Episode 33: Queen of the Paranormal

In today’s episode, I have a guest who is very well known in the States, not so well know in this part of the world, but doubtless that is about to change. A very interesting woman to listen to and I found her sense of humour so funny. But before I get introduce her, I just have a couple of things I need to say to you all.

I’ve been having a few health issues for a while now and I need to take some time out away from the amount of time these podcast episodes take to research, voice, and produce. But I don’t want to leave you all with nothing to listen to during this time period. So from next week I am going to play for you all my top ten most listened to episodes. This will give me a chance to focus on my health and so I don’t have to stop producing them, because honestly, I love creating them all for you. But I need to take this time for myself for now, and that includes on social media as well. So I will only be posting on Instagram and Twitter perhaps once or twice a week instead of everyday, as it is so time and energy consuming. So I will return after this break, ready to hit the ground running with some brand new episodes and hopefully interesting content for you all.

So for now are you ready to walk with me into this part of the Shadowlands and see what awaits us there?

Kadrolsha Ona Carole

That said, let me tell you all a wee bit about my guest. Kadrolsha Ona Carole. Otherwise known KO and as “The Queen of the Paranormal”.  I have had to cut her resume down a bit, as it is incredibly impressive and very long. You can see a link to her full resume from the podcast website www.walkingtheshadowlands.com and this episodes page.

KO travels the globe giving lectures, making appearances, doing reading & healings and sharing her vast paranormal knowledge. She has made comic book history by becoming the first person to be a comic book Superhero doing what she does in real life between the pages of a comic book..

Comic historian Brian Morris plus Comic book publication owner Charles Moisant, of Silver Phoenix Entertainment confirm KO is the first in comic book history to be a comic book Super Hero, doing what she does in real life.

Her historic comic book status debut was in “Haunted Tales of Batcheldor’s Grove” Given this fact she has brought the paranormal industry mainstream with her accomplishment. She is the real deal of Comic Book Super Heroes! Stories carried in The Huffington Post, New Hampshire Magazine, Telegraph, New Hampshire Chronicle Televisions show and more along with many many news media outlets. Her new comic book is Kadrolsha Ona Queen of the Paranormal in “The Healing”

KO  is part of Warner Brothers motion picture history with her contribution to the 40th Anniversary of The Exorcist DVD on Blue Ray.  She travels the globe representing the paranormal industry.

KO hosts Paranormal 13 News (P13N) and P13N Radio on the Galaxy Global TV Network, Roku plus many more and in 195 countries, 50 states, Comcast Big South and in airport televisions services worldwide. Airing on Nov. 13, 2018. Since P13Ns debut it has won an award for being the fastest-growing paranormal news formatted program since its debut says Galaxy Global Televisions Network!http://www.paranormal13news.com  Paranormal 13 News is the first paranormal program to be seen on Airport Television. She is also the creator of The Paranormal Awards. https://theparanormalawards.wixsite.com/theparanormalawards

Kadrolsha is currently  collaborating on a children’s book with the legendary Bill Diamond of Jim Henson and the Muppet’s.  KO played a pivotal cameo roll in the Toxic Tutu movie. A movie continuation of world acclaim occult horror classic Toxic Avenger.  Stared in the Silent Film “Silent Times” which she won an award for her role of Madam Leonora and was featured in Broadway World Magazine.  Stared as CC Carole in over 85 “CC The Huntress” Paranormal Adventure Episodes for Broadcast and Cablecast WNDS and New England Cable Television.

She is the author of Ghosts and Legends of the Merrimack Valley for History Press’ Haunted America Series and Ghosts of the New Hampshire Seacoast. Queen of The Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona is a Pop Culture Icon, Actress, Author, Radio, TV personally, Part of the Exorcist Legacy, Humanitarian & 10X Paranormal Awards Winner has made her mark with her vast expertise hunting with crew members of popular TV show such as Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters International to name a few. She is considered one of the best in the paranormal field with decades of experience.  She is the only paranormal celebrity of modern times to be inducted in the Paranormal Hall of Fame Organization. www.paranormalhalloffame.org

Currently she is the paranormal expert of the Greatest Ghost Show on earth! Toppling 65 mil combo monthly audience with Jimmy Star & Ron Russell from the Jimmy Star Show and Eileen Shapiro of the Huffington Post. President of the New England hall of fame. Rep, in New Hampshire for the international Blues society all of fame.

 Queen of the Paranormal

KO: Ok. So, I got involved in the paranormal many, many years ago. I have to say that I was born into it, because of my grandmother and my great-grandmother. And a whole bunch of generations before them of dream interpreters, spirit communicators. I honestly grew up in a Polish bi-lingual household, thinking that everybody had this ability until we moved away to another state, another community. And I realized very quickly that people didn’t have that ability to be able to interpret dreams, or to be able to forecast something that may be happening and it kind of, you know…

We moved up north, and not to say I’m from the south. But I have a bit of a southern accent. And that’s because my dad was in the army and I was an army brat. Travelled all around the south and grew up that way. I got involved in the paranormal at a very, very young age. I have to say I was born into it. I came from a Polish bi-lingual house hold and did a lot of growing up in the south. I was an army brat and coming up north, I realized in High School, that no one had this ability. I thought we were all like this. Clearly, I was wrong and because kids would make fun of me or whatever. Because, I was from the south. I wasn’t a Yankee and all this stuff.

But, the parents saw the ability. And a few parents would ask me, what can I see? What can I feel? I have a dream. I have this and I have that! And lo and behold, instead of calling it, I just accepted it and embrace it, and just went forward that way.  So I have to say many years, many generations. But I was taught well, as I had my grandmothers all before me. Whether they were Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, they were all engaged in spirit communication and all that.

Marianne: Right. So you were very fortunate that you had people to support your growth and understanding in that area. So many people don’t. So that’s probably been a huge benefit to you. To get you to where you are now.

Yeah. Yeah it was a really good benefit. My mother wasn’t involved in it. But, she would always ask me questions, you know? About dreams. About this. About that. We have a funny story. When my grandmother got really old, my Babcia, she would…. We would call her up and tell her something and you know, she’d interpret a dream and she says what are you…. “What are you going to do when I die? Are you going to put a phone in the casket? You going to put a phone in the coffin?” And I go,”yeah! That’s a great idea!”

So, I think of that all the time when my daughter comes to me and she’ll say; “Oh mum, what does this mean?” and I would interpret it for her. And, I find myself Saying the same thing. “What are you going to do? Put a phone in my coffin?” I said, “oh my god! I sound like my grandmother!” That’s pretty funny.

That is funny. And that’s so normal isn’t it? That we find ourselves repeating what we’ve been told as kids?

Yes, yes. Because it works you know? I mean death is inevitable and we don’t want to terribly humorous about it, but it was pretty damned funny. So when I do go to her grave, I’m going, “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?” So we totally have this joke at the grave-side, you know? When I go to visit her. Anyway, that’s all there is about that.

But that’s really funny. And, it’s really nice that you had that relationship with your grandmother like that because, it’s something that’s really valuable and precious.

Yeah. Many women…. I don’t know if it’s a girl thing, or what? But, girls don’t get along with girls much, I guess? From what I hear, or what people will tell me. It’s like, you and your daughter are like, you’re like sisters. You’re always together. Always doing things and we’ve never ever had an argument. Nothing! I don’t know why? It’s just the way it is. We work together. She handles social media and she has a job. But now…. Maybe I’m easy to get along with. But, I do hear the horror stories and I pray for the people who can’t see their grandkids or can’t see this, or that daughter moved away and won’t talk to her. And I’m like, I’ve never had to experience that with my children. I just pray that I never do, you know? And pray for the ones that have had situations that they didn’t resolve.

Right. Yeah, that’s pretty awful, isn’t it? I have three children myself. Only one of them lives in New Zealand at the present. The other two are overseas. My daughters are overseas, so I don’t get to see them very often, and I just have a brand new…. Well not so new now, grandbaby. My first grandchild, in Australia. But, we all have a pretty good relationship and it’s something you work at isn’t it? It’s communication being the key.

I think so and we have this thing the what’s app, because she’s got a different phone to me, so we can’t do face time. But anyways, she only lives a town away. She’s like ten minutes away. And we talk and talk. But, she does have an ability, like I did when growing up. But she does not want to embrace it. She’d rather ask Mommy about it.  And like that. But, we do work as a family when it comes to the products we sell here at Queen of the Paranormal dot com. The books we write. The things we do. The costume we wear. The whole comic book thing. And the different shows and the movies and everything we do. We take the product – the Queen of the Paranormal, and we have meetings all the time.    

And when we go to a comic-con we say, OK what is the product? And that’s how we…. And it’s like, Mom’s the product. But, it really is a product. To go forward as a trademark and to sell. And to continue to grow. So that’s a good training instead of, you know, oh Mom’s the queen of the paranormal with an ego like up to here! I don’t have that. We have reinforcement and a structured business right from home. Whether it’s my husband, my kids…. You know? Like that. We always run by each other, so we’re all on the same page.

Oh that’s really awesome. And, it’s good training for them as well. And you know, it’s too many people who have abilities and skills don’t necessarily use them in the best way that they can. And you’re obviously doing everything that, you know…. Because technically, well you are, a business.

Right we are a business and that’s how we’re structured and, but I mean, I am a real person.

Yes, absolutely

And I really do these things. That’s why they say the real deal. And I’m very approachable. And people can talk to me. I like to share the paranormal. All aspects. Whether it’s UFOs, Cryptozoology, Folklore, Myths. All of that in a different manner. Comic books, we all have the same message. It’s positivity. It’s healing. Whether it’s through music. Through the different things I do with music. Promoting children’s books with the people from Jim Henson’s world, with the Muppets.  

I’m doing two books and they’re hard hitting subjects. But, they’re done in a palatable manner that children can understand and take away a positive message. Even though it’s about bullying. Even though it’s about abuse and hard topics like that. These are for kindergartners, up to probably fourth grade. Everything we do, we put healing and positive message into it. And that’s what we do in the movies. That’s what we do with everything for the queen of the paranormal. Instead of just running around a like, haunted house, or a haunted whatever…. And, did you hear that? Did you hear that? Ah no. I did not hear that.

We’re trying to lecture the paranormal on a different level. And make it more mainstream and more acceptable when it comes to healing, praying and positive energy. And positivity always saves the day and not some ghosts. I better dress up in a militia outfit and all the stuff to go chase a ghost…. What ya gonna do? Shoot it? That’s stupid! You know I love the television shows. They’re all hokey!

They are hokey.

I’m not…. I’m not going to stay they’re fake. They were based on a good theory and a good principle. But, in order to sell and to get your commercial in and stuff like that. You’ve got to do what the producers want. And you can’t film a…. You know? It’s just the reality of it. They’re filming five to eight days in the same clothes. Making it look like one night. I don’t think that’s real. I think it’s fun entertainment. Yep. But as far as being absolutely real, nah. And, that’s my take on it. I try to take a real aspect of it and take it to the people. To the general public. Not some clique on Facebook that happens to follow, you know, a particular ghost hunting program.

Right. And, I’m absolutely with you about those shows. I run a paranormal investigation group where in New Zealand and I …. My team and I were approached by a company that was doing a documentary series in New Zealand And they filmed us for one night. So I know how they work behind the scenes. And it really was an eye opener.  So I know how they work behind the scenes. And really, like I  had television experience before, but to see them do that I always knew the paranormal shows, were just entertainment, pretty much.

Yeah, pretty much.

But, to see what they do is quite an eye opener actually.

Yeah and I dunno…. I just…. I just want to have a more real approach and a more general public approach than like these…. I dunno who these groups are. These Facebook famous people, that no one knows who they are. Walk down main street and no one knows who they are. But in their little Facebook group, people know who they are and that’s cool. They can stay over there, but I’m more for the general public and I do it on a global basis with the different things that I do. Just a different concept. A different way of doing things, but still sharing the paranormal and that’s what’s really important.

It is what’s really important. And obviously for you, your music background has been a big benefit to you, in helping you feel comfortable in the public eye?

I would say so. I’ve been playing the guitar and singing since I was twelve years old. I got a guitar for my birthday and I didn’t know how to play it. And my mother shoved me into the folk mass at the church and they had rehearsal and they taught me. From there I would do the folk mass and then the little, like youth, coffee house that we had. And one thing lead to another, I met a gentleman who was a good sound man and because of his ability, he was taken on the road with a band called Joe Cocker and we all know Joe and God bless him he passed away. He was a great guy. And this gentleman that I dated, he went from being a roadie to a sound man and I learned all the music. And one day I took the stage, because, one girl was sick. I didn’t take the stage all the time. I stayed with him a lot in the car too, but, I was able to do this. And now I can say I did that!

And same thing with the Rolling Stones, when they had different concerts and things. I was…. The guy I was with again, was in a position to do the sound and do this and that. And I got up on the stage and did backup for a couple of the songs. And so I can say that.  Bobby Vinton, same thing. I mean I love him (speaking a few words in Polish?), and same with him there at the Chateau De Ville, in Framingham, Massachusetts, many years ago. And the list goes on. I was singing with my own bands and things.

But I do believe that music has a healing aspect. I mean for thousands of years, native Americans, just everybody in general use music to soothe. Parents would hum lullabies and on and on. You know? It has such a calming and beneficial effect. So that’s why I like to incorporate music and fun things into what I do. For me, it’s very important to do that. And I work with a…. I’m not employed by them, but I have been proven to be able to work with them, called My Jam Music Television. And they’re bigger than MTV. They’re all over the world with SimulTV. And I’ve been able to help them coordinate benefits and things when it comes to music, because, of my background. They realise that.

But, I try to use the musical aspect in every single thing I do. Whether its at comic-con, take the stage with the band that’s playing. Sometimes I have like a karaoke box on my table. And we all sing and dance, by my appearance table. ‘Cause, it brings good, healthy energy. And that’s important. That’s important to me. To be able to heal people when they come to see me. I don’t do house calls anymore. That’s gets a little dangerous now days, but, I do invite people to come see me. And they will bring their children in wheelchairs. They will bring crippled animals. They will bring me everything and anything so I can heal them with energy. And it’s a big responsibility. My heart breaks, but it’s funny when you have a child, older child. Who has never shown any kind of emotion or excitement. All of a sudden the eyebrows go up and you can hear this [gasp] from them and they’re animated. And the mother’s going, “Omg! I have never seen…. I haven’t seen this in years. He’s just gone from one stage and just keeps going down, degrading.” And it’s sad, but sometimes you can take energy and breathe more life into them and I think that’s extremely…. And I do show those clips every now and then.  But, they’re hard. That’s a responsibility that people come to you expecting and I tell them, healings do work. They do. They may not work the way you want them to, but they work.

They may make your family more understanding to your plight. They may help you understand your situation better. They may heal you miraculously. I don’t know. I’ve had cases where a gentleman in a wheelchair, Richard Griffin Jnr. I put my hands on him. He said, instantly his legs felt a jolt of energy. Within two years he was wheelchair bound. He’s standing and walking. And, I’ve gone to his home and put my hands on him again. Another woman, I’m not going to give her name. But she…. Oh I can’t give her name, because I can’t pronounce it. Anyways. She had a massive body infection. No matter what they did, they couldn’t fix it. I’m like [makes uncertain noises], so I gave her an energy healing. And within a week the infection started to abate and go away. And now she was infection free without any antibiotics.

I do believe that the principle is taking energy…. Almost like Reiki and I’m a Reiki master now for – oh gosh, decades. But, to take that energy similar to Reiki and to put it into an individual, it stimulates cell growth, cell regeneration. It stimulates a lot of things. When you get a cut when you were young. Or you bang your leg and your Momma rubs it and kisses it and rubs it. What’s she doing? She’s bringing heat to the area and energy to the area, to bring blood to the area, to heal it. This isn’t like pie in the sky stuff. This is real medical science, if you think about it? That’s what she’s doing. Now I suffer from a back ailment and I had gone to physical therapy and they had put these electrodes on brrr brrrr, they zap you with it.

Yeah, a tens machine.

Well, energy from a human being, which they have been able to measure with a gentleman named Ed Edwards, which I’m going to have on my TV show. Globally based, by the way, Paranormal 13 News.  They’ve measured this guy’s energy. They really have. And he’s exceptional. Well we really have energy. People can feel…. When people come near me, they can feel it. They’re like, “Whoah! I can feel that!” They’re just walking by the table. But it’s electric. So I put that energy into people. Just like Momma rubbing. You know? And it brings healing energy to that particular area. And I’ve been able to diag…. I’m not going to say diagnose, to see where there’s a problem.

A few years ago, I was at a very large Comicon and I know you’re aware of all the drama with paranormal groups and this and that. And this particular gentleman had a radio show. A podcast. And he was going to do a hit job on me. And of course, I hear everything. They let me know ahead of time and said, we don’t have to have him at your table. And I said, oh no, I want him at my table. The minute he sat down at my table to do the podcast, I reached up and touched his neck. I said, “You have a lump in your throat. You need to get that checked.”

“How do you know?”

“I can feel it, like, I can see the dark here.”

He got up from the table. Went to the bathroom and came back and said. “I do have a lump. I didn’t know that!” And then he could feel energy. He could feel all this stuff. Because I told him ahead of time and I said don’t ignore this. Go. Go to the doctor. He went. He had cancer. And they took it out and now he’s in remission. He said, “Had I waited, I would not have been able to have, (you know it’s not a cure, but remission), I wouldn’t be able to have that. Hadn’t you said something to me.”

So, his so-called hit job, turned into a great advertisement for me, you know? And we keep in touch all the time, because, he’s like shocked. I can’t believe this. And I tell him, I can’t believe it either. Because, people have different abilities, some people can do dreams. Some people can do ghost photography. Some people can see an alien or an extraterrestrial, because, of like the aura. They can…. Everybody has a different thing.  Every body can play chopsticks on a piano. Can you be a concert pianist?  Two different things. So everybody has a different ability and I think mine is with the healing and with the energy…. And with a lot of stuff, I guess. So yeah. I welcome people who don’t believe. They’re welcome to talk to me. To come and see me at the events that I do. And, let’s sit down and talk about it. Because, I’m not here to make you a believer. I just want to understand what’s making you not a believer?

Oh that’s an interesting perspective. Yeah. Yeah, because there’s always something isn’t there? Whether it’s something they’ve been told in their childhood. Or experiences that they’ve had, that they fear. So, they block it off.

Right. Right. And you do hear a lot of people when they’re in times of need praying to God. Praying to a Grandmother, or a Grandfather. Or thinking like, what would my…. What would my Dad say right now? I need help. I need to get through this problem. What would my Dad do? And then you’ll hear him. And that’s when I tell people, he’s right there. He’s guiding you.  That’s guidance, from your Dad. That’s his spirit…. His spirit is alive and well.  Listen to him and go forward with then. But then, they still tell you, I don’t believe in it, but they’re praying oh help me God, oh help me. Help me. So, I again just like to converse with people. You know? To ask them, what is it that makes you not believe? Look. I’m not trying to talk you into anything, but why don’t we talk about it?  So they do.

Good for you! I think that educating people is really important. Because, there’s so much misinformation about the paranormal, about spirituality, about the spirit realms that’s out there. People with different agendas, for whatever reason. And so, I think that’s really important that people like you are out there, helping people to understand, that it’s nothing to be feared.

Right. And you know what? I do go to schools. I even go to preschools. I bring my guitar, we sing songs. I will be delivering books to preschools in my area when they come out. From the Disney, ah excuse me. From the Muppets artists and puppeteers. For me to be able to share that knowledge of science, instead of OMG there’s a ghost! Or, close that closet door. The hand’s going to come out from the wall or under the bed. That was my Grandmother! She…. Can you believe I had to grow up like that? Oh my God. She would say, “Stay in that bed Kadrolsha. Stay in that bed!” No? And I would be yelling to my Babcia: “Babcia [speaking in Polish?]” Which means come here and [Polish word?] which means right away. And I was always afraid that somebody would put their hand out from the wall or under the bed. ’Cause, she would tell me, that if I got out of bed, that’s what…. Something would grab me. You know what? That’s what I should do to my grandson. That’d keep him in line!

Oh that’s a bit mean….

Yah. The Queen of the Paranormal scared to death of something under my damned bed! I was five years old! Why’d you do that to me?  That’s how you grow up. So I try to tell the kids, what we’re doing is, we’re dealing in energy that remains…. And everything has energy. And we have energy. And when our body’s go away, that energy that was there. Still is there. So let’s see if we can try to talk to it. Or, communicate with it. That’s not so scary. So that’s how I go about teaching.

And it’s basic physics isn’t it? Energy never dies, never. It simply changes form. It’s basic physics. And at our most basic level, we’re simply energy.

Hm hmmm, absolutely. It’s just fantastic. Kids are like sponges, their brains. So if you can get ‘em on a right track, right away, then it’s not something scary and don’t listen to your Grandmother – things are going to come out of the bed, or the closet, or the wall. I couldn’t go near the wall either. I can’t go to the wall to this day!  I am an educated woman.  But no! I refuse to….  I wanna go over here, so I can get up and go to the bathroom. You know how we get old? We gotta pee all the time! I make excuses to my husband. I’ll sleep on this side of the bed, so I can go over there! And as a man he goes, well why don’t you sleep over by to wall. I’m gonna protect you. Protect me from what the hand?  Oh my gosh. Oh it’s crazy!

I used to have that exact fear as well. But for me it was from watching early vampire movies. I was scared they’d come through the wall and get me.

That’s funny. You should have a comedy show.

Oh man… So ok. You’re a very published author. You’ve got a number of really interesting books. Perhaps you could talk us through some of your books. Like your one about the ghosts and legends of…. Oh how do you pronounce that?

Merrimack valley.

Merrimack valley, yes.

That was a book by History Press. And it was their very first book on Haunted America. The wanted to do a thing called Haunted America Series, so they called me. ‘Cause, I was doing a television show in New Hampshire on Broadcast TV, mind you. Called ghost stories of New England. And I did the book. The book was the Merrimack Valley. They usually liked a small, local aspect of hauntings, but steeped the history. And I had to inform them that the Merrimack Valley is in New Hampshire and goes straight out to the ocean in Massachusetts.

So they cleared it and said ok. So what I did, is I started a time line, of way back with the Native Americans. Where the river met the road. Let’s just say. When it come down off the mountains. We started there with beautiful historical stories. Then we moved the time line forward into the, you know?  The settlement, the foundations of the settlers in the early area. And then out towards a more progressive time, like today. Present day.

And each and every placed I talked about in the history…. In fact, in one of the local high schools brought a ton of the books, because they liked the history so much. It was well written. Well researched. So, all these places you could go and visit. That was the key for me, to be able to put something down, that you could go see, and exchange commerce with. Instead of like, oh I can’t tell you where it is. It’s a private family.


I could have wrote that book in my living room, for crying out loud. Really. I could sit and make the whole thing up and you wouldn’t know the difference and you would have brought the thing. So, you know? I’m just not that way. I just said no. I want people to be able to go see and feel the energy that remains in these places. And I have really good pictures in the book and like the Canopy Hall, ah dance hall theatre. Canopy lake dance hall theatre is a…. It was an amusement park at the turn of the century. And it hosted the big bands. It hosted Cab Calloway  All the way up to like Glen Miller. And all these stars and celebrities. Sony and Cher were there. And one of the girls that helped me with the pictures, her father was Chief of Police, decades ago. And she was a very young girl. She went in there and took pictures of the famous people, singing and rehearsing and in her photographs you have orbs. You have ecto-mist. You have things that were unexplainable. And that you could not Photoshop.

They were done on a polaroid, or a black and white that they had. Got them developed at a film store, you know, it was incredible. So I was able to use those and put them in the book. And tell you stories about how it used to be, ah it was a big baseball field back there. Now it’s a parking lot. Yeah, so you would be able to go there. So that’s Ghosts and Legends of the Merrimack Valley. You can get that at Queen of the Paranormal dot com. And the other book that I wrote, which took quite a bit of time, was Ghosts of the New Hampshire Sea Coast. Again, places you can drive by, get out of the car and experience these locations. And I wanted to be centered only up on the sea coast. I thought that was good. Because, that patch of sea coast is very small. So you can go from one end to the other, all in I think, ten minutes just driving…

Oh Wow!

Yeah! So you’re able to really get a good benefit to go to these different places and yeah it was cool! It was really cool. And again exchanging commerce, getting to know locations that are actually there and not made up in somebody’s head. And yeah, so that book’s selling well again on the website Queen of the Paranormal dot com. And on that site too, you’ll find some cool things like sage spray, black sage, salt spray. And the reason I went to do that, to incorporate sprays…. And I do sell the actual product. Nol, I think I discontinued that…. Was because, black salt is staining materials. It stains like sharpie markers, for crying out loud.

Right. It does.

So if you can make something stainless and still use it. And, it’s potent. Then that’s great! So you don’t have to put the black salt out and get it on your fingers and make a big mess. Same thing with the sage. It’s great to do saging, it sure is. But, it’s not great if you have asthma. Or you have children with breathing problems. Or have shag carpeting that might catch on fire or something. When I did a smudging out in the woods. It was out in a field. And my son and I we have a signal. If I went like this on my head, put my hand up, like whatever. He would take the camera and bring it up to the sky. That meant we had to stop right away, something bad is happening. We’re out doing this shoot…. And it may still be up on the web, on YouTube, at CC The Huntress, ‘cause, that was the name of the show at the time. I played C C Carole. Which is easier than Kadrolsha Ona any day of the week. So we go with that name for that show.

And all of a sudden he sees me going like this and I’m banging my head. He puts it up, stops the camera and says, “What’s going on?” I said. “The grounds on fire.” So we had to put the fire out and then we started up again. Because, the smudging caught the ground on fire. That’s the story that made me say enough’s enough. We have to do a white sage spray. And this is not essential oils. This is real white sage that I use to create the sprays. And, when people get it, it looks a little murky. But, when you smell it you go, oh that’s real sage. That’s real. Not an oil or pretty smelling anything. That’s the real stuff. So we do sell a heck of a lot of that.

And when I do go out for investigations, which I still do, just ‘cause, I just like it.  I bring it with me. Whether it’s a black salt spray, you know? To get rid of negative energy. Or, it’s white sage spray, to cleanse a home. Or, I also use it to calm the area down. So we have an even flow of energy from the past and the future. Not the future, but the present day as it stands, it crosses. It’s just like, when psychics do a reading, they try to get themselves in a state that crosses both realms, living and dead. You know you can do that yourself? In the middle of the night, when you get up to go to the bathroom. We all go to the bathroom. Hey let’s face it, we’re old.

Some of us more than others.

So we go to the bathroom, you go to the bathroom. But then you sit back down on the bed and you’re right in that inbetween stage. Calm, quiet, you start to write things down. This is what I tell people. Anything you can possibly thing of. The colour orange. I want a pickle, ah what are we having for dinner tomorrow night? I didn’t like that movie I just watched before I went to bed. Write things down that pop into your head at that particular time. And then what you do, is go through your day. And then when you get home after work, or whatever your day consists of, look at what you wrote. You might find a direct correlation to something you were forecasting in the future, even if it’s only a few hours ahead. But you need to get yourself in that state of life and death, crossing back and forth. That’s the time of day to do it, when everything’s relaxed, your mind is clear, you’ve just gone to the bathroom. So everything’s good you know? And yeah, so that’s what I tell people to do and they have found it to be extremely beneficial at helping them with having a psychic ability.  Doesn’t mean you’re going to be that concert pianist, but you may be able to work with it and to train yourself with it. And so you can amplify what abilities you have.

I run a Facebook group that I started about a year and a half ago. And, I always tell my members that everybody has abilities. Even if you don’t think you do. Everybody does! But I use the analogy of athletes. It’s like some people can, you know, run marathons. While some of us can’t run two feet without being short of breath. It’s the same with these abilities. Everyone has them, but to different strengths. You can always hone the abilities that you have. It won’t give you more, but you can strengthen what you have. Yeah.

Right. And all these abilities you’re born with…. And, I tell people, you can feel energy that doesn’t match your energy instantly. Oh no! I like everybody. I have no problem with people. And then I say, well have you ever walked down the street and found yourself crossing the road for no reason, because, someone was coming?  Or you walk way out and around? Go into a store door? For what reason did you do that? Well, because that energy just wasn’t good for you. Doesn’t mean it isn’t good for somebody else.  It just means that’s what you were born with to protect yourself.  And people have it ‘til this day. And they don’t use it.

Doesn’t mean you go around arrrgh with crossed fingers or anything. It just means that energy’s not good for you! It’s just just saying hey, I don’t feel comfortable with this. So I’m naturally going to go around it. And people say, right, I don’t know why I crossed the street. Now I do. It doesn’t mean you actually have to walk by people you don’t like. But at least you know why you’re not. You’ve got that going for you now, so…. That is a way to start a conversation. But yeah, you do have an ability. You were born with it. And also I tell people, you know, you leave the house, you’re in a rush, but something’s telling you to go on a different road. Take that different road. Cause, there may be an accident down this road, or whatever. Then you go, you get to work and you find out, my God, there’s a tree down over there and I would have been so late. But, inherently you knew. Because, you’re born with these abilities. It’s how you foster them and grow them that matter.

Right, right. And there’s been documented cases…. I can’t remember the specifics; I wish I could. Like where a plane crashed and before that plane crashed a huge number of people cancelled their bookings on that flight.

Isn’t that amazing, they just inherently knew.

Yeah. They just knew.

When nine-eleven happened. I woke up in the morning with a headache. As the time got nearer, the headache got far worse. And ambulance showed up at the house and took me to the hospital. They didn’t know what was…. I’ve never had a headache like that in my life! And after the second plane hit, and the building came down, the headache started to subside. But, I’ve talked to many other people and they’ve said similar things. That they got, were, violently ill. I couldn’t pin point it to anything, mainly because my head hurt so bad, I couldn’t think. And so, yeah it is amazing. Like you said, you have that ability. With that example you gave of cancelling tickets.

And then, there was another case in Wales. Where all these school children, in school, were killed when a mountain of slag on the, on the school. It was all over the news. And I can’t remember the name of the town in Wales. I couldn’t pronounce it, even if I could remember it.

I do remember that incident. Yes.

Yeah. But, many children had dreams about it before it happened. Some very specific dreams about this mountain of black coming down over the school. Parents had dreams about it also. Some of them kept their children home from school, because, of the dream and feelings they had. Yeah, so people did

Again, you’re born with that intuition to keep you out of danger. Some people should follow it. Ones that didn’t, unfortunately. God pray for them. Because, a lot of people these days, train themselves to, oh! I don’t believe in that. And that’s really sad. I know that…. Like with you, I’m sure, there’s lots of incidents…. I dream of the colour white. I tell people don’t get a…. You can get a cookie cutter book of dream interpretation. Just ‘cause white means something to me, white does not mean something to you!  So there’s not a standard. But for me white always means within three days. Never ever, knocking on wood, been wrong. Something happens. And what happens is the beginning of something new. Could be a death. That’s the beginning of something new. A job. A wedding. A pregnancy. Something brand, spanking new. Now my husband has, well four grandchildren. Four girls. And there’s going to be another one born, so there’ll be five. We just found out, within a three-day period now. It’s going to be a boy.

Aw congratulations.

Four girls, one boy. I just said bingo! That’s it. That’s the beginning of something new. You know, not another girl. A little boy. So because white means that to me, white may mean something else to you.  If I dream of orange and red, to me, someone’s mad at me. I’m gonna hear from it…. Blah, blah, blah. I did something wrong and so when people consult on me for dream interpretation, they tell me their dream. And, then I interpret it for them. Again, knock on wood, they’ve all liked their responses. ‘Cause, they’ve always ended up with a positive. Like I said, with everything we do, we try to take that positivity saves the day theme. A positive example.

I used to do consultations for people, because, I’m a medium. I always, always tell members of my group. If you go and see someone for a reading, a consultation. Whatever you want to call them. Even if spirit tells you off. Even if they tell you off, you should always come away feeling positive and uplifted. And, comfortable with what you’ve been given.

I think so. It should never be insulting. Never be hurtful, harmful. Like oh, you’re going to die. I know you are. Like no shit, Sherlock. We’re all going to die. OK, so we already know that one. When is it? In five minutes? Ten minutes? Let me know. I don’t think that’s fair.

No, I agree.

I never tell anybody that, even though I can see it. I just direct them to follow their medical regimen and do everything you’re supposed to do, or get help. Like that. When I see someone who is clearly having a psychotic episode…. And, I think it’s because of the business you and I are in.  We bring out people that want to be validated for what they’re hearing, or seeing. That no one else can see or hear. So, they come to you. And clearly some are in…. They need help. And so, as any human being should. They should point them in the direction of help. And not just give them a straight reading, what you do is start out. Validate them. Yes. The other thing is let’s eliminate…. We have to start at a point, we’re going to eliminate the health issue and then we’re going to move into the paranormal issue.


Have you gone to a doctor? Do you take medication? If you do, then maybe you need to get a re-check and get blood balances. And everything like that. So we can rule out all physical. Then we can concentrate on the paranormal. Until you get that done, then you can come back. You know? And then we’ll finish this. And sometimes I might, you know? Finish on a positive note.  But to make sure they go for help is imperative. A lot of people they count on you. And, they count on me, for direction and guidance to be a counselor. And we’re not. So what we can do is recommend, listen to them and try to get them help.

Yeah. Absolutely, absolutely. And I always, always say to my group members, that you have to rule out the physical first. Before you even look at spiritual. Even with sounds in your houses or, or things like that. You need to rule out the physical first and don’t automatically assume it’s a spiritual thing. Because, that’s a huge mistake.

Oh, absolutely. You have to take everybody as a clean slate and not lump them into a particular category and …. That’s not your business to have a predetermined outcome. Like the minute you see them…. Oh gosh no. He didn’t brush his hair.  No, no, no. You can’t sit down, you smell. No! I just say sit down, put a little more perfume on, whatever! I want to be able to reach out and help. And turn whatever that situation is into a positive. To me, that’s important and also to be able to heal with a positive energy. And that’s what I do when I go to the events.

That’s really awesome. Can you…. Obviously, you’re very well known in the States. But where I live in New Zealand, not so well known. Well, I am sure there are people who know you. But, you’re not a household name in New Zealand.

Oh my goodness no. And you know? The thing is I was doing CC The Huntress up until about five years ago. So it’s only been very recent that I took the jump into a little more creative, like national and international. And international only started within a year and a half ago. So we’re still on an upswing and we’re still growing. And with being able to be on Galaxy Global Television Network, now incorporating that, working in conjunction with Simuli TV, my music, Jam Television and working with these people. Putting a product together that will be seen, more than globally, then you…. Then that all changes. And that’s coming very, very soon. And, I’d love to go over to New Zealand. I want to go see you. Have a cup of coffee.

Yeah, that’d be great.

I’d love all that stuff. It’d be fun. I love all those girly things. We could have a lot of fun together.

And so Comicon. Can you tell us, tell my listeners, how you got into this area? And what exactly is Comicon, for those of us who don’t know?

Comicon, is a comic convention. Where they have um…. And they have paranormal conventions. They call them Paracons. I did Paracons, up until five years ago. When I took the step into the Comicon international, national arena.  With the paranormal cons, Paracons, you can only go only sing to the choir so long. You can’t get out of the church. My goal was to talk to as many people that I can, not in a little area that the only ones that go to these Paracons are the people who are lecturing. And, their vending friends. That’s it! I mean, the general public as a rule, never goes. And that’s sad, because, you’ve got a message. You know? It would be nice. There’s a lot, a lot of people with a lot of good messages. I don’t know why they’re stuck in a Paracon. But, that’s not my problem. It’s theirs.

So I decided to do…. I was asked by a gentleman, Gary Sommers, if I would consider doing a Comicon? And taking the role of the Queen of the Paranormal. So, I’ve been called the Queen of the Paranormal since two-thousand and seven, when I did a radio show, called CC the Huntress: Queen of the Paranormal. And a gentleman called in and said, “I’m going to call you the Queen of the Paranormal.” And I said, oh I like that. So I trademarked it right away.

Good for you

So I already had the trademark going back. So he wanted to have a Transylvanian name. I’m like what!?! What about my name? You know? He said, “I thought it was CC?” I said, “What do you think CC stands for? Cadrolsha Ona, stands for Caroline Ann, in Polish.”

Now, my name is Cadrolsha Ona. That’s what I grew up with. So he said, “That’s perfect!” We put it there and I went to…. It’s called “Chillers Theatre”. Kevin Clement owns it. And he liked me, because, I was the real deal. I wasn’t doing fake stuff on TV. I mean I wasn’t really doing it. He…. I’ve now been there eight times in a row. Every six months. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Where other people in the paranormal with all these hocus-pocus shows and stuff, can’t even get on the bill. And they never call them back. You have to be real to be there. And you have to be able to pull your weight. Sell those tickets. And, then you get to come back.

So, I’m very fortunate and I know it’s such a big…. A lot of feathers got ruffled. Probably ‘cause, they thought how did she get there? She must have did something sexual to somebody, or her breasts or whatever? And it was horrible. Body shaming is just what people do, when they can’t think of anything else. You must had to have done something? No! I did not! I actually…. This gentleman offered to help me. So, in return, I help other people. He gave me a hand up. Not a hand out.

I’m giving people a hand up. Not a hand out. And, I’ve offered people to be on global access television…. You know? Global television, with little shows and this and that. And you’d be, you’d be amazed at people that just look at it and go no. Then they go onto a whole cable access show in one town, when you could be all over the place. And they…. I don’t think they understand the concept that the world is changing. That technology’s changing. Global is here to stay.

It definitely is.

And you’ll be able to see that pretty soon when we release season three and other things. And I know that as far as airport television, I was the first program on airport television. I’ve been on airport television a year and a half now. And that’s incredible. No one else is.

It’s pretty awesome yeah.

Yeah.  And I think a lot of it has to do with ruffling feathers, is because I’m a girl. If I was not a girl, it would be different. I’m a girl, when I do the comic books, so getting back to the original question about the Comicons, is you know, they have TV stars of yesteryear. And present day and they have comic heroes. And people dress up like comic heroes and then, they have me. I am a real comic hero. I’m the first one, indisputably so, to be a superhero. Doing what I do in real life, in between the pages of a comic book. That’s a historic value. Not just for comic recognition, but for woman.

’Cause, it’s usually a guy that drew a, somebody that’s a fake character. I’m one-hundred percent real, doing this. The first people to ever be themselves were Will Rogers and Dale Evans. And they had a TV show in nineteen-thirty-four, in the United States. They, they…. It was a cowboy show. They took that and put it into comic book form. But, they weren’t a superhero.

I took that one. I feel to get the word out and to work with Comicon, is very hard being a woman because they just want to – ah shut her up. Put her over there. No. No. We work hard and I have the guts and the stamina. I have a very thick skin. And, I’m just going to champion for other women, that come behind me. And, help them get a leg-up. You known? Or a hand up. I don’t believe in giving a hand-out. Or even helping people take their careers and achieve their goals. They need to do the leg work. I can make the introductions. I can do whatever. But, I’ve done that with many people and I think it’s important that we keep, you know? Playing it forward for people.

Yeah, I agree.

I don’t think you’ll see a man doing that? And, I think that’s too bad. That’s just…. That’s just too bad and you know, I have to be who I am. And I help others. I help animals and that’s what I do. I’m busy all the time and I’d never have it any other way.

That’s so awesome! Tell us a bit about how this comic came about?

Well, I was at a Comicon and it was called Oh-Comicon. And it was out in Omaha, Nebraska. And in Oaks Bluff, Iowa. You just cross the river there and you’re in Iowa. But It’s all…. They’re considered the same area. So I was there with a bunch of stars and a gentleman walked up to me called…. His name was Charles Moisser, and he is one of the owners of Silver Phoenix Entertainment. A comic publisher.

 And he said I’d like to do a comic book with you. I said, oh that…. Who wouldn’t want that? I said cool, I’ll do that. So sure I said, but, one thing. It has to be real to what I do. I don’t want it…. I don’t mind it embellished, it is a comic book. But, we really have to stick to the focus of real, if we’re doing this. And when I did that and then a comic historian who the author, a Bryan J Morris, from rising tide publications. He authored all of the things we’ve done, and projects. He called me up and said, “You’re not going to believe this. But, I’ve been doing research and I can clearly say, you’re the first person in comic book history, to do what she does in real life. As a super-hero between the pages of a comic book.”

And I was like, oh my gosh. So I did research and I had other people do research. And, it’s true. I even put it out of Facebook. Find someone! Nobody can find anybody. It’s me. I used to be a cop and it’s not that I go looking for superhero things, but, I kicked a door down. I got a dog out of a burning building. I rescued kids from the…. You name it. I’ve been shot at. I’ve been stabbed.  And I kicked a gun out of a would-be school-shooters hand, who was trying to shoot me.  And, it’s not that I don’t have a fear, I was scared to death! But, I have a reactionary thing, where I react. Some people don’t react. They just stand frozen. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people, it’s just that’s the way your body…. That’s what’s happening.

It’s a physical reaction.

It doesn’t mean anything, but so because of those things, that so called super-hero thing was cloned. So yeah, that’s yeah. That’s me.

That’s awesome!

I’m really here. I’m here. I’m flesh and blood. And the other ones are made up characters. And, I feel as a woman, I have to work harder. And as a woman, I will champion this cause. For other women to be able to come up behind me and not have it as difficult. As I do for being recognized for the historic comic status.

Yeah. That’s awesome and any listener can get a copy of your comics from your website correct?

Right. Queen of the Paranormal dot com. We have the original comic book and we also have the other comic…. We have two comic books out there for sale. We’ll have a third one coming out. We’re doing a kick starter plan for that. And that’s with Ron Russell and Jimmie Starr and Arnie Shapiro. Who are a great bunch of people, who I go ghost-hunting with and funnier than all get out. And, we wrote the comic book based on…. Ah Brian Morse, wrote the comic book based on a trip we took out to King’s Park asylum. And another side note is, I’ve been able to go on many locations that they forbid even television shows to go into. ‘Cause, I keep the historic perspective of the building. I don’t run around, oh my god. Oh my god.  But what you get…. We film it and what you see is what’s happening.


What is happening. And you can hear voices. You can hear all this crazy stuff. It’s called a real ghost hunt. But what is so cool about it is that Ron Russell is hysterical. He’s a funny man. And he just has us all laughing, until we scared him. And then he’s screaming like a baby. We filmed it. And it went viral. It did.

And then we got the idea, lets do a comic book, Celebrity Ghost hunters.  So it was all based on that film that went viral. And we did another ghost hunt and we kind of combined everything together, to come up with a nice story for the comic book. So, that will be coming out very soon. And then, I’m working on another comic book. With a whole…. With a different kind of application. I want…. I’ve got some ideas. I have some ideas. Maybe not so much with an artists drawing, but being in front of a green screen and turning me into the character.

Got you.

They have Apps for that, so you can…. It’s a different way. That way I’ll feel like I have more control. I just thought it would give a cute little dynamic or aspect to different things. And again, we can do the healing thing and positivity and stuff like that. But yeah, that comic book’s going to be an absolute riot. We have opportunities for people to be in the comic book with us. Whether it’s a rock star, or whatever. Or a ghost on the wall. So they can all feel like part of it, you know? And it’s a great thing for the LBGT community, ‘cause, we support that. They’re involved in it. I’m involved in it. Eileen’s involved in it. And, I think it’s the right thing to do. And we push that goal forward, we’re all blended and united throughout the world. So what we like, to keep it in perspective there. 

Oh that sounds really, really exciting. Oh how exciting for you. And, do you have any appearances coming up, for our listeners in the States?

Well, in the States, I will be at Super-Mega Fest. My daughter did the promo video and she edited it, all by herself, with a little guidance. But she wanted it to be, what she wanted to put in. And I left it just like that. And, I put it up today, so you can see that. I have North-East Comicon Collectors extravaganza. That will be Thanksgiving weekend. Day after Thanksgiving. For three days. That Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Well thank you very much for your time. It’s been a really interesting conversation.

Thank you too, I enjoyed it. Hey everyone in New Zealand and across the world. Oh my God! I’m coming to see you soon. I will. I promise you, I will do that!

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