Episode 23: Suzy & The Star People

For millennia man has looked into the heavens at night, and seen the billions of beautiful stars creating such a spectacularly wonderful sight against the black velvet curtain of the sky. A sight not only enjoyed by humanity, but also utilized for navigating the seas. For knowing when to plant seeds, or to harvest crops, or to fish…. But, also man has simply looked at the millions of planets that dot our night skies in awe and wonder.

We’ve used the night sky for our purposes such as for astrology, or studied them in astronomy. We have also wondered to ourselves, and each other – are we the only life in amongst all the billions, and billions of planets we see in our night skies? Are we? And if we are what does that mean for humanity? And if we are not – what also, does that mean for humanity? How is it even possible that we could begin to imagine that we are the only intelligent life amongst all of these planets we see in our night skies? Is that absolute arrogance on our part? Thinking that we are all there is? Or, if we do think in that manner, why do we believe that? Is it because we have been told it is so? Is it because humanity is so arrogant that we cannot imagine another life form, another species – or many, many different species that may exist in a cosmos that could be teeming with life?

These are questions that humans have asked for thousands, and thousands of years. But yet, amongst all the different cultures that exist on this planet, there are many – especially the native cultures, such as the aboriginals in Australia, or many of the different native American tribes, or the Indian cultures who have records about ships in their skies, the Vimana,  and great battles that were fought in the skies about their heads, in a time when aircrafts had not even been invented. How is this possible if humankind is all that there is? Is it simply legends? Stories created for whatever reason? Or is there truth in what is said about these Star People?

Are you willing to walk with me into this part of the Shadowlands? If you are, then make yourself comfortable, get your cuppa tea, sit back and let’s begin.

Thousands of people each year see unexplained lights in the skies, day or night. They see flying crafts unlike anything we are currently knowing of in existing public knowledge. Not only do some see lights or crafts, that cannot be explained away as swamp gas, Venus, satellites, or any other of the normal excuses the governments, and military trots out to placate people, but they also see and have interactions with the inhabitants of these ships.

Many people are too scared to even tell another soul about their experiences, and understandably so. Governments have deliberately cultivated a culture of ridicule, and treating people brave enough to speak about their experiences like they have a mental illness, or making a joke of them and their experiences. Or, threatening them, and their loved ones into silence. There are many, many reasons why most do not speak out about what they have witnessed or experienced. And, these are all very valid reasons.

However, there are some of us, myself included, who will speak out, despite criticism, or fear of ridicule, or even personal threats or intimidation, like my guest for the next two episodes. Some of us, because of our experiences, want to know more, or want to help those going through these experiences, or we simply want to remove the fear and stigma surrounding this subject. My guest is one such woman. Her name is Suzy Hansen. Here is a little about Suzy.

Suzy Hansen

Suzy has had past careers in school teaching, and in Grief Counselling. Following a lifetime interest in UFOs, in 2000 she founded the UFO Focus New Zealand Research Network (UFOCUS NZ), a nationwide organization that investigates UFO sightings, and provides support for those experiencing alien contact. Suzy has been involved in UFO research for about forty years, and she lectures internationally at conferences about New Zealand UFO sightings, and her own alien contact, and interaction experiences. She also speaks publically on spiritual, and metaphysical topics.

As Director of UFOCUS NZ, she lobbied the New Zealand Chief of Defence Forces during 2009 – 2010, for the release of the New Zealand Ministry of Defence UFO files, which occurred in 2010 – 2011

Suzy’s focus for the last decade has been on encouraging members of the scientific community to participate in examining the wealth of science-related detail contained in accounts of human interaction with extra-terrestrial species, as well as aspects of UFO sighting investigation data.

She believes that one of the major issues facing humankind in the future, will be open contact with other civilizations in the Universe. In the meantime, there is much to be learnt from humans who have already made this tremendous leap in consciousness, and who have witnessed the vast array of potential benefits available to mankind, and our environment through such associations.

Suzy runs a support organization for those experiencing contact with extraterrestrial species and intelligences. She is also the author of a book called ‘The Duel Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda For Human Advancement”  Her book uniquely combines absorbing details of her life-long alien encounters, along with a scientific examination by Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Astrophysicist, Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (USA).

Here is my guest Suzy Hansen:

Suzy & The Star People

Marianne: Thank you so much for joining us today Suzi. I’ve been really looking forward to this chat with you today. And when your book arrived, I sat down, and I couldn’t put it down.

Suzy: Oh thank you.

No, it’s really good, and I honestly, I started writing notes

Oh goodness.

Pages of notes, to things that, you know – resonated with me, and after about page 50 in your book, I stopped. Because …. Because, there was just so much like things I recognized for myself, that happened to me as well. And, I thought oh wow, this is really, really cool. Really cool, and there are some things that….  And…. And,  then I thought about what we had talked about before, about doing UFocus New Zealand, and your personal experiences with Star People and UFO’s into separate episodes. And, I realized you can’t really separate them.

No, you can’t 


Absolutely not.


This is what I’m saying to people, um, that you can’t separate contact and sightings. There are a lot of researchers trying to do that. But, in fact, they’re totally entwined.

Yeah, absolutely entwined. And, the more I read your book, the more I realized, that this is actually the case. That there’s no…. There’s no way, there’s no way I can talk to you about your group, and talk to you about your experiences separately. I can’t.


For my listeners. Suzi Hansen, my wonderful guest today wrote a book called “Duel Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement”. And, it talks all about Suzi’s personal experiences, and how she started her New Zealand group UFOCUS NZ. I’m actually not sure where to start Suzi. I was going to write down a whole pile of questions for you, and then I thought, that the best way for us to do this, is to let it flow organically,

Yep, that’s fine.

And I’ll just jump in from time to time with questions, or comments. ‘Cause, I’m not a professional interviewer. I’m just me.

Yeah, that’s good, and I’m just me.

So we should be ok then.

Yep! Definitely.

Before we get into the UFO stuff Suzy I first wanted to touch on the fact that all your life, you’ve been sensitive. Can we talk about that?

Yeah, sure. Well I guess from my earliest age I can remember, I could see spirit people, and communicate with them. I could see colours around people…. Flaring around people.  Not all the time, just quite spontaneously, or periodically, I would see that. I just assumed that was what everyone saw. Until, I began describing it to my family, and discovered that wasn’t what everyone saw. Often I would just know, or believe that I knew what people were thinking, and sometimes it wasn’t the same as what they were saying…

Oh yes! Hmm hmm.

I found that very interesting as a child. I guess I didn’t always trust what people said, because of this. So, you know I…. There would be paranormal things happen. I would see lights moving across the room. Small, big, coloured, you name it! And, I guess I communicated with animals. I could talk to my my dog, and sometimes I knew if an animal was in pain or suffering. I knew what was wrong with it. Or, I could pick up from afar that there was an animal that was in trouble, or whatever. So, that sort of got me into a bit of trouble as a kid, because I felt a little different from my classmates. And, sometimes I felt quite lonely because I could not talk to them about these things. I remember trying to talk to a couple of friends, when I was quite young about eight. Telling them about the UFO we had seen over the Bombay hills, and was met with derision. Not interest or curiosity, so that kind of made me clam up….

And, go into my shell. So yes, I guess right throughout my life I’ve been like that, but particularly in childhood, the first time I really got some validation of what I was experiencing, was when I was at my grandmother’s house. My Grandmother, and my Mother, and my Great-Aunts were all psychic, if you want to put it that way. Intuitive people. And, my Great-Aunts, and Grandmother, had belonged to…. To the early spiritual healing groups in Auckland, and the early Spiritualist Societies in Auckland. And, so they were actually they were quite ahead of their time, in many ways.

In that generation. When I was at my grandmothers, the family would congregate in the dinning room, around the table with honey, madeira cake, and cups of tea! And, I would close this door, leave the dining room, and go up the hall. The long hall up the center of the house to tinkle my Grandmother’s glass wind-chimes by the door, which fascinated me.

And, as I shut the door behind me, and was about to go up the dark hall, I saw a man creeping down the hall. And, he had a knife. And, I screamed. And, out from the dining room came tumbling the Great-Aunts, and wanted to know what I had seen? And, I described it. And, the only thing – comment they made was, oh she’s like us. Oh yeah. She’s like us. So, from that I assumed there was something I was doing, or experiencing, that was similar to what I had already identified with them, from childhood.  That they experienced things a lot of other people didn’t. 

Years later, my Mother told me that the reason why one of the bedrooms in that house was always kept shut, and used as a storage room, was because in the early days in Auckland – was a very old wooden villa. Someone, had been stabbed, and murdered in that room. So I can only assume that I saw the perpetrator making his way down the hallway.


So, that was the first little piece of confirmation I had, that what I was experiencing had some validity.

And, certainly that would have made you feel more comfortable with your abilities. So now, let’s start at the beginning of your UFO and Star People encounters and if I’ve got questions, I’ll just jump in, is that ok?

Ok. So the beginning of my experiences? Ok. Well, I’m actually going to start at the age of twenty and go backwards, if that’s ok with you? 


Because, when I was twenty, and I was a young teacher down in Hawkes Bay, I had an experience, that was at the time really shocking, and traumatic. And, it took…. But, it really shook me, and it really woke me up. It’s the only way I can put it. So, what happened was, I had been down to visit family friends on a sheep station. Ah, quite some distance south from the city of Hastings. And, I went down with a flat mate, in his little sports car, and he went to visit friends. He dropped me at my friend’s place, and I spent the day. About four, four-thirty, he picked me up, and we headed home. Now, it was Autumn. It was March. It was a lovely sunny afternoon. Golden sunshine on all the paddocks.

We decided to take – well, he decided to take the back highway. Not the main one through Waipukurau, and Waipawa. But the back highway, closer to the hills. And when he said he was going to do that, for some unknown reason my stomach churned. So, it was almost like a – an intuition, or psychic presentment of some concern, or understanding, or awareness. Anyway, off we went. So, we’d travelled about three quarters of an hour, I suppose. And, we were going across a river bed. So we came down out of a hill, to a long straight that goes about two, two and a half k’s. And, as we were coming down onto the straight, we saw lights appear. And they flicked off. They came on again. They flicked off.

We briefly discussed that it must be a helicopter or an agricultural aircraft coming into a landing strip on a farm for the night. And, we watched it. And, then it disappeared altogether. So, the discussion was, that it must have changed direction, so therefore we couldn’t see its landing lights anymore. Until it appeared right next to us, over the hills adjacent to us! That really got every…. Got us both rattled, and my flat mate virtually brought the car to a halt! The lights disappeared, and appeared up ahead again, and disappeared again! So at that point, we thought ok its gone, so we – whatever it is…. So we started off in second gear, and within a few seconds he said, “Oh my God! Whatever it is, it’s coming up behind us!” And within seconds our car was engulfed with the white, just brightest, most glaring light you could imagine.

Now, it was accompanied by this really graunching sound that kind of rose it pitch. And, as it rose, it became more, and more impossible to maintain consciousness. So, I looked to my right, and saw that my flatmate was no longer driving. His hands had dropped to his lap. And…. And, I tried very hard to close the window. Which was a silly idea in my mind. That maybe, if I closed the window I’d be safe! And, the last thing I remember is my hand, almost in slow motion, going down towards the window winder, and then feeling the car lift off the road. Not being able to see anything anymore, except white light! Which was really painful. I had my eyes slit right down, so I could see. And, felt that feeling of being – when an aircraft lifts off the tarmac, and it leaves your stomach behind. And, then I must have passed out or lost consciousness.  

When um, we next came too – if I can put it that way? Or woke up. There was a loud clapping sound that seemed to wake me up. And, there was a feeling of floatation. I could feel my hair blowing around my face. I had very long hair in those days. And, then the car hit the road! The lights came on. The motor started, and we were actually at the far end of the straight, about to go over a one-way bridge. But, it was now dark! Ah, it was very dark, in fact. The late afternoon sunlight was gone, and we were thrown into a state of disarray, panic, trauma, as to what on earth had happened? Where we were? What was happening? And, we argued for quite sometime about what it was, and what had happened to us. And, my flatmate could, could only stick to the idea that we’d seen a fast moving helicopter, and….


No explanation for why it was now dark. And, we got home uh ninety minutes later than we had intended. Our dinner was ruined in the oven, and our flatmates had been worrying about us, and wondering where we were? We had no memory at that stage of what had happened. So, that was the thing that catapulted me into, at the age of twenty, collecting sightings reports from people, and beginning to look at the early experiences of contact that was starting to come out in New Zealand at that time.


So how does that relate to childhood? Well…. In childhood, I’d have memories of …. Dreamlike memories of being in rooms at night that were white, with strange people – is how I termed it. ‘Cause, I didn’t know how else to explain it, being only a very young child. And…. But, I had very, very clear memories of being taught how to do things with my mind. Being given tasks to do that I had to solve with my mind, but not just with my intelligence or my intellect. But, also with my intent.

 So, I was presented in these dreams, with scenarios. For example; of seeing people I knew in water with a shark. And, in this scenario played out in the mind, I had to use my mind, to turn that shark away. To make it turn away, and therefore, you know rescue the people, if I could put it that way. And, when this task was over, it was like, this would all disappear from my mind, and these beings would be saying to me, “Good, good! That’s really good. We’re pleased.”  At night I would see golden silhouettes, three, in a group of three always. By my bed, and they would speak to me what I now understand to be telepathically, ‘cause, my mouth didn’t move when I spoke to them. I could not see any mouth that they had, because they appeared just as a glowing silhouette.

Now, as to whether that was not to confront me? Or frighten me? I don’t know.  But, that’s how I remember seeing them, in my room. And then ah – they would say, we’re taking you somewhere you’re go…. You’re helping us. And, then I would remember no more. But, the next day, very often I would have this dream-like memory of doing these kinds of activities. And, being able to see these, these pale shadowy figures around me, but no real distinct features.  Again….  Some kind of protection? But, I would know what they were thinking at me telepathically.


So, in my teenage years I didn’t really have a lot of memories, and…. And, I think that this is largely because they sometimes allow you to remember things, and other times they can close that memory off.  To protect you in someway, or so that you can get on with your day to day life. ‘Cause, we’re here to be a human, not some kind of an ET. Or something miraculous, we’re just here to be humans, and lead a life, and hopefully do good things.  But, yes I didn’t have much memories, and this is possibly also because I was quite an academic child, and teenager, and so I was striving my best to do exams, and be successful at school. And, I think maybe I was either left alone, or just didn’t remember what was happening.

And, then the next really profound one that woke me up was the twenty-year-old experience I just described on the lonely road, in the Hawkes Bay.  From there, I had to try to assimilate these increasing experiences, because, the periods of missing time…. I had other periods of missing time. I had precognition, and all the kinds of psychic, or intuitive events that I’d had in my childhood, but they began to increase. And, trying to lead a life as a young mother, as a young teacher, a wife, community member belonging to different groups and committees…. And, assimilate all of these things happening in the background, was very, very, difficult. Especially in the seventies, to nineties, in New Zealand, where these kinds of subjects were pretty much a no, no. Yes, people were interested in UFO sightings during that time, ‘cause, we’d had the Kaikoura lights, the Gisbourne UFO flap, the Ngatea landing etc…. But, it was taking it a step too far for most people to…. For people to say, they’d felt they’d been taken on board a craft, or had met um, entities not of this world.


So, that was a time of, struggle in a lot of ways. But, eventually I came to realize, through a number of um – catalyst kind of experiences that the – the beings that I had had contact with in childhood. That I really felt as if I loved, and I felt as if they loved me. Were in fact, the same ones that were contacting me in adulthood.

So, the fear, and the nervousness of having two small children, and trying to cope with these things, began to dissipate, as I realized, they were not here to harm me. They were, in many ways, assisting me. And, you know, I write quite deeply about that in my book of the different ways I’d been assisted, and what I come – came to understand, I was involved in, along with thousands, if not millions of other humans world-wide.

Right, and I can understand the sense of loneliness you would have felt in those early years, not being able to talk to people about your experiences. People don’t realize how profound…. How profoundly these experiences affect a person. And, to not be able to talk about it is very traumatic actually. How did you deal with those feelings it left you with Suzy?

Ok, well in terms of the experience when I was twenty on the lonely road, I…. I was quite fascinated by what had happened. Because, as an eight-year-old child I had seen a UFO with my family, over the Bombay hills, south, south of Auckland. And hundreds of other people throughout the Franklin District, and Waikato saw it as well. And, it was reported in the New Zealand Herald. So, UFOs were in my reality, if I can put it that way, from the age of eight, having seen one. So, that’s something that just couldn’t be explained.

And, so when this happened when I was twenty, I guess I handled it a great deal better than my flatmate. He was a scientist, and it really shook his world view, and his reality, that something had happened to him, that he simply could not explain in scientific terms. And, it was quite interesting to notice the process that he went through, in trying to explain it away as logical things that could be similar, but just did not fit all the aspects of what had happened to us.

So, he completely ignored the fact that it was dark when we came to, or woke up, so to speak. Ah…. He ignored that fact, and focused on the two lights. Which in his mind, moving fast, so it must have been a helicopter. Or, it was an aircraft, with landing lights. And, I kept saying – but what about the fact that it was dark? And, we’d lost all that time? And, we got home late, and there was the wrong program on TV, in the flat? Well, how do you explain that? And, he would simply purse his lips and storm out of the room.

And, this went on for some time, with me basically harassing him for…. To, to come to a different conclusion. Which he was just not capable of doing. And, eventually he left the flat, because, that was the simplest solution for him, was to get away from me and my persistent questions. And, we lost contact after that. So, people handle it differently, depends on your cultural background, you know, your family background. All kinds of things can contribute to how you perceive an experience. Whether you see it as a religious revelation, or something else.


That’s how I dealt with it. My background said this could be a UFO


 And in fact that is the best fit.

Right. So, you worked through the mental process that was necessary for you to come to that conclusion?

 Yes, and I think this is the way I operate as a UFO sighting investigator. And, I’ve always approached my contact experiences in the same light. So, what is the evidence that’s in front of me? How does that match, this logical explanation? Or, that logical explanation? If it doesn’t match, then what else could it be? So, it’s a matter, a process of elimination.

You know, I, I’m very cautious, and very careful about how I look at contact experiences, and I have spent years, decades, going through my experiences. And, looking at, at what was happening at the time? And, what evidence there is to back up what I experienced? And, there’s a very good example of that, that happened when I was living in the, the seaside harbour village of Omokoroa, just north of Tauranga. And, I’d had an experience at…. One night.

I woke up the next day, and I’d remembered holding a telepathic conversation with group of three greys in the hallway of our home. And, they told me I was going with them. I remember being taken through the glass front door. They didn’t open it, we just went through it, and most experiencers, and abductees report that kind of activity.

And, I recall being floated along the road, because they were in a hurry, so I wasn’t walking. I’d been levitated above the ground, and was being floated. And, I can recall going past letterboxes, and seeing people’s launch that they go fishing in, covered with canvas on the front yard, etc. All of the things that are in the roadway outside my house, and down the road. And, I recall being floated across some shallow water, from a short road, and into a big opening in a craft! And, then I don’t remember any more!

A few days later, my friend in the village rang me up and said, ”Have you been down to the end of Beach Road and seen what’s in the water? I immediately thought of you Suzi, and I thought maybe your mates have been to visit you.” Because, this was one of the very few people I’d divulged my experiences to….


And, I said to her, “Well, what’s down there?” And, she said at low tide there were three circles visible in an equilateral triangle. They were raised spheres – half, semi-spheres on the floor of harbour in the mud. A lot of the community had been down there chipping away at them, trying to see if they could break bits off them. They didn’t know what they were? They were in a perfect triangle. They were about a meter, a meter and a half wide, and it looked as if something had landed, and suctioned up the mud, and burned – you know? Dried it, dehydrated it so to speak. So that it was like concrete.

And, of course, Beach road is just down the road from my house. It has a boat ramp at the end, and its shallow water out over the mud to where obviously, that craft was waiting to take me onboard. And, it’s that kind of evidence you’re presented with, that makes you think twice, and realize that you’re not completely crazy, but there is something happening here, and you really need to look closely at it, and not avoid it.

Right, well that’s kind of…. When I read that experience in your book, I thought oh wow! To have physical evidence to match, what you knew happened to you, that’s pretty rare! Pretty awesome to have that. ‘Cause, it validates for you, on a human level, what you experienced.

Yes, that’s right. When I read your story, talking about being on the ship – the white corridors…. It triggered memories for me, and I remember vividly, curved, white corridors


With this really, really bright light. But, it didn’t hurt your eyes

Yes, yes!

Not straight, they were curved. Very interesting, and a couple of other things your book talked about that I have conscious memory of, like the lectures, the learning to do things with your mind. And, I remember giving lectures to people as well.

Right! You do?

Yeah, yeah. I remember that!


Yeah, yeah. I absolutely do. Don’t remember what the lectures were about, but I remember that. I remember standing in front of groups of people, and addressing them. And for me, probably for me, the most profound experience was the one I had the day before I saw the Men-In-Black. I personally had a Men-In-Black experience when I was a toddler – well, not a toddler. I was a youngster. But I remember it very clearly. I specifically remember it, because, these men said to each other. “She’s too young. She won’t remember!” No body ever tells me, what I will and will not remember…. And so, I’ve never forgotten it.


I was between four, and six years old. And, we lived in Palmerston North at that stage. Do you remember Frosty Jack Ice Cream?


We lived opposite the Frosty Jack, ice cream factory in Palmerston North, and on Fridays, they used to chip the ice out of the freezers and put it the street to melt….


Of course, they’d never get away with that these days.


Then, it was ok. And they put it on the streets to melt.


There was this one day, I was home from school. I don’t know why? I think maybe I was getting over an ear infection, or something like that. And I was out on the front lawn playing. It was early winter, or late autumn, ‘cause, it was cold on the ground, but the sun was warm. I remember it was warm on my face.  And, it was around morning tea time. Because, all the guys were out front having their cup of tea.

And, one of the guys, I remember was leaning against the pile of ice. All of a sudden we hear, this…. This loud, roaring, whisting, really high-pitched sound that got louder, and louder, and louder. Along with, a pressure change, an air pressure change. Which really hurt my ear, because, I had burst my eardrum not too long previously, so it was quite painful for me. And, I covered my ears. When I looked over at the people in the street, they were doing the same, and pointing up in the sky. And, I turned to see where they were pointing and descending, right, directly over my house, was a classic, saucer shaped UFO.

It was about as wide as the section of my house. I don’t know how high up – it can’t have been too high, because it was very, very big. Completely overshadowed the house. And, I don’t know how high above the house it was. I was only a kid, so I can’t estimate. But it was low enough for me to see details.

And, it stayed there, and then I don’t know how long it was there? And, then it went woosh! Straight up and it was gone almost instantly. But I remembered later, that this blue beam had come down, engulfed me, and lifted me on board the craft with them.  I had a face to face encounter with the beings at that stage, but I didn’t remember that until later. And, I didn’t put the two and two together, until actually I was sharing my Men-In-Black experience with members of my FaceBook group. I have a FaceBook group called Walking the Shadowlands

Where I talk about my experiences, and all things paranormal. And then I twigged, and I thought oh my god! I just realized that experience I had on the ship when I was that young, was when that happened! Then the next day these Men-In-Black turned up on our front door step. I remember it very clearly. I specifically remember it, because, these men said to each other. “She’s too young. She won’t remember!” No body ever tells me, what I will and will not remember! And so, I’ve never forgotten it. I read in your book, that you also had an MIB experience?

Well, I’ve never actually called it that, although other people have. But, I have had a number of experiences like that. For example; our house, during various periods of me going public about certain things in New Zealand, our house was being watched. And, that’s not me being paranoid. That’s actually the neighbours telling us, do you know your house is being watched? You know? They tried to approach the guys in the car, who simply wound the window up and drove away. So incidents like that, and I did have a very unusual experience when I spoke at the UFO congress in the States in 1999, where I had two people who were posing – shall we say? As a Mexican couple….

And, one of the speakers at the conference, was a well known remote viewer. Who’s written a book – David Moorehouse. And, he apparently recognized them as some kind of disinformation agents, who do the circuit of the conferences. And, they came – asked, to have a private interview with me, and being quite naïve back in those days, new to the speaking overseas. I said yes ok, and allowed them to come to my room. Not realizing, that most other speakers met people in a public place, like a café or whatever. So, they came to my room, and basically had me trapped there for nearly an hour and a half.

And, to start with they were quite conversational, and we had a nice conversation about different things to do with contact, and the world wide scene. And, then their conversation became a little bit more creepy, and then it became more sinister. And for the last half hour, they blocked my way to, to the door. And, they basically harangued me for thirty minutes about how I should stop speaking, because certain things might happen to me if I didn’t.  They knew I had two sons, and they ah, they made reference to the fact that I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.


And, um beat their fists on the table, and said to me – go home and stop talking about these things! So um, that was quite scary and the following day, my husband and I, after the conference finished did some…. Went on a day trip. Doing a bit of sight-seeing, and we, when the vehicle came to pick us up, there was this unusual looking guy sitting in the front seat next to the driver who was taking us to the car rental depot, to collect a car. And, she didn’t speak to him at all. He didn’t speak to anyone. We thought that, that was odd. That she only directed her conversation to us. When we pulled up outside the depot, she said, I’ll go and do the paperwork for you. You can come in when you’re ready. And, I was feeling pretty despondent with what had happened, with these two people who had come to my room.  And thinking, well, just as I’m starting my public speaking. It looks like it’s over!

So, this man – I’ll call him a man, in inverted commas, in the front seat turned around and looked at me. And, said something. He said, “They always look after their own!” And, then he got out of the car. He went to the door of the depot. When he said that, it was as if the air was electric. He was very white skinned. He had whispy, white hair. China blue eyes, very old fashioned clothing. And, very warm clothing. Hot clothing for the kind of temperature we were in, in Nevada. And, I ran after him, because, I wanted to ask him who he was? And, what he meant by that?

He went through the door, and I ran in a few seconds after him, and he was nowhere to be seen. My husband and I searched. We went into the public toilets inside the building. We searched the entire building, which was like one large, open office. We asked people if they’d seen this man come through the door. And, no one had seen him and he was no where to be seen.
That is probably one of the most unusual unexplainable events that’s happened in my life! But it made me think – ok! I’m going to carry on with my speaking! And, its…. I’m not going to be deterred from what I want to do!

Good for you! Your physical description of him certainly sounds like a typical…. Apart from he wasn’t wearing a suit. But, his complexion, his sparse hair, certainly sounds like a typical MIB encounter. Even though he wasn’t in black.


 So we’ve got quite a bit in common Suzy.

I think so, and it’s very interesting. That’s very interesting Marianne, ‘cause, you made a couple of points there. The first one is that we’ve got shared experiences, and there’s many other New Zealanders also, who’ve got those same sort of experiences. But you also mentioned the blue light. And, I’ve also seen that blue light.  Saw it coming in, in a big huge shaft into my bedroom once. Right onto my son’s bassinet!


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