Episode 91: Patti Negri

Kia ora, hello everyone. Welcome back to the first episode of season 8, and thanks so much for joining us today. A special welcome to all new listeners. For those who are familiar with my voice, you may notice in this episode and our next one, in the intros to the interviews, and the summing up, that I sound a wee bit different. That’s because, I’m currently a tad ill with a chest infection, so apologies for the raspy, breathless voice, but as the saying goes, the show must go on.  I always do my interviews separately to the show intros and exits, due to a number of reasons, guests timing, etc. And I try to have at least a couple of episodes done, before the season restarts. So, by the time our third episode rolls around, I should be well and truly over this bot.

I’m not going to muck around too much because, it’s a bit of a strain talking. But I want to introduce you to my special guest this episode. I was at my computer a few weeks back, editing an interview actually, when I got notification of an email. I opened it and it was from my guest’s publicist. Asking if I would be interested in having her on my podcast. I actually wasn’t too sure, because I usually don’t promote mediums, as a general rule. I think I had one, in my first season, and decided after that not to, unless I felt certain they were the real deal. There are a number of reasons for that. And this person, I actually have seen on a TV show that I followed, since they began. The Ghost Adventures. Just to be open and honest with you all. I follow these chaps more because they make me laugh, than any other reason. But my guest is a regular on their show, and despite knowing how these shows work behind the scenes, having been on one myself, along with my Paranormal Investigation team, a few years back. I was very impressed with her when I first saw her on their show. So I actually went to the patrons of my show and asked them for their opinion, it was a unanimous let’s have her on. So now, let me tell you about her.

Patti Negri

My guest enjoys working her magic on Ghost Adventures and their spinoff Deadly Possessions on the Travel Channel, Jeff Lewis’s Flipping Out, some magickal cooking on Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey. Conjuring up a few “dead celebrities” on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Pawn and several episodes of Pit Boss, and an upcoming Bad Girls Club. She was brought in as paranormal expert on Ghostly Lovers, Candidly Nicole, Mansion Hunters, Beverly Hills Pawn and dozens more.  She’s even gotten into the home makeover world on Mobile Home Disaster. In addition to being a host of PSYCHICS GONE WILD on Blogtalk Radio, and has been heard on national syndicated radio with Adam Corolla, Jason Ellis and Mancow Muller.

As a performer my guest has enjoyed numerous stage, film, and television roles, and has had the honour of working with Martin Sheen, Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, and Emma Stone to name a few. As a producer, Patti owns Brain Brew Entertainment, a theatrical production company that specializes in live entertainment. Her working style is magical, loving and upbeat — which creates a positive, safe and fun environment for you to learn, grow and heal.

She’s been practicing natural magick her entire life. Her specialty is in adjusting energy and flow – in people, spaces, situations, most anything. She works organically by creating spells and rituals that arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe. To bring about healing, change our lives for the better, and create balance. She is also the President and Chief Examiner of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. She’s very happily married to the fabulous drummer Kerry Crutchfield and proud “mom” to new puppy Willow. I’d like to welcome my special guest, Patti Negri.

Marianne: Thank you so much for joining us today Patti. I’m really excited to talk to you. When we talked the other day, I couldn’t wait for today to come and catch up with you formally. So welcome to the Walking the Shadowlands Podcast from here in little Old New Zealand.

Patti: Well, Greetings from Hollywood. I am thrilled to be there in Little Old New Zealand from Little Old Hollywood, California, and you sound pretty good for being so far away.

Ah not bad eh.

Thank you so much for having me on. Thank you.

Oh  was actually really, quite thrilled when your publicist reached out to me. As I said, I don’t normally have people who are psychics or mediums on, mainly because I don’t know how genuine they are. But I’ve seen you in action. And as soon as I saw you, I knew that you were the real deal. You know, I could feel it. And for those listeners who don’t know, Patty has appeared on a number of television shows and the shows that I’m referring to, that I saw her on was Ghost Adventures.

Yeah, that’s the one I’ve been. That’s the one everybody watches. I do a lot of shows, but I do Ghost Adventures a lot, and I’ve been doing it for six years now. My first show with Zach and the guys was 2015. I just had one air last week, so you know,  a few times this season when they figure they need me, it’s great. I never know what I’m getting into.

Well maybe

It’s always an adventure,

Sorry. So, Patty, I didn’t mean to interrupt you here. Maybe we could talk about that briefly and then go on to other aspects of what you do, because it’s only a small portion of what you do, but it’s probably what you’re better known for at the moment.

Yeah. No, we can go anywhere you want. Honestly.

Oh sweet okay. Well, actually, let’s do this. Let’s start at the beginning. So tell us how you got into working professionally with your abilities?

By fluke, absolute accident. I mean, I’ve always been gifted. I’ve been talking to the other side since I could talk. Since I was a little kid, three or four weeks old, I just knew that the so called imaginary friends weren’t imaginary. There were real beings and spirits I could talk to and communicate with. I was always had this, actually, very sweet obsession with the other side, with the dead. Never in a darker, morbid way, though. I just wanted to talk to them. They were there. So I did my first seance at seven or eight.

And so I’ve always been on this path. I’ve always communicated with nature, and animals, and spirits, and very elemental in my work. So I found a path that worked with that a nice pagan path. I kept it very separate. I’ve never lied about things, but I had a production company that was very corporate, and I produced shows. But for like, big banks and Microsoft. And these people are like, oh, my. If these people knew that I danced around bonfires and a cloak and a dead people, they wouldn’t have me for their HR Department, annual, whatever motivational training. So I kept them like, really separate.

Until a back 2008, when the big corporate crash came, the big stock market crash. And corporate entertainment became a dirty word. I’m producing these big shows. And again, number one, the companies are losing money. They can’t put on. This would be the first thing to go. They take care of their employees. And at the same time, there was big executives getting in trouble for misusing corporate entertainment.  For flying around the world and doing naughty things. Which was not what we did. So all of a sudden, that just kind of crashed.

And the same time, reality TV was just going up and up and up. It’s been around for a while. But I got a call from somebody who knew my ability with mediumship and raising the veil. And with Seances. And they had a TV show. And they said, we really need you to do a Seance on this TV show. I’m like, no, I can’t do that. I keep that side of myself very separate from the public eye, because of my work. I really can’t. Oh, please, please. We need your ability. And we know you’re legit, just like you said. And we need this thing. No, no, I really can’t.

And then I look at my calendar and I don’t have any shows. I don’t have any jobs. I’m like, with this, am I being silly? And I go, Well, what’s the name of the show? And he goes, it’s called Mobile Home Disaster. And it’s on country music television. And I’m like, Well, nobody’s going to watch that. Nobody’s gonna watch that. So I’ll do it. Okay. I’ll do it, you know? So I went, and I fell in love with the genre. I get to do my work. My most passionate work. I actually was helping a human little girl, because, she did have a portal in her mobile home. And there was a spirit and saw that she was ill. I was able to help her. I got to have three cameras following me around. And again, I have that background, but I didn’t have to memorize lines. I got to be me. Do my work on a bigger thing.

Like, this is so much fun. But never again, I can’t do this because this is the separate side of me. So again, it was fun. It was great. I love it. No. And then so it aired. And then and thinking nothing of it, nobody watches. Who would watch a show called Mobile Home Disaster on country music? Not anybody, even of my corporate clients. Not that anybody, wouldn’t it, and that’ it’s a bad thing. But my world, my Hollywood world, my corporate world. I didn’t think they were going to watch that.

The very next day, I get a call from my biggest horse client. And she’s like, at a big national, like, I think a Bank I worked for. I’m like, Hi, Patty. I saw you on TV last night. And I’m like, and she’s like, I didn’t know you were into the paranormal. Yeah. And my voice gets higher and higher. And she goes, I love the paranormal. I didn’t know you could speak the spirits. I’m like, yeah, I go – And we have the most real, personal conversation we had ever had. And I’m like, what am I doing? I am out of the broom  closet. I’m out of the psychic closet. This is who I am. I don’t do anything bad, or negative. Or, anything that anybody shouldn’t like. So that’s it. So, again, even though I still have my production company, that’s just such a I don’t even have time for that, even when I picked up. But the other one this way, because, again, I do know television. I am legit and good at what I do. I have all the background. It’s just like, well, just call Patty. If you need a psychic, call Patty. You need a witch call Patty, you need to say so. It’s fine. It’s great.

Awesome. So that set you on that path. And from there, were you approached by other companies? Like, how did you get on to Ghost Adventures?

Ghost Adventures was almost a fluke. I guess, probably they heard about me. Again, because I’ve been around a long time. But they were doing my first time there. I was really supposed to be, you know, how every show, you know, the show that they have one local person, either who has experienced something. Or even the local psychic, or the investigator there. So it was right in my hometown. I live in the middle of Hollywood. It was a haunted Hollywood episode. And they were at the American Legion Hall.

And for some reason, I think the person who worked there, who managed the place, said I had done a fundraiser there. I’m on the executive board of the Hollywood Arts Council. We support the arts in Hollywood. We bring art into all the schools in the elementary school, because, art makes your math better. People are just getting. So I had done a fundraiser there. I’ve done a spirit salon. My husband’s jazz band played. I did sweet little ghost tours. Not even like, paranormal things. But while I was there, I’m like, oh, my God.

I’m talking to Charlie Chaplin. I like, and I said where he was and all this stuff in a not spooky atmosphere, this kind of an elegant everybody dressed up old Hollywood way. And Zach had heard that I had talked to Charlie chaplain. So, he called me in like he would whoever in the neighbourhood, who had been to the thing. And then I guess, I pointed out the exact – unbeknownst to me, the exact chair he sat at her. The manager of the club said, yes, this is where he sat every Friday. And so Zach’s like, oh my God, she really knows! And I said how he was swirling his drink. And so again, I thought, that would be the end of it. But then all of a sudden, they start calling me if they needed a séance. Or, they need it through the veil, or also, to just kind of tell what’s going on. Almost give a confirmation how they have the equipment, Because honestly, I never know where I’m going. On the times that I’ve sent them a place that’s the times I really don’t go in and do things because I know it. I Reseda house. I leave them there. Pasadena house. I leave them there. Even with Holly’s house, I said, were my experience, because I’ve done it. But other ones, it’s like, here’s this address, and you show up here and you’re get in the airplane, and you fly here. Once this one in Scottsdale, it’s like, okay, usually they’ll have a production assistant pick you up. And they’re like, we’re so used to doing this, we rented you a car, and just drive out. Like, I’m waiting. I’m waiting. I go, can I have an address? I’m not that good of a psychic really. It’s a big place. Arizona. So, they did.

But like, even the Cecil Hotel, which was a big, scary, famous place. He had called me a couple of weeks before. He said, Patty, we’re going to be in La, and I’m going to call you. I’m going to need you for something. I went okay, great. I always love it, because, it’s always an adventure. I didn’t hear anything. That’s normal. And then I get a call in the afternoon. He’s like, We’re in downtown La. Can you be here in 2 hours? He gave me, I think he mumbled an address. If he said the Cecil, I don’t remember it. But I’m thinking 2 hours. I was at my brother’s house, you know, about 30 miles away.  And I’m like, I’m a girl. I think, did I wash my hair today? Do I have time to put on makeup? I’m not, where are we going? So I’m like, yeah, I could be there. And I’m rushing to get home. And it’s downtown. It’s Skid Row. And I see the sign like, oh, Cecil Hotel.

That’s the place with the girl in the water tower that made Worldwide press. The girl pushing elevator buttons. That’s all I knew. I didn’t know the rest of the history. I never looked into it. But I’m walking up through Skid Row, and I feel the energy first. First, this rat wouldn’t let me in. And there’s lots of rats, I’m not even afraid of rats. But I would go right and the rat would go right. I go left, the rat. So we’re dancing. We’re going right and left this rat. I’m going, wow. Even the rats possessed?  Or, maybe the rats are protecting me? I don’t know? But you have to move, rat. I have to be there. So I got past the rat, and I walk in, and this building is just kind of bom, bom, bombarding in on me so strongly. And I start going into trance state right away, because that’s what I do for things like that. I know what I’m doing. So, this is a don’t do this at home. And then all of a sudden, up they jump. Zach and the whole crew. And they’ve got their camera strapped on already.

He said, okay, Patty. And I’m like, and he goes, there’s 14 floors. There’s 700 rooms. You tell us where to go. And I go to the elevator. I’m like, oh, this is that elevator. And I told him what button to push. I don’t even remember what it was. I’m in trance state. And I led him to a room, one of the 700 rooms. And I walk into a room, and I kind of get this little girl voice when I’m in trance state. And I’m walking over the window, and I’m not thinking anything. And I gotta get out of here. And I’m just opening the window, and I’m not thinking. And all of a sudden, Zach starts yelling at me. And the part of me that’s still conscious. Patty, I keep this section awake. And I’m like, Why is he yelling at me? Zach’s never yelled at me before. I just got to open the window. I’ve got to get out, and I’m just not thinking anything. And he’s like, sit down, sit down. And I’m like, he’s never yelled at me. So, he almost forced me to sit down, and I sit down.

And then on their SLS camera, they have the dancing green person sitting on me. And I, unbeknown to me, had led them to a room that somebody had jumped out, that very window. I guess he thought I was going to jump out from it. I was like, channelling this person who had to get out of there. That place is amazing. So they’re like, okay, we left the room. And then I led him to another room. And then all of a sudden, I feel like I’m being attacked. I’m holding myself. I looked like a little kid. And I’m like, oh, don’t go there. Don’t go there. And I’m in panic, again channelling through. Okay. And again Zach’s going, what’s happening? Where are you being attacked? And the part of me that’s still Patti going you’re on television, you’re conscious. I’m like, how do you say that body part on television? And I’m like, lady parts or whatever I said, female, female.  I had led them to a room where this poor woman had been raped and murdered. That place is crazy. Great. We had all sorts of other things. Those are the just two that made it on the episode as they film more than they need.

Yes. Yes they do.

But I’ve been  back there recently with a new crew I’m working with, on YouTube. They’re called TFIL. And again, just as crazy. My channelling on that one, I allowed to –  And it’s like, a lot of drug addicts, and all that kind of stuff. And I was channelling one of those. So the part of me that was still Patty was thinking, I was talking. I was talking and saying stuff, and I was rocking back and forth, kind of hitting my head. The poor guys put their head hand behind my head, think I was going to give myself a concussion, but I thought I was talking. But what they heard was this weird gibberish – It was weird gibberish. I didn’t know that. But one of the guys, and he’s really intuitive, he’s an intuitive one on their thing. Really. He’s, he’s, he’s like, you need to play that backwards. They played it backwards, and I was speaking English. That still gives me goosebumps, because I. But that is a weird. Yeah, they played it from me going blah, blah , blah, or whatever and thinking like, idiot. It said whatever. It said, help me. I’m so sorry. I’ve got to do whatever. It was English backwards.

That’s really crazy.

I know kids, downtown LA,

I know.

I just love crazy places, but. Whoa.

With  the Cecil Hotel, Patti. I got the impression that there was a land elemental there, that was causing the issues.

That is a huge part of it. Yes. And  it comes from the land. From the ground, there is elemental. And from that, I think some kind of egrigore has been created. Or, something definitive from the ground. Because downtown La, in a lot of cities are skid row. on the same block as a fancy, expensive apartment. And what it is, I just did a clearing literally across the street from a Cecil on a fancy, expensive, doorman apartment. But she was getting this kind of coming up from the ground, thing. A beautiful old building. So I had to put so many more extra protections around all this stuff. But you nailed it. It’s in the ground. Like, if they knocked that building down, there’d still be a thing.

Yeah, there’d still be issues.

And whatever it is, it’s so strong. Now, again, combination from the ground, something self-created. It both affects living people there, makes them jump out windows, overdose on drugs, kill people. Two serial killers there. And it’s also holding the spirit world in. And there’s spirits that are stuck there like Eliza lamb and stuff. So it’s bad, but it’s really great to go, if you’re into that sort of thing.

That’s actually the impression that I, that I got. So thank you for validating that for me. Because, somebody was asking me about it once, and I said, well look, I actually think it’s this. And it’s causing the behaviours in these people, it’s affecting their behaviour. Promoting. . .

You can feel it. You would feel it the second you walk in. I mean, people do. People who don’t think that they have any gifts, or powers, or awareness, or spirituality, or belief system would go, ooh, this place is weird. You know, you feel it in your body.

Yeah, absolutely.  Oh, that’s really interesting. So what do you think was your most memorable experience when working with the Ghost Adventures team to date?

That was pretty interesting. I think. I think the one of the heaviest. I’ve been a lot of heavy, different places, but the Black Dahlia house really, really, because I allowed him to channel through me and he was evil. The doctor who he was doing it, who did it? He told me.

He did it. Yeah.

Even his son, who was LAPD knows he did it. But again, it’ll remain an unsolved. But he is an evil one and still there. And he is holding some of the girls and he killed lots of girls. Not just the Black Dahlia, not just Elizabeth Short.  Just a lot of them were like little run-aways. And ladies of the evening that just didn’t count so much, unfortunately. So, that place was really, really charged. And a couple of times that I’ve filmed in Zack Museum when the people are out. You know, I did the Peggy the Doll seance, which was kind of crazy because she’s a haunted little thing.

And then a few Halloween specials where. Yeah, it’s crazy too. I saw these. Oh, you’re interesting. Even though he keeps it in check. I mean, people experience up all the time. He’s got the best haunted collection of anybody. And it’s beautifully curated and there’s the right amount of protection. But, you know, when the guests go away, get throw out all that.

Yeah. Because, of course, they’ve got health and safety over there, they have to be aware of. The legalities of it.

Yeah, and on a spiritual level, on a magical level.

Yeah, absolutely. Wow. That’s really cool. And you’ve been into some really interesting, interesting things. Ghost Adventures aside, I understand that you did an interview where you talked about spirit sex.


Let’s get into that a little bit.

Alright. Spectrophilia is the technical name. I’m actually, weirdly, considered an expert, an international expert in Spectrophilia. But when the field of experts is two people, it doesn’t take a long time to get to the top. Yeah, I’m the best in the world. I’m the only one. No. It’s funny, but yes, I started having clients. It is a real thing. Humans have been having relations with spirits as long as humans. I mean, it’s written about in books, even almost like the humanly – the human and the heavenly creature. Good, or bad, or indifferent. 

That’s every story, every religion. But what gets the press is the bad side, the Incubus, Succubus. The demon who comes, and all that. And yes, that does exist. But so does the good side of it. Just like human to human sex. There’s good and there’s bad, there’s consensual and non-consensual. But in our modern world and I’m sure your country is the same as ours, our modern Western, non-mystical world, ghosts and spirits are weird enough to talk about. Bad enough in the real mundane world. Add sex on top because we can’t talk about sex either. And then what? You’re going to combine ghosts and sex. You just don’t talk about that. People will put you away and think you’re crazy. How do you talk to you, even your therapist, or your boss, or your family? So, what’s sad is that there’s people are experiencing it.


They’re going crazy, and they think they’re possessed. And they think they’re of the devil. And none of that is true. It’s something that’s gone on forever. So to be able to talk about it is that you can get help. There’s stuff – Everything is under our control. So, it’s the bad kind going on. You have to know how to stop it. And you can. This is our realm of existence.


People don’t know that. So they give away their power. And they get fearful.

Exactly! Yep, that’s what I tell people.

People will feed the negative, or angry, which will feed the negative. No, be like a parent or a teacher. Nope, you’re not welcome here.

That’s what I tell them. Use your mum voice! When you’re speaking to them, use your mum voice.

I’m gonna say that. Mom voice, that is really good, because I say, like, you’re a parent or teacher. With a complete authority, even some love behind it. No fear and no anger. And guess what? They go away! But, they want you to get mad. They want you to get scared. So, yeah, if you’re. having the negative side of it, I can give you ways to get rid of it. And if you’re having the positive side of it, again you can think you’re not evil or bad. And I still teach people. It can be good for the short term. Like my best friend whose husband died young and it was closure. You know, and people don’t get it. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you don’t believe it ghosts. But, if you believe it in the spirit world, why would you think? And so many people experience. Yes. My grandma came to me. Or my parents came to me, and they held my hand. Or, they were at the end of the bed? So if you believe a spirit can do that, why would you think your spouse of 50 years, or your lover,  that’s off limits? Now, again, that’s our weird Western prudish, ridiculousness.

Oh, absolutely.

So my best friend that experienced it. So, I started studying it for all this stuff. So it’s like, oh, I need to do. So now people come to me. But again, still, the crazy stuff gets all the press. Like, there’s a woman in the UK, you know, gave up men for ghosts and she’s engaged to a ghost

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Married to the pirate.

and next she’s going to have a ghost baby.  It’s like, and she’s the one getting the press. No, you’re not gonna have a ghost baby. Eh, but that’s okay. So long as the good stuff gets out there.

Did you know she divorced him?

Did she divorce the gho? Oh, see, I have not kept up on my ghost.

I actually did an episode on Incubus and Succubi, Succubus, and I covered her story and apparently because ­– Well, it was all over the press here in New Zealand as well. And apparently she was starting to get, she found she starting to get really ill after sexual encounters with him. To the point where her house was seriously declining. And finally she broke up and realized, hey, this is not a good thing. And she had an exorcism done.

Okay. All right. So whatever. That’s dramatic. But she’s going on in the dramatic, and that’s good. But again, and even when it’s a good side of things, it’s often for closure of a relationship. Or occasionally I’ve had it, that maybe somebody often women, but it could be a man, too. They’ve lost their sense of themselves. They’ve even lost their sense of sensuality, and they’re afraid of intimacy with living people. A few times I’ve had where this beautiful spirit lover, positive, good. Will come to them, reawaken their sexuality and go, oh, yeah, this is a good thing. But then I still work with that. It’s still geographically undesirable. Short term and then move on to humans. Because, again, it is different realms of existence. It can have a place for short term, but it is going to take your energy because it’s like you have to go to a different planet, a different realm to deal with it. He can’t take you out to dinner. You can’t take them home for the holidays.

Yeah. And I’ve always like, you know, very often people can feel loved ones touch them to comfort them. So this is no different.

No different.

It’s no different.

And I do hear –  I’ve never had it myself. But I hear the experience is fabulous! Is it no limitation of just the physical body?

Yeah. It touches all the buttons. Oh that’s crazy. Yeah, so the people I spoke to about it, were ones that had more traumatic experiences. And that’s probably what you hear about more than, you know,  positive experiences.

Yes. Again, that’s what you’re going to hear about in life, the bad guys, not so much the good guys. Somebody did a good deed today and carried the groceries. And so on.

And I felt really badly for them, because, they’re no different to a rape victim of a living person. They still go through all the same feelings of violation, of lack of control of, you know, everything that a regular rape victim goes through. But, who believes them? You know, who can they turn to? Because, yeah . . .

Because it’s again, that thing that everything is taboo. Everything rape is taboo, all of it. So it’s hard enough for regular, yeah. So that’s why it’s good to –  I did a movie for Travel Channel called Ghostly Lovers, where I was part of it. I was one of the experts, and it was beautifully done, almost kind of like a Hallmark family movie, but with subject matter. But it was all of the good side. I think they played it once.

Aw,  because it wasn’t dramatic enough?

Yeah. Well, maybe it wasn’t dramatic enough? Or, it’s still just a weird subject? Or both.

Probably both.

It was too nice. It wasn’t dramatic enough, and it was still too weird to the subject.

I keep hearing a man’s voice comes through just like a deep. I don’t hear what he’s saying.

So talk to us, please. I have my doll Bell. But that’s a female, little girl spirit. I have a French artist hangs around at my house. Adrian, it used to be her house, but I don’t know who the man would be. Maybe it’s with you.

Nobody. I know it’s a deep voice. I just keep hearing it. And I keep thinking, oh, is that mike interference? If he talks, I’ll pick it up when I’m going through, because I often get EVPs when I’m doing these recordings quite often, actually. Have you had much experience with animal spirits in your travels?

Yes,  I’m working with familiars and animal spirits. Both. Both the familiars, like your pet dog or cat. Familiars. And in more like your totem spirit animal working with. I actually do a lot. We actually did a Hunt ritual last night where I was working with Wolf energy, and Wolf power, and things like that. It was beautiful. Yeah. So the way I teach. The way I see, there’s three different kinds of familiar. There’s the dog, cat, real pet one. There’s the totem spirit animal type. Like I’m there I am Crow. I am out. And then there’s the created one, which are the spirits, like working with Dragon energy, working with whatever the –  where you’re creating your own spirit, which we create spirits all the time. I work with all three. How about you?

I was meaning, sorry, I was meaning more of like animal spirits. As in seeing them. Like pets. People’s pets, yeah.

Yes. Oh, my goodness. Yes. Honestly, when I do my seances again, they used to be around my dining room table, and they become Zoom with this or no, I’m a 400 people in an auditorium. Next week I’m going to be at Michigan Paracon. It’s a theater that holds fifteen-hundred. I’m thinking that’s a lot of dead people. Yeah, because everybody brings with them. But no, some of the first ones to come or animal spirit, they love us. They love us. Nothing dies. Science has proven that. Because, I’m always like, who’s got the fluffy white poodle with the purple Polka dot collar? Or, the this.? Or, the that ? And a big yellow white, whatever that is.

And somebody is always, oh that’s puffy from whatever. He just died last year. Or, I had when I was a kid. They hang out and people see them. You see them when you least expect it.  Like maybe you’re watching TV, or you’re at your computer. Or, you’re dining and you feel something just like that, corner of your eye, or brushing by your feet that feels like a tail.  Like your cat’s tail. Or, something getting on the bed.  You hear all the time, just like my puppy sounded.

But they are the first to come to my seances. Once again, this is a test of the same thing. I was in my dining room table doing seance, you know, before the lockdown. And in walked a giraffe. And  it wasn’t like a spirit, total animal. It was like a pet giraffe. It was kind of indicating to me –  they don’t speak English. It was pet giraffe. And the part of me wanted to go, you can’t say that. That doesn’t make sense. But you can’t use your logical brain, because that shuts everything down. And I went, okay, somebody have a pet giraffe. And somebody did. They had grown up, like in Africa or something on this compound that was just took a lot of just trust on my ego. But yeah, even giraffe, it was awesome.

I had an experience. I don’t know if I told you when we first talked? But, I was interviewing a chap who runs one of Chicago’s – Runs Chicago’s largest second hand dealership. And he wrote a really funny, funny book called Selling Dead People Things. And yeah, he’s really a lot – He’d be a good guest for you, actually, on your show. Yeah. He’s so funny. Anyway, he had this screen behind him, which was an Art Deco screen. And there was a gap between the screen and the floor, and I could see it.

And we’re just about finished the interview. And as we were just finishing,  I saw this fluffy fawny-coloured dog, wagging it’s tail, going past.  And I said, Ah, you’ve got a dog? And he said, no. And I said, But I just saw a dog. He said, I don’t have a dog. And I said, Did you have a dog? And he said, yes. Was it tan coloured? Yes. Aw that’s Snookum’s! And I’ve never visually seen one, like that before, and it was on audio. So he specifically asked me to keep that in the interview because it was such a touching validation for him that this beloved pet was still around him.

Yeah, it is. It is. They’re just love. Pets are just love. And. Yeah, that is so sweet. Yes. I believe again, more and more stuff is going to be seen and felt and heard and tasted, because the veils thinning.

Yeah! Oh, you just read my mind.! Literally read my mind. I was just going to say to you, have you noticed how the veils are thinning, buckling, and tearing in places?

Yep. Yep. Completely! And it could be a lot of reasons. And I think one of them is the age of Aquarius thing. It’s a different world. It is not the Earth based black and white, right and wrong. Solid ground of our parents, parents, grandparents. It’s becoming air, and different.  And the veil is thinning. And, you know, this planets going through so much shift. Humanity is so much shift, more and more unexplainable to the old fashioned belief system that left brain by. But I also think at the same time, science and spirituality are coming together, so much.  Getting into the quantum sciences is like Woo.  Everything is coming down to numbers and math. So whether you use religious words, or spirituality words, or  pagan words, or science words it’s all coming together.

Yeah. Isn’t it exciting? It’s actually –  I actually think it’s a very exciting time to be living in to say this. I come from like, a different perspective. Even though I’m a clairvoyant / medium. My work, since I was about three years old, has been star people.

Really? Yeah, that is not my world. I would – look at you. Were you communicating with them when you’re a little bitty kid,


Like I was with just regular old ghosts.

Yeah. I’ve had face to face encounters my entire life, and they taught me. I would see myself in ships and a learning situation where they’d be teaching me things. And one of the things that they taught me, very strongly, was about the power of intent. Which is something that you use a lot in pagan beliefs and rituals. Is that correct?

Yeah. I have a question for you again. Again, his is not my area of expertise. One of my mentors. It was Maximillian de Lafayette, but I don’t. But, it seems to me that star people, whatever you want to call them, and like, regular Ghosts, or Elementals or things like that on this earth, don’t come, don’t come at the same time? Like they won’t come to the same séance.

Oh, really?

No. Maybe it’s because it is different dimensions or something like that.

Different vibrational, rate. Whereas Elementals belong on this reality, and I always explain to people, ‘cause, this is how my star people explained it to me, is that this planet is like –  Think of it like an onion. With Earth being the core and every layer of the onion is a different dimension of being. But still attached to this reality.

Yeah, I like that. I like that. I’ll borrow it, give you full credit.

You can use that. And the veil between the dimensions, is that little membrane that separates each layer.

Yes, yes. And it is. It’s tearing and thinning and it’s got holes. And maybe they will come to the seance one of these days?

Well, probably not, because what’s the point? You know, what is their purpose? They are not here for dog and pony shows. You know what I mean?

That is true. That is true. That’s why I’m very, very careful. Even I work I do on the TV, you don’t want it to be a dog and pony show. Number one, it has to be with respect.

Yes. Absolutely.

I’ve, I’ve literally known people just on the Ghosty world. It’s like I’m worried. I think these ghosts are being abused. You know, you want to call tin social services. It’s like, okay, you have hunted house.  Stop it ,because you’re screaming at them, and all that old school they used to do it. And it’s like, really? This is ghost abuse, stop it!

Actually, you know, that’s a good way of looking at. I always say to people, you treat them with respect. They’re just humans without physical bodies. They’re the same beings. Would you speak to living person the way you’re talking to that? – Like,  I have a paranormal investigation team. Although, New Zealand is so small, and we’ve got such little places, you know, and funds and stuff that, you know, there’s not a lot of places to investigate here. You know, like larger places, apart from private homes. And I always,  one of the things I’ve always insisted on, is respect. When we go into a place, we introduce ourselves. I introduce the team. I say who we are and why we there, and that we may no disrespect. And we treat them with respect. Never antagonize.

Me neither, you can’t.

Would you like to be treated like that? And I get so angry. Patti. Like, we’ve got this place here in Napier, which was an old prison. It used to be a psychiatric hospital. Oh, first, it used to be an Army Barrack during the Māori wars. Māori land wars, here in New Zealand. Then it was a psych hospital, and now it’s a prison. And so it’s quite heavy site, and they –  Some groups have tours that go through it. And I hate that. I refuse, I will never take my team there. Because, these beings that are still trapped there, for whatever reason, are not there to be on display like Zoo animals. In fact, animals shouldn’t be on those. But that’s another story. That’s my attitude anyway.

No, I agree. You got a big compounds, areas, reserves.

How  do you incorporate your –  you call yourself a witch eh?

I do

I wasn’t sure if that was . . .

Yeah. I claim the title Witch.

Ok, yeah. So how do you combine your beliefs and your practices as a witch, in your work?

Well, I think the thing I don’t keep the religion-y side out of the spirituality. I mean, I teach that for anybody who wants to know, this is the Sabbath. This is what it is, you know?  Going into whether the feminine aspect with the male aspect, and all that you learn. But, to me, that’s the religion part of being a witch. I’m wiccan, or I’m ceremonial. Or I am, you know, a chaos magician. Or, to be a witch. To me, it’s the practice of the craft. Which means you are willing to take fate and change it. You are willing to drive your own boat, so to speak. Not do something, because, you’re told to do something too. That’s what I incorporate. And I teach people. They don’t have to be a witch. They don’t have to learn to be a witch. But, you can still drive your own boat.  

And I do believe to practice the craft, you do have to have. No, you have to know right from wrong ,funny terms, but you have to have a sense of integrity, of virtue, of ethics, of moral code. If you don’t, you can get in trouble. But if you do, you won’t get in trouble. It’s all intent, just like you brought up. If you have the bright intent.  So, you use the wrong colour candle? So, you use the wrong chant, so you do. But again, if your intent is to do this, as long as you’re harming none, you’re not affecting anybody else. Controlling anybody else, you create your world. We could do amazing things, and all from positive magic. I’ve never, ever once had a need to do anything negative, ever. And I’ve gotten amazing things, like miraculous things. Like from complete physical healing, to getting on Master Chef.  I mean, ridiculous things. And funny things, and fabulous things from positive magic.

So that’s how I incorporate it with them. Working with people, whether it’s clearing, I do a lot of house clearing that’s completely working elementally. And how I teach them to do it. Again, you could still be your Christian, or be your atheist, or be your Buddhist. But let’s work with that power of a tree. And in my one on one counselling with people. Whether we’re going to start with tarot cards, or was doing mediumship, it’s giving them solutions to things. Because, we’re all about solutions. Figuring it out what it is. Build the dam to here do that right.

I have a smallish Facebook group, which is the podcast started from, and I’m always telling my members, don’t give you power away. You don’t need to get somebody to come in and cleanse energies from your home. You can do it yourself. And so I show them and I tell them how to do it. I created documents that talks them step by step through it, and I say to them, you don’t have to use Sage. You don’t have to. You can use clap your hands. You can bang pot lids together. It’s just ritual used to focus your intent.

Yeah. Yeah. And I don’t use very much Sage. It’s too harsh for me. It’s harsh. I’ll use more Palo Santo. But harsh, it gets rid of everything, the good and the bad, unless you really, really need it. And a lot of the Native American Indians are thinking we are using way too much of it and it’s become so. . .

Yeah, it has. And so I try to say to people, look, there’s so many things you can use. In New Zealand, we tend to use water. Or, salt and water together.

I used a lot of salt. I use a lot of water. And like you said, big noise, clap your hands. Hit pots and pans together. If you have a bell. Great. If you don’t have a Bell, hit pots and pans together. Your voice, your everything.

Yeah, very cool. What have you got in the works at the moment, Patti? What’s coming up for you?

I’ve got so many. Lots of travel. I don’t know when this is exactly airing, but this next week I’m getting ready to go to Michigan. Paracon. I’m doing a mediumship Gallery. And that’s like one of the biggest here in America. Paracon, all the cool kids go up, from all the shows, and I’m doing that. The next week I’m doing an event in Tennessee, a temple, a Japanese temple. A shrine temple, with this big Dragon table. And I work with a lot of Dragon energy.

Ah interesting.

I can’t wait to get there. I’m home for a week or two, maybe. And then in October, which is busy month Samhein, Halloween. I’ve got two different events in Massachusetts, in Salem, in Salem area.  I’ve got New Orleans. I’ve got Vulture City, Paracon in Arizona. I’ve got Orange County. And again, these are live events. Orange county just decided to become virtual again. And I’m sad, but the others are still all live. All my international stuff has been pulled back till next year. I was supposed to go to Ireland this year, that got pushed back. International travels hard.

So next year I’ve got a castle tour of Ireland. I’ve got Romanian castles with my vampire friend, Father Sebastian. For Bram Stoker’s 125th anniversary. I’ve got something in the UK, the festival of unexplained.  So I’ve got a lot more international 202, you know, if we figure out this darn virus thing, get it out of the way. And then I’m actually doing something, I can’t – I’m really excited. My podcast, my podcast, The Witching Hour. We have a new home. It’s called My Paranormal Network and it’s owned by, it’s the same people who do Ghost Adventures. Who produce Ghost Adventures. And now it’s just all paranormal podcasts. Go to myparanormal.net and we’re going to have contests and things. It’s this hub coming together. So I’m so excited about that.

I also have a new streaming service with two partners called Paraflix.com, which is like Netflix, but all paranormal, or spirituality. And for music videos, paraflix.com. And I’m starting a new school called University Magikus. I’ve been teaching for a lot, but one of the guys I teach, I teach for several different people. I’m now becoming one of the owners of the school with him because I had extra two minutes a day, I guess.

I’ve been filming a lot. I just filmed an episode of Basketball Wives, here in the states. I just filmed a new show called, I think it’s called Spooky Summer, a nice teen show. And I’ve got something really fun with the TFIL guys, but I can’t announce that yet. But people are going to love that. Yeah, I wish I want to give a hint, but I can’t. I can’t really give it away. Just to go to my website. Follow me on my social media. Lots of cool things to announce. I get lots of new stuff coming out. Both, you can just watch on TV or you can watch on YouTube, or you could come to live.

So what is your social media that you’re on, Patti?

I am on Facebook. I’m Patty Negri, Psychic Medium. The one without a slash, the one with the blue check. They keep creating there’s Patti Negri Psychic Medium, but I don’t know where that that came from. I don’t know where that came from. I have a personal page. Patti Negri. You can follow that, but I can’t have any more friends I met my match. But Patti Negri Psychic Medium with the blue check. Instagram, I’m Patty. Negri. On Twitter. I’m at Patti Negri.  I’m now, I’m at  TikTok, cause, I guess you got to do TikTok. I’m trying figure that dang  thing out. Patti Negri as well. P-A-T-T-I Negri. But you can hub it all together at my website pattinegri.com, and you can get to all of them, including my YouTube page, where I do have a lot of educational videos. I teach a lot because like you, I like empowering people.

Yes, Absolutely.

You can do this You do this.

And are you working on your book?

I am working on my next book. I finally am. My book I have out now, is called ‘Old World Magic for the Modern World.’ It’s been out now, maybe a year and a half now,  maybe two years now, but it’s still a best seller in five countries. It’s simple. I honestly spent more time on unwriting it, than writing it, on purpose. Where did I put it? Here it is! I spent more time on unwriting it, than writing it. Because I wrote it and I went, Ah words. Too many words. Nobody wants to hear my words. So I said, I’m going to halfway unwrite it. So now , you know our world, we want something fast. And when I started thirty-hundred years ago, I would get all these big fancy books on magic, or the craft. Or just self-help really. But, if they were boring, or big, or overwhelming and I’d put the on the shelf and they’re never looked at. I never pick up. I’d pick up something really simple, like by Scott Cunningham on like Natural Magic.

Oh, he’s great.

Oh, he’s the best. I got to meet him once. He passed it like 87. I got to meet him once. Take a class with him. Once again, I’ve been doing this a long time, but I would devour his book. So that’s,  not that it’s a Scott  Cunningham book. But that’s what I wanted. Something you do it to chapter. Oh, love magic. Oh, moon magic. How to clear your house, by yourself. Oh, it’s dinner for the den.What’s a dumb supper. Just, you know, simple, easy. You don’t have to be, think your gifted. Everybody is. You don’t have to be a witch, you don’t have to interfere, so. Yeah, but now I’m finally going, oh, yeah, there’s. I didn’t know. First I was going, I either want to do a young person book. Because, young people are so much discovering something appropriate for that pre-teen, teen. Or I wanted to do a cookbook for people who don’t really know how to cook, but want magical cooking. Either of those are still out there. But, I think it’s time for my next one of these, because there’s so much stuff people ask me about that’s not in there. So, my next version of this, I think, is next. I just have in the next two minutes a day, that I haven’t filled up with forty-eight other things.

Oh, gosh, Patti Your energy is just all over the place. You’re amazing. I don’t know how you do it?  What an exciting and amazing life you lead? I’m a bit envious, to be honest.

I mean, that’s crazy. I’m going crazy at three in the morning, it’s like, this is my first minute of the day. Okay. I better talk to my vet. I haven’t talked to my husband yet this week. And I have puppy school, but I love it. I create it. Again, we create our worlds. And I obviously like this chaos, and I like a challenge. So, I like to create a challenge. My life is to say that –  some people love that, and some people want calm and peace and more power to them. But not me.

You’d get bored, you’d get bored, if you didn’t have a challenge. Patty, it’s just been a joy talking to you. I’ve just absolutely enjoyed our conversation. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Thank you for having me on. You are a beautiful host, a wonderful host. It was truly a joy. Thank you.

Aw, thank you, Patti

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