Episode 27: David & The Star People – Part 2

Last episode I briefly went over some definitions related to this subject and I introduced my guest for these two episodes. David Montgomery. He shared some of his experiences with Star People. Some of his experiences that he remembers. About going underground, and speaking with groups of diverse species of Star People. He talked about the androgynous being whose facial features he never saw, who met him at the door to the underground chamber where he spoke with these beings. He talked about beings around his bed at home.

One thing that most experiencers have a shared knowledge of, is changes that are coming to our planet. Earth Changes. Of the need to take care of our planet and look after her. This is something that is impressed on all of us. Deeply impressed. David is no exception to this.  Today we continue our conversation, and David also talks about his Men-In-Black experiences as well. Are you ready? Then let’s recommence our journey into this part of the shadowlands

David & The Star People – Part 2

What caught my attention about your post, in MUFON, in the MUFON group, was that you had the Men-In-Black experiences. And I had literally just finished voicing an episode on the Men-In-Black, and uploaded it waiting to be played this season.  So your post caught my attention. Can you tell me a little bit about those experiences and how they came about?  You know, the backstory?

Yeah. I’ve been trying to figure out like. OK why, why are they here? And you know, to be honest, I don’t have like a solid answer. Other than, perhaps like you and many others, they recognize that we do…. We are in contact with other beings. Maybe periodically being taken. Perhaps there is a program where they’re really watching people like us. Yeah, you know? Who knows? Maybe they have a way of knowing who is being taken? Maybe some of those abductions are not actually off planet? Maybe it’s the government themselves? So maybe they know directly who they’re dealing with. So yeah, so as to the why? That’s still a question…. I don’t know.

So the first one. The first one was about ten years ago. I was with…. And it happened in broad daylight. My two friends and I were at a pretty, a popular mall here in the city. And this one entrance, there’s a couple of restaurants very, very close by. And it wasn’t super busy, but there were a number of people around. And we all met there and we were going to go in…. And I don’t remember why we were there, or if we were just – you know? We hadn’t seen each other, so we decided that as a meeting place.

And we stopped outside of the entrance because…. And I know in the email I said a busker, to make it easier. But it was actually a lady that was standing out there with a big snake. Like a boa constrictor snake. And she was like, letting people pet it and she says she was just trying to help people you know? Overcome their fear of snakes. So we were just kind of watching her and I was going up and I was playing with the snake. And somewhere while this was happening. I just had this inclination to look over my right shoulder. And about twenty-five, thirty feet away…. So against the wall of one of these restaurants was a wooden bench that you could go sit on, right against the wall. And I looked over and my eyes immediately just stopped on him.

There was this thin man, all in a black suit, black bowler hat and he was sitting at the far left hand side of the bench. And he had a magazine in front of him…. Like you would imagine a man in black, with a paper in front of his face. I don’t think it was a paper. It was a magazine that he had. And he had it up so I couldn’t see his face. However, as soon as I looked at him he lowered it. He lowered the magazine and we made eye contact.  And It was a very odd experience, ‘cause, I remember this…. I just felt this eww, like I didn’t…. You know when you have that, there’s an unconscious connection that you make with them. And it was like oh…. No, oh I don’t want to connect with this person. 

And we just kind of held the gaze for about three seconds. And then I kind of…. I swung my head back around. He [friend] went who is that guy? Like is that ever? And then he did kind of comment, he looks like a Men-in-Black! He’s dressed to the T.  The pale skin, everything. And I thought this is really weird, so I nudged my friend Troy and said, “Hey Troy just look over your shoulder.” And he goes, ”I know. I saw him. He’s been watching us for a while.” And he kind of confirmed, like yeah, he saw this guy too. And it was shortly therein, that we decided ok let’s, let’s head inside to the Mall. And just before we started heading into the doors, I took a glance back and he was gone!

Oh? Just like that?

So that was…. Yeah, just like that! That was the first experience of seeing one. So you know…. Whether he was there for me? For us? For somebody else? I don’t know. The fact that he knew exactly when I looked at him and there was that direct eye contact between us. Yeah. Who knows?

And the intimidation factor you felt from him?

Yeah, it wasn’t so much intimidation like that projection of fear – like the second one we’ll talk about. But just the feeling of…. Yeah this isn’t someone who I really want to, you know, connect with. You know, there was just something icky about his energy. It didn’t feel right

That’s exactly how I felt too, with my Men-in-Black experience. Mine happened…. I was five or six –  not sure what age I was? Between 4 and 6 anyway. And this classic shaped UFO came down over my house at about ten o’clock in the morning on a Friday, workday. We lived in an industrial area, opposite a factory that made ice-cream, and this was back in the early 60’s. So, they would put they would clean out the freezers once a week and put the ice out in the street to melt. Which of course, they could never get away with these days. But back then it was just what they did. And, the guys were all out there having their cup of tea and that’s how I know it was morning tea time. Which is always about 10 am, in New Zealand.

And suddenly there was this whirring loud noise that was really high pitched and hurt my ears. And, there was an air pressure change. I didn’t know what was going on. I just covered my ears and looked over at the people in the factory to see if they could hear it, and everybody was like this with hands over ears. Some were pointing up at the sky. And I looked up and there was this classic, saucer shaped UFO, descending slowly, directly, over the roof of my home.

I don’t know how high above the roof it was, and it seemed to be there for a while, and then whoosh! It was gone. But actually what happened was, there was obviously missing time because, I remembered much later in life, that a blue beam of light came down and took me on the ship. I had an experience with the beings and then the next day, early in the morning there was a knock on the door. And as kids, it was a really exciting thing to run and open the door. My sisters and I would all fight about who was going to go and open the door. We would all rush to be the first one. So it was me. And I opened the door.

There standing at the door were two Men-in-Black. And there was a third one, at the car, at the gate, which was about, only about like ten feet from the front of the house. So it was quite close. It was a car with a running board. So it was quite posh. And the third guy was standing with his foot on the running board. One was standing on the doorstep. The other was to the side facing…. One man was like this; the other guy was on his side like that, behind him. And my Mum came to the door and she was terrified of them. She pulled me behind her. And you could feel they had a nasty energy. That was the point of me telling you this. Yeah, that energy was really nasty.

My Mum pulled me behind her and I could feel her hand shaking. She was that scared and intimidated.  She was only in her twenties, so it would have been really scary for her, and intimidating. To have these richly dressed men, with their Fedora hats, sunglasses, and the attitude, and energy. And, they kept saying to Mum, you won’t remember. You won’t remember. This never happened. You won’t talk about this…. They basically intimidated her.

And I heard one guy say; “What about the kid?”, and the other guy said; “Oh, she’s too young. She won’t remember.” So I made it a point to remember and I said to myself, there’s no way I’m going to forget this. I’m going to hold this memory. And I think because they said you’re not allowed to talk about it. You can’t talk about it. I’ve made a point all my life to talk about it. Because that’s just who I am, you know? And I was a very determined kid. So Mum forgot. It wasn’t until I went to live in the states in two thousand and something? I was visiting my Mum before I left and we were talking about our UFO experiences, because my whole life, my family has had UFO experiences. And quite often they follow genealogical lines. So it’s highly likely that other family members of yours have had experiences as well.

I’m sure they have. Yeah. I’m sure they have. Yeah

So it was just about that intimidation factor that comes off of them. That yucky horrible, nasty feeling. Yup.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And looking back on that first encounter, it’s…. It was interesting, because, there was nobody paying him any attention. I mean he looked like he was dressed right out of the forties!  But nobody paid him any attentions. Like he wasn’t there. It was so interesting ….

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. And the lady I mentioned earlier, Suzi, she had her own Men-in-Black encounter. But, he wasn’t dressed in a suit, and he was sitting in the front of the car that they got into. The woman that was driving the car, didn’t acknowledge this person. Didn’t speak to him at all. It was like she wasn’t even aware he was there. Yeah. But he turned around and spoke to them. He wasn’t in a suit, but he was in…. ah was it Arizona? Some desert state, and he was dressed really warmly for being where he was. They were over there at a UFO conference. But, he had the classic features. The pale, pale skin. Sparse hair, lack of facial hair – you know? All those. He got out of the car and walked in the building they were parked outside of and just disappeared.

They ran after him, because they wanted clarification of what he had said to them. The building was an open place office, car rental place. With only toilets off the main room. So they both searched the toilets. He wasn’t there. There was no other public exit. He simply had vanished, and enquiring at the desk, no one had seen him enter the building. One has to wonder if they have technology that can make them appear and disappear? Or, they are inter-dimensional beings of some description?

Well that’s kind of a good Segway into my second experience. Because, I totally believe they do. Yeah, totally believe it. There was a period after that first encounter with that man in black, where about a year, a year and a half afterwards, I went through a period of about, a good two weeks. Where I was convinced I was being followed. And I would kind of check in with myself like…what? Are you paranoid? It was like no! That’s my intuition kicking in. It’s like, I’m being follow…. Somebody’s watching! And it went on for about a week and a half, two weeks. And I never saw. I couldn’t actually catch a glimpse, but I just knew that there were eyes on me. And, and then it went away. It…. It happened one other time. A couple of years after that, before the second, second experience.

I certainly do know that there are some of us, and Suzi had the same experience, where – certainly when I first started doing my work, I had experiences the same. Where there was a white van …. Ah, I can’t remember if it was a van or a Ute…. Some sort of white vehicle parked outside of my house with men in it. And a friend went and approached them, because, she saw them watching my house, and had seen that they had in fact been following me. I was unaware of them, but, just like you, felt like I was being watched. I hadn’t told her about it. She went over to see who they were. As she approached the car, to confront them, they wound the windows up. And Suzy had the same experience, but her neighbours saw a white vehicle parked outside her home with men in it. They went to approach them. They also wound the windows up and drove off.

Yeah, interesting hey. You know, you gotta wonder, I mean these encounters haven’t given me any answers. They’ve just raised more questions. You’ve gotta wonder, well what are they doing? Are they just observing? Are they there for some other specific reason? Are they just keeping tabs on certain people? I…. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Right, right. My gut feeling tells me they keep tabs on certain experiencers. Not all of them, just certain ones. And maybe it’s because of the work we do…. Or the role that…. Or the task that our people have assigned us, or whatever. You know?

Yes, yeah. No, I agree with that

But that’s my gut feeling. Because, I know that I have specific work that I do. As you do.

Yeah. Absolutely. I mean it is…. I do. This is the part that you, we haven’t really talked about though. Is I do a lot of energy work. For twenty years now, I’ve been bringing in new levels of consciousness for people. Helping them open up and wake up essentially. So yeah, and right there it’s its like…. It’s probably is like a light bulb over mine, yours, and other’s heads. Where they probably don’t like people like us doing what we’re doing.

No, no! Of course they don’t. Now see, we’re doing the same sort of thing, but in a different way. And part of my work is waking people as well. Like letting Star-seeds know who they are. What they are. And that it’s time for them to wake up. That kind of thing. So we’re doing the same sort of work, but from a different angle.

Different perspective, it’s the same work. Yeah. And there’s lots of us. Lots of us doing it.

Yeah, lots of us.

You know, we all have our own unique abilities and talents. That we have awoken to, or that people are beginning to awaken to. But we’re all part of the same team, you know? We have the same goal in mind.

Absolutely. And of course those that currently control this ah reality that we’re currently knowing of, aren’t wanting people to wake up.

No! No! Definitely not.

I’m really getting sidetracked here. Ok, so tell me about your second Men-in-Black experience?

Ok. So this one is…. I’ll have to Segway up to this one, because it’s…. Because it was just so bizarre. It was very, very different to the first encounter. It was much more personal and directed. And they were right in my room. So the way it happened –  and I also talked about them having access to portal technology. Which I’m convinced, because, I saw it.

Maybe seven years ago? Six years ago? Again in the middle of the night…. And I woke up just with this really heavy feeling. I could just…. I don’t know if it was that feeling that woke me up, but I just, I woke up and I lay there. And it as oh, just this ick energy. This heavy feeling. And then, then this fear started rolling in. And the fear was being projected – I’ve learned, it’s from them. They’re able to actually project fear. They can project it onto people and they can project it into areas, so, like a large area. And as I was lying there in bed, and just kind of feeling this…. Like, what is this energy? Opposite the end of my bed against the wall, which was about six feet away from my bed. I started seeing this light emerge. Right in the middle of my wall.

And this g…. All I can call it is a portal. This great big portal, ah energetic portal opened up and it was a good, six or seven feet in diameter. And in walks, from that portal three Men-in-Black. Dressed exactly like the ones I saw, the first one I saw. Ah black suits, white shirts, black tie, hats and gla…. They’re all wearing sunglasses. Dark, dark glasses. Even though it was dark.

But there was a light that was being emitted from this portal, that I could now see my room. So the other thing that I should add is that when this heavy feeling came in. I couldn’t move my body! My body was immobile. It’s like if I wanted to get…. To move…. It was…. I couldn’t. I was not able to move. All I could do was kind of tilt my head to the side and up to kind of see what was happening.  So I was immobile, and…. And just this incredible feeling of fear. And I think they really intentionally use that to disable people, to put you in a disadvantage. So they’re able to do what they need to do.

And…. This portal opens and out walks three of these men. One of them, stayed at the entrance of the portal. And he had one foot, his right foot in the portal – like inside my wall. And his left foot was on my carpet. It’s like he was keeping it open. That was the kind of …. I got the sense that he was there holding this open. The other two walking into my room and started riffling through everything. And I was laying there. I’ve just got my head tilted up going like what is going on, like should I…. Should I do anything? I can’t move. It’s like, what are they doing? And they started going through my drawers, moving clothes. They were looking under my drawer, like they were looking…. They were there for something specific and they were going through, like everything!

In the meantime, I’m like…. I’m immobile and there’s this part of me that was like, ok I need to get up and do something, like…. It was like I couldn’t move my body, so all I could do was observe. So I’m like, ok be quiet and just observe what’s going on. And they were in my room about three minutes. Again, just kind of…. They just looked everywhere. They did not look at me once. They didn’t even acknowledge that I was there…. They just came in and started going through stuff and then after about three minutes they both walked back to the portal. They got in and then the man that was kind of straddling it walked in behind them and then it closed! And then my room went dark again.

And I laid there, probably a good fifteen – twenty minutes. I was kind of like in this surreal shock. Like what in the world just happened? Like you question, like did I just see that? Like, am I dreaming? No! I’m awake! Like this actually happened. And it took a while for the energy of that fear to kind of start dissipating. It didn’t leave right away. It took…. It like, had to wear off. And when I was able to get up again, fifteen – twenty minutes later, I like turned on my light and started like, ok what are they looking for? And I had no idea. Like, I couldn’t see anything that was missing. The odds…. Other than some overturned clothes and stuff, every…. Like they…. Every draw they opened was put back! So, that was a very, very interesting encounter.  

And I think just recently I’m putting together, maybe the whole Alien technology thing, and their sudden appearance into my room looking for something specific. And I could tell they were looking for something specific. Like they weren’t just oh what’s this? Oh a cell phone…. They were like…. No. I could tell it. I could feel it, they had a target in mind. Whether they found what they were looking for? I don’t know. Like, I couldn’t tell. They just abruptly kind of like…. OK, let’s go! And then they were gone.

Wow…. And how did that leave you feeling?

Really kind of…. Well, raw. Vulnerable. You know, this wasn’t just a look across a crowded place and see one on a bench. This was they came in my room. Which means they know who I am. They were there for something specific. So this…. This moved from a public encounter to something much, much more personal. So yeah, it kind of brought up lots of different feelings and that regards too. OK, what’s going on here? Like, why are they involved in my life in this capacity? What are they looking for? What are they doing? You know, if this is happening what I’m conscious of, what’s happening that I’m not conscious of?

That’s a good question. That’s a really good question. And it must have made you feel quite violated as well.

Yeah! Absolutely! Yeah yeah, for sure!

That’s a horrible feeling. And…. And have you found since then that you’ve been ah, more conscious of your safety?

I don’t know if I would say more conscious of my safety. I think just generally more aware.

Yeah, yeah that’s probably better wording

I mean, I’ve always had that kind of like…. I think all of us have that. Kind of like that sixth sense um…. You know, we know if we’re being followed. We know…. We know if something is going to happen. You know? That kind of sense. I think if anything, it heightened that. To I need to bring this to me a little more closely. I need to pay attention. You know, is there a van on the street? You know, am I being followed? That kind of thing. Yeah.

And probably I would say at this stage of how ah things are in this world. That’s probably not a bad thing.

Yeah. That’s true.

That’s probably not a bad thing at this stage. Wow that’s pretty ah…. That would make you feel very unsettled, I have no doubt.

Well yeah, and a good part of the unsettled feeling is, they don’t need to knock on your door. These…. This was portal technology.  And they just barged in…. And it was like – pardon my French – it was like, what the hell? Like there wasn’t…. A wall’s not going to stop them. You know? They just came through. And it was like wow, where’s that technology coming from?

Yeah, yeah…. And I actually recall that when I did my Men-In-Black episode, there was one chap who had an experience. An older guy. And it was earlier on. I can’t remember what years it was, but he said the guy walked down his steps, turned the corner and disappeared into some light!  He didn’t see the portal. He just saw the light. So I would say that…. And very often they just do disappear. Just like that!

Yep, yah, and it makes sense where they’re able to be at certain places, very quickly.

Right. Even Dan Ackroyd. Dan Ackroyd, do you know him?  The actor? From Ghostbusters…. He had a Men-in-black experience. Yeah. He was working on a television series for HBO I think it was. And I can’t remember the name of it offhand, but he had already produced four or five episodes of the series and he was really delving into this whole area. And he’d just finished two interviews…. Oh no! He’d finished one interview and he was going to interview someone else for that same episode. And he went outside, in New York city, on the streets to have a smoke. And he saw a car parked across the road. And at that moment, Brittney Spears phoned him and he saw the car. He saw this big…. He said a massive guy got out. Really pale. Typical Men-In-Black looking. And he said this man gave him the most horrible look. Like a really nasty eye to eye contact

And he turned …. He like…. He said he looked at him, turned to his phone to speak to Britney, the car and the man had disappeared. Completely disappeared! Just like that!  And there’s, he said, there’s no way it could have driven off, he would have seen it go past. And no way it could have u-turned. It would have taken time for the car to U-turn and to have moved away.  And he would have seen it. It was just as quick as that! And then, he went back inside the studio. Two hours later he got the message that the show had been cancelled. No reason why was given. And they were not to do any more filming. Yeah so…. And he was quite adamant about what he saw, which was very interesting.

That is so interesting. Yeah, wow.

It’s just the fact that he disappeared on him. Just like that! You know?

Just like that! Hm hmm. Yeah.

And that’s not the first time I’ve heard of that either. But, the first time that I’ve heard of a high-profile person talking about that.

They probably don’t see us as different from anybody else

Oh no! Of course not. Of course not

No. I always wonder if there’s different levels of you know, Men-In-Black. Different layers. They’re not all playing the same role.

I would say so.

Because you know somebody…. I remember reading a couple of years ago, somebody had an encounter and they were at their door. And one of the first things that I have read and this person said it too…. Is one of the first things they’ll ask is can we come in? Can we come in? And it’s essentially a dominance thing, because, once they enter your house they basically are entering your space, and they now have control over your space. That’s why they want in your house. But it’s almost like they have to ask you for it. They have to ask permission for you to invite them in. And like this second episode with mine, there was no invitation. They just showed up! It was almost as if there was a different team that maybe does these portal jumps, or these portal, these portal moves and stuff, yeah, as opposed to the ones who actually go to the doors… I dunno, it’s just a gas. Just pondering.

Right. And actually you just triggered something for me when you were saying that, because, I…. I had completely forgotten this about my experience. But, they did ask Mum if they could come inside. And Mum refused to let then in, because of the feeling, you know? That she got off of them. Oh wow, that’s really interesting. Funny how things come back, yeah.

Yeah yeah. There’s something to that. There’s definitely something to that, about them wanting to gain access to your space.

Yeah, yeah. There’s something to that. There’s definitely something to that. Obviously, we’re both doing the roles that we agreed to at this point in time. I know that for me I guess, part of my work is to speak out and bring things out into the public. It’s taken about a year and a bit for me to do this podcast, I had a feeling I should do it, not long after I started the group actually, but I just ignored it. I thought oh well who’s going to listen to me anyway? You know? What I have to say isn’t that important. And then, so I discarded the thought and it came back again, I ignored it. And then my group members started saying to me Marianne why don’t you start a podcast? You’d be really good…. Why don’t you? Until finally I said, OK guys, I got the message

I got it!

So I did a whole season that’s just finished. I felt I needed to build up a little bit of credibility with my audience before I started introducing what I call my bread and butter subjects.

Yeah yeah yeah awesome. Well, I’m glad you did. I’m glad you listened to that and started following you know that voice and that impulse to get out there and start doing what you’re doing.

Well, I always have, but it’s been limited people I’m reaching, but with this…. Only twenty-five percent of my audience is in New Zealand. I think thirty something percent is in the states regions and the rest is in countries world wide. So the people this message is supposed to get to, will get it.

Yeah that’s awesome. Wonderful!

So for you…. I’m assuming your contacts are still ongoing? Or has there been a bit of a lull for a bit, for you?

The contacts that I remember…. It’s been a long time.

Same thing

Yeah, it’s been a long …. Doesn’t mean that they’re not happening. I’m just not aware, if it is happening. These, what I was describing as these really vivid dreams what’s happening. Those seem to be ongoing I probably have about one a month. And it’s like I’m on a…. I’m on a, I’m doing something specific. Like, I’m on a mission. I have a mission to complete.

I was just going to say to you, yeah

Yeah. But as far as the actual contact…. No, on a physical level I can’t…. It’s been a long, long, long time.

Decades? Yeah. Same for me as well. On that level, yes it’s been decades…. But in fact, in January this year, I actually went for a walk up into a bush area here in New Zealand. Because, I was feeling really despondent. And I was really missing my contacts, you know? My conscious contacts. It’s like being home. And I was verbally saying whilst I was isolated in the bush. Look you guys, I’m doing everything I know I’m supposed to be doing and I feel like I’ve been dumped, forgotten about. I feel like you know? Where are you guys?  What’s happened you know? And I said, I need you to show me that you’re still here and you’re still relevant in my life and that I’m still on the right path. And I was really upset. Not a half an hour later I was driving home. Something in the skies caught my eyes. It was ten o’clock in the morning. New year’s day. Big white ship flew across the, horizontally across the sky, and then went up vertically like that!.  And I was ok, thank you. That’s all I needed.

All you needed

All I needed

Yeah certainly don’t think that just because we may think it’s not happening that there isn’t things happening.

Well they did tell me

Yeah. It’s perhaps happening on a different level than…. Maybe we don’t need to understand right now.

Oh absolutely it is. And I know this! On a level I know this. It’s on the human level I sometimes struggle. But, but, on the soul level I absolutely understand this. And in fact they said to me, my contact said to me back in the eighties, when I last had contact; “Don’t feel we’ve dropped you like a hot potato.”  They like using human Human terminology… what’s the words? Saying, Don’t think we’ve dropped you like a hot potato. But we’re going to be really busy. We’ve got lots of stuff we have to do, behind the scenes So you may feel isolated.” And boy did I what! So I tend to feel that things are coming to a head very rapidly. And I suspect you probably have that feeling as well.

Yeah. Yeah I do. There’s…. You know it feels like things are ramping up

Yeah, very, very much

Behind the scenes, it’s like the oven’s heating up before the food goes in. It’s like ok, it’s getting hotter, it’s getting hotter, it’s getting hotter. It’s almost you can tune in and you can feel Like there’s stuff happening. We might not be able to pin-point it. We might not be able to describe what’s happening. But you know, we’re all connected with each other and the Earth. And all you have to do is kind of tune in and you’re like…. Yeah there’s lots going on here.


And whether it’s going to come to some kind of a head, or how that’s going to play out I don’t fully know. I know of feel there’s a couple of different options still.

What do you feel the options are?

I think one of the options is we go through a quite a large earth shift. There’s going to be There’s going to be some Earth changes.

Major Earth changes

Yeah and I also thing something may be happening with the sun…. Well there is something happening with the sun.

There definitely is….

The sun has been changing especially the past four or five years like it’s….

Well, it’s definitely not yellow like it used to be. That’s for real

No. Nope. I remember two years ago, I was, I had to be outside in the sun, all the time. It’s like I just needed to be in it. And that’s when I started going boy there’s…. The Sun’s going through a shift. It has to do with our placement and movement through the cosmos? Who knows? But there’s some people suggesting that there’s going to be quite a good solar flare coming that could change a lot of things for us.

Yeah, I’ve heard that too. I’ve heard that from different sources. Certainly the Earth changes are a big one. And I’ve been aware of that …. That’s what they were talking about, when they were talking about holding the Earth. And I knew that once we hit that tipping point that things would escalate from there, last January. And absolutely they have. Since then earthquakes have markedly increase in both number and size. Volcanic eruptions. Things that signify Earth movement have absolutely ramped up. And so yeah….

And a lot of this Earth movement and earthquakes can be directly related to the sun….

Hmm. Absolutely. Yes.

Sun flares, sun spots, solar activity

Solar hmmm

And I mean, they know this. They’ve put these two together that when the sun is going it’s thing, it affects us on a tectonic level.  It affects the earth tectonically.

Well of course. Because these planets are living beings. They’re living entities, their energies interact constantly like our energies interact like we all interact. So what affects one, is going to affect the other.


Yeah, so…. But, you and I know this anyway, but it may be something new for the listeners. I’m just trying to think if there’s anything else I need to ask? Is there anything, any message that you might like to pass to people that you think is relevant for them? That might help them? That might help anybody who’s going through the same thing?

Well, I definitely think finding a community like what you’ve created …. You know, other FB communities like MUFON, where you know…. And I know for almost everybody that sense of safety. Is this is a safe place? Because, we all know how easy it is for people to just start ridiculing and judging. These people that have never left their laptop in their basement. Saying no, that’s not real, because, they have nothing better to do. You know, it’s really about honouring you know, your experience.  And what you are going through, or have gone through. And you know, if you truly do want to reach out and connect there are people. There are groups. That you can definitely do that with. If that’s the case. A lot of people that don’t chose to share and they just keep it to themselves or to just very close people in their circle. And you know?  That’s ok too. There’s no right or wrong


So yeah…. It’s finding that safety, because, you know the last thing that people need is…. You know it takes a lot of courage to come up and say hey I’m going to come out with something that’s really weird, you know I saw this ship…. And blah, blah, blah….  You know it takes a lot of courage to come out and the last thing those people need is to be shot down by ignorance. Yeah so you know just making sure that you find the right people that are open and willing to listen and support you and yeah, be there.

Yeah, that’s absolutely right. So that’s absolutely good advice and pretty much what Suzy said the other day as well. It was pretty much the same thing. Find supportive people. Be careful who you choose to speak to because not everybody’s what they appear to be….

No it’s not. Even on these sites where anybody can join the site. And you never know who’s there so…. You know if you don’t mind putting it out there and people saying this or that, doesn’t bother you, then yep shake it off. It doesn’t matter. But for some people it does matter so yeah.

I agree. And in my group Walking the Shadowlands on FB. I have really strict rules. I’m all about the safety of my members. I’m all about confidentiality. I’m all about letting them know that it’s a safe place where, even if we don’t agree and that’s ok, we respect one an others views.

Yeah. Awesome

And, I’m really, really strict about that, because it’s important for people to be able to feel safe, to express what they need to express. Whatever it’s about. It doesn’t matter.

Yeah exactly. And I really hope that very soon we are able to reach that level of awareness and consciousness where someone can disagree and not have to shoot somebody down to make them feel better. They can just go wow that sounds like a really neat experience. That’s not in the realm of my belief system, but you know…. And just leave it. And just leave it as that. They don’t have to say no, that’s not real. That didn’t happen.

Yeah yeah absolutely. Yeah I agree with you. Wouldn’t that be lovely. And in the meantime we’ve got lots of exciting things to look forward to. Exciting changes coming up and I’ve no doubt, because I know our teams are absolutely busy behind the scenes. Very, very busy and I know that when I try to tune into them, I just get this, this ah, sense of controlled chaos. For want of a better word… You know?

Yeah. There’s a lot of juggling going on behind the scenes right now.

I agree with that and I…. I’m really grateful to you David for coming forward and sharing your experiences like this because it’s a very brave thing to do. To speak out in public. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are.  And I actually feel that more of us are going to come out and speak up. I feel it is the right time to do so, or I wouldn’t be doing this now, if it wasn’t the right time.

Yes, exactly. And you know, getting the support that you’re getting.  

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. Which is really amazing and like you came out of the blue out of nowhere. So yeah, it’s the right thing.  Do you have anything else to add? Any questions we haven’t covered? Anything you feel we need to bring out?

I don’t think so Marianne. I think you’ve covered pretty well everything. Yeah.  A lot of great questions and a lot of good topics we covered today. There’s lots of us that are here doing similar work. So yeah…. And you’re right, there’s a shared commonality we can recognize when we see each other.

Yes, absolutely. Thank you so very, very much for your time today David

You’re so welcome. Thank you so much for reaching out and offering to connect like this…. It’s been wonderful. And thank you for you know, kind of holding this platform for me to share these weird, wacky and fun experiences.

It’s awesome. And I’m so glad that we can do this. Because, I know that, you know, some people are going to go phewww! And some people are going to go oh my god I absolutely resonate with this. I absolutely understand what they’re saying!

Yes, it’s true. It’s true. So if it helps, even one person in some way, then that’s our jobs done! It’s great!

It is. Thanks heaps David

Thank you too.. Bye.


This has been a very interesting conversation for me and hopefully for you all listening. It was very validating for both of us, to know that we had the same sort of experiences. It actually is not that often I speak with experiencers. Certainly not ones living in the other hemisphere. Who experienced the same sort of things I did.

So, in these two episodes David has shared some of his experiences that he remembers. About going underground, and speaking with groups of diverse species of Star People. He talked about the androgynous being whose facial features he never saw, who met him at the door to the underground chamber where he spoke with the other beings. The diverse species of Star People.  He talked about beings around his bed at home.

He talked this episode about his Men-In-Black experiences. I have long wondered myself if these men are in fact inter-dimensional beings of some description and certainly David’s bedroom experience would tend to support that theory. How vulnerable would you feel after experiencing something like that? Yeah. You would not feel safe anywhere.

We also talked briefly about coming Earth changes. These were not mentioned to scare anybody. But they are a part of most experiencers learning on board the ships. About how we need to better look after our planet. How she is a living being, a different form of life to us, but absolutely a life form regardless. And how humankind is destroying her. How she needs to go through her own personal growth and development, as we all do. This is something that is deeply impressed on us all. And for you, experiencers out there who are listening to this episode, it is highly likely that you all, also, are feeling this sense of things heating up – for want of a better word.

I did cut a large portion of that part of the conversation out, because I don’t wish to create fear in people. It will however, be available for patreon members to listen to from the members page of the podcast website www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. Should they wish to listen to it. Along with a number of other cuts that didn’t make the actual episodes for one reason or another. David and I talked for almost two hours, and it was a pleasure talking with him. Such an easy man to talk with.

If this episode’s brought up any memories and issues for you, then you can always contact Suzy’s UFO experiencers support team at www.communicatorlink.com  Or, if you want to talk with me about your experiences or memories, you can email me at shadowlands@yahoo.com. Or, through the podcasts website contact page www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. Just be kind to yourself, and know it is ok to remember, and you most definitely are not alone in your experiences.

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