Episode 26: David & The Star People

I don’t think there would be many people in my listening audience who have not heard of UFOs, or perhaps even seen them for themselves. Far off lights moving in the night skies, or even closer encounters. So I haven’t really gotten into them so much in these past episodes. What we have heard are Stacy’s experience with the Rendlesham forest / Woodbridge & Bentwater US Air Force Bases that were then active in the UK. We have talked about the mysterious Men-in-Black. And we have heard Suzy’s most interesting experiences. So perhaps it is time for me to give a little perspective on UFO’s…. How about I start with some definitions?

  • UFO – An unidentified flying object. This is the most popular term for an aerial phenomenon that can’t be identified immediately. The largest percentage of these, can actually be identified when investigated fully. However not all can. Mostly this term is used for claimed observations of crafts or ships, not of human origin and the name does carry some unfortunate connotations.
  • UAP – Unusual Aerial Phenomenon – which is a much more comprehensive term that doesn’t carry the emotional baggage that the term UFO does.
  • UAS – Unusual Aerial Sighting. (This this the term that is used by the Australian, New Zealand, and the UK Defence Forces)

In these episodes I have tried to focus more on the experiences of the witnesses of these craft – myself included. As to me, the UFO that are genuine Extraterrestrial ships, and not swamp gas, Venus sightings, satellites, the space station, or any other excuse the governments like to trot out – and assuming they are not some government top secret military plane (e.g. the stealth fighter before it became public), are merely the crafts used to transport beings from one place to another. Much as we use cars on this world. So the focus for me is more the inhabitants of these craft. Obviously, they had to have been created and piloted by some intelligent species. So…. Are you ready to walk into this part of the Shadowlands with me? Then let’s begin

Firstly, before I introduce my guest for the next couple of episodes I want to clarify a few things for those of you who have not had these experiences. You hear the terms abductee, and experiencer bandied about. But what actually is the difference? Is there a difference. Generally, the term abductee is used to denote an experience that is against the will of the the experiencer. Often in these cases the experience is both terrifying and physically painful. With the person often being subject to medical experimentation of various sorts. These experiences are often not remembered, or only partially remembered and the person who was abducted is very, very fearful of this, and rightly so. Remembering that not all species of Star People have our best interests at heart, and some simply don’t care what physical or mental trauma they cause their abductees – much like we treat our livestock here on earth (for the most part).

An experiencer (and this is what I class myself as, my guest today as, and my previous guest Suzy Hansen as), we are people who go willingly and are actively working with Star People in one way or another. However, not all experiencers are, some only ever have a one off experience with a Star Person. We are experiencers who have ongoing contact and are never abducted. We have an understanding with these beings, an agreement, and generally a great mutual love and respect exists between us all, and we go willingly with them onto their ships or their bases, whether they’re in our skies, underground, or under our seas.

You will notice that there are many similarities of experiences with those brave enough to share their stories publicly with me. We are not special.  We’re merely people that have been trained to use our natural abilities. Abilities that everyone has to one degree or another. Most of us, have work that we do with our Star People. This can be anything from ecological work, to helping educate people to the existence of life off of, this third rock from the sun.

Some experiencers will only ever see a being one time in their life, but some of us have had regular, ongoing, and frequently fully conscious contact with Star People our entire lives. Some of us only have partial memories, of some encounters and full memories of others. Some may not get recollection until many years later. It varies from person to person. But, there is a shared commonality of experiences as you may have noticed over the past episodes and with my guest in this episode.

This is my guest who is brave enough and kind enough to share his experiences with Star People with us all. David and I met in the MUFON FaceBook group, where he posted about his Men-in-Black experiences, his post immediately caught my eye as I had literally just finished recording and uploading the Men-in-Black episode, so I messaged him to see if he would talk to me about it. This conversation is the result of that message. My guest David Montgomery.

David & The Star People

Marianne: I think it’s time for it to be more talked about, people’s experiences.

David: Yeah, yeah. And, it seems like we’re definitely in a time and an age where it’s becoming more acceptable. And you know, just by attrition, there’s so many people that have had experiences. That you know, that you can’t keep it all under wraps. And you know it’s…. more people are coming out with their experiences, and there’s less ridicule. There’s less criticism, and so it’s becoming…. People are starting to feel more safe in coming forward with their own experiences now. So that’s wonderful. It’s good.

It is, and I was saying in an episode I did earlier, that people have been really scared to speak out about their experiences, because the governments…. The powers behind the governments have deliberately created a culture of fear ridicule, and intimidation, to stop people from speaking out.

Yep, yeah, definitely.

So maybe David we could start…. I tend to do…. I’m not a professional interviewer. I’m just an experiencer like yourself. And so, I don’t know how professionals do it, but I like to let things flow organically. And if they are out of order, it doesn’t matter. I put them in chronological order when I edit them. But, I kind of feel it goes better that way, ‘cause, people are more relaxed. And conversations flow, how they are meant to flow.

Absolutely, and I like going with that flow. You know, that’s how I work with the meditations I do. I don’t like sticking to a script, ‘cause, it’ so rigid. You know, having things open and flowing, it’s just so much…. Everything’s so much more available.

I absolutely agree with that. So perhaps we could start – maybe you could introduce yourself to my listeners, and give us a bit about your background? Your age, where you live …. You don’t have to say exactly where you live, you know? Your country

 Yeah, yep, for sure. So, my name’s David Montgomery.  I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’ve lived here since 1998. Grew up mainly in Okanagan. The Okanagan Valley in British Colombia. So yeah…. So from a very early age there was a period when I was very wide open and I can say that now, looking back on it. You know, just very tuned in. I was very connected with, with my intuition. You know, things that…. What was going to happen next. I knew who was going to call. My Mom, like five minutes before the phone rang. And, I would play this game where I would…. Where I lived growing up. I’d sit on the corner and I would try to envision what colour car was going to be coming up the street next, and I spent hours doing that. And got really, really good at it.

Probably, there’s lots of different experiences and things I’ve had throughout the years. I have had a number of contacts. If you want to call them contacts? One of them I do remember consciously. The rest are kind of very, very fuzzy and foggy. But, this is the one that we spoke about, we chatted about.

I was living in Central BC. And, I was going to university and I was going through a period of – like there was a lot of acceleration happening. I think maybe it was due to immersing myself into the university. There was lots of learning, so I was kind of wide open. In the middle of the night, in this one night, I just shot up into a sitting position. It was like no eyes opening, no waking up. It was instant! I just bolted. And upon gaining focus, there was six beings standing semi-circle around my bed. And the…. So the semi-circle – I was on the – if I was in the bed looking down, I was on the right side. So the one that was close to me was quite close 3 feet away.

They were not beings that I could recognize, or had seen before. They were completely translucent. So, if you imagine the colour of a candle flame? That was…. From head to toe, they were this colour. They were about three and a half, to four feet tall. Except for their eyes, which were large, black, oval.  And this all takes place very quickly. Like, this happened within a few seconds.

As soon as I kind of gained my focus and saw them, the one closest to me started to reach out with his arm towards me…. And you know, it’s really interesting in these situations because it’s, it…. You know there’s a different part of the brain that gets activated, you know? The reptilian brain, the fight or flight. And I remember, I didn’t even have time to think. My body was just reacting, and I was almost like I was a witness to it! Soon as he started to move towards me, I lightening fast, threw the covers off and like swung my right leg out onto, like the carpet. And to be honest, I don’t know what I was going to do? If I was going to tackle him, or if I was going to run, or what was going to happen.

But, soon as my foot hit the floor it ends! That’s all I remember. That was it! And I woke up in the morning, on the other side of the bed. It was the first memory that came back. It was like oh whoa! What happened last night? And I went through this period – did I dream that? You know? This was way different than a dream. Like this, this was way too real! Yeah, so that was one of instances, that I did have a contact. I’ve had lots of very, very vivid…. Um, I guess I could call them dreams? I’m not sure if they were dreams, but they were at that level of being so vivid, you can’t tell if it’s happening, or if it’s a dream? You can’t even…. You know, you can’t separate the two.

But, I’ve had lots of dreams of being taken onto a ship. There’s usually a lady that meets me at the entrance, or near the entrance of these ships, and there’s no communication. There’s just this kind of non-verbal, uh, knowing each other. And then, she walks me through to a specific room, or a place in the ship. And sometimes, it’s a classroom. Like the first time this happened, it was literally like a classroom there were desks, and it was full of kids. Full of children, about the age that I would have been. And there was one empty desk in the middle, and she kind of…. I knew it was for me, so I went and sat down in it. And then, that was the end of that remembrance. So, there’s been lots of those kind of instances.

I have recollection of that as well. Of being in classrooms. Being in different levels of classrooms and learning situations, from the time I was little to I was an adult. And then, ultimately, I actually saw myself speaking to groups of people. Giving them lectures, and informing them. I’ve got no, got no idea what I was informing them about, but yeah, that’s what I was doing.

 Yeah, yeah. Exactly! Yeah, I’ve had some of those same memories and instances of being in front of groups. Some of them like they’re non-human. They’re non-terrestrial. And, the feeling…. It was almost as if I was giving them an update. It’s like – Ok, this is what’s happening on Earth right now. Here’s the state of Earth. Here’s the state of human consciousness. This is what’s transpiring. And they were very, very curious. They were enthralled. They were very…. They wanted to participate. They wanted to know OK, well what’s going on?

So yeah, I’ve had a few of those as well. It’s down…. It’s underground somewhere. I remember it’s…. Ah, I would go down these rock steps. Ah, steep. I don’t know where it is, but, at the bottom there is this big door and there is always this being standing at the door. And he kind of nods, then lets me in. It’s like this huge cathedral, and it’s all built underground into the rock. And it’s like all of these natural rock seats and steps. Yeah really interesting.

My guest, Suzy Hansen, the lady I told you about. She remembers the same thing. Except she never mentioned stone steps. Stone steps – what a mouthful!  She remembers underground, being taken underground and undersea.  To bases where she spoke, or she was taught, or stuff like that. So obviously that’s actually very, very common. So I want to validate that for you David.

That’s neat! Yeah thank you. That’s cool! 

Yeah, yeah…. Ah, because, very often when we have memories like this, it’s sort of like a dream-like thing. So you don’t know if it was actually a dream, or reality. But, it’s actually reality. But our consciousness translates it into being a dream like state really.

 Yes. Yeah, and you know over the years there’s been enough of them, that I can now tell the difference. I know when it is that I am dreaming. And I know when it is something more than a dream. And even though that our mind – the unconscious may come in and colour it a certain way. There’s a different feel. There’s a different texture.

Totally different.

And yeah I’ve had, I’ve had lots of those. So yeah. Over the years I’ve kind of learned how to distinguish. When I have one, it’s kind of like OK what was I doing last night? ‘Cause, that was one of those nights! 

OK. Back to your…. Let’s go back to your remembering going down into these underground bases and you said you saw…. There was a being there who greeted you. Can you describe what that being looked like?

Um…. The one that I see, seems to be androgynous. Tall, like he’s like a guard, essentially, so…. Bald. If anything, more on the masculine side, but to be honest its almost androgynous kind of being. Perhaps bordering more on the masculine and he’s…. Every time I’ve seen him…. And its dark, but he’s wearing brown. Like a two-piece brown robe. Like a brown…. Ah, it’s all one colour, but broken into two like ah…. Almost like a big shawl or something…. Almost like something Buddhist monks would wear. But, but earth brown. And then he had, almost like pants that were the same colour. Yeah. And never speak. I’ve never spoken to this being…. There just seems to be a telepathic…. Or he knows. It’s like oh yes, we’re waiting for you. You can pass. Kind of thing.

Hmm. And he looks humanoid I take it?

He looks humanoid. Yep.

And what colour are his eyes? Can you recall?

You know I don’t, I don’t…. I’m just trying to recall. I don’t actually know if I’ve actually seen his eyes?

Oh that’s interesting

Oh yah…. I don’t know if I’ve actually seen his face?

What colour skin? What colour?

Our colour. So Caucasian. Um, white skin. Yep. Probably tanned, more of a tanned texture, yeah.

That’s really interesting. Ok so, the fact that you say androgynous – and that’s one of the things I’ve struggled with. When I started having conscious interaction with a different group of beings as an adult. More conscious interaction in my thirties –  was that I couldn’t…. I couldn’t get my head around the androgynous beings. Like I could understand male. I can understand female, but I couldn’t understand the neither. And they used to laugh at me, because it was a struggle for me to understand how they could be neither male nor female. So your androgynous being, I totally get that. Yeah.

Yeah…. And he may not have been. It’s just, that kind of vibe, sense came, I got from it. And you know, I didn’t spend a lot of time in front of him, or near him. I was just down the steps and there he was. And he opened the door and he…. And the three or four times I remember going down there, it’s always him. It’s always the same….

Hmm…. It’s the same one.

It’s the same being. Yep.

That’s interesting. So he probably was androgynous if that’s the feeling you got, ‘cause, there are species that are…That are humanoid looking…. Because these ones that I saw were humanoid looking. You couldn’t tell them apart from the humans actually. Except for their eyes.

No, and it kind of mak…. In a sense, it does make sense, because through the door, like I said, there was, there seems to be this great big council of beings and they seem to be from all over they’re not just one race. So there’s a lot of different intermixed species and beings there. So it makes sense that perhaps he would fit that as being ah androgynous

Right! And I’ve spoken with the council. Many times actually. And they called themselves the council of elders, is what they called themselves. But it was a whole group of mixed species beings. Yep. Yeah, so it sounds like we’ve had the same experiences

I’m sure it’s happening a lot. To a lot of different people and there’s different groups involved, but….

Oh yeah, yeah. There absolutely are! And one of my contacts said to me; “Look, Marianne. You think that politics and organization here on this planet is bad…. You know, it’s just as bad where we are. We have councils, then we have councils that have councils….” And so there’s yeah…. I can’t handle all that political stuff. Just give me stuff to do and I’ll do it, but you know? So you’ve seen multiple species as well, not just….

Not just…. Yeah!

Yep….  they’re – oh we froze!

Oh! Can you hear me now? So it’s,  there’s these long semi-circular benches carved out of stone they’re tiered. And in front of it, there seems to be a little bit of a raised area, carved out of the stone. And there’s this man who always seems to meet me there. Same man. And he’s dressed in black. You know. I couldn’t really describe him. He kind of looks like a Saint Germaine…. Like he has dark hair. Very, very kind of well dressed, but it’s like he always…. I go to him first and there’s bit of an introduction and a thank you for coming. And then, I kind of proceed to start talking and it’s almost like I know what the questions they’re holding in their minds is….

So I just start explaining and talking and sharing with them in various ways. And it could be anything from political happenings on the planet. Environmental happenings. The state of conscious…. All kinds of things.  But it all seems to be doing around, how’s earth? You know? How’s the awakening and growth of earth? And what’s relevant right now? What’s going on? So that seems to be the pressing questions and answers, that I remember.

That’s cool that you have that memory. That’s really cool. I missed completely the first part of what you were saying when we…. When our connection froze, but I think that is really interesting. Because, it followed the question I asked you of seeing many different species. It completely froze. Completely froze! I actually have memory of being in that kind of like semi-circle place as well.


Yeah… yeah, but I was seated and they were kind of like around me. Asking me questions and giving me information. And yeah, it’s definitely all telepathic. Definitely all telepathic. Very interesting.

Yes. Yeah.  It’s pretty…. That’s really cool.

That’s really cool It’s actually really nice to have that personal validation too

Yeah. Like you’re not crazy…. I’m not crazy!

Yeah, yeah. So going back to your experience with them around the bed. I had that also. Only, I saw five or six. I can’t remember the precise number, because, I couldn’t see. My focus was to my left and not to my right. But I was on the left hand side of the bed, although, looking from the perspective you gave, it would have been the same side. And the one right next to me, I don’t remember what the others looked like…. ’Cause, there was this huge glow around them. It was just this massive, like, light glowing. But I, the one I do remember, was again about two to…. Two or three feet away from me. He was a reptilian. And it’s the first time I’ve consciously…. I’ve had a lot to do with many different species. But this was the first time I had seen a reptilian consciously. And he scared me! He scared me, because all I could see was his teeth, and I thought he was going to eat me. I really thought he was going to eat me. He was just trying to put me at ease and say…. No!

The others were saying no, no. It’s ok Marianne. He’s quite safe. He’s not going to hurt you. And actually he was really loving. Really kind, very wise. He just looked totally different from anything that I had experienced to that stage. And I thought…. And then, I kind of don’t remember a lot after that. But the next morning, my son who was five or six at the time, said to me, “Mum, I saw a Wookie in my room last night.” He said, “I was supposed to be asleep, but I couldn’t sleep.” I thought he was reading. But speaking with him since I spoke to Suzy, he tells me he wasn’t. He just couldn’t sleep.  And he suddenly, like you, and like me, sat bolt upright in his bed with his eyes open. And said this Wookie put his head around the door frame, and he smiled and waved at him. And I realized of course, that that was a screen memory. And that would have been less frightening for my son to see something like that. Then the actual being.

Yes, yes exactly.

And, he’s twenty-nine now and he still remembers it quite clearly. So that was a validation for me, that that experience had actually happened. Because when I woke up the next morning I was thinking, oh it’s just – you know? I just dreamed that. It wasn’t real. How…. How could that be real? You know? But it really was. And…. And you know, it’s funny how your consciousness kicks in with all these reasons why it can’t be this. You try and rationalize your experiences away, so that you can consciously deal with them.

You do. I mean yeah, it’s all outside of the norm. In the box of our normal waking consciousness. That in some respects, it’s almost as if it tries to put it together for it to make sense. For it to have some kind of meaning to it. I mean, it’s ultimately how our brain works. It doesn’t like the unknown.

Yeah, exactly, exactly.

So it’ll actually come up…. It’s been proven scientifically. Your brain will actually come up with lies, to fill in the blanks so it actually can go phewf! I know what happened. Even though it wasn’t true.

Yeah yeah Laughing. And you see that all the time. I mean, I’ve seen that. I’ve come across a lot of people who’ve been experiencers. Not just seeing lights in the sky, or crafts. They’ve been experiencers, but they can’t consciously accept that. Suzy, she was saying that her flatmate was a scientist and they had an experience where a light came down over their car, and they were transported up into a ship. And his conscious mind couldn’t accept it. Because it was way beyond his paradigm of understanding – as a scientist. So ultimately. He moved out of the flat, because he just couldn’t stand being around her.  Because, it just brought up these questions and she wouldn’t let go of it, because she needed the validation herself. You know? She wanted him to acknowledge what had happened.

For sure, yeah.

Now, going back to childhood, your abilities. One of the things that I’ve noticed. Ah, that I realize, is that those of us who have been experiencers from a very young age. And, who have had that learning on a ship. Like you have and I have. Tend to be ah…. What’s the word? We tend to have higher psychic abilities than the average person. Because, we’ve been taught to use our senses. We’ve been taught to use our auric field. We, we…. Well, they communicated with us telepathically, so we have more use of our abilities, than probably the average person does.

Yeah I agree.

Who hasn’t had these experiences.  Yeah and that’s why…. You know you were practicing seeing the cars coming along. I used to do that too! I wonder if that actually was like a…. Like a sort of homework thing they gave us. Because I remember doing that as well!

Interesting. It could be? Yeah, it could be. I mean it….  And for me it transcended like all over. Even playing games with my friends. Whereby we would…. One person would put their head to the wall and everyone would go hide. And the goal of the game was to sneak up on one of the other people and tap them and then, they were the one who had to go find the rest. And I remember it got to the point where I wouldn’t hide anymore. I would just sit down in the middle of my friend’s lawn and it didn’t matter how quiet one of the, .my other friends would come up, before he was twenty feet away I would say, “Hi Donny. I know it’s you.” And he would go, “How do you know that!”   Like it just…. I just thought it was just the normal. You know? It’s a normal thing. I just know you’re there. I know it’s you. I know it’s you.

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Because that’s what you’re used to. You’re used to using those senses. You’ve been taught to use those senses on the ships.  And certainly it gives us…. It makes things easier for us in some ways and harder for us in some ways, living here.

You know, yeah… That, that last sentence, ‘cause, I can tell you this…. This was my kind of life, up until I was grade three.

Can you please tell me what age that is? For our New Zealand listeners, sorry.

Oh seven, I’d say seven. So in grade three, I was – according to their standards I was struggling in school. And I remember, every once in a while this lady would come in and take me from the class and have me do all these exercises. And I didn’t really understand what it was. Then by the end of the year my parents and myself had a meeting with the principle, where they said, “David, we think we’re going to have you repeat grade three.”  And the reason was, was they felt strongly that I had dyslexia and it was impeding my ability to learn their curriculum. And I was devastated of course. It was like all my friends are moving on and I’ve gotta do this again?

You know that was really a pivotal point for me, because, it was a time where…. It’s like I had a foot in both worlds. I had to withdraw one of my feet from this intuitive, natural place, because, it was impeding my life. I’ve gotta turn this off, because, this isn’t…. This isn’t working.  It’s not working for me. Ah, it’s you know? It’s costing me too much and there was a period, where I just kind of willed myself to…. I just turned it off!  And just – you know? I became a muggle like everybody else and tried to ignore it. Even though it was still there, I just kind of pushed it aside and, and wasn’t until my twenties when …. Eighteen to twenties, I decided ok I need to start bringing this on again. It’s time to get back in touch with this part of myself.

Right, and I think that most of us do do that. Most of us who are experiencers go through a similar sort of thing. Where we realize that look…. Because it’s really hard! I…. I call my podcast Walking the Shadowlands, because, I see us as having one foot in this reality and one foot in that reality. And it’s very hard to walk like that. It’s very hard.

Yeah definitely and sometimes we, you know? We have a foot in many realms. You know? Simultaneously. We’re bordering a lot of different frequencies and channels simultaneously.  You know it really can take a lot of integration and practice to be comfortable with that.

Yeah absolutely. Absolutely it can. So it’s not surprising that you shut that side down. And very often actually when we’re going through our teens…. Our experiences, we don’t remember a lot of experiences in our teens. And I believe that’s because they tend to close that down for us…. Close our memories down for us at that stage of our experiences, because, we have enough to deal with on the human level. Dealing with the rushes of hormones, and everything that goes along with being a teen.

Yeah, that’s true. That’s true

Let alone dealing with that! So probably you don’t have a lot of memories in your teen years of experiences. I would say.

You know, as you were saying that, I just kind of started scanning and you know, it’s true! I mean, I can…. I can recall, but for the most part, it’s just kind of like this fuzz. You know? It’s fuzzy. It’s just kind of a generalization. And it…. It really takes a lot of concentration to recall something specific. And even then, there’s probably tons of it I’ve just forgotten. So yeah. I think you’re absolutely right.

Yeah. And I know for me, it wasn’t until I hit my thirties that I really started having more memories awaken. For me. I have…. You know like, all my life I’ve had some conscious memories. All my life from the time I was little, I’ve consciously spoken about my experiences with Star People and seeing ships, stuff like that. I’ve never, not hidden this aspect of myself. Which actually has been quite detrimental to me at some stages. But it’s my truth and I’m always going to speak my truth regardless.  What caught my attention about your post, in MUFON, in the MUFON group, was that you had the Men-In-Black experiences. And I had literally just finished voicing an episode on the Men-In-Black, and uploaded it waiting to be played this season.  So your post caught my attention. Can you tell me a little bit about those experiences and how they came about?  You know, the backstory?

And that’s where we will end this part of our conversation today – David has been very brave speaking publically about his experiences. It is not easy to do this, especially when you know that you are opening yourself up to possible ridicule, scorn, and in some cases outright hostility from people who don’t believe or who are fearful of this for whatever reason.

Today he has talked about some of his experiences that he remembers. About going underground, and speaking with groups of diverse species of Star People. He talked about the androgynous being whose facial features he never saw, who met him at the door to the chamber where he spoke with these beings. He talked about beings around his bed at home. I found it so interesting that he and I both had the same experiences with a different perspective, as one would expect from individuals, and some of what David said, triggered further recollections for me.

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