Episode 57: #2: Shadow People

Picture this: You are sitting in your lounge, perhaps watching TV, or enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, when suddenly you see this dark shadowy form out of the corner of your eye, but as soon as you turn your head to look at it, it quickly and furtively darts away, leaving you wondering…. Did I – really see that? Or was it my eyes just playing tricks?  Or…. Did I just imagine it?

So  –  you shake the image and thought out of your mind, and brush it off as being mere imagination – although, there is this niggling feeling –  in the pit of  your stomach that what if feeling. What if I actually saw something?  This happens only once, or perhaps continues sporadically for days, weeks, months, or even years.

One day without warning you are suddenly confronted by a dark figure, this shadow you had been seeing in your peripheral vision, now standing directly in front of you. Unmistakably, undeniably, in your face! Darker than the darkest night, blacker than Black. You are seeing a Shadow-person!


Many people report shadow people as being like a shadow that you see on a wall, but it’s directly in front of you, in your face, blacker than black, blacker  than the darkest night. Sometimes a shadow person appears as the silhouette of a person –  most often male in shape, but not always. but usually they lack any other sort of characteristics of gender. However, there are many different descriptions of shadow people.

For example:

  • There are shadow men that are seen wearing hats, along with a jacket or trench coats – sometimes as in one example a brief case.
  • There are hooded shadow people,
  • Cloaked shadow people,
  • Sometimes they can even appear in the form of animals

This is a Doctor’s experience

I have run into shadow-critters from time to time in the past. Most recently at a convention a couple of weeks ago. The furthest back I have is probably 2000 or 2001, with two exceptions, which I have separate hypothesis for. Most of the time I saw shadow-critters – the best way I can describe them, they were small, probably hamster sized, and moved rapidly – just like rodents. Though, I do not recall seeing any details, aside from a projection, which reminded me of a short tail. Usually they were spotted running across open floor, or up walls which is very disconcerting. They would usually disappear after 5 or 6 seconds in full view. One moment they were there, and the next they were not! As if someone had switched them off. My apologies for mixing metaphors.

The first hypothesis that came to mind was that a glitch in my visual cortex was responsible. Others in the area corroborating what I saw nixed that idea – though the possibility of a group reinforcement of a mistake in interpretation is a very real one. At this time, I have no explanation for the phenomena or why so many people are reporting sightings. Some even say that shadow-people are able to shape shift.

Generally shadow-people have no discernable facial features – although, sometimes they are seen with very vivid Red, Yellow, or Green glowing eyes

The Reverend Mary Yankee’s experience with a shadow-person.

I work as a psychic medium, and the unseen doesn’t scare me, given that I have been doing clearings of people, spaces and land professionally for over 25 years.  Before that, I have had paranormal experiences since I was a baby and not much scares me any more. One story I have is more funny than scary, although others might not think so.

Here’s the backstory: Pretty much every home in which I have ever lived has been haunted, probably because of my sensitivity. In one place, my bedroom was in the finished basement so that my numerous children could have the bedrooms on the main floor. Our pet cat (aptly named ‘Spooky’) kept spraying all over the basement and when I contacted a pet psychic, she told me that there was an entity that lived in the laundry room in unfinished part, that kept taunting him. As an alpha male, he was trying to set boundaries with it. I didn’t sleep much downstairs since I was going to college full-time, caring for 4 kids and working – I would fall asleep in the recliner in the living room over my homework. One other thing that you need to know about me is that I have an issue with being woken up while I am sleeping. Wake me even 30 seconds before my alarm goes off and I will throat punch you.

One night I actually made it to bed in the basement. I set my alarm for my usual 6 AM and fell asleep immediately. At 4:13 AM, (which by the way, seems to be a running theme when the unseen wants to mess with me). I woke up feeling a chill on my neck and rolled over to find myself face to face with a 3 foot tall shadow person. He was like black soot – wispy around the edges, but deeper black in the centre with glowing red eyes. Despite the semi-darkness in the room I could see him clearly because he blotted out everything behind him. By this time, I had been woken by hundreds of entities and spirits over the years, so all I felt was annoyance that he had disturbed my sleep.

We looked at each other for a moment, and then I said with real irritation, “WHAT?” His head snapped back in what I took to be surprise and the he disappeared with a pop. It seems that I had disconcerted him a bit, but I was also never bothered by him again, although my cat was still thoroughly destroying the carpet in the basement. Hey – I was a busy single mom I did not have time to deal with their spat.

There’s a saying that goes, “Plumbers have a leaky faucet and carpenters have squeaky doors.” It would make sense that a psychic medium would have an entity!

Shadow people come in all sort of forms as well. You can see absolutely solid shadow people – Some have described these as if they were looking into a black hole. They can appear whispy in form, with edges that are indistinct. Or they can appear really smoky like a fog in front of your eyes.

Some shadow people are only seen partially, like from the waist up – or you can see their legs as they run away from you. Shadow people are known to dart into corners, to walk through walls – some also creep up them, and sometimes across the ceiling as well (these ones are called creepers and tend to be the type that really put people on edge). They walk into or out of closets, or hide behind television sets, bushes, and buildings. And sometimes, they simply fade into the darkness of the night.

There is not really one single common denominator that might coalesce or unify the many different types of shadow people that come into our dimension of being. The only really common theme is that they are dark – intensely dark, blacker than black.

Ian from Wisconsin

USA, shares his experience with shadow-people.

So yeah, my shadow-person experience happened when I was 15 – 24 now, so about 9 years ago. And I was sitting in a chair at my computer desk, behind me is a doorway with no door. Just an archway leading into the other room. It’s at an angle and in that room is a sliding glass door. And then one day when I was just sitting there on the computer, doing my thing, I heard the door open. I heard the sliding glass door open, and I turned around to see what it was. [there was] a black arm, like reality had been cut out and an arm was put in its place. I saw it moving to shut the door, it drew away from the door, and that was that.

I took a moment to collect my thoughts, you know, what had just happened. I had seen a colour I’d not seen before a black of this black. Then, soon as the thought hit me that it could be an intruder in my house, I just sprang up into action, got going and that was –  there was nothing there! There was absolutely nothing there! And even my little dachshunds, my little dogs, who bark at every thing were just calm, in front of the door. Like nothing had happened.

The experience was, just completely and totally surreal. It, it creeped me out at the time, I didn’t really know what to think of it. I feel unsafe afterwards per-say, it just really made me question what reality was.

I came across this definition on website Ranker.com the other day when I was researching for this podcast:    Shadow people are:

“. . . dark, inorganic, phantom-like bipedal figures that look just like a dark black shadow of a figure, but don’t seem to quite have full human form or facial or bodily delineation. They feel very masculine and oppressive and like something that is beyond human and out of our scope of understanding.”

Some shadow beings, like the ones that I personally saw, when I experienced them as a young teenager,  appeared flat, absolutely flat.

My story

Back in the late 70s, I was living in Hamilton, NZ and had befriended a single mum and her 2 daughters. They were awesome people and the mother was a really hard working woman, doing the very best she could in an absolutely horrendous situation. They would tell me about paranormal things that were happening in their house. They said they would see shadows running around the walls of the house, which terrified them. They were so scared of what was happening that all three of them would sleep in the same room at night.

They told me that they would see these two-dimensional shadow creatures, that seemed to run around the walls in the rooms, particularly in the lounge. I listened to what they told me, but you know, at that stage of my life I was really young and immature, and I certainly had no experience in this area to be able to offer them any suggestions on what to do for their home – they may not even have listened to me anyway, as I was just a kid. One night, early in the evening when I was visiting with them I saw them for myself. It was actually a really interesting experience.

We were watching tv and just chatting about nothing in particular. It was early winters eve and about 5.30 or 6pm so it was already dark outside. When out of the corner of my eye, on my left hand side, I saw a small ohh (about 3 foot) shadow, in the form of a person but flat 2 dimensional looking, and very, very black.

It’s really hard to describe exactly how this being looked. The closest I can come to describing these beings is that they were like paper cut out dolls. Where you cut a figure out of a piece of paper and you use it as a base to fold paper clothes on. Kids still play with them these days. It looked like that – flat, two dimensional.

It seemed – it really just looked like a shadow of a small person that had been silhouetted onto the wall. So I saw this being out of the corner of my eye, and once it was aware that I saw it – and this was really interesting because I recognised, right then, that this – whatever it was, had an intelligence about it, and an awareness. Certainly enough to be aware that I had spotted it, and once it was aware that I saw it, it began racing around the wall. Just absolutely at a fantastic speed. I can’t explain the speed – it zipped, it just zipped!

But as it raced around the wall, it was like it was suctioned to the wall and followed every grove of each surface it encountered, the walls, the door jams, the doors, the skirting board on the bottom of the walls. It was just really fast and hard to describe. It moved so quickly and as soon as I saw it move, it was immediately followed by at least two others. They raced around all the the room about three or four times – they went around and around and around, and then they just disappeared!

The girls were absolutely, hysterically crying. Their mum was ashen-faced and I honestly was just stunned. It is one thing to hear about it, another entirely to experience it – and, with witnesses. The feeling that came off of these beings was definitely one of fear-inducing, or more actually feeding off the fear that they had created, that they induced in the family. I was just fascinated by what I was seeing, I was stunned! I didn’t feel any fear, I just felt – shock!

Even though seeing the shadow people clearly like this was a regular occurrence for the family, or perhaps because of that, the family though, was absolutely, absolutely traumatised and devastated. They also had other paranormal things happening in their home. Unfortunately, the family was unable to afford to move from the home for some time, and when they eventually could there were no longer any issues like that. Which tells me now, in retrospect, that the entities were actually attached to the home and not to the family.

It is hard for me to explain exactly how flat and two dimensional these entities looked. But, the weird thing to me was that their limbs moved normally as a human’s would.  So that was my experience with shadow-people, and to this date, I have never, ever, had another.

Stories of shadowy beings have been found around for centuries and span over most cultures – and often they  are a folklore favourite. They are mentioned in the Quran as “pitch-black sapient beings” that aren’t entirely spiritual or physical. Mention of them dates back to early 600 BC. Ancient Egyptians believed in shadow people, and called them the “khailbut.” They also believed shadow people came and went on behalf of the spirit world, sometimes they had good intent, sometimes malevolent. The ancient Romans believed these people came from the Underworld. Greeks thought shadow people were literal shadows of themselves, which they had given to Zeus as a gift, and all of these cultures, though, had a common belief: these shadow people were both part of the real world and the paranormal one.

In 2001 the undisputed king of late night paranormal talk shows the late Art Bell, on his show Coast to Coast AM,  first brought the subject up one night when he mentioned that he had received some emails from people who had been experiencing these entities or beings, and he asked if his listeners had seen similar and if so could they call in or perhaps fax drawings of what these beings looked like.

Well, you know the old saying? ”Be careful what you wish for!” Art was absolutely inundated with phone calls, faxes, and letters. In response in April that year he brought on a guest, a native American elder by the name of “Thunder Strikes” to discuss this subject from a native American Perspective During the show he asked people to send in drawings of their experiences. The response again was overwhelming and crashed his website.

Jumping on Art’s bandwagon, in October that year, author Heidi Hollis published a book, her first on the subject of shadow people. She made a feeble attempt  (in my mind), to claim that she in her researching the book had discovered this phenomena – and that she had come up with the term shadow-people, this despite the fact that Art had used it on his show in the beginning of the year. So that is hotly disputed by some. Art interviewed her on his show in 2002, and she became a regular guest4 after that. What cannot be disputed however, is that she did coin the term Hat man for the shadow-people who are seen in hats.

The term hat man has sort of stuck around since then. But, she goes a little further and states that shadow people are connected with aliens and are here on earth to spread evil and absolutely all of them have only negative intentions. So that is how shadow-men came into our mainstream attention and became part of the subjects of many TV shows, movies,  books, and radio shows. They have been integrated into most of our media since then, all thanks to Art Bell.

This is Victor’s hat-man experience

I think I saw one of these when I was a little kid. I can’t remember much about it. I’m 43 now. I was in bed, and I think, asleep. Dreaming at first. But I remember a man was standing in front of me with a black coat, and a hat with a brim around it. And, I don’t think he had any face. Everything was just black but, whatever it was terrified me. I woke up crying, and when I looked in the corner of my room – even though it was dark, I could see something black in the corner. I remember I yelled for my dad, and he came and turned the light on, and nothing was there! I never saw it again or thought anything of it, until I heard someone on a radio show, named coast to coast, describe seeing a man with a hat on. Something about him was extremely scary, even though I never forgot that dream or whatever it was. From what I can remember, he wasn’t very tall though, only as tall as me, and I was maybe about 6 years old.

There are many theories about shadow people and where they come from… Let’s go over them briefly. One theory is that they are ghosts or spirits (which are the same thing, just different names), That they are stuck here on Earth for some reason, and are merely a shadow of their former self. Some feel they are aliens, particularly the hat man, and that the hat is used to cover the shape of the head. Author, Rosemary Ellen Guiley appears to also have seen an alien connection. Guiley told Psychology Today in an interview

“I discovered that many Shadow People experiencers are also ET experiencers, especially abductees,”

The djinn are said to be connected to the shadow people. are these all the same thing and just people experiencing them in different ways? or are they separate entities?

Another theory is that shadow people are normal humans who have astral travelled or projected in their sleep, which everyone does, but not everyone recalls it. We will discuss astral travel in a later podcast. Some say that Shadow people are inter-dimensional beings from a parallel or another dimension… OR some being who is simply travelling between dimensions (Ghosts are a form of inter-dimensional being but from a different realm). This is the theory that I more tend to favour.

Some people see shadow people as guardians who have been sent to protect, or to warn us of impending danger or something bad about to happen. Then others see them from a more traditional perspective and by traditional, I mean religious perspective, and see them as dark and evil beings, who take the form of shadows and like to give them labels like demons. This perspective could come from two areas, one through religious indoctrination (of whatever persuasion), or this could possibly come from the feeling of fear, dread, and panic some feel when encountering these beings.

Of all the shadow beings, the hat man is seen in this latter category, as being particularly dark and evil. Some of these shadow people, especially the hat man has been described as giving off a feeling of real malevolence, and creating absolute fear in most who see them. Although actually, many people can feel fear simply because of the shock, surprise, and possibly confusion a person feels when viewing any paranormal or unexplained experience, and not merely from the shadow-person themselves.

The most common characteristics of most shadow person sightings are a feelings of impending doom, depression, or intense fear that seemed to radiate from the being itself – although there are always some examples that contradict the rule. Some say they, in fact, have had positive experiences with them.

This is Cole’s Story

When one hears about shadow-people, they simply jump to the conclusion from what they’ve heard, that they are evil. They say not to welcome them. But, living or not – I say they deserve a chance and they all shouldn’t be called evil because not all are.

I’m 17 and have one in my living room, he eliminates my depression or sadness. I’ve been told it could be someone my dad has sent, or it has a message for me.  I’ve been called crazy and all that jazz. But, I don’t need people to believe what I see and feel from my shadow-man. I feel his energy and everything, and nothing bad has happened to me.

Meric’s experience

Whenever I am bedridden from terrible migraines, my son says there is a shadow-man standing at the foot of my bed, or by the window. We have lived in many countries and he always comes when my migraines are extremely bad, or I am sick.

When my son was little, the shadow-man would make faces at him to make him laugh, and would also tell him to be calm when he was being naughty. Now, he just stands guard. I’ve never seen him, but my son, who is now a teenager does. He doesn’t play with him anymore, but he does nod to him as if to say it will all be ok.

We have tried things like asking him to leave, but he just smiles, shakes his head and waits until I am feeling better before disappearing. Is this a relative or an angel? He certainly is looking out for me, and seems very kind and firm, but with a job to do.

I really like that song. Are you scared yet? By Sacha Ende, featuring Admiral Bob – licensed under Creative Commons, 2019. For more information be sure and check out my podcast site, walkingtheshadowlands.com

Hannah’s Experience

This is Hannah, who is going to share her experience of a shadow-woman with us.

Hannah:Yeah, I was about 11 and I remember I was at school. I was in the classroom, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a black shadowy figure – just probably just a couple of meters away, just behind some desks. And I turned to look and there was nothing there, but when I turned back, it’s there again, the shadowy figure and I feel a really angry presence and I can see her just there, just watching me. And everywhere I went she was there, just in my peripheral, just watching.

Marianne: So did you feel a lot of malevolence and hatred towards you coming from her?

It’s more just anger that I feel from her, and when she is around my mood turns as well, I become quite an angry person myself. Yeah.

Being so young, that must have been pretty scary for you? Was this shadow-person when you saw her in the shape of a female, or did you just get the feeling of female energy?

No, I could make out that she was wearing a dress which is what gave it away. But I’ve never seen… well she’s appeared behind me in the mirror, but I’ve….  she doesn’t have a face at all, just like a black mass.

When you see her Hannah, is she well defined or are her edges wispy and indistinct?

It’s a bit of both really. I mean she’s – you know it’s all wispy and blurry, but at the same time it’s a clear, like I dunno….

It is really hard to describe them isn’t it? I had the same problem myself when I was talking about my experience. I had the same problem myself. How often would you see her do you think?

I don’t see her so often any more, maybe once every couple of months. But, maybe from the ages of 11 to 15-16 it was basically constant. She was just always there.

Do you feel that perhaps she was there during those times because it was a very angsty period for you? Like you were going through puberty – you’re finding yourself, your emotions are really high at that stage, and do you feel that had something to do with it?

Yeah, I definitely do. Her presence didn’t help the teenaged angst, definitely made it worse. But yeah, that must have had something to do with it. 

Of the times that you’ve seen her since then, have these been times of upheaval in your life?

Yeah, she does tend to appear when I’m struggling with something in my life. Which is frustrating, because all she does is make things worse.

There is a school of thought that these beings feed off the emotions they generate in the viewer.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Do you feel Hannah, that in the times you see her, that’s she is aware you do?

I think so. There are times when she would do things to get my attention. I was at home, at night, after school and I could see her out of the corner of my eye in the corner of my room. And, I wasn’t paying any attention to her, and I whispered to myself that I was…. that I just wanted her to go away, and at that moment my bedroom door slammed, and the mirror fell off.  I went and opened the door and picked up my mirror and I said to my mum “Did you just slam that door?” and she went, she was like “Hannah, the door didn’t slam.” But I vividly saw it and heard it, and had to pick up my mirror, so….

That is really interesting. Some researchers have talked about an “Oz Factor” around paranormal encounters. What I mean by oz factor is like you sort of feel like nothing else exists and you are only in the moment. Everything seems really still and surreal, and things that are happening to you aren’t necessarily heard or experienced by others. It’s kind of like you’re in this cacoon, or bubble and there could be a storm raging around you, but you wouldn’t see, or feel, or hear it. It’s really an interesting phenomena. Do you have experiences with this shadow-person that stand out more than others?

Um…. I have to think about that one. Not particularly, I mean the time, you know, the time the door slammed, and the time I saw her behind me in the mirror, those were definitely stand out experiences.  But, other than that she’s just….um, you know, she’s just there.  Yeah, I just have to…. you know now –  I mean she’s been around for so long, I know what’s going to happen, you know to my mood and kind of handle it better.

So is that something you’ve learned over time do you think?

Just to you know, accept it.  I don’t think, I don’t know how I would even get rid of her.  She’s just, she’s never physically harmed me. So, I can cope with it, yeah.

Have you ever told her to leave?

Yeah I have, I have said before. . . you know, that I want her to go away, and I don’t – you know, appreciate her presence in my life. But it just, you know it just makes things worse really. Something bad, always just happens after it or just you know my mood will get worse, I’ll get quite angry and irritable, and so. . .

It seems to me like you are picking up her moods, or being influenced by her, obviously.

Yeah, yeah definitely.

When you talk about things getting worse, what would happen? Would things happen around the house or just in your life personally?

Yeah like I would start having really, really awful nightmares, like just horrific things, that I couldn’t forget or put down. Yeah just in my personal life it felt like everything was just on a downhill slope. Like a really steep one.

That must have made things quite difficult for you, I imagine? Has she ever spoken to you or said anything to you?

I used to, when she was around more often, I would hear voices, like whispers when she was around occasionally. You know as if people…. It was like there was a voice coming from another room calling to me, but I never really acknowledged it.

Good for you! Have any of your family members seen her?

No, no, and they’ve never really experienced anything – you know, paranormal in their life. They’re quite closed off to it.

I wonder if that made it harder for you when you were growing up? I imagine it did. In retrospect, do you feel there may have been any reason why she targeted you at that age?

Yeah, at that stage of my life I was quite weak, I didn’t have many friends. I was very open and susceptible.

Right! – There is a school of thought that shadow-people target vulnerable people who are experiencing difficult periods in their lives, stressful times, and certainly my experience showed that. Because of the energies you put out when you are going through an emotional time – your energies are quite highly charged and the thought is that these beings feed off the energies. When was the last time you saw your shadow-woman?

It was about – oh it’s been a couple of months now. About two months ago. Yes, I was going through a difficult time, because I had just moved to the other end of the country and I was really struggling – you know, being so far from my family. And I remember one night seeing her standing at the end of my bed, as I was trying to get to sleep.

When you saw her, how long did she stay for in that visit and did you see her full on, or just out of the side of your eyes?

It was just out of the corner of my eye, and she was just there for maybe half an hour and then I ended up drifting off to sleep

I guess that says how accustomed you had become to her, so you didn’t even have to bother to stay awake any more.

Not any more, I just leave her to it!

Good for you! Well Hannah, I would like to thank you so much for sharing your story with us, I really appreciate that.

That’s alright, anytime.

So what are their motives or purpose? Honestly how long is a piece of string? To try and ascribe human motives and purposes to beings that obviously are not human really is a pointless exercise, simply because they are not human and therefore do not think, feel, or act in the same manner as we might.

Some people like Heidi Hollis and one TV show medium, by the name of Amy. Pareidolia is the tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, or hearing hidden messages in music. Wikipedia categorically state that they only are here with evil intent, purpose, and bring utter negativity. I feel as though we need to be very careful to not ascribe human motives or actions to these beings.

There are some other schools of thought about these beings and these come from a scientific and physiological perspective, rather than a spiritual one. One is that these phenomena is related to drug abuse as in this quote from the phoenix new times website where they were discussing two 20-year-old tweakers

“All the window blinds are closed. Cyndi explains that’s so the shadow people can’t see inside. The shadow people usually go away at night, Shana adds, but why take chances?”

So this implication is that shadow people are visual hallucinations from drug abuse – but not every one who sees these beings are drug abusers or have mental health issues. So perhaps for a very small percentage of experiences this might be a valid reason, but it certainly does not explain the vast majority of them all.

An article in the New Science magazine in 2006,  they were discussing a  scientific study by the Neurologist Olaf Blanke, of the Brain Mind Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he and his colleagues, were attempting to identify the source of epileptic seizures in a 23-year-old woman. and I quote:

“They applied a mild current through surgically implanted electrodes to various regions of her brain. Not much happened until the researchers stimulated the woman’s left temporoparietal junction, TPJ, located roughly above the left ear. Suddenly, she reported feeling the presence of a mystery person behind her, a motionless and speechless shadow that imitated her body posture and actions. “He” lay beneath her when she lay down, sat behind her when she sat down, and attempted to take a test card from her when she tried to participate in a language exercise.”

this is also discussed on the nature website.  So they were and perhaps still are researching if activating this area of the brain can explain some of these sightings. Perhaps it can explain a single person seeing something – but how do you explain it when like in my case four of us saw the same thing?

Another explanation that is often put forward for sightings is that the people are having Sleep Paralysis episodes – Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking.  However, there is a real physiological aspect to sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis does not in the least explain the majority of the experiences that people have when wide awake and in a sober state.

This is Maria’s story

I don’t know if it was a shadow person or a ghost that haunted the house we were living in but it was definitely black and I could see it & felt evil. I would see it in my room almost every single night when I was about 14. I was curious cause I could see it & so I tried to ask it questions then that just pissed it off and the next couple of days it was just super aggressive so I did what came naturally and got aggressive back. But at the same time I was really scared and fearful.

I started seeing like black portal things around the house during the day that quickly disappeared. So I told dad about what was happening and he blessed the house and my room and taught me a karakia [prayer] that his mum taught him for protection. Sometimes it would sit on my bed or on my legs. I remember when I tried to ask it what’s your name it pushed me down and I ran out of the room crying and slept with mum.

In the beginning nobody believed me so I stopped telling everyone what was going on. I stopped doing the karakia, cause I felt like it wasn’t doing much at all for me, and after a few months I ended up being comfortable with it.  All  of a sudden the last time I seen it my state of mind was completely different. I approached it like I knew what I was doing. I felt relaxed and powerful nothing could touch me. I did the karakia super calm and then like a force-field dome came out of nowhere it was like crystal clear with shinning colours and it was growing from where I was and didn’t stop, and it pushed the shadow out of the house and  it never came back.

In this episode of Walking the Shadowlands we have talked about shadow people, what they look like. Theories about where they come from, and what they are. People have shared their experiences with us.

When I researched this episode of the podcast, I was frankly surprised at how many people have experienced these beings or entities in their lives. There were just so many experiences I could have and perhaps may, if you are all interested enough, do an episode just on personal experiences. Let me know what you all think?

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