Episode 43: #2: UFOs In The Night Sky – A Conversation With Bonnie

Have you ever found yourself outside watching the stars at night, feeling in awe of the beauty, and grandeur of the night sky? The stars hanging like diamonds from the deep velvet of the night sky. Since the beginning of time, man has watched the night skies.  We have used them to navigate the seas, to know when to plant specific vegetables. To know when it is the best time to go fishing at sea. Humankind has used the stars to mark the passing of the seasons, and have simply enjoyed the wonder of the night skies. They also, have watched the skies and wondered if life, as we know it, exist outside of this third rock from the sun?

Have you ever wondered if there are other planets out amongst the night sky that contain life? Have you ever seen anything in the night skies, that could not be explained away by modern technology – such as military jets, planes, drones, etc? UFO’s by definition, are unexplained flying objects…. Another term that governments tend to use is Unidentified Ariel Phenomena, UAP for short. Of course not all these unidentified objects are found in the skies, some are seen exiting or entering the worlds oceans. These are called Unidentified Submerged Objects.

There are many, many people throughout the world, who have had experiences, seeing UFO’s, or having had experiences with the inhabitants. Myself, included – so this is a subject that I am very fond of. I have been waiting to do a subject like this since I began this podcast, and this will only be the first of hopefully a few episodes on this subject, or variations of this subject…. So, get your cuppa tea, and your bikkie, get comfortable and join me as we step into this part of the shadowlands together….

A Wee Rant

Over the past 18 months in particular, I have noticed a marked shift in the way mainstream media has been treating the subject of UFO’s and sightings. No, longer do they treat the subject with derision, or make a huge joke of it – treating sincere witnesses like they were seeing things, making it all up for attention, basically calling them liars. Or treating them like they, had a psychiatric illness.

In fact, many psychiatric papers had been written around this subject, like this one for the American Psychological association entitled “UFO abductees and contactees: Psychopathology, or fantasy proneness?”

In the abstract to their paper it says this :

Psychopathological interpretations of individuals who claim contacts with extra-terrestrials typify the few psychiatric evaluations of such behavior. Biographical analyses of 152 subjects who reported temporary abductions or persistent contacts with UFO occupants show that these subjects are remarkably devoid of a history of mental illness. However, in 132 cases, one or more major characteristics were found of what S. C. Wilson and T. X. Barber (1981) identified as the fantasy-prone personality (FPP). Although they appear to function as normal, healthy adults, FPPs experience rich fantasy lives and score dramatically higher (relative to control groups) on such characteristics as hypnotic susceptibility, psychic ability, healing, out-of-body experiences, automatic writing, religious visions, and apparitional experiences. In the present study, UFO “abductees” and “contactees” exhibit a pattern of symptomatology similar to that of FPPs. Thus, clinicians should consider testing UFO abductees or contactees for fantasy proneness in cases in which a particular psychopathological diagnosis is not obvious.

So, they’re looking for specific things they can label contactees, and abductees with! This method of treatment of experiencers, or witnesses was something that was deliberately cultivated by specific governments in the world, to stop people from coming forward and speaking about what they had witnessed – but that’s entirely another episode for another time.

Since late April, or thereabouts, of this year the US armed Forces, particularly the Navy and the Air Force, have been open about acknowledging the existence of UFO’s. This is a major step forward. And, have in fact released some videos from Air Force fighter jets. These videos were reported in many mainstream news outlets. Outlets such as:

And all the major TV outlets, throughout the world, including TV One and Two, here in New Zealand. Of course they are very careful to state, while they don’t know where the UFO are from, they don’t consider them from this world – and, they are very careful not to acknowledge the occupants who operate these craft in our skies.

If you check out podcast website: www.walkingtheshadowlands.com, the page for this episode, I will have links to some of these sites, so you can check them out for yourself, if you have not yet seen any of these videos.

So at last this subject is not being treated as a joke, and people who have had experiences all their lives will not be so shy about coming forward. Personally, I simply don’t care. I’ve always, always spoken openly about my experiences with UFOs my entire life. Whatever other’s think of me is none of my business, and so I talk about what I have seen and experienced whenever, the subject is brought up by others. I will likely discuss some of my experiences next season of the podcast.

But tonight, I have a wonderful guest – a woman, in her thirties. My guest has been quite open about her experiences with UFOs, starting a few years after suffering a series of strokes. Her story is quite inspirational, by itself, as she had to completely learn how to talk again, as her strokes wiped out her speech center in her brain. So, without further ado, I would like to introduce my guest, for this episode. Bonnie Rampy.

A Conversation with Bonnie

Marianne: Hi Bonnie and welcome. Thank you so much for joining us all today. I have been waiting to do this episode with you for a while, because this area generally, is one that is actually a favourite of mine. Perhaps we could start, with you giving us all a little background on you, and how you came to be where you are today?

Bonnie: Ok! I live in Texas; I’ve lived here most of my life. I lived in Tennessee for a few years, but came back to Texas. As a child I was able to see spirits, and feel them, and areas I would go to…. Yeah, I would go to historical places, and I would almost hear what was going on. I always knew things, and people – you know, if they were lying, or not, you know? It was…. It was very strong as a child. And…. And then probably about eight years ago I had my first awakening. I learned about the matrix, and about extra-terrestrials, and stuff like that. That’s where I first heard about the Pleadians. And, when I was told about the Pleadians, I didn’t believe in them – at all! I…. I only believed in the Greys, you know? I didn’t believe in Reptilians, or anything like that.

Then about two years ago, I had my strokes. And, I had a near death experience. During, my…. I had three strokes. And on the third stroke…. And, this…. This happened…. It was like, there was a stroke. Then another stroke, and then, the third. And, that one I was already in my hospital room. And, I went out of my body! Completely out of my body!

And, I was floating above me, and I was watching the doctors, and the nurses – you know? Going crazy and…. And, doing stuff. I felt this amazing feeling of peace, and just kind of, almost giggling at like – that’s my body! And, then boom! I was in this completely different place. It was like I was out, in the beautiful universe. And, I could see shooting stars, and…. And, nebulae, planets, and asteroids – just moving around. I looked down, and I was walking along this beautiful green grass – it was just really…. It was, it was… And it was so soft on my feet!

I felt joy, and just wonder. And, then right above me was this beautiful, giant sphere. Somehow I knew, that this was the source. And, all this knowledge, it…. It just came into me, and I felt joy, and peace, and immense love! All – all of creation came from this, and I was one with it. I was myself, but I was also one with everything.

And…. And, then poof! I’m…. I’m back in my body! And, I can feel that – I could feel that joy. I was smiling. I had just had a stroke, and I was just beaming – beaming! Just smiling so, so hard my, my face hurt. And, I kept saying to people – you know? The nurses, and my Dad came in. And, a friend of mine came in – and, I was like – Soul groups are real! I…. I could barely speak!

The – the strokes affected my, my language center in my – ah, the left part of my brain. And, I could barely talk. And, I was trying to tell everyone that – you know, soul groups are real. Everything’s going to be fine! Because, while I was…. While I was having that stroke, something, or someone, said to me: “Everything is going to be fine forever!” And, and I knew it was the truth! And, and that was for everyone. Everything is going to be fine forever. No matter what you go through in your life. You will make – make it through it, and everything was going to be fine!

Three months after my strokes, I was outside. Something told me, go outside! So, I went outside, and I was looking at the stars. I was extremely high vibrational for, for ‘bout a year after – after my, my strokes. But I was still…. I still could barely speak. I could just feel everything. Everything was so wonderful. And I was looking at the stars, and then all of a sudden, out of my mouth I said – Pleadians? And, immediately after I said that – it, it was like maybe one second, or two seconds…. I got three, bright flashes right above me! I…. I kind of – I was…. I was in shock! But, I had no fear. No fear. Then, they flashed me again. And, then they took off! I mean like, it was like this bright light just flashed, and they were gone. And, then three helicopters came…. Flew in – right into my area. You know, like right above my house! And, I laughed, I laughed. I was like – did that really just happen? And, and I’m like – that no, that…. That actually happened!

And, I called my Dad, and I was like – I could barely speak. I was like, Dad…. I…. UfO! I saw UFO! And he’s like – you know? Yeah right Bonnie, yeah right…. You know? It was like NO, really, really!  He’s like, well that’s…. That’s interesting.

And so, ever since that night, they come to me. They signal to me, and they…. They fly by. Sometimes they get ah, really low to where I can see the individual lights. On New Years, I had just walked outside really quick, to…. To do something, and I looked up, and this beautiful light craft was like maybe, two football fields high up. And, it glowed really bright for me, and I could see the individual lights. And, then they just kind of disappeared, and I had this message, like – happy new year, Bonnie. I was like, thank you, thank you so much!

But, I’ve been able to take lots of pictures. I just use my iPhone. I’m hoping to get a good camera here sometime soon. I can get videos, but they’re just dark – too dark. So, I’ve got about four good videos of them, but most of them are just – you know, pictures. Pictures, lots of pictures.

And considering, you’re only using an iPhone, some of your images have been quite good. I’ve seen a couple that actually show the shape of the craft.

Hmm hmm.  Yeah, yeah, the disc, yeah.

Yeah, the disc. And for listeners of the show, there will be pictures that Bonnie’s taken on the website page for this episode. You can find that on www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. So they know where they can go.  When you…. This one that you saw on New Year’s Bonnie, the lights that you saw around the craft, were they different colours? Or. were they just the one colour?

No, they were white, ah, they were white – just crisp! It’s…. It’s a different type of light…. you know? It’s just this crisp, white light. Each one, but they…. But, I do have pictures of…. They can change the colours if, if they want.  A lot of times, it’s gold.

Oh that’s interesting

But, I’ve found a lot of indigo…. Indigo is one colour that they – they share.

And, how often would you like…. When you see these craft – do you feel the urge to go outside, and they’re there?

Yes, yes. There are times where I just get this feeling, like ok, it’s time! And, I’ll go outside, and they’ll already be flying by. They’re other times, where I will call them in my mind. And, out loud – you know? I will call to them, and they, they just…. They never let me, let me down. They always show up. And, this is like, almost every night! I’m not sure…. I’m not sure why?

Well, there’s obviously a connection there, between you and the inhabitants of the ship.

Yes, yes. I get messages from them, from time to time.

And, these are telepathic messages, correct?

Yes, yes. I know it sounds crazy, but yes. There was a time where I was wondering – you know? Why me? You now, I’m just Bonnie. When they send you a message telepathically. It repeats over, and over, and over, until you get it! And, the message I got was; “You are unique! You are special! You are part of the one.” And, to me, it felt like a message to all humanity. Like, you all are unique, and special. And, we are all part of the one, the source.

Well, that’s a really lovely message. A really lovely message Bonnie. So, how has your life altered since you had contact with these…. Since you started seeing these ships?

Well. Well, I’ve…. I’ve been able to show to, to my friends that, that…. You know – these dimensional beings exist, and they love us. Um, my gifts have gotten a lot stronger – it’s hard to explain. I’ve learned so much, since that first contact. I…. I’ve delved into the extra-terrestrials, and dimensional beings. I’ve started my own group, just trying to let everyone know that, that they exist and that they are already here! And, and that they love us so much.

One of the things I’ve learned about the Pleadians, is that they are in awe with humans. Because, this dimension that we are in is very dense, and thick. And, just the fact that people get up everyday, and try to be better, and try to learn, and grow! You know? To them, they’re just in awe. Because, they’re of a higher dimension. And, you know, they don’t have any of the…. The problems that we, that we face today. And, so you know, they will go around contacting people that are wakening – you know? To let them know we’re not alone, and that they are loved.

Oh that’s…. That’s really lovely Bonnie. That’s a really lovely, a really lovely message. And, you’re right about this dimension being quite heavy. Would you like to share the name of your Facebook group with my listeners, so that those who don’t know it already, can check your group out?

Ok. Sure, sure. It’s ‘Extraterrestrials, Spirituality, and the Paranormal’. A lot of it is all connected. So yeah, that’s my group. And, it’s closed so that it’s a safe haven for people to just share what they experience. A lot of them have videos, and stuff, of their own crafts. And, it’s a beautiful, wonderful group.

It’s a really lovely group. And, I noticed that people are very respectful. Of course, that trickles down from the top. And, that people can share their experiences without judgement, without fear of being laughed at. Really, I’ve noticed what your group is about. It’s really all about love.


And, one of the things when I’m doing my Instagram post tags everyday, regardless of the subject that week – I always end my Instagram posts with the tag ‘love is all’.

That’s beautiful. Love is all!

Yeah. I know that’s a very…. A very hippy, Woodstock (for those old enough to remember that festival), saying – but it’s the truth. It’s the truth.

It is, it is….

A very, very wise, and much loved friend,  a star being, once said to me: “Marianne, when you do anything. You must do it from your heart. When you think, think from your heart. When you speak, speak from your heart. When you act, act from your heart.”  He said…. He explained to me that it is because, your heart connects you, with the greater realities, than this one we are currently knowing of in our day to day lives.

Yes, yes…. Oh my gosh yes, yes! Perfect!

So ever since, he said that to me, decades ago, I’ve tried my very best to live by that. Because, it resonated with me on a soul level. And, I recognized that it was the truth!

Yes, yes…. Absolute! Oh yes!

And being human, I do have days, when I am perhaps not coming from my heart space as much as I could be, but I forgive myself for that, because I am still learning. And, everyday is a learning experience. But, I do try very hard to live by those words. And certainly I…. They helped me a great deal in my nursing career as a Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular nurse.

I want to go back Bonnie to what you talked about in the beginning of our conversation. When you talked about the matrix. It’s really interesting, because the program last week was all about the matrix, otherwise known as the Holographic universe, or the simulation theory, by leading astrophysicists, and scientists. And, glitches in the matrix. Of course the term matrix (referring to a holographic reality), came into common usage because, of the 1999 movie the matrix, starring Keanu Reeves. Isn’t that interesting.

Hmm very. Well it was actually David Icke, that first…. I started watching a lot of his lectures, and you know, some of it really resonated with me. And, then I began to notice all the symbols, and all the stuff that the illuminati use. I knew, that this was a simulation. It was…. I could feel it within me.  And that, this was the truth. I’m not saying that everything…. David Icke – you know is, is correct. But, I take in what resonates with me. And, that, that hit me pretty hard. There was three months, where I didn’t want to do anything. It was a very dark moment. To find out – you know? That, you know – the matrix is real.

It’s a bit mind blowing isn’t it?

Yeah, I didn’t even wanna…. I didn’t even wanna to eat the food. I didn’t want to go outside, and breathe the air. I was pretty much paralyzed, and then, I realized I can’t change the way I am. I had to share love. That was just – that was the most important thing. And just live life the best you can, and act from love.

That’s brilliant. In last weeks’ episode, I talked about the simulation theory and about leading quantum physicists, in the world. Who have come out, and stated publically that they believe that we live in a simulated reality. And, in fact, in last weeks’ episode, there are links to all of these guys being interviewed about their beliefs in a holographic reality. And, so it’s really interesting listening to these guys talk about…. From a scientific perspective. From a mathematical perspective.Talking about how this simulation theory, this holographic theory answers physics questions, and some questions Einstein proposed about black holes. And, stuff like that, that only…. That they propose that the simulation theory is the reason why mathematics can’t work out these issues, they couldn’t solve before.

Well, to me, I believe that when science, and spirituality combine, that’s where the answers come.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Is there anything that you would like to share with the listeners, that you think might be useful to them, or may help them? Anyone perhaps, who’s having the same sort of experiences as you?

Well, let me think. Well, I do know that, that there is good, and bad extraterrestrials, and dimensional beings. But, the good ones are trying to connect with everyone that they…. That they can…. That are awakened enough. And, when you look at a craft, they are raising your consciousness.  When you see a craft, they are right then, and there, are raising your consciousness. The good, dimensional beings that come to you…. Come to those who have been awakened enough. During that time, they are…. The dimensional beings are raising your consciousness, right then and there. And, your gifts will get stronger….

So are you saying Bonnie…. First of all, let’s clarify a couple of things. What do you mean, when you say awakened? Do you mean people who are questioning the set standards of spirituality, and indeed religions, and what is taught as our reality? And, the expectations society places on one’s beliefs, spiritual beliefs?

Yes. That’s well said. When you start to question your own reality…. I mean, you know, each atom has I think it is like… ninety-nine point nine percent of it is just air. It’s just – it’s, it’s empty! Once you realize that everything, matter…. Matter is just…. Most of our reality is created through our own mind. And, it’s a collective idea. And, you know we create…. We create our reality. And, once you begin questioning this reality, it…. Something inside of you just kind of – begins to awake. And, one question follows, to another question, and to another question, and another question. And, then you realize that we truly are one.

For other people that are getting contacted by these beautiful, wonderful, good dimensional beings – you will know. You will not feel any fear, and while you are watching these beautiful crafts fly by, your consciousness begins to raise. You know, we humans, we have a long way to go. But, so many of us. So many of us are waking up, and questioning things, and realizing that love is everything. Love…. Love is everything.

That’s beautiful. That was totally coming from your heart space. There is a saying that I really love, and that is “What comes from the heart, touches the heart!”

Thank you. Well, I would like to say…. I would like to say that; these dimensional beings truly love us unconditionally. They are telepathic, so that means that the moment they know everything about you. Everything! And, I mean everything! And, that’s the good, the bad – what goes on into your mind. Or through your mind, you know? But, to them we are perfect. And, that we are unconditionally loved by them.

Right. With the governments – the world governments, particularly the US government. Especially in the past year coming out, and drip feeding the masses about UFO – and by default, the presence of Star people – as I like to call them…. Well, it’s actually not so much of a drip feed this year, more like they’ve turned on the faucet, and there is a steady stream flowing, of information being released to the public. Solely to acclimatize them to firstly the reality of UFO’s and therefore other sentient beings, off this planet. Who, may or may not, be similar to us in appearance. And, it’s only a matter of time before…. Like people often say, why doesn’t a UFO come down, and land in the White House lawn? Why doesn’t? dah, dah, dah, dah, dah…. But, the fact is, that governments have suppressed this information for their own purposes.

They’ve created a culture where before recently, if people talked about their experiences with seeing UFO, or having encounters with actually beings, they were systematically ridiculed, or made fun of. Treated at best like a joke, or with derision for daring to talk about their experience. Treated like they had a psychiatric illness. It is only in the past couple of years, that news broadcasters have stopped treating sightings like a joke, to be laughed at, and ridiculed, and started treating the subject seriously. And so, these Star People have chosen alternate ways of letting people know they are around.

Yes, yeah. You know, they’re getting their message out there to the average person, you know, and? And, it’s absolutely beautiful that they would, go around our governments. Because our governments are…. They already know about extraterrestrials, and they’ve worked with them. So, you know, they’re not the nicest extraterrestrials, and our government knows it! And, the really good ones…. The really good dimensional beings, are – you know? Are going around contacting just average people. You know?

I think, it’s more than sixty percent of American – our population, believe that extraterrestrials are here already. So, you know…

Wow, sixty percent! That’s pretty awesome.

Yeah, yeah…. Their message is getting out! So, just to clarify, for all you listeners.  Bonnie is not saying that all Star People, or ET’s are good. Or, benevolent. Or, have our best interests at heart. And, that is actually correct. Just as not all humans are good, or kind, or have your best interests at heart. So I would like for all my listeners to understand that this is not a blanket, one size fits all thing.


One has to use discernment.

Yes, yes, yes…. That’s exactly what I meant, thank you.

That’s ok Bonnie. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell your story – your very interesting story, and your information with my listeners. I really appreciate your time today.

Well, I greatly appreciate you, and your podcast, and your group. And…. You know, you getting the word out. That’s, that’s wonderful, and I appreciate you very much. And, I appreciate your listeners.

Oh thank you very much Bonnie. That’s awesome!

Thank you.

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So tonight’s episode has been about Bonnie’s experiences in seeing and experiencing various UFO’s, crafts, or ships in the night skies. She has ongoing experiences with seeing these ships over her home in Texas. I think she is very brave, for coming forward and sharing what she has experienced, as even today, there are many people who do not believe, or have not experienced sightings for themselves.

There are many people today who say they can call UFO in such as Dr. Steven Greer from the Disclosure Project, and CSETI. So, Bonnie is not alone in her ability to do this.

I hope that at the very least, this episode has given you all something to think about and consider, next time you are watching the night skies. Be sure and have your camera with you. You never know what you might capture! Also, keep an eye out for further upcoming episodes, in season two, of this Walking the Shadowlands podcast.

Before I close this episode tonight. I would like to give a big shout out to Jim Pinzarrone, of “Too Many Podcasts”. Jim interviewed me last week for an episode on his show. Such a nice chap. I enjoyed chatting to him about this podcast. If you would like to listen to that interview, or indeed any of his interviews with different podcasters, there will be a link to his show on this episodes’ page of the podcast website. He likes to find out what makes people get into podcasting. So if you enjoy listening to people’s stories, I recommend checking out his show.

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