Episode 95: Halloween 2021

Halloween…. The night of the year when the veil between the living and those who have died is at its thinnest. It’s a night where it has become tradition to hear or tell ghost stories, watch horror movies, and generally scare ourselves and have fun doing it. And so that’s what we’re going to do this episode. Hear ghost stories or experiences from the mouths of those who were witness to them, or to whom they were shared with. Just ignore all the background noises, I have a few house guests tonight. Hey guys, keep it down back there!

All experiences you will hear in this episode are told by the people who experienced them, or had them recounted to them. So, be aware, there is a lot of language that some may find offensive as people recount their experiences with the emotions attached to them. Meantime, get a cuppa of your favourite hot drink or cold beverage. Make sure your door is locked and your lights are all on. And you have candles handy in case for whatever reason, your power goes out. You definitely won’t want to listen to this bumper episode in the dark! Are you ready? Are you willing to walk with me into this part of the shadowlands and see what awaits us there? Then hold on, it’s going to be quite a ride. Let’s begin.

Halloween 2021

Phantom Phone Calls

So I grew up in a house that my family spent four generations in. Several people, as well as animals, died in the house, and, or on the property. Over the years, lots of weird stuff would happen. When I was a kid, my sister and I would pat cats that would just disappear when we walked up to them. Doors would open. Dolls would occasionally get moved. The baby dolls would cry when the motion sensor wouldn’t even set them off. But in July of twenty-eighteen, a friend of mine and my sister were up at very late in the night and it was maybe two-thirty, three-thirty in the morning. I should also mention that at least five members of people that had lived in the household at one point, did pass away at this point. Either two or three of them passed away in the house.

But it’s late at night, me, my sister and my friend are up. And then all of a sudden we hear three loud bangs come from downstairs. We’re all huddled in my room. It’s bang! Bang! Bang! And then nothing! And we all go back to talking. We weren’t super worried about it. And then it happens again, bang! Bang! Bang! In threes, and then all of a sudden I got a call from my dad. And my dad is in the bedroom sleeping. He didn’t live there. But, he was staying there at the time. And I answer it and he’s not on the other end. It’s just an echo. I’m hearing my voice played back to me. All I could hear is me going, Hello? Hello? Dad are you there? On the other end.

And it was just really, really strange. And then, I hang up the phone. And then my sister gets a call and it’s from my dad. Same thing happens and she has a different phone. I have an iPhone, she has a Samsung and same thing. We’re just getting that echo. Then we hear the bangs downstairs again. One, two three. Three bangs. This is when I start to get a little freaked out. We go downstairs, we check it out. There’s nothing downstairs. There’s no one.

The cats are sleeping, the dog’s sleeping. And then while I’m downstairs, my dad calls me again and I answer it. And it’s the same echo. And at this point I’m starting to get real freaked out. So my sister and I go up into my dad’s room where he was sleeping, to find him laying horizontally on the bed. With his head on one end and his phone on the night stand, on the other bed. I ended up waking him up. I asked him about it. He was dead asleep. He didn’t even know what was going on!

And I looked at his call logs and it said that he had called me. He called my sister. and he called my Nana. Who was his mother and was so alive at the time. But he didn’t touch his phone and he doesn’t really move around in his sleep. My friend, who was with us witnessing at this point hadn’t had asked, is today some kind of anniversary? And my sister and I at that point exchanged a look and said, oh, my gosh, I can’t believe we forgot! Ten years prior, in two-thousand and eight, my uncle, who lived with us, moved out for a couple of weeks, and then after that, committed suicide. And this was about two days after the ten year anniversary that this happened. – @hwrighttt26

The Copycat

I have spent the last twenty-four hours writing down every detail that I can possibly remember about this particular experience, and it’s taking a toll on me, because, I suppressed it for thirty-five years. I don’t think that this particular incident has gone beyond the time in which it happened. I don’t think anybody’s talked about it ever. I don’t think, even think my kids know about this incident. This particular incident happened in nineteen-eighty-two. I was six years old. This experience involves a phone call. And in order to fully conceptualize that, you have to understand the technology at the time, or lack thereof.  No cell phones, no Internet, no computers.

Computers were in existence, but mainly high class businesses use them. Cordless landline phones were in existence, but we didn’t have those in our home. We had two phones in the home. One was a rotary phone that was mounted to the wall in the kitchen. Jesus Christ. And the other was a touch dial phone that sat on a table by the sofa. It was summer  nineteen-eighty-two. My mother was at work. My brother, who was fourteen years older than me, so he was like nineteen, was babysitting me.

He was outside working on his car and the front door was open. The screen door was shut, and I was sitting on the couch watching cartoons. The house phone rang. And it wasn’t abnormal for me to answer it,  be like hello. So when I answered the phone, I said, hello? And the voice on the other end said, hey, Andrea, let me talk to mom real quick. And I instantly recognize voice as my brother, the one who was outside. Remember, no cell phones existed, and we did not have cordless phones in the home.

I just remember being so confused, but after a few seconds I finally said, mom’s not here. And the voice said, what do you mean, mom’s not there? Who’s watching you? And I distinctly remember saying, you are! The voice laughed, and I said, no, seriously, Andrea, I’m stranded. Please go get mom. I need a ride. I remember saying, Hold on a second. I put the phone down on the arm of the couch, and I went to the front door. And there’s my brother, halfway under the car. Just working away with his tools, went back to the

phone and I said, who is this? He goes, Andrea, stop joking around. I need to talk to mom. So back to the front door yet. And I called from my brother, and I said, phones for you. My brother came in, got on the phone and I heard him say, hello? Hello? Hello? And the line was dead. They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery, but not in this case. In this case, what it was doing was mocking us and what its ultimate goal was to make me and everyone in the home doubt our own senses.

 I can’t tell you how many times over the course of the years I would hear my mom call my name, or she would hear me call her name, and we hadn’t called each other. It would even imitate our animals. It even went as far as to imitate the specific sounds of our shoes that we would wear, on the hardwood floors in the bedroom. Like my brother wore boots. That’s a very distinctive sound. He still wear boots, actually. But, it was that specific episode that my six-year-old self, began referring to the presence that would haunt me until I moved out, as the copycat. –@andreabrockmanjones

The Child & The Light

So I live in Minneapolis in a 130 year old former Victorian mansion. So obviously it’s haunted. And there is one particular ghost that I knew right away when I walked in. And it is the ghost of a small boy. And I don’t mean a spirit pretending to be a little boy. I mean an actual little boy. A couple of mornings ago, the hallway light went out, and as I was trying to get into the door to my apartment, I felt this little kid rush upon me and stand right next to me. And I was like, Whoa there, buddy. Personal space! Like I could literally feel him, like breathing on, on my sweater. And later that day, I went out into the hallway to change the light bulb. And as I was going back into my apartment, I heard the tiniest little thank you. – @veryshineyrocks

Children Of the Corn

In two-thousand and nine, my friends and I travelled from Oakland, California, to Oaxaca, Mexico, in an RV. A couple hours out of Cuidad Báez. We came to between a sugar cane field in a river. We met a man who was camping up the road and he was traveling north, while we were traveling south. That night, he came and invited us to have hot dogs and share his campfire with him, and we exchanged ghost stories.

The next morning I was bringing him breakfast and his campsite was gone. There was no sign of a fire or his car or this tiny little pup tent, that he was sleeping in. Since he practically vanished. We joked and called him the ghost, and we just thought he was someone we would never see again. Three months later, I’m living in Santa Gustano, near Oaxaca.  And underneath my window I wake up and right on the beach is his tiny little pup tent! Twelve hundred miles away, three months later, and this man is camping right under my window.

So I saw him in the restaurant downstairs, and I went up and talked to him, because, he was supposed to be in Michoacán. But here he was in Oaxaca. And it took a minute for him to remember me. But then, he tells me this story. We both had to travel through the gate house, to get to the sugarcane field next to the river. It was very long, and badly kept road. He said the night after we left, after telling ghost stories, he heard laughter on the road. He thought it was my friends and I coming back to play a prank on him. So he goes out to find the noise. He sees nothing but he shines his flashlight into the sugar cane field. And he sees red eyes staring back at him. He says. he knew what he had done. And he ran back to his camp site and destroyed any evidence that he had been there. He packed up his tent. And he put it in the trunk of his car and he drove away. He honked his horn at the gate house and asked the man, why didn’t you tell me? And the gate man replies, because, you wouldn’t have stayed here if I did. Those are the ghosts of my children, and they protect the sugar cane fields. – @jsykesiness

Shadow Figure

When I was ten years old, I fell asleep downstairs by myself. And I’d been having some really weird dreams, and I don’t remember what they were about. I just knew that they were weird. And in my dream I remember someone saying, We’ve been watching you for three months, which strangely enough, was the amount of time that the dreams had been happening. So, I fully woke up and my cat was staying on my lap, and I just started petting her. And then I realized she was looking at something behind me, and her eyes got really wide and she jumped off my lap and ran out of the room. So I thought, oh, that was weird. And then I hear something behind me. So there’s this part in our house that always creaks, but not many people know about it. So I heard it step on this. This spot right here, always creaks. So I turned around to look at the sound, looked up, and it was a huge black outline of a person. – @buffstrawberry

Bootleggers Bar

The story takes place in two-thousand-fifteen. There were four of us doing a investigation in a very haunted basement in Greenville, Wisconsin. I used to do public tours, haunted tours for the public. At the time it was called Bootleggers Bar. This place was once a train station, a brothel, a car dealership, a funeral home, and many other things. We were sitting in the basement in a circle doing an SB Eleven Spirit Box session. We were sitting just adjacent to the room where they would cremate the bodies, aka the Crematorium.

We were getting your average responses through the Spirit box. Nothing too scary at first, but then, two women seated directly across from me started to freak out, stood up and ran back against the wall. They both were freaking out, pointing and saying, Brandon, look behind you. Look behind you. So me thinking nothing of it. I look over my left shoulder and right there, over my shoulder was a floating head! This thing was disgusting. It was life-like. It wasn’t a white mist. It wasn’t a watery figure. It was a freaking head! This thing looked like it was dripping, looked like it was dripping almost onto my shoulder. It was that close to my face. Yes, I freaked out.

We all quickly went upstairs to get away from this thing. Here’s where it gets really weird when one of those two girls pulls out their phone later on to start recording, she notices a picture on her phone that she didn’t take. This picture was timestamped at eleven-o-four pm, which was the time that we were down in the basement and just before all of that other stuff went down. Keep in mind at that time, her phone was in her pocket. We were all sitting in a circle and there was no way that she took any pictures. She starts screaming, that’s what I saw next to you! It was the exact figure of the head that was floating over my shoulder. – @realghosthunter1

Crematory Footsteps

So I work at the crematory, which means I burn bodies. It’s not the best place to be, but it is a good job. And I get to choose my hours and come in when I want.  On this particular night, which is tonight. It just happened about ten minutes ago. It is about eleven o’clock now. So I was doing my job, burning bodies. I’m doing work with my back to the morgue. For those who don’t know, the morgue is the freezer. And while I’m doing paperwork with my back to the freezer.  I suddenly hear a sudden rush of footsteps. Now, when I tell you that it sounded like footsteps, I am in no way lying. It sounded like footsteps. It was real. I could hear the sound of the foot, ah, the feet, against the floor of our shop. And it was right behind me. It was coming up fast! And all of a sudden I turned around!  Now I can handle shadow people, and the occasional thing moving. But I’ve been outside of the shop for 15 minutes. – @rachelsoteric

Demon In My Closet

So when I was younger and I moved into a new house, there was a demon in my closet. My parents didn’t believe me. My mom didn’t believe me, that it was there. But, since the first day that I got to the new house, I was just so scared. I hated my room, and I didn’t know why? Because, it was my first time ever having my new room. You would think that I would be excited to finally have my own room and not sure if my little brother. But there was just something off about the place, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Every night that I slept in my new room, I felt like someone was watching me from my closet. And sometimes they would move from the corner of the room and just watch me sleep. I swear I could see them. No matter if I would sleep with a night light, I could just see them staring at me. Every time I would tell my mom and dad about it. They would go in and check, but the figure was just gone. This would occur for many nights. And what would creep me out is that I would sleep with night-light on because I was so scared.  But the night light in the morning would be turned off or in the middle of the night. It would just turn off.

In my new house during a certain hour. I hated showering at night because every time I close my eyes to wash off the shampoo, I swear I could feel the cold hand tapping me on my shoulders. I would get so scared that I would try to wash off the shampoo with my eyes open, even if the shampoo burned my eyes. My robes and my towels would go missing. Even though I know that I took them inside the bathroom. I would take pictures of the robe and the towel inside my bathroom and both the robe and the towel would be missing, along with the picture I knew that I just took. Every night I would experience sleep paralysis this would happen so frequently, that I got to a point where I wasn’t even scared anymore. I just let it happen.

My mental health got at ultimate low. There got to a point where I didn’t want to live anymore. Whatever was living in my closet was starting to win, because, it was taken over. So one thing you got to know about me is that I cannot sleep without music. So every night I sleep with the radio on. I have a really old radio clock that still plays cassettes. To turn off the radio you have to push this lever and it makes the sound, click sound. This night I didn’t sleep with my night-light on, because, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to see it. I wanted to sleep in pitch black, and not be able to see it in the corner of my room. I was honestly sleeping very peacefully. I was happy, but it didn’t want me to be happy. It started messing around with my radio. I ignored it. I think I only made it angry by ignoring it and not giving it power. Because then, it started turning off my radio on and off, music getting louder. I ran out of my bed into my parents room, and I started crying. I told them, please help me.

After I ran into my parents room crying and told them to help me. My mom was trying to console me and my dad didn’t know what to do any more. I was hysterically crying, telling them what had happened. My dad thought maybe someone broke into the house, so he went to go check on my room and he noticed that the radio was turning on and off. But as soon as he turned on the light, it just stopped. He checked for any intruders, but he found no one to be there. I started crying to them and I was like, Please believe me. There’s something in my room. My parents said that they did believe me, that there was something in my closet, but I feel like they were skeptical. The whole thing. That night I summon my mom and dad like a little girl in between them. The whole night I couldn’t sleep because I swear I could hear someone laughing in my room, but no one could hear them but me because everyone was asleep. Whatever was in my room really hated me and it really only got worse from there. – @thatleidy

Old School

So I am a fire extinguisher technician. I go to places and check the fire extinguishers and I update Tags on them, so businesses stay compliant and all that fun stuff. So with that job, I get to go to a lot of different places. One place in particular. I’ve had the joy of checking their fire extinguishers for the last couple of years. And the first time I went there, it’s a school, but it wasn’t originally a school. Actually might have been originally school. There’s been a lot of different things, but right now at the school anyway, so you have an upstairs, ground level, and then you have a so the ground levels fine.

Walk through, do the inspections, not just a normal building. And there is a wing in the upstairs where you go up a windy staircase and you enter a room that is unfinished. No one’s ever finished putting sheet rock up. It just seems really out of place. The first time I went up there, I just felt not, not a good place. The second time I went there, I went with a custodian and I was checking the fire extinguisher in there and he was standing there making small talk while I do the inspection. and the door swings shut. Now look at him and he’s just kind of looking at me like, are you done? Can we go? I really don’t want to be here anymore. And so we leave and the guy kind of disappears on me and he goes away.

And the place that I do not like the basement of this place. It is very creepy. So you go down into the basement and as soon as you go through the door to go down the basement, the entire fill of this place is wrong even look, it’s not finished. It’s whole, really old looking, and no one really does much cleaning. It so old. And in the basement because there’s a bunch of them down there. And there’s a really big room where there’s two extinguishers that you need to check. And the furthest one is kind of barely lit up because the light over, it isn’t fixed and that leads to where the elevator is. And I don’t know, I just don’t really like that spot. I always want to get out as soon as they can. And that’s like right next to the elevator that they really don’t use. So it’s got a bunch of clutter in there.

So you’re done with these extinguishers. And then I leave the large room and then turn around and there’s like a figure standing back there in the doorway, where the elevator is. And I was just there. And the only way to get the elevator is to walk through the room. So I turn around and just carried on, went to the next extinguisher. And the next area is this really long walkway that has a chain link fence. For kind of separate the bays for –  I guess it was like a law firm or something at one point, and the bays were for each people or whatever business was there, to keep your stuff separate. Anyway, there’s an extinguisher kind of halfway. And you always get this feeling like there’s someone right behind you, just like right up your butt. Like, you got to get out of here. I got to get out of here. And so we always kind of just hurry on through there. And the other technician that I work with, he’s done this building and he’s had the same experience. He doesn’t like dealing with these buildings, so I generally get stuck on them.

But the last time that I was there, I was going upstairs. And as you going upstairs, there’s, like a little cut out in the wall that you can look down into the large room that I was talking about. And there was somebody standing in that little caged area that’s in there. I saw that on the corner of my eye. And so I took two steps back and kind of look to make sure there wasn’t somebody down there. And there wasn’t anybody there. And so I kind of took my queue that it’s time to get out. The downside about it is that the one extinguisher that was in a long walkway, it needed its maintenance done on it. So I had to go back. So when I came back with the extinguisher went as fast as I could, to put it back so I could get out of there. It’s just not very inviting environment down there. Rest school is fine, except for that wing up in the upstairs, beyond that it’s fine. – @riscadruid

Healing Ghost

I was teaching a yoga class and I had everybody lying down in meditation. At the end it was restorative yoga, so it was very dark, only candlelight soft music playing. For the last 15 minutes of class. I would always take one person who had consented to energy healing and spend that time giving them a mini-session. So as I’m working with one particular person in class, I suddenly opened my eyes and look across the room, and I see this young man walk over to this woman, again, across the room. He’s late twenties. He just showed up out of nowhere and he sits down right next to her and laid his hands on her, just like I’m doing with this other person. She was out so she doesn’t know what’s happening. I checked in with her after class, but I didn’t tell her anything because I didn’t want to get fired. But I did later find out that she had lost her son. – @hopemedium

Thrown Against Wall

So, this story is one of my mom’s stories. Again. She has quite a lot of the experiences that are, like, just fascinating to me, and I wouldn’t want to experience these things, but, yeah, she definitely has a few stories here. So, her story takes place when she was a child, actually. She was sharing a room with her brother and herself. And she said that she would see this spirit or like this – So again, it’s like another shadow person or something. And she would be so petrified, because, she would watch the shadow figure, like, kind of, like, circle around her. Pace around the room, and she just didn’t really know what to do. She would just stay still for the most part.

And one night it happened again. And her brother, I guess, was moving around and he started to wake up. And she said that she was watching the shadow figure kind of just in there. And I don’t know, it must have disappeared or something because she said the next moment, like her brother moved, and he rolled basically towards the wall of the bed. I should say. He was on his bed and he rolled towards the wall. But she said as he rolled, it looks like something lifted him up and threw him across the room. And he landed on the room. And then he woke up crying and she was screaming and crying. And then everybody came in the room, she said, and they were asking, like, What’s wrong, what happened? And she told them and they were like, you know, they couldn’t figure it out. And to this day she said that she would have to still ask her mom, at the time when she was alive. That did it happen? And my grandmom would always tell her, like her brother, my uncle was on the other side of the room, so nobody really knows how that really could have happened? But, my mom claims that he was thrown across the room. – @theconspirator

Hawaii Encounter

Okay, so first the lay out of her house. Of course, everything is separated by a wall, but it’s her front door, her living room, and then her bedroom. You have to walk through the living room to get through the bedroom on the back of her door. In the bedroom, she had one of those metal hanging racks that you could put, like, purses, belts, whatever. I specifically remember, because every time you’d open or close the door, the belts would clink. So this is two, three am. Everybody is sleeping, and I hear the clanking of the belts on the door, but just so slightly, like someone was barely opening the door.

I’m lying in bed, and I literally, like, peek up like this. Y’all, I watch the door slowly open, as if someone is just peeking in the room. I’m frozen. And as soon as I look, the door stops opening. Like someone was like, oh, shit. She sees me as soon as I’m, like, fully locked in the door. Slams shut. Yeah, I know. I still am frozen. I cannot say anything. I can’t wake up my cousin. Nothing. I hear loud as day footsteps running through the living room. My Auntie is sleeping out in the living room. It’s so loud she wakes up.

I just hear, what’s going on? At this point the spirit turns the corner to the entry way. So as I said, I hear it clearly moving through the living room, and then it turns the corner to go out the front door. So her front door had, like, three rows of three glass paned in that. I don’t know if that’s how you say, but I heard it. I heard the glass, like rattling, like something just shot through the front door. Then I hear movement on the bricks right outside her entryway. Then the latch on her front gate rattles. I fully hear this thing shoot through the house and out the front gate. My auntie’s awake. She’s like, Is that you? Are you okay? What are you doing? I’m like, that wasn’t me. I’m in bed. –  @moonlitgemsco

Indian Burial Ground

My mom and I are moving into a new house. So my aunt and my cousin came to help us. After making a few trips inside, my six year old cousin takes a seat on a stump in the front yard. He then turns and looks at the three of us out of the blue and says this place was built on an Indian burial ground. Once he saw the looks of what the fool? set into all three of our faces, he then began to hysterically cry and ran to my aunt.

Looking back, we really should have loaded our shit back up and left! For the following twelve months, my sister was thrown down the stairs. I had a very large something get in my bed with me. I had a big green head floating outside my window. The fabric non-electrical angel on our Christmas tree caught fire. We had a random message pop up on our answering machine of a mother beating her daughter, with no missed calls on any of the caller IDs. Long story short, we ended up going to the local library and finding out, it was built on a burial ground.

First, let me elaborate a little bit on a couple of the stories. So I had a Collie, a border Collie. Her name was Chloe. Every night like clockwork, Chloe would jump into bed with me, when I went to bed. I slept facing the wall. She’d jump in and snuggle up behind my legs. Until, this one particular night. I reached back to pat her as I did every single night, and there was nothing but air! Paralyzed with fear, all I could manage to do, was pull my covers up over my face and silently cry. A few minutes went by, and then I felt it jump off the bed. And all I could do was just lay there shaking until I eventually fell asleep.

Sticking to my bedroom.  This was a very old house and it had glass door knobs, the type with the wood grain in the glass. Every single night they would start shaking in my bedroom, and my closet would open! Now, this house was far from even. If you open the door during the day and let go of it, it would close shut. So yeah. On the back side of my room, I had three doors in my room hallway, the closet, and a bedroom that was attached to the back of my room. In that bedroom was a hockey table and a foosball table. And off of that bedroom was this terrifying little, like two foot wide staircase that went down to the kitchen. Why this place had a second staircase? Not sure?  However, in the room with the hockey table in the foosball table every single night I would hear somebody sit down on an old spring mattress and then lay down and get comfortable. Again, no bed in the room!

And like I told you, outside of the window that was above the driveway. I would see a big green head floating around and it would do this motion here, and it had a big thick green mist that followed it around, when it moved. I got a lot of really good sleep, but this place, is what I’m trying to tell you. Fast forward to my sister’s story, one of them. Every day after school it was just me and my sister. One day I’m sitting on the front porch of the house with my girlfriend, just talking. All of a sudden we hear a scream and a do doosh, do doosh, do doosh!  I hear my sister’s voice scream my name, as if I did something wrong. I turned around and I see her, the back of her head in the doorway. I said, What’s wrong? She turned around and when she locked eyes with me and saw that I was outside – just white, the most blood curdling, scared scream I’ve ever heard.

She ran outside and said, Nick, somebody just threw me down the stairs. Some of my girlfriends there, right? I got to be the big I’m gonna go kill whoever’s in! There scared out of my mind. I grabbed a bat and I went in the house, obviously looked all over the place. There’s nobody in there, right? So the answering message. My parents had just gotten divorced before my mom. I got this house and they had split custody. One day my dad’s dropping us off at my mom’s, and she asks my dad to come in the house and listen to something. They weren’t exactly best friends at the time. So I found that weird. Then she played the message. Guys, it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever heard to this day. The deepest voiced woman just beating on her daughter! With no missed calls on any caller ID. The message was like 13 minutes long. There wasn’t some quick little thing, you couldn’t really tell what was going on. Oh, no, but get this. My mom saved the little cassette tape from the answering machine.

 My wife and I just bought a house. And when we were getting ready to move four months ago, I dug through everything I owned because I had told her this story, had never gotten to show it to her. But I found my little tape player, so I wanted to find the damn tape. And I did. And there’s nothing on it! It. Disappeared. The audio is gone. It’s a blank tape. None of the old messages from the answering machine or nothing. Blank! Gone! All of it. Part of me was kind of happy. I couldn’t hear it again, but the other part was like, God, nobody’s gonna ever believe me. Luckily, there was four of us standing there so that’s a memory we’ll have forever. Luckily, I said, really?

Continuing.  This place had the scariest garage you’ve ever seen in your life. It had a gravel floor and a couple of boards laid down for you to try to line your tires up with, when you pulled in. In the garage, there was this, like tree house log thing in the middle of the garage, not an attic that went the distance of the garage. It was like this little boxed out room with this rickety little tree house ladder that went up to it. This room was padlocked when we moved in, and we left it like that until right before we moved out. Welcome back to that room. But this is about my dog, Chloe again. She went to the bathroom in the house and it was raining outside. So we were going to just put her in that little hallway thing that’s connected the house is connected to the garage by this little hallway thing. And that’s where I put her. I put her in, close the door, turn around and walk away. I get about two steps and she just starts screaming, yelping. So I’m like, Mom, I’m not leaving her out there. She’s terrified of something. My mom was like, no, you got to leave her out there. She needs to learn her lesson. So I waited about thirty seconds, but I stood right at the door. Just because of the way she was like, yelping. It sounded like she was being attacked, or something. So I opened the door. I’m sorry, mom. I’m opening the door. I opened the door and there’s just blood everywhere from her paws, because she was trying to dig through the wooden door to get back inside. This is a Collie guys, it’s not a Bull dog or a pit Bull or anything like that. So yeah, garage. Bad news. – @sauceydad

Footsteps On The Stairs

I am a ghost tour guide. So in the one particular building that I find to be incredibly active, I was telling a story on the second floor with my group, and maybe about eight people with me that night. This building has two staircases to get to the upper level, and I always stand in front of one of them when I’m upstairs, because, it’s really dangerous in the dark. And we are actually not allowed to use that staircase.

So I was in the middle of telling my story with my group. And out of nowhere, we all hear what sounds like somebody wearing really big boots. Boots stomping up the staircase. That’s right behind my back. And my first thought is that this is just a person who’s late for the tour coming to join us. So I actually stepped to the side to allow them to come upstairs. Now I’m looking down the staircase, waiting for this person. My entire group is waiting for this person to come up, and no one comes up those stairs. We ended up searching the house from top to bottom, and we found nobody in the building with us. – @petitflaneur

Haunted Bear

I work retail. So an older man that comes in there all the time, he’s very generous, you know, he’s very quiet as well. He always says hello when he comes in. And this was around Christmas time of last year. So he was like, I have a bear that I would like to give to your daughter. And he was like, well, that’s only if you want me to give it to her. So I asked my boss, could my daughter received this bear from this man? We’re not allowed to receive tips or anything courteous from customers.

But my boss said it was okay. So before he left out the door, he turned around. He looked at me and he told me that his grand baby had passed away from SIDS, which is, if you don’t know, sudden infant death. Which also means that a child dies without calling. So I was like, okay, I didn’t think anything of it. So I took the bear and I brought it home with me, and everything was fine. Everything was cool.

So then, I started to notice that my daughter was also talking to the bear. But I was okay with that because, I mean, kids are going to be kids. They’re going to talk to bears. But then I had also brought her to her father’s house, and I brought the bear with me. So we noticed that she kept getting out of bed during the day and at night time, to go into that same exact corner to talk to the bear and play with the bear. I’m not going to lie. It was scary at first, but like, she’s a kid. We didn’t think anything of it.

So last night she got up at one am in the morning. And remind you, I’m watching TV at the time. Her Daddy was halfway asleep. So she gets up and she puts the bear in the corner, starts playing, you know, this clapping game with her thighs and all that. So I started to record and I woke her daddy up and I was like, look, check this out. So as I’m recording, he was like, it moved. So I was laughing like, you know what? But it actually moved. – @savannahvibess

Imposter Dog

There’s something weird going on at my house. There’s something in my house. Not nice. I think it’s not nice. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have a different feeling about this, but there’s been some really weird shit in the last couple of months. The house was built in 1948. Okay. There has been a person who died there, but I haven’t had one freaking problem. I mean, when I first moved in, I did notice that my cats be lying next to me and then they turn their head, both of them at the same time and look into an empty corner.

There’s nothing in the corner looking at them. I’m looking at the corner. And I’ve always kind of had this sensitivity. I guess you could call it. So I would look into the corner. This is when I first came in and I would just say, I don’t know who or what you are. You can stay here as long as you don’t fuck with me or my animals in any way at all. Never had a problem. That was it. But the last couple of months, something, it feels like something kind of moved in, and it’s not nice.

There’s been a lot of real weird shit. I’ve been touched. Alright. Like I said, I have this sensitivity I haven’t talked about. I don’t talk about it very often because I don’t know what to do with it. But I have done things that I haven’t read about, but that I just know to do, to bind, to protect my house. To. There are things that I do. So this morning, I come out. This was a benign thing, by the way, but it’s just last night I had sort of like a kind of a confrontation because shit has been going on at my house, and I just really I stood up in my living room and I really had it out.

I told them that they had to stay out. They had to get out of my house. Fuck you. Don’t come back in my house. You’re not allowed to. And this morning, they kind of went. I’m still here. I brought chocolate out. We’re getting ready to go to the park. She loaded up into the suburban. I went back in to do some stuff, brush my teeth while I’m brushing my teeth. I hear her, or something shake their head and their ears flapped against their head. It’s a very distinctive sound the dogs make when they shake their head. Very. Anybody who has cats and dogs, they know what I’m talking about. here’s no dog in the house. What the fuck? Seriously. –  @robinscheff 

Urban Legend

Do you guys remember that urban legend where the mom’s downstairs and she calls up to the son and the sun replies, but then realizes he’s actually home alone? Well, that exact thing happened to me during my childhood. at the time. Obviously, I was living with my parents. We were living on acreage and we left a little strip of nature right at the back of our property for animals. One day I was home with, I assumed my dad, who was working out in the garage when all of a sudden I hear him screaming out in pain and yelling for me to come to him. I run outside and in the age of cell phones, I took my phone with me and started calling my sister. That’s when I realized the sound and the yelling is coming from that little nature strip at the back of our property. Freaking out! My sister finally answers, and that’s when she tells me that my dad is actually with her. – @heyelliejane

A Ghost Saved My Life

A ghost actually saved my life. Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, just let me explain how this happened. So one night I was in a really bad mood. Because, the relationship that I was in at the time was falling apart and I went to take a walk. Long walks just really relieved my stress. Where I decided to go take my walk was at this park in my town. And behind the park there’s a long trail of woods that leads to a field, and to a river.

Once I got to the park and a lot of the park, there were two trucks park saw by side, and they were the only other vehicles on the lot. And as I began my walk into the woods, I noticed that one of the men in the trucks was giving me a look like he hated me. I didn’t know why, because I’d never seen this man before my life. Since I got deeper into the woods, I noticed some footsteps coming from behind me, and then I heard the words. “I saw him go this way”. I knew what was about to happen. Those words creeped me out so much, that I couldn’t move. I was scared for my life.

And then I heard a loud voice come from above me that sounded like it was drowning in water, that told me to go to the river bank. It told me to go fast and quietly. So I continued to make my way through the woods quietly until I got to the river bank. And that’s when the voice spoke again. The voice told me to hide in the river bank, which was like a hill that went down to the river. So, you couldn’t be seen from above. Only after a few moments of sitting quietly, I heard the footsteps of two men coming up fast, until they stopped right above the river bank. The voice told me to stay there and be quiet.

But, this is when one of the men peeked over the river bank and looked me dead in my eyes. And this is when I started to doubt the voice that was coming from above me. I say that it came from above me, because, I literally heard it right above my head, into my ear. To my surprise, the guy actually didn’t see that I was there! Even though it felt like he looked me dead in my soul. He talked to the other guy and said they saw no one in the river bank, so they went the other direction. This is when the voice spoke to me again. But louder than it had the previous times always told me to get up fast and run back to the car. It seemed that the voice wasn’t steering me wrong. So I ran back through the Woods. Once I neared the parking lot, I heard footsteps behind me again, but this time when I turned around. There wasn’t anybody which leads me to believe that it had to be a ghost. I got to my car and got home safe. I never saw the guys again. – @itsaidanmcmurry

Jessica’s House

So when I first got into this house, it was just myself and my three kids. So living like, the single mom life, whatever. So we moved into this house, and it was probably the nicest –  Not probably, it is the nicest, was the nicest house that I had ever lived in. We moved in from a little duplex into this twenty-two-hundred square foot home, like, eleven-hundred square feet on top. And then it had a full basement, that was the same size. And hardwood floors. I mean, it’s freaking gorgeous. Gas fireplace, like, amazing. Anyways, I was super excited to move in there, and I don’t know if that’s why when I first walked into this place, I don’t know if that’s why I didn’t notice the vibe right away? Because typically I’m pretty in tune. I feel things. I can sense things. I’ve always been like that.

But any ways, I go into this house that I found for rent on. Craigslist, and I met up with the landlord walk through the house, and I was, like, kind of awe struck at how gorgeous this house was. And I just couldn’t believe that a place this nice was going to be in my price range. Right? So I think that,  all that, distracted me from the energy of the home. We moved into this house. And the first thing that happened was my son. He was sitting up at ­– this is like two weeks after we moved in.  He was sitting up at the dinner table after dinner, and he was like, colouring or writing in a book, something like that. And I was sitting on the couch watching TV. The couch faced into the dining room. So I’m like staring at the back of his head like this was him. And this was a TV. So I look over and he’s like, colouring. And then he just stops and he looks this way, towards the back door. Which I couldn’t see from where I was sitting. But that’s the area he was looking at. The back door also led to the basement. So my son sitting there, he’s colouring. He stops colouring. All of a sudden.  I’m like looking at him. And of course, he doesn’t know that because he can’t see me, his back is to me.

And he looks over in that direction and just like, stares for, like, I don’t know, fifteen – twenty seconds. And then he goes, mom? Never turning around to look at me, still staring in that direction. He says, Mom? I said, what son? And he’s like, there’s one little boy over there. So, at this point, the kids and I had been living at the house for probably about, I don’t know, three months. And although my son had seen a little boy shortly after we moved in, and then there was an incident where the table had moved from the dining room, into my living room. Nothing else, like super major happened. I mean, you could hear, like in the middle night, you would hear footsteps going up and down the stairs to the basement. But yet there was nobody there. And you always had that feeling of being watched. I mean, that energy, that feeling, it never changed. It stayed thick and heavy, like the entire time we lived there. Occasionally my daughter, my youngest daughter.  Ahe was three at the time, so we had all these toddler toys. Occasionally one of those would go off in the middle of the night, even though the toy either didn’t have batteries in it or it was shut off. But up into this point, nothing major had happened yet. That is, until one morning.

In this particular morning I went and I dropped my older kids off at school and return home. And once again, as soon as I pulled into the driveway, I had that feeling of like something’s not right. Something’s watching me, just eww! Anyways, I go up to the door. I opened the door and as soon as I do, I am floored. Every single picture in my living room, whether I was hanging on the wall, up on the fire mantle or on the TV, was now on the floor, not only in my living room, but in every single room of the house, the bedrooms, the decorative pictures in the bathroom, the pictures in the kitchen. Any picture, whether it was on a shelf or hanging up in every single room of my house, was now on the floor. It looked like somebody had walked in my house and just started knock to stuff off the walls, and off the shelves.

I decided I was going to host Easter at my house. So Easter weekend, the day before I spent the day like getting my home ready, mowing the long, clean, etc. Now my landlords have left some furniture in the home and told me that I was welcome to use whatever I wanted to use. Well downstairs, and one in the basement. And one of the storage rooms was this table. And it was really cool because this table was like a long rectangle with rounded edges. Or, you could flip one side of it up and then it was a half-circle. Or you could flip the other side of the table up and it was a full circle. And I thought, you know what? This table would be perfect to put the food on tomorrow. So I had my older daughter helped me carry upstairs. We get it upstairs. I decided I’m going to put one side of the table up so I flip it up and the table is now a half circle. I put a table cloth on it and then I push the flat side of the table up against the wall in my dining room. Now, at this point I was a waitress and I work nights on the weekends. So my mom came and got the kids and took them to her house and said, you know what? Why don’t you go ahead and let them stay the night tonight? You work late. We’re all going to come over tomorrow anyways.

They go with my mom. I get ready for work before I leave. I make sure all my windows are locked. My doors are locked. Remember, I’m the only adult in the home. I want it safe. So my house is tight. It’s locked. Everything’s good. Tighten it. We’re good to go. I go to work about five o’clock. So ten o’clock rolls around. I clock off, head home. As soon as I pull into my driveway. I just had the creepiest feeling.  Like as soon as I pulled in like, I’m like, oh, my God. I am being watched right now. I could feel it. Anyways, I walk up to the door. I unlocked the door, open it up. And there in the middle of my living room was the table. It was now a full circle and the table cloth was off of it. – @jessica_198

Knock, Knock

One early evening, I’m getting ready to leave for the day. There was nobody in the building I had already locked up, and I was sitting at my desk closing my laptop when I heard this voice say, knock, knock! And I looked up at the doorway and there was nobody there. So I walked up to the front office and obviously nobody in the office. Because I had locked up and everybody was gone for the day. I walked up and down the hallway. There was nobody there. I checked every room. I looked at the security footage. There was nobody in or around the building, and I swear that voice sounded like it was five feet from me. – @funeralhomeconfessions

Alan’s Farewell

So my friend Alan and I dated very briefly for like, two weeks. So we fell apart. That’s okay. No hard feelings towards each other. And then we reconnected a couple years later. The week before our local convention, we agreed to meet up the weekend of the convention just to catch up, see how he was doing. You know, just normal stuff. And the day before the convention, I was working at my job at Starbucks. I was ringing someone out at the till and out of the corner of my eye, right as I finished up, I saw Allan’s reflection in the pastry case. So of course I looked over and tried to see if he was there, but I didn’t see him, so I didn’t really think anything of it. I looked away, checked the time. It said twelve-thirty, went about my day. So later that night I’m working on my cos-play and I get a phone call.

A friend answered my phone, and then he came downstairs and said, Meghan, Alan’s dead! My friend tells me that Alan’s dead. Then he hands me the phone and I start talking to my friend Sarah, who tells me what happened. Allen had been at work earlier that day, and he worked in construction and he was throwing debris off of a building and fell off. So don’t really thinking about it. I asked her what time did this happen? And she said sometime around twelve-thirty, Allan was always kind of that one who got away. So it was nice to find out that he’d come to visit me before he was gone. And I was really set at the time. But knowing Allan, he’d be like, nice, I’m a ghost story now, so it’s fine. It’s all good. – @omegantownshend

The Closest To Evil

Okay. My one and only paranormal experience is pretty bad. It affected me so profoundly, that I actually changed my belief in the afterlife. And not in a good way. So I was admitting this patient under Hospice years ago. And like the second I walked into her house, like every hair on my body stood up! I felt like sick. I was like, something is not right here. It just felt really awful. And then on top of that, I hate to say this, but the patient themselves, like, felt not right. Like, when I was with them, I felt like all types of bad feelings, which is really awful to even say.

 So as time went on, she didn’t have any family there. So, her friends were caring for her. And they were a very spiritual group of people, which was great. So there was like prayer circles and angel photos and dream catchers and crystals, things like that. And I’m not anti any of those things just FYI. And as time went on, the friends and the patient started draping the whole house in likewhite sheets in the rafters, all around the windows, then on the furniture, then on the floor. So like when you walked in the house, it was supposed to be like light and airy, but it wasn’t.

I feel like it was the closest to evil I had ever come. And I didn’t even believe in evil at the time. But it was like the second I walked in the house, it was like, oh, my God! Even though the whole apartment was like draped in white cloth and covered with crosses and Angels and things that were supposed to feel warm and loving. And then it gets worse, because, then the patient starts actively dying eventually. And, It was so hard to be in that house and with that patient. Because, the anger and the awfulness that was in the house and around the patient was like unbearable and like undeniable. Anyway, I feel embarrassed even talking about this because it sounds so much like a horror movie. But that’s what it felt like. I think about that patient in that house all the time, and I pray for her well-being, and she didn’t die very peaceful death. No matter what we did. And it was awful. And to this day, my belief system has changed, like, I do believe now that there’s not just love and light, there’s other things. I feel even, like, embarrassed admitting that. But that’s how profound this experience was. So, yeah, I think that’s pretty good. Out of, like, hundreds or thousands of deaths. I only have one like that. So that’s good. – @hospicenursejulie

Bathroom Ghost

So one time, my co-worker and I were training a certain staff on shift. They were both doing something to help this client in another room. And I was cooking software in the kitchen, out of the corner of my eye. As I’m at the counter, I can see one of them go into the bathroom to what I assume is finish up the job they were doing. The bathroom door closed, and so I walked down the hall to help the other staff. But they were both in the room.

So I’m, like, didn’t one of guys just go to the bathroom? How did you get back before me? And they’re like, no, neither of us left. I’m like, okay, but the bathroom door literally closed, and I saw, like, a figure walk in, like, out of the corner of my eye. It was unmistakable for, like, a walking – you know, it’s fine. And the new staff goes, oh, I can feel that there’s spirits here, but you have a third eye. A third what now? She’s like, yeah, like, you can actually see the spirits that are here, whereas people like me can just feel them. So anyway, that bathroom, there are a lot of stories there. – @vothospothos

Living With A Demon

Now this took place just a couple of days after we lost my dad to a tragedy. And my three year old son was just kind of sitting on the couch beside me playing with his hot west cars. He didn’t realize what was really going on, and I noticed that he was following something with his eyes, and he was kind of watching the ceiling. And I would ask him what was going on, and he would just shush me. And this is coming from a three year old. And eventually I was like, what is wrong?

And he said, don’t talk. I’ll hear you. And he then invited me that there was a demon on the ceiling. Which how would a three year old even know what a demon was? And he just kind of watching something in horror. And I’m just kind of brushing it off, trying to tell him, no, it’s okay. No, there’s nothing there. And he proceeds to get this calm look over his face and he looks over to his left and he said, It’s okay now, Mommy, Michael is here to protect us. He’s got his big knife and he’s covered in a blue light. So we later just kind of figured he was referring to Michael the Archangel, which is crazy, because he was a three year old. So at this point, my son had already identified the demon on the ceiling, and he had identified what he called his Michael, which we think was referring to Archangel Michael.

So after this, he was calm because of the presence of the angel, supposedly. And he looked over to his right towards where my fireplace was and his jaw is dropped. And then the amusement he just yelled out my dad’s first name, which he did not know my dad by his first name, because like I said, he was only three years old and he only knew him as tape. That’s why he called him. He never knew him by his first name. And then he began to ask me why my dad was then wearing different clothes and why he was able to go through the walls trying to explain this to him and kind of get it off his mind.

I decided that it was a good time to go to bed and read some stories. But I was sadly mistaken that that was not going to happen because as we were walking to my son’s room, he had to go through the den. And when we got to the den, my son literally stopped and remember, this is a three year old. He stopped and says, mom, the demon said, and he started speaking on what sounded like tongues. My jaw dropped. I was absolutely mortified. I can’t even say I’m thinking about this any more, but I kept saying, don’t say that.

And he was like, but the demon said, and he would speak this language. And I was like, we don’t say that the demons of his bad words, and we don’t talk like that. And he kept trying. And he was very persistent to let me know what this demon was saying and eventually convince him not to say whatever this was trying to get him to say.  Because, I didn’t know what was going to happen. We went on to bed and that night was history. So the next day is when everything in the house started going crazy. I mean, we would hear things like footsteps going to the house but never really paid any attention. Doors opening and closing the cabinets open and closed. The toilet seat would go up and down. There were just all kinds of noises, and my son would speak of the strangest things. He told me that the demon came from the boroughs and he would see that my dad was there, but he would always look different. And he would say he asked why his Papa had big feet and be shoes and why he was acting different. Kind of like something was like manifesting as an awkward version of him, if that makes any sense?

My mom actually had this entity, like just this black, solid figure, no features passed through her body. Now it didn’t stay because I came up over the bed where she was, like, went through her body and just kind of left. And she just described that feeling. I was feeling horrible, and she just knew that there was something wrong. And it was at this moment in time. But we realized whatever was going on in the home was much more sinister than anything that we could handle her own. And we began to seek out reinforcement. So this is where we start to get help to get rid of whatever this was.

So we began reaching out and we ended up being blasted with an amazing mentor. I can’t speak much of him. He just was amazing. It’s between him and the good Lord above is the reason that we are still here today. But Besides that fact, the process began with cleansing the individuals involved instead of the actual home first. So we had to do, like, several weeks of processing of different rituals and different prayers and different methods of praying and just getting close to God to prepare to remove this from our home.

So before that, after we got this whole situation where we were cleanse, we moved forward to the home, and that’s when things got crazy. So the very first day that we went to the property to try to cleanse the home, we were not allowed on the property. The mentor went in on his own. He had to confront this entity face to face on his own without us present. And he never disclosed any information and told us never to ask any questions and just to stay away from the property and let him do his own thing. And we did. So we listen to them. And then the week at pass by with us working with him. It was just crazy, like everything will just fly across the room. It was just enraged that he was there and he filled the place with God and between him and God, they were able to eventually, after the third week, physically back this thing into a corner and it was finally forced to leave. – @savagesweetie

And that song was called ‘Are You Scared Yet?’ By Sascha Ende, Feat Admiral Bob used under creativc commons licencing. For more information check out this episodes page on our podcast website www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. Are you scared yet? Let’s continue… oh my! What was that?

Mimics Wife’s Voice

So my wife wakes me up. It’s two-forty-five a.m. And she says, Babe, have you checked the front door, is it locked? And I said, of course, is we lock it every night. She says, okay, well, I hear something downstairs. So I immediately jump up. I go to the stairs and I look down the doors not open or anything. And she said, Please just go down here and check to make sure it’s locked. I said, sure. As I get to the front door, I realize that it is locked and turn around. She says, make sure that it’s locked, Babe, like, open it, close it. Lock the door lock and also lock the dead bolt. So I did. But just as soon as I opened the door, it was almost as if something was trying to knock me over. And I literally watched something super dark come through my door and up my steps and kind of block the light and everything to the top of my steps.

I yelled from my wife babe! Babe! Babe! And I hear her say, what? What? Babe? And I said, Turn the lights back on. She said, the lights are on. What are you doing? I said, I’m down here checking the door like you ask me to do. I didn’t ask you to do anything, so I blowed it off as I might have been sleepwalking or something. I didn’t want to frighten her or scare her about the situation that just took place. because I most definitely seen her, and heard her tell me to open that door. She goes back to sleep, but I’m not very tired now and I kind of stay awake there for a moment. And when about 45 minutes later, right in front of me, in my doorway of my bedroom, that dark figure appears again. Very big and very dark. It blocks out all light within my house. It says, “Release me, release me. Only you can release me.” What does that mean? So I said, what does that mean? How do I release you? Again It says, “you know, you know, you know”

About that time my wife rolls over in the bed and she sat straight up and looks me dead in my eyes and says, “this is none of your business. Keep your nose out of it or you will pay for this.” What? Yo! So I immediately jump up out of the bed. I’m freak the F out. What’s going on? She immediately wakes up and she’s asking me what I’m doing. She thinks I’m crazy at this moment, but right about that time my bedroom door slams, the TV goes out. and something’s got its hand around my neck and I’m struggling again. And it’s like, as if it’s trying to suffocate me. I will figure this out. I’ll try to keep you updated. – @newellboyce

Min-min Lights

So it’s about six years ago, maybe even a little bit longer. And my husband and I were up visiting his mum, who lived in the Atherton Tablelands up near Cairns in Queensland, Australia. We go there and take her van and decide to go for a road trip. And about 2 hours into the road trip, we come across this random little, tiny little National Park in the middle of this National Park. That was a restof. And I really need to go to the bathroom. So we pulled over and I use the bathroom.

Now. When we were there, there was literally thousands of butterflies. Like, it was incredible. This place was dry Bush scrub, like, really typical Australian scrub. Wasn’t any water around. And there was just thousands and thousands of weird, all sorts of different butterflies. I was like, wow, this is really beautiful, strange, but beautiful. And there was a little five minute loop walking track. So we decided, hey, we’ve got five minutes when Mars will stretch the legs and explore this little part of the scrub. As soon as I step onto the walking track, this feeling of death be bad.

Something imminent is going to happen came over me. And I’ve never had this feeling before in my life. I literally stood there and was like, something’s very wrong. There’s something weird about this place. I do not feel safe right now. And my husband was like, yeah, it’s pretty weird. Like that. It’s in the middle of nowhere. He’s like, do you want to do this truck? And I was like, okay, okay, let’s do it. Let’s just push through this. What could go wrong? We’re like, those idiots on scary movies that just push through and get murdered.

You know, now I have done a lot of Bush walking and a lot of hiking, and I’ve done a lot of it. And when I say, when I got halfway through this five minute walking track and could no longer move by myself. That’s what happened. I could not move. I was so overcome with fears that I could not move. So I’m standing there like, I can’t move. I can’t go any further. There’s something really wrong. I’m really scared right now. So my husband says, like, we’re halfway through, we either go back the way we came from, or we continue.

I can see the end of the truck. Like, okay, and I grab onto the back of this shirt, close my eyes and getting to lead me out of there because I’m so scared. So my husband leads me out of the track, and I basically race back to the car and hop in and just go, like, what the hell? I’ve never had an experience like it in my life where I’ve just been so overcome by fear and where my whole body was reacting. I’ve been in some pretty shady situations.

I can tell you that now, now where we are, there’s nothing around. We’re in the middle of nowhere. We start driving, and as soon as we get on the other side of the National Park, something starts going along in car. We pull over, check it out like something’s just not right. Let’s go back. So we go back and we go back to his mother’s house and we check over the car. And thankfully, nothing was wrong, which was with also part with anyway, obviously his mom and her partner were like, what happened? Why are you back here? And so I start explaining the story to her partner. And he was like, come on, tell me the story, like, really, really interested. So I tell him the story, go through it all. And he goes, That’s very interesting that you had that experience there. I’m like,Why? And he said, well, a lot of people have gone missing there. What do you mean, like, what do you mean? So apparently this place has renowned four cars breaking down, people going down that walking track and not coming back and just disappearances.

Not many people go out there, but it’s a very common thing to happen. He said that my reaction was probably something that may have saved my life, and no one really knows why. And he’s actually rescued someone from out there before he goes on to say that apparently it is a place where min-min lights are seen a lot. So this is if you Google min-min lights, but his description of it was a little bit different and was kind of specific to the area up there. Basically, the minimum lights are knowing to lure people off the beaten track and make them get lost, lead them to their death or make them go missing. Everyone knows not to follow min-min lights. They are very dangerous up there. So, yeah, that’s my weird, unexplainable kind of experience. And I’m just glad my gut and instincts and everything’s told me to stop and get the hell out of there. – @alchemmi

The Viewing

As a mortician do I believe in ghosts? Absolutely, I sure do. And here is a story that I have no explanation for. I was actually getting a person ready for a viewing and as I wheeled them in the chapel, the casket was open and I was doing some final preparations of getting the suit jacket just nice and tight. And I always place right hand over the left. The family came in, they did a final viewing. They had the visitation. At the end of the visitation after everybody left, I was getting ready to close the casket and the left hand was over the right. So I changed it. Put the right hand back over the left, closed the casket lid locked. I went home. The next day I came back, I was the first one on the funeral home. Unlocked the casket, opened it up, left hand was over the right. Could have been somebody playing a joke on me? I think it was a ghost. –  @funeralhomeconfessions

Sleep Paralysis Or Visitation?

Okay, so this one night shifts. Me and my friend are sitting at the nurses station. We’re just catching up on charting and stuff like that. And all of a sudden, in the corner room. The patient starts screaming at the top of his lungs. We look at the monitor and he was like, super tachy. He’s like the one-thirty. So we get up. We run to the room. I got there first, and I opened the door, and as soon as they open the door, a huge, like rush of like, wind comes. It was so creepy. It gave me goose bumps. I just got goose bumps now. A super creepy feeling. And the patient goes, oh, my gosh. I couldn’t move. I felt like something was evil. Was in the room. And I couldn’t even talk or move. And until you came and open the door and I feel like he’s gone now. I still think about that night. – @nursemegrn

The Old Folks & The Wee Child

I went to this patient’s home and it was an elderly couple, and they lived in a really old home, and I visited with them. And when I was leaving, I was walking out. And it sounded like footsteps behind me. And I turned around. And there is this small child at the end of the hallway, looking like, kind of in the door, in the doorway. And I asked, the patient’s husband, is your grand-kids visiting. Because, I didn’t hear him while I was there, and he told me no.

And I said, Well, there’s a little boy in your room back here! And he said, oh, you saw him? And I said, yeah, I saw him.  So, he and his wife have lived in this house for about forty-three years, I think, is what he said. And he said for a long time, they would hear really weird noises around the house. But it wasn’t until his wife started getting sick that he started seeing this little boy out of the corner of his eye. And so this kid, he looked to be about eight or nine. He had jet black hair, and he had a white long sleeve shirt on and darker colour pants. And y’all I Typed in child death on Google and put the county. And I found the picture of this little boy that I saw in this house. That was terrifying, and sad at the same time. – @ssboo06

The Haunted Bunk

When I was sixteen, my oldest sister and cousin used to go up partying all the time. And since my underage ass couldn’t go, I’d stay up late waiting for them to come back because I wanted to hear the juice, you know, and one of those nights they were taking a really long time to come back, so I decided to go to bed. At that time we shared a bedroom in a bunk bed, which had a queen at the bottom in a twin at the top. This is relevant to the story because I go lie down and I don’t realize when I fall asleep I wake up because I hear the top bed creaking.

I’m a little confused because there’s nobody sleeping next to me. The other one is here, but that wasn’t too unusual because both of them had boyfriends at the time as well, and sometimes they’d be having their little slinky length, so it would just be the two of us in the bedroom and whoever’s boo didn’t pick them up would just sleep on the top so that we didn’t have to share. So one of them is up there. I ask who it is. Nothing. I ask again. Silence. I’m getting nervous, so I’m about to get out of bed when I hear my sister’s voice. Relief. Sweet, sweet relief. So we start talking about how the night went and why they were back so late. She tells me that they were having car trouble.

And as we’re talking for some reason, something feels wrong. I don’t know what it is. But I ask her. Hey, can you dangle your hand a little bit just for a second? Don’t ask me why I ask. And she asked me why? Why do you want to see my hand? I’m like. I don’t know. I just feel kind of funny. You know, we’re in the dark and we’ve been talking. I haven’t seen you since you’ve been back. So could you just let your hand dangle so I can see that it’s you that I’m talking to you. Immediate silence. No more responses, no more creeks in the bed. And now I’m fully scared. Shitless. At this point, I’ve been talking to somebody for about 25 minutes.

At this point. I’m not asking any more. Sorry. I jump out of bed and I look at the top bunk. There’s nobody there, and I freak out. As I make a run for the lights,  I get slam-backed into the bunk, by something! I’m pinned on the bed. I’m trying to move. I’m trying to shake it off. I can’t. I can’t scream. I am stuck, paralysed, frozen on the bed. The room is spinning. There’s a thunderstorm going on. It’s so loud I can’t take it. I start choking, and in that moment I’m only sure about two things. I’m not alone, and they are not okay. They’re screaming in my mind. I have to protect them. I have to protect them.  And all of a sudden I’m let go. And I run for that light. I ran like my life depended on it. Man. I turned it on and everything is where it’s supposed to be.

And I checked my cell phone, no text messages, no calls. And I look at the time and it’s two-forty-five. I don’t know what to do. I have no idea what to do. I’m calling them. They’re not picking up, and I am terrified because I don’t know what happened, but I know something happened. Thirty-five minutes later, they show up at the door and I am crying. We release. And it turns out that when they left the club that night, they got lost because this was the time of map quest. Okay, there was no GPS back then. They were lost for a good hour. And it turns out that during that whole time there was a car that followed them from the club. When my sister stops the car to figure out where they are, they pull up right next to her and she’s desperate. So she gets out of the car and that’s when one of them runs towards her, grabs her with his out. They’re fighting until all of a sudden he let her go. So she runs for the car and speeds off. She looks at the time and it was two-forty-five. – @izzygoesit

Paw Patrol Blanket

There actually is a petty Poltergeist that live up in here. A couple years ago, I wrapped my son up in his favourite Paul patrol blanky, laid him down in the bed, came out here to the dojo to do my thing. Ten minutes later, I go upstairs. He out the bed. So I wrapped him back up in his paw patrol blanky. Lay him back down in the bed. I come back down here, but only about 30 seconds this time, because, I heard a thump. And then I go upstairs to check. His door is open, but he’s not out the bed. He just sitting on the bed, smiling, Talking ‘bout a ghost. My son. I know your vocabulary is developing, but it sounds like you said, ghost. A ghost! And that’s all I needed to hear, my boy. Grab your paw patrol blanky. You can come lay down with daddy. Where’s your paw patrol blanky? I tore this motherfucker asunder looking for this blanket. Nowhere to be found. So I say, fuck it! Let’s just go to sleep. And we woke up wrapped up in the paw patrol blanket. – @shogun_stickxg

Protective House

The house that I grew up in, was the house that my mom also grew up in. And when she was seventeen, she brought her boyfriend over when no one else was home. And when he entered the house, the pipes in the floor started banging underneath his feet. And it followed him when he moved throughout the house. And she finally brought him up to her bedroom, and the house lost its mind. The door slammed shut. Cabinets flew open, pipes were banging, floor was creaking. The dude freaked out and left and broke up with her over it, and she never saw him again. Until, like ten years later, when she saw his face in a newspaper, he was arrested and charged for murdering his girlfriend. – @algrace656

The Dinner Party   

It’s summer nineteen-forty-five. My grandmother and my grandfather decide to go to a dinner party with my great grandmother and my great grandfather. Once they get to the house, everyone sits around the table, and at this time, my grandmother and my grandfather always said grace before dinner. So everyone bows their head to say grace before dinner. It’s something that was a tradition in our family. And in these days, it was a tradition in most families. However, I don’t think they realize what was going to happen next. As their heads are bowed, saying grace for their dinner. As they were done, they raised their heads up and they realize that everything on the table, the food, the plates, the forks, the bowls, everything gone from the table. And not just gone, gone without a trace. So my grandfather decides he’s going to go looking around to see what he finds, and that’s when everything turns.

So, now that my Grandpa’s up looking for this food and everything that just disappeared off the table, so is my other grandparents and the friend’s house that they were at. They too, were looking for the stuff that just came up missing from the table. When a few moments later they hear a great big scream in the backyard. My grandparents are looking for my grandfather, where they find him tied to a tree in the backyard. When they approached my grandfather, they realized that he had fingers missing. Someone had tied him to a tree and cut off four of his fingers two on both hands!

My grandfather had no recollection of anything happening. And he didn’t even know what happened or how it happened. He just knows that he died to a tree and he’s missing some fingers. They cut my grandfather loose and they rushed him to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, they was not able to save his fingers, but that’s not the end of it, folks. Two weeks after my grandfather lost his fingers, the house that they were at, the family committed a murder-suicide. And about two years after that, my grandmother and grandfather decided to buy the house. Now, the reason they wanted to buy the home was because the home was huge. It was Victorian, and it was basically one of the largest houses in the neighbourhood. Family had already been at that house and cleaned everything out that they wanted. The only thing they did not take, was an old bookshelf that set in the dining room. As my grandmother goes through some of these books, and she notices one of them that’s made out of pure pig skin. Now it had been shaved and tanned, so it wasn’t your basic just old pig, right? It was kind of leather, but it was old, old, old.

And my grandmother opened this book up. She realized it wasn’t just any ordinary book. No, no, not at all. Not only was this no ordinary book, the writing in this book was very weird, very descriptive. And my grandmother, great-grandmother knew that there was something up with this book and it had some dark, dark history to it. My great-grandmother had had this book for about a week when my grandmother come over to pick it up and my great-grandmother told her, then, do not take this book. There’s something dark about this book, but my grandmother was practicing witch at this time. And she thought she understood the book, so she took it home. Within a week of having this book, they started hearing voices in another room. These people were talking to each other and they sounded angry, but you couldn’t understand them. The voices were really garbled. Not one word could they understand. But it happened every single night, until a week later, when my grandfather brought home an old grave stone marker that he found in a basement at a house that he was working on as an electrician.

Now, little did my grandparents know how much this grave marker would change things, especially with the book in the house, too. Now the voices they kept up, except for this time, my grandmother can actually understand what they’re saying. My grandfather could not. My grandmother said that these voices she was hearing in the other room, were plotting against the family. That they planned on destroying my grandmother and grandfather’s relationship and trying to call something bad to happen. After a week had went by, my grandfather came home after work and found a pair of shoes and a shirt laying by the front door. And immediately he accused my grandmother of having someone in the house.

My grandmother explained to him that it wasn’t true. And tried to explain to him what she had heard from the voices in the other room, but my grandfather wasn’t buying it. Now. At this point, things started getting really tense around the house, between my grandmother and grandfather. So tense, in fact, my grandfather was convinced that my grandmother was cheating on him. In fact, it got so bad that my grandmother ordered that the grave marker be returned, and then she do something with the book. When my grandfather returned the grave marker back to the basement where he had found it. He ran into the owners of the house.

The owners explained to them that that grave marker was supposed to go on the father’s grave, but no one had ever visited the grave, because, of the heinous act that the father performed. See, just a couple of years before that, the husband had murdered the wife, because, he caught her cheating with the neighbour down the street! And the shirt and shoes that my grandfather had described, that he had found, that had just mysteriously come up missing again. Actually, they belong to the man who was murdered. But once the grave marker was returned in the book was gotten rid of things turned to normal, maybe. – @newellboyce

The Little Girl In The Pink Dress

So, the story is actually not my story. It’s my boyfriend’s story. but it’s one of the craziest paranormal experiences that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. And especially if you’re into psychology, please listen. So basically my boyfriend is at his friend’s house. His friend has an older sister whose boyfriend is also over. They are just, the two of them, are just hanging out in the room. Whatever. And the door is open and out of the corner of his eye he sees a little girl run by. And she’s wearing a pink hat, and a pink dress. And she’s blonde. And he just casually mentions it to his friend. He’s like, hey, is it somebody? Did someone’s daughter? Did somebody’s daughter just get home? I just saw a little girl in, wearing a pink dress run by.

And she was like, Wait, what? Hold on a second. So she goes and converses with his family, the family. And they invite my boyfriend. And they’re like, hey, we want to explain what just happened. So basically, the older siblings boyfriend was schizophrenic, and that was one of his visual hallucinations. My boyfriend saw his visual hallucination, which just opens up my brain and says schizophrenia, maybe not a hallucination? – @hjamz

A Kiss Goodnight

All right. So when I was a kid, maybe seven years old, I was lying in bed about to fall asleep and something kissed me on the cheek. I sat straight up and freaked out. Now I think it was probably a dead relative or something, but. . . – @theboneyard21

Suka or Demon Dog

My mom had a dog named Suka, Siberian Husky and woke up out of dead sleep one night, and Suka was standing Mondo, always staring at me, and I called her to me, and she started walking towards me very slow, and it scared me. So I stood up on my bed up against the wall, and I called her name again, and she looked at me and said, if you scream, I will kill you. So of course I screamed. And as the things lunging on my bed, my dad runs in, flips on the light, and this thing disappears. And a few seconds later, behind him walks in Suka and sits down, and I have no way to explain it. And a lot of other things happen in that house, toob, esides that. – @deejaybee567

The Andrew Low House

Okay, so this is one of the most haunted houses in Savannah. If I had to estimate there’s probably over 100 entities that reside within the house, and that is not only from people who passed away, there’s actually less people who passed away in the house, then there has been those who have passed away on the land because it’s been a lot of different properties over the years, because if you’re familiar with Savannah, it kind of does fluctuate throughout the years. We love to tear things down and rebuild them, especially back in the 18 hundreds.

As I was saying, there’s a lot of spirits that are attached to the land there, and none of them are really mean spirits. They’ve honestly just kind of use their afterlife in their time, kind of stuck in this realm to play pranks on us, which is fine. And that’s okay. But there’s one entity in particular that has really struck a bad chord with me inside the Andrew Low house. Now, we do not know his name. And the issue is, that he presents himself in both the forms of a little boy and a little girl, which is not normal. So if you study demonology, you would know that typically demons are the ones that do present themselves in the forms of children. As a way to get you to trust them. And if you don’t know where these children came from, it’s more than likely a demon.

Ghosts can be Wanderers, and they can be homeless sometimes. But with children, particularly, they typically stick to where they pass away or where they’re comfortable. So it’s not normal to have two children that you don’t know where they came from. And we definitely think that it is the same entity, that is presenting itself as both of these children. And if that is a soul like an actual ghost, it can’t just choose to transform into something else. It doesn’t work that way. So red flag number one. Now let me insert one of the photos for you guys. We’ve actually caught the little girl. No, we have not caught the little boy. But let me just show you guys this. It’s horrifying. This was taken at one of my tours in July. And look right here. That is a little girl. So that is a little girl. So if you read anything on demonology, you would know that demons present themselves in a way that is not normal. They sometimes seem a little bit off, like the little girl right here. She looks like she’s decaying. She’s not normal. And a lot of times too, we will see her without a head, which again, is not normal because she cannot fully manifest a form. Exhibit B. She does not have a head.

Now, this was taken right before the one I just showed you. So, that just when I saw this photo just gave me such unease about being in the house because I have my suspicions and what not? But when I saw this, it just confirmed everything that I was feeling. And it’s only gotten worse since then. So ever since that photo was taken, we’ve had some really odd experiences because the demon has always lay low. And all my co-workers have always thought that I was crazy. When I said that, I’m pretty sure there’s a demon that’s residing in here because I can feel it immediately.

Like I can feel the bad vibes all the way down the road. It’s that intense, but she never did anything. And I’m going to use different pronouns for this entity because it’s an entity. It doesn’t have pronouns. But anyways, so things got really off after this, because every time I’d walk into the house, I would smell rotting flesh, and I thought it was crazy because I was the only one who’s smelling it. And everybody, all my co-workers were like, well, dead animal probably got in. Maybe it’s in the wall or something.

It’s not like it’s too much of a coincidence. Okay, I’m not getting anxiety. Just talk about this spirit. But like I said, we’ve had the smell of running classes, like an instant indicator of a demon presence in the house. Besides, like snow, sulphur, and things like that. But we’ve also had an incident where I had an incident where I was working in the house because my tour in particular were the only ones that go into the entry low house. And I was working in the house that night, and I walked around.

I was doing my rounds to close it up when I saw the little girl Dart across the hallway. Now I’ve seen the little boy do this before, but I’ve never seen the little girl did. So I followed because I was interested in kind of what was going on with her. And I didn’t know she was maybe trying to get my attention that she was so about. All I can do now because exorcisms of houses or not a common occurrence, especially in the south, was such a religious city. All I can really do is protect myself. I wear this every single time that I go into the house. I cast a circle light around myself. I will bring salt with me. And literally anything I can do is about as much as it’s going to work with this and it’s only going to get worse. –  @madirae.art

Headless figure in mirror

Second image taken seconds later shows the figure with a head.

Phantom of the Work

Now I work in this really creepy, really old building. and my co-workers and even my boss have told me that the building is haunted. So, supposedly some guy died in the basement. And guess what area I worked? The basemen.t So I show up to off this one day. It’s five a.m. Now because this building is really old, all the light switches are  really weird. So in this one part. I had to walk all the way down this really dark call wages to get a light switch to flip it on. So I’m walking through it. Trying not to freak out, you know, and then coming out of one of the rooms, alarmingly loud. I heard this,. [phantom of opera notes play]. When I tell you. I turned and ran for my life. So I go find my boss. And I’m like, hey, I think somebody’s practicing downstairs in one of the organ rooms and it’s crap out of me. And this man looks at me and he says, Louise, there’s nobody in the building until seven a.m. It’s literally just us. And you want to know the real kicker? The guy that died in the basement? Yeah, he was a piano technician. – @littlelandy

Rest Area Entity

So, this happened yesterday. I’m currently on a road trip from Rhode Island back to Louisiana with my mom’s, sister and dog. Everyone needs to take a little bit of a bathroom break, so we decide to take a stop at the rest area in Albemarle County, Virginia. So because someone has to sit with our dog, we take turns. I go in first to the men’s restroom, obviously. And then my mom goes in next. The women’s bathroom has two separate bathrooms, one across from the other. Me and my sister are waiting in the car when all of a sudden my mom slams the car door open.

My sister asked her how she got out of the bathroom so quickly. And she explained that she felt like there was something in the bathroom with her. The thing is, is there was no one else in there with her. But my mom explained that she ended up going into the first stall, and the toilet in the last stall flushed. And a few seconds later, the bathroom sink turned on as if someone had walked out of the stall and washed their hands. Except, once again, there was no one else in the bathroom with her. And that was whenever she decided to just completely run out of the bathroom.

Then my sister goes into the bathroom. But at this point in time we were unaware that there were two separate bathrooms for the women’s bathroom, one door across from the other.  My sister goes into the one in the left first, experiences nothing. Then decides to step out and go into the one on the right. She describes it as having walked into a person, or an energy, that was hot and humid. As if stepping into a sauna and that had the door closed behind her. Something bad would have happened to her.

Because my mum is very intuitive, I asked her for a potential description of what she believed was in the bathroom with her. She described this person as around the age of fifty-four, maybe five-eleven in height, being darker skinned and having a heavier frame. Not necessarily fat, but just thick. So, my sister and I did a bit of research of crimes in the Albemarle County area.  And our research led us to the name Nathan Antonio Washington, a man who lived in this area and had several criminal charges in the Albemarle County area. He was actually a convicted serial rapist.

So why do we believe that the presence that was in the bathroom could possibly be this man? His crimes were directly related to threats of violence and sexual assault against women. His crimes were so bad, that he was given for life sentences. Because he was already given four life sentences, they allowed him to admit to other crimes, without adding more time to his conviction. Including breaking and entering, and attempted rape in Albemarle County. More interestingly, his description is a fifty-four year old black male, five-eleven inches in height. Which fits the description my mother gave. So, while he may not have died there, the trauma he inflicted likely left an imprint. That unfortunately, seems to leave women feeling vulnerable and scared still. –   @kalebtutt 


It actually happened the other night. And it is what I believe, was a possible demonic possession, or attempted one. There was a Jack Septic video playing. I was falling asleep. Okay? Everything felt normal, you know? Typical three am. Until I felt a hug, like someone with cuddling me. And I open my eyes a little bit and I realize I’m having sleep paralysis. And it is a boy. This boy starts touching me in places! And I could feel everything if, you know what I mean? I ask him, are you real? And he says, of course I am. Of course I’m real. And then as I say that my legs start to be lifted up and pulled off the bed. This boy is holding me back screaming? I’m screaming! And I wake up on the floor! –  @elloaskeii

Scary Intruder

Still. So we had just moved into the village that I’m in, and we had rented a really old cottage. So straightway, loved it really felt at home in there. But you knew something was a bit laid. Hear voices every now and again. Well, I would my husband wouldn’t. Anyway, my husband at the time was a DJ. My boyfriend, my husband. Who was my boyfriend. I didn’t not have numerous husbands. He was a DJ at the time, so he was working out late, and I was at home alone with the dog. And I had started to switch everything off to go

back upstairs to go to bed.  And now our stairs were like a glorified ladder. You just see straight through them. And as I’m coming around the corner, I’d switched  off the lamp in the living room. And as I spun around, I looked through and I locked eyes with a guy looking at me. I’ve never had my body froze in fear. I froze. I openly admit it. I was terrified! He’s looking at me. I’m looking at him. I’m thinking someone’s fucking broken in. And it’s a guy, like early Sixties. He’s wearing an oatmeal jumper. And he just slowly disappeared. –  @witchinthewilderness

The Not-cat

I had a weird thing happen at my boyfriend’s house. So, you know, there’s, like, that encrypted or thing that’s called not a deer, and it looks like a deer. But the more you look at it, it’s definitely not. So I didn’t run into one of those, but I’m going to call this thing not a cat because it looked like a cat at first glance, but it was definitely not a cat.

So me and my boyfriend get home from having dinner and drinks that are our favorite local place. It was probably around nine ish o’clock and we pull in and we have outdoor cats that we feed and take care of. And sometimes other stray cats come to eat food, whatever. But I look over at the edge of world kind of like the Woods start or brush kind of. And there’s this really big cat sitting there.

Now. I don’t mean mountain lion size or Poma Cougar or whatever you want to call it. And honestly, probably not even Bobcat size. And I know what Bobcats look like, but it was like a really large cat, like a main can. At first I was like, oh, that’s cool. I love Maine. I love big cats, big house cats. But then the more I looked at it, its face was weird, and it was like the porch light. You could see it, but you couldn’t fully see it because it was just kind of like outside of the light again, I’m like, Holy shit, look at that cat.

And like, all of a sudden it’s like my brain, you know, that meme of the lady, like, calculating things. That’s what I felt like. And all of a sudden something like weird click to my brain. Like I figured out what was so weird about this cat. It’s Facebook, oddly human. Now, I don’t mean, like, what we do in the shadows when Blade turns into a cat. But his face is still human or, like, the corn, like, word up

videos with the dogs with the full human faces. It just looked very human. And as soon as I kind of put two and two together and I’ve been looking at it for a couple of minutes, and it did not move at all, like, not a tail flick. It was like, stone cold, like, completely still, like, statuesque. Still, I instantly got this, like, some primal fear of, like, we need to go inside right now. Like, we’re not supposed to be out here, like, I don’t know how to describe it. It gave me cold. So the cat doesn’t move while we’re out there.

I go inside and I leave the I’m like, I have the main door open, but I’m like, looking through the screen door. And of course, my boyfriend is like, oh, I’m going to go see if I can, like, pet it. And I’m like, Leave it alone. Don’t mess with it. It’s weird. I’m like, I don’t know. It’s strange. I don’t know if it’s a demon cat. A skinny boy. I don’t know what it is. I’ve never had a feeling like that around an animal before, especially cats.

I love cats. So then it finally walks across the yard. But it completely walks around the circle of the porch light. And if it was a straight cat, I get it. I’m not saying that. It was just odd that it purposely did that, you know what I mean? So another thing I wanted to mention when we first got home and it was initially setting there, it just looked straight. Like it wasn’t, like, looking around. It literally just looked straight. Like, I’m looking at you now and did not flinch or move.

I couldn’t even tell that it was breathing or not. It walks across the yard and stays out of the porch light. And the porch light is a motion light. So, you know, I’m inside now. I’m like, I’m not. I don’t know. Like, it just increased me. I’m like, I don’t want to be a part of it. It’s like a demon. Hell cat, I don’t know what it is. So he gets a flashlight and he’s like, walking up to it. And he’s like, yelling back at me or talking loudly so I can hear him. And he’s like, It’s not running away from me, though. He’s like, but it looks odd. It’s weird. He’s like, I don’t know. And he’s got a flashlight, and he’s like, trying to shine the light on the cat to see what the cat looks like. And it doesn’t run, but it just study stays out of this flashlight. Okay, that’s it. So it just kind of sets out in the dark. And finally, I’m like, Please leave it alone. Can we just come inside? And, like, I don’t know, like, I just get a really bad feeling about it, like, quit fucking with it.

Like, leave it alone. So then we leave the screen door open because we want to make sure that if it is just a giant street cat, which, who knows? I’m not saying it was anything weird. It was just strange experience. But we didn’t want it to attack the other cats. All of a sudden, the Mama cat, which is my cat’s mother, starts rolling around, like barrel rolling on the cat crate house. We’ve made, just, like, over and over and over, and I was worried she was having a seizure or something.

But she wasn’t. So only time she’s ever done that. And I’m familiar with, like, if a cat is in heat or whatever, this was not like, a normal. I don’t know what she was doing. It was weird. And then we heard this giant thing moving through the wood. So after the noises, that was pretty much it. We haven’t saw the cat sense. And when the noises kind of happened, that’s kind of when the cat just we didn’t see it anymore. And the thing is, I’m not one to automatically jump to ghost.

I’ve had a lot of weird things happen to me. Sometimes it is, in my opinion, paranormal. And sometimes it’s just something weird that happens. I’m not always. It was a bump. It was automatically a ghost. I’m not that kind of person. I’m objective. Okay, but the thing that bothers me is how much this cat or whatever it was scared me, like deep fear again. Cold chills. I know you can’t see them, but instant cold chills. When I really think about it, it scared me. And I grew up on an 80 acre farm. I’m used to being in complete darkness. I’m used to encountering animals in the dark and all that weird noises from animals that’s totally normal. My thing is, what the fuck was this thing. –  @theouijawitch

The Peace Maker

We used to live in a historic district in Toledo, Ohio. Called the Old West End. They had all these Victorian era homes. The ghost used to like to mess with the stove. So if you turn the dial so far, without pushing it, in to make the fire come on. It would just click incessantly. If we ever got into, like, a house argument, it would just keep clicking no matter what we did to the dial. Until we stopped and lowered our voices. And then it would stop on its own. It used to mess with me and our cousin. Wake us up at two-three a.m.  But, never both of us at the same time, one or the other. We wait outside each other’s doors, not wanting to wake the other and just have to go down alone. The very last night, it wakes me up. I go down, shut it off. I go back up the stairs. I start walking. It starts clicking. I stop on the stairs. It stops. I move again. It starts again. I stop. It stops. It was fucking with me, because, we were leaving. – @doctosh

Lizard Transformation

This is the story about the time that I saw a lizard person. Now, I didn’t even believe in lizard people. I don’t even know if I still believe in lizard people, but pretty sure I know what I saw. This was maybe five or six years ago. I was working in a thrift store. And I was working alone, and this was in the middle of the day. I was not high. I was not drunk. I was wide awake. I was not astral projecting. I was working at the thrift store. I was the only one there. And a woman comes in who wanted to –  and I could immediately tell that she was high on something, like she was messed up. And she was interested in buying this necklace, but she didn’t have enough money for it. And she was trying to talk me down and it was really annoying.

And I just wanted her to buy the necklace and get out of the store. Cause, there were other customers in the store who left once she came in, because, she was clearly on drugs or something. And so I sold her the necklace, and she asked me to put it on her. And I was like, okay.  And normally when you put a necklace on someone, they flip around so you can kind of like, do it from behind, and clasp it. But she just stood, like, facing me. So I very awkwardly reached forward to clasp this necklace on this woman.

And as I leaned into her – literally like, I got very close to her. And it was literally like the second  I got too close, it was like my eyes, like, pushed through some barrier. And instantly what I was seeing, was definitely not human. This thing was, had red scales. And it didn’t make any sounds. But I felt like I heard something? Like I felt like it was breathing really heavily, and I thought the impression that maybe was sickly? And I was so panicked. I don’t know how I did this, but I just clasped the necklace and then slowly pulled back. And it was like, as soon as I got about ten inches away from this person, it was like the filter snapped back in place, and she was human again.

And I could see the look on her face, like she realized she had just made a mistake. And she was like, okay, thanks, bye. And like, bolted out the door. And the second she left, I was so fucking shaken. I locked the door and ran under the counter, and I was just, like, shaking and hyperventilating underneath the counter for a while. Because I didn’t know what I had seen. I didn’t know how to process it. I didn’t know what had happened. So, yeah, that’s my story. – @oracle_111

Lady in Red

For anybody that doesn’t know. Hawaii is haunted as fuck. So, and there’s also an Asian elfin race called The Menehune that come out at night. Yeah, you’re going to want to Google that. So my best friend had never been to Hawaii. In two-thousand and four we went and we stayed at a super nice hotel. The Hilton, which is right on the beach. We’re sitting on the beach one night, and we’re just chilling, like underneath the stars, this woman comes out of nowhere. It looks like she comes out of the water.

She’s wearing a gorgeous red dress. Like, I’m like, what are you doing in the beach in that dress? She asks us, where Iaka at? We say we don’t know who Iaka is. Sorry. And then she leaves. But I got a really weird feeling. So I looked to my left and she was gone within three seconds. There’s no way that she could have gone out of my line of sight. Next night, we’re talking to the bartender. He tells us about the ghost of the Hilton who wears a red dress and is either believed to have been murdered or is Pele. –  @moonlightgemsco

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