Episode 93: Night Watchers Paranormal Australia

Kia ora, hello everyone. Welcome back if you are rejoining us this episode, and a special welcome if you are a first-time listener to the Walking the Shadowlands podcast.

There has always been an interest in life after death. Humanity has long been fascinated with this topic, and today with the prevalence of paranormal investigation teams, seeking proof of life after life, more people than ever are interested in this. Unfortunately, there are those unscrupulous people who for the sake of views and sponsorships, both on TV and social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, will fake content, or overdramatize their findings. This, does a huge disservice to those people who are genuine in their endeavors and investigations on this subject. But fortunately, there are also many genuine and honest people creating paranormal investigation videos, who are very open and transparent about what they capture. Today’s guests are such people.  And they, as we say here in New Zealand, live just across the ditch, in Australia. The question as always is, are you willing to walk with me into this part of the shadowlands and see what’s in store for us? Then let’s begin.

Pete and Dan

My two guests today are an investigation team called, ‘Night Watchers Paranormal Australia’. These  chaps are genuine investigators, who collect paranormal evidence, using real paranormal equipment. They explore and investigate some of the most haunted places in Australia to find real, raw and legitimate evidence of the after-life. This is what you call ghost hunting at its finest! All evidence caught on camera, from EVP’s, photos, thermal captures, EMF spikes, SLS captures and more. These chaps have been friends for over thirty years and both have their personal reasons for getting into the investigation field. And also they are a couple of really great blokes. My guests Pete and Dan.

Pete and Dan, thank you so much for joining us today. I’m really excited to be talking to you. I’ve been watching some of your videos on YouTube and they’re really good.

Dan: Thank you.

I’m really impressed with how you do them. I don’t tell a lot of people, but I have an investigation team myself. A paranormal investigation team, so I’m quite critical about the way people investigate. And I honestly, I haven’t seen anything in your videos that I would criticize.

Both: Oh, thank you very much.

So that’s actually saying a lot.

Pete: Yeah, we try and keep it very real.

Dan: Yeah everything we do is 100 percent legit. No fakery everything’s legit and we’re trying to bring everybody the truth about the paranormal. So yeah.

That’s really cool. Maybe we could start. Maybe you guys could introduce yourself, so my listeners can tell who’s speaking. And tell us a little bit about your background, both of your backgrounds and how you came to create your Nightwatchers Paranormal Group?

Pete: OK.  I’m Pete and the way we started.  Well, I’ll actually let you introduce yourself.

Dan:  Ok. I’m Dan, and how we all started was basically, we started out with our channel doing food videos, and funny videos, and stuff like that. Yes. So if you scroll to the very bottom of our videos tab, you’ll see all of our funny videos on there. But how we got into the paranormal was, it was something that Pete and I were both interested in separately in our lives. And for different reasons.

And basically I came to Pete and said, look, we used to watch a lot of this stuff online. And I said, well, how about we go out and do that, you know? And try and add a bit of a twist to our,  to our videos and our channel? And eventually it just ended up becoming solely that. We just decided to make the make the switch and go straight to that. We used to be called Kick Back with Cass, but, that was our channel name and now we’re Night Watchers Paranormal Australia. So I basically take care of all the all the marketing, the advertising, the design work, the post-production, the editing of the videos, all that side of thing. So what you see on screen is edited and created by myself.  And Pete.

Pete: Well, as for me, basically what Dan said. He came to me and said, Hey, mate. We’ve been best mates for nearly 30 years. It’s a long time to put up with him. But, love him to death.  He came to me and said, Hey Pete!. Cause, we do watch so much paranormal stuff on YouTube. He goes. I’ve got an idea.  Let’s what’s start a YouTube channel, start off with food. And I’m going, oh, yeah okay, let’s have a crack at this.

And then from there, after doing the food videos, and we had a lot of success with the food videos. We just decided to get into the paranormal.  Get into that niché where we thought, we see so many people on YouTube that either fake content, or overdramatise their videos. That we thought, how about we do this for real? You know? We go in,  have a look at a location. Find the evidence. Don’t fake anything, cause, that’s important to both of us.

And that’s how the channel started. Now, as for me, how I got into the paranormal, I had an experience when I was young. It scared the life out of me. I was lying in bed. I think it was about 12 years old and I just went to bed and a set of hands come up and grabbed me on the arms, and held me down to the bed. Now, I was stuck in that position for about an hour and a half. And then the hands went back down under the bed.

I didn’t sleep the whole night. My brother was in the room, because we shared a room. And I’m looking at him and he was still in his bed. I got up as soon as the sun got up, looked under my bed and there was nothing. So that was one experience, the other experiences is when my child was born.  His mother was in hospital just after giving birth to him. I was at home. And I was in an old barn house, you know, on the Sunshine Coast.

Now, one o’clock in the morning, I was about to go to bed and then all the cupboard doors in the house decided to open and close by themselves. The lights were flicking on and off and people were I had a six foot fence around the house and people were running up and down my balcony. So that really inspired me to do a bit more research. And then when Dan come to me and said, hey Pete, this could be a good thing. That’s what really pushed me to do it. So that’s our story. My story.

Dan: Yeah.

Did you? Sorry to interrupt. Did you look into the history of your house at all to see what possibly could have been causing that?

Pete: I did. And that’s the thing. We always say in our videos, that you’ve got to look at, the history of the land underneath. It might be a new building, but that still doesn’t explain the history of the land. Now, it was one of the original farmhouses in the community on the Sunshine Coast here. And there were a couple of dodgy things that happened on that site. So, I’m guessing that’s just a preamble to what I experienced.

Right. That makes sense. I always say, I always say that to people as well. And I have a Facebook group, oops, just knocked my microphone, where, that this podcast actually started from. And I get a lot of people coming to me saying, oh, I’m having issues in my house, but it’s a brand new house. And I always say to them, look, it doesn’t matter if your house is brand new, it could be the land that it’s on. It could be something that came in with one of the builders, or the workmen who was working on the home. Got to check these things out. And just because it’s new, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to get anything.

Pete: Yeah, exactly. Right.

Dan: Yeah, exactly. You’re dead right there. Yeah.

So how about you, Dan? I’m just making sure I get your names right now.

Dan: Well, basically, I’ve never actually myself, personally had any paranormal experience before this channel. Before this channel I mean. I haven’t had any paranormal happenings that happened to me, but my family did. So, my mother basically saw a full-bodied apparition at a, at a home when I was a child. I was probably only about two, or three at the time. My mum saw it and then she didn’t tell anybody. And then about a month later, about  a month later, my brother, who was nine.  Ah no, he  would have been about twelve, eleven or twelve at the time. Sorry. He came home from school. Was home alone, and he saw her.  And he locked himself in the bathroom and cried until mum got home, and explained to mum what he saw. And it was the exact same lady that mum saw.

And then we moved out of the house probably about, oh, six months later. And my auntie and cousin, they moved in and my mum hadn’t told them about the paranormal activity that happened then. Well, then my auntie came to my mum probably about two months after that and said that she’d seen a lady in the house. And described the exact same lady that my mom, and my brother had both seen, yeah.  The front living room was that cold,  that my dad used to keep his beer in there, instead of in the fridge. That’s how cold the front living room was.

Well, that’s convenient. I’ve never heard of spirit energy being used for that before. There’s a first!

Dan: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

That would be typically Aussie! Ah good for you guys.

Pete: Yeah, so good! Spirits helping out.

Dan: So yeah. That’s the only activity I’ve had.

Well that’s, there’s even though it like personally didn’t happen to you and, you know, it’s still obviously had an impact on your family. And it can be it can be really scary for people who don’t have an understanding, that spirit are only people without bodies. And a lot of people have this idea, that because you’ve passed into spirit, you’re all-knowing, and you’re all-wise, you know? No. It doesn’t work like that. People are just people. And if they haven’t moved on, if they’re still earth bound, then they retain the same characteristics that they had when they’re alive. So if they were grumpy old shits, they’ll be grumpy old shits when they’re in spirit.

Dan: Exactly.

Pete: Yeah, exactly.

So how did?  Let’s start with, how do you go about finding places to investigate? Now, I understand you’re on your fourth season, of investigation. That’s pretty impressive.

Pete: I think when we first started the channel, because I do a lot of the research. And I hunt up locations for us to investigate, I found that when we first started, a lot of people would being very hesitant, in letting us come in and do an investigation. Either in their private, private residence. Or, their place of business. Obviously a place of business, that’s somewhere that they make money. That’s how they generate their living. Now, when we first started, a lot of people were oh no, no, no, no. But as the seasons have progressed, I found that when I do research a location, I’ll have a look at that history of that location. If anything bad has happened there. For example, a murder, or something tragic has happened at that location. And then from there, I’ll speak to the owner and say, well, OK, can you explain to me what’s happened in that location? What are your personal experiences? And then I’ll go in and research the history of that location.

And then from there, it’s back and forward kind of relationship where I’ll shoot out some dates with them. I’ll first send them an email. This is who we are. This is what we would like to do there. And we come in with total respect for your location, as it could be your own business, or a heritage listed premises. And then normally they’ll get back to me. OK, let’s work out some dates. Sometimes you get people just say flat-out no. Which is fine. That’s, they’re entitled to that, because, we’re coming on the private area. Now from there,  after I’ve communicated with them, we’ve got some dates where it worked out. Then I’ll put it into my diary, because, I’m very old school. I still write things in a diary. That’s how I like it.

Me too.

Pete: And then from there we go. And that’s exactly right. From there we go set a date for filming. We come in film. The home owner, or the person that owns it, is welcome to come on the investigation. And we go in. Dan always says online videos. We always love, respect what we’re doing, the spirits that are there. Because, you’ve got to realize that when we do an investigation, the spirits don’t have to answer us. No, they don’t, you know, it’s not a dog and pony show.


Pete: If they want to talk to us, they will. If not, we respect them for that. So that’s, that process of getting a location to film in, it’s a couple of weeks. And that’s not going to the other side, where Dan goes, does with the editing.

It’s a lot of work. I know here in New Zealand, because, New Zealand’s such a small, small place. And, it hasn’t been colonized for as long as other countries in the world. We don’t have a lot of buildings, that have issues, so to speak. More the land and areas on the land, you know? Where there’s been battles and stuff like that. And I totally get what you say about, you know, researching the place. That’s what we do as well. One of the things that my team, that I’m really strict on when I go on investigations.  We haven’t done any for a while, because, as I said, New Zealand is small, and there’s not a lot of places. One of the things I always do when I’m with my team is, I introduce myself, and I introduce my team to the spirits that are there. And I explain to them why we are there. I treat them, I speak to them like somebody standing in front of me. And I tell them what we’re here for and that we mean no disrespect.

Pete: Sorry to go back. How did you get into the paranormal? Let’s, you ask us how we got into it and what motivates us. I was very interested to say what motivated you to get into the paranormal.

Well, I’ve had experiences my entire life. I’m a medium. And plus I’ve had Star People encounters my entire life. So for me, it’s just been. It’s as much a part of my life as breathing is. And if I can help demystify it. And help people understand that it’s nothing to fear, and that life continues on after this. It’s a good thing.

Pete: Sorry, I just had to ask that question, cause I’m interested in it. Yeah.

No. No, that’s alright. That’s perfectly ok, yeah. And I love this subject, I love hearing about people’s experiences. And I like seeing – Like you guys. I can see how passionate you are about this. And how much pleasure you get out of it. And it is exciting doing these investigations, because, you never know what you’re going to find? You never know what you’re going to come up against? And most people have the idea, because of watching some specific investigation shows on TV, that things happen all the time.  But, most of the time, it’s really boring.

Pete: Not all the time.

Dan: Yeah. I think that’s how a lot of YouTubers got into. So, they’ll see stuff on the shows and that. They watch and they go, why isn’t all this stuff happening to us? Maybe we should make it happen, so that way we get views, you know?  And that’s how they fall down the rabbit hole of that. That’s one thing we won’t do, you know. If we’re out somewhere for hours, and we get one or two little things, we’re only going to show that one or two little things. You know? I mean, we still show a bit of the nothing going on, so people can see that nothing actually happened.

But we never, we’re so transparent, that we always show everything that we, that we do capture. And we always try to debunk things too.  Like in the last video that we just aired, we had the cat ball and K2 meter sitting on a wooden door.  So we had to open that door to make sure there was nothing on the other side, no electrical work.  Shook the door, made sure there’s no vibrations. And there wasn’t, we couldn’t debunk it. And then we put this we put the stuff somewhere else. The K2 and the ball, somewhere else. Nothing happens. Ah a bit of K2 movement, that’s about it. And then we put those two items back on the door, and nothing happened again after that, on the door. So we went, ah, well, it’s nothing electrical doing it, or it would be doing it all the time, constantly.

Exactly. And I remember actually you doing the same thing. That’s what really impressed me at some station, some train station. You were outside. And you had this round table that you had the ball on, and the bits on. And I think it was Pete. I think you were seeing something in the thing, in the app that creates the figures.

Pete: Oh that was Dan

Dan: That was me. I was looking through the SLS app on the phone. It’s an app that I downloaded. It’s a free app. Anyway, you can actually see,  it’s meant to pick up anything with a humanoid sort of shape.

Pete: Yeah, you debunked that.

Yeah, yeah.

Dan:  Yeah. Looking at it appearing on the one

Pete: Oh no. That was the ah Gympie Train Station

Yes! That’s it!

Pete: And it was a fire hydrant.

Dan: The fire hydrant, yeah.

Yes, that’s it.

Dan: There was a fire hydrant picking up some sort of shape on that, and we debunked it. Yeah.

Yeah. And that really impressed me. Because, straight away you didn’t jump to that it was paranormal.

Dan:  Exactly right. Yeah.

And that is to me at all is always a sign of a really good investigation. Now perhaps, actually I should go back. Maybe you can explain for my listeners what a K2 meter is? And what other tools you use, because, there will be people listening who have no idea.

Dan: OK, so the K2 meter is basically an electricians tool. But,  it tends to be used a lot in the paranormal field. And what it is, is it picks up EMF readings. Electromagnetic frequency so it has a couple of coloured lights on. So, the stronger the EMF reading, the more the lights come up. So it goes from green, light green, right up to red. So the stronger the reading, the more lights come on. So we use that for a lot of the paranormal work that we do.

We also use a thermal camera which looks at temperatures and you can see the different temperature readings on that. We also use a, the SB 11 spirit box. It’s like a radio that scans through three different channels, at a different rate. We can, we can pick what sort of speed it goes through. And we can pick whether it goes through a reverse or forwards. It goes through Am, Am or Fm. So basically, it goes at speed.  So, it can get a sentence, or words coming through that. Then it can only be 1) a radio station it’s gone through.

But thing it’s going really fast at ta, ta, ta, ta, ta speed.  Then, and you get a whole sentence. Now that just came through in  a period of like, maybe, fifteen channels. So you know that it’s not one radio station that you heard. It’s the whole period. The whole thing of fifteen different channels.

Pete: Yeah. Different things.

Dan: So that’s the SB 11. We also use an app called The Necrophonic App. Now, we heard about this app through other YouTubers, and stuff like that.  And it’s just starting to get a really a good name, that it works. But what we try and do is, we found that there’s a lot of voices that come through it all the time. Now, the developer reckons that there’s no pre-programmed voices in it. But, we’ve actually heard the same thing come through numerous times, on numerous locations. So, we think there are prebuilt voices in it. But, we don’t, we ask for the intelligent responses. So we ask questions that no pre-programmed voice is going to know the answer to.

Pete: The first one to see that, with that exact reason, is if you watch the Australian Hotel video, I’ll let you explain that. That’s a perfect example. We had the most intelligent response we’ve ever received, come through that app.  We had the K2 and the cat ball. The cat ball, is just a little ball that if it’s touched –  It’s got to be physically touched, for it to flash. Now, we had the K2 and the cat ball sitting next to each other on the ground. And we were asking if the little girl could come and touch the ball.  Because, there’s the story of a little girl there.  So we were asking for it. Anyway, it got touched. And the same time it got touched and flashed, the K2 Meter went off at the same time. So it’s a double confirmation. We had two tools sitting next to each other. So, it kind of shows that there’s no fault in one of them. You know what I mean?  We had two that went off at the exact same time. And then, we continued to ask if they could come and touch the ball again. But we had the clearest response come through the Necrophonic app. And it said. It said touch the, touch, the goddamn ball.

Dan: Right.

[Clip plays]

To the little kid, is that you? Can you please touch the device?

“Touch the goddamn ball”

Oh, it’s flickering again.

[Clip repeats twice more]

Dan: If you see the Australian Hotel at the site, it’s episode one, from Season Four. It’s our opener for Season Four. You’ll see it in there, the actual response. And it’s clear as a bell. It says touch the goddam ball.  Now for that to happen and come through on a device,  one that we’re pretty sure has pre-programmed voices in it.  But, that there is an intelligent response. We’ll also ask questions like, how many, how many living males are here right now? We use the word living because, they could be they could be giving us the number of the spirits that are around as well. So we go, OK, we know there’s two of us. In certain circumstances, there’s three of us in the room.

Pete: Or four.

Dan: Depends who we’ve got with us, you know. We’ll say, how many living?  How many living men are in this room right now? And it will say three, or two. And it will give us the exact answer we’re looking for. If you go to the kol . . .

Pete: Kolandra.

Dan: If you go to the Kolandra cemetery,  it was the first time we ever used that Necrophonic app. And we asked the question. It was three males, and there was one female. We asked the question, how many of us living in standing here right now? Four, it said. Then we said, how many men are standing here right now, that are living, three. And then we said, how many women? And then a few seconds later, one.  They gave us four intelligent, oh sorry, three intelligent responses, in a row.

Pete: All correct.

Dan: All correct. Three or four intelligent responses in a row, all correct. So we use the Nechrophonic app, we use that.

Pete: Yeah with the Nechrophonic app we also, sorry mate. You lead.  but after, with the Nechrophonic app we also do our sensory deprivation sessions. Now with that, Dan goes outside to answer, ah ask questions.  I’m in a diff,  a completely different room. I do most of the sensory deprivation, because, unfortunately Dan, he gets dizzy from it. He can’t be blindfolded. Because, basically what happens, is you put on a headset, and get blindfolded. You plug it into the SP11.  And all I hear is the sound of the SP11, with the blindfold on. So I can’t hear what’s happening around me.  Or, see what’s happening around me. So Dan will get outside answer, ah ask some questions.  And any intelligent responses that I get, I’ll yell out. And we’ve had numerous times, haven’t we mate?

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: Where the matches, ah the answers have matched up with the questions. But yeah,  it’s been pretty interesting. We have also – Do you want to tell them about the music box?

Dan: Oh yeah. We’ve got the music box as well. So the music box is a, it’s just a motion sensor. So it has a beam that comes out of it, that goes for about one point five meters. And anything that triggers that beam, it’ll set off the music. It’s just music. It plays a tune. So, yeah, we’ve got the music box as well.  That’s great, we use that.  We were using Owen the Owl. We named him Owen. He’s an owl, basically just the same thing. And if something triggers him off, he does a hoot. Makes a hooting noise, but we’ve sort of retired him for the little, for a little while. And just using the music box at the moment.  What else have we got?  We’ve got the, oh we also use the app as well, with the SBF, Sorry, the SLS app. That app is created by Amy’s Crypt and her partner Jared. And they developed that. And it’s good. It’s starting to  get a good rep.

Pete: It works pretty well.  

Dan: Yeah. So I guess there’s the SLS part of it. It’s the second part of the app, which is, it’s got a built in ovulus, which has names in it, and words in it. And spits out different words that are triggered. But we don’t really use that side of it. I only use, the SLS

Pete: Don’t trust those ovulus.  Don’t really trust, because, of so many words being punched out. You can’t really, like you see a word and oh, hang on. That might be a part of it, when there’s six or seven other words that pop out at the same time. So I’m really uncertain about the ovulus. But apart from that, yeah, that’s about it. We’re getting some new equipment very soon. We want to get some dowsing rods. I find, they, from what I’ve learned about them, and how I’ve done my research on them, they’re very accurate. So, I think that’s something that’s down the track, we will be introducing.

Dan: A set of cams. We’re going to invest in a really high quality night vision camera, that we’re going to start to use as well during an investigation.  But also as a as a steady cam. Because,  what we actually do in our investigations, nine times out of ten. And we’ve done, it’s something we’ve only started in the last few months. Is we’ll set up a static camera, and we’ll let that run for about half hour to an hour. And then we’ll move it to another spot in the location, let it run again.

And what we do is we put that raw file. I’ll just add a little intro at start, and an exit at the end.  But we keep that file raw in the middle. And I upload that and we have our subscribers and viewers go through it. And they’ll watch it. And we’ve never watched it. So we’ll put it up raw. Not even seen by us.  And they’ll go through it. And they’ll put in, oh at eleven minutes, twenty-six. You know, they’ll put it in the comments area. What they’ve actually seen, or what they heard.  It’s a great way to get out and get them involved. And get everybody interacting together. And lets them feel part of the team, you know. And that’s very important to us.

Pete: Yeah

Yeah, and not only that. Quite often, I know from personal experience, when you’re editing and going through video, you can miss things. Because, you get tired. Whereas you’ve got all these fresh eyes, like that one that I watched from your, I think it was season two, best of? One of the viewers caught somebody running past a window, that you guys missed when you aired it.

Dan: Oh yes, yeah. That was in the, that was at the morgue

Pete: Oh yeah, yeah, it was.

Dan: It was up high. It wasn’t actually running. It was something that must have been floating.  But it went past a window,  because that’s a story up.

Pete: That’s a story up. Because it goes where that, old morgue. That morgue, that was a very interesting place. That was the first one I did a sensory deprivation. It was in rural Kalbar. But, with the history of that place, it started off as a morgue, as a –  Then it went to a brewery.

Dan: Brewery, winery

Pete: But,  how it’s set up is that off the main road. Then you walk through their courtyard and it drops down to where you’ve got the main entrance up the top. And then underneath where that window was, is the morgue itself, where they used to store the bodies and prepare them for the funeral.

Dan: And so no one could actually walk past that window.

Pete: No.

Dan: To walk past that window, you’d have to fly past it. It was very, very high. Or have a very, very high ladder

Wow! That was more impressive.

Dan: Yeah. So that’s a perfect example of the, of the static cam. And that’s exactly why we put them up, so people can spot stuff that we can’t. Plus it takes hours! Poor Pete used to do that.  He’d sit there at home and he’d be watching these things for hours, upon hours. And that’s how we got the idea for, actually from a friend.  A friend of ours actually gave us the idea. He said, well why don’t you get your viewers to look at your videos? We were like oh, that’s a good idea. So, yeah.

Pete: There’s an interesting story because I said to Dan, we do the Majestic Theatre a lot. And now that’s a very historical building. Because, it’s one of the only silent movie theatres left in the world. You know, that’s been around for – I think they’re coming up for their hundredth birthday.

Dan: Or they just had it

Pete: Oh? They just they just had it yet. But in that, or at that stage, I was watching the static cams. Now one part of it, I’d gone through all the static cams. And I’d watched them late at night, and I was dozing off. And I’m like oh. And the next morning, I thought, I better watch this again. Because if I don’t, I could miss something. And lo and behold, we caught the curtain moving by itself, didn’t go back and watch that, we would never have caught that.

Dan: That’s a great thing. Sorry mate.  That’s a great thing. Is because he caught that, one thing we noticed, after he caught that, next time we went there for the second time, and the third time. We put a static camera right on the curtain and all three times the curtain lifts up. It stays there, and then comes back down. The best one we ever captured was on the return we just done in season three. When we took Bilko and Alli, some, ah they’re radio presenters at the station Zinc FM.  That we go and do a podcast to, but they came with us. And they saw it as well. And if you look at that video, it’s yeah, it happened a lot. The curtain, actually lifts up it holds there.  And then comes back, and pulls back as well. And there was no winds, no windows.

Pete: It’s all locked up.

Dan: Everything’s locked up. It was dead still. Not a single breeze at all! And . . .

Pete: And the interesting thing, sorry mate. The interesting thing, the way Bilko reacted in seeing that curtain move, he’s like, oh my God, oh my God! The reaction, it just validates what we do. That we don’t fake it. This is real. And that’s why we take our subscribers on videos with us.  Because, it helps for them to see what we do. How passionate we are about it. And see that that they validate what we do.

Dan: Another thing too is we’ve got this, he’s actually become a fan of ours, and a bit of a follower of ours. And we follow him as well. But he’s called The Shape.  And he’s an American Youtuber. And he wears a hockey mask, for a bit of privacy, to remain anonymous. But anyway, he debunks fakers.  And he’s looked at our stuff that much that he just goes, I can’t,

Pete: I can’t.

Dan: I can’t fault them. There’s nothing that I can get. And we said well you won’t,  because, everything we’ve got is one hundred percent legit. So he watches our live streams now. He talks to us all the time. He actually sends people over to us, to watch. He always goes, if you want someone real, guys, go and see these guys.  And  they come over. And so, yeah, he’s is really

Pete: Yeah, it’s really interesting when you’ve got a paranormal debunker, who can’t debunk

Dan: Yeah.

Yes.  Yeah, I’ve got goosebumps. That’s really awesome. I’ve got to say, it’s really that’s really awesome. Yeah. Because debunkers, and they have their place, and rightly so. Because, I know how they put TV shows together. And the shows that they’ve had on, have really not done a service to us at all. The only thing they’ve done is bring it in public’s mind. But creating, yeah, it’s just not good.

Dan: Yeah, creating a false thing about it.

Pete: Persona

Dan: Persona, about it yeah.

Pete: It’s very disheartening. Yeah. When you see someone like a TV show, and I’m not going to name them. But, when they get in and have to fake content, to get views. That to me, that’s disgraceful.  Yeah, you know. We didn’t start this channel to be like that. For us it’s something we’re very passionate about and it’s important to us to find that truth. And it’s programs like that that come in and do that. I think it’s disgusting.


Dan: Yeah, yeah it is. Absolutely.

Sorry. And now the other thing, that seems to be the latest thing, is that everything’s demonic.

Dan: Oh yes.

Pete: Yes, that’s one thing

Dan: Oh you’ve got a demon, you’ve got a demon.

Pete:  To say. And the research, the research that I’ve done, because I do have the Archdiocese of Brisbane’s contact details for that very reason. But, like I say to people that in the research on the – I love technology, anything to do with that, I really enjoy reading and stuff. Now a demonic possession is extremely rare. You would be very lucky to even experience that in your lifetime.

Dan: Or unlucky, however you look at it.

Pete: Or, yeah. But, that’s the thing. It’s that rare that we might never see it, and we delve into the paranormal.

Dan: Yeah, Or, we’re looking for these things and something we might may never, ever experience. And yes, I guess that anything to do with demons, like said, is very, very rare.

Pete: Extremely rare.

Dan: Extremely rare.

I have a different –  I don’t believe in demons. I don’t believe that they exist. However, I do acknowledge that the inter dimensional beings that ­– Demons are a religious construct. Used to create fear and control, from my perspective. But, there are, interdimensional beings who, when they manifest in our reality, their energies are so vastly different to ours, that they do create fear. Not all of them are negative. Some are, some aren’t. But, their energy is so different, that it is very fear inducing. Because, it’s not what we’re used to. Even if you don’t consciously pick up energies, you know? You do notice the difference. And speaking of negative energies, have you guys ever come across anything negative, or in any way disturbing in your investigations?

Pete: I could say yes. There’s one place that I loathe. I hate it. I hate going there. It just scares the absolute life out of me. You know what I’m talking about?

Dan: Hangman’s house!  We go, there’s a place called Hangman’s house. Now, it’s an old, decrepit falling down house that basically nature’s taken back. It’s, now we’ve gone there twice. Anyway the first – Was it the second, or first time we went there?

Pete: Second time.

Dan:  The second time we went there,

Pete: I’ll tell you about the first time.

Dan: The second time. I already had bad experiences there to start with. I had a nail go through me foot. So off I went to get a tetanus shot after that. Yeah, but what happened was we were standing there. Do you want me to tell them that? 

Pete: I’ll tell them that.

Dan: OK.

Pete: OK. The second time we went, and I was very apprehensive about going back to the place, because, of the experiences we had the first time. But, the second time I went back there, it was raining. It was a cold night and we were pretty light after the first time.  We got to go and do it, because our subscribers wanted us to. And we do honour what our subscribers want. But anyway, we filmed the episode and we were about to wrap up the episode. And I could hear like the sound of someone walking on leaves that are wet. That crunching sound? And I’m like, Dan, can you hear that? And it’s in the video almost. Can you hear that? And  he goes hear what? Being a drummer for twenty odd years. So he couldn’t hear a damn thing.

Dan: I haven’t got very, very good ears.

Pete: So I can hear someone walking and I’m standing in the doorway going out to the front. And all of a sudden there was this massive whooshing sound coming from the trees down, and stopped right beside my ear! And I’d spun around the camera and I’ve gone, what the? And I swore, because, it caught me off guard.

Dan: Yeah, we had to beep it out.

Pete: It’s odd. I’m like, did you hear that? And he’s like, yeah, what was that? And it sounded like a massive whooshing sound, rushing down at us. And I said nah, that’s it! Let’s get out of here. So we backed up out of out of the place, and we heard something jump on the roof, and run across the roof. And I was like, Dude! There’s something out there! And he’s like, hang on, I want to get it on camera. I want to get it on camera. I’m like Dan we’re out of here!

Dan: The weird thing is, that people can go, oh probably it’s just an animal. Now the thing is though, yes, if we didn’t have, we didn’t have, that woosh sound come up our ear. Like something’s just swooped at us. That there’s nothing there. If we didn’t have that, we’d go aw it’s just an animal, or a possum, or something running on the roof, jumping out of the tree. The thing is, though, that happened. And then all of a sudden, we hear this rustling in the bushes. And then something. And it sounded like something human side jumping onto the roof

Pete: And running like on all fours.

Dan: Oh, yeah, running. So it was really, really. So that freaked us out.. But nah, we’re out of here, let’s go! We were wrapping up anyway, like you said. 

Pete: What about the first time?

Dan: Aw, you tell them that.

Pete: Ok. The first time I went to the Hangman’s house, and I got this through a friend, this location. And I’m like, yeah, we’ve got to do more abandoned locations that have a huge past. So that, now the history with this,  apparently an elderly lady owned the home. She passed away, didn’t have any family. So, the house was left derelict. You know,  it’s been sitting there for twenty, thirty years, if not more.

But, the first time we went there, now, and this is out in the bush. There shouldn’t be anyone around. We’re filming seven, eight o’clock at night. And we walked into the place and you could hear talking on the street. I’m like Dan, someone’s out there. Walk out onto the road. Like it’s all bush, there’s no one’s there.  Because, normally if kids are walking up the street, you’ll hear them. And you’ll see them, as you run out there to have a look. No one there!  We had that half a dozen times. Someone is here!         

Now, we came back in, finished filming. We’re going to get the camera, cause, Dan takes photos with his camera. So we walked out to get the camera, back out to the car on the street. Which is only, maybe, fifty metres away from the house itself. Now, we walked out.  This place is full of timber, and it’s dangerous to walk through without a light

Dan: It’s falling apart, yeah.

Pete: So we’ve gone back to get the camera and then we’re walking back in past the garage. It’s been taken over by the bush. And I said to Dan, can you hear that?  And he said, I can. Someone’s talking inside the house!  It sounded like there was a group of three or four men inside the house, that we’d just come out of. Now, you’ve got to realize, the walls have been busted in. There’s nowhere to hide within this building. Now, we looked under the house, to make sure no one is there. And it’s really hard to get around the place because of bush coming back up onto the house. Now, we’ve walked, nearly got to the front door and we had voices coming towards us. So we spun around, and we had to bolt back to the car, because, we had someone chasing us. And no one was there!

Dan: Yeah, and we’re both, we’re both ex – well, I’m still current. But, he’s ex-security. He actually got me into it many, many years ago. So, we’ve both been in the security industry for that many years, that we’re used to walking around places in the dark. You know, with the noises, and all that sort of thing. We can handle our own, but it’s more the fact is, that we’re just there with a camera. And we don’t know what they’ve got on the inside. I mean, whether it be paranormal, or whether it be real people? We were out! We were gone. No need to be dealing with that. Could have been, could have been anybody. Could have been drug addicts, or anybody. You know? You don’t know.

Pete: And that’s one of the places that really kind of,  not only for what may be people being in there, but the paranormal activity that happens there. That is one place that really gives me the willies.

Dan: Yeah, yeah. That’s probably, that’s probably the only place really that we’ve got a negative, that much of a negative vibe from. Everywhere else. So, yeah, you go to other places and you get a bit of an eerie feeling when you get a bit of a bad feeling.

Pete: One place would be ah, Peachester cemetery.

Dan: Ah, Peachester cemetery. We went there, and we had a lot of negative responses come through our spiritbox. And one of the actual responses that came through was, ah what did it say? Something about Satan?

Pete: Ah, I can’t remember.

Dan: Aw gawd.

Pete: The power of Satan.

Dan: The power of Satan. It came through clear as a bell. The power of Satan, and it came through. And right when it said it, we were just saying, I don’t feel right down in this section.  It goes down into a different area. And we were like, it doesn’t feel right down here. And bang, that’s straight away after that, the power of Satan came through. It was like, what the?

Pete: Yeah, that was pretty intense.

Dan: Whether it be once again, it might not have been demonic, or anything like that.  It could be just a spirit that’s

Pete: Negative,

Dan: wanting to play up and  fool around, you know? So who knows? But when it when that came through, we’re like, yeah, no,  this ain’t good!

Is that the cemetery where you got that black figure? Shadow person?

Dan: No,  that was Mapleton cemetery. Yeah. That was once again, that was steady cam, and we didn’t even pick up on that. It was a subscriber that saw it. And um . . .

Pete: We were only setting up for that investigation. When we caught that evidence, we’d just set up a steady cam, and we were putting in a motion sensor lights around the cemetery. With Owen and music box, just in case there’s any movement, maybe we can pick it up? And that was before the investigation even started.

Dan: It was only us two there. And we had to wait because someone was there actually visiting a loved one that had been buried there. So, paying their respects. So, we waited for him to leave and he drove off. And this is out in the middle of the bush. So he drove off and was gone. And the cemetery’s that small, we, it’s not like we do. But, it’s that small you can throw a rock from one side to the other. It’s that small.

And we had the camera, static camera set up. We were, like Pete said, we walked, put all the motion sensors down And at that time you saw that figure, we were up in the very, very back corner. And we were actually facing away from the camera with our light facing forward. And we were actually talking about a grave that was down there. It has like board and things on it. And we were talking about the stuff that was on that grave. And then, so we were we were dead still.  Standing dead still. Not moving. Not talking a lot.  So the light source is facing away. The camera is way up probably about, I don’t know, forty metres or so? Fifty meters away from us? And this figure goes straight from one tree, as you would have seen. Goes straight behind the trees. And then, if you look at that left hand tree. Excuse me, look at the left hand tree, you actually see it, come out on the other side, and dive in.

Pete: It dives straight in.

Dan: It tapers off and dives right into the ground.

And it’s a pretty big figure, too, like it looks like it has to be at least seven or eight foot tall. Judging by the distance it’s at. And seeing your height. And you guys aren’t short guys. Your height, you know, it was taller than you guys.

Dan: Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Pete: We were very excited when we saw that footage. It kind of makes us both feel, I guess, that we’re, because we’re doing this, we’re actually catching legitimate evidence. And it makes us feel good. It’s like it just drives us on to find that more evidence, more, more, more. Really pushes us. But the interesting thing about that video, too, that had night vision on. So, it was dark enough that you couldn’t really see anything. That’s why the light was on. So, because the night vision was on its picked that shadowy figure up without us even realising.

Yeah, pretty impressive eh? So for those of you listening, go and check them out. They’re really impressive videos. And if you don’t have time to watch the entire video that it’s from, I’m pretty sure that cut’s in your best of Season Two. Is it?

Dan: Yes, and we’ve also got it, we’ve also got it as a sole video on our – If you go to our video’s tab, and you can actually see it. It goes for about fifty-five seconds. I’ve actually taken that section and put it up as its own little video.  But, it says, Shadow Figure Caught, as the title.

Pete:  And he actually zooms in so you can see it very clearly.

Oh? I’ll have to have a look. I didn’t notice that. I’ll have to have a look for that.  Because, I’ve watched quite a number of your videos. I’ve  been really impressed with the quality of them. Well, the quality of the editing for the start. That’s a very good job.

Dan: Thank you.

Pete: Daniel. Thank you very much.

EVP: That’s a nice job Dan!

Nice job there. And the way you guys do it, you know, it’s really cool. So most of the time you guys are by yourself, but sometimes you investigate with other teams? Or, they invite you along to their investigations?

Dan: Yeah, exactly right.

Pete: We actually work with Haunted Down Under,  the girls from Haunted Down Under. You can see them on Amazon Prime. They’re very, very big in the community down in Brisbane. We also work with Pulla Paranormal. Dwayne and his team are lovely people. Same with Nadine and the girls. They’re brilliant to work with. Because, we have such a good working relationship with both those teams, we choose to work with them as much as we can. Because, it’s important that you get along within this community

Oh, gosh yes.

Pete: There’s a lot of negativity. And we only work with certain people, because of that very reason.  Because, the most important thing is to find that paranormal evidence. It’s not about bitching and moaning and groaning between teams.

That’s right, yeah.

Dan: Which has been so negative for this industry. But for us, it’s that we have a good working relationship with them and we’re friends with them. It’s important to promote them, as well as them providing us.

Yeah, yeah, I agree. I absolutely agree. And that’s how it was with my last lady, to my last investigation team, which was a female investigation team in the States. And they did do that with specific teams in the States as well. It’s a good thing to promote unity in the paranormal community, because egos can get in the road.

Pete: Very much so.

Dan: Yes, very much so. You’re saying it, and we’ve seen it in action.

So, what has been your favourite investigations that you’ve done?

Dan: Oh, favourite? Oh, there’s so many.

Pete: Good question.

I know, it’s hard isn’t it?

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: I’m actually, I reckon, one of my, one of my favourites. I can’t say it’s the favourite.  But one of my favourites would be the Upper Goomeri.  Now what’s it called? The grand, the Grand Hotel.

Pete: Goomeri

Dan: Goomeri, Grand Hotel, in Goomeri. That was season one, episode two? Or, something like that, yeah.  Anyway, it’s had a, it got burnt down many, many, many, many, many moons ago. And they rebuilt it. And there was about seven people that perished in the fire. And we had some really, really weird things happening. Pete was holding the camera and pointing it at me and he could see embers. Like, little ember things, flying around

Pete: From the fire.

Dan: And he’s like, putting his hand up in front of the camera to feel it. What’s this? And I’m like what the hell? And he’s talking to me. And I said, I don’t see nothing. There’s nothing there! I said, what are you seeing? And he goes, little ember things. You can see it on the camera. Little ember things. They’re not bugs or anything like that. They’re little lights. Flickering off, like, like fire embers. I was like, wow, that’s so weird. But, there was that and we had different voices come through. We caught, oh, we caught an apparition on our steady camera in the bedroom.

Pete: The most haunted room.

Dan: Yeah, that was in the most haunted room. Room eleven, I think.

Pete: Yes. Eleven. Eleven.

Dan:  Room eleven yeah. So we had an apparition caught there. And also another one of my favourites would be, well, oh probably the morgue. Oh, there’s so many. I don’t really have one particular favourite. If anything, I really do – I have to say my favourite location would be probably the Majestic Theatre. Because, we had so much activity that happened there, yeah I don’t know? What about you?

Pete: As for me, one of my favourite locations was the World War Two bathhouse. Now, the reason was, it wasn’t very big. But, the reason why that’s one of my favourite locations, is because of the history with the World War Two soldiers there.  Because it’s over one hundred years old. And the amount of activity that happened with the sensory deprivation. I actually had something grab my knee!

I remember seeing that.

Pete: And it actually felt like someone grabbed my knee. So, for me, that was one of the most intense. Because, I had to do the sensory deprivation session twice. Because, the camera said it was recording, but the red light was flashing recording, it didn’t record. So, we had to do it again, which basically ramped up the activity and made it more intense. So World War Two bathhouse is one of my favourite episodes. I love it! But, another one is going back to the Majestic Theatre. I’ve got three actually. Going back to the Majestic Theatre with Bilko and Alli. They’re good friends of ours, from Zinc FM. And I loved how they experienced, and their reactions that they had when they were there with us.

And they felt safe with us, but they experienced the paranormal, which for me just brought a lot of joy to my heart to see them react that way. And for us to take them in there to experience that, for the first time, which was fantastic for me. And I also have to mention working with Pariah and Thornton, the girls. It was fantastic, you know, they are my favourite episodes. Because, of the interaction we have with other teams, but also the experiences that we had there. Good, they were good ones.

Dan: It’s a good one because at the very end of the video we actually have in the.

Pete: Number one.

Dan: No, not that one. When we went with Pariah and that. Yeah. The, what do you call that thing in the back, the um?

Pete: The crematorium?

Dan: Yeah, it was at the back. And we had the light flicker on the inside, and you can actually see a figure standing there.

Yes! Yes, I remember seeing that. That was really, really interesting. One, that the lights came on by themselves. And two that you can actually see the figure standing in the window. That was really impressive. Really impressive catch. The other one that really impressed me that you guys got – I don’t know where it was? But, it was the room with the nurse mannequin, and the . . .

Dan: Oh yeah, the

Pete: The Gympie gold mining historical museum. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Dan: Now, the story with that was the lady had been seen by people, sitting on the edge of the bed. On the hospital bed that’s in the museum. And so we thought OK, well we’ll see if we can get her to come up. And the dress on a mannequin moved.  There was nobody there. Everything was closed up. The music box went off, the dress moved. What else? We had other things come through in the SP11.  And things like that. 

Pete: Owen, we set him up in another part of the museum. I think it was the [inaudible] museum, and we also filmed there. But, the doors were closed. There’s no breeze. And it was activated, like someone was walking past it. And we had the camera set up, the Static-cam set up, that if someone was going to walk in front of the owl, we would have seen them. So that, for me, is incredible. That we could get a device activating, and no one’s there.

Dan: And another thing too, another thing too. Is that some of it, not all of it, the equipment. Some of our equipment was just bought from different places, like Bunnings, a normal warehouse. The reason we do that is, because in the past, we’ve had a few people that go, oh but you’re using, you’re using paranormal equipment. It could be rigged.  It could be made to do that. So ok, we’ll do this. We’ll one-up you. We’ll go and buy some stuff from Bunnings

Pete: That everyone can get.

Dan: That anyone can get. It’s not rigged for paranormal stuff, whatever. And that’s Owen the Owl. He was twenty dollars. Just a little motion sensor, that hoots when it’s activated. And he’s worked out well. So, what about that, ah, that Joe’s waterhole? When he was doing a sound deprivation, ah sorry, a sensory deprivation session in the room that this young fella took his life, unfortunately.  And he was sitting right under the spot where it happened. And he could feel this big, solid desk, like a big solid office desk. He felt it shake.

Pete: Yeah, that was pretty intense.

Dan: He felt it shake.

Pete: That was very interesting location, because of the history of the pub.  And the young gentleman there had just broken up with his girlfriend. Suffering from depression, which we stress in that video. It’s  always important to offer help, if you suffer from depression. Make sure you ring those numbers, to really get that help that you need. Unfortunately, that young gentleman committed suicide. He was only eighteen years of age, and it was very tragic story. But the experiences that we had there with the paranormal, with that young gentleman, is just incredible. Absolutely amazing.

Wow, that’s so sad. I deal with that a lot. From both ends.  From those who have passed, and those who are dealing with. And there’s a lot of pain and unresolved stuff there. Are there any times? Now, safety on your investigations, being in Aussie.  And I was thinking about you being in the old wreck of a house, in the country. And thinking, well, it’s not just spirit you have to worry about. You got snakes and spiders there, that could kill you.

Dan: Yeah, exactly.

Pete: You get used to them, you know like you see a huntsman, and I’m terrified of spiders, personally. So, if I see a spider, there you go, fix it up! But I think if you going to a location, especially one that’s abandoned, you scope it out during the daytime. So you went there in the daytime just to look for any hazards. And he still found a nail. But yeah, you’ve got to really go in and scan out the location, before you go in there. Just to see if there is any bodies there as we call them. But, if you are conscious, conscious of the safety, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Yeah, you kind of get used to spiders, and snakes, and all that kind of jazz.

Dan: Yeah, We actually haven’t encountered any snakes as far as I can touch wood. . .

Pete: No. Spiders though. Touch wood.

Dan: But spiders yeah, plenty of them.  Like Pete said we just go in and scout it out when we can. That hangman’s house was the last minute, the first time we went there. It was kind of a last minute decision. I  was actually at work. He went and checked it out. Because, we heard about it, but he went and had a look.  And it came to my house and he goes bro, get your gear on, we’re going.  I said, OK. Well, I forgot to put my thick boots on, and I was still in my joggers from work. And they were just like, a ten dollar fifty pair from Kmart, sort of deal. So, nail straight through, straight into my foot. It didn’t pierce it too far, cause, it wasn’t such a long nail. A shorter nail. But, still went in enough for me to hurt.

I can imagine.

Dan: Tetanus shot the next day. Yeah.

While we’re still on the  subject of that house, what is the history that makes it so, such a negative place? You called it the hangman, hangman’s house?

Dan: I don’t know how it got that, how it got that nickname.  But I think it was online as a nickname. I don’t think it’s to do with anyone hanging there, or anything like that. All it was, was a little old lady that lived there. She died in the home. And then once again, like Pete said there was no one to claim her. She didn’t have any family, etc.

Pete: And her body wasn’t discovered for a while. So, I think, because of her body not being discovered, that she’d been sitting, sitting there for a while. And it was just a very tragic story. She had, like Dan said, no family to

That’s sad.

Pete: to discover the body, you could say. I guess, which is a really unfortunate thing. It got that stigma of being a very negative home. Especially,  if someone passed away and the body’s not discovered for a while.

Yes, of course.

Pete: Sorry to butt in Dan,

Dan: Oh, no, no, no.

Pete:  But yeah,  unfortunately that’s –  There’s another place that we investigated that has a very, very negative,  unfortunate history. And that was the Sunnybrae Maternity Hospital. Now, this was back in, around World War Two. There was the ladies that their husbands went off to war. So they were pregnant, went to this maternity hospital to give birth to their child. And unfortunately, back then, with the history that if any child was born with a disfigurement, a facial disfigurement, they were put to death. And that is such a sad history


Pete: Yeah.  Unfortunately, like, that was the history. The doctors couldn’t solve the problem back in the nineteen-twenties. Yeah,  nineteen-ten, nineteen-twenties. They saw that as a problem. So they would unfortunately put that child to death. And it’s a very tragic and unfortunate history. And we, and a lot of the children were buried on site. Which is just phenomenally sad. We ah,  with that location, there was a German doctor. That was on site giving birth, delivering those children. Now, we picked up an EVP of his voice. And we’ve had, and these boys and because we’re on Ghost Walk TV in Germany, we’ve had a lot of Germany see that episode, and say, hey!  This is what the doctor said.  Which was amazing.

But then we went out to the approximate site of where these new-borns were laid to rest, and we had the K2 meter. Now, you’re talking about the middle of a field, no electricity anyway. And the K2 meter’s sitting at the highest point register possible. Which is the red. And it wouldn’t go off. And we had nurses voices come through, doctors voices come through. When we did our EVP session.

Dan: Yeah, it was the biggest confirmation. That K2 Meter was just spiking the whole time. I mean, it would go off and then back on. And then spike up again. But it was constantly moving and we were out in the middle – like he said, out in the middle of a grassy area, with no electricity around, no –  And we were looking everywhere. We were looking for wires. We were looking for electric boxes. But there’s nothing.

Pete: It got to the point where we thought the K2 meter was broken, because, it wouldn’t – it was going off so intensely. So it was like, hang on the K2 metre went on.

Dan: Turn it off, turn it back on. And another thing that confirmed it was that after all that, we went away, back to the – You know,  back to the car and the other area.  And turned the K2 back on. Nothing! Nothing was wrong. Nothing, yeah,

Pete: So, there are locations that we have been on, that have a very tragic past. And that’s why we put the history in, to let people know that hey, times have changed.  And we’re not ­–  That humanity has progressed to a point where we do have a little bit of humanity about us, that if someone is born with something wrong with them, then they are still a human being. And they still need to be loved and cared for. 

Dan: That’s what we do too. We go into a cemetery or something like that. One of our latest live videos we done, it’s a perfect example.  Is that if we see a toy or a vase, or some flowers that have been knocked over, we’ll stand them back. Or, one of the things happened on the last video that we did, it was live, up at Wombye cemetery. And there was these big branches had fallen off the tree laying all over these graves. We picked them up. We picked them up and moved them away. But we always do.  So kind of,

Pete: It’s a sign of respect.  

Respect, yeah.

Dan: It’s a sign of respect. So we will never film a child, a child’s headstone.

Pete: Never do that. That’s a little bit disrespectful. If a parent’s lost a  child, it’s disrespectful to put that name up on the Internet.

Oh yes, absolutely.

Pete: Yeah. Especially if that parent, is a surviving parent. It would cause nothing but devastation for them. And that’s not what we’re about.

Dan: No. Not at all.

Yeah, That’s, that’s really hard. With the current world situation, as it is, and the covid. It’s obviously put a bit of a damper on your current investigations. So what are you guys able to do for the moment? Are there places that you are able to go in your area?

Pete: Yeah,

Dan: Yeah there are. We can still cover locally. There are plenty of places between where we are and Brisbane, and even north.  There’s plenty of locations we can still go to.  The ones that we can’t go to at the moment, we’re finding harder are over state lines. Because we’re very lucky here in Queensland.

Pete: Yeah, in Queensland where we are, we’re very, very lucky this year.

Dan: People are moving here.

Pete: The amount of people that are moving here on a daily basis,

Dan: Is absolutely phenomena

I know. I know, my daughter just sold her house.  And she put it on the market, and they just – It like, sold within a couple of days, because, of all these people coming from Sydney to get away from it.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

When covid settles down, and New South Wales is safe to visit again, and you’re allowed to visit again. Have you considered going to the ­– Oh what’s that place called? In Sydney.  It’s ah, the Quarantine station.

Pete: Yes, that’s Q Station. We had actually looked at that, I think, when things open up we –  Because, where we stand with the channel is that, the channel is actually now paying for itself. Which is fantastic for us!

That’s awesome.

Pete: Because, it allows us to go further. There are a couple of places in Sydney and Melbourne that we are planning to go and investigate. Q Station is one of them. But unfortunately, like we said with covid,  we have to wait until that moves on. But we’re definitely going to have a look at that. There’s a hospital down there that we’re going, in Melbourne, that we’re going to do an investigation at. And we do want to get down to Tasmania to do. To have a look at Port Arthur, as well as especially

Oh my goodness, that would be interesting.

Pete: Yeah, yes. With the shooting down there, while it was very unfortunate, and stuff like that.  We’re not really looking at that side of it. People don’t realize that there is, that there used to be a convict prison there.

Right. Yeah. That’s what I was thinking of.

Pete: The history with that prison itself is tremendously terrifying. Especially what the convicts suffered when they first come to Australia. So that’s one place that we definitely want to get down to. We’re in talks with them at the moment. But yeah, there’s a lot of locations, once these borders open. Because, we do want to eventually get across the ditch, and say gidday!  We’ll come and do some investigations over there.

Basically the idea, I guess, with the channel was that we want to do this for a living. You know? This is something we’re both passionate about. And if the channel can help us get overseas to other countries, then we can really broaden out for our subscribers and our viewers, that are very important to us.  And what we say to them. Without you guys, we don’t have a channel. And it’s plain and simple, that we want them to come along for the journey and experience with us.

Dan: Yeah, yeah. That’s another reason why we’re doing this three-part series at the moment at the old Petrie Town. Yeah. So we just put that part one up, because the, the old railway station that was –  We did the we did the railway at Gympie. But then this is part one of this actual mini -series is three part mini-series we’re doing at the moment is all in Old Petrie town, and the railway that’s actually in there. So we just done that. And then the next one, we’re going to do a couple of other locations within that old Petrie town. And then the third part, we’re actually going to have some special guests come along and feature on that as well.

So, yeah, so we’re trying to bring as much to that to our audience as we can and trying to keep it real.  Letting everybody know that they are real.  And this is what a lot of a lot of our subscribers and followers are loving, is that we are legit. We are one hundred percent real. We don’t fake anything.  We’re so transparent the show, and they love our personality, because, we’ve been mates for nearly thirty years. Like they tell us and we can see it because we’re not looking for it. But they tell us that it’s like there’s this vibe.  Positive vibe that’s just vibrating. oozing off us, when we’re doing our investigations. You know, so . . .

Well, I see it between me just talking.  Like one will start, the other will, you know? It’s like an old married couple really. You know how  get into that? They get into a pattern and a rhythm together. And you guys are like that. Being that you’ve been together, you,  you’re used to each other’s nuances and. Yeah. And you know how each other works and. Yeah, it’s really –  I can see that it’s a really good team and I’m so impressed with your work. Where can my listeners find you?

Dan:  OK, so our YouTube channel, we’re on YouTube and it’s Nightwatchers Paranormal Australia.  And basically we’re on Facebook. We’ve got a Facebook page, which is Nightwatchers Paranormal Australia. Then we’ve got a Facebook group which is Nightwatchers Paranormal Australia hyphen group. And then we’ve also got Instagram, which is Nightwatchers paranormal, and we’ve got Twitter, which is

Pete: Nightwatchers Paranormal Australia.

Dan: Yeah. And then we’ve got TikTok, which is Nightwatchers Paranormal. Yeah. So if it was just Nightwatchers Paranormal on whatever, you know you’re probably going to find us, that easy to find.

Easy to find, that’s awesome.  Where, where are you guys looking at going from here? What’s your next move?

Pete: We’ve got some awesome, awesome investigations coming up. Obviously, we do want to go interstate, when covid lifts again we will do that.  But, we’ve got some really big collaborations with some really big locations coming up in the season.  This season, beginning of next season. But, we’re now finding that the bigger locations are starting to contact us, which is amazing.

That’s primo!

Pete: Wanting us to film their site. We’ve gone from doing our local stuff. Now we’re expanding. We want to expand a bit more in Queensland, going into New South Wale, and try and get around the country a bit more in the next couple of seasons. And that’s very important to us now that the channel is financially viable for us to do that.

That’s awesome!

Dan: I think, the travelling. We just really want to get out there and what we’ve got, we haven’t actually exhausted the coast, where we are now. There’s no way. We’ve only just scraped the surface. So the fact is that we want to start touching a few of the locations that are around interstate state. And we want to do interstate before we actually go international,

Yeah, of course.

Dan: Because, of course, you want to get our country out there. And a lot of people are watching us from America and Germany and places. And they’re going, didn’t realise how many how many places that are active over in Australia. You know? Well we’re like, people die everywhere.

And Australia has a really –  The history of Australia is quite brutal,

Pete: Oh very much so.

For both the Aboriginal people, and for those who were sent here as prisoners.

Dan: Yeah, yeah, definitely. The whole nation is built off convicts. Death and convicts, you know. That’s what it’s all about. And I’ve got an Aboriginal background myself, so we want to try and maybe do some more stuff that is down that avenue a bit as well.

Pete: Which is bringing up that is very interesting, cause Old Petrie Town had birthing trees. If you look into the Aboriginal culture there and read up about that, that’s a part of our investigation. A lot of activity happens there. So we’re being given permission to engage with that location.

Wow, that’s awesome.  Because that’s really sacred.

Pete: Yes, yes it is.

Dan: A lot of places that, a lot of things that we do where we always make sure we get permission.

Pete: Permission

Dan: Well, everywhere we go always we get permission. But yeah, to do with things like the indigenous side and stuff, you know, we always make sure we got the permission to do so. Yeah.

Pete: And I think it’s very important to document that type of thing. Especially with sort of the history that the Aboriginals have had.


Pete: Unfortunately, and the convicts and all that brutal history, like you said, that Australia does have. It’s always good to make people aware of that, especially like people in Australia, and yes, New Zealand know the history about Australia. But when you’re looking through Europe, where Ghost Links pushes our content, they don’t know our history. So, by showing them and putting that history in our videos, they start to learn about our culture. Who we are as a people.  The locations that we do have that may not necessarily be a haunted location, but something that if they come here, they can visit.

Um, that’s really awesome. I really like that. And that educates people, too.

Dan: Yeah, very much so.

Pete: Definitely

As well as encouraging them to visit, when visiting is available again for everybody. That’s so awesome. Look guys, I’ve absolutely enjoyed talking with you. I kind of feel like I could talk with you for ages more,

Dan: We do too.

But I think we’ll probably end it here. Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. And to my listeners, go and check their channel out,  Night Watchers Paranormal Australia. They’ve got some really awesome stuff on there. Give it a look, give it a like and subscribe and follow these guys. I honestly feel that really worth following. I certainly know that I will be. And so thank you guys Pete and Dan again for your time. I really appreciate it.

Dan: Thank you, Marianne. Really appreciate it.  And we’ve loved this chat with you.

Pete: Thank you very much.

I know I say this pretty much every episode, with my guests. But, I really enjoyed my conversation with Pete and Dan. They are down-to-earth, genuine Aussie blokes. And, also they’ve promised to take me on an investigation with them, when I eventually get to return to Australia to visit my daughters and grandbabies who live there. Pretty excited about that one. Check out their video investigations on their YouTube channel, Nightwatchers Paranormal Australia. They are really great, honest, investigations.

This episode’s bumper music was called Silent Valley, I liked the didgeridoo like sounds in the beginning of it. It reminded me of Australia, where my guests are from.

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