Rev. Pamela “Mela” Borawski is a green hedge witch and founder of the Greenwild Tradition. She has studied and practiced spiritual witchcraft for over twenty years, and is an ordained pagan minister and leader in her local community. She is certified in hypnotherapy, and graduated in 2018 with a diploma as an integrative healing arts practitioner.

After graduation, she founded 3 Rays of Light LLC, where she offers hypnosis, healing arts, and spiritual guidance. Mela created the online school, Greenwild Mystical Academy, in 2021, and is the spiritual director of Awen Grove Fellowship. She is the author of the Spell & Ritual Journal and the Manifest with the Moon Journal available on Amazon, as well as a fantasy author on Kindle Vella under the name Mela McClure. Her witchy podcast, Belle, Book & Candle, is available on all major podcast platforms.

Mela has lived in the southern United States for nearly 50 years, and now resides on a family-owned farm in rural South Carolina where she enjoys chickens, goats, and gardening. She has a deep love for celebrating rites of passage, honouring nature and her cycles,

and folk magick practices. She has hosted a monthly interfaith full moon ceremony in the area since early 2019. She is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon, the Universal Brotherhood Movement, the Energy Medicine Professional Association and the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.

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