I actually was watching the video this morning. Of a guy in England who was unvaccinated and he tried to get into this pub.  And they wouldn’t let him into the pub to have a drink, unless he could prove that he had been vaccinated. And that’s happening already, in England. So it’s a very dangerous, slippery slope. But the upside is, that more and more people are waking up to what’s happening. And are starting to protest about it.

And then. But, but, but, they’re using this divisive tactic. So those who’ve had the vaccine are very, for the most part, rabidly vaccine. You have to have the vaccine! If you don’t, you’re stupid. You’re a danger to other people. You know? It’s a divide and conquer tactic.  And it’s being deliberately, um deliberately. What’s the word? Encouraged.

Yeah. I think, I think that there’s so many ways that –  I can speak for America for being American historian. But our country is being divided along so many different lines, whether it’s Pro-vac, anti-vax, pro-life, pro-choice. The black lives matter versus people who whatever people think. I mean, it’s divided along lines of race and gender, and sexuality, and everything else. I mean, it’s like, well, wait a second. Can’t we all just accept each other and realize there are differences? And then there are similarities and we can all get along and we don’t have to get into these warring camps and batten down the hatches and get ready for combat here. We’re pretty clever at compromise when we get down to it. But we got to, we got to. –  as an old saying in Western is, you got to sober up and put your pistol away, right?

You know what it boils down to what it is from is fear. It’s just fear. And humans have been genetically created with a fear button that’s easily triggered because you can control through fear. This goes on to a whole. I’m going to have to do some heavy year today. I got to take a bit of work. Bruce, where do you think you’re going from here? What do you see in your near future?

As far as I’m going to continue to write? I’m working on two comic books right now. I really love comic books, and I didn’t really talk that much about them. But my main character, Snark, is an alien human hybrid. So a lot of my personal experiences, I’ve fictionalized and put into my comic book characters. And there’s a spin off comic called Dr. Jeckel Alien Hunter, also an alien theme. And the main character is a middle-aged woman, female professor. Because I thought all these in comic books, they always hyper-sexualized women. And I thought, I just want a regular woman who’s a professional lady who she studies ancient aliens. And she has all these adventures. So something that young women could pick up or any aged person, male or female and say, oh, there’s a different face. There’s a different look. There’s a different scenario there. And I have a daughter that’s twenty-five. And she helps me understand changes in society.

I’m sure she does.

She’s very good about helping me understand all that. And my wife too. Anyway. So I got those comic books, so that’s immediately in the next couple of years. I know. I don’t know if I’ll do any more paranormal books, but paranormal stuff keeps happening. So I’m sure that’ll probably –  in what form it comes. I don’t know. I’m going to be on a couple of TV shows, which is kind of interesting. It just kind of you’re out there. And people all of a sudden say, hey, we would like to talk to you.

So I’m going to go film next week for some show. And then I’ve already been filmed for a show that comes out in the fall. And so all these people with a lot of money now are all of a sudden interested they don’t think people who have had alien, or paranormal experiences are nuts anymore. They think they’re a way to make money, right? They’re not approaching it from like you and I from a spiritual sense. They can make some money off this. But, one way or the other, you get your message out there.

Exactly. And even if it just causes somebody to question, you know, that’s a good thing, because that’s a seed planted. And who knows what will come of that? So that’s really cool. Now, how can people contact you, Bruce?

If they go to my website? Bruce Olov Solheim dot com. All my contact information is there my email and everything and all my books are on there. All the things that all the projects I’m working on are all contained on that one website. And so that’s how you can stay up to date with what I’m doing. And I enjoy when people write me. Oftentimes, I’m on podcast and people write me and tell me, hey, this happened. And what do you think? And so I try to answer the best I can. And so I always enjoy when people contact me. And I really enjoyed being on your podcast and talking to you. I enjoyed our when we talked earlier, too, so I knew that we would hit it off. Well, and you had some really good questions about the book. And I appreciate that you really got into it is a good book.

It is a good read. It’s a long read, four hundred pages, but it’s very interesting. And, you know, it’s really brave for you to put that out there, especially since there’s been a lot of questionable material.

Yes, in the UFO community, especially there are so many charlatans. Well, there are in the paranormal community in general. But if you follow your heart like you said, and you keep love in your heart and operate from a position of love, you can kind of see through that, when somebody’s genuinely I remember once somebody said something about one of my books and they said, this guy is just making a fortune off these books. And I’m thinking, Buddy, you don’t even know. I’ve spent more on editing, than I’ve ever made on. So that’s not the purpose. If that was the purpose, I would be an extreme failure. And whenever I’m on one of these shows, it’s like, the only people to get paid in entertainment, are the stars, right? Everybody else, you get like. a hundred dollars or something

Or we do it for love.

Or you do it for nothing. Yeah, that’s exactly right. Maybe they’ll give you a sandwich. And that’s cool with me. I’m not expecting in anything more than that. So that’s fine. I’m going to do what I do no matter what.

Exactly are you on social media, Bruce? Are you on Instagram, or TikTok?

No, just Facebook. Yeah. You can find me. Just my name on Facebook. I’m there. Yeah. So that’s the easiest way to get a hold of me. Just my website and Facebook and all my books are on Amazon as well. And I think other book sellers online book sellers, too, Brian. But the best way is just go to my website and then you can see all the different things that I’m up to. Comic books, books, music, all the interest on my plays.

You know, all the things will be on the Walking the Shadowlands website, which is www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. Every episode, I have a page for each episode. And on that episode, there’s a full written transcript like the one that you will have, and with links. So I can either go to your website, or they can go to this episode’s page on the Walking the Shadowlands website, that will take them to your website if they can’t remember the name. So either way, they can contact you that way. So it’s really cool. Bruce, look, thank you so much for your time. It’s been a really interesting conversation.

Thank you, Marianne, I appreciate it. That was fun.

I want to thank Bruce for talking with us all today and sharing his experiences and viewpoint. I really enjoy my guests. And apart from the fact that our podcast wouldn’t be the same without them, I find, that with each guest I have I learned so much. I never tire of learning, searching, and most importantly questioning – Whether or not I entirely agree with each guest or their viewpoint, isn’t that a wonderful thing about learning, it just never stops. That is, if you are open to recognising new growth potential, even if it is just in recognising how you react to a certain trigger, and why. I hope you all enjoyed our conversation as well, perhaps it may even have planted a seed for you, a desire to search out new understanding or learning. Or, that you simply were entertained, it’s all good either way. Thank you for joining Bruce and I today, and listening to this episode. I certainly appreciate it and you.

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