Episode 24: Suzy & The Star People – Part 2

Thousands of people each year see unexplained lights in the skies, day or night. They see flying crafts unlike anything we are currently knowing of in existing public knowledge. Not only do some see lights or crafts, that cannot be explained away as swamp gas, Venus, satellites, or any other of the normal excuses the governments, and military trots out to placate people, but they also see and have interactions with the inhabitants of these ships.

Many people are too scared to even tell another soul about their experiences, and understandably so. Governments have deliberately cultivated a culture of ridicule, and treating people brave enough to speak about their experiences like they have a mental illness, or making a joke of them and their experiences. Or, threatening them, and their loved ones into silence. There are many, many reasons why most do not speak out about what they have witnessed or experienced. And, these are all very valid reasons.

However, there are some of us who will speak out, despite criticism, or fear of ridicule, or even personal threats or intimidation, like my guest.  Suzy Hansen is one such person. Last week, we talked about her early life and experiences with Star People and UFO’s, and how this had and continues to impact her life.  This week, we continue our most interesting conversation where we left off with a blue beam coming into her home and shining right onto her baby’s bassinet. Are you ready to continue this journey into this area of the shadowlands? Let’s begin….

Suzy Hansen

For those who did not listen to the last episode, I do suggest that you do, before you listen to this second part.  But, here is a little about my guest: Suzy has had past careers in school teaching, and in Grief Counselling. Following a lifetime interest in UFOs, in two thousand she founded the UFO Focus New Zealand Research Network (UFOCUS NZ), a nationwide organization that investigates UFO sightings, and provides support for those experiencing alien contact.

Suzy has been involved in UFO research for about forty years, and she lectures internationally at conferences about New Zealand UFO sightings, and her own alien contact, and interaction experiences. She also speaks publicly on spiritual, and metaphysical topics. As Director of UFOCUS NZ, she lobbied the New Zealand Chief of Defence Forces during 2009 – 2010 for the release of the New Zealand Ministry of Defence UFO files, which occurred in 2010-2011

Suzy’s focus for the last decade has been on encouraging members of the scientific community to participate in examining the wealth of science-related detail contained in accounts of human interaction with extra-terrestrial species, as well as aspects of UFO sighting investigation data. She believes that one of the major issues facing humankind in the future, will be open contact with other civilizations in the Universe. In the meantime, there is much to be learnt from humans who have already made this tremendous leap in consciousness, and who have witnessed the vast array of potential benefits available to mankind, and our environment through such associations.

Suzy runs a support organization for those experiencing contact with extraterrestrial species and intelligences. She is also the author of a book called ‘The Duel Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda For Human Advancement”  Her book uniquely combines absorbing details of her life-long alien encounters, along with a scientific examination by Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Astrophysicist, Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (USA).

So here is the rest of our conversation.

 Suzy & The Star People – Part 2

But you also mentioned the blue light. And, I’ve also seen that blue light.  Saw it coming in, in a big huge shaft into my bedroom once. Right onto my son’s bassinet!


As a young mother, I sat bolt right up, up right in bed. I…. I woke from a dead sleep, and just immediately sat bolt upright, and there was this blue shaft filling the room covering his bassinet and the end of the bed, and that part of the room. And, one would think, that a young mother – first child would leap out of bed, grab their baby, and maybe get their husband to look out the window and see what the hell was causing that blue light. And, what did I do? I feel back on my pillow, and went to sleep!

So, ah very interesting this is how things happen. You don’t remember at the time. But, very often later on, it will come back as a flashback. Or, something will trigger that memory, and you’ll have this – something open in your mind, and it’ll all be absolutely, crystal clear, and it’s not your imagination. Because, you can be thinking about something entirely different, and something will suddenly trigger it, and there’s that memory, sitting there, just under the surface.

Correct! Correct! And, I had the same sort of experience with my first born as well.

How interesting.

Except there wasn’t a light, there two men in the room


But at that stage I wasn’t really as awake as I am now, and I said “Don’t take my baby! She’s too young! You can’t take her yet!”  They said to me, “We can tell you’re upset, so we’ll leave her this time, but next time we come We’ll take her.”

Yes, and isn’t that interesting Marianne, because very often you’ll hear people…. And, rightly so for people who’ve had traumatic experiences, but, they’ll talk about the trauma of their child being taken with them.

But obviously you, and I have had this kind of experience, and I too had the experience of going with my son – one of my sons and realizing that my husband was away, and my other son would be left on his own. So I refused to go. And, they said…. There was some discussion took place telepathically. And, then they said, well ok, will you be happy if we leave one? And, we will ensure he will not wake. So, one of the three remained, and while I went with my other son.

So, that brings to mind my willingness to trust them to the extent that I went with them, and left my, one of my sons behind.  Under their care. You…. You know, there’s a lot of discussion goes on about how long these entities could be in our Earth’s atmosphere? Well, they certainly seemed to cope alright for periods of time. So, I don’t think that was a concern, but it did, it was a shock to me the next day to realize, that as a young mother I was putting trust in them. And, that I would be quite happy about that situation. It took me some time to work through that in my own mind.

Oh, I can imagine. I can imagine as a young mum how that would have affected me, and yeah, I can see that would have taken some processing. And, because…. Because, we’re very protective of our children. That’s a natural instinct.

Hmm, absolutely!

And, we don’t want them to feel fear, or to …. Yeah! So, to do that, that was pretty – pretty telling really, of your relationship with these Star People.

Yes, I think so. Um, you know I speak about my memories from childhood, and how I felt so comfortable in their presence, I’d – because, if you grow up with something, that becomes a norm for you. It’s not until that norm is ah, shattered in some way that, that you might reexamine it. And, it hasn’t been shattered for me.

I’ve had catalyst moments like the light coming over the car. But, that caused me to realize, what was happening. And, as you said, at the time as a child you don’t fully understand what is happening to you. You listen to what an adult says might be happening. So, I listened to my Mother’s religious version of what might be happening. But, I knew that didn’t quite fit either. So from a very young age I was analytically looking at the facets of those experiences, but not realizing really what they were until I was in my twenties, and began to put two, and two together.

Right. Right. Well, see for me like, I’ve always…. I’ve always talked about my experiences. From the time I was little, I’ve done it. And, I think, I think it was partly it was because the Men-In-Black that visited the following day, said to my mum, you won’t remember. They kept repeating, you won’t remember. So I think it was sort of like a hypnosis thing. And, you won’t talk about this….

Yes, yeah. Mind control.

Yes, yeah. You won’t talk about this, and you won’t remember it. Well! I made it my point to talk about it…


And, ever since, when the subjects come up in conversation. And, really people have thought that I’m crazy. I really don’t care what people think. It’s my truth, and I’m going to speak up regardless

Yep, that’s good. But, of course, there’s situations a lot of people are in, where they can’t do that…

Of course!

And, certainly in my first marriage I could not talk about these things. That was a real difficulty.


My, my second marriage of course, is very different. But, you know? And, also there are religious constraints, or cultural constraints


For example; we had a sighting around Tauranga here a couple of years ago.  And, there was a young Tongan, teacher from Auckland, who actually had this experience of seeing a craft, and an entity at night. So, really…. We really investigated this sighting quite deeply, and we had a clinical psychologist look at the interviews, and assess what they were saying etc. And, this was a life-changing thing for him. But, he was terrified to talk about it because his family were, were Christians. He didn’t know how it would be seen by the church, and he didn’t know how it would be viewed by his family, that he would be ostracized or whatever? 

So, he remained silent about it, and it took us several months to get him to actually talk to us, and tell us what he witnessed. ‘Cause, there were two other people with him, who had already spoken with us. But he was declining. But, it wasn’t until after he actually decided to sit down, and tell his family that he, he discovered there were other family members who had similar experiences, who also had not talked about it. So, it became a very cathartic situation, where the whole family sat down, and divulged their experiences together.


And, then moved forward as a family, with a totally different ah opinion, or viewpoint of each other. But, also of what they had experienced. So, this was such an amazing sighting that went from not just a sighting description of what took place, with the craft and the entity, but world view, and flow on effect it had had on all four witnesses.

Wow, that’s really amazing. Oh that’s really awesome for him. That makes me happy to hear that for him, because it is really difficult, and there is so much fear out there. That’s one of the major reasons why I talk openly about my stuff, in my group, from the time I’ve started my group I’ve talked about my UFO experiences. I’ve talked about Star People. And, I’ve tried to help people not to be so fearful. That’s not to say, that there aren’t beings out there who don’t have our best interests at heart. Of course there are. It would be naive, not to think otherwise.

That’s right!

But, I also tell people that it’s important to listen to what your body’s telling you. What your feelings are telling you.

Yes that’s right, and of course everyone is different, and obviously you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing. With your podcasts, and being – you know, totally unafraid to talk out about it. But, then I also know, that myself, and other people have been told buy the ET’s ok…. About timing, about timing for us in particular, and obviously that doesn’t apply to you. But for some people that timing thing applies. And, I think particularly as a public speaker out there at conferences that this timing thing is really relevant. And, often before I divulge something, I will –  I will think about the timing and everything that goes with it. Because, I have made mistakes in the past, where I’ve divulged something, that was too soon, and it wasn’t right. And, it had bad consequences. So I guess we, we sort of learn along the way. But, we’re all on a different path to the same destination

Absolutely correct!

And, we have different ways in which we implement our skills and utilize them.

Correct, correct. And, like you said I…. I made mistakes too. Because, I was so keen to share what I knew, that I approached people before they were ready. But, when I was a lot younger, and a lot less mature than I am now. But, you do learn as you go. And, and you learn to judge how ready a person is to hear. And, how ready they aren’t to hear. And, yeah, yeah.  It’s all about timing. You’re right!

Yes, and sometimes you…. You know, you just have to let people be, because, if we look at timing for ourselves, that we’re aware of, those people are also subject to timing in their soul journey, or soul tasks.


So you know there’s going to be a right time for them to suddenly be triggered, just as I was when I was twenty. And, it’ll, it’ll happen, and we can’t make it happen. We can…. We can only share things, and if it goes right over someone’s head, or under their feet, that’s fine. But, if they take it on board, and it’s the right time for them to do that, that’s great too.

Yep, I agree. And, I look at it like planting a seed.  It’s got to be the right time for that seed to grow.

That’s right!

And, even if it doesn’t grow then, it will when the time is right.


That’s how I look at it. You’re the first person I know who’s had the same sort of experiences I have. So reading your book, was just like being there. It just brought it all back to you, you know?  But, I’ve actually had a connection with many different species of Star People, as well. I’ve had…. Certainly with the grays, and as you said, they always came in groups of three. Always three. I don’t know why they came in threes, but there was always groups of threes.

But, I’ve certainly had experiences with other species as well. Quite definitive, and remember one time, when I lived in Ngaruawahia, when my son was quite young – he would have been about 5 or 6 and, he’s 28, nearly 29 now. There was a time when they visited my home, and I woke up, and there was around my bed a whole pile of different entities, different species, all around my bed. About 5 or 6 of them. Including one that was a reptilian.

And he scared me, because I had never seen that type consciously before, and he was trying to set me at ease. But, all I could see were his sharp teeth and thinking he was going to eat me. That was my conscious human thought. But he was actually really, really lovely. Really wise,Very kind, very knowing. And, anyway the next day my son said to me… “Hey, Mum! last night I was supposed to be asleep, but I was up reading. I was supposed to be asleep! And, this Wookie poked his head around my door, and said hello”

And to this day he’s never forgotten that – he said it looked like a Wookie. And, I figured, that was probably the least threatening way for Michael to see him. ‘Cause, Star Wars was kind of big then, you know?

Yes, yes. That’s right. And, and we know they can create screen memories.  So that children, or adults who might be in a fearful state, or that they don’t want too be woken up just yet. They want to be educating people on the craft . But not necessarily activating in, in life yet. Will have different memories, and I recall my son saying to me that he’d been lifted up, and through the ceiling. And, he couldn’t understand it. Because, there was, a whole lot of bees had taken him up through the ceiling. And, on another occasion, it was spiders with really big eyes. So you know, you get these ideas that come out of the mouths of babes

Right. Right. So you had these experiences, and obviously it really altered your perspective on life. And, how you see things here, and your journey here. So you started your investigation group. Can you tell us how that came about please?

 Yes well, at the age of twenty, as I said. I started just collecting stories from – that I heard of, around about when I was living in the Hawke’s Bay. And, there were quite a few interesting ones that came from farmers, and farming families. But, when I moved to Tauranga, I started to attend the local UFO group, run by Harvey Cooke, who was quite a well known figure on Television and Radio, back then in the seventies, eighties, nineties, and earlier. He ran the UFO group for forty-four years before he passed away in 2004, in his eighties.

I went along to that group for quite some time, before I had the courage to divulge to Harvey that I was having contact experiences. Because, attending that group, it was all the nuts and bolts sightings stuff, about how big something was, and what colour it was, and how many lights it had etc. Nobody was talking about contact. So, I didn’t say anything to anyone. On one occasion I sort of sidled up to to one of the regular attendees, and asked do you know anyone in the group whose had contact? He turned around and sniggered, and said, “Oh, you don’t believe in that stuff do you?


So, that really silenced me, and I never raised that issue again for quite some time. When I did buck up courage to – to talk to Harvey, I went to his home, and spoke to him and his wife. And, I must have spoken for about three hours, and it just all came tumbling out and I only covered a quarter of it. But, it was very good. He was quite open to it, and from that point on, he began to incorporate more of that kind of thing in the club meetings.  And, I remember just before I spoke to Harvey…. He – I had been talking to him privately, but not at the club. I hadn’t divulged anything to the group.

And, he invited the son of one of his friend’s who’d had an experience with a UFO, or a light, in British Colombia. And, how he’d had a period of missing time. And, when that young man came along to the meeting, sat up front, and described it. For me, it was as though there was no one else in the room. It was as if there was just me, and this young man. I was hanging on his every word! My heart was pounding. My armpits, and my hands were sweating. It was as if I was reliving some of those missing time experiences all over again, listening to him. That was the first time I really heard someone talk about this, and that moment of knowing that I wasn’t alone, and that I needn’t be quite so scared, at that point.

Wow, that would have been absolutely awesome to hear that. Yeah…. Yeah, it would have made you feel…. Ah yeah, not alone for sure.

So, from that point I worked…. I actually worked with Harvey for about um, fifteen – twenty years, and as he got older I began to see that there wasn’t a nation-wide group in New Zealand. We had some MUFON influence here, but of course, MUFON is American. There was nothing Kiwi to do with UFO sighting research.  So, I said to Harvey, “Would you be offended if I started up my own group?” and he said, “No. Not at all, go for it! And, if I was twenty years younger, I’d do that now too.”

So, I set up a website and began approaching people very cautiously, who might be able to join me, and become an investigator around the country, ‘cause, the idea was to have – to break up the country into regions, and have people in those regions who could go out, and talk to people who’ve had sightings. Send me clippings from anything that appeared in the newspaper etc. So, a nationwide network.

In 1995 I saw a newspaper clipping given to me by my mother. About an air traffic controller at Hamilton Airport, who had seen a UFO. And, at that point Harvey and I had had a report from the local Tauranga Harbour-master, who captained the tugboat. And, he’d been out fishing with a friend, and they’d seen this massive sphere go overhead, with this trail behind it! And, it had risen up over the Kaimais, and a minute and a half later when we compared the two sighting reports, it…. It had – it flashed past seventeen kilometers South of the control tower at Hamilton Airport, and was seen by Graham Opie, who was controller, chief controller at the time.

So, um I contacted Graham. Went and interviewed him. We sort of became friends, in terms of I asked him if he would like to be a, an aviation consultant for us? And an air traffic controller consultant, and he said yes ok, but I’ll have to ask my wife, and I’ll have to ask the CAA. Which he did, and he came back and said, “Yes. That’ll be fine.” And, a couple of years went by, and he became more, and more interested in the topic. Began investigating sightings over in the Waikato, and spent many long hours over cups of coffee talking to me, about my contact experiences etc. And, he became fully immersed in the subject, and I think he was possibly the first, or only Air Traffic Controller, world-wide, who while actively serving as an air traffic controller was also an investigator for a civilian, UFO organization. 

Wow, that would have been a first!

So Graham, and I worked together for twenty years, and he passed away with cancer in 2015 sadly, and he’s sorely missed, because he was my right hand man. And…. And, a wonderful person who’d stepped out of, of the standard box, and was brave enough to talk about his experience, and what he had seen. And, to support a civilian group.

Wow! That was really brave. Especially back then to do something like that! Especially when your career is involved, and a high profile career too!

That’s right, but after that we didn’t stop there. We decided that we would approach ah, John Cordy, who is a retired Air Traffic Controller. He was chief Air Traffic Controller at Wellington International Airport, for many years. And John is the last, now the last, surviving Air Traffic Controller, from the Kaikoura lights sightings.

So, John now is in his eighties, mid-eighties. And, as sharp as a tack, and he is our aviation and air traffic control…. In terms of how things function he’s our consultant in that area. And John still does wonderful public speaking about what he recalls, and what it was like. And, the whole electric atmosphere in the control center at Wellington Airport, at the time that the Argosy was landing, and he was talking to the pilots. Over radio, and watching it. Watching the UFOs on radar. So um, John joined the team as well, and then we now have an astronomer. We have an engineer. We have a scientist. We did have a policeman for a while, ‘til he moved overseas.

So we’ve got a really good, across the board kind of, of strata of people on the team. There’s only eight of us, but we cover all of New Zealand. And then, we also have Brian Dickeson, who actually lives in Australia. Who is a kiwi, and his parents were early UFO researchers in New Zealand. They were very well known, former Air Force, and they had the Xenolog Magazine in New Zealand, for many years. So, although he lives in Australia, he’s very much part of the team, because as you know, these days we do everything over technology anyway


So, we don’t have to be sitting in the same room, or in the same country. And, Brian really is our historical archivist. He’s just amazing, along with Rob Fowler, from Christchurch.

Oh, it sounds like you have a really awesome team.

They are! They are a wonderful group. And, I’ve always been the only woman in it. But, every year we get um, quite a number of people coming to us saying, look I’d like to join your team, and we do need some more investigators around the country now that the population has grown. But, I do like to get to know people before I decide to take anyone on board.

We also have at UFocus NZ a number of professionals who work in the background. Who want to remain, pretty much anonymous. So, we’ve got a Doctor, and we’ve got a pilot. We’ve got a clinical psychologist, ah, and a number of other people including and astrophysicist in the states, who contributed to my book. And, other people world-wide who have specific talents.

Such as, a photographic data analyst. And so these people are in the background, ‘cause we’re civilians, we don’t claim to know everything, and if we feel out of our depth with any aspect of a contact experience, or a sighting experience – we have these professionals to refer to. So, that I believe, gives us – should give us more credibility in the public eye, that we’re not sitting here pontificating, and making some wacky decisions about things. We actually refer to professionals in various areas.

I think that’s really awesome! And, that’s one of the things that really stood out for me about your investigation group. Is that, you do have these professionals in the background, that are part of your team.


And I think that’s really, really important, and awesome. Can I go back, if you don’t mind Suzy, ‘cause only twenty-five percent of my listeners are from New Zealand, the rest are world-wide. Could you please talk about what the Kaikoura incident, the Kaikoura lights was about? And perhaps some other incidents, in New Zealand that stand out for you?

Ok. Well Kaikoura is still considered by Dr Bruce Maccabee who’s a physicist in the states who’s done a lot of investigation and analysis of UFO footage world-wide. He still, and he analyzed the Kaikoura lights footage, at the time in the late seventies. And um, he still considers the Kaikoura lights sightings by the argosy pilots, which I’ll explain in a minute, as in the top ten most credible sightings world wide

So, in New Zealand – in fact world-wide in the late 70’s, from about ‘77 through to about ‘80. We have one of those classic UFO flaps, that just was happening in many countries world-wide, where there was an upswing of UFO sightings. A phenomenal upswing! And, New Zealand was no different, even though we’re right down here at the bottom of the planet. We had this huge inflow of sightings. So, at the time it started with the…. Actually started with the Gisbourne UFO flap, where centered around the Gisbourne and the East Cape area. And, in particular up a valley near Gisbourne called the Waimata Valley. A very famous, now, valley.

There were numerous sightings. There were over two hundred reported to the police and media alone! Let alone all those that went unreported! So, we’re talking about a massive UFO Flap that was taking place. At that time, I was living up the coast, teaching in a small community called Te Araroa  on East Cape. And, that’s where I had a lot of my UFO sightings, and contact experiences, and missing time.

So, there was all this sighting going on around the place, and right in the middle of this Gisbourne flap, and at the end of 1978, the Kaikoura lights, sightings occurred. So, again we had this mini-flap in the Cook Strait, Wellington, Kaikoura, Christchurch general area. And, this was on the flight path of the Argosy aircraft. Which were freight aircraft that moved up and down between the North and South Island, carrying freight at – mainly at night.

The first sightings of these occurred earlier on, in December. And, right at the end of December we had the sighting that was filmed by an Australian film crew, who had heard about the pi…. The first lot of pilots seeing these lights in the sky, and many, many people in that area sighting UFO lights as well. 

So, we’re talking about lights that circled the aircraft. That followed the aircraft. That went under the aircraft. And, of course at the time there was a big cover-up taking place, once the media broke the story. And, I have got a veritable archive, here in my office of newspaper clippings from all around, Kaikoura, Wellington, etc. And, these were publicized all over the place. So, the government of the time, decided that they had better have a closer look at this.

They got the DSIR, which is the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, in New Zealand. To look into the sightings as well. And, they had some astronomers who looked into it. Who at first claimed, it was Venus. Just to quell the panic, and make everyone feel happy, that it was…. Everything was alright! But of course that was quickly disproven, to be totally incorrect! I think a number of absolutely farcical, explanations came out for the Kaikoura lights, such as the lights of cities reflecting off the breasts of mutton birds flying south. And, also the lights of squid boats reflected off clouds.

I remember those…. I remember those excuses that were put out. Yep, and I remember cracking up when I heard them.

Yes, and as John Cordy, my good friend. The Air Traffic Control at the time said:” Mutton birds don’t show up on your screen! And, nor do they circle an aircraft at speed!” And, these pilots were highly trained, and used to flying those routes at night. Used to seeing the international fishing fleets creeping into New Zealand waters, taking our fish. And, shining their squid boat lights. They were very used to seeing this. They saw it most nights, so it…. As if on this particular night they would mistake the lights of squid boats to be some other phenomenal light. No. They didn’t. They saw, what they saw. So, that was the Kaikoura lights.

In the Gisbourne flap, we’ve also had like the Ngatea landing site, back in the ‘60’s. We’ve had the Moreland sighting. Eileen Moreland sighting. Where she saw a craft come down over her dairy farm, early in the morning. Late’50’s, and ‘60’s, was a time when there was a lot of things going on. Very well documented at the time. Lots of drawings, and illustrations by the witnesses.

That period of time sort of went into a bit of a lull, and then out of the late seventies we started getting the New Zealand contact, abduction stories, which my early contacts were a part of. Although, I chose not to call it an abduction. And, a lot of those early abductees were crucified by the media, and the public. In other respects, they had a lot of support from people at their meetings they held in Auckland. But, I take my hat off to those early people in New Zealand, who spoke about their contact experiences. I did not. I chose not to because I was still assimilating it into my life, and my reality, and I didn’t feel it was the right time for me. So, I stayed in the background at that stage. But, I did speak with those people personally.

Moving on through time, to more recent times. Around about 2011 through to 2015, we have had a group of phenomenal sightings in New Zealand. Which probably haven’t had the publicity that they deserved. Including a sighting by a neuroscientist who saw an actual craft, and on another occasion, an entity. And, we’ve had hunters who had the sighting of an actual craft, and entity up the back of Tauranga here.  We had a highly trained medic, who had an experience on Muriwai beach, north of Auckland. So, there’ve been quite a number of quite stunning sightings, and some of those people have said, “I don’t want it publicized.” Others are happy for me to talk about those sightings publically.

But, ah. Cheryl Koster, who’s an investigator –  statistical researcher, in the States. Has looked at a lot of MUFON records from the States, and has isolated the fact that there’s a seven-year-cycle. Seems to be a seen year cycle to these sightings. And, that absolutely corroborates what we, and researchers I know in Australia, and the UK etc., have found also.  It’s very cyclic, and roughly every seven to nine years, you go into a…. Up into a peak, and there’s a lot of sightings, and then they drop off. And, then you have a lull, and it starts to build up again. It goes in a wave form.

That’s very interesting.

That’s our, ah our group, and we’re still going. We’ve had a few little tragedies, with you know, Graham passing away, and a few other things. I wrote my book, and have been speaking overseas. So, we haven’t been as much of a public face as we were some years ago. But, I’ve just taken a couple of new members on, new investigators. And, at the moment, we’re making plans to do some very interesting research, next year – ah, questionnaires, and get ourselves out there a bit more. Because, I think people are quite hungry for that nuts, and bolts stuff. Because, that very often leads to people divulging that they actually had a contact as well.

Absolutely. For my listeners, would you like to tell them the names of your websites, so they can go and check them out for themselves?

It’s UFocus New Zealand. Otherwise known as UFocusNZ. So it’s www.ufocusnz.org.nz That’s ufo c u s n z, all one word, dot org dot nz . I also have a website which is still under construction called communicatorlink.com  Where I support people who’ve had contact experiences. And, I work with one of my UFocusNZ members Brian Dickeson, who’s in Australia. He’s a fully trained hypnotherapist. Trained by the New South Wales Forensic police force, ah, police unit.

And, ah Sheryl Gotteral who’s in Brisbane. A good friend and colleague of mine in Australia, and she’s fully trained also as a clinical hypnotherapist. And, I am…. Have been a school teacher, and grief counsellour. So, we all have a bit of a background that’s – that relates to,  directly to contact. Sheryl is an experiencer, as well as myself.

And, we also have Dr Rudy Schild who contributed to my book as a consultant, if anyone’s got anything…. Anything to do with physics or specific scientific memories from their experiences. Also, real consciousness / telepathy type things, Rudy is very interested in looking at that, and studying it.

So Suzy, what would you want people to know, who may be having experiences? What would you tell them?

I would tell them to talk to another experiencer. And, the reason I say that is not because I think that all researchers, or therapists out there are no good, because, I know – you know, quite a few, very good researchers, and therapists’ world wide. But, at the same time, there are some of them out there who are not so good, and I think you have to be very careful, who you speak to your experience…. Speak about your experiences to.

Because, I have found the hard way many, many years ago, that some researchers out there who are not experiencers themselves, are on the speaking circuit. They want to grab hold of your material for their next article, or speech subject, or power point, or whatever – their next interview. And, there are some out there who have very little integrity. They break confidentiality. And, I have been subjected to this. They break confidentiality agreements. They use your stuff all over the place.

And, the thing is, there is a readiness that must be attained by an experiencer before they go public. Or before they even speak to someone else. Even another experiencer. You’ve got to be ready! And, very often these people on the speaking circuit, who are researchers, they are wanting to keep their place, on…. In the pecking order, and on the rung of the ladder. And, they don’t mind at all taking your stuff. And, they don’t mind at all pushing you to talk publicly about your experiences on a nice little video that they can then use in a speech. And, very often if this happens too soon, and the person is not ready for it. Ah, it can be catastrophic in your life!   

Not just for you, but for your family, and friends, and your social acquaintances etc. And, I say to people it can be quite dangerous out there. At this point in time, I have been as I mentioned before, I’ve been subjected to threats, and all kinds of things I’ve experienced in my travels. And, people try to put a spoke in your wheel. And, try to stop you speaking. And, that can be quite frightening. And, I wouldn’t like to see people intimidated in anyway by going public about their experiences too soon. So, choose very carefully who you speak to. If you have a loved one, a husband, wife, good friend, or sister, or brother, or whatever – that you feel you can speak to about it. Then make that your starting point, to talk to them.

And, if you think they’re going to be open minded, and empathetic, then that’s a good thing. You don’t have to go out there shouting it from the rooftops. Or…. Or, necessarily seeking out someone in the field to talk to. But, it is good to talk to other experiencers, and certainly through communicatorlink we can put people in touch with nearby experiencers. Or, experiencers overseas who are a little further down the track, in understanding experiences, and can be very helpful.

It’s also not terribly helpful to go out there reading every single book you can find. Because, once again some of those are written by experiencers, and some by purely researchers. Sometimes an idea or a con…. Or a perception is repeated so many times, in speeches and interviews. That people begin to accept a mistaken way of thinking. And, that just might be someone’s pet theory. But, they’ve been presenting any information they can find, that might support that theory. But, which is quite a tenuous link. And, if it was examined a bit further you’d find that wasn’t such a good theory after all. So, it is a little bit of a minefield, and you have to be really careful who you approach.

That’s good advice. I remember for years, I never would read anything, anybody had written. But, the only book I ever read was when I was about 17, and that was Chariot of the Gods – by Eric von Danekon.

Right! Yes. 

That’s the only book. I refused to, ‘cause, I didn’t want my knowing tainted by others opinions.

Yes, that’s right! And, I think also we were fortunate in some ways Marianne, living in New Zealand. Because, it took quite a long time for stuff to reach here.

Right it did.

Particularly in the States, and some other countries, there was a lot happening in terms…. With Doctor John Mac, and Bud Hopkins, and David Jacobs, and others. There was a lot happening in the contact field, and it was being brought out decades earlier than it was here. And we didn’t even have those books written by those people, coming into the country ‘til some years later, and even then, they were all quite negative

And some of them coming in at that time…. I recall, I was re-examining all of this in my thirties, and going through all that had happened, and trying to understand it. And, when some of these books started coming into New Zealand, and a lot of fairly new-age people, and practitioners sort of grabbed hold of them. And, started saying well you must be having this experience, or that experience, and you should be very scared ‘cause it’s the grays, and they’re all bad, and…. You know, you should be very afraid of this. And, so the fear that I wore like a little jacket, for a while. Was actually not my own fear at all. It was fear being imposed on me by other people.  And, when I finally realized that, that these guys who were coming to see me at night in my thirties were the same ones I loved, when I was a kid. It all disappeared.  And I wasn’t willing to accept other people’s judgments on it. I just wanted to investigate it for myself.

I totally can understand that! And, I know that there are beings that I absolutely love. Absolutely love. And, in fact one of them gave me the wisest advice. And, it’s something I’ve tried to live with since he gave it to me, and it’s this. He said;

“When you do anything Marianne, you must do it from your heart! When you think. Think from your heart. When you talk. Talk from your heart. When you act, act from your heart.”

Hmm, Yeah.

And, the other thing that he told me, is that “Intent is everything!”

Yes. Yes, that…. We seem to have a shared message there,


Because time and time again, it was the intent. And, I think one of the chapters in my book I describe how I was taken on board a craft, and the entire time I was there, was a lesson on the power of intent. Negative and positive.  And, that really stuck in my mind the way that they illustrated it to me, and the way that they described it. It really makes you think. The power of the energy, and the power of your intent behind that energy. And, it covers words, and thoughts, and deeds, and all kinds of things. What we emanate each day, and none of us are perfect, but as long as our intent is that we are going to have the best intent we can muster, then we are on the right road

Yeah, absolutely! And, I always tell the members of my FB group Walking the Shadowlands, look! Your intent, your intent is everything. If you intend to have positive experiences, you’ll have positive experiences. If you’re putting a shielding or a protection around yourself, and you think it’s not going to be enough, it never will be!

Hmm Hmm, that’s right!

Because, that’s the intent you are putting out.

Yes, yes, that’s right.

So moving forward, how…. What is your impression of this soft disclosure that’s been going on by the governments for the past two years now?

Hmm. Well, I’m standing back. Somewhat cautious of all of this. And, although I’ve got a FB Page, I haven’t put any of that on it. And, I don’t know why, but I just ah…. I just can’t. I don’t want that on my page at the moment. I know that back in the ‘80’s, and ‘90’s, ah, I was in large groups of humans on board crafts. And, in underground, undersea bases where we were being lectured about this kind of thing. What would come in the future, and I think we’re seeing some cults developing. And, by that I mean even down to the fact that there are researchers who have a massive following, who will say almost anything, and change their opinion. If the trend changes overnight, they will chameleon-like change the next day to follow the trend.


And, I think people need to be very, very aware of this. The cult-like nature of this subject, and that this does exist. And, if there’s a very, very large group being human we run the risk of turning it into a kind of cult with leaders, and followers. Because, that seems to be an unsavoury part of human nature, that’s what we do to these kinds of subjects. I know that the ET’s always said that disclosure needed to happen very slowly, and very carefully. And, that they have actually been a part of that disclose…. What I call in my book ‘disclosure from the other side’. How they are disclosing themselves in a long, slow process. But, I think there seems to be in that soft disclosures taking place. On, technology.

And, I’m very suspicious of that, and I’ll tell you why. I spoke at a conference in the States last year. And, I spoke about alien technology. I spoke about the technology I have observed, and used onboard craft. Decades ago, which I wrote about, and spoke about. I still have my speech DVD’s of me talking about it decades ago. And, now in our own science, and technology within say, the last ten years. We have been producing some of those technologies ourselves. Albeit, in a far less sophisticated version than what the ETs have. And, I’m rather suspicious of that, and I’ve discussed it at length with Doctor Rudy Schild who contributed to my book. The astrophysicist, and cosmologist in the states.     Because, are we following the same line of physics as the ETs? How could that necessarily be, that we would start producing virtually exactly the same technology as them in a less sophisticated form?

Hmm, right.

When I say less sophisticated, I mainly mean that their technology is infused with consciousness. Its consciousness assisted. And, that’s the thing we haven’t mastered yet, so we’re trying to use some of the old X-Ray, MRI kind of technology to achieve, what they are able to achieve with the use of consciousness, and technology combined. We can’t do that yet.

So, after my speech, I was threatened that evening. I was alone in a corridor, in the hotel that I was in. I was approached by two men who told me I should come home, and not talk about the technology anymore. And, they demanded to know what I knew. I was also sprayed by something, in a lift in the hotel by a rather unusual woman. And, I thought it was perfume, but I suspect it wasn’t. Because, I’ve heard of another researcher who was sprayed in similar circumstances, in a lift at the conference, and he died! He was rushed to hospital two nights later, and died.


And, I came home to New Zealand, and nearly died the day after I got home. And, I had bacterial skin, lung, and blood infections.

Oh wow.

So this whole thing is…. Can be, a little dangerous out there. And, in terms of this disclosure thing, I think that there may be certain groups who are trying to use it to their advantage with this technology they claim, they have developed, and have. What is the purpose of this sudden, soft disclosure? What is the purpose of suddenly highlighting pilot, and military sightings? And, footage that they’ve had sequestered away somewhere secret for years. And suddenly in support of this whole technology push, they bring it out of the cupboard, and say look its real! This is credible information


This is credible, witnesses here. This is real! Well, why didn’t they do that some time ago? Why is it being done in conjunction with this whole technology push? And, why does someone not want me to talk about what I know about alien technology? If this technology is being publicized now why am I being silenced?

Hmm, good question.

You know so um? And, other people like me? I’m not the only one. So, I’m somewhat suspicious. I will reserve comment, and judgement on that I’m afraid Marianne, until I’ve seen how it pans out. 

Yeah, yeah. Well I suspect it’s something to do with this ‘new’ space force that’s just been created


That’s my suspicion. But, my people did tell me…. Years ago, well decades ago – in the eighties actually. That the government…. The world governments had to release the information to people. Otherwise it would be taken out of their hands.

Yes, that’s right, yep

But yeah, I’m always suspicious about what governments do. Because, we all know they’re only puppets.

Yes, that’s right. And, in terms of disclosure – well disclosure’s been happening every single time, for decades now. Every single time someone reports a UFO sighting.


That’s a form of disclosure.

Yeah, yeah.

And, we also have this tendency, out there in the field now where UFO sighting investigators, and research people are sort of being marginalized. And, a lot of the new-age kind of people, flooding into the field are saying, it’s all about contact. It’s all about consciousness, and we don’t want to hear about that stuff. But, in fact it’s very much part of the whole picture.

And, I don’t know how many people we talk to, who say they had a sighting, and they describe it. And, then you say is there anything else you’d like to say? And, they’d say no. And, then you might get back to them with a couple of questions, in an email. Then a couple of more questions, and ah eventually you’ll say, is there anything else you’d like to add? And, they say, well actually um, I think I had some kind of contact. And, if you don’t keep asking. You won’t ever dig that out.

That they won’t admit it. They want to tell you about the sighting, but telling you about the contact…. Even though we are sighting investigators, and you know? Cover the full gambit. We still get people writing to us saying, look I don’t know whether I should tell you this, because you might think I am crazy? And, yet we’re investigating it. Why would we think they’re crazy? When we’re keen to examine what they’ve got to say.

And, you know on a personal level I can absolutely understand that. Because, when I sent in my sighting to you. That I had in January. I was really reluctant to tell you how that came about. Not about the sighting itself, but how it came about!


And, here am I. And, you know I’m open about my experiences. But you know? And even I was. I was reluctant. So, I totally understand where they are coming from – it’s the sharing with ‘authorities’ thing really. It’s fear of being judged. So, I totally understand how the average person on the street might feel about it.  And, on the subject of reporting sightings, it’s actually very easy for people to go on to your site, and create a report. And, you have a form there that they can download, and fill in and send off to you?

 Yes, that’s right. It’s a word document. So they can fill it out, and email it to us, and we’ll get back to them as soon as possible. But, also you know, we get at UFocusNZ, we get…. I talk overseas, mainly about my contact experiences, but also, about sightings. Probably, less about sightings. But, I’m going to be speaking about some special sightings in Australia, shortly. Next month [September, 2019]. And, I get…. We get people from all around the world, who’ve looked at our website, emailing us about their experiences.

And, it’s interesting, that earlier on you talked about a blue beam of light coming down, and just overnight I’ve received an email from a man in the States, who talks about a beam of light coming down. And, how he was at a social function, and saw someone he knew, he had seen before on a craft. So, you know, you have these little confirmations, and corroborations that come out of the blue…. Overnight, and there it is for you to read in the morning. And, often it’s a little bit…. Another little piece of the puzzle. 

Right! That’s really cool how that works isn’t it? Very cool. Have you found Suzy, that actually, many people like you and I, who are experiencers have heightened psychic abilities?


I think, of the training that we’ve received over our lives.

Yes definitely, and we’ve definitely received training on the craft. In how to use our mind, and senses, and our auric field. So, the vast majority of people who’ve had – you know? On board craft experiences, memory of. Have that capacity. And, I see that all the time. In my travels overseas. People come up, and say things, or pick things up, or whatever. And, it…. I’ve had one, quite phenomenal experience, of having direct telepathy with a lady in the states, when I spoke at the Congress.  Ah, she came into the experiencers support meeting, early in the morning, at conference. And, the room was already full with people. There weren’t many seats. It was quite a small room.

And, in my mind I was thinking, oh there’s a seat down the end, but she can’t see it. And she was just about to back out the door, and give up, and you know? Probably go, and have a cup of coffee, and not try to get into the room, ‘cause, it was full. And, she looked direct…. She looked around, and she, her eyes settled on me. She gave me a very hard look, and then she looked to her left, and went down to the empty seat. Which wasn’t visible until she moved forward a little bit, and actually looked.

After the meeting, I took off down the corridor, ‘cause, I was speaking that morning. And, she chased me down the corridor. And, stopped me, and said, “I heard you!” And, I said, “What do you mean?” And, she said; “I heard you say, there was a seat down in the corner.” We felt as…. Immediately, we were both very emotional, overcome, and tearful. We felt as if we knew each other, and had seen each other. And ah, for the rest of the time at the five-day conference, we, on several occasions had that direct telepathic communication – where, we we able to verify that the other person had picked up what we had thought, and it was quite spontaneous. So, we communicated for quite a few years, about our experiences, and how they were progressing.  

Oh Wow, how awesome was that. That would have made you feel like you were at home really.

Yes, that’s right

Yep, yeah…. And, unless you’ve kind of had that experience, you don’t understand what that connection’s like. To feel somebody, who’s that connected with you. Yeah

 Yes, and just verification that…. And corroboration. Corroboration’s a really important word to me. That word was given to me by an ET, onboard a craft. I asked him on one occasion, “Have you got a bit of advice for my life?”, and he said, “Corroboration!”. And turned, and walked away. I was disappointed at the time, ‘cause it…. That didn’t really mean much to me at that time. And, then several years later I began to realize, that the – that what I was gathering, about technology coming into our technical arena, that I’d seen decades beforehand – was a form of corroboration. And, a form of evidence. And, I realized, how really important that word is. And, now I’m seeking that corroboration as much as possible, in all aspects of contact. And, UFO sightings. It’s…. it really draws things together for people, if you can show them something that’s almost identical, to what they have experienced, or seen.

That’s awesome Suzy, thank you so very much for your time today. It’s been an absolutely wonderful conversation. I’ve really enjoyed listening to your experiences, and your knowledge, and I know that my listeners are going to get a lot of – a lot out of this as well.

 Thank you Marianne, and it’s also really good to speak to an interviewer whose had their own experiences, and has actually read the book!

I couldn’t put the book down. Honestly.

I’m often interviewed, and they haven’t read the book, and they don’t really know what to ask me.

I started writing notes, and I just gave up. “Cause, I could just remember everything you said, ‘cause, I thought, oh yeah – I’ve done that. I’ve done this. I’ve been there.

That’s wonderful!  

Thank you so much Suzy, have a wonderful day. I’ve really enjoyed our chat. Have a wonderful day!

Thank you Marianne, likewise.

In the past two episodes my guest Suzy Hansen, and I, have discussed some of our experiences with Star People, Sky People, Extraterrestrials, ET’s, Extraterrestrial Biological Entities…. Whatever label you wish to use.  Suzy’s bravely shared with us her journey, from the time she was a child, through to motherhood, and adulthood with these beings. She has talked with us about how she began her great group UFOCUSNZ.

For those who want her website address again, it is www.ufocusnz.org.nz.  That’s u f o c u s n z dot org dot nz. She also talked about her support group for Star People experiencers at www.communicatorlink.com/

Then she talked about her team members, and some cases that they had investigated. Suzy talked briefly about the difficulties and opposition she has faced being public with her encounters, including harassment and intimidation, and a potentially life-threatening situation where she was sprayed with some unknown compound, causing her to become deathly ill the day after her return to New Zealand, from speaking at an overseas conference. Yet, despite the coercion, and threats to her life, and implied threats against her children, Suzy has remained steadfast in her work, in bringing this subject out of the shadowlands and into the sunlight, where it really belongs. So kudos to you Suzy. It takes a very brave person to be continually out in the public face like that.

I know that I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with her, and I feel pretty sure that Suzy will be back on our show at a later date. So thank you so very much Suzy, for your courage in speaking out, and for helping all of those people, in a practical way, with your websites and your work. I for one, appreciate all the work you and your team do.

If this episode has brought up any memories and issues for you, then you can always contact Suzy’s support team at www.communicatorlink.com  Or, if you want to talk with me about your experiences or memories, you can email me at shadowlands@yahoo.com. Or, through the podcasts website contact page www.walkingtheshadowlands.com. Just be kind to yourself, and know it is ok to remember, and you most definitely are not alone in your experiences.

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